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2011 MAY 14 Street Live at Avenue of Stars

I’m adding a * for the vids I have ripped, plz dont delete them - Kiki

Videos [format like this: Performances (User/uploader - URL - Length) ]

GBD (Acoustic)
leolee94 (51 seconds) *
slokgsiu (Full) *
skysolomon1234 (Full) *
zodiachkmetal (Full) *
kwchengab (Full, can’t hear shit) *

terry510 (Full + ARRIVAL) -> GREAT VERSION *

WiSH2046 (Full, sideways -.-U) *
ryanhma (Full) -> GREAT VERSION *
s06632p (4:42) *
chiwai1014 *

Laugh Away
leolee94 (Part 1 - 10 seconds) *
leolee94 (Part 2 - 2:59) *
skysolomon1234 (Full) *
terry510 (Full) -> GREAT VERSION *
zodiachkmetal (2 minutes) *
WiSH2046 (Full, sideways -.-U) *
ryanhma (Full) -> GREAT VERSION *
marcochow1218 incomplete 3:19 *
s06632p *

GBD (Chorus)
leolee94 (Full) *
tommykccheung (2 minutes) *
zardwys (Full) *
terry510 (Full) -> GREAT VERSION *
skysolomon1234 (1 minute) *
zodiachkmetal (Full) *
WiSH2046 (Full, sideways -.-U) *
ryanhma (Full) -> GREAT VERSION *
s06632p 5:10 *
2Rodrick 4:31 *

- Misc

Aragaki05 YUI leaves in the bus (1) *

Aragaki05 YUI leaves in the bus (2) *
leolee94 Short vid before performance *


2011 MAY 15 MARITIME SQUARE MALL LIVE Audio recording *

Entry / Interview
mrleekinwai *

Goodbye Days
tommykccheung 4:41 720p *
chaz9891 4.10 *
pstommy 5:14 missing intro *
briansung *
jefendie *
YUI@HK Fans: *
crazymcgrady06 High angle xD *
ku7530 Almost cenital view xD *
Nicolae216 incomplete, not worth it
Chun19851 From second level, nice *
waikit0930 1080p annoying watermark *
waikit0930 lalalala part *
briansung bad location *
hahatim 1080 nice spot first part missing. video stops
when taking pictures.... *
johnnylaw9583 *
veron289 *
foxX1984 *

It’s happy line

chaz9891 - 3.30 *
briansung *
jefendie *
veron289 3:51 *
ky002915 (2 min + random camera shots)
crazymcgrady06 High angle *
ku7530 Over YUI’s head *
waikit0930 1080 great. watermark <_< *
briansung *
hahatim 1080 nice view. video stops when taking
pictures *
jerrylau00 Bad video
johnnylaw9583 *
foxX1984 *

mrleekinwai *
hkacg1 *
Arrival to HK, Street live and Maritime Sq. event

MxPxY Bad video Great audio *

NEXaYT Great. *

MxPxY Shots of the fans*
crazymcgrady06 YUI says goodbye *
jerrylau00 GBD lalala + DVD winners *
mrleekinwai dance *

johnnylaw9583 1 *

johnnylaw9583 2 *

Aragaki05 ( sequential video clips-good time line of vid clips but has audio cracks) * * * * * * * *

kinya1225 Almost full event Interview * * It’s happy line & Goodbye days * Random cake! * Madness backstage *

News reports

Maritime Square Events

● Award for the album sellings (2 platinum) and digital downloads (750.000?)
-> this is explained in washingtonpost article.

● YUI’s Entry / Interview

● dance with some HK guys
● Good Bye Days
● It’s Happy Line
● Guitar shaped cake (dunno why they did this xD)
● Meet and greet, dvd signing, etc... for the winners.
● Group picture
Arrival reports

YUI 抵港獲男 Fans 送鮮花

YUI’s arrival to Hong Kong greeted by male fans giving

(星島)2011 年 5 月 14 日 星期六 22:04

日本 唱作女歌手 YUI 今午抵港,並將於明日為演唱會舉行記者會。手持結他盒的
YUI,獲十多名 Fans 接機,有男 Fans 送偶像一大束鮮花,YUI 亦向 Fans 揮手及鞠躬致

Japanese singer songwriter arrived this afternoon in Hong Kong, for tomorrows press
conference for her concert. YUI with guitar case in hand, tens of fans greeting her at the airport,
one male fan gave his idol a large bunch of flowers, YUI also waved and bowed courteously
towards the fans, she was very polite and friendly. Ripped
Japanese singer songwriter empress’s first time in Hong Kong in order to promote her first
oversea concert in the end of June.

Over 10 fans were there early at the airport waiting for their idol’s appearance. About 12:30, YUI
wearing casual clothes and holding a guitar appeared in the airport’s main lobby. She even
voluntarily walked towards the fans and received fresh flowers and letter. Its very friendly.

How do you like Hong Kong so far?

*insert japanese translation*

YUI: ah thank you, hello everyone, I am YUI, SANKYUU

Afterwards, even though YUI entered the babysitter/secured car she was still posing for fans to
take photos, no wonder her fans like her so much.


i-cable? CEN? Hong Kong YUI @ Press Conference

English translation by GC. & gotchi

“Hello everyone, I am YUI desu yoroshiku onegaishimasu”

Someone says: Yes let’s applause!
Japanese singer-songwriter YUI is in Hong Kong to hold a conference for her upcoming concert
in June. The casually dressed YUI is cute and adorable. A Hong Kong representative, Jason
Chan, gave YUI a bouquet of flowers but with his Japanese not being so good, Jason made an
embarrassing mistake.

Jason attempting to speak Japanese: I am Jason-desu. Hong Kong welcomes you.

Conference audience: Ah! Laughs...
Jason: kirei!! Aishiteru

Reporter: As well as giving her flowers, you also said a few sweet words to make her happy.
Jason: Yes I did and unfortunately I spoke it wrong as well.
Reporter: Do you know what you said wrong?
Jason: Yes, I know! I’m aware of it now!
Reporter: Kirai and kirei is different.
Jason: Kirei is...
Jaosn + Reporter: Beautiful.
Jason: Kirai is dislike...
Jason + Reporter: Hateful.
Jason: Very, very worried. After saying it I feel worried. I went back in and spoke to her about it.
I feel really embarrassed now. At first I didn’t know what I had said.
Reporter: And you said it with such confidence.
Jason: *Sigh* Very sad.

Reporter: Afterwards, YUI made an appearance at Maritime Square Mall where many fans have
lined up early in the day to get good seats. And 10 people were selected to perform on stage for
YUI to see and feel Hong Kong’s enthusiasm. After entertaining the fans with games, YUI
performs well known songs, singing along together with fans creating an emotional atmosphere.

YUI performs Good-bye days and sing “la la la” with fans.

Reporter with frames: ….(speaks a bit too fast for me to catch) To all the fans that made it?
(something) singing together really proves that music truly has no boundaries!