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Lynnette Hendricks

7406 Park Terrace Drive, Alexandria, VA 22307

703 765-5949
Clearance: Active DOD Top Secret
More than 20 years of experience contributing to national policy on energy and h
omeland security while working for government, business and non-profit instituti
ons. Experience addressing significant national policy issues from public and pr
ivate perspectives makes this individual an ideal candidate to contribute to tho
se policy solutions that are founded on a clear understanding of public and priv
ate motivators and responsibilities.
Significant Accomplishments
Led industry efforts to inform regulatory/policy decisions by the NRC and Congre
ss on issues ranging from the improbability of zirconium fires in spent fuel poo
ls to basing decommission funding estimates on lower prices for disposal of most
low level radioactive waste at a site in Utah, saving taxpayers billions of dol
lars of unnecessary decommissioning funds.
Briefed the leadership of 15 different federal agencies (including Health and Hu
man Services, HHS, and Department of Homeland Security, DHS), the Executive Offi
ce of the President, and Congress on critical supply chain issues for infection
control products used to contain/combat avian influenza. These discussions led t
o a large stockpiling purchase by HHS and examination of the need for government
investment in private production capacity for infection control products.
Spearheaded industry implementation of post 9/11 security improvements as Direct
or of Plant Support, Security and Emergency Preparedness at the Nuclear Energy I
Acting as industry spokesperson, addressed post 9/11 concerns regarding security
at nuclear power plants through radio, television and print media interviews.
Achieved safer packaging standards for air shipment of infectious materials, as
industry representative to the United Nations Committee on Transport of Dangerou
s Goods in Geneva, Switzerland.
Managed a key regulatory program for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by direct
ing research at national labs and promulgating standards and guidance on worker
and public protection.
Professional Experience
Feburary 2007 * June 2009: Business Development Director, National Security, E
nsco, Inc., Falls Church, VA (Ensco, Inc. is a $100 million privately held appli
ed research and technology development company)
Secured government funds from the Department of Homeland Security for computatio
nal chemistry improvements to IMS chemical detection systems.
Established new relationships with several key program managers at the Defense A
dvanced Research Projects Agency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and with k
ey government program managers of the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemica
l and Biological Defense, DOD, leading to good future funding opportunities.
April 2004-February 2007: Business Development Manager, 3M, Washington, DC (3M i
s a $20 billion plus diversified technology company)
Led capture teams for sales in excess of $20 million for federal government pand
emic and first responder purchases.
Established professional working relationships with leadership for first respond
er and pandemic preparedness at more than 15 federal agencies, the Executive Off
ice of the President, and Congress.
May 2003 * April 2004: Consultant (Clients included Scientech, Battelle, and E
nergy Resources Incorporated)
Led a delegation of Japanese nuclear energy regulators to nuclear power plants t
o help them benchmark their own regulatory programs after securing the plants ag
reement to meet with the Japanese.
Drafted technical comments for a utility to address issues raised by public inte
rest groups.
Developed homeland security and â continuity of operations plan * proposals to DHS a
nd state agencies for Battelle Memorial Institute, Crystal City in Virginia.
1991 * May 2003: Director of Plant Support, Security and Emergency Preparednes
s, Nuclear Energy Institute, NEI (NEI is the policy/trade association for the nu
clear utilities with a staff of 130 and a budget of $30M)
Managed a budget of $1M and directed a staff of 5 senior professionals on comple
x technical, regulatory and public issues facing the nuclear power industry.
Presented industry perspectives to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Depart
ments of Energy, State and Commerce on issues ranging from export of nuclear mat
erials, response to requests for information for interntional treaties on waste
disposal and programs designed to facilitate new nuclear plant siting and constr
Led industryâ s participation in a series of controversial public meetings on â how clean
is clean. *
Developed a plan of actions that would be taken by nuclear power plants in respo
nse to DHS color-coded threat levels. DHS reported that the nuclear power plan w
as a model for other components of the nationâ s critical infrastructure protection.
Hosted an average of 15 conferences a year for industry, government and public p
1985 * 1991: Regulatory Specialist, 3M, St. Paul, MN
Represented industry at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland to establish s
afer standards for transporting hazardous materials.
Received 3Mâ s Prestigious Circle of Technical Excellence Award.
Responsible for interfacing with the government on respirator rules.
Served on several national standards setting committees.
Served on the divisionâ s multi-disciplinary senior management regulatory team.
1980 * 1985: Project Manager, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Managed contracts in excess of $1 million for Los Alamos National Laboratory to
conduct research informing standards for use of respirators in the nuclear indus
Drafted, vetted and promulgated NRC health and safety regulations and guidance.
B.S. and M.S. degrees in Health Physics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Completed Masters Thesis on the cumulative effects of radiation and hypothermia
on malignant melanomas in hamsters.
Other Activities
Serves on the Board of Directors for the Nuclear Biological Chemical Industry Gr
Served on NDIA Working Group to provide recommendations to the Assistant Secreta
ry of Force Protection, DOD, on how to build effective military community partne
rships to respond to high numbers of casualties in communities from natural or t
errorist events.
Member of the Fairfax County Medical Response Team which planned to establish va
ccination centers at local high schools should the need arise.