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Florida versus Russia

January 26, 2022 Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

“U.S. Governors may suddenly find themselves on the frontlines of Cyber-EMP

World War III.” 

Governors and State legislators of all 50 States of the United States must become
proactive in protecting the electric grids within their States from electromagnetic
pulse (EMP) and Cyber Warfare—since the federal government has failed “to provide
for the common defense” against these existential threats.

The White House and Congress have tried to protect the nation’s electric grids and
other life-sustaining critical infrastructures through executive orders and legislation. 
But federal departments, agencies, and regulatory bodies, through incompetence or
corruption or both, have all failed to make our nation safe from EMP and Cyber

Russia, China, North Korea, other hostile nations or terrorists, may target an
individual U.S. State for EMP or cyber-blackout as a demonstration of their power
and to coerce Washington into surrender.
For example, in April 2021, during the previous big crisis between Russia versus the
U.S. and NATO over Ukraine, Moscow’s state-run TV broadcast to the world that:
“War is inevitable…it will be a Cyber War.”

Florida and its electric grid were specifically threatened with a state-wide blackout, to
deter the U.S. from helping Ukraine.

For example, in January 2022, during the current international crisis over Ukraine, a
member of the Russian Duma (equivalent to U.S. Congress) proposed warning
Washington that Moscow is serious about nuclear war over Ukraine—by launching a
hypersonic warhead to detonate on or over the Nevada nuclear test area.

A nuclear or non-nuclear EMP “demonstration” could blackout Nevada or the entire

Western Grid.

U.S. Governors may suddenly find their States on the frontlines of a Cyber-EMP
World War III. Accordingly, they should protect their peoples by legislation or
executive orders such as the hypothetical example below:


Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection for the State of Florida

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a solar superstorm or nuclear or non-nuclear

weapon poses an existential threat to the people of the United States and the citizens
of Florida:

–A rare but inevitable solar superstorm, like the 1859 Carrington Event, can blackout
electric grids and life-sustaining critical infrastructures worldwide, putting at risk the
lives of billions.  NASA estimates the likelihood of recurrence of another Carrington
Event is 12% per decade.

–Russia, China, and North Korea all have capability to make a nuclear EMP attack
against the United States, and all have plans to do so as part of their military doctrine
for Cyber Warfare.  Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism, is
nearing the capability to make nuclear weapons, according to some analysts already
has nuclear weapons and the capability to make a nuclear EMP attack, which is also
part of Iran’s military doctrine for Cyber Warfare.
–Non-nuclear EMP weapons, also called Radio-Frequency Weapons, are readily
available, can be made or purchased by terrorists, criminals, or unstable individuals,
and used to blackout electric grids.

–The White House Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to

Electromagnetic Pulses (March 26, 2019) requires the U.S. Government to make
EMP protection of electric grids and other critical infrastructures a national high
priority:  “An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has the potential to disrupt, degrade, and
damage technology and critical infrastructure systems.  Human-made or naturally
occurring EMPs can affect large geographic areas, disrupting elements critical to the
Nation’s security and economic prosperity, and could adversely affect global
commerce and stability.  The federal government must foster sustainable, efficient,
and cost-effective approaches to improving the Nation’s resilience to the effects of

–During the April 2021 war scare over a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, the
director of Russian media giants RT and Sputnik, Margarita Simonyan, a friend of
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and unofficial Kremlin spokesperson, warned that “a
cyber war is inevitable” in which Russia would prevail, and warned that Russia could
demonstrate its prowess by blacking-out the State of Florida.  EMP attack is part of
Russian military doctrine for cyber warfare.

–The Congressional EMP Commission found that protecting against the worst threat
—nuclear EMP attack—will mitigate all lesser threats, including solar storms, non-
nuclear EMP weapons, cyber-attacks, physical sabotage, and severe weather including
hurricanes.  The EMP Commission recommended following an “all hazards” strategy,
protecting electric grids from EMP and other threats whenever possible.

Accordingly, by the power vested in me as Governor of the State of Florida, to protect

the lives, property, and prosperity of the people of the State of Florida, I hereby direct:

–the Florida Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to immediately incorporate

EMP into homeland security planning scenarios for the State of Florida, including
planning for response and recovery from a protracted statewide blackout inflicted by
EMP, and report to the Governor a plan for recovery, including any additional
resources needed to prepare for an EMP and facilitate recovery;

–FEMA, the Florida Public Service Commission, and electric utilities in the State of
Florida, working with the Governor’s office, to solicit any technical information,
analysis, resources as may be available from the U.S. Department of Homeland
Security to protect the State of Florida’s electric grid, as U.S. DHS is lawfully
required to provide under the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act;

–FEMA, the Florida Public Service Commission, and electric utilities in the State of
Florida, working with the Governor’s office, shall solicit proposals from reputable
defense contractors, experienced in protecting Department of Defense systems from
EMP, to develop plans for protecting the Florida electric grid from EMP, including
estimated costs for different levels of EMP security, for the purpose of high priority
implementation of the best plan or plans for the State of Florida.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security,
served as the Chief of Staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, Director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy
Forum, and on the staffs of the Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, House Armed Services
Committee, and the CIA. He is author of the books Blackout Warfare (2021) and The Power And The
Light (2020).

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