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:Team Members
Sarah Salem Al-Zwaa 60802122
Muneerah Al Mahasheer 30605019
Haya Al Onezan 30603085
Nouf Albarrak 60804883
Manahel AL-qadri 60803842

We've classified the stakeholders as below:

1.the Owner of the project.

2. Administration team: Managers, coordinator, and analysts.

3. Support team: Researchers, technician support and professionals.

4. Customers: Members, interesting student, farmers and shoppers.

5. Financial team: Responsible for sell seeds and plants (products) & for

(We have special stakeholders for paying online(the aim of the website

-.People who are travelled

-. People who live far from the ticket center

-.Business people who don’t have time to buy tickets

People who have part times work and their work time is the same of the-
.time that ticket centers are open

.People who like easy way of paying and buying-

the top five priority requirements and reason:

.the website should be easy to use and simple in reserve and in pay-1

So ever body can use it easily and it is the most important condition in all

.after reserve show to print electronic ticket with detail -2

.Electronic ticket as prove that he/she pays

.the client can return the ticket before 24 hours from the movie time-3

So the client can be relaxed in this communication

.the client can reserve the ticket without paying-4

The client can take a chance if he/she isn’t sure about his/her schedule

.the website should classify the movie e.g. action, romantic, horror..etc-5

.Easy to choose and pick the demand movie



In the beginning; the team haven't organized well. We haven't known

what skills that each members gain & what they hide so; it was only
taking orders & achieving them. But once we getting deep inside the
jobs & need specific skills, we have found each members has a unique
:skills other doesn't, for example

;Writing reports was Nouf's Job Because she is an English Teacher

Choosing the designs & the colors of the Home page for Manail 'cause
she gains the experience. Munirah& Haya were our information
sources While Sarah gave the advices & arrange the Home page
.because she likes Photoshop

;b-To overcome these problems with each other, we have found our solutions

Problems Solutions
delay on meetings make us lose a lot Start reviewing what have done till
.of time .others come

non-attendance of some members Using asynchronous messages to tell

because they're busy with their .absent members what happened
,schedules & families problems

lack experience in the team, leads us Work as team helps us & using web
.to some mistakes .tutorial

some members feel confused when Any other members have finished her
due time has come & they didn't task can help her.
.finished yet

The IT Pro has received an invitation from All Cinemas to establish a system
design project . All Cinemas aims to create a website to selling tickets online
:according to their requirements which are
.allowing clients to book online -
.encourage its clients to come back to the cinema -
.encourage payments via credit cards -

After our investigation, the team found that established a simple website can
achieve All cinemas plans. Website with a secure system & with classic design &
simple would help the customers to navigate & explore the web-pages features.
The website need 4 main pages: Home, Top 10, News & Event & Buying online. The
website must be supported by flash advertisings of the website that can attract the
customer to buying ticket online. To solve the decreased of visitors & costumers
numbers –if so- discount offers can help. The website not just selling tickets online,
it contains news & events that the visitors are interesting in & this can force the
.visitors to visit the site again

Adding a search icon would help the clients to find what they are looking for
easily & this can solve navigation problem. Adding pictures & videos in suitable
ways would encourage the visitors. Adding some weird titles & interview some
celebrities may attract the people to read the news & keep the website in
progress. In addition; the website need many of hyper links that can move the
navigator for example form the " home page" to "buying online" page by pressing in
.the flashy ads or the icons above

Secure system certainly supports the website , clients will trust buying from
this site & may this encourage them to use the credit cards while their own personal
.information in safe & secure place

The Answers Are Down


a-This home page contains many contents and other pages that helping the client at the
.time of navigating our flexible website

We've designed the home page and considering the next points

.Using suitable images under the website name -1

Providing "go back" links to the home page from all the other pages so that our -2
.customers don't confused

Creating website map that used an index of the website. It helps the clients to find -3
. their goals around. It also assists the search engines to index our site

Creating "sign up" box to facilitate logging up to our site quickly, and benefitting with -4
.our advanced services

Creating "search box" which allows the customers to search for the web-5

b-We have given the website the Availability to establish applications of protection
.that helps the user to deal with the site safely
.We have provided the SSL technology

SSL is used the most e-commerce websites and is supported by all modern

web browsers. This technique can be shown to the user by three ways , How the website
: is safe
addresses begin https: / / instead of http://. S additional •
.'Stands for 'secure
a tiny locked padlock is displayed in the border of the browser •
.browser may warn the user that they are going to a safe location •

.We leave the choice to our client to choose one of these

c-My team Decided for homepage to be flash, simple & show the visitor what is
containing of the website. Hyper Icons have been adding to lead you to the other four
pages & "go back" button in every page. Also, We have considered search bar for easy