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201 Town Center Lane # 1403

Keller, Texas 76248
Experienced, highly skilled operations professional charged with strategic plann
ing, business development, forecasting, and the structuring of long-term objecti
ves. Demonstrated track record of providing visionary insight for future growth
while optimizing efficiency of daily operations. Successful in maximizing produ
ctivity by contributing to the building of proactive teams and introducing organ
ization-wide standards. Seeking to utilize skills, expertise, and passionate com
mitment to excellence in supply chain and distribution operations within a progr
essive organization.
Impeccable work ethic; prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensur
e maximum growth. Thorough retail expertise; demonstrated success in supply chai
n management, forecasting and strategic planning, inventory control, product lif
e cycle management, assortment planning, vendor negotiations, and personnel deve
lopment. Organized and detail-oriented; skilled at management of time and resour
ces. Proactive yet diplomatic attitude; establish strong, trust-based rapport wi
th customers, vendors, and network of professional contacts, building long-term,
loyal business relationships. Strong communicator; able to explain complex conc
epts in simple terms in public presentations and private conversation. Observant
and quick-thinking; perform efficiently in fast paced environments and quickly
comprehend all aspects of complicated situations. Loyal and dependable; remain f
ocused on optimizing revenue while maintaining the highest standards of honesty,
integrity, and professionalism.
Oak Brook, Illinois 2008 to 2010
General Merchandise/Financial Planning and Inventory Operations
Oversee all aspects of inventory optimization- financials and product distributi
on for 142 year old major manufacturer of licensed collegiate apparel and additi
onal products throughout 839 academic campus bookstores.
* Developed allocation management position from the ground up, strategically an
alyzing market to target 474 top-selling products within 132 top-producing store
s, leading team of five highly skilled employees to ensure efficient ongoing rep
lenishment of inventory on weekly and bi-weekly basis.
* Top-tier stores achieve annual sales in excess of $20 million.
* Successfully increased in-stock position of high-demand products from 60% to
92% within first year.
* Coordinate operations with key business partners, including Nike and Adidas.
* Directly manage ongoing growth and optimization of 297 stores, responsible fo
r 30% of overall company sales volume.
* Direct segment analysis process, accurately forecasting varying regional dema
nd for men's, women's, children's, infant's, and sideline/non-traditional produc
* Develop and implement enterprise-wide sales plans on sub-departmental, depart
mental, and store levels.
* Design and execute budget; analyze budget on ongoing basis, ensuring optimiza
tion of revenue based on inventory and overall store performance projections.
* Generated gross marginal increase of 48%.
* Increased net annual sales by 22%, achieving $215 million.
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Professional Highlights, Continued...
Fort Worth, Texas 2001 to 2008
Director of Planning and Allocation / Inventory Operations
Planned, organized, and directed timely and accurate development of "customer de
mand" allocation methodologies while optimizing merchandise flow through 7 distr
ibution centers to 1200+ store sites.
* Led team performing analysis of historical data and forecasting to support it
em profitability at local level.
* Maintained optimal store inventory levels to support inter-company distributi
on sales plan of $720 million and achieve company top-line sales plan of $1.5 bi
llion annually.
* Interpreted open-to-buy weekly to maximize location and company turn goals at
item, class, and departmental levels.
* Developed forward-thinking initiatives to accomplish planning allocation obje
ctives, aligning with distribution key performance metrics, including, but not l
imited to organizational restructuring, process re-engineering, technological en
hancements, and adaptation to dynamic business model.
* Created synergy for new merchandise initiatives and key strategies.
* Mentored and trained four senior managers, 11 planners, and 15 allocation sta
ff members.
* Managed SKU base of 2,786 active products, producing 67% of annual sales with
a gross margin of 54.7%
* Worked daily with distribution management to identify daily merchandise flow
patterns and seasonal peaks for bulk, bin and break pack goods. Facilitated test
ing, implementation and training for warehouse inventory management systems enha
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 1997 to 2001
Senior Manager of Planning and Allocation: Textiles Division/Inventory Operation
Oversaw and administered distribution strategies to maintain stock balance and o
ptimize productivity.
* Significantly reduced SKU redundancy at store level, thus increasing distribu
tion productivity and DC turns.
* Developed location financial sales, stock, and receipt plans of $425 million.
* Evaluated stock-to-sales positions to maximize sales, gross margin, and overa
ll return on investments; identified opportunities to improve sales through inte
nsive data mining using various computer systems.
* Senior Manager of Allocation and Special Operations, Limited Stores, Inc., Ne
w Albany, Ohio, 1994 to 1997
* Regional Merchandise Manager, VF Corporation, Inc., Merriam, Kansas, 1989 to
* Senior Merchandise Manager: Menswear, J.C. Penney Company, Inc., Plano, Texas
, 1984 to 1989
Nacogdoches, Texas
* Bachelor of Business Administration: Marketing
* OPTIUM- Warehouse Management System
* DCM-Demand Chain Management
* Island Pacific
* Microsoft Windows Operating Systems