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our own production facilities in China and Sweden.S. and receive numerous awards and recognition for its accomplishments. Sweden Technology Fast 50: Ninth place Red Herring EMEA 100 The Technology Star Award The Grand Award of Design 2007 Deloitte Rankings. Sweden: First place The Optronic Award Microsoft’s Ingenuity Point Competition The Electronic Award The World Class Company Award . innovative high-tech company that has successfully implemented our inventions and technology in user-favored products. and a worldwide network of resellers and partners. Sweden. EMEA: Eighth place Deloitte Rankings.Company Introduction World Leading Innovator Tobii Technology is a high-growth. diagnostics and vehicle safety. From our headquarters in Stockholm. Fast 500 Award. Japan and China. Analysis Solutions and Eye Tracking Integration.. we provide marketleading eye tracking technology to industrial partners in areas as computer manufacturing and gaming. Tobii has global operations with offices in the U. One of Europe’s fastest growing companies Tobii continues to realize its visions. Some of the awards and merits won by Tobii 2010 SIME Grand Prize Red Herring EMEA 100 Emerging101: Sweden’s most successful enterprise 2009 Ahrens Rapid Growth ranking: Third place Deloitte Rankings. a technology that makes it possible for computers to know exactly where users are looking. We see a world of opportunities starting with our patented technology for eye tracking and eye control. hospitals. our reach is as broad as our vision. We offer an ever-expanding array of solutions—from communication aids and research tools to eye control in consumer electronics. Norway. Some of that future is already here. Sweden Technology Fast 50: Ninth place Red Herring Global 100 IT company of the year 2008 Export Hermes Deloitte Rankings. Tobii Technology is today the world’s leading vendor of eye tracking and eye control. Fast 50 Award. Our eye tracking technology has revolutionized research in many fields and enabled communication for thousands of people with speech and communication impairments. Germany. Current and future markets Tobii is divided into three business units: Assistive Technology. Looking forward Tobii’s mission is to bring eye tracking into broader use. show continuous and rapid year-to-year revenue growth.

Standard computers and games—Using our eyes to point. eye tracking is being used to measure acuity of toddlers. Already. With the precision of eye tracking. and even milder forms of physical restraints. zoom. 1. The analytical power of eye tracking The eyes are easy to observe and their movements can tell us to what we pay attention and how the brain processes information. 3. enhance security and simplify computer login. Image processing is used to find the eyes. detect the exact position of the pupil and/or iris. and identify the correct reflections from the illuminators and their exact positions. Tobii has revolutionized the field by developing eye trackers that work for basically any user in a variety of environments and has today a solid patent portfolio that protects our unique. It is also used in usability testing and advertising research by most leading consumer goods companies. Image sensors register the image of the user’s eyes. Injuries and impairments—People who are unable to use their hands due to quadriplegia or CP. A mathematical model of the eye is used to calculate the eyes’ position in space and the point of gaze. Research—Eye tracking is the preferred method for thousands of academic researchers at virtually all leading universities. Hands-free information access can also benefit the field of public information displays. Below is a sample of applications that have been put into practice by Tobii or one of our many partners. well-proven technology. But it’s key to taking eye tracking beyond niche use and putting it to broader use. create reflection patterns on the cornea of the eyes. this information can stimulate advances in many fields. acquire unparalleled possibilities to keep up with communication and computer-based activities. . 4. web companies and market research companies. select and scroll is completely intuitive and complements traditional user interfaces in a very natural way. Surgery and sterile environments—In the operating room. Process control—Eye tracking makes it possible to detect if an operator has not paid attention to important events and to automatically highlighting these events. Eye tracking – how it works Tobii’s eye trackers are based on the fundamental principle of corneal-reflection tracking. The technology can also add powersaving features.Eye Tracking by Tobii Making an eye tracker that truly works for everyone in varying conditions is an extremely tough challenge. One or several near-infrared illuminators. Assessment and diagnostics—The potential of eye tracking in clinical diagnostics is immense. invisible to the human eye. and to understand the cognitive level of a non-verbal person. surgeons can control the computer interface using only their eyes while maintaining sterility. to rehabilitate patients in intensive care. Drowsiness detection—Eyelid movements and eye gaze direction are highly reliable and accurate indicators to warn a driver or operator of a sleep onset or lack of attention. Eye-based computer interaction The fast and effortless movements of the eyes have proven to be an efficient and entirely natural user interface. 2.

developmental aspects of visual and neurological functions. print. eye tracking can provide detailed information about how they perceive the world.Analysis Solutions Eye Tracking for Tobii offers a range of eye tracking solutions Research and Analysis that meet the needs of different research fields. also referred to as head-mounted eye trackers. Linguistic abilities are assessed by tracking and recording eye movements in response to predetermined verbal and visual stimuli. language skills. Tobii eye trackers enable you to efficiently obtain valid and reliable research results by being easy to use. It gives essential benefits in all areas of advertising. Package design & shopper research—Eye tracking is used to understand shoppers’ attention and shopping behavior. Human-computer interaction—Eye tracking is used to analyze user behavior and user interface usability. see www. neurological diseases and brain damage. It is a powerful method for assessing and improving packaging systems and POP materials.tobii. online. search patterns. failed . and reading behavior. It completes our eye trackers with analytical capability and visualization. New technology and design enable eye tracking studies in real-world environments. Ophthalmology—Eye tracking helps vision researchers to better understand eye movements and eye movement problems. unobtrusive. Neuroscience—Eye tracking technology is used to investigate. etc. cognitive. For a complete list of products. These are the most common fields of research that use eye tracking: Usability testing—Eye tracking is a key method to test the usability of websites and software. TV. Eye tracking helps to explain growth and transformation in perceptual. Product portfolio Remote eye trackers—Tobii has set the standard for remote eye trackers by combining very high precision and accuracy with robust tracking and tolerance of large head movements at various sampling rates (Hertz). and social abilities from infancy through young adulthood. for instance. and to develop means to prevent. Developmental psychology—Long before children can talk. Analysis and visualization software—Tobii Studio is the leading eye tracking analysis and visualization software. Psycholinguistics & reading—Eye tracking is used by linguistic researchers to investigate human language development. Mobile eye trackers—Tobii Glasses represent the latest development in mobile eye trackers. as well as an actual control medium in a human–computer dialogue. It brings unique insights about first glance. highly accurate and precise. Advertising research—Eye tracking offers a unique method to objectively measure consumers’ attention and spontaneous responses to advertising. diagnose and treat abnormalities or ocular disease in clinical situations. and out-of-home media.

30% more users proceeded from searching to actually booking flights in the new version. In spite of the concurrent economic downturn. Valsplat.Eye Tracking in Use: Online Reservations For KLM. Usability Specialist at Valsplat. KLM redesigned its booking tool in 2009. which would very likely have gone unnoticed in a study without the support of eye tracking. . adopting a user-centered approach Increased Dramatically in the redesign of its online booking site paid After Eye Tracking Tests off. conducted user research during development and post launch. The task consists of several steps. Designers changed the order in which flight details are presented following these findings. It is imperative to keep up with advances. Eye tracking was used to fine tune the design of the electronic booking tool. both in technology and in meeting user demand. KLM’s usability consultants. but the layout of the flight details was not conducive. KLM’s website has become the premier point of sales for consumer tickets. Gaze plots of early designs of the Select flights page showed a lot of saccades between the flight price and its schedule. “Analysis of eye tracking data proves valuable in finding very specific and detailed design issues. from finding all possible flights to actual payment and confirmation. An essential part in completing a booking is selecting the preferred departing and returning flights from a large set of possible flights. can make the difference between a sale or a disappointed customer. Participants in the eye tracking sessions were asked to make a booking for an upcoming trip while their gaze was recorded.” says Joris Leker. the electronic booking tool dramatically increased the conversion rate. KLM launched their new booking tool in 75 countries the summer of 2009. These specifics were positioned at exact opposite sides of the flight details. Participants were obviously trying to make a tradeoff between price and schedule. These issues. albeit small. KLM’s conversion rate increased dramatically by 30 percent.

some of us are born with Cerebral Palsy.Assistive Technology Helping People to Live Tobii offers a range of cutting-edge More Independent communication solutions that help individuals and Fulfilling Lives with speech impairments to express themselves and maintain two-way contact with the world around them. head mouse or touch. preferences and needs. People can use our solutions to develop their language skills and communication capacity from a very basic level to one that is almost on par with people who have no communication restraints. Recorded speech devices—Tobii S32 plays back pre-recorded messages. pictures. However. Product portfolio Dynamic display devices—Tobii C Series offers multiple access methods. Support through life Tobii’s communication devices help thousands of people around the world to overcome their impairments and communicate in a way that was not possible before. stay in touch with family and friends. design web pages. or scenes. speak through a synthesized voice. and can generate speech. 1 choice of thousands of users Tobii has a history of creating eye-controlled communication devices that meet the various needs of people with communication and physical disabilities. our users write novels. Superior quality. The No. For a complete list of products.tobii. you can speak your mind. sounds or IR signals activated simply by touching a sheet of printed symbols. see www. you use your eyes. emails. ease of use and reliability are hallmarks of our products. Tobii offers a comprehensive suite of speech generating devices and software for people with different conditions and needs. have ALS/MND or may have acquired a disability through an injury or a stroke—all of which can impair our ability to . Communication and language software— Tobii Communicator is well proven software appreciated by users and administrators. glasses. and much more. etc. eye color or light conditions. use the internet. By typing text or using symbols. text messages. Which type of technology or device is most suitable depends on individual abilities. including eye control. Being able to speak is something that most people take for granted. The eye-controlled devices operate accurately. The unique capabilities of eye control One could say that an eye-controlled augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device is a computer—but instead of using a mouse and keyboard to control it. Using only their eyes. scan/switch. regardless of large head movements.

for example.” “But honestly.” Janika’s mother sees even greater benefits in the future: “The things she is learning now with Tobii C12. “Through Tobii we realize more and more how much Janika is able to understand. colors. “Tobii C12 helps Janika lead a richer social life. Can I really know what a 6-year-old wants to say? So far. I can only hope I’ve got it quite right for her. we created the symbols we believe she needs for her daily communication. can help disabled people live simpler and more dignified lives. when used properly. . Janika’s mother. numbers. Janika can start conversations with her parents. Since getting the Tobii C12. Janika Cremer was born with an illness similar to Cerebral Palsy. Because she is currently using pictures and symbols only. I’m looking forward to when she finally creates her own words. an eyecontrolled speech generating device. eye control opens up new possibilities. once she has learned to read and write. Suddenly. Unable to communicate through speech or sign language. which is difficult for a child without a voice to demonstrate. letters and money.Meet Janika Cremer Six-year-old Janika is living proof that smart technology. she will take with her when she starts school.” says Alexandra Cremer. relatives and friends whenever she wants. All of a sudden you have a child that plays Memory as if it was the most natural thing in the world and tells you to leave her alone.” Janika’s mother ends. she can much more actively partake in games at kindergarten than before.

The inherent eye-recognition capability can even be used in power-saving features and user . • Text scrolls as you read • Explanations and more information related to what you pay attention to is presented • When zooming a picture or map the area you are looking at is automatically centered Eye control can also speed things up by opening up new and intuitive ways to switch between open windows. Eye tracking solutions Tobii is currently developing its technology to enable integration of eye tracking in consumer computers. As a player. you can do more simultaneously and you can do it as in real life: Control your character with a joystick. eye control is thrilling and makes computer interaction more effective. but aim with your eyes. Envision eye control in PCs For the user. For a complete list of products. and is predicted to be the next step in natural user interfaces. Eye tracking provides an entirely new dimension to interaction. When the computer knows where you are looking. Establish genuine eye contact with characters in a game. and create an emotional intensity that makes characters act as real humans responding to your gaze. see www. Most computer manufacturers today strive to enhance their products by adding new and more natural user interfaces. We see more and more applications using eye tracking technology in the PC and gaming industries. It is almost as if the computer understands you. it can do things for you automatically or in a more intuitive way—like scrolling the text as you read. and browse your emails and documents. Computer games get even more intense Eye control makes it possible to interact with computer games in ways never before possible.Eye Tracking Integration Eye Tracking Revolutionizes Computer Interfaces The fast and effortless movements of the eyes have proven to be an efficient and truly natural computer interface. Eye control is a perfect complement to such traditional control interfaces as the mouse and keyboard.tobii. or providing additional information about the object at which you are looking.

“More than anything else. Tobii’s technology is used in native Tobii products as well as in partner products. the Lenovo laptop prototype proves that our eye tracking technology is mature enough to be used in standard computers. The company also has leadingedge interface and software development expertise for eye tracking and eye control. “To reach a state where our technology is part of the average computer we need to make it smaller and cheaper. the world’s fourth largest personal Natural Interface computer manufacturer.Eye Tracking Integration: Eye Control – A Truly Lenovo.” says Henrik Eskilsson.” The world leading vendor of eye tracking components. The laptop is a fully functional conceptual prototype and an important breakthrough for Tobii in its mission to bring its eye tracking technology to consumer products. has developed the world’s first eye-controlled laptop using eye tracking technology from Tobii. CEO of Tobii Technology. . and extend traditional interfaces to work optimally with integrated eye control.

Eye sensor for industrial integration Tobii offers an OEM solution that can be integrated into the vehicle dashboard and safety system. even in challenging environments like night driving and bright sunlight. It is the result of nearly ten years of R&D in eye tracking. Tobii presents a reliable technology. Gaze direction is the obvious and most direct indicator of if a driver’s attention is on or off the road. Eyelid movements and eye gaze direction are highly reliable and accurate indicators to warn drivers of an uncontrolled sleep onset or critical lack of attention to the road.Eye Tracking in Automotive Safety There is no better way to detect driver distraction and acute drowsiness than by measuring the eye. lenses. etc. ethnic origin. eye color and other aspects that may affect the physiology of the eye. Why eye sensor technology? Eyelid movements have shown to be the most reliable measurement for acute drowsiness. including forward looking sensors. A reliable solution for vehicle integration The Tobii attention and alert technology is a system for detecting acute drowsiness based on eye sensor technology. The Tobii attention and alert system is a robust solution for use in cars and commercial vehicles that meets industry requirements on scalability and price. The ability to prevent collisions can be greatly enhanced by connecting information about the driver’s attention to the vehicle safety system. The sensor works reliably. . age. specifically designed for the vehicle industry that actually works under the tough conditions of real cars and trucks. Our eye sensors function on virtually all people regardless of glasses. automatic brake assist. PERCLOS (percentage of eyelid closure) in combination with eyelid velocity has a 93% correlation with drowsiness.

tobii. We also offer various industries a range of products based on our patented eye tracking technology. Clinical diagnostics and assessments Tobii’s eye tracking technology surpasses traditional observations and other methods in clinical assessments and in large-scale screening because it provides additional data. Product portfolio Tobii IS-1 Eye Tracker—small. Greater possibilities to understand human behavior. low power consumption and sensitive enough to track all users in varying conditions. fast and unobtrusive. Yet another field showing a strong interest in hands-free information access is the field of public information . Tobii C12 Eye Tablet—suitable for information access in hospitals and public places. automatic. We also offer a range of products based on our patented eye tracking technology. such as assessments and diagnostics. see www. OEM eye tracking components Tobii Technology offers world-leading eye tracking components for industrial integration. The main benefits are multitasking and hands-free computer control while maintaining sterility. For a complete list of products. These are just a few examples of fields in which eye tracking is used today. attention and orientation Surgery and sterile environments With eye control surgeons can zoom in on images and control the computer interface using just their eyes. and access computers and information through eye tracking open up a world of opportunities. Some fields of assessments: • Vision and hearing tests of infants • Cognitive assessments of non-verbal persons • Post-traumatic evaluation and rehabilitation Monitoring and training Eye tracking is used in a range of industries to ensure and improve performance—in real time or as a part of simulations and training: • Monitor an air traffic control operator’s alertness and attention to critical details • Monitor how vigilantly a baggage scan operator observes all key items • Support surgeons in training. is objective.Eye Tracking OEM Solutions Tobii Technology offers world leading eye tracking components for industrial integration. Tobii T120 Eye Tracker—suitable for analytical purposes.

6 etasje 5008 BERGEN Norway +47 55 55 10 60 Phone +47 55 55 10 61 Fax sales. . and is responsible for sales in Norway. Bergen.Falls Church. VA © Tobii®. Ltd No. USA Home to our sales and marketing office for Tobii Analysis Solutions and Eye Tracking Integration in North CHINA Tobii Electronics Technology Suzhou Co. CH Frankfurt. JP CENTRAL EUROPE Tobii Technology GmbH Niedenau 45 D-60325 Frankfurt am Main Germany +49 69 24 75 03 40 Phone +49 69 24 75 03 429 Fax sales. Japan Tobii’s Tokyo facility is a local sales office that markets Assistive Technology. China Suzhou is home to Tobii’s China-based production facilities and sales office for Analysis Solutions and Eye Tracking Integration. NORTH AMERICA Tobii ATI 333 Elm Street encompassing Frankfurt. VA 22046 . 3-4-13 Takanawa. Analysis Solutions and Eye Tracking Integration NORTH AMERICA Tobii Technology. Tobii_CompanyBrochure_2011-05-10_UsENG_CS5 678. Metro Area. SE JAPAN Tobii NORWAy Tobii Norge Thormøhlens gate 55 Here we develop our core eye tracking technology. Analysis Solutions and Eye Tracking Integration. TOBII HEADQUARTERS Tobii Technology AB Karlsrovägen 2D Box 743 S-182 17 Danderyd Sweden +46 8 663 69 90 Phone +46 8 30 14 00 Fax sales@tobii. please visit www. Germany The Frankfurt am Main office is our hub for sales and marketing activities in central and southern Europe for both Assistive Technology. Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0074 Japan +81-3-5793-3316 Phone +81-3-5793-3317 Fax sales. MA 02026 Toll-Free: 800-793-9227 +1-781-461-8200 Phone +1-781-461-8213 Fax MA. Tokyo.USA +1-703-738-1300 Phone +1-888-898-6244 Phone +1-703-738-1313 Fax sales. Bergen. Norway Our Bergen team is dedicated to the development of communication software. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Sweden. Washington Street Suite 200 . Suzhou Post code: 215122 China +86 (0) 13585980539 Phone sales. For a complete list of sales contacts. Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 510 N. NO Boston. Ltd.Offices and Contacts Tobii Headquarters Tobii Technology is headquartered in Stockholm. funding of Assistive Technology products in North America. Sales contacts Tobii Technology is represented in all continents through local offices and resellers. Washington D. MA Stockholm. software and new products. USA Our Boston office is dedicated to sales consultancy. DE Falls Church. www. Illustrations and specifications do not necessarily apply to products and services offered in each local market. support. Fengting Avenue Land Industrial Park Weiting.