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(Mr.) Kimberly J.

17435 North 7th Street, Apartment 1176
Phoenix, Arizona 85022
602-374-4721 (Home) 602-524-4573 (Cell)
Summary of Qualifications
* Extensive experience in rangeland management, natural resources, NEPA regulat
ion and environmental work.
* Knowledge of Maricopa County Air Quality dust regulations.
* Ability to work independently or on a team.
* Employer minded; Promotes integrity, professionalism and a progressive image
in all business settings.
* Well developed interpersonal communications with associates and customers.
* Extremely effective when functioning in a liaison capacity.
* Former Member, Arizona Army National Guard ; Honorable Discharge
* NEPA Regulations, Compliance and Analysis
Categorical Exclusion Checklist, Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact
Statement, Analysis and Evaluation
Clean Air Act Compliance and Inspection
Clean Water Act Section 401 and 404 Regulation Compliance
* Maricopa County Air Quality Regulation Compliance and construction site fugit
ive dust inspections
* Hazardous Material Compliance and Remediation:
Investigation and oversight of leaking underground pipelines and storage tank re
mediation and removal.
Hazardous materials cleanup oversight: Metal recovery plant testing(acids and ba
ses), Agricultural storage building (pesticides and fertilizers), petroleum dril
ling, oil spills, production water spills and asphalt storage ponds clean-up.
* Wetland delineation, erosion prevention, grazing management and stream-bank p
* Project promotion, development, design, and oversight of range, wildlife and
endangered species protection projects.
Education: B.S. "Environmental Resources in Agriculture", Arizona State Universi
Employment History
10/05 - 04/08 Maricopa County Air Quality Department- Air Quality Inspector:
I performed inspections on construction sites and vacant lots to ensure that sit
es were in compliance with Maricopa County Air Quality Department fugitive dust
regulations. Each inspection required an inspection report containing findings o
f violations observed while on the project site. Violation inspection reports we
re then referred to the enforcement branch. Daily interpersonal communications (
at times difficult) with construction managers and project superintendents were
required. Regular presentations to construction company employees were required
on complying with Maricopa County Air Quality Department dust regulations.
01/01- 10/05 (Retired from Federal Service) US Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)-Ti
tle: Natural Resources Specialist, my duties were:
Evaluate NEPA Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement docume
nts, for compliance with Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act regulations,
involving wildlife, wetlands and wetlands delineation for projects and irrigati
on planning; environmental evaluation of projects on or affecting Indian Lands.
Representing BIA Western Regional Office on the Lower Colorado River, Multi-Spec
ies Conservation Program (LCR-MSCP) Steering Committee.
Representing the Regional office I performed the following three details for the
BIA Regional Office:
1) 05/02 - 09/02 Elko, NV. (4 months) Natural Resource Specialist for the Easter
n Nevada Agency office acting as Resource Specialist on NEPA compliance and Rang
eland, Water and Wildlife resource issues.
2) 02/04 - 05/04 St George, UT (4months) Natural Resource Specialist in the Sout
hern Paiute Agency office. Accomplished rangeland projects dealing with reseedin
g, boundary fencing and other reservation boundary and land management issues. I
performed oversight on hazardous material removal of an agricultural storage (p
esticides and fertilizers) and a metals recovery plant and sedimentation ponds p
rojects on tribal lands.
3) 05/04 - 10/04 Vernal, UT (4 months) Environmental Protection Specialist for t
he Uintah and Ouray (U&O) Agency office. Reviewed NEPA documents for oil well si
te applications and drilling activities. I investigated hazardous spills of oil
and oil well production water as well as oversight and clean-up of spills and re
moval of mud pits after completion of drilling operations. Investigated and dire
cted remediation and repair of broken production water pipeline.
I accomplished inspections of new well site and access roads for compliance with
NEPA documents and permit requirements. I investigated a site for possible clea
n-up of asphalt storage ponds on U&O reservation.
07/00 - 01/01 Maricopa County, Arizona, Environmental Services Department, Water
and Waste Management Division.
Responsible for inspection of liquid and solid waste haulers, ensured correction
of deficiencies and that follow-up inspections were completed.
01/99 - 07/99 Logan Simpson Design
Wrote environmental assessments and determinations for AZ Dept. of Transportatio
n (ADOT) projects.
11/97 - 02/98 Kimley-Horn and Associates
Wrote environmental urban planning documents for development corporations.
10/90 - 03/97 US Bureau of Reclamation, El Paso, Texas; Natural Resources Specia
list assigned administrative, environmental planning, NEPA review(Categorical Ex
clusion Checklists, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements)
and special field projects:
* Investigation and oversight of leaking underground pipelines and storage tank
* Protection of wetlands from overgrazing, along the Rio Grande and Caballo Res
* Promoted and developed the endangered bald eagle; habitat and foraging study
at Caballo Reservoir, NM
* Promoted, developed and maintained oversight of construction of an endangered
desert fish refugium and wetlands project in West Texas.
* Accomplished gabion placement on tributary to Rio Grande for prevention of se
diment deltas in river channel.
* Accomplished CWA section 404 environmental assessment and permit for removal
of delta in Rio Grande (for prevention of turbidity on river during irrigation w
ater releases from Caballo Reservoir)
* Investigated hazardous material spill from gold mine operation near Caballo R
* Responsible for oversight and supervision of Salt Cedar eradication and mowin
g project on floodplains along Elephant Butte and Caballo Reservoirs.
Certificates and Awards
Certificate of Completion: Maricopa County Air Quality Department Fugitive Dust
Control Class November 28, 2007, (certification expires November 28, 2009)
Certificate of Completion: "Principles and Practices of Air Pollution Control" O
ctober 2006 (Presented by Western States Air Resources Council)
OSHA 30 Hour Occupational Safety & Health Training Course (29 CFR Part 1926 Cons
truction Safety and Health) April 2006