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David C. Story
To be an integral building block of a dynamic, profit driven organization, where
"exceeding customer expectations" is not merely a slogan, but the very DNA by w
hich that organization is defined.
Fall 2007 - Jan 2010 BASF Pigments Division Wyandotte, MI
Technical Manager Industrial Pigments Grade Level: 17
* Responsible for all NAFTA Industrial Coatings accounts including Coil, Archit
ectural (roofing, window frames, doors), Marine, Military (IR reflective vehicle
s, weapons), Powder, Wood, and Extrusion.
* Respected member of BASF's Global Heat Management Team. Widely regarded as BA
SF's foremost authority on IR reflective Pigments and Coatings within the NAFTA
* Frequent speaker at National Coatings Conferences and Regional seminars. Rout
inely provided Cool Color Matching tutorials to customer accounts of all levels.
Spring 2005 - Fall 2007 BASF Industrial Coatings Division Southfield, MI
Research Associate Sr. I Grade Level: 16
* Oversaw BASF's IR Heat Reflective Coatings program. Responsible for increasin
g brand awareness through innovations in R&D, Marketing, new product launches, a
nd by providing tutorials to Customer Sales and Tech Service teams throughout th
e NAFTA region.
* Author of two invention disclosures. Co-author of one patent.
* BASF's primary liaison with ENERGY STAR, the CRRC, and the California PIER Ad
visory Committee (Title 24 legislation). One of the principal members of CMRC co
mmittee that developed the "Color Family Rating System" adopted by the Cool Roof
Rating Council and recently by ENERGY STAR.
Fall 2002 - Spring 2005 BASF Corporation Whitehouse, OH
Group Leader - National Color Matching / Formulating Labs Grade Level: 16
* Managed highly efficient BASF National laboratory of Chemists, Formulators, a
nd Lab Technicians that processed over 400 color matches and formulae per month.
* Employed Six Sigma processes to drive lean, quality focused organization.
* Regarded by customers at that time as the most prolific and effective team fo
r matching "cool" colors in the NAFTA region. This success was recognized at BAS
F corporate level and became the genesis of a marketing campaign called the "Coo
l Color Challenge."
2000 - Fall of 2002 BASF Corporation (acquisition) Southfield, MI and Whitehouse
, OH
Special Projects Leader Grade Level: 15
* Successfully completed assignment of closing seven former Morton / Rohm & Haa
s laboratories and consolidating their operations into one new BASF national lab
oratory - all with little or no impact to customers.
* Oversaw Capital budget of $1.5 MM for lab renovation, equipment purchase, and
employee relocations.
* Recruited, hired, and trained staff of 12 Chemists, Formulators, and Technici
* Assisted with the transfer and re-writing of hundreds of former Morton formul
ae stored in AS400 software and loading them into SAP - BASF's operating softwar
e platform.
Fall 1998 - 2000 Rohm and Haas (acquisition) Orville , OH
Quality Control Manager (equivalent Grade Level: 14 )
* Responsible for daily Quality Control operations, including batch shading, fi
lling clean checks, Tint base and batch grind checks.
* Managed three shift staff of 15 Chemists, Lab Technicians, and Production sha
* Lowered rework and distressed batch percentage to best in division history.
* When division was acquired by BASF in 2000, supervised the dismantling of the
plant labs and the safe disposal of chemicals on site.
1994- Fall 1998 Morton International Industrial Coatings Orville, OH
Color Match Lab Supervisor (equivalent Grade Level: 13 )
* Consistently rated best in class by customers for turn-around times and quali
ty of color matches.
* Supervised staff of 4 Lab Technicians.
* 1998 - Assigned by Morton Group VP to provide incisive monthly reports summar
izing the output and capabilities of all of the Morton Color matching labs acros
s the U.S.
* 1995 - Successfully shut down the Morton North Brunswick NJ Color matching la
b and absorbed their work load into the Orrville lab with no delays to East Coas
t Customer base.
1993 Morton Corp. (acquisition) Orville, OH
Lab Technician 2 - Color Matching
* Rated as lead color matcher on staff. Routinely assigned the most difficult p
* Trained all new lab employees.
1992 Whittaker Coatings Orville, OH
Tech 1 - Accelerated Weathering
* Responsible for QUV, Humidity, Salt Spray units, as well as South Florida tes
ting program.
* Within the first 3 months, updated and reorganized the department's processes
and record keeping, thereby reducing the position's hourly requirements from 40
to 20 hours per week.
1989 - 1992 Whittaker Coatings Orrville, OH
Sand-Mill Factory Worker
* Milled pigment production batches for colorant bases and custom colors
* Developed improvements for minimizing waste and pigment loss in mills.
* After just 6 months on the job, became the trainer for all new mill departmen
t employees
Thomas Jefferson High School Diploma Pittsburgh, PA
Thomas McKay Dr. Michael Pcolinski
PPG Market Development Manager - Troy, MI BASF-Director Inorganics Division - Ev
ans City, PA
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Lee E. Young Chuck Mahmet
Lubrizol Global Applications Mgr - Wickliffe, OH PPG Regional Sales Manager - Cl
eveland, OH
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