Ning Development For Your Own Networks

A Brief Block to Say to Specific Thanks

I would like to say thanks to the one who give me encoura gement to make official posts in WCMS field. People know how to use web base applications including websites, daily usage information center and business applications that are making them to be more socialize. I think there are so many platforms on the web to let user create their own specific space for growing their community fast and private.

One of my like most i s It is a platform arise with the multiply and wordpress among the internet users.

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What kinds of users want to use ning? What kinds of services or features are provided within ning? What kinds of developers should know the platform ning?

Recently I am reading a mini -blog post on facebook that is about the social privacy and I have an idea that some people like the community that is unique for them in a way. Ning can give us the needs to create a reliable, collaboration, attractive and some applications which can be utilized for social networking and others business corporative methods. So I think that it is a flexible platfo rm to customize and it can be developed to your desired networks . Schools, banks, companies, organizations and others networks using internet media can create and work for their specific needs using Ning panel skillfully. I created a ning network for my own university and I learned how to work with ning. Some of the features can be made as your own ways some as the given configuration steps including Third Party Integration Social Media. Ya! got lost one thing. There are a lot of option s for privacy in ning. You can even block viewing you profile from non-buddy user. 

Ning can give several good services to its users and creators.

I will prompt how to use them. Each one contains elements to be a perfect feature and one can know how they are related by just using a ning network even with an ordinary user account not network creator. When working on ning we have to know that every single element cannot be customized. Some of the sites functions would be default but still suite with the need and the de sign UI of the modern web standard. So we don¶t need to for ce to make or to customize them.

I would like to discuss about the ning¶s main services each a module and then make happy learning.

Register Method To A Ning Network
Here I tt t regi ter t i g ite get i l e t t e et rk.I t i k t e ery i element f net rk especi lly soci l net ork is t e members. e collect t entry nd make some straight iew to see what kind of member will interest which kind of topic products and subjects. First user s, link to a network and if he found the network as a suite or favor of his business, hobby or something that he want to be, he would like to see how the network is working andmaybe he want to be a part.

First of all using the site need ID which ning know the email and password. ing use email as user name and the password that you entered during the sign up process. ing creator can set profile uestions, others targeted critical uestions and also make manual or selection method. Let say it more in administrators¶ panel.

I will show this examples with the site


( rl= ).

You can simply click Sign

p and then you will see a form for the entry.

ow you can clearly see what is the purpose of this social network by seeing the title and then now by seeing the sign up uestions. See they request Email for hat purpose? I already told that ing use email as user name and it is for logging in site. ot a mailing list to receive mails from that site. And then fill out the password and sure your password hits are the same type in both password field.And the birthday to know your age and foresee how long did you work or learning something here I .

See the capture step. It is a spam block applications that is available in all ning network if the site creator enables it. It is a great helps to the site maintainer and have strong defend to java bots and others spam related scripts. But still I found a bot in one of the ning network that will comments members profile about a hotel. k lets¶ go the next steps!

Opp this message!

It is a feature of ning that let the registered member to verify he is using his own mail. It is a great way to keep privacy and to make the network safe. here are other options that can be used on ning. You can set your network private by setting the admin approve method for the register. (Example Let verify your account. aa there is a redirect bu tton to go to the Google mail and corresponding to the user¶s mail others mail service like hotmail, S and Yahoo will also be also redirected like Google ail . ow On the Gmail .Do you see an email from the network? Open it! hen see the content of themail .

You are here to enter the site.You should fill out the form correctly to connect in the ning network with specific person like same school, job title,university and working fields. hen join it.

oW Again essage! ight some ning creators believe that the users will value the membership if they make their network the high privacy like this, he Admin Approval Feature.


ontinue and then you can test your membership with limits. When youhave been approved, the network will let you know that you are approved and welcome you.

( ote: In this stage you can view the content , you can see the sites pages and you can edit your profile but not comments, joining groups ,uploading songs or something for media )

Members Area
Now we got a part in the network with the specific ID, nick or real name. We started to find our needs and the items that we love within the network in various ways. I am now discussion the methods with a version of frond end user and simply hope to understand well. You can see your resources and social statics within your profile page. And you can communicate w your ith buddies through profiles and personal messages.

You can see your group list, friend list, your latest activity and the comments that you received from others members.

You will find edit options for each block. When you want to change the defaultdisplay or something you want to add content to the block, you can readily customi e your page¶s blocks within it and just click the save. Settings hat You an hange On A Ning Network Profile Page

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hanging Your Profile Photo ustomi ation he Look and Layout of Your Profile Page pdating Your urrent Status (Both on Facebook and witter if the services are enable) Signing out from he Network Quick ontent Add(Blog post, Personal essage and so on) And ustom ext Block hat is work for Html and Some Scripts

Easily any front end user will understand the functions and the ways of creating a good profile for data and social. You can easily drag and drop the content blocks with your mouse over the page except the right corner block that is for the reator to display the desire content for the benefits of the network. Let me show you how to add a custom text box on your page that is not more ease than others.First on the +add text . lick

here you can change the title ext as you like and the contentcan be arranged by an editor which we called wycsiwycg editor. Now I will show you how to add a site link in this text box beautifully.

I want to make a display for a website that I wanted to my profile visitor click. So must be attractive and nice one. lick file.

hen I got a picture with a hyper link. When any profile visitor click the picture ,he will be redirected to my website. It is a way of making traffic from social to specific sites.

That is how to play with the page content in Ning and the basic of administration of a ning network because it is useful not only in the member role but also in the Admin. All of the blocks, displays, styles ,banners ,headers , logos, Visitor redirects can be customi ed by this method and we can easily shift the settings for ease use of a given project. And try others for yourself .

That is all in front end of ning members¶ area and now more advanced setting page. lick ustomi e y Page shown here.

Simply I got here

There you can play your profile layouts with the eyes of a designer working on color theory, changing font styles and making the page layout. And there area lot of themes to choose or not make your own look. This panel is same for the creator but creator¶s customi ation would be affect the whole network. If creator don¶t give the permission to customi e the page, all members must use the default theme. Those tips would be discussed in the advanced panel. Let¶s go to the more advanced look with appearance in ning.

Here you can see an easy setting. But you need an integrated mind that is an ability of knowing what will happen in the looks of your page when you change any setting here. All option tab use the same tips.

But it is more

ore interesting? Because of the easy ways of using ning and finding a smart WCMS platform for every network. Let start the making your network as like your house. Decorate any objects by inserting codes or make your own style sheets to your network. For the user you can learn basic web programming language by using ning and I was also one of the beginner with CSS in ning. The creator must know some of the web s based application APIs and some for the appearance of his network. So now you mustwork with the CSS right here your network. I recommend beginners to study CSS on now I also learning on that site.

Great Option For beginners who are not familiar with FTP, Hosting, and C panel .

Simply learn the CSS and come back here. ead the frame codes and just think in a logical way to start a great customi ation in ning. For the developers I recommend to edit this sheet on Notepad++ and backup the original file in your local machin e.

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