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"Quality is never by chance. Ltd. It is the result of endless adherence to a well defined process. Expect nothing less than the best from us. . It is my personal commitment that Orris will not just deliver superior but above expectation realty solutions.'' Mr. Vijay Gupta Chairman & Managing Director Orris Infrastructure Pvt.

*As per report of market price Oct '08. Orris is one of the leading land consolidator in and around Gurgaon. expertise & experience of over 30 years in the realty market.possessing more than 1200 ACRES of LAND BANK Land as well as its location is the core of every realty project.000 crores** in the next decade. Vijay Gupta's foresight. ** Estimation. Orris's landbank is worth more than 2500 crores* at current market value and is expected to cross more than 10. This consolidation is the result of Mr. . With an asset of more than 1200 acres.

last three years have seen some Rs 28. big brands. apparels. IT & ITES services and other knowledge-based industries. Haryana is amongst the leaders in most of the new technology and export-oriented industries such as auto and auto components. Much awaited Gurgaon Master Plan 2021 will change the face of the fast flourishing city with two Mass Rapid Transit system corridors up to Manesar along Dwarka and Mehrauli stretch which is under construction. Clearly. that advantage is heightened because it is close to the Delhi airport. big buildings. Economically.Think Gurgaon.000 crore being invested in the state. the multiple SEZs which are being set up in Gurgaon will make the area the largest generator of jobs in the country. With Rs 70. And in case of Gurgaon. NEXT Gurgaon will be the showpiece of the new urban India in the next 10 years. big investments and big plans.Think 'Big'—big global companies. GURGAON the city The city and the state remain an irresistible magnet for investors. .000-crore of investment in the pipeline. the state which abuts Delhi from three sides has an unbeatable locational advantage. 93% of Fortune 100 companies have their address in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is indeed India's showcase city of prosperity. 70% of all Japanese investment in India has been attracted by Haryana.

Teamwork We work towards common goals through open communication. VISION & strong CORE VALUES Our Core Values Customer Driven We provide premium services in the most responsive and communicative manner. do what we say and our each initiative is directed to build trust. We will continue reinforcing them by delivering above expectation realty solutions. We respect our differences and build upon our strengths.Our Vision To establish lasting relationship with all our customers and partners based on trust. We say what we mean. . Relationships We are committed to develop long-term relationships with our stakeholders and building confidence in our working relationships. Integrity We act with honesty and sincerity in everything we do. integrity and transparency. group with a In the process we will remember that it is more important to be admired and respected rather than being the largest. mutual support and win-win attitude. Excellence Constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our work and in the level of service we provide.

e.Orris has originated from a unique species of German Flower known for its fragrance. This is a plant which emits fragrance in its entirety i. even the roots of the plant emits fragrance. All Orris projects are situated in prime locations in and around Gurgaon Eco friendly construction practices Realty and infrastructure activities are the core expertise of the group Orris is a 'zero debt' group Highly experienced team of professionals .

Licensing procedures have been completed. Nature of projects has been finalized. Man power & resources planning has been done • Two specific business models have been identified and implemented: .Projects developed and delivered via strategic joint venture with reputed companies • Various projects for Joint Venture have been identified .2 JV's. one with DLF and one with Vatika have been implemented GROWTH .Projects developed & delivered by Orris independently . License for a couple of projects have been received.a well planned STRATEGY for organized • A thorough 10 year plan has been devised by Orris • Sites have been identified.

The license for the project has already been applied. INR 250 Crores . shopping mall. The total investment of Orris in the project by way of land contribution to develop the commercial project is approx. To be developed over 50 acres of land owned by Orris. hospital. Orris will also participate in co-branding with DLF in the said commercial project. The total investment of Orris in the project is approx. the project is situated at Sector 88 and 89. INR 250 Crore. Gurgaon. Orris has a share of 100 acres of land in the said township proposed to be developed in Sector .82 and 82A. . health spa and new age offices.The township will offer plots of different sizes.we have Joint Venture with DLF Group Orris has entered into collaboration with DLF for development of commercial project. Gurgaon. group housing. gymnasium. school. The license to the development has already been obtained. CREDIBLE VENTURES Joint Venture with Vatika Group Orris has entered into collaboration with Vatika Group for development of a modern integrated township “India Next” spread across 250 Acres.


C A R N AT I O N RESIDENCY . Gurgaon and is spread across on 31. It is conveniently located in Sector . The best of the talents have been gathered together to produce this fine project.project launched: CARNATION RESIDENCY Orris launched one of the most sought after modern group housing project.85.90 acres approx. It offers a charming blend of classic Indian living with the best of contemporary amenities to ensure warm and cosy living. Carnation Residency in August 2008. with architecture & landscaping by leading international architect.

in April 2008. Orris. and the experience of delight is directly linked to the Quality and Environment of commercial space. Pioneering Green Building right on NH-8 Pioneering Green Building . Floreal Towers.project launched: FLOREAL TOWER Performance. every aspect of Floreal Towers is geared to provide an inspiring venue to perform. spread across 7 acres approx. Situated on NH-8. launched a new age green commercial complex.. Floreal Towers is being built according to the guidelines of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Spread across 9. BUSINESSQUARE NH-8. restaurants.. Orris has obtained the license for their new project Orris Business Square situated on NH-8. Gurgaon . Orris Business Square is designed for extra space & performance for upscale multi-national offices. With thousands of office goers in Orris Business Square. multiplex. health care centers and a host of related services.project launched: BUSINESS SQUARE Welcome to the new-age office. there is a ready-made market for shops. where leisure and entertainment are thereal perks.5 acres approx.



approx.85.85. Gurgaon Area: 200 acres approx.90. Gurgaon Area: 1 milliion sq.84. L I V I N G S PA C E S B Y O R R I S Kohana Type: Residential township Location: Sector. . ft. A S T E R C O U RT GURGAON Type: Residential Location: Sector. ft. Gurgaon Area: 1 milliion sq. approx.89.93.89.FORTH COMING PROJECTS springhomes Type: Residential Location: Sector.

Type: ITSEZ Location: Near NH-8. Halidram’s.15 million sq. approx. . THE PROJECTS Northwood premium lodges Type: Hospitality Location: NH-8. belmonte Luxury Spa Resort Type: Hospitality Location: NH-8. Type: Hospitality Location: NH-8.ft.6 million sq. Panache OFFICE CUM RETAIL SPACE C B RO DS next gen it park Type: Commercial Location: Sector -83. ft. Gurgaon. approx. Neemrana Area: 10 acres approx. Gurgaon Area: 3 million sq.ft. EXPRESSWAY PIRATE CITY Type: Amusement Park Location: NH-8 Area: 100 acres approx. approx. Neemrana Area:15 acres approx.000 sq.ft. Gurgaon Area: 0. NH-8 Area: 0. B o s l e y H O T E L PRIMROSE R E S O R T Type: Hospitality Location: NH-8. Opp. approx. Neemrana Area: 10 acres approx. Gurgaon Area: 50.FORTH COMING FOODCOURT Type: Hospitality Location: NH-8.

Gurgaon Residential 1. Gurgaon IT Park Industrial Township 3 Million sq. ft. Gurgaon Commercial 0.84. Gurgaon Residential 6 Million sq.84.89. Gurgaon Residential 1 Million sq. ft.3 Million sq. ft. Location Sector . ft. ft. Gurgaon Commercial 0. Gurgaon Commercial 0. Sector . ft.89. Sector . Sector .85.4 Million sq.85. ft. Sector . Sector .7 Million sq.2 Million sq. Gurgaon Commercial 0.4 Million sq. Gurgaon Commercial 0. Sector . Sector . Sector .2 Million sq. Gurgaon 300 Acres IMT Manesar Region SEZ (Behror) 160 Hectare NH-8 . ft.) 1. ft. Sector .project identified for JOINT DEVELOPMENT Type Residential Area (approx.89.84. ft.89.2 Million sq.85.

Managing Director at amitmd@orris.MEET US To explore association with Orris Group contact Mr. Amit Gupta.in .


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