1. Soalan Energy (rubber ball) Question 1.What is your observation? State your inference based on your observation. 2.

What is the relationship between the warming of the rubber ball with its height of bounce? 3. State the type of energy a) before the ball is released b) during the fall. 4. 2. Soalan Density a. Method - Half fill the measuring cylinder. Take the initial reading. - Take a plasticine ball and measure its mass by using the electronic balance. - Put the plasticine ball into the measuring cylinder. Take the final reading. - Calculate the density of the plasticine ball. - Half fill a beaker with distilled water. - Put the plasticine ball into the beaker. What happen to the plasticine? State your observation. What is the inference of your observation? - The plasticine can be made to float in distilled water. Explain how you can make it float. State the science concept behind it. Answer Initial reading = _______ 1M Final reading = ________ 1M Mass of plasticine = _______ 1M Volume of plasticine = _________ 1M Density of plasticine = _________ 2M The plasticine sink in water. 1M The plasticine is denser than water. 1M

Increase its volume by changing its shape. 1M When the volume increased. the plasticine will float. 1M When the density is lower than the density of water. Friction 5. Asid Base 4.1M (maximum 10 marks) 3. . the density will decreased.

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