ABC of Effective Writing Accuracy: Appropriateness, attentiveness to your audience, avoidance of ambiguity Brevity: Keeping sentences short and

simple, conveying ideas by means of simple language, avoidance of redundant words, all of which convey brightness and buoyancy Clarity: Correctness (of usage and grammar), consistency and concreteness Email Etiquette Writing Effective Emails 1. Timeliness 2. Addressing 3. Subject lines 4. Greeting 5. Message body 6. Attachments 7. Message closure 8. Signature 9. Review 1.Timeliness: • • Try to make it a rule to answer every email as soon as you receive it. If you don’t have the full answer right then, let the other person know that you’ll be getting back to them within a specified timeframe.

2. Addressing: • • In the ‘to’ list put mail-ids of the people to whom you are sending the information and/or the person from whom you expect a response. ‘cc’ the mail only to the people who need to be kept in the communication loop.

It is totally inappropriate to use all capital letters in a situation where you are calm. Layout: • • Use short sentences with logical breaks. Suresh” (especially with customers). Do not simply use “Suresh”. Clarity is of utmost importance. “Dear Team” or Hi Everyone”. before he even opens the email. Sentences should not be ambiguous. Message Body: • • • • • • Should be brief & to the point. Lack of salutation may indicate disrespect. . Use a structured subject line. 4. or “Hi Suresh”. (Pauses) to link sentences. If you are not very familiar with the person whom you are addressing use “Hello Suresh” or “Hello Mr. Subject lines: • • • • With the subject line.• • ‘bcc’ should be used with care – in some organizations it might even be considered unethical!! Maintain your own address list. 3. The first few sentences of the mail should capture the attention of the reader. 5.Start with a Greeting: • • • • Always use a salutation. For addressing groups use “Dear all”. for example: – Category/Activity: Status/Activity (optional) –Project Code: Feasibility study: duration Remember to update the subject line if the context of the communication has changed. the recipient will have an idea of what you are writing about. 6. to save confusion and time. Avoid the use of acronyms. Relevant subject lines are helpful in making retrieval from archives easier. or “Hi”. Use “Dear Suresh”. Do not use ….

Avoid shorthand. Use short-cuts to circulate files within local networks. it is important for your recipient to get back to you quickly. You can also capitalize the First Letter only of words to give light emphasis. fax number. emoticons and smileys. you should enclose it in asterisks. Else use doc attachments. address. So include your contact details in your "signature line”. 8. phone number. If the person is very familiar with your nickname use it! Bottom-line is that there should be no ambiguity in identification. 9. Ensure that your mails are not defensive or reactive. Signature: • • In many cases. Do not use initials. cell phone number and Web URL. if you have them. especially for technical discussions.Closing: • • • • Close your mail with “Regards” or “Best Regards” and your name below it. • 7. Try to keep everything on one ”screen".Attachments: • • • Don’t forget to add the attachment! Always zip large attachments.Tone: • • • • Be polite and respectful If you ever receive a message that makes you angry. You may list your name.• • • Consider breaking up your paragraphs to only a few sentences apiece. . If you wish to give mild emphasis to something. do not under any circumstances respond immediately! Ensure that no accusations or finger pointing is done while reporting problems or issues.

Ban galore . During a spell-check. The difference is how we use it. electronics city hosur road . Review: • • • • Before you press the send key.” ---Stevie Wonder 10. always read your message a second time with an eye for errors --even if it’s a quick look. bangalore-561229. 852 0902 extn :-144.4148 e-mail : xyz_abc@inf. infosys technologies limited plot“ We all have the ability. It would be ideal to do a peer/superior review for critical mails.inf. .com Non -example 2: Regards. (OFF) 8520261 EXTN. 44 & 97A . abc@inf. Always use a spell check and / or a grammar check.comHome page: www.• The following are how a signature should not be. 180/ 148. watch out for proper nouns.INDIA Tel:080-852 0261. Driven by values. Non example 1: ABCInfosys Technologies Limited Electronics City. XYZ ABCsoftware engineer ITL Infosys Powered by intellect.

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