Comcast Workers United

News from IBEW Local 2322 May 2011

Comcast workers on Comcast cable TV!
Christine Dexter, Dave Correia and Logan Bourque are currently "starring" on the public affairs show Labor Talk. They appeared on the show to share their experiences at Comcast and talk about the importance of having a voice in the workplace. The monthly half-hour cable TV show -- focused on working family issues -- is produced in Bridgewater by Don Sheehan of the Postal Workers Union. The show is distributed to community stations – many of which are owned by Comcast – in 60 Massachusetts cities and towns.

Community leaders urge Comcast to respect workers' rights!
More than 40 Comcast "Easy Pay" locations in Mass. were visited on May 11 by customers and local community leaders concerned about Comcast management's refusal to discuss wages and working conditions with the techs in Fairhaven and Fall River. with the law and our community's values." The "day of action" coincided with Comcast's Annual Shareholders meeting in Philadelphia.

"While the top bosses are celebrating their huge profits in Philly, community leaders are delivering letters "The workers at these garages have exercised their asking local managers to communicate our concerns," basic rights to form a union and have requested that said Russ Davis, director of Massachusetts Jobs with management begin good faith negotiations with them," Justice. "We need this company to respect workers' said Eric Hetrick. "Giant corporations like Comcast rights and begin negotiations for the good jobs that our should respect their civic and moral duty to comply communities need."

NBC script writers, Comcast techs attend annual meeting
As an owner of Comcast stock, the AFL-CIO Reserve Fund filed a shareholder resolution to require that the Chairman of the Board not be a current or former executive officer. Currently, Brian Roberts -- the son of Comcast co-founder Ralph Roberts – is both Chairman and CEO. Frank Snyder, the secretary-treasurer of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, told attendees, "An independent board chair is needed to bring a critical perspective to the company's compensation policies and practices." Snyder asserted that shareholders retain unequal voting rights because Comcast is "effectively controlled by the Roberts family." Several Comcast techs who are members of the Pennsylvania locals attended wearing bright red union t-shirts to support the proposal, which unfortunately failed to pass. Two leaders of the Writers Guild of America – West also attended the meeting and distributed a leaflet with a message for Comcast's top executives and shareholders: "Respect Your Employees." More than 80 percent of the writers of the TV shows E! and G4 formed a union with the Writers Guild and are seeking voluntary union recognition from management. Sound familiar?

Verizon techs win recognition and gain union contract! A group of 20 Verizon techs who formerly worked for recognition from Verizon management on April 15 Verizon Select Services recently gained voluntary and now the techs have collective bargaining rights union recognition from Verizon management. and a new union contract! This shows it can be done! Concerned about job security and the lack of any "say so" in their future, a strong majority of the techs signed union cards. Union leaders requested More info on the union bulletin board! Visit: