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WRC 2008 Technology Concepts

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true (A) or false (B).

____ 1. One of the most often used types of data communication in the business world
is a network connection.

____ 2. An intranet is for the exclusive use of users within an organization and contains
only company information.

____ 3. RAM is volatile.

____ 4. You can use an expansion board to connect a scanner to your computer.

____ 5. Eight bytes are called a bit.

____ 6. EBCDIC is a standard code mostly used for personal computers.

____ 7. Optical storage devices are laser technology to read and write data on silver

____ 8. Dot matrix printers are nonimpact printers.

____ 9. As a disk rotates in the computer, an electromagnetic read/write heads stores

or retrieves data in circles called tracks.

____10. A GUI is considered user friendly.

____11. The Mac OS is used on all IBM PC compatibles.

____12. With plug and play technology, you need to complete a series of setup

____13. The Status bar displays information about a document including current page
number, total of pages in document, location of cursor, and the status of
some specialized keys.

____14. Word wrap is the feature in word processing that wraps text around the right
margin and continues on the next line.

____15. The size of fonts is measured in inches.

____16. The types of data entered into a spreadsheet will be a label, a value, a formula,
or a function.

____17. A formula is a statement that performs a calculation.

____18. A function is a built in formula that is a shortcut for common calculations.

____19. A range of cells is a group of cells closely situated.

____20. You can combine comparison operators to perform multiple queries in a

____21. Information within the records of a database can be changed.

____22. A database form can be used to enter records into a table.

____23. A cable modem uses coaxial cable.

____24. A bridge connects one LAN to another.

____25. A protocol is a set of standards.

26. BBS stands for _____________________.

a. Business board structure
b. British board system
c. Bulletin board system
d. Bulletin business system

27. What is the most powerful feature of a database management system?

a. Query c. search
b. File d. add and delete

28. The most common example of messaging services is _____________.

a. Voice message c. electronic bulletin board
b. E-mail d. video messaging

29. The intersection of a column and a row is called what?

a. A label c. a formula
b. A value d. a cell

30. The word modem is taken from the terms

a. Modulator and demodulator
b. Modifier and demodifier
c. Modernize and demodernize
d. Module and demodule

31. The two common methods used for connecting LANs to each other are
a. Rings and busses
b. Hubs and nodes
c. Bridges and routers
d. Peers and servers

32. The expansion card that allows a node to communicate with the rest of the network
is called __________________.
a. Network operating card
b. Network interface card
c. Fiber optic card
d. Workstation interface card
33. The speed at which data is transmitted is expressed as
a. bps c. kps
b. cps d. mps

34. The physical arrangement of a network’s layout is called________________.

a. Topology c. component
b. Distribution d. netware

35. Which one of the following is not a commonly used setting for modem
a. Baud rate c. data bits and stop bits
b. Parity d. style

36. Which of the following is not a method for storing files electronically?
a. Bar coding c. optical disks
b. Hard drives d. CD-ROMs

37. What type of computer system does not require software to run?
a. Workstation c. digital system
b. Embedded system d. notebook computer system

38. Two types of browsers are _________________.

a. HTTP and URL
b. Textual and graphic
c. Serial and parallel
d. Hypertext and hypermedia

39. _____________________ is the person responsible for the efficient management

and security of the company network.
a. Network server
b. Network supervisor
c. Network administrator
d. Network manager

40. Which network service would you use to delete the contents of a shared folder?
a. Applications services c. message service
b. Print services d. file service

41. Ethernet is
a. A LAN protocol
b. A star network
c. A network operating system
d. An intranet

42. Quick Time and Fast Play are examples of ____________.

a. Links
b. Software programs called viewers
c. Multimedia files
d. Software programs called finders
43. The type of cable that would provide the fastest transmission is
a. Twisted-pair c. linked
b. Coaxial d. fiber-optic

44. Which of the following is an example of a network?

a. a computer attached to a printer and a scanner to input and output
b. a computer sharing a communication medium to communicate with
peripherals or other computers to share information
c. several printers connected to a switch box going to a single terminal.
d. Several diskettes holding information for one workstation.

45. Which topology has a centralized location in which all the cables come together
to a central point, similar to a mainframe, and if this point fails, it brings down the
entire network?
a. Bus c. mesh
b. Star d. ring

46. Which topology has a layout in which every workstation or peripheral has a
direct connection to every other workstation or peripheral on the network?
a. Bus c. mesh
b. Star d. ring

47. What does a network interface card add to a computer’s functionality?

a. It provides faster communication between the CPU and the hard disk.
b. It provides the capability to communicate across a phone line to another
c. It provides the capability to communicate with other computers across a
medium such as a CAT5 cable, with an RJ-45 connector connected to the
computer to a hub.
d. It provides the capability to save more information on a diskette than

48. In order for a NIC to interact with the computer, what needs to be installed?
a. The appropriate documentation for the user to take advantage of the
features of the interface card
b. A driver, which is software that enables the NIC and the computer to
communicate with each other
c. A bus, which enables the interface card to communicate through the
various topologies of the Internet
d. Nothing

49. Which of the following types of hubs does not regenerate the signal and therefore
is not a repeater?
a. Active c. passive
b. Hybrid d. switching hub

50. What network component is used to extend the distance of the signal when
transmitting over the normal specified distance?
a. Passive hub c. IRQ
b. NIC d. repeater
51. The cost of modern computers, weighed against the varied tasks they can perform,
makes them
a. very expensive
b. cost-effective
c. inexpensive
d. very inexpensive

52. Tangible, physical equipment that can be seen and touched.

a. software
b. hardware
c. diskettes
d. hard drive

53. The technology that enables computers to communicate between each other.
a. telecommunications
b. data communications
c. serial ports
d. information technology

54. Input, output, and processing devices together represent a _______________.

a. mechanical device
b. computer system
c. motherboard
d. CPU

55. The CPU is located on the ________________________.

a. processor
b. external port
c. motherboard
d. fatherboard

56. _____________________ is used to store permanent instructions.

a. ROM
b. RAM
d. None of the above

57. Which of the following has the highest storage capacity?

b. 3 inch floppy disk
c. Zip disk
d. Hard disk

58. These drives make it possible for you to create your own CD-ROM disks.
a. hard drives
b. Zip drives
c. Magnetic tape drives
d. CD-R drives
59. These drives are used for making backup copies of large volumes of data.
a. CD-R drives
b. Hard drives
c. Magnetic tape drives
d. Zip drives

60. These drives are used to store data inside the computer.
a. magnetic tape drives
b. hard drives
c. Jaz drives
d. CD-R drives

61. These ports transmit data one bit at a time.

a. parallel ports
b. serial ports
c. MIDI ports
d. SCSI ports

62. _________________ coordinate and control the resources and operations of a

computer system.
a. applications software
b. productivity software
c. systems software
d. none of the above

63. When you format a disk, you are using a ________________ program.
a. utility
b. word processing
c. database
d. spreadsheet

64. DOS uses ___________ interface.

a. GUI
b. Menu
c. Command line
d. None of the above

65. In some software programs, this key can be used to stop a command in progress.
a. Pause
b. Scroll Lock
c. ESC
d. Print Screen

66. The part of the word processing screen that shows the name of the document on
which you are working.
a. menu bar
b. title bar
c. status bar
d. toolbar
67. This type of software is one of the most common applications for computers today.
a. word processing
b. spreadsheet
c. database
d. presentation

68. This is the point at which a row and column meet in a spreadsheet.
a. cell pointer
b. cell
c. intersection
d. A1

69. A collection of related data.

a. field
b. record
c. table
d. database

70. Uniquely identifies a field for each record.

a. foreign key
b. primary key
c. field type
d. field name

71. Arranges records in alphabetical or numerical order.

a. an ascending sort
b. a descending sort
c. a data sort
d. a record sort

72. These are used to match a range of information in your database fields.
a. equal signs
b. greater than signs
c. comparison operators
d. less than or equal to signs

73. _____________________ contain customized color schemes.

a. animation programs
b. transition programs
c. design templates
d. graphic programs

74. When creating a presentation, _____________________.

a. be consistent
b. project an image
c. organize the information
d. all of the above
75. The process of producing professional-looking documents such as flyers.
a. typesetting
b. desktop publishing
c. book binding
d. printing

76. Which of the following computers will send out a beacon on a token ring network
indicating a fault?
a. the most active upstream neighbor
b. the nearest upstream neighbor
c. the most active upstream station
d. the nearest active upstream neighbor

77. Network operating systems, such as NetWare and Windows NT/2000/XP, use which
of the following to update the operating system itself?
a. update packs
b. service calls
c. serial packs
d. service packs

78. When software vendors want to update their software in a major way and bring out a
new version which is sometimes free or sometimes costs money, it is called a(n)
a. update
b. upgrade
c. upload
d. patch
79. What are the two most common types of tape drives in today’s networks?
a. DDS
b. DAT
c. DLT
d. both b and c

80. What available options are there for taking care of viruses?
a. move file
b. cure file
c. delete file
d. all of the above

81. If you want to scan local or mapped network drives with InoculateT, which of the
following options should you choose?
a. network scanner
b. local scanner
c. real-time scanner
d. disk recovery option

82. How often are virus signatures generally updated by the vendor or manufacturer?
a. daily
b. weekly
c. monthly
d. annually
83. Which of the following is most like NOT a problem when adding another workstation
to the network segment?
a. The workstation is not able to find a domain controller on the network
b. The bridge can no longer handle the amount of traffic on the network and
begins to lock up
c. The workstation is not able to receive an IP address
d. The workstation has an error concerning the network card on boot up

84. What is the difference between a Resource Kit and a Knowledge Base?
a. The Resource Kit is free; the Knowledge Base is not.
b. The Knowledge Base contains fixes to known problems and the Resource
Kit contains self education material
c. Resource Kits are for advertising third party products and the Knowledge
Base is just basic concepts
d. The Knowledge Base comes with the product; the Resource Kit does not

85. Where can you go to obtain the latest driver for a device?
a. the CD that came with the product
b. the Resource Kit
c. the manufacturer’s web site
d. the Knowledge Base

86. Which of the following appears to be the most important condition and should
warrant the highest priority?
a. a user cannot log on
b. one of the printers is jammed
c. several users are receiving a message that their hard drives are full
d. the network is slower than normal accessing the Internet

87. Which of the following appears to be the most important condition and should
warrant the highest priority?
a. several users are receiving a message that their hard drives are full
b. several users are receiving a message that their email inbox limit has
been exceeded
c. the network is slower than normal accessing the Internet
d. a printer is down in the accounting department

88. Which of the following appears to be the most important condition and should
warrant the highest priority?
a. a few users cannot access the employee time-reporting database
b. a printer is down in the accounting department
c. several users are receiving a message that their email inbox limit has
been exceeded
d. a user cannot access his personal drive on the network
89. The personnel department is having trouble accessing their corporate database
system for checking job postings. Why does this warrant a higher priority?
a. because they are handling job postings
b. because they are in the personnel department
c. because the problem is affecting a large number of users
d. because they are using an older system
90. A company just announced that they have a new version of their virus checking
software available on their Web site. Why should this not be a highest priority; or should
it be?
a. It should be because it is virus scanning software
b. It should be because it is a new release
c. It shouldn’t be because patches and fixes are not a priority unless they
address issues that affect your network
d. It shouldn’t be because virus scanning is not very important compared to
other issues on the network

91. A few computers on the engineering segment are having problems reaching the
AutoCAD design segment on the network, but they can access all other segments.
What is your initial diagnosis of the problem?
a. it’s a gateway issue
b. it’s a routing issue
c. the computers have cable problems
d. a hub is locked up

92. All the users on a coaxial bus topology network have suddenly complained that the
network is not functioning and they can no longer access resources on the local or
remote networks. What is your initial diagnosis of the problem?
a. it’s a routing issue
b. it’s a default gateway issue
c. the network is no longer terminated
d. a hub is locked up
93. You think you are having problems with the UNIX server in another region. Two
users have already complained this morning. What would be the next logical step in
your troubleshooting methodology?
a. check the router
b. check the hub
c. PING the UNIX server by name
d. PING the UNIX server by IP address
94. You have a workstation that you moved from one cubicle to another. Nothing on the
workstation has changed, but the computer refuses to connect to the network. Which of
the following is the likely cause?
a. the network drop has not been activated in the wiring closet
b. the TCP/IP configuration is incorrect
c. the network adapter was damaged in the move
d. all of the above are possibilities
95. You are experiencing problems on a coax bus network. How can you quickly
determine where the problem is occurring?
a. Divide the network in half, terminate it, and find which side is still not
functioning. That is the affected area. Continue this process until the break
is found.
b. Use a network packet sniffer to determine where the packets eventually
stop responding. This will tell you which computer is the closest to the
c. Use a fox and hound process to determine the location of the break in
the network backbone
d. Use Network Monitor to determine what is causing the broadcast storm.
One computer’s faulty network card is the likely culprit and must be found.
96. Steve, a user on your network, just got back from a two-week vacation. He calls
you first thing Monday morning. Which of the following is most likely the reason for
Steve’s call?
a. he forgot his password
b. his account has been disabled
c. his password has expired
d. all of the above are possibilities

97. You came to work on Monday morning only to notice that you are having network
problems. Your domain controller, which also functions as a database server, appears
to be having problems. How can you further investigate the situation?
a. check the error log
b. PING the server to see if it responds
c. run diagnostics on the server
d. restart the computer and then begin troubleshooting

98. You feel you are having driver incompatibility problems with your network adapter.
What is the best resource for finding another network adapter driver?
a. TechNet
b. Resource Kit
c. Vender Web site
d. Documentation CD

99. Which of the following will you NOT need prior to installing DNS?
a. the DHCP address scope
b. your domain name
c. the hostnames of each server
d. the IP address of each server for which you want to provide name

100. What is the best tool to determine where a break has occurred in a cable?
a. a tone generator
b. a spectrum division analyzer
c. a time domain reflectometer
d. a fox and hound
WRC 2008 Technology Concepts
Answer Key
1. A
2. A
3. A
4. A
5. B
6. B
7. A
8. B
9. A
10. A
11. B
12. B
13. A
14. A
15. B
16. A
17. A
18. A
19. A
20. A
21. A
22. A
23. A
24. A
25. A
26. C
27. A
28. B
29. D
30. A
31. C
32. B
33. A
34. A
35. D
36. A
37. A
38. B
39. C
40. D
41. A
42. B
43. D
44. B
45. B
46. C
47. C
48. B
49. C
50. D
51. B
52. B
53. A
54. B
55. C
56. A
57. D
58. D
59. C
60. B
61. B
62. C
63. A
64. C
65. A
66. B
67. A
68. B
69. D
70. B
71. A
72. C
73. C
74. D
75. B
76. D
77. D
78. B
79. D
80. D
81. B
82. C
83. B
84. B
85. C
86. A
87. D
88. A
89. C
90. C
91. B
92. C
93. D
94. D
95. A
96. D
97. A
98. C
99. A
100. C
51. B
52. B
53. A
54. B
55. C
56. A
57. D
58. D
59. C
60. B
61. B
62. C
63. A
64. C
65. A
66. B
67. A
68. B
69. D
70. B
71. A
72. C
73. C
74. D
75. B
76. D
77. D
78. B
79. D
80. D
81. B
82. C
83. B
84. B
85. C
86. A
87. D
88. A
89. C
90. C
91. B
92. C
93. D
94. D
95. A
96. D
97. A
98. C
99. A
100. C