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~~~~~~_g~A~' A Waterways Project Publication

Akira Nesfield

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry administrative assistant

Barbara Korngut, Teacher

Madeline Lumachi Principal Bridges to Brooklyn

Stephen E. Phillips Superintendent Alternative High Schools & Programs

©I997 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts


I wish this world was drawn in pencil, so I could erase all the hate and pain, and the color of your skin would be the color of my skin, and love would

pour down like rain.

I wish all people were color blind to the color of peoples' skin.

in order to make a perfect world, this is where we must begin.

I wish the people would stop all the killing because the world around us mil die.

But what is the use of these wishes

if people do not try.



Hope, what is it? Do we use it?

Or do we abuse it?

Hope is there when you need a friend.

Hope is there when a problem comes to an end.

Will we respect it or disrespect it.


is just what we need.




they come during the night to give you a cold fright. They scare you,

I dare you.

They challenge you to get through it Nightmares can give you a scare, they can do it anywhere.

Do you get it. Good now don't even sweat it.



The sky is the most funny thing I have ever seen.

In the day it looks like a big blue pool with clouds that look like huge marshmallows and

a huge lemon shining bright.

At night it looks

like a jar of

blackberry molasses with bright yellow stars shaped sprinkles

and a huge light bulb turned on so we can see.



love is heavier

than an anchor deeper than the sea, brighter than the sun

that shines over you and me.

The fragrance is stronger than a rose only one knows. I t's wider than the ocean, you'll love the beautiful sound and motion

L-o-v-e that's what it is.



Life is like a traffic jam, something or someone is always holding you up. I t is never green

when you want to go. It's never red when

you want to stop.

It is alw-ays yellow

when you're trying

to go faster

Why is that? It's just life.


The Use

What is the use of living if someone is always

trying to take your life away?

What is the use of school if people want to drop out or don't like it anyway?

What is the use of having police and priests if you can't even trust them?

What is the use of role models if they end up turning

you down anyway?

What is the use of this poem if people do not understand it? Wha t is the use?


I wonder

My father left me at the age of nine

and I wonder why?

What did I do?

Did he leave because of me? I wonder why?

Why doesn't he love me anymore? Or do I not exist?

I just wonder why?

Will I ever have a father again?

Or will someone ever take the role of playing my father?

I wonder?



I just call you to say, "Hi."

Maybe I'd even call to hear you cry. You always make me laugh

When I'm feelin' blue.

All heavy situations you

help pull me through.

I wrote this poem to let you know How much I want my affections To show.

"I love you," as a sister and A friend 'til the end.


¥ing Yang Man

Yes he does fight when he feels like.

Yes he would curse you out in a second, he is considered evil.

But doesn't he hurt when he is heart broken

Doesn't he tremble when he's cold.

Is he human or isn't he human?


I '- ~

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f ".. • ••• ~ ' ..•• ~ ',"':'.,


a waterways project publication

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