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Gantry Robot for Dispensing

About ALYOG Three axis robot used for dispensing sealant

• An ISO 9001: 2000 certified company. in the Auto Headlight groove: X-axis -
250mm,Y-axis-250mm &Z-axis-100mm. All
ISO 9001:2000 Certified • Young, upcoming, vibrant and growing the three axis controlled by stepper motor to
company setup in year 2000. trace complicated profile in three
• It is a group of technically qualified people dimension(3D).
with designing as the Main Strength. Sealant Flow can also be monitored
• It is promoted by Mr. P.C. Sharma, having
international / national exposure of around
30 years in Automation, M/C tools, SPMs
• Supported by Mr. Alok Sharma (B.E. Mech.) Vibration Welding Self Centering Tool
and Mr. A. Sharma (Management Graduate Vibration Welding Fixture- Top and bottom
plastic part of catalytic converter are joined by
and B.E. Electronics) ultra sonic welding machine. The fixture
• Organised systematic working in line with automatically centralizes and clamps both the
Assembly Lines Quality Systems. part during welding irrespective of variation in
size of the part during molding process. The
Special Purpose Machines operation is completely automatic and the
fixture is synchronized with the machine cycle
Automation Solutions
Assembly & Pinching Station
COMPANY POLICY Part Name – Bell Cage Assembly For Axle
• COMPLETE SATISFACTION OF CUSTOMER - Electro-Pneumatically operated M/c
BY PROVIDING QUALITY PRODUCT WITH - Intelligent software for fault display.
- Automatic indexing of component for saving
• TO TRAIN EMPLOYEES TO ACHIEVE - Automatic Sensing for missing part before
- Rejection chute Interlock.
An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company ISO- 9001 certification for
Alyog Engineers and Consultants
Manufacturers & Solution Providers for Assembly lines,
Special Purpose machines and Pick & Place Mechanisms Operator loads the Bell & Cage sub assemblies in their respective fixtures
and starts the cycle. The cage child parts and correct orientation is sensed
and is picked by a Pick n Place mechanism and inserted into bell which is
meanwhile automatically indexed to correct position.
After the insertion is done,, the assembled part is moved onto pinching
station automatically and pinching is done by a Hydro-pneumatic cylinder.

Motorized Mirror Testing

Certification for Alyog This machine is useful for measurement of the
car rear view mirror tilt angles, speed of tilt, colors
for D&B number of mirror body. It accommodates two types of
adjustment provided for mirror-
1)Mechanically by knob.
Some of our Esteemed customers 2) Electrically actuated mirror

Office: 541 Sector 10 A, Gurgaon – 122001 It measures the angle of the mirror and speed of
Tel. : 0124 – 2370104 tilt in both the direction and compares with the
Works : B-17, Saraswati Enclave, Gurgaon – 122001 preset value. Desired parameters are printed on
Tel. : 0124 –3253742,2212007 the Bar Code Printer. Machine is completely
Tel./Fax : 2212007 automatic.
Product & Services Offered : Additional Integration and solutions offered Photo metric Machine for Head Lamp Setting and
• Rotary Feeders Checking Patterns of Beam
• Assembly lines for Car components • Part Orientation Mechanism
This machine is for Car head Lamp. It
- Automobile Head Lamps Assembly lines Processes ensures that –
- Automobile Fog Lamps Assembly lines • Screw/nut Tightening • No part is missing in the assembly.
- Automobile Tail Lamps Assembly lines • Riveting • Electrical continuity/wattage of all the
- Automobile Temperature Sensor Assembly lines • Welding bulbs.
Integration and solutions offered by Alyog • Head lamp beam intensity is within
- Automobile Fuel Filler cap welding Assembly Lines
Control and Inspection permissible limits of lux value
-Automobile Catalytic Converter welding Assembly Lines • Servo /Stepper • Automatic Head Lamp beam alignment
- Automobile Door Handle Assembly Lines • PC based Machines in X and Y direction including 15 deg cutoff.
• LVDT / LMPT • It automatically aligns the reflector as
• Load Cell Measurement per customers specification with the help of
• Assembly lines for Scooter components vision camera.
- Automobile Silencer (Exhaust) welding Assembly Lines • Pressure/Flow / Leak
• Electrical Parameter Checking Status of the results of testing of Head
• Vision Inspection Lamp and other data can be stored in CPU
• Testing Stations
Automobile Door Handle or printed with a Bar Code printer attached.
- Seat Belt Torque Testing Station
- Car Side View Mirror Endurance Testing Station Assembly Lines
Features : Assembly & Soldering SPM
- Car Side View Mirror end of line tester for torque and
Machine-1 Part Name – Air Temp Sensor for Automatic
mirror angle. •Lock Handle- Hot Foil Stamping Climate Control
- Car Door handle end of line tester for torque and Machine -2
rotation angle. • Station No-1-Door Handle, Knob, - PLC controlled Electro-Pneumatically
- End of Line Testing machine for car head lamp for Spring, Housing and Shaft loading operated M/c
- Fully automatic machine with Rotary Table
aiming, missing part, light intensity and bar coding. and automatic assy. of loaded parts.
based on Lean Manufacturing System. Only
- Testing Machine for Car safety seat belts. • Station No-2- Shaft is flared by orbital riveting operation Loading to be done by Operator.
Machine No-3 - Automatic assy. stations for Wire Pressing,
•End of Line Tester-Measuring Torque &Rotation angle of Handle Soldering, Parameters checking and
• Camera Vision and Inspection Stations and checking parts orientation and presence by Vision Camera. Disposal in OK/NG Chute.
- For Car Head Lamp aiming station for light beam Finally printing of status in form of BAR Coded Stickers. - Touch Screen Panel.
orientation/alignment. - Rejection chute Interlock.
- For Checking proper fitting of spacers in the car door Assembly Line for ATS- Sensor Antifriction Lubrication free Bearings.
handle assembly. - Audio / Visual display for OK/NG assy..
- Acrylic Safety Guards.
Special Purpose Machines done : Operator places the components on fixtures at station # 1 & 2 and presses
• For plastic ,sheet metal and misc. auto components a button, the table is indexed and at station # 3 wire is pressed by a linear
indexed roller, then at station 34 & 5, automatic soldering is done. At
• Component insertion machines station # 7, the component is cooled to ambient temperature after which
• Pick & place mechanisms resistance value is checked at ambient temp. and component is disposed
• Welding SPMs Resistor Cutting and Resin and Hardener
by a pick n place mechanism in OK/NG chute as per attribute decided.
• Slot Grinding Machines End of Line tester
Bending Machine Filling machine Ball Sorter Machine
• Ultra Sonic Welding Fixtures Ball sorter is very useful for the industries
• Two wheeler air filter oiling machine which use different size of balls on their
• Sealant Dispensing solutions & SPMs assembly lines.
• Metered Mix dispensing machines for filler and adhesives. High Speed Slot Grinding There are chances of mixing balls of
different sizes which have very small
This unit is suitable for grinding slot of difference in size.
For Electronics components 7x5 section to a length of approx 18 Balls are fed in the round bowls. The
mm in one stroke with creep grinding sorting process starts by taking the balls
• Resistor leg cutting/sizing and profile bending machine process by CBN wheel. from storage bowl. It measures the size of
• Wire Stripping and Cutting Machines the ball and allows only pre set size of the
• Lead Free soldering with resistance and capacitive Motor power is 5 KW & the linear ball to pass in the chute. In chute the balls
measurement motion is controlled through servo are counted and a pre-set quantity is
motor in closed loop. presented to the operator for further
operation on the assembly line. This
The cycle time is 18 seconds. Two part process ascertained proper size of the ball
fixtures are accommodated to and correct quantity of ball are presented
neutralize loading and unloading. to the assembly line.