Bella s P.O.V I was reading the book Pride and Prejudice by my window.

It was raining outside, but as time passed I had begin to enjoy the rain. I loved how it felt on my skin, loved how it made everything so much prettier, and how it made a beautiful sound when it goes through trees and hits the ground or the roof top. I didn t know why I was reading a romance book. It was one of my favorites. But ever since Edward had left I couldn t even look at the word romance. I cringed at his name, I could feel the pain seeping in, but as fast as it came it was gone; and I felt a calm wave past through me. Have I always been able to do that? I wonder why the first months when I was complete hell, I wasn t able to even think about being calm. It was never an option. I would just be completely empty and shut down. But now, it was different. Whenever I feel any negative emotion it s immediately replaced and for that I was glad and so was Charlie and everyone else. They were so happy the first day when I actually smiled and laughed and talked for the first time in months. They thought it was the greatest blessing from the god s. I couldn t blame them. I was a complete zombie for those months. It was Friday afternoon, my homework was done, and it was the start of spring break and I didn t have any plans. So I just planned to enjoy it by some reading. After sometime I decided to make dinner. I went downstairs only to trip on the top step. I waited to tumble down the stairs. I know it would be painful. I ve fell down the stairs more than once. But before I hit the ground I felt a pair of arms catch me. At first I thought Charlie was home early and I just didn t notice, but this was definitely not Charlie.

I gasped at the temperature of this person s skin; ice cold and it was like velvet. No, no, no it couldn t be one of them, they were gone; all of them. Charlie must have taken a cold shower there had to be an explanation; none of them could be here. I shut my eyes, afraid of what I might see. Whoever it was set me up right and I felt it; electricity, I felt the same spark I did with Edward but it was different. Was it Edward? Bella, open your eyes. The person spoke softly. The voice was familiar, very familiar. It was smooth and silky, but it wasn t Edward. It was someone else, but I was so confused to pay attention to the voice Bella please, open your eyes. The voice was stressed now, but I didn t listen. I was terrified. I didn t know who I was going to see. Then it happened, a wave of calm passed through me. It couldn t be. I wrenched my eyes open. Jasper? Jasper s P.O.V A couple of months ago . . . It has been too many months since we left, by then I couldn t take it; the guilt and desperation was getting to me. We have been in hotel room after hotel room not settling down in one place. We just couldn t. We were all too heartbroken about losing Bella. That stupid idiotic brother of mine just had to make us leave. I can t help but think it was my fault. If only I had better self control. Why did I have to be the weakest link? But when I tried to apologize and blame myself, my family wouldn t have it. They said I should take the blame if it wasn t mine to take. They all blamed Edward even Carlisle and Esme.

But all of my family are very good actors. Whenever Edward come to visit us every two weeks or so, they act as if nothing had ever happened. When I asked them what they thought they were doing, it was simple. Even though Edward was a moron, he was still family and he is going through a hard time without Bella either. What I don t get is how he could leave her? Didn t he love her? The only person I would honestly think that didn t act all normal with Edward is Rosalie. She despise him now, for reason she won t tell anyone not even Emmett. We were just all a mess. Everyone just eased into depression. No one was themselves and I had to feel every little speck of sadness and pain they were in and it was driving me insane. We barely even talked to each other; we were all in our own little worlds. Alice however talked to me plenty. She has been stuck to my side ever since we left Forks. She wouldn t even leave me alone for a second; it was irritating. I love Alice, I really do and I tolerate her hyper nature and shopping obsession on a daily basis; but her being so suffocating was past my line. I was missing Forks and I was missing Bella; and Alice being overpowering, all my family being in pain and depressed, and me not only being guilty and aching and miserable as well but me being an empath and feeling all my family s feelings at once including my own was just too much for me to handle. I ll be the first to admit that Bella and I aren t technically friends but we weren t enemies. But now that she s gone I know that she means so much more to me. I just wish I had a chance to tell her.

Babe, you re stupid video games are all over the place! Rosalie s piercing screams broke through the silence of the hotel room. I was lying on the bed in the room that I shared with Alice. Rosalie s anger hit me like a storm. There was no answer from Emmett. Then the door of our room cracked once and it

snapped in half. Rosalie was standing in the door way and entered. Where the hell is Emmett?! She shrieked. I sat up. Not here, I replied calmly. Rosalie, he s downstairs at the pool. He needed some air. Carlisle said from behind her as he eyed the broken the door. And he went without me?! If you need me I ll be downstairs drowning Emmett! She said storming out with Carlisle at her tail. I sighed. Everyone s been screaming at each other and arguing. Anything would set anyone off. Our emotions haven t been stable one bit. Alice was taking a shower and I was not allowed to leave the room; of course. When she came out she forced a smile. Hi, Jas. She greeted me. I didn t say anything. She sat next to me on the bed, her hair wet and dripping slightly. She turned to the door. Rosalie? She asked. I nodded with a faint smile. She was about to say something when I heard Rosalie s screams again. Wow, that was fast. How the hell could you just leave without telling me?! I m out for a few minutes and I find you gone! Babe, I didn t mean too. I just needed some time to myself and just take a load off. Emmett tried to reason with her. You don t think I need to take a load off?! I didn t say that! Emmett said his tone defensive. Okay so just time away from me!? I didn t say that either.

Children! Esme broke through their arguments with her soft but firm voice. This is no way to act. You ve been raised better than this. It was quiet for a moment until I heard crying, well in our case dry sobbing. I want to go home! Rosalie said her voice breaking. Alice and I got up and walked out into the room. Rosalie was on the floor dry sobbing. Esme and Carlisle were on one side of her and Emmett on the other with his arms wrapped around her. Don t cry, babe, Emmett said trying to soothe her. I knew if I did anything to manipulate her emotions, Rosalie would have my throat. W- Why did Ed-Edward have to make us go!? I miss our home! I miss our school! I miss Bella! She cried. We do too, Rosalie. Esme said. Calm down, everything will be alright. No it won t! If we go back and Edward finds out he s just going to make us leave again! Carlisle, Esme, and Emmett spent hours trying to get her to stop sobbing and when they finally did she locked herself in her room. What are we going to do? Esme asked. Carlisle just shook his head. Emmett looked over at us. Maybe we should go back. He said. His face was serious and pained. He couldn t bear see Rosalie in this condition. But Edward- Alice started. I cut her off. Forget Edward, he s not in charge of us. We could do what the hell we want. I said curtly. She rolled her eyes. If he wasn t in charge and we could do what we the hell want, we wouldn t be here. She countered. I glared at her. Then maybe we should take charge and go back to Forks. Who cares about Edward? Bella needed us. I just knew it.

No Jas, we ve already hurt Bella; we re not hurting Edward too. He hurt himself and we re hurting Bella more by staying away. Do you not care about your so called best friend? Rosalie cares more about her than you do, Am! Am . . . Mary Alice backwards . . . I didn t want to hurt Alice but I was on the brink of exploding. I meant it when I said Rosalie cares more. She actually admitted that she missed Bella. No one would say anything about Bella. We all knew we missed Bella but we would never state it to each other. Of course I care about her! But we promised Edward! No, you promised Edward! It s not like you care about her! You nearly killed her on her damn birthday! I knew Alice only said that out of anger, but it doesn t mean it still stung. When she calmed down a wave of realization and guilt washed over me. Her voice was much softer now. Jas, I m sorry; I didn t meanJust stop, Am, I love you; but I really do but I can t deal with this. I m leaving. My voice whipped out, harsh, and sudden. You re just going to leave? Does that mean it s over between us? She asked incredulous. We ve fought before. I mean if you re married for many decades, don t tell me you won t sometimes get on each other s nerves. But we ve never even thought of things like divorce. I didn t reply. Is it over between us? Then Rosalie stepped out of the room, her eyes filled to the brim with moisture. We can t lose you, Jay. We lost Bella and Edward; not you too. She said, her voice coming out in a whisper. Rosalie was conceited and has an ego the size of this planet. I m not going to deny that. But she s basically like my

sister, once you get to know her she ll be one of your best friends. I walked up to her and pulled her in for a hug. She started crying on my shoulder. Just please, visit and call. Her voice was muffled. I will, Ro, I ll do it so often; you ll barely miss me.

Rosalie and Emmett helped me pack. I bought a car and soon I was on the road. Carlisle, Esme, and even Emmett took it hard, but they understood. Alice was honestly still disbelieving in my choice to leave. The first place I headed was Forks. But I made sure to change my mind dramatically just in case Alice was spying on my future. I drove as fast as I could; good thing we were only in Canada. It was Twilight when I arrived in front of Bella s house. Once I got out of my car, I was hit hard with a hurricane of negative feelings; hopelessness, hurt, loneliness, emptiness, worthlessness, guilt and everything along those lines. I could only think of one thing. Bella. I climbed up her window and her feelings nearly put me to my knees as I opened it. When I was in Bella s room I closed the window behind me and turned to face her. What I saw in front of me was a heartbreaking sight. She was lying in her bed, her body turned on the side that was facing me. I could see her face clearly since her hair was tied in a little white bow. Her face was tearstained and sallow. Her cheek bones were evident on her face. She had lost at least twenty pounds. She had the darkest circles under her closed eyes and it stood out on her pale skin. Although underneath all of it I still saw the loveliness she possesses. Her emotions matched her appearance, even as she was sleeping. I was going to leave just to drop off the car when I felt her emotions strengthen and it knocked me to the ground. Then she began screaming.

I scurried to the shadows knowing Charlie would wake and check on her but then as she continued to scream and tears rolled down her face even as her eyes were closed, I noticed Charlie wasn t here because if he was he would have been here by now. I saw a note that was on her door. Bella it read. I just got called down for an emergency. If I m not back in the morning go to the station and find me. Love, Charlie. What was I going to do? Before I could even decide she bolted straight up and was breathing hard. Her heart beat was dramatically high and her eyes were overflowing with tears. Her usual chocolate brown eyes were black as coal and with the purple like bruises under her eyes she looked like a thirsty vampire rather than an empty sleep deprived human. She had a nightmare I concluded. How long has this been going on? She tossed her blankets aside and I noticed she was wearing a night gown just a simple white cotton night gown. She stood up and walked to her window. The sound of her little feet on the hardwood was for some reason soothing. Her steps were gentle and graceful. She opened her window and the light of the moon spilled in her room and a light breeze passed through. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I miss you all so much. Her soft voice was just a hum into the night, but to me it was a stab in the chest. I could see the water building up in her eyes as she fell to her knees and began crying. It was the most heart wrenching sight. I just wanted to run up and scoop her in my arms. I wanted to apologize for everything and tell her everything was okay; but I couldn t. I knew right now wouldn t be the best idea. So instead I sent her calming waves, hoping she wouldn t know I was here; eventually she stopped crying. She stood up and walked back to her bed. With one look at her window she whispered. I just wish it didn t hurt so much. Her voice was painful to hear. It was broken and hopeless. It took all I could not just

to reveal myself to her, but I did the only thing I could do. I sent her waves of lethargy and that night I swore to make sure that she would not feel any pain as long as I m here.

A couple of months had passed and Bella had gotten better due to my help; but I knew if I ever stopped she would go back to how she was before. So I never left her, not even to hunt. Her scent didn t bother me anymore so temptation wasn t an option; but the thirst was irritating Although, I would rather die of dehydration than leave her side.

Today . . . I was sitting on a tree by her house. The branches and leaves gave me the perfect cover. Bella was reading her book Pride and Prejudice. After sometime she walked out of her room. I took that time to jump in and follow her. She was about to go down the steps when she tripped. The last few months she had fell of course, she was Bella. But there was always someone to catch her; well not now. I was having an inner battle with myself. If I let her fall she would get hurt, but if I didn t and I caught her then I would have to come clean. Then I made my decision, I rather show myself to her then let her get hurt and running away from her wasn t an option either. Bella s too smart to be fooled So I caught her and when her skin touched mine I felt the intense heat and a . . . spark? After I got her to open her eyes, her surprise, confusion, and happiness hit me like a slap on the face. Jasper? I nodded and smiled slightly. So remember me? I asked teasing her lightly. It worked, she laughed; the melodious sound filling the house. I felt her arms wrap around my waist and she buried her head in my

chest. I would never forget you. You don t know how much I missed all of you. She said quietly. The sweet gesture had almost made my dead cold heart sing for joy. I held her for a minute then I pulled back. Bella I m alone. I know you might not want to see me, after what happened on your birthday; but I just want you to know I m so sorry. She smiled in return something I wasn t expecting. I knew Bella was selfless, but she couldn t be so selfless that she would forgive the fiend who tried to kill her. I don t mind that you re alone and of course I want to see you. It wasn t your fault Jasper. On that night you weren t only dealing with your blood lust but everyone else s too. I don t blame you for coming after me. I looked at her stunned. I ve never thought of that. Maybe she was right. Maybe if I wasn t an empath I would have been able to deal with my own blood lust. Then a wave of realization hit me. You were the one, weren t you? You were the one in my room the night Charlie was called out for an emergency. You were the one who has been with me all this time. You were the one taking my suffering and sadness away. It was all you. Bella said her voice filled with wonder and her eyes filled with admiration. I smiled fully now. She was perceptive and bright; of course, she was Bella. Yes it was me. But why? I sighed and pulled her into the room. We sat on her bed and from then I explained everything. She listened like a child being told a story. Occasionally she would ask questions but other than that she was quiet. When I was finally done she sat there for a minute then threw her arms around me. Thank you Jasper, for everything. She whispered. I would do anything for you, Bella. I said returning her embrace.

After she pulled away her emotions made a dramatic turn and became . . . sad? Did I say something that might have upset her? Why are you sad, darling? I asked. I slapped myself mentally. Did I just call her darling? Are you going to leave, now that I m better? Her voice reminded me of the first night I came here; distracting me from my stupid worries. I could see how much this idea hurt her. I felt a strange warmness come over me. She wanted me to stay so in answer I picked her up and put her on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her gently. I m not going anywhere. I promise. She leaned her head on my chest. Did I do something wrong? Do the others hate me? She asked quietly. For a moment I tried to see what would get her to think that then it hit me. I came alone. She thinks that the others didn t want to come. I laughed lightly. No, you have it all wrong. They all miss you and want to come back. We haven t been the same without you in our lives. You brought our family joy and happiness. Without you we ve all been depressed, but the reason they re not here with me is because they don t even know I m here. I m always changing my mind. Alice probably thinks I m in Europe now. I ve always wanted to go to Europe. Bella mused. I smiled. When you graduate high school I ll take you to Europe. Well I better go make dinner for Charlie. She said wiggling out of my grasp. I went downstairs with her and she was taking out meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. Can I help? I asked. She turned around and lifted one of her delicate eyebrows. You can cook? I shook my head. Not one bit. I said with a grin. Esme does all the cooking when we ever need it. But I ll do what I can.

We spent an hour making steak and steamed vegetables. I actually had fun. Bella and I were just goofing around, throwing pieces of carrots at each other and laughing. This was the most fun I ever had and we were just cooking. So what are we going to do the next two weeks? Bella asked casually setting the table up. I thought about it for a minute. Well if you don t mind, we can spend it over at my house. You can just tell Charlie you re staying at a friend s house for the spring break and ask one of your friends to cover for you. I suggested. I felt a surge of excitement. I knew I was supposed to feel guilty since I was telling her to deceive her father and have her little human friends too. But I couldn t feel guilty at all, call me selfish, but I really wanted to spend time with Bella. She turned to me and smiled. That s a great idea. I ll tell him I m going tonight and I ll call Angela while I m packing. Then I heard Charlie s cruiser pull up on the driveway. Sounds like a plan, I ll be upstairs in your room. I said quickly then I bolted upstairs. Bella s P.O.V Charlie came in the door and I heard him say. Hey Bells, what s cooking? I laughed. Nothing dad, but if you re asking what s cooked then I d say steamed vegetables and steak. He came into the kitchen. Now don t get smart with me young lady. He said with a smile. We both sat down and began eating. Usually you have more carrots in your steamed vegetables, did you run out? He questioned. I held back a giggle and I could feel Jasper s amusement pass through me. The hour of cooking with Jasper entered my head. I was cooking the meat and Jasper was chopping the vegetables. When I wasn t looking he threw a carrot at me. I whipped around, he looked innocent enough although I could see his lips pressed together to hold back a laugh. I grabbed a piece of the carrot and threw it at him too. Before we knew it we were

throwing carrots around. We were both laughing as we had our little food fight. It was the best time I had cooking with someone. Let s go with that. I said. He looked at me suspiciously for a moment but then decided to let it go. After a few minutes I asked. Hey dad, is it okay if I go to Angela s house tonight and stay for the spring break? My homework is done and you re going to be at the station so I really have nothing to do. Charlie tried to look thoughtful. I m not sure if that s a good idea. Angela is one bad kid. He said his voice obviously sarcastic. He and I both knew that Angela was a saint. Oh dad, I ll be careful. If she tries to get me to get a tattoo and piercings I ll be sure to call. I said matching his mocking tone. He chuckled. Sure, Bella, of course you can go. Okay dad, I m going to go pack; she ll be here in an hour. I made an exit to my room. Jasper was sitting on my bed reading one of my books; Wuthering Heights. I guess this book is your favorite? He asked, referring to condition of the book. It was hopelessly tattered. I ve read it at least twenty times . . . this month. You d guess right. I plopped down next to him and reached for the phone that was on my bedside table. I dialed Angela s number. It rang three times before she picked up. Hello? Hi Angie, Bea! Hey! What s up? Angela replied. I laughed. A lot actually, you have no idea. But I was wondering if you could cover for me the whole spring break? My dad thinks I m going to stay over at your house the whole time. I said.

Sure, no problem, I sighed in relief. I knew asking Angela was the right thing. She would never question you; she would just trust you and help you out when you need it. Jess is a bit more . . . nosy. Thanks, I owe you a lot. I told you it s no problem, see you soon. I hung up the phone and turned to Jasper. He already had a bag ready, but it was only filled with books. Don t worry, Alice and Rose have clothes there still; and I m one hundred percent sure they left more than clothes so you re all set. He said. But you still need to put on an act for Charlie. I ll be downstairs and I ll honk the horn. See you then. He handed me the bag and jumped out of my window. Once he was gone I went downstairs to find Charlie in the living room watching the game. I m all packed and ready to go; Angela will be here any minute. I said. Then right on cue Jasper honked his horn. That s her, got to go, see you in a couple of weeks, dad. Okay, you kids better not have too much fun. Got it dad, bye, When I was finally out the door a slick silver car was waiting for me at the side of the street. Just by the look of it I could tell it was expensive. I slid into the passenger seat to find Jasper sitting there with a smile. I took a moment to really look at him. His untidy honey blonde hair was long and wavy; and it covered one of eyes a bit. His skin was more of milky white then a chalky. His eyes were black as pitch and even though I should be scared for some reason I could only find myself surprised. His eyes were so emotional and warm even though they were darker than night. His features weren t exact I noted; they were soft and rough at the same time. They were childlike but at the same time they were mature. They weren t precise like his family and perfectly angular, but that makes him Jasper. Even though he wasn t

perfect, he was perfect . . . to me. My eyes roamed his body without his permission. He was muscular, not like Emmett muscular but like a human muscular. He was tall and he was absolutely breathtaking. Has he always looked like this? I felt my heart thumping in an odd rhythm. What was going on with me? It was just Jasper, my best friend s husband; and my fast growing best friend as well. Bella we re here. Jasper s voice broke through my thoughts. I tore my eyes away from him and looked around. I remember this place so clearly. We were in the Cullen s old driveway. Everything still looked the same from the last time I ve been here, the only difference; no Cullens. Bella are you coming down? I looked at my door and Jasper was there holding it out for me. I smiled. Thanks, I ve just been a little distracted. Jasper muttered something that sounded like. Me too, you have no idea. Jasper s P.O.V During the car ride I couldn t help but notice Bella looking at me. There was curiosity and surprise in her emotions. That was the first time I ve ever felt self conscious. I sneaked glances at Bella and absorbed her appearance. It was different now. Her perfect heart shaped face was still its beautiful ivory but it wasn t sallow anymore. It had hints of a beautiful pink giving it amazing color. Her used to be dark eyes, was now a warm chocolate and had a twinkle in them. She hadn t regained all the weight she had lost but she did regain some of it and it made her body have the gentlest curves. Her skin looked so soft. Everything about her was soft. She was . . . gorgeous. I couldn t deny that; her long wavy mahogany hair, her perfect little nose, her full pink lips, everything and anything about her, all gorgeous.

Why haven t I noticed her beauty before? Even her personality is different in some ways. She was more quiet and shy; and she was sweeter than the most sugar filled of candies. She would always give people gentle smiles and talk to them in her soft soprano voice. Instead of wearing her jeans and t-shirts, she would wear long elegant dresses now; most of them I noticed to be white. Her shoes changed from sneakers to little ballet slippers. She would also wear a flower or bow in her hair that would match her dress and her shoes. She wasn t a fashion icon like Alice; Bella had her own adoring style that suited her. She was perfect now more than ever. She was an angel. I shook my head. Why was I thinking about her this way? She was practically my sister and I was married to her best friend. But I couldn t help finding myself falling for her. I knew the first day I saw her I fell for her, but I ve been blinded by my world that revolved around Alice. But now my whole universe revolved around the beautiful star that was Bella. We were just lounging in the living room now. We were talking about all the things you could possibly imagine. In that few hours we managed to tell each other everything and in that same few hours I managed to see how much I didn t know about her and how much she didn t know about me. If only I had this chance to talk about her before, but Edward was always so overprotective of her. I couldn t blame him, I had the strongest urge to protect her too; she was like a little porcelain doll. I even told her about my past that I was never proud of and almost never told anyone. Not even Alice knows the whole story, but Bella does. I expected her to be frightened or disgusted but all I got from her was compassion and understanding. Bella could never think ill of anyone even if they were at one point in their lives they were pure monsters. She told me about every little detail about herself they ranged from the remarriage of her mother, to her favorite color which changes from day to day. When I asked her what her favorite color is today her

eyes flickered to my hair and back. Honey, She responded with a soft smile. I could feel myself grin like an idiot. After a while I could feel her sleepiness take over. It was now maybe two o clock in the morning. I didn t know which room I should take her in. Esme s and Carlisle s, Emmett s and Rose s, mine and Alice s, defiantly not Edward s but there were so many choices. We also have our single bedrooms as well. We each have the bedroom we share with our mate and our single bedrooms just for when we want some time to ourselves. I finally decided I was going to take her to my single bedroom. I assumed that I took some time to figure all that out because when I looked over at Bella she was curled up at my side, fast asleep. Bella s P.O.V When I woke up I was on a bed and in a room I didn t recognize before. I tossed the covers aside and walked around absorbing every detail. There were dark wood bookshelves covering the walls. The shelves were lined with books of all kinds. There was one window and three doors in this room; I guessed that the doors led to the bathroom, closet, and the hallway. The bed that I was laying on matched the color of the bookshelves, bedside tables and the lamp. There were a couple of couches and arm rests that also matched. It had a strange homey feeling to it. If it was because of the warm color or all the glorious books, I wouldn t know. Whose room was this? I walked to one of the bookshelves and ran my hands through the spines. I took one of the books and began skimming through the pages as I sat on one of the couches. Enjoying yourself?

I jumped and dropped the book. Jasper s P.O.V I caught the book and placed it on Bella s lap as I sat down next to her on my couch. Jasper you scared me. She said her hand at her erratically beating heart. I smiled. Sorry, Is this your room? She asked looking around her eyes filled with awe. My room was my own personal sanctuary. I was here at least once a day. There was no place else you d find me. I spent my time in here reading and thinking and just enjoying myself. No one has been in here, not even Alice. But now that Bella was here the room had a new stunning glow to it. I nodded and my eyes glanced at the book on her lap. The Journal of Wayne Thomas; Soldier of the Civil War, I read the title out loud. I haven t read that book in ages. I honestly just chose a random book. They all look older than me. She said an adorable blush touching her cheeks. I laughed and gestured to the bookshelf closest to the window; the bookshelf filled with the more modern books. You might prefer those books more, She stood up and walked over to it, curiosity in her emotions. She scanned the titles and the authors. William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austin, these are all my favorites. I walked to where she was and grabbed three books from the top shelf. But I think these three are your top favorites. I said handing her the books. She looked at the leather bound golden paged books. Their spines read; Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Wuthering heights in delicate gold cursive.

She ran her fingers through every inch of the books. They re yours. I said with a smile. She looked up at me, surprised. I couldn t, I smiled wider. I insist I actually bought them for you as a gift. When I was driving to Forks I made a bit of detour so I could get Bella something. I knew she was a reader and I distinctly remember her reading these three books the most often at school. Thanks Jasper, I love them. She set the books down and wrapped her arms around me. It was my pleasure. I said returning her hug. Bella spent a good time reading in my room and I spent a good time watching her. After maybe an hour or two Bella set her book down and her eyes turned to the window. It was one of those rare sunny days here in Washington. Can we go outside? Bella asked me quietly her face turning such a cute pink. I smiled again. I ve smiled so much more now than any time in my last century. Of course, whatever the little lady desires, I took her hand and she locked fingers with mine. Bella s P.O.V Jasper and I walked hand and hand outside. We talked about random things and were laughing and smiling the whole time. I couldn t take my eyes off of him. I ve only seen one vampire in the sun and that was Edward. But Jasper had an angelic radiance as his skin sparkled. He was magnificent. We were in the back of the house when I spotted something. I tugged Jasper into the direction of a big tree that I ve somehow never noticed before.

Hanging from one of the branches was a perfect little swing. I looked at Jasper questioningly. He smiled. It was Esme s idea. She wanted our house to look more . . . I don t know . . . quaint. I pulled my hand from Jasper s and sat on the swing, placing both of my hands on the rope. The swing was made out of old fashion wood. It reminded me of those swings you d find back a couple of centuries to go. I was about to comment about it when turned to where Jasper was standing to find him gone. I looked on either of my sides. Jasper? Then I felt someone push me. Jasper s P.O.V Bella was laughing as I pushed her on the swing. Higher Jasper! She said through her beautiful bell like laughter. Whatever you want, darling, When she was high enough I went in front of her. She had the most gorgeous smile on her face as the wind from the swing blew her hair back and forth. I positioned myself in a certain spot and then I smiled. Okay, angel, whenever you re ready. She swung until she was high in the air and then she jumped off. I caught her, naturally, but I didn t expect be thrown to the ground. She was on top of me, blushing. Sorry, Jasper, I shook my head. Its fine, It really was, having her body pressed against mine almost made my dead heart beat. She smiled. That was amazing! I loved it! I chuckled. It certainly looked like you loved it.

She was still on top of me and I unconsciously wrapped my arms around her fragile waist. She was looking at my lips with . . . longing. I knew I was doing the same to hers. I could see her slowly leaning down, her lips just barely brushed mine when a crash of thunder made us both jump. Then before we knew it rain started pouring down on us. We both looked up and saw that the sky was dark now. How long have we been out here and how could we have not noticed when the sun disappeared from the sky? To my disappointment she stood up and had her eyes on the ground. We better get inside. She said softly. I got up. I didn t want to go in honestly. I wanted to stay out here and laugh and smile with Bella. I never wanted it to end. But I complied. She took my hand and smiled. Come on cowboy, I grinned and we both started running. But we would always distract ourselves. We were just enjoying the rain and we were dancing and having a blast. I soon slung her over my back with ease and ran at a human speed around the house. She loved it. It took us about a good hour until we were in the house. We were soaking wet, but I didn t care. . . . I was in love. After we were in and changed we went downstairs and sat on the couch. I couldn t believe it. I was in love. It took me all this time to realize that I was in love with Isabella Marie Swan. I watched her go on about something. I wasn t paying attention. I was trying to concentrate on her emotions. If there was any way she could love me back . . . I would be the luckiest man alive; and if Edward couldn t see how lucky he was to have this adorable human in love with him, well as I said before he s an idiot, a moron, all of the above.

I just hoped she loved me too or . . . I don t know what I ll do. She was asleep now and I was still trying to sort out my thoughts. Did I still love Alice? As a sister, yes; as a lover, no; for some reason I always thought that Alice and I weren t meant to be. I just always had a feeling. Maybe Bella was my one true mate. The only obstacle in us being together is Edward. Did she still love him? Alice s P.O.V I was pacing back and forth in my room. We were in Alaska now. I ve been glued to Jasper s future since he left. He should be flying to Europe by now but his plans keep on changing. I was debating whether or not if I should call him. Would he pick up? Would he be happy to hear from me? Maybe I should call. Maybe I should just go to Europe and talk to him in person. What to do! Finally after hours of arguing with myself I called him. His phone rang three times before he answered. Hello? His voice was barely above a whisper. Why is he talking so quiet? Jas, its Am. I said matching his tone. There was a long silence before he answered. I didn t expect you to call. Is something wrong? He asked now. No, I just wanted to check up on you. I m not six years old Am, I m capable of taking care of myself; and anyway you would see if I m planning to do something stupid. He said his voice distant for some reason. Well you keep changing your mind; it s really hard to see. Then I heard it; a small quiet voice. Jasper? It couldn t be. Jas, who is that with you? I asked trying to stay calm. No one, He answered quickly.

Don t lie to me who the hell was that! Listen, I have to go, I ll call you in a little bit; bye. Then the line went dead. My phone slipped out off my hand and clattered to the floor. He couldn t be there. Could he? Is that why he was changing his mind, so I wouldn t see where he s been? Maybe I was hearing things, it couldn t be her voice. They couldn t be together. No, no, no, no; I have to tell the others. I rushed out of my room and went into the living room where everyone was captivated in their own thoughts. We have a problem. I said quietly. Everyone looked up at me, their faces expressionless. Jasper s with Bella. Rosalie s P.O.V I was immediately on my feet when those three words came out of Alice s mouth. I bolted to my bedroom and grabbed my cellphone dialing faster than light. It rang twice. Hello? I never thought it would be so good to hear my brother s voice. Jay? It s Ro. Hey Ro, how are things holding up? He asked. I sighed. Just say it, he won t lie to you. He s Jasper he d tell you anything. Jay, are you in Forks? I blurted out. There was a pause. Ro, I can explain. He said his voice strained. I felt my heart almost start again. He was in Forks! No, there s no need to explain. I would have done the same thing, but is it okay if we come over there too? How s Bella? I asked.

At first I didn t hate Bella like everyone thought I did. I was jealous of her. She was human, something I wanted to be. But ever since we left Forks, I could see how much she meant to the family and how much she meant to me. I thought I would be able to move on but it s been more than half a year since we left her and I haven t recovered. Anyway, I love it there in Forks. It s so green, lush, and beautiful. It s so quaint and peaceful. Usually Edward and I were good friends but since he made us leave, I hate him. I m not blaming Jasper. I couldn t blame Jasper; he s my brother, my twin and he didn t make us leave. It wasn t his fault that he was the newest vegetarian. I blame Edward. He loved her didn t he? Well now I m not so sure. I m also not so sure if it s about her safety because of what happened on her birthday or if it s because she wants to become one of us. That wouldn t be so bad. Before I would have hated it, but now I want it for her. If our family is in this condition because we just left her, who knows how we ll be like if she s really gone; forever. I couldn t bear to imagine that. Jasper took a deep breath before telling me the entire story. I listened, never speaking but I could feel my eyes stinging with wetness. I honestly hated not only Edward but myself for not standing my ground and staying with Bella. Bella really needed us. If it wasn t thanks to Jasper, she would still be a lifeless, empty, zombie. I m going there weather you like it or not, Mr. Whitlock. I said after he was done. He laughed. I paused for a minute listening to it ring through the phone. I haven t heard anyone laugh in a while. I m not going to stop you Mrs. Hale. Bella really misses all of you. I sighed. Does she still think I hate her? I know how bitter I was to Bella, but I regret it completely now. I m not sure if she hated me or still hates me, but when Jasper spoke he answered all my questions.

Yes and no, she isn t sure. But we were talking and you were one of the first people she talked about. She had never hated you even if you did hate her. She loves you like everyone else. She still thought of you as family. She admires you for being so loving and protective of our family. She also understands why you hated her. She knows that you want to be human. Edward told her. But she said that she s glad that you aren t or she would have never met you or Emmett. But once I told her that you hated Edward now and that you missed her; it really made her smile. When he finished I was speechless when I was finally able to speak I said five words. Can I talk to her? I heard the phone being handed off and heard a soft. Hello? Bella, its Rosalie. I said gently. Oh, Hi Rosalie; how are you? She asked. Her voice was apprehensive, but at the same time it was still sweet. I laughed for the first time in so long. A mess actually, I really miss you. I m taking that Jasper told you about my little break down. Yes he did, he said you were crying so loud that all of Canada could hear you. Bella said with a giggle. I rolled my eyes. Jay, will you stop telling my sister lies! I wasn t crying that hard! I said knowing he could hear me. I heard him chuckle. Sister? Bella repeated her voice filled with surprise and it sounded truthfully touched. Bella, Jasper told me what you said about me; and the thing is ever since you left our family fell apart. We need you Bella. I need you. We all need you. You re a Cullen. I said. You don t know how much that means to me, Rosalie. Thank you. She replied, truth ringing in every word she said.

Bella, we re going to be there in a couple of days; and when we get there we ll make up for all the time we ve lost. I m sorry for being so mean to you before. It s okay. We re sisters now. That s all that matters. I better go pack and tell the others, bye Bella see you soon. Bye, Rosalie. Oh, and Bella? Yes? Call me Rose. Emmett s P.O.V Rosalie came out of the room, happy? Okay, what the hell was going on? Babe, is everything okay? I asked as she sat on my lap. I felt her forehead. You re happy and you re under temperature maybe we should take you to the hospital. I teased. When that came out I froze. Did I just make a joke? The last time I made a joke was in Forks. She turned to me and smiled for the first time in ever. We re going home, babe. I looked at her like she was crazy. We re going home? Back to Forks? Back to Bella? My face burst out into one of my old grins and I stood up and started twirling Rosalie around. We re going home! We re going home! She laughed. Come on, we have to pack. The sooner we pack the sooner we get there. She said. Then we looked at the others. Alice looked conflicted, but I could care less. Honestly I didn t really like Alice anymore and Rosalie hated her almost as much as she hated Edward. Edward forced us to go and

commanded us under no circumstances are we to go back there until a few decades later, and Alice makes sure we follow his command. If she wasn t here, we d be in Forks by now. Carlisle and Esme love all their kids no matter how stupid or annoying they are. But once Rosalie came out with the news Carlisle and Esme were smiling widely. It felt good to be happy. We haven t been happy in so long. We all began packing and we were moving at a pace so fast that eve we couldn t see each other. We were done packing everything in two hours when there was a knock on the door. Alice s P.O.V When Esme opened the door Edward was standing there his eyes down and his face hopeless. Usually he d put on an act just to try and fool us. He wanted us to know he was coping absolutely fine, even though we knew he wasn t. Did he finally just lose it? Esme hugged him. What s wrong, Edward? She asked soothingly. He closed his eyes and shook his head. Today s our anniversary, He said his voice barely audible. He didn t have to say her name; we knew who he was talking about. That s why he didn t bother putting on an act this visit, it would be too painful. I felt something stab me straight to the heart. I hated seeing Edward this way. He was my brother. I was the only one who knew he left Bella so she could be happy. He left her for her not because he didn t love her or want her. He tried to do what s best. Everyone thinks he left her for her safety and for her mortality. But no, he knows we won t hurt her and he knows it s her decision; but he wants her to have happy life without him always getting in the way. He felt that she would be happier without us. He had no idea how much it hurt us to leave too, but he was in so much pain that he doesn t notice anything around him. I tried to convince him countless times to go back but he loves Bella so much that

he wants what s best for her. He asked me to promise him that I would respect his wishes and not go back home and keep the family away from home too. If only he knew what we had actually done to her. I heard everything that Jasper said to Rosalie and I felt horrible. I knew I wasn t supposed to hear it, but I was on the other side of the door with my ear pressed against it. If Jasper hadn t went to Forks she would still be in hell. I wasn t sure what to do. I know Edward would eventually find out if we go to Forks and I m really not sure what he would do. Would he stay once he saw what he s done to Bella or would he make us leave again? I didn t want to betray him by actually going; but what else could I do? Everyone wants to go and Jasper s already there. Bella needs us. I was so confused. I ran up and hugged him. It s okay E.C. E.C. short for Edward Cullen of course. Only I called Edward that. We all had our nicknames in the family. Then a vision clouded my mind. Edward knew how to talk to me without anyone knowing, by using my visions. He would just think about what he was going to say next and I would have a clear vision of it. Do you think she would remember, Al? He said no hope in his voice. He thought that Bella forgot about him. I wish he knew how much she misses him and loves him, still. Of course she would remember E.C.; no doubt about it. He managed to smile just a bit. I miss her, Al. I sighed. I do too you have no idea and you know what I m going to tell you now. It was a routine. Every time Edward and I talked I would always tell him the same thing. Let s go home.

He hesitated. I was stunned. He never hesitated; he d usually give me a flat out no and list all the reasons. But I knew he had more reasons to go back but he wouldn t dwell on it. I don t know Al. Maybe me coming back wouldn t be the best. I lied to her. She would never forgive me. I gaped at him for a moment. He s actually thinking about going back. E.C., did you forget? She s Bella; selfless, forgiving Bella. Let s go home E.C.; please. Maybe if I could convince him to go, I wouldn t have to tell Edward about Jasper. If Edward found out he d be there ripping Jasper to shreds. I ll have to think about it. But it is getting almost unbearable. I miss her so much and the guilt is eating me alive. Why did I have to lie to her? I told her I didn t want her and now she probably thinks she wasn t good enough for me; when in reality I was never good enough for her. She was so perfect and faultless how can I compare? Then Edward fell to his knees and began sobbing. Esme, Carlisle and I were at his side. Emmett and Rosalie looked at him, their eyes full of pity; but they just shook their heads and left. Edward s P.O.V Edward, things will be okay. This is what you wanted for her right? Esme s kind thoughts rang in my head. I wanted to tell them everything, but I couldn t. I wanted to tell them the real reason we left Bella. But if I did, they d find a way to convince me to come back to Forks . . . but now . . . I might just end up going back. I couldn t live without . . . Bella. It was hard to even think about her name without it hurting so much. Emmett and Rosalie already despise me now. Rosalie . . . I don t know what s gotten into her. I thought she of all people would be happy that we left. I mean she hated Bella, for god s sake; and now I m the

bad guy. Emmett is more understandable. He thought of Bella as a little sister. Alice was more of a friend than a sister and if anything she was Emmett s older sister. He loved Bella so much. Jasper, Alice, Carlisle, and Esme . . . Well . . . Jasper has been a bit . . . moody. I don t think he likes me all that much either. Honestly I should be mad at him . . . but I m not. Jasper and I aren t the best of friends or the best of brother s but we are still family. Anyway he felt horrible for doing it and it s not like he tried to hurt Bella on purpose. Carlisle and Esme are technically my parents so they d love me no matter what. Alice . . . She s my best friend and my best sister . . . She loves me enough to understand what I had to do.

Right now Emmett and Rosalie were preoccupying their minds from me. Carlisle and Esme were sending me encouraging thoughts while Alice sent me persuading thoughts. Everyone here wanted to go home and trust me, I did too. But I m not sure what will happen if we do. I was sitting on the couch trying to sort out my thoughts. I played different scenarios and Alice showed me the vision that went with it. For some reason she was blocking her mind from me about some things and so was Carlisle and Esme. But I was too caught up in my thoughts to really care. I missed Bella . . . She was my reason for existence . . . I loved her with every fiber of my being . . . I had to do something . . . I just didn t know what yet. Rosalie s P.O.V Great, Edward s here. He just had to come now, perfect timing. I was counting in French in my head. No way in hell did I want Edward coming back with us. He didn t even love Bella, so why would he come back? He hurt her and tore her to pieces once, who knows if he ll do it again?

Emmett plopped on our bed and sighed. He looked irritated as was I. Emmett never hates people he just dislikes them but pretends to like them still, while on the other hand I hate people and they know I hate them; I never put on an act. Every one of us knew how to communicate without anyone hearing us and without Edward reading our thoughts. We used sign language. What are you thinking about, babe? Emmett signed. I sighed. I m counting in French. How about you? I m listing every video game known to man. He gestured with a grin. I missed Emmett s grin. I m happy things will be back to normal the sooner Edward leaves. I frowned. Can you believe that Edward s here? It s like he knows the perfect time to butt in. I think he s a physic like Alice. I laughed. I loved when Emmett made jokes, it s been too long. I think so too. But why does he care if his and Bella s anniversary is today? I mean what s with the water works? He doesn t even love her. How do you know? I rolled my eyes. He left and told her he didn t want her. Isn t that proof enough? He left her suffering and empty. He thought about it for a minute. Touché, but how can anyone not love her? She s like the best little sister I ve ever had. I nodded. I know what you mean, maybe Edward is not also mind reading physic vampire; maybe he s a retarded vampire too. Emmett burst out into a roar of laughter. I didn t know you were the making jokes kind of girl, Rose.

I shrugged. Maybe you re finally rubbing off on me. Emmett and I signed a bit more when my phone rang. Emmett was closest so he picked up. Hello? He answered. There was pause and I saw his eyes widen and a huge grin spread across his face. He looked at me and signed Bella . I smiled and sat next to him listening closely. Emmett, is that you? Bella asked. Emmett chuckled. The one and only; Rose is busy, you know girl stuff. He said. I laughed and hit the side of his arm playfully. He s a liar, I m right here and sorry but we have to delay our trip. The idiot s here. I muttered into the phone. Jasper chuckled. You mean Edward? No I meant Emmett. I said. Hey! Jasper, Bella, and I laughed. Then I kissed Emmett on the cheek. Sorry babe, When did you become the joker, Ro? Jasper asked. It s a gift. We talked for an hour or two when we heard Edward shouting. You didn t even think of telling me Al! I covered the phone so Bella wouldn t hear. I m sorry! I thought if I could convince you to come back, I wouldn t have to tell you we were going anyway! Alice said her tone desperate for Edward to understand. So you decided to hide it from me until you re mind just wandered! I thought I could trust you! I m sorry E.C.! You just had to do this to me today of all days! Just forget it Al!

Hey, we ll talk to you two later. I said quickly before the screaming continued. Sure, Rose; bye. Bella answered. I hung up the phone and my eyes gazed at our luggage. Emmett s eyes were in the same place. Babe I have an idea. I signed. He looked at me confused and waited for me to explain. Okay, keep your mind busy and keep it changing. We have to make sure Alice and Edward doesn t know what we re up too. He nodded. I walked over to our bags. Grab our bags we re going to jump out of the window and head to Forks ourselves. We ll take you re jeep, but we have to hurry. His eyes brightened. He grabbed our bags as I opened up the window. It was about noon, but no one was out. Emmett and I doubled checked for humans, clouds covered the sky so the sun wasn t a problem; but jumping from a fifteen story building would draw attention. When it was all clear we jumped out the window and headed to the jeep. Emmett and I ran faster than we ever had. When we were in it took him less than a minute to be on the road. After we were miles away from the hotel we laughed as Emmett yelled. Forks here we come! Bella s P.O.V After we were done talking with Rosalie and Emmett, I sighed. Jasper and I were sitting on the couch. I brought my knees up to my chest and rested my head on top of them. What s wrong, darling? Jasper asked his southern drawl appearing on the world darling. Since when did he have an accent? I shook my head. It s mine and Edward s anniversary. I said quietly. I didn t know I was crying until Jasper wrapped his arms around me. Don t be sad. He whispered.

I smiled slightly. I can t not be sad Jasper. I still love him. I just wish I was good enough for him. I ll always love him no matter what; even if I fall in love with someone else I ll still have feelings for Edward. I felt Jasper s anger emitting from him. I turned to face him. What s wrong? I asked him now. If anything he wasn t good enough for you. Any guy would be lucky enough to be yours. Never doubt what you re worth. He said angrily. Then he muttered. That idiot, he doesn t know what he s lost. I just shook my head again but changed the subject. So, what you do you want to do? But then Jasper s phone vibrated. He grinned when he checked it, his mood taking a sharp turn. It s a text. Rosalie and Emmett are on their way, they snuck out while everyone was busy. That immediately brightened my atmosphere tenfold. Really? How long will it take them to get here? I asked. Jasper replied to the text and in just a minute his phone vibrated again. Well considering Emmett is driving as reckless as he could they ll be here in five hours maybe; more or less. Until then let s just watch a movie. I agreed and Jasper picked a horror film, of course. I managed to tell him everything except for my dislike and fear of horror movies. But I didn t say anything, hoping that it wouldn t be too bad. But I was so wrong. The movie started out horror free but when the classic bloody girl came out of nowhere I jumped and screamed. I was sitting closer to Jasper than I thought because when I jumped I landed on his lap. He chuckled. So you re scared of a bad actress covered in food coloring, but you re not scared of a venomous blood thirsty vampire. Jasper said. I rolled my eyes; I was going to move off his lap when I heard the sound of a chainsaw. My eyes went back to the screen when some random boy with a chainsaw came at a little girl and cut her head clean

off. This movie should be rated over R. It was the most bloody gruesome thing I ve ever seen. I screamed again and hid my face on Jasper s chest. Turn it off, turn it off, turn it off! I shrieked. He laughed again and switched off the TV. I breathed a sigh of relief. What movie was that? I asked him. He grinned. Blood curdling scream, Was that the name of the movie or the description of my scream? Both, I sighed and leaned my head on his chest. I m so glad it s over. Actually, there was still an hour left do you want to finish it? No! He smiled. I m kidding Bella. Why didn t you tell me you didn t like horror movies? I shrugged. I guess movies never came up in our conversation. He rolled his eyes. Everything came up in the conversation. Not everything. I reminded. He laughed; he had such a nice laugh. But I stopped myself. Why was I thinking about Jasper s laugh? I looked up at him to see him staring at me. His eyes were still black. You should go hunting. I said softly. He smiled half heartedly and looked down. I can t leave you, Bella. Can five words make your heart beat so fast that you feel like it will jump out of your chest any minute? Jasper, when s the last time you ve hunted? The day before I came here. He answered quietly.

I looked at him like he was mental. He hasn t been hunting for months?! Jasper, you re starving yourself. You have to hunt. I said my voice sounding a bit hysterical. He chuckled lightly and touched my face. Bella, if I leave I don t know if you ll be okay. Don t worry the smell doesn t bother me. The only thing that could possibly bother me other than the thought of leaving is how dry my throat is. I shook my head and unconsciously leaned into his touch. Jasper, please, I ll be fine. Once Rosalie and Emmett are here I want you to hunt. He sighed. Okay, but I won t be far. Go as far as you like Jasper, you need to hunt. He turned his face from me and mumbled so low that I almost didn t catch it. But I need to be with you more. Alice s P.O.V I knocked on Emmett and Rosalie s door. Rosa, it s Ali. Listen . . . change of plans, Edward s coming with us back to Forks. I said. Edward had found out about Jasper and about us going back to Forks, just because my mind slipped. Oh well. It s not like we could have hid it for long, but Edward was coming back with us now; which made me, Esme, and Carlisle ecstatic. Finally, we were going home! But I just knew Emmett and Rosalie wouldn t be too happy. There was no answer. That was odd. I knocked again; still no answer. I opened the door slowly and peeked in. When I didn t see them I opened the door wider and stepped in. Empty. Where the hell are they?

Hello? Then my eyes gazed over to where their luggage was and they were gone. I looked around the room trying not to panic. The window was open. I looked through the window . . . the parking spot where the jeep was . . was empty. They didn t. They couldn t. Edward! I screamed. Jasper s P.O.V Bella and I just hung around the house. I promised her no more scary movies. Soon enough the door swung open all of a sudden. Honey, I m home! Emmett s booming voice rang loudly through the house. Bella and I laughed. Hey sweetheart, how was work? I asked Emmett jokingly. He and Rose came into the room where we were sitting and dumped their luggage off to the side. Where s my little sister? Emmett asked. When he saw Bella he grabbed Bella from where she was sitting and started twirling her. Hey big brother! Bella said laughing. Finally after countless spinning she was put down. Emmett looked at her from head to toe. She was wearing a sky blue dress, with a matching flower, and ballet flats. Her hair was pulled to the side with a bow and overall she was adorable. Emmett chuckled. You definitely changed a lot haven t you Bella? She smiled softly and nodded. Well, I ll give you one thing, Bella; you definitely look a hell of a lot cuter. He said tapping her nose with his index finger.

Rosalie slapped his arms. Watch you re language in front of her. She scolded. Emmett rolled his eyes while I laughed. Rose turned to Bella and pulled her into a hug. Bella, oh my goodness; you don t know how much I ve missed you. She said. I missed you too, When Rose was done hugging Bella she hugged me next. You re such a liar, Mr. Whitlock. I missed you so much when you we re gone; and you barely called and visited. Sorry, Mrs. Hale I ll make sure to make it up to you. Then Emmett pulled me into a head lock and ruffled my hair. How s it been little brother? I broke out of his grip and smirked. I m older than you remember? I said little brother, not younger brother. I rolled my eyes. Whatever floats you re boat. Bella looked at me. They re here, you better go hunting. She said with a slight smile. But I could feel the short stab of sadness as she turned her eyes away from me. I could stay. I said softly. I put a finger under her chin and met her gaze. Just say the word, darling. Emmett and Rosalie looked at each other and then at me. Their golden eyes suspicious. How long have you gone without hunting? Emmett asked as I jumped at the sound of his voice and dropped my hand. A couple months, give or take more or less. Bella answered her tone breathless. Rosalie threw a vase at me, which I caught before it could touch me. Are you crazy! You get your ass to the forest right now and go drain a lion or five! Rose said.

Emmett laughed. Watch your language in front of her. Emmett said repeating Rosalie from before in a very bad impression of her. Rose threw another vase at Emmett which he didn t catch in time. He rubbed the spot where the vase had hit him. Damn babe, sorry, I ll go to acting school and learn how to do impressions. She rolled her eyes but said nothing to him. She turned to me instead. Jay, get out of here now, before we have to do it forcefully. I sighed. I m going, I m going. I turned and hugged Bella a little bit longer than necessary. I won t be long, angel, I whispered in her ear. I got up and was about to leave when I turned back to them; serious now. Take care of her, please. I said quietly. Rosalie and Emmett looked at me a strange twinkle in their eyes for a moment. They looked back and forth between me and Bella and finally answered. Yeah, sure. They said together. Bye Jasper, Bella said. She kissed her fingers and blew it towards me. Even though it was only a sweet flying kiss, it made me grin like an idiot. I ll be back soon. I said. Then mouthed I ll miss you ; she smiled and mouthed back I ll miss you too. With that I left Bella for the first time in months. Rosalie s P.O.V I wanna play with the human first! Emmett said picking up Bella and throwing her up in the air. She was screaming and laughing at the same time.

Babe, the human is fragile, don t break her. I reminded him. Jay wouldn t like it. He rolled his eyes. Jazz needs some serious yoga or something. He needs to chill. Emmett had his arms held out but Bella didn t come down. We were confused for a moment until we heard a quiet voice. Um guys up here. We looked up to find Bella on top of the chandelier hanging on for her dear life. A little help? She said. I smacked Emmett at the back of the head. Nice going, you better be glad Bella isn t afraid of heights and screaming her ass off. Babe, I didn t know she was that light. Or maybe you didn t know you threw me that hard. Bella countered. Bella, you have to jump. I said unwillingly. Emmett was right underneath her. Don t worry Cupcake I ll catch you. He said with a grin. She rolled her eyes. That makes me feel so much better, you were the one who threw me up here; might I remind you. I pushed Emmett out of the way. Let me do it, okay ready Bella? On the count of three; one, two, three! Bella jumped from the chandelier and I caught her before she even had the chance to scream. When she was on her feet again she let out a sigh of relief. No more playing with the human please, a human s nerves can only take so much. So what are we going to do? Emmett asked. I rolled my eyes. We re going to talk, that s what. We need to catch up with our little sister. Emmett pouted. That s no fun. I shot him a look and he immediately shut up. It felt good to be feared by your husband. Jasper s P.O.V

Bella, Bella, Bella That s all I could think about the whole time I was hunting. Would she be alright? Would Emmett and Rosalie take care of her? Questions swirled in my head. I only drained a mountain lion and an elk before running home. I was only gone three hours, but anything could happen in three hours. I was in the house in the matter of seconds. Rosalie, Emmett, and Bella were just talking and laughing on the couch. I sighed in relief. She was okay. I walked in and all three of them looked up at me. Rosalie and Emmett looked at me with surprise. Usually we would take much longer to hunt, but I was in a slight hurry. Bella smiled and ran up to me. She jumped in my arms and wrapped her arms around me. Hey Jasper! She said. Her emotions were relieved and happy. I chuckled and twirled her twice. Hey darling, miss me? She sighed and whispered almost to herself. More than you would ever know, Emmett s P.O.V Okay, are we missing something here? I asked as Jasper and Bella sat next to each other. They both looked confused. Rosalie seemed to understand what I was talking about. Are you two- She started. Simultaneously they answered. No! No! Bella laughed nervously. We re just friends Rose. Nothing s going on between us. We both didn t buy it. Jasper was looking at Bella now. Jay? Rose asked. Jasper didn t answer; he was still staring at Bella. Jay!

He jumped. What? Rose and I looked at each other and then back at them. Bella was looking down at her hands as Jasper was looking at them too. They were sitting closely to each other and looked like they were in their own little world. Then Rosalie signed. There s defiantly something going on. I nodded and gestured back. How do you think Alice will take it when she finds out Jasper is in love with Bella? I mean it s obvious. It s good that they were caught in their universe, too caught up to even see us talking to each other in sign language. She rolled her eyes. It s obvious and it s obvious that Bella s in love with him too. We ve only been here for a day and we could already tell. I mean just look at those two. And Alice? Who cares about that bitch? Jasper deserves someone better and so does Bella. They don t need their ex-mates. But Alice and Jasper are still together. Rosalie smiled. Not for long, we just have to get Bella and Jasper to see that they are meant for each other. When that happens everything will just fall into place. How the hell are we going to do that? Jasper s going to see what we re up to right when we do this but I don t care. Emmett I want you to send Jasper all the love you can and I ll do the same. Are you sure we re supposed to be pushing them like this?

She raised an eyebrow. Do you want Jasper and Alice together? Did you see how she treated him before he left? She cares more about Edward than Jasper; and what if that idiot came back and tried to get Bella back? Do you want that? What if he hurts her again? I didn t even need to think about it. She was right. I nodded. Let s do this. We both began sending all the love we can muster. Then second we started we could see the change in Jasper. Then he said whispered too low for Bella to hear. Is it really that obvious that I m completely in love with her? Jasper s P.O.V Emmett and Rosalie smiled. Yes it is and it s obvious that she is completely in love with you. Rosalie said. I looked at them now. How do you know? Bella was looking at three of us. We were all talking too soft and low for her to hear. Rosalie rolled her eyes. You re stupid, did you know that? You re a freaking empath. Hey, watch it; Bella s more . . . difficult. She knows how to mask her emotions. She was about to reply when Emmett asked in an over exaggerated loud voice. Yo, Cupcake, do you love Jazz? I was horrified. I was going to jump on him when Rosalie gestured her head to Bella s direction. I turned and saw Bella blushing. Her emotions were embarrassed, shocked, and in love? What? You mean Jasper? Of course not, Emmett, why would you think that? I mean he has Alice andand- She was stuttering and stumbling over her words. Told you! Emmett and Rosalie said together with a smirk.

Bella loved me? I shook my head. It couldn t be. But I love you Bella. I said quietly. Did she really love me? Was it true? Was this all just some sick joke Emmett, and Rosalie set up? Bella turned to me, her eyes wide with surprise. But you can t love me Jasper. I mean you re . . . you . . . and I m . . . me . . . I mean me getting Edward for the time was a lucky shot I guess . . . What do you see in me? I m so plain and ordinary. I m like everyone else out there and Alice is . . . well Alice . . . I can t even compare . . . I mean it s not like other girls haven t fallen in love with you . . . I guess I m just one of those victims . . . Who wouldn t be? . . . You re funny, amazing, sweet, and just perfect . . . While I m just the opposite . . . And- And- I just love you! I m sorry I m not good enough! I was shocked. I couldn t process it. It didn t make sense. Rosalie was by her side in an instant. Oh, Kitten, you got it all wrong. She said soothingly. Jasper does love you. In the short time Emmett and I have been here we can already see it. The way he looks at you is just filled with such a passion not even the both of us can compare. Edward did love you at the time, I don t know what got into that idiot and why he ever left you but it wasn t just a lucky shot. You re far from plain and ordinary. You re perfect just the way you are. You re magnificent, astounding, and just the most selfless human out there. Alice can t compare to you. You re good enough for anyone, but not anyone is good enough for you. Jasper truly loves you and he d treat you right. I just know he d treat you like you re meant to be treated. Never doubt that he loves and never doubt what you re worth. Emmett was pretending to cry hysterically. That was beautiful, babe; truly inspirational. Rosalie rolled her eyes before swiftly switching places with me. Bella was stunned for a moment but then averted her eyes down. I swallowed and took a deep breath. If she loved me, then she had to know the truth.

Bella, what Rosalie said was all true. I somehow always knew that Alice and I weren t true mates. When we left, I felt so . . . horrible. It was like my heart was not just dead it was crushed and turned to dust; and when I finally decided to come back I couldn t explain how amazing I felt to see you even when you were a mess I still saw you re beauty and perfection. Every day I stayed with you I fell harder and harder in love with you. Then the few days we spent together were the best days in my entire existence. Just seeing you laugh and smile made me swell with love. Alice has never made me feel this way. No one has, except you. You ve mesmerized me with everything you do. I love you so much. I will say it a hundred times if I have to, to make you believe me. I love you Isabella Marie Swan. No one can compare to your loveliness and flawlessness. You re my heart, my soul, my breath... My voice was shaking. I closed my eyes and my voice came out in a whisper. I never thought that it was possible for someone like you to love me. You re so innocent and trusting. I just love you more than you could believe. Then I felt her little hand brush my hair back. I opened my eyes and she was closer than I would have expected. She smiled softly. I think I can believe it. I was about to say something but her lips were on mine then and my thoughts were long gone. Her sweet tasting lips were soft and warm. Once we started kissing I never wanted to stop. It was the best feeling. But then she pulled back too soon for my liking. Emmett chuckled. That was easy. I love you, I whispered. I love you, She replied. Those three words I ve always heard from Alice, but coming from this lovely angel it was the most beautiful thing I ve heard. I pulled her in closely. Could you die from happiness?

Emmett and Rosalie grinned and awed simultaneously. Emmett sniffed a couple of times and wiped his eyes. I love happy endings. Rose rolled her eyes for what was like that one hundredth time today. Okay, love birds; let s watch a movie and do some family bonding. She said happily. She got up to put in a movie. But when she saw what movie that was in the DVD player she turned to me and Bella with her eyebrows rose. Blood curdling scream? Emmett laughed. Man, I love that movie! It s hilarious! You wanna watch it? She asked. Bella s face paled. No! I chuckled. Bella has a fear of horror movies, Ro. I explained as I grabbed Bella around the waist and pulled her into my lap. She shook her head. No, it s not a fear, Jazzy; it s a phobia. I have horror-moviea-phobia. Jazzy, what a cute nickname coming from her. They laughed. We ll put in Pride and Prejudice then. Bella grinned. Okay, I love that movie. In the middle of the movie Bella fell asleep. Everything was perfect, until Rose s phone rang. Rosalie s P.O.V Hello, you got Rose. I said happiness oozing from my words till I heard who spoke.

Li, its Edward, My eyes narrowed. What do you want, dumbass? I hissed. Emmett and Jasper growled. I put a finger over my lips and pointed to Bella who was sleeping soundly. Li, where are you? Edward asked frustrated. Wouldn t you like to know? Rosa, where the hell are you and Emmett!? Stop being so bitchy and answer me!! Alice s voice pierced my ear drums. Someone lost her cool. Oh I m being bitchy? Well what if I don t want to tell you or Edward? You both aren t in charge of me and Emmett. We can do what we want. I retorted. Give me the phone, Emmett said. I handed him it without a word. A? Ed? It s Emmett. I can hear their voices on the other line. Oh thank god, someone reasonable! M.C. where are you? Did you two hear from Jasper? Alice said her voice softer. M.C. short for McCarty Cullen. Yes we did, Emmett replied calmly. Well where are you? Edward asked again. I m going to say this once and you both listen and remember this; you mess with Rosalie, you mess with me. It s none of your damn business where we are, so get over it. But we re a hell of a lot happier here than with you two. He snarled. It is our damn business! I know where Jasper is and if we find you two there consider you both a pile of god forbidden ash! Alice shrieked.

Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock Cullen, you will stop this nonsense at once! If they end up being in Forks then so be it! You will not lay a hand on either of them! Esme scolded. Well we ll just have to go and find out, won t we? Edward said his voice surprisingly calm. Absolutely not! I said, grabbing the phone back. You aren t allowed at fifty mile radius of Washington! Rosalie, we re already on our way. We re in Washington already. Carlisle said his voice quiet and apologetic. What! I screamed. I looked at Jasper and signed. We have to get Bella out of here. Don t you even think about it Rosalie Hale McCarty Cullen! You move Bella a foot from where she is you re going to regret it! Alice s voice was acidic. Damn physic bitch. Well sure as hell we re not going to let you see her! Emmett countered. She s my best friend! She was your best friend! I yelled. We re going to see her Li. Edward said confident. No you re not, now goodbye Eddie. I said through my teeth. I hung up the phone before anyone could reply and looked at Jasper again. What are we going to do? I asked him.

He was running his hand through Bella s hair and looking down at her. I don t know. I really don t know. If we run they ll just find us and if they find us I don t know what will happen to Bella. I know him well enough that he was worried about Edward. I sat next to him. Jay, if they do show up, Bella will still love you. Bella is that kind of girl who doesn t give her heart to just anyone. She guards her heart like a diamond and for her to give it to you, means she really loves you. Don t worry about Edward. Emmett and I won t let him even touch her. We promise. Emmett agreed. Yeah Jazz, have faith in us. As for Alice, I continued. That s your choice, but I really think you should break it to her sooner than later. He nodded. You re right, but please; don t say anything about me and Bella, I want to be the one to break it to everyone. Soon Bella stirred. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. Hey, Kitten, I said softly. Kitten that was my new nickname for Bella. It suited her well by my point of view. Hi Rosie. She said. I laughed. Rosie, I love it. Darling, we need to tell you something. Jasper said unwillingly as he wrapped his arms around her. We agreed once Bella woke up we d tell her about everyone coming back. Kitten, just listen to us. Understand that we won t let anything happen to you. I started. She was attentive now. What s wrong? Everyone s coming back Cupcake. Emmett said quietly.

It took her a minute to process it. When you say everyoneI nodded sadly. We mean everyone. Oh, She said. That s . . . good to know. Jasper s grip on her tightened. It s okay, angel. We ll handle it. We ll make sure certain people will leave you alone. He said not naming any names. It was a wonder how she took this so . . . calmly. When will they be here, Emmy? She asked. You don t have to worry Cupcake they won t be here for a couple of- Emmett began. Then we heard two cars pull up. Edward s P.O.V I was the first to get out of the car. Right when I did, Bella s scent hit me hard; but I felt no temptation, just ache. Would she want me back? Would she forgive me? Worries clouded my mind, but before I knew it was knocking on the front door. The thoughts of Emmett and Rosalie buzzed in my head. Oh no, Rosalie thought, that can t be them already! Damn it, I thought I had a few hours! Emmett continued lines of profanities in his head while Jasper kept his mind perfectly blocked from me. I ll get it. Bella s sweet angelic voice rang through my ears. Kitten maybe you shouldn t- I heard Rosalie start but then the door opened.

Hi, may IShe looked up at me surprise touching her beautiful face. She was even more gorgeous than I remembered. Her wardrobe had made a dramatic change. She was wearing a floor length blue dress with ballet flats. Her long think hair was tied in a bow and a flower stood out in her chocolate locks. Her eyes were warmer and sweeter. Her ivory skin was a more amazing milky color. She was beyond perfect and adorable now more than ever. I shook my head coming back to reality. By this time Carlisle, Esme, and Alice were behind me. Doesn t she look precious? Esme thought with a smile. Rosie apparently we have visitors. Bella said. Her voice was more quiet and shy, I noted. She opened the door wide and Rosalie appeared in the doorway. Kitten, why don t you go inside with Emmy and Jazzy? I ll handle our . . . visitors . She said. Rosie? Kitten? Emmy? Jazzy? What the hell is going on here? Bella sighed. Okay, She disappeared from our sight, her long beautiful dress flowing behind her. When she was gone Rosalie looked at Carlisle and Esme and smiled. Carlisle, Esme, come in, She said kindly. They both gave us an apologetic look. Don t go too hard on them, please. Esme said to Rosalie. We re going to say hi to Bella. You all be good. If you even think about fighting I will cut all of your credit cards and take all of your cars for a week. Then Carlisle and Esme vanished into the house. Esme s P.O.V

Carlise and I walked into the living room hand in hand. We both found Jasper, Emmett, and dear little Bella sitting on the couch. Bella, dear, please forgive us. I said softly after a moment of silence. Bella s eyes gazed at us and her head tilted. Forgive you for what? She asked confused. For leaving you here, Carlisle answered gently. You re part of the family. We should have never hurt you the way we did. Bella smiled sweetly. It s okay, really. You were all forgiven from the very beginning. I could never stay mad at you all. When those words came out of her mouth Carlisle and I ran up and hugged her tightly. Alice s P.O.V Edward and I were so close to being in the house; the only thing standing in our way was the she devil herself. What are you two doing here? She asked bitterly. We live here don t you remember? I replied. Li let us through. Edward said trying to keep his voice down. And what if I don t? She asked just as Emmett appeared behind her. O f course, she had back up. Where s Jasper? I asked changing the subject. Inside, but I doubt he wants to see you. Rosalie sniffed. My eyes narrowed. And why is that? She smirked. You ll see, very soon. Rosie, I m starving, can we get something to eat? Bella s sweet little voice came from inside the house. Sure, Kitten; I ll just be a minute. She called back.

She turned her attention back to us again. You two count yourself lucky. If Esme hadn t told us not to fight you both would have been scattered limbs. I respect Esme to much to disobey her wishes. So you can come in, make yourselves at home; but if you even think about coming a yard near Bella, you re going to be leaving this house as ash. She threatened. Don t think we re not going to be at her side 24/7. She s our little sister and we love her too much to let you two come in and waltz into her life like everything s okay, just to hurt her again. No, that s not going to happen while Rosalie and I are still walking. Emmett added. Edward and I didn t say anything as he and Rosalie walked back into the house. I looked at Edward. What are we going to do? I thought. I don t know about you, but I m going to find away to talk to Bella and explain everything. I m not going to let our so called brother and sister stop us. I love Bella more than they can even comprehend; they re not going to stop me from showing her that. I ve been waiting and suffering too long to be dealing with all this. I nodded. You re right. I ll do whatever I can to help. But right now, I really need to talk to Jasper. Both of us walked into the house. Everyone was in the living room except Rosalie and Bella. Edward and I took a seat on the couch. It was quiet for a long time. The silence kept droning on and on until Bella and Rosalie came downstairs laughing. I could feel the jealous bubbling in me. Bella was my best friend and my sister. Rosalie hated her from the start and now she just suddenly had taken my place? Not for long, I swear it. Bella had changed. She was wearing Rosalie s clothes. She was in one of Rose s purple t-shirts that fit her like a dress. A pair of blue very short shorts peeked out from underneath. She had her tied in a purple bow and had matching ballet flats to go with it.

I honestly loved her cute girly style now, but she would look better in my clothes than the she devil s clothing. Doesn t she look adorable? Rosalie commented as Bella blushed. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and Jasper laughed. She s as cute as a button, babe. Emmett said with a grin. Can we go now Rosie? Bella asked. Of course we can, babe, Jay, you wanna come with me and Kitten? She asked. Sure, Ro, we ll take my car. Jasper said standing up. Emmett stood up as well and was at Bella s side at the blink of an eye. Let s go, Cupcake. He said picking her up. Everyone had nicknames for each other except me and Edward. How are we not supposed to be offended? Carlisle and Esme really didn t count since they were like our parents. Babe, don t throw her up into the chandelier like last time! Rosalie warned. Jasper looked at her his eyebrows raised. What do you mean last time, Ro? Rosalie and Emmett looked at each other. Nothing, let s go! They said together quickly. Then they were gone. Emmett s P.O.V The four of us were sitting in a pizza parlor. Bella had just ordered her food and we were just talking now. When her food came she was quiet as the rest of us talked away. I noticed she would eat her pizza a certain way. First she would eat the pepperoni, then the crust, and then she would take a fork and scrap of the cheese and eat that. Finally she would eat what s left.

Why do you eat your pizza that way, Cupcake? I asked. Rosalie called her Kitten. Jasper called her Darling. I called her Cupcake. I thought it matched her well. Bella shrugged. I ve always eaten pizza this way, if I just ate it the regular way it would taste funny. She said popping a pepperoni in her mouth as we laughed. She was sitting on Jasper s lap while she and Rose chatted. I ve never noticed how tiny Bella was and she was adorable now, like a little doll. She was my perfect little sister. I ordered her dessert; vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. I knew it was a bit plain but I didn t know if she would eat something drowned in chocolate syrup, but turns out she loved it. She looked so cute eating her ice cream. She s the cutest isn t she? Rosalie whispered in my ear. I chuckled. You have no idea. Who couldn t love this little girl? She s a perfect little angel. When Bella was done we were headed home. Jasper drove of course while Rose and I occupied the back seat. Bella was in the passenger side munching away on a chocolate chip cookie the size of her head. Em, you really shouldn t be spoiling my girlfriend. Jasper said trying to sound mad but ended up sounding amused. I shrugged. She s too cute not to spoil. Jasper and Rosalie laughed. Bella just looked at us with her head tilted. I m not a little girl you know, I m practically an adult. She said her voice sweet and childlike despite her trying to sound big and intimidating. Jasper chuckled. Whatever you say darling, but you re my little girl.

We got home in no time. But when we did Alice and Edward were waiting for us. Jas, I need to talk to you. Alice said taking Jasper s hand. And Bella, I need to talk to you. Edward said taking Bella s hand as well.

Oh no, this could not be good. Rosalie s P.O.V If you two know what s good for you, you ll let them go. I snarled. Jasper ripped his hand away from Alice s and Bella tried to do the same; but she was only human. Just let me talk to her Li, Edward said pulling on Bella. No, you let her go right now before I rip you to shreds painfully slow and burn each piece individually in fire as hot as the pits of hell. I spat. Please, I really need to talk to her. I won t hurt her, I promise. Edward said his eyes pleading and his voice begging. I didn t buy it. Why? What could you possibly say to her? You don t even love her! You left her, hurt, and alone! What else do you have more to say! You ve already crushed her and broke her heart into a million pieces! There s nothing left for you to say! I shrieked. I wasn t mad right now. I was hurt. Why did he want to make her suffer? He dropped her hand and looked at me his eyes wanting me to understand. Li, I do love her. That s what I wanted to tell her. I wanted to tell her that I love her and I ve always loved her. I left so she had a chance at happy life. We were always distracting her with our world. I didn t want that. That s why I left. It wasn t because of her safety or mortality. I know we would never

hurt her intentionally and I know that her mortality is hers to give. I know it s her decision. I never stopped loving her. I could never stop loving her. She was the best thing in my god forbidden life. She s my salvation, my heaven on earth. I love her. I missed her every second I was gone. I lied to her to save her. I didn t want her to be distracted from the world she lived in. She was too important and precious to deal with that. I didn t tell you all because you would find some way to convince me otherwise so I also lied to all of you and told you all I didn t love her so you would all leave with me because I said it would be for the best. The only person I couldn t lie to was Alice because she saw it. She kept you all away from Forks because I told her to and I made her promise she wouldn t tell you. I didn t want you all going back and running everything. But now I know it didn t work. Alice told me everything. She was only upset with you two on the phone because you both left without us and left without telling us. She was also frustrated that you and Emmett and even Jasper kept on changing your minds and she lost sight of Bella long ago because she had stopped looking into her futures so that wasn t any help. We didn t mean to do anything. I m sorry. I m so sorry. I was an idiot and a moron. I hope you can all forgive me, especially you Bella. He turned to Bella now. Please forgive me; I was so stupid to believe that leaving was the best way. If you could forgive me I promise I would never leave your side until you send me away. You are the most important thing in my universe. I need you Bella. You ve always brand of heroin and I ve been addicted to you ever since I started loving you. I would never stop loving you for the world, never. I would rather burn in the depths of hell and be pulled apart by devil himself then stop loving you. I m so sorry. You still love me? She whispered disbelief covering her tone. Edward laughed lightly. I don t still love you; I ve always loved you, and will always love you. Can you forgive me? She stepped back and she was shaking her head. No, no, no, this can t be happening. She said to herself, her voice strained.

Then she collapsed on the floor. Emmett s P.O.V Rose was on her knees next to Bella. Carlisle! She called. When his name escaped her lips he was downstairs and by her side. What happened? He asked his doctor persona taking over. She fainted. I explained. Carlisle picked her up from the floor and placed her on the couch. Why did she faint? He asked as his hand hovered over her. Before any of us answered Carlisle looked at Edward who nodded after a moment. Yes, Carlisle mused. That would make sense, shock could have triggered it. Jasper kneeled down and spoke softly into her ear. Darling, its Jasper, wake up. Everything is okay now. Alice went up behind and put and hand on top of his. Jas now it s my turn to talk to you. Jasper eyes looked at Alice for a brief second and then went back to Bella. Then talk, He said without any emotion. She took a deep breath. Listen Jas I m sorry too. I love you so much and I don t want to lose you over some stupid fight. I m sorry I was being so clingy but it s how I handled my depression. I lost Bella my best friend, and Edward my best brother. I didn t want to lose you too. He didn t say anything. Jas, baby, say something, He still didn t reply. He took Bella s hand and kissed it softly. Come on darling, He whispered. Rose and I were next to Jasper now.

Kitten, it s Rosie, can you hear me? Rose said. Cupcake, wake up, please. I said quietly. Darling, we love you. We re here for you. You just have to wake up for us. Jasper said begging now. Minutes passed and still no response. It s not use, she s out cold. Esme said softly. Edward fell to his knees. It s my fault. I shouldn t have released that floodgate on her. She was only human. She could only take so much. What was I thinking? Jasper looked at us and signed quickly. Distract them now, I have an idea. Then Rosalie slapped me. This is all your fault! She screamed. I was confused until I saw her wink. I grinned and started playing along. Why blame me? You own half of the blame! She stood up. No I don t! You own all of the blame! She grabbed me by my t-shirt and dragged me a yard away from the couch. I will tear you to shreds. She shrieked and then she was on top of me. Jasper s P.O.V Rosalie and Emmett were at it at each other. Everyone was trying to pull them apart. Those two were such good actors. While everyone was distracted I spoke so low and quiet no one except Bella would hear. I love you so much darling. Edward and Alice won t change that. I will never love anyone but you. But if Edward is the one who truly has you heart, then I love you enough to let you go. But I ll never go back to Alice. I love you and only you. I know what Edward said was overwhelming but just know that has

changed with me. I still feel the same way. If you love Edward I won t get in your way and you can wake up for Edward. But the small chance you love me still then wake up for me, please. I promise I will be there for you when you need me. I promise I will love you till the end of time. I promise I will never leave you or abandon you. Just please, wake up. I kissed her softly on the lips. When I pulled back I held my breath. If she didn t wake up, I don t know what would happen to me. Seconds seemed like years. When I was about to give up her eyes fluttered open. Bella s P.O.V Edward was here. Jasper was here. Both love me and I both love them, but in the end I know I had to pick someone. That s what sent me over the edge . . . into darkness. But soon I found my way back to consciousness and my eyes opened. In front of me was Jasper who was holding one of my hands tightly. Hey cowboy, I said as I sat up. I was a tad bit dizzy but other than that I was fine . . . well physically. Emotionally I didn t even know how I was. I knew I loved both of them so much . . . I just don t know . . . who I love more. She s awake! Jasper said turning the rest of them who was off to the side who looked like they were trying to tear Rosalie and Emmett apart. They were immediately at my side. Are you okay Kitten? Rosalie asked. I nodded. I m fine Rosie; I guess I was just a little . . . overwhelmed.

Kitten, why don t you go upstairs and shower? You can use the one in my single bedroom. It s on the third floor, second door to the left. Use whatever you need. I smiled softly. If you don t mind Rosie, I m going just going to take a long and warm bath. It s been an . . . interesting day and I just need to relax. She nodded. Go ahead; when you come downstairs we can watch Romeo and Juliet. How about I go out and buy you popcorn? Esme offered. How long are you staying, dear? Two weeks, I replied. It s okay with Charlie. He thinks I m staying over at another friend s house. Is it okay if I wear some of your clothes, Rosie? I turned to Rosalie. She smiled. Of course, I even have extra toiletries that you can use too. You re all set for the next couple of weeks; you re welcome to stay in my room if you d like. I got up and hugged her. Thanks, I went upstairs and followed her directions. When I opened the door I found myself in a room that was painted ceiling to floor in purple. On the walls there were countless pictures; pictures of Rosalie and the rest of the Cullen s, it was like an amazing collage. On the ceiling were golden stars with the names of all the Cullen s painted in cursive. I walked around. Other than the walls and the ceiling it was a typical teenage girl s bedroom, with a bed and everything. After a moment I went into the bathroom and drew my bath adding bath salts, soaps, and whatnot. I lit a couple of candles and found a big white fluffy towel and put it next to the bathtub. I was out of the bathroom then and in the closet finding something to wear.

I found an adorable spring dress that was purple in color. It was short and strapless but it didn t matter. It was pretty. I also found matching purple ballet flats, bow, and flower. It was like Rosalie knew what I loved before I did. By the time I had my clothes all set up, my bath was set. I turned off the light letting the candles make the bathroom glow beautifully and shut off the water. I stripped down and tested the water with my foot. It was perfect. I stepped in the water and lowered myself down, the warm liquid relaxing my body instantly. The smell of lavender was amazing and the bubbles felt soothing against my skin. I was completely at ease. Edward s P.O.V It was quiet downstairs for an hour until Rosalie spoke. I don t believe you, you know. You re not going near her. She said not looking at me but making who she was talking to loud and clear. You can t stop me. She laughed dryly. Watch me. The sound of thunder echoed through the house as lighting flashed next. It s good that I came back just in time before the storm started. Esme said trying to calm the already tense air. Oh I wish you children would just get along. She thought. Jas, why don t we go upstairs and have some alone time? Alice said seductively once Carlisle and Esme gave up on trying to keep our tension at bay and retreated upstairs. I grimaced, just what I needed; vulgar thoughts in my head as Jasper and Alice had a little fun.

Rosalie pretended to gag as Emmett laughed. Give it a rest Ali, he doesn t want you. She said bitterly not even trying to sugar coat anything. Alice glared at her. Shut up, Rosa. Rosalie smirked. Make me. You re better off having alone time with Edward. Emmett collapsed on the ground in laughter and Jasper had his lips pressed together trying to suppress his amusement as Alice and I looked like we were both going to be sick. That was disgusting in so many levels. Alice was my sister and having alone time with my sister? That was enough to make me shudder in horror. Don t like that thought Eddie boy? Rosalie thought smug. Jay, pass me the remote. She said the smirk still evident on her face. He tossed her the remote and she flicked on the T.V. After a while Bella came downstairs. I turned my head to look at her and once I did my jaw dropped. She was wearing a short strapless lavender dress that clung to her figure perfectly. It rose about three inches above her knee revealing her gorgeous legs. The skin just above her chest was flawlessly exposed as her hair just flowed down her back while a purple flower was clipped in her lovely locks. She had matching ballet shoes and her little wrist was a ribbon tied into a bow. Why did she have to be so beautiful? You look so adorable! Rosalie squealed in delight. Bella looked down and blushed. Babe, looks like you got a mini you. Emmett said with a grin. Jasper chuckled. You smell like a bouquet of lavenders, darling. He commented.

I narrowed my eyes. Did Jasper just call her, darling? Has he called her this before and I just hadn t noticed? Bella smiled softly not seeming to notice. I love your room. She said quietly Rosalie. Rosalie jumped up. That reminds me, I need to start taking new pictures, come on babe. She said pulling on Emmett. Then she turned to Bella. You wanna help, Kitten? She shook her head. Maybe later, Okay, after we ll watch Romeo and Juliet. Esme had stocked the kitchen up enough to last you through winter. Then she vanished upstairs and into her room with Emmett right behind her. I got up and excused myself from the room just wanting to escape to my bedroom. I needed to think things through and with Bella in the same room I don t think I could focus on just about anything. Jasper s P.O.V I was still watching T.V. downstairs with Bella and Alice; but Bella ending up wandering through the house leaving me and Alice alone. Soon I heard someone playing the piano, Canon and Clair De Lune to be exact. Who could that be? Everyone who could play the piano in this house was upstairs. Was that . . . Bella? She knew how to play the piano? Who knew she played the piano? Alice mused, her words mirrored my thoughts. I didn t say anything. Jas, as your wife it would help if you spoke to me once in a while. She teased. I still didn t say a word. After a moment I felt a surge of desire and love, go through me and it was coming from . . . Alice. Oh no, this couldn t be good. I was about to get up and leave when the little pixie pounced on me.

Bella s P.O.V When Edward had left me I learned how to play the piano. I wanted to remember him more, so I learned how to play. Now I was playing on the Cullen s grand piano. It was such a beautiful instrument. I loved the sound it made and how I felt so comfortable playing it. I tried not to think about Jasper and Edward, and soon all I thought about was the keys I pressed. After just a minute or two I decided to go back to the living room, but I instantly regretted. There on the couch was Jasper and Alice kissing. They were kissing. I could feel tears stinging my eyes. You lied to me. How could you? I whispered. Alice didn t hear me, but I saw Jasper s body stiffen. But I didn t stay around and find out what happened out next. I was out the door and into the freezing cold rain and biting wind. I ran as fast as I could. The wind and the rain were burning my skin and my eyes, but I kept on running. Soon I was in the middle of the dark forest and I tripped on something, it was too dark for me to see. I was crying now. The rain hit me hard and the wind and thunder was deafening. How could I have been so stupid? I should have known Jasper doesn t love me. Why would he love me? He has Alice. It s a wonder how Edward loves me. Oh why did I have to fall in love with Jasper? I could have just waited for Edward to come back and we can continue our lives like nothing ever happened. I could have been happy. We could have been in the house right now sitting in front of the piano as he played my lullaby or we would have been in his room as we listened to his endless music. I should have known better. I already had gotten my heart broken once. Why did I just have to go off and get it broken a second time?

Being out here, lying on the forest floor had a cruel sense of déjà vu to it. It was just like the night Edward left me. The only differences were, I was in the utter darkness in the middle of the storm; and I was in love with Jasper. Bella! Bella! Someone was calling my name, but the wind was too loud for me to recognize the voice. I hoped it was Edward or at least Rosalie or Emmett. But I didn t find out. The next second I felt the darkness take me. Jasper s P.O.V When I heard Bella s quiet voice I felt her hurt pull me out of the world that was Alice. That pixie used my empathy against me. She mustered every molecule of desire and love in her body and threw it at me, knowing I wouldn t be able to handle it. But it only took Bella s pained voice to snap me out of it. I pushed Alice back. I looked to where Bella was and my eyes ended up at the open front door. A crack of lightning flashed as the rain started beating down tenfold. Without even thinking I was out the door. I ran faster than I ever could. I circled the house calling Bella s name over and over. I was going to call for help when I heard the distant sound of Bella crying. I didn t miss a beat as I raced to where the sound was coming from. The pain, hurt, and betrayal coming from her stabbed me multiple times but I kept on going. She had run far into the forest. When I found her she was on the ground, her eyes closed, and her body trembling. I was dry sobbing now. Bella, I m so sorry. You re okay now. I ve got you, darling. I picked her up and pushed through the storm making it back to the house. I burst through the door calling Carlisle immediately.

Carlisle s P.O.V Carlisle! Carlisle! Jasper s voice disturbed the peaceful atmosphere around me. I went downstairs to him and Bella in his arms. Both were soaking wet, but Bella had her eyes closed and was shaking violently. She looked limp and lifeless. Everyone was around us now. Carlisle, you have to do something. She ran out into the storm and when I found her she was in this condition. Please, you have to save her. His voice sounded so anguished. The rain dripping down his face made an illusion of real tears. Jay, what happened? Rosalie asked. Her face horrified. He shook his head not wanting to answer. Jasper, give Bella to Rosalie, Rosalie change Bella into dry clothing, and bring her back to my office now. I said not hesitating. They did what I said in just a matter of seconds. By that time I was in my office setting everything up. Jasper and Emmett were downstairs still, while Edward, Alice, Esme, and I were all upstairs. Is she going to be okay? Esme asked. I turned to her. For the first time, I really didn t have an answer. I don t know. I really don t know. Emmett s P.O.V What the hell happened Jazz? If Edward and Alice had anything to do with this then I m going to hurt them. No one does this to by my sister. I signed furious. He looked at me his eyes agonized. Em, it was my fault. She caught me kissing Alice. Alice s emotions were just too strong, I couldn t fight it. I feel horrible. Just end my suffering quickly.

It took me a minute to recover from the shock. I shook my head. You contradicted yourself with your own words. It wasn t your fault that Alice s emotions were too strong and I m not going to do anything to you. Jazz, she s going to fine. But he and I both knew that there was doubt with my voice. Anything could happen . . . she s only human. Rosalie s P.O.V I changed Bella quickly. It was difficult since she was shaking so hard. Its okay, Kitten. Rosie s got you; you re going to be okay. We re going to take care of you. I whispered. After she was changed I wrapped her tightly in multiple blankets. Then I took her to Carlisle s office. I laid her on the hospital bed that was in the middle of the room. Carlisle began putting her on oxygen mask, setting up her IV s, attaching her to a heart rate monitor, breathing monitor, blood pressure monitor; and so many other monitor and other things. I honestly just guessed to what they could be for. Soon enough the air was filled with beeping noises of all kinds, it would be irritating on any other day . . . but now especially that it s beeping so slow . . . I depend on the sound. Jay, Babe, get up here! I called. They were both up here in a matter of seconds. I needed them here and so did Bella. Carlisle was taking her temperature now. She s dehydrated. There s a nine out of ten chance that she could catch pneumonia and there is also the same probability that she has hypothermia. Her heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure are all low. Even her blood sugar is low. She has cuts and scratches, a sprained ankle, and both of her wrists are twisted. Carlisle said low telling us her diagnosis.

He said it in understandable terms and we know that she was in terrible condition. We were all looking at each other our faces matching one another. We were all concerned and deathly afraid. Jasper, how long did it take for you to find her? Carlisle asked still working over Bella. Twenty minutes, He answered unemotional. How long did it take you to get back? Ten minutes, How was the weather? And as if to answer him, a crash of thunder rumbled through the house and rain began pelting the roof hard. Her temperature is . . . one hundred and five. Carlisle whispered. We were pin quiet. She could die. I said inaudibly. No one answered me. I already knew the answer. Jasper s P.O.V Once those three words escaped Rose s mouth I was out the door. I went into my room and slammed the door behind me. I collapsed on my bed and began crying. After a moment there was a knock on the door. What do you want? I snarled. Who the hell could that be? Couldn t my family just let me suffer alone? Jay? It s Ro. Listen Jay; it s going to all right. We re going to be by your side every second. You re not going through this alone. We all love Bella, and we re worried for her life; but Bella wouldn t want you in your room crying. You have to be strong for Bella. She needs you. She needs your strength. Rosalie s voice was quiet and gentle.

Ro it s all my fault. I hurt her. If I wasn t strong enough to fight stupid emotions then I can t be strong enough for Bella. I replied my voice just a whisper now all signs of anger gone and just misery covered my voice. Yes you can. You have to. Please, Jasper. She said begging now. I can t. I can t hurt her again. I just can t Ro. I did this to her. You didn t do anything, Jay. You have to understand that. She was fragile. That elf just picked the wrong time to mess with you. Please Jay, she needs you. You can t leave her or abandon her. You promised. I was quiet for a few moments sorting out all my thoughts. I opened the door to find Ro s hand just about to turn the door knob. I managed to smile half heartedly. Then I guess I have to keep that promise don t I? Edward s P.O.V I was sitting next to Bella s bed. I held her hand tightly as I sang to her gently. Every now and then I would kiss her hand. Carlisle had his hands hovering over her. This was all my fault. I shouldn t have come on that strongly. If I didn t just confess everything to her then maybe she wouldn t have fainted and wouldn t have gone into the night during a storm. Bella, love, I m so sorry. I love you so much, sweetheart. I promise things will be different once you re healthy. Until then I ll be by your side every second. She was still shaking and her fingers were colder than mine even though her fever was sky rocketing in the air.

Alice was on the other side of me. She ll be okay E.C., She said her voice trying to hid the uncertainty. Al, you re my sister, I know you too well and I know when you re lying to me. She didn t say anything, she knew I was right. Jasper and Rose came in then and went to the other side of Bella as Emmett joined them too. How is she? Rosalie asked. Oh she s perfectly fine Rosa, Alice answered sarcastically. She s the picture of health. Rosalie shot her a look. Stupid little pixie. Watch it Brandon or you re going to find every one of your designer clothes shredded. She hissed. She sneered as she said Alice s human last name. Don t you even think about it Hale, and anyway it was a stupid question to ask. Do you not see her? Alice countered. Stereotype dumb blonde. Shut up, Brandon. Make me Hale, Children, please, you re going to wake up Bella, Esme said but they were already at it. Oh I will make you! You better shut your mouth or I ll shut it for you! Rosalie threatened. You re all talk you prissy bobble head Barbie doll! Excuse me! You re gonna get it you irritating little gnome! Rosalie was about to jump over Bella s bed to get Alice when Emmett pulled her back. Let me go, babe! I m going to rip that elf s eyes out! I m going to pull out that blonde hair of yours, you little drama queen! Alice screamed. Then she made an attempt to go at Rosalie when I pulled her back.

Will you two stop! Arguing isn t going to help Bella! I said firmly. Edward might be an ass, but he s right! Emmett agreed. I didn t know whether to appreciate that or not. Stay out of this, McCarty! Alice hissed. You don t talk to him like that! If anyone is suppose to stay out of anything it s Masen! Rosalie retorted. They were both struggling to get out of our grips. Then I felt a calming wave pass through me. Jasper was trying to calm everyone down but they didn t want to be calmed down. Stop it now! Carlisle said. If Rosalie and Alice weren t so angry they would have listened, but not now. They were yelling insults at each other back and forth until Jasper spoke. Stop it, both of you right now! What will happen if Bella wakes up and find both of her sisters fighting like six year olds! They both stopped. Both of them loved Jasper, as either a brother or a lover. Emmett and I weren t loved by both of them. Rosalie hates me. Alice hates Emmett. Then there was Carlisle and Esme, they were our parents. We couldn t love them as lovers or a brother or sister, so they didn t count per say. Jasper was the mediator between both of them. It was silent for a moment and then Bella began coughing violently. We all looked at her as Carlisle tried to calm her coughing down. When she finally stopped, Bella s eyes opened slightly. Kitten! Oh my goodness, are you okay? Rosalie asked as she pushed the rest of us away and sat on the edge of Bella s bed. She combed her hand through Bella s hair. Rosie? I m fine. Bella s voice was as quiet as a sigh and it was muffled by her oxygen mask.

Never do that again! You re in terrible condition! I m sorry, Her eyes flickered to Jasper who was on her left side and then to me who was on the other side. Hi, She said sweetly. I smiled. Hi, I said taking her hand and kissing it softly. Do you need anything, love? I asked hesitantly. Was I allowed to call her love still? She shook her head. I m fine, thank you. She replied as I took a breath of relief. Why don t I make you soup, dear? Esme suggested. Yes please, How are you feeling, Princess? Carlisle asked as Esme disappeared downstairs. Princess? She s been back in the family for a few days and she s already daddy s girl. Icky, She said with a pout. She sounded so cute. Then she looked up at me. Can I have a tissue? She asked. E.C. I turned to see Alice with a box of tissues. She tossed them to me and I gave a tissue to Bella. Carlisle? Can I take off the mask? I need to blow my nose. Carlisle chuckled. Of course, Princess She took off the mask and blew her nose a couple of times. Then she sneezed. She even sneezed cute. You sneeze like a kitten, Kitten. Rosalie said handing her another tissue.

Cupcake, if you ever decide to go hiking during a storm, you might want to wear some heavier clothing and bring an umbrella. Emmett joked. Rosalie hit him on the back of his head. That s out of the question! Ouch, babe, I was joking. Jasper was the only who hadn t spoken. He was sitting off to the side his eyes averted down to his hands that were on his lap. Alice had brought Bella more blankets and was now tucking her tightly. She brought the blanket that was in my room and the blankets that were in her room. She also had blankets from Carlisle and Esme s room too. She was perfectly fine, Brandon, you don t want her to get a heat stroke. Rosalie said sourly, taking a couple of the blankets off of Bella. She s still shaking, Hale. Alice said snatching the blankets and putting them back where they were. While they argued Bella looked at me. Why are Rosie and Alice calling each other by their last names? She asked. I sighed. Well, love; you know how we have our nicknames, right? Well when we re having our . . . differences we tend to call each other by our human last names. Why are they fighting? They re not fighting exactly; they re just having a few arguments. I said trying to make it sound better than it was. Well you don t have to put her under like ten thick blankets! You re better off putting her under a tanning light! Rosalie said he voice louder now.

Excuse me if I don t want her to get pneumonia or hypothermia! Alice retorted. She s already has three of our thickest blankets! Yes, yours, Emmett s, and Jasper s! Let me guess . . . it was just some sort of coincidence that it had to be you three! No, it s not a coincidence! I would have taken Carlisle and Esme s blankets too but they were much too thick! Oh and what about mine and Edward s? You two lived in this house? I totally forgot! Rosalie said feigning innocence. That s it, your ash, Hale! Not before you Brandon! Then I felt Bella s hand on mine. I looked at her. What is it, love? Make them stop fighting, please, She said quietly. I hesitated. I really didn t want to get in between this, but I had no choice. Li, Al, will you two stop? Do you two really want to start a fight in front of Bella? I asked. Those two were inches away from each other and ready to claw each other; both in crouches and their fingers ready to scratch. They both stopped and looked at Bella who was looking at them. Alice was the first to get out of her crouch. Your right E.C., She said quietly. Rosalie looked at me for a minute, her eyes narrowed. After a moment she got up. Whatever Masen,

Esme was back with a tray with a bowl of soup and a cup of hot chocolate. Bella sat up slowly and Esme put the tray on her lap. Thank you, Bella said softly. Esme smiled. It was my pleasure, dear. Bella started eating while we all were quiet. You know E.C., Alice started trying to start off some conversation. Bella knows how to play the piano, My eyebrows rose. Oh really? I said sneaking a peek at Bella. She smiled. Not really, I just know how to play a couple of songs. I chuckled. Well, love, when you get better, I ll teach you the ways of the master. I teased. Bella laughed weakly, but Alice laughed enough for two. Ways of the master, E.C.? It s not like your teaching her karate. I shrugged. I didn t know what else to say. Well I ve heard her play Canon and Clair De Lune. Alice replied. I smiled. Oh, I was thinking she was playing Mary had a little lamb or something of that sort. Bella rolled her eyes. No, I was playing twinkle twinkle star. I laughed. Whatever you say, I replied kissing her on the cheek. She finished her meal and Esme the leftovers downstairs. Soon she was asleep. Carlisle carefully put her oxygen mask on again and took her temperature. We waited anxiously for the results. One hundred and seven, Carlisle read.

We were stunned silent. Carlisle took a deep breath and forced these words out. If we re not careful . . . she could die any moment. Jasper s P.O.V I could feel Bella s pain. It was stronger than ever, but I had to admit; she was an amazing actress when she wanted to be. I felt awful. I needed to get everyone out of the room so I could explain everything to her but she wouldn t even look at me. The short time when she did, there was a stab of ache. I hurt her so much and I ruined everything. I took Rosalie and Emmett downstairs. Why haven t you said anything to her Jazz? Emmett signed. I shook my head. I can t Em. I don t even deserve to talk to her. I feel absolutely horrible. Rosalie took my hand and sat me on the couch. What exactly happened, Jay? I explained everything but in full details since it was Rosalie that I was talking to. When I was done she took a deep breath. Jay, stop beating yourself up about this. Just explain everything to her. I looked down. It won t work, Ro. Yes it will. Stop being so negative. Just get up there and do it. Emmett and I will find a way to get everyone out of the room. I shook my head again. I have to do this all on my own. You two have done too much for me. I probably owe you more than we own.

Emmett chuckled from behind us and we turned to him. You re our brother, dude. If you wanted to move a couple mountains we d be behind your back moving them with you. If you wanted to kidnap the president we d gag him while you stuffed him in a bag. If you wanted to get a star for your girlfriend we d fly the ship and find a box to put the star in. We re family and family is always there for each other. Rosalie and I looked at each other. Babe, when did you become Mr. Maturity and Sensitivity? He shrugged. It s once every blue moon. We all laughed and Rose linked arms with me. Come on, Jay; let s get back to our little Daffodil. Alice s P.O.V I was sitting next to Bella s bed combing her hair while Edward continued to sing to her. Carlisle was checking her monitors as Esme dabbed Bella s forehead with a cool wet towel. We might have to give her an ice bath just to get the fever down. Carlisle said taking her temperature for the fifth time. Don t you think that wouldn t be such a good idea since she s still shaking? Esme pointed out. Carlisle sighed, frustrated. How s her future looking, Al? Edward asked me. Not too good, I answered unwillingly. Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper walked back in the room then. All three of them sat on the other side of the bed. After a moment of silence Bella s little eyes fluttered open. Hi love, Edward greeted her and kissed her hand. Hi, She replied yawning and rubbing her eyes. She took off her oxygen mask and stomach rumbled.

You hungry, Bunny? I asked. Rosalie rolled her eyes. Bunny? Brilliant nickname, Brandon. I shot her a look. Shut it, Hale. God, she was annoying my last nerve. Stop fighting, Bella said her voice still weak. You don t tell me to shut up, Rosalie growled. After she said that came a mouthful of insults from me and a couple mouthfuls from Rosalie. Everyone was trying to get us to stop but we were at it for a good ten minutes until Bella started coughing again. Carlisle tried to calm her down but after a minute she didn t stop. I- Can t- Breathe- She coughed out. Her voice was panicky. Edward get the oxygen mask back on her now! Carlisle ordered his voice far from his calm character. Edward did what he said. Bella was gasping for air now and then it was quiet. Our heads snapped up at Bella. Her eyes her closed. Oh no. Oh god no. Her monitors were still beeping . . . except one. Her breathing monitor. Alice turn on the oxygen tank higher! Carlisle demanded. I did as I was told nearly breaking the knob in the process. We waited all of us holding our breath. Then Bella gasped. We all let out a breath of relief. She was breathing hard but at least she was breathing. You re okay now, love. We re going to take good care of you. Edward said kissing her hand over and over. She didn t speak. Bella, I need to tell you something. Jasper said stepping up and kneeling beside her. She turned her head away from him. Bella, please forgive me, He said softly.

Jasper, the family, Rosalie warned. He shook his head. It s a good time for everyone to know the truth. He took a deep breath. Bella, I m sorry I hurt you. I m sorry I broke my promise. It s all my fault, I know. If only I had told the family in the first place and didn t hide it none of this would happen. But Alice, Alice s emotions were just so strong and I couldn t fight back. I m sorry I wasn t strong enough for you, Darling. I feel sick to my absolute core. I love you so much. You are everything to me. You re my soul, my light, my anything and everything. I would do anything for you. Please. I just need you re forgiveness. If you can t love me, then I can let you go. It would kill me inside, but if it s what you want then so be it. I hate myself, hate doesn t even cover how much I despise myself for getting you into this. If only I was stronger . . . Everyone except Rosalie and Emmett were in utter shock. You don t love me anymore? I asked Jasper quietly. He looked up at me. Alice, you were my absolute world. I will always love you, but in a different way. Bella s my universe, now. I hope we can still be friends. I smiled and hugged him. If you re happy, Jasper, then I m happy. Edward s P.O.V Jasper s memories of Bella and him flooded into my mind. It hurt to see my Bella with someone other than me . . . But she looked happy. Bella, love, I said squeezing her hand. If you love Jasper, then don t let me stop you two from being happy. I wouldn t trust anyone else with you. Now say you loved Mike Newton . . . Then that would be a different story. I said with a slight smile.

She laughed weakly. Thank you, Edward, She said. She touched my cheek. I ll always love you, never forget that. She turned to Jasper then. Jasper, I m sorry to say that you re stuck with me until you stop loving me, because I ll never stop loving you. Jasper smiled at her, his eyes filled with so much love that I knew that I had made the right choice. Carlisle sighed. Jasper, I was going to ask Edward, but I see because of the change of events, I was going to ask if you would to change Bella. If she s not changed soon, she will die. Jasper looked at Bella, but she just smiled. It s your choice. But I would love to spend eternity with you. Then so be it,

A few years later . . . Bella was changed that same day and her death was faked, which officially started her immortal life. After two years of being together, Jasper finally proposed to Bella. Rosalie and Emmett, and Alice and Edward got along soon enough and everyone was eventually a true family. Alice and Edward never found mates but they were happy nonetheless. And they all lived happily ever after . . . . The End.

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