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MAY 21, 2011 - MAY 27, 2011

Whitney Houston Update Enon Baptist Church & Baltimore Child Abuse Center
See Rev. Sun Myung Moon A5 a Finalist to Win $500,000 B4
Commerce Department
Launches Digital Divide
Initiative at Coppin
By Shernay Williams providing free Internet and of services and tutorials
AFRO Staff Writer computer skills training and including how to apply to
a host of best practices tools jobs online, surf the Web, set
Commerce officials and to help educators instruct new up social networking pages
federal lawmakers chose Internet users. and protect children online. It
Coppin State University as the The site, www.Digital was launched by the National
site to unveil a new website, offers a range Telecommunications and
Information Administration,
a division of the Commerce
Department that has invested
$4 billion in stimulus funding
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
to create or enhance public
President Barack Obama, T.D. Jakes and other guests listen to vocalist Wintley Phipps
computer centers around the
during the Easter Prayer Breakfast in the East Room of the White House, April 19.
“We are working to

T.D. Jakes Chastises Franklin ensure Americans have

every resource possible to
improve job prospects,” U.S.

Graham for Obama Statements Commerce Secretary Gary

Locke said during the site
launch. “In a globalized, 21st
By AFRO Staff when he said he accepted is a Christian. But the debate century economy, when you
Christ, and I’m disappointed comes, what is a Christian?” don’t have regular access
Megachurch pastor Bishop in Rev. Franklin Graham in “For him (Obama), to the high-speed Internet-
T.D. Jakes this weekend that regard.” going to church means he’s and the skills to use it – you
denounced the Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the world- a Christian. For me, the confront a narrowed world
Graham for questioning renowned evangelist Billy definition of a Christian of educational, business, and
President Obama’s faith in a Graham, made his statements is whether we have given employment opportunities.”
recent television interview. in an interview with journalist our life to Christ and are Locke and U.S. Sens.
“I find it insulting,” Jakes Christiane Amanpour on following him in faith, and Barbara A. Mikulski and
said May 15 on TV One’s ABC’s “This Week,” which we have trusted him as our Benjamin Cardin announced
“Washington Watch with was broadcast on Easter Lord and Savior,” Graham the initiative in Coppin’s
Roland Martin,” also accusing Sunday. continued. “That’s the Health and Human Services
Graham of hypocrisy. Asked to address the definition of a Christian; it’s Building, the location of
“We didn’t question the persistent rumors that not as to what church you’re the university’s 1-year-old
Christianity of President Bush President Obama was not a a member of. A membership community computer center,
U.S. citizen and is a secret doesn’t make you a which was Maryland’s first
Listen to “First Edition” Muslim, Graham said, “As it Christian.” Photo by Sribala Narasimhadevara computer hub funded under
relates to Muslim, there are Obama has faced doubts U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced the the Dept. of Commerce’s
many people that do wonder about his Christian faith even launch of an online portal that offers Internet and broadband initiatives.
where he really stands on that. before he became president. computer skills training for residents and teaching tips Although the Internet
Join Host Sean Yoes Now, he has told me that he Continued on A3 for instructors at Coppin State University on May 13. Continued on A3

Partial Victory —State to HBCU Civil Rights Lawsuit

 Sunday @ 8 p.m. on
88.9 WEAA FM, the
Voice of the Community.
Redraw Plans for Youth Jail State Argues HBCUs Not Needed
By Shernay Williams population and a reduction in crime
By Shernay Williams month.
AFRO Staff Writer and arrests.
Roughly 60 spectators crowded
Your History • Your Community • Your News

AFRO Staff Writer

The youth jail would house
the courtroom to witness the two-
Plans for a controversial youth jail offenders under the age of 18 being
“If you create a ballpark in and-a-half-hour long hearing,
proposed for East Baltimore have been tried as adults or are awaiting
a cornfield, it doesn’t mean the forcing a handful of attendees
returned to the drawing table after an appropriate sentencing to out-of-home
baseball players will come,” to sit in vacant juror seats. Most
independent criminal justice research placement. Currently, these youth are
Assistant Attorney General were African Americans donning
organization reported state prison detained in a unit of the Baltimore
Campbell Killefer told a federal paraphernalia from the state’s
officials overestimated the bed count. City Detention Center, which in
court judge May 18 in tones of
The National Council on Crime 2006, federal officials deemed
and Delinquency (NCCD) released a unconstitutional because it failed
Even if Maryland were to
“State action
24-page bed space analysis May 12, to appropriately separate youth and
that said the facility would only need adults.
allocate additional funding to its continues to foster all
four HBCUs, he implied, that
117 beds over the next 30 years based Department of Public Safety and
on current sentencing regulations, Correctional Services Secretary Gary
wouldn’t elevate their retention the elements that
or graduation rates nor would it
far less than the most recent 180 bed Maynard said the state is considering
guarantee more diverse students
affect student choice
count, and substantially lower than the redrawing the design for the jail in
original 230 beds planned for the jail. wake of the new projections, although
would be attracted to the schools. and make students
The attorney, who represents
The nonprofit credited the decline it could delay breaking ground on the
to Baltimore’s lowering youth Continued on A3
the Maryland Higher Education want to attend other
Commission, said he was appalled
at the notion that “the state is
supposed to allocate its scarce
resources in a field of dreams.” HBCUs—Coppin State University,
Killefer had come before U.S. Morgan State University, Bowie
District Judge Catherine C. Blake State University and the University
to argue why the nearly 5-year-old of Maryland Eastern Shore.
case against the state that alleges After Killefer argued his case
it underfunds HBCUs and allows on behalf of the state, two attorneys
duplicate programs at traditionally for the plaintiffs—the Coalition
White institutions (TWIs) should be for Equity and Excellence in
dismissed. Higher Education and eight current
The state has filed a motion of students and alumni from Maryland
Photo by Heber Brown III
summary judgment to have the HBCUs—countered why the case
Youth Jail protesters gathered at outside Dunbar High School for Youth entire case thrown out before it can should stand trial.
Join the AFRO on head to a trial scheduled for next Continued on A5
Twitter and Facebook Justice in Nov. 2010.

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A2 The Afro-American, May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011

AFRO National Briefs

CNN Anchor Don Lemon: ‘I First Lady Shares Wisdom
Was Born Gay’ at Spelman College
Emmy Award-winning Graduation
CNN news anchor Don In an inspiring message
Lemon announced he’s gay in drawn from lessons gleaned
a press release promoting his from female leaders like
autobiography, Transparent. Marian Wright Edelman
Saddened by the suicide of and Janet Bragg, first lady
Rutgers University student Michelle Obama spoke
Tyler Clementi – a gay before 550 graduating seniors
teenager—Lemon said he and nearly 10,000 of their
wrote the book in the New supporters at the historically
Jersey student’s memory and Black women’s school
for the “millions of young, Spelman College. (Courtesy Photo )
gay people who believe they Obama encouraged “Sesame Square,” a Nigerian version of the popular
are alone when dealing with the graduates to pursue “Sesame Street” children’s series, will examine issues like
their own sexual identities.” the mission of community HIV/AIDS and hygiene.
“I finally mustered the service enacted by the
courage to tell [my mother] school’s founders. Nigerian ‘Sesame Street’ content,” in the wake of
that I had been molested as “Find those folks who Adaptation to Feature HIV- recent earthquakes there.
a child and that I was born have so much potential but Positive Character The organization has also
gay, my life began to change so little opportunity and do A Nigerian version of worked with Haiti, India and
in positive ways that I never for them what Spelman has the popular children’s show Bangladesh in their outreach
imagined possible. Yet I still done for you,” Obama said. “Sesame Street” is set to efforts.
chose to keep those secrets “No matter where you go in debut on May 21, and will
tackle weighty issues such as Del. Mother Charged
hidden from the world. I, like the world, you will find folks
for Beating Son with
most gay people, lived a life who have been discounted HIV/AIDS discrimination,
Extension Cord for Taking
of fear,” Lemon wrote. “Fear or dismissed, but who have hygienic practices and ways Check
that if some employers, co- every bit as much promise as to cope with death. A Delaware mother faces
workers, friends, neighbors you have. They just haven’t The show, which will be felony charges after police
and family members learned had the chance to fulfill it. re-titled “Sesame Square,” said she beat her 9-year-old
of my sexuality, I would It is your obligation to bring is a collaboration between
be shunned, mocked and Spelman to those folks. Be Sesame Street International
ostracized. It is a burden that as ambitious for them as and USAID/Nigeria. More
millions of people carry with Spelman has been for you.” than three years in the
making and funded by a
them every single day. And Obama went on to
nearly $4 million budget, the
sadly, while the mockery and share her transformation show will air on Nigeria’s
ostracizing are realized by from a Chicago girl National Television Authority
millions of people every day, with humble roots, to a every Saturday and Sunday,
I truly believe it doesn’t have corporate executive and according to The Associated
to happen and that’s why I later, executive director of a Press.
feel compelled to share what nonprofit organization. She Among its characters,
I’ve written in Transparent.” also encouraged the young the show will feature two
In a Twitter post on women to recognize and unique muppets: Kami, an
May 15, Lemon thanked combat naysayers. HIV-positive girl and Zobi, a
his supporters. “I’m “There will always blue muppet with an affinity (Courtesy Photo)
for yams. The educational Serena Wardlaw
overwhelmed by all your be folks who try to raise
tweets and support! Hoping themselves up by cutting program targets children, son with an extension cord
this prevents more tragedies other people down.  That parents and caregivers. for taking a check from her
like tyler clementi’s suicide,” happens to everyone, “The television series is checkbook to purchase a
committed to the principle book at his school’s book fair.
he tweeted. including me, throughout
that all children deserve a According to Philadelphia
their lives.  But when that
chance to learn and grow; NBC affiliate WCAU, Serena
happens to you all, here’s to be prepared for school; to
what I want you to do. I Wardlaw, 42, of New Castle,
better understand the world Del. was arrested and charged
want you to just stop a and each other; to think,
minute.  Take a deep breath, with four counts of second-
dream and discover and to degree assault and five counts
because it’s going to need reach their highest potential,” of endangering a child.
to be deep — and I want USAID said in a statement. The abuse was discovered
you to think about all those The partnership between by her son’s elementary
women who came before the two groups will produce school nurse, who notified
you, women like those first 78 half-hour episodes, and authorities after she found
11 students. Think about provide 81,000 activity wounds on both of the boy’s
how they didn’t sit around books, 5,400 guides arms. An investigation later
bemoaning their lack of for caregivers and 240 revealed that she struck the
resources and opportunities storyboards. Materials will boy after he took the check to
and affirmation.”  be distributed to orphans pay for the book.
(Courtesy Photo) and other vulnerable Police also found that
Don Lemon children through an outreach Wardlaw had previously
program. Training will be struck her 7-year-old twin
made available for 5,000 daughters. “Prior injury
caregivers. marks about their body that
The makers of Sesame was consistent with being
Street have also begun struck with the same object,”
a new effort to provide police told The Philadelphia
natural disaster preparedness Inquirer.
education for children Wardlaw was released
and families. Sesame
on $21,000 bail and was
Street Workshop recently
collaborated with the Chinese prohibited from having
foundations to “distribut[e] unsupervised contact with her
emergency response children.
November 1, 2008 - November 7, 2008, The Washingto

A2 Jennifer Hudson and Relatives Identify Body of Her Slain

The Afro-American, May 21, 2011 - May 21, 2011 A3 N May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011, The Afro-American

Maryland Unveils Program to Monitor Prescription Drugs

By Alan King sport-utility vehicle sought in from a neighbor about a suspi- posted f
AFRO Staff Writer connection with the murder of cious vehicle. The man noticed graph a
Hudson’s mother and brother. the vehicle while walking his Sunday
Jennifer Hudson and other The white, 1994 Chevrolet dog. According to the Chicago for the
By George Barnette relatives positivelythose doctors
identified Suburban with Illinois license Tribune, the boy had been shot primary care “A substantial number of individuals in the her nep
AFRO Staff Writer and pharmacies multiple times in the back seat to be able to state of Maryland die from drug abuse every blog, sh
that have of the vehicle. The SUV, regis- get individuals year,” said Dr. David Fowler, Maryland’s chief porters
Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley signed a become tered to Hudson’s murdered identified medical examiner, at the roundtable discussion. offered
bill into law last week creating a program to “pill mills.” brother, was towed with the early in the “In fact we see more people dying from drug anyone
monitor prescription drug use in the state of Officials boy’s body inside and is being progression of abuse each year than we do from homicides alive.
Maryland. “Public safety is among our most say they processed by evidence techni- their addiction and motor vehicle collisions. Therefore it’s one Sinc
solemn obligations as public servants, and will use this cians and workers. The body and early in the of those things that we really need to be paying Hudson
was later removed and taken to after ap
preventing the abuse of prescription drugs – information to progression of attention to.”
the Cook County Medical Idol,” a
the fastest growing drug problem in Maryland prosecute those their disease An Advisory Board on Prescription Drug
Examiner’s office. Academ
– is a big part of our strategy to protect abusing the Hudson and other Stock Image
family to get them Monitoring will be formed to create, design the mov
Maryland families,” said Gov. O’Malley in a system. members arrived at the Medical preferable and implement the program according the stayed o
statement. It will also have other benefits to the state treatment,”office
Examiner’s Cargiulo said at a roundtable
mid-after- DHMH. There will be 17 members of the The
The program, administered by the as well. Tom Cargiulo, director of DHMH discussion.
noon to identify the body. Julian King, Jennnifer board including
Hudson’s physicians,
nephew. a nurse, a law ed that
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration is Given Thetheneedchoice for between
this new look-
law is evident in enforcement official and two Maryland slowly
Hygiene (DHMH), will target addictive happy about the initiative as he says it will not facts provided by
ing directly at the body or DHMH. Between A2007 and
spokesman residents.
for the office The first
murders of but
the advisory board
is being held in Monday
prescription drugs and electronically link only punish people for committing crimes, 2010, treatment
viewing admission relatedtold
it on a wall-mounted to the
the abuse
newspaperisthat dueHudson
to the governor
jail forby Dec.violation
parole 1, 2012. after news va
them through the medical and pharmaceutical but it will identify other’s who need substance
Courtesy Photos
of prescription opiates, which accounted for Prescription monitoring data will be
communities according to the DHMH. DHMH abuseandtreatment. 55 percent of all intoxication deaths in 2010, confidential and privileged and protected from
says that through this system, officials will
be “The
was killed, as well as her brother, Jason.
her mom, Darnell Donerson who
really exciting piece of this is we
“She held hands with her family. It was obviously a very emotional momen
increased 106 percent and poison control calls use in civil litigation. This program will go into
able to pinpoint patients who doctor shop and can really start to have better integration with related to oxycodone increased 250 percent. effect on Oct. 1.
video screen, the family chose “remained strong for her fami- being convicted of attempted violenc

Jakes Chastises Graham Hines Dropped as

the body of her 7-year-old plate X584859 was found on the latter. According to the ly” and was clearly its leader. murder and vehicular hijack- In fr
nephew Monday, just hours Chicago’s West Side after Tribune, Hudson said, “Yes, “She held hands with her fami- ing. Cook County records show home, m
ly,” the spokesman said. “It that he pleaded guilty to both
County School Bd. Pres.
after his body was found in a police received a 7 a.m. call that’s him.” and hoo
Continued from A1 was obviously a very emotional charges in 1999. He was also kiss the

ACORN Fights Back

moment.” convicted in 1998 for posses- ing the
During his campaign for the White House then-candidate Obama Jakes and others also condemned Graham for wading
was hounded by rumors of his supposed Islamic leanings – fed
by his estranged father’s birth into a Muslim household and
into politics and aligning himself with right-wing political
figures such as Sarah Palin and now-discredited “birther”
A year earlier than expected
The boy – the son of Julia sion of a stolen motor vehicle.
Hudson, Jennifer’s sister – had He was released from prison in
By missing
Shernaysince Friday,
Williams mistake
2006 afterlate last year
serving sevenand
Leader Calls Voter Registration Fraud Charges ‘Bogus’
Obama’s upbringing in countries like Indonesia – forcing him to Donald Trump, of whom Graham said, “The more you listen when
AFRO a relative
Staff Writerfound Julian’s contacted
for the board,”
the attempted murderheand West, a
make explicit statements about his Christian beliefs during a Jan. to him, the more you say to yourself, you know, maybe the grandmother, Darnell car hijacking charges.
explained. “Ultimately, the area tol
15, 2008 presidential debate and inBy other
King guy’s right.”
and Dallas Cowboys players No wonder Obama’s campaign is Donerson, 57, and his uncle,
As of June 30, Earnest Thethat
letter boy said
2012 missing
is not have to
And despite those declarations, 2011 Staff
AFRO pollsWriter
indicate that TonyWhite
RomoHouse and Terrell PressOwens,Secretary trying
Jay Carney
to distancesaid him during
fromanthe Jason
Hines will
to death through
law; the
a statue
long weekend
is law.”
in young c
at least one in five Americans believed him to be Muslim. April 25
among thepress
submitted“Itothink it’s unfortunate
group, saying, “Barack that a religious
Obama in his grandmother’s home in
as Baltimore
which police and volunteers
Baltimore for wha
During Easter, some wondered why Presidential
Obama didn’t release
candidate a
John election
leader wouldofficials. choose Easter Sunday Neverto make
Organized preposterous
with ACORN.” the 7000 block of South Yale
County’s school County schools
proclamation – though he hosted McCain’s
an Easterattack Prayer onBreakfast
ACORN –at Hurd said those workers, who But Obama’s ties to ACORN run
charges.” Avenue.
Associated Community were doing those things without long and deep. He taught classes board president, spokesman
the White House. “I wanted to host this breakfast for a simple And CNN belief blogger, Stephen Prothero, a Boston An Amber
one year
Alert – a desig-
earlier Charles
Organization for Reform Now – ACORN’s knowledge or permis- for ACORN. They even endorsed nation for high-risk missing
reason – because as busy as we are, as many tasks as pile up, University religion scholar, said in a May 17 column that than he expected. Herndon said
confirms the success of the sion, were fired. him for President. children – was issued Friday
during this season, we are reminded that there’s something Graham was a “political
“The evidence that has sur- hack,” who was ACORN
But now embarrassing his
is in trouble. “I’m very he’s not sure if
organization, the head of the after Julian was discovered
about the resurrection – something about
group the resurrection
says. fatherso–far
faced who showsfamously
they faked said no whenReporter:
asked toThere join Jerry
are at least disappointed; the governor’s
missing after the murders.
of our savior, Jesus Christ, that puts “This
is testimonyelse into the work forms Falwell’s
to getMoral
paid for Majority.
work they 11 investigations across the I justarrested
assumed office ever
Police William
perspective,” he said at that event.we’ve done and success we’ve didn’t“Evangelists
do, not to stuff cannot
ballotbe closelycountry
identified with thousands
involving any particularof that I had
Balfour, a
the missing boy’s step- told the school
Bishop Jakes, who is the chiefhad,”pastor of the
Maude 30,000-member
Hurd, president of party orACORN,
boxes.” person. she Wesaid, haveistothestandpotentially
in the middle in order
fraudulent ACORNto traditional
father five- husband
and estranged system that
Potter’s House in Dallas, said GrahamACORN, shouldsaid apologize
in an interview for preachoftofraud,
victim all people,
not the right and left,”
perpetra- Prothero quoted Billy
forms. ofyear
at his he
girlfriend’s Hines term
disparaging the president’s profession
with the of AFRO.
faith. “… Because Graham
tor of it. as saying. Announcer: Massive voter said. apartment several
Southside ends this year.
if the President’s faith is suspect, then all ofthis
“When ourattack
are we Jakessaid
Hurd agreed,
the only saying
Graham Andoughtthe Obama to follow the
campaign Earnest E.
hours werethe murders.Hines Courtesy Photo As of May 18,
suspect, because the Bible is quitehad clear
announced whatthat it takes
we had example
bogus are theof his father.
charges them- “ I wish hepaid
the diplomacy
than $800,000 of his
to an
making mother,
Balfour’s such Michele, has the system’s
to be saved, and the president hasregistered
been quite 1.3openmillion about
newhis vot- father,And
selves. “ Jakes said, “who
factcheck. org broughtACORN the Gospelfront forto people
get out without
the vote told reporters that her son had
progress ... we have been website also indicated that
accepting Christ and him openly confessing
ers,” she “That’s
before just men,” to say agrees.being nuanced by politics, because when you do those things,
efforts. nothing
very to do with in
successful theelevating
slayings. Hines term ends June 2012.
said Jakes. “And if it’s good enough that for the Bible,
someone’s runningit ought
scaredto youIt offend
concluded, people“Neither Pressuring
that you’re actually called banks
to saveto issue
to Balfour remains a suspect in Jason
achievement of all children WhenHudson
asked if he
be good enough for the rest of us.” because of ACORN’s success.” ACORN
serve.” nor its employees have loans. Nationwide voter fraud.
McCain, who is running for been found guilty of, or even Barack Obama. Bad judgment. in the county.” believes other factors played
president on the Republican tick- charged with, casting fraudulent Blind ambition. Too risky for The news – which Hines into the governor’s decision
said he received through a to remove him early, Hines

Youth Jail
et, lashed out at ACORN in the votes.” America.
final debate against Barack The problem came about pri- phone call May 16 – came as said the situation was being
Obama, contending the group “is marily because of the way Since McCain’s comments, a surprise to Hines, who wasSQUARE blown out of proportion. HIGH
Continued from A1 roughly
on the verge40 percent
of maybe – through
perpetrat- Institute-Baltimore,
ACORN operates. Ratherwhichthan churches
ACORN’s and
87 activists
offices have groups,
been appointed by Gov. Martin “All I can go by is what the
ing one oftothe thegreatest
juvenile justice
frauds in rely
alongon with
the state it pays
andpeo-the bombarded
called on the withgovernor
threats and to O’Malley in 2007. He council is telling us,” he
detention center. voter
system history
that in this country,
include capping ple,
Anniemany E. of
Caseythem Foundation
poor or unem- racist see themail.NCCD’s findings as figured his term would end said. “That’s what it is. Not
“Given the reduction maybe
the length destroying
of timetheyouth fabric of ployed, to sign up new voters. The day after the presidential
hired NCCD to administer the validation that the youth jail in 2012. being able to do another year
in crime and arrests, we democracy.” The idea was to help both those debate, vandals broke into the But Shaun Adamec, a is surprising ... but I can’t
remain detained before being report. “We firmly believe it is unnecessary. “Baltimore
determined that earlier, a non-partisan being registered and those doing organization’s Boston and Seattle
spokesman for the governor, control adding an additional
transferred to the juvenile should be
the registration. the practice here in City’s youth awaiting
offices and stole computers. their
population projections for Web site, found those claims to
justice system orwith rerouting Maryland,”
Maud explained, she said. “We have a day in
After court should
a Cleveland not be
representative said Hines was selected BREAD for year to my term.” NOT ON THE
be “exaggerated,” “no evi-
this facility deserved a second youth out of the adult justice The youth jail’s locked up at the Baltimore the position a year after his The process to fill
dence of any such democracy- zero tolerance policy for deliber- appeared on TV, an e-mail was
look,” Maynard said in a system allfraud.”
destroying together if they construction,
ate falsification especially
of registration.” its Citytojail
sent the for
localany reason
office saying– she term actually began in 2006. Hines seat is underway,
statement. areHurdlikely to be released
believes the McCain pricey tab of $100 million, it does not
Most news account neglect to “is going to have her life ended.” reduce youth The previous board president according to Adamec and
Shaun Adamec, a or eventually be tried as according
charges were politically motivat- point out that ACORN is to original crime,” the alliance
A worker in Providence, R.I., said in had served an additional a replacement will be in
spokesman for Gov. Martin juveniles.
ed. estimates,
required by has
law led
to to
turn multiple
in all reg- the statement.
received a “We
threatening ask
call the
say- 10 months as the search place by July. Although
O’Malley, said the governor is Onesaid,
She scenario
“Because offered a
it’s low- rallies, petitions
istration forms. Andand theyeven governor
also fail ing, “We know and you other getstate
off work continued to fill the seat. it is possible Hines might
confident in the NCCD’s data. and means to avoid construction
moderate-income people, anti-youth
to note that itjail waswebsites.
the organiza- Many atofficials to playracial
9” and uttered a leadership
epithets. It is common for serve past his term if the
“The governor said from the completely
and people ofby housing
color, I believeall the tion, Black in community
many instances, activists
that first role in thetonational
A caller one office trend
left to
a board members to remain vacancy isn’t filled by July
beginning that this was to be youth tried
McCain campaignas adults thinks in those
a decriedthe
brought thephony
decision to message use practices
on the that effectively
answering until a replacement is 1, Adamec said, “the goal is
the definitive reaction to the juvenile
voters aredetention
going to vote center as to the attention
build another of authorities.
detention center machine,
address saying:
youth crime.”“Hi, I was just appointed. Heightening always to avoid that and we
data to determine the design Democratic,
they await their whichday is not neces-
in court. The
that McCain
would holecamp apparently calling
up young to let you
African know that
Americans confusion, according to will shoot for that this time.”
of the youth jail,” he said. sarily true.” has already
The process
isn’t interested in those fine
Blacks rather than invest in
Barack Obama needs to get
comprise of 99 percent Adamec, the governor’s A second board member,
Along with the estimate, ACORN is no stranger to points, preferring to air mislead- hung. He’s a (expletive deleted) office erroneously issued a Mary-Margaret O’Hare,
been adopted in adjoining rehabilitation, prevention of Baltimore’s youth jail
NCCD presented scenarios controversy. ing ads that seek to link Obama nigger, and he’s a piece of
Virginia commission letter to Hines will also be replaced this
For 38and years, Pennsylvania,
the non-partisan to programs
ACORN,and schools.
thereby population,
undercutting (expletive but only
deleted). You 75guys are
on how to reduce the bed according to Diana Morris, In a statement, an alliance percent of the city’s overall that said he would serve summer. She had applied for
organization has fought for social his political support. fraudulent, and you need to go to
count even further – by director of the Open Society of organizations
McCain: I’m John McCain that include youth populace.
hell. All the niggers on oak trees. until 2012. “We realized the an additional term.
and economic justice for low-
and moderate-income and I approve this message. They’re gonna get all hung hon-
Announcer: Who is Barack eys, they’re going to get assassi-

Department of Commerce
Americans. With 400,000 mem-
ber families organized into more Obama? A man with “a political nated, they’re gonna get killed.”
than 1,200 neighborhood chap- baptism performed at warp Another message said, “You
ters in 110 cities nationwide, speed.” Vast ambition. After col- liberal idiots. Dumb (expletive
Continued from A1 ACORN has over the years seen lege, he moved to Chicago. deleted). Welfare bums. You
its share of criticism while advo- Became a community organizer. guys just (expletive deleted)
has become integral to the at the announcement.
cating for affordable housing, Coppin’s
There, Obama computer center and come to our country, consume
met Madeleine
daily life of most working Mikulski
living wages, chairs the Senate
healthcare for the met with
Talbot, partBaltimore
of the Chicago residents every natural resource there is,
Americans – 62 percent subcommittee
underserved— and thatwhile
the who were
branch receiving
of ACORN. Hecomputer
was so and make a lot of babies. That’s
use broadband for work Dept. of Commerce.
izing voter registration drives. training. Cardin
impressive that he commended
was asked to all you guys do. And then suck
– a significant amount of ButFederal
none hasofficials plan to
been as withering the university’s
train the ACORN efforts. staff. “Dr. up the welfare and expect every-
residents don’t have access promote
and baseless useasofthis theone. online Avery,
Whatyou are building
did ACORN the
in Chicago one else to pay for your hospital
to the Internet and lack the portalWithinthe public libraries,
presidential election future of
engage in?America
Bullying right bills for your kids. I jus’ say let
computer literacy to excel in where over 30 million people
less than two weeks away, in West Baltimore,” he said.
Intimidation tactics. Disruption your kids die. That’s the best Before age five, every room is a cla
an increasingly digital society. surfed the web in 2009.
ACORN’s detractors allege the “When we saw the faces of
of business. ACORN forced move. Just let your children die. Fun learning opportunities are everywhere. Simple t
The Commerce Prior to the
organization has announcement,
engaged in mas- banks the people
to issue inrisky
the center, we
home loans. Forget about paying for hospital counting and identifying shapes activate a child’s learni
Department estimates that the
sivefederal leaders and
voter registration fraud after The knew same types is
Coppin of ahead
loans that of the bills for them. I’m not gonna do and help them enter school more prepared. That’s
nearly one-third of U.S. the reported discovery
roughly 60 attendees toured of bogus caused
curve.” the financial crisis we’re it. You guys are lowlifes. And I founded Grow Up Great and its Spanish-language equivale
names, such as Mickey Mouse in today. hope you all die.”
households don’t have con Éxito, a 10-year, $100 million program to help prep
Hurd thinks the hate calls will
broadband access and 28 cease soon.
children for school and life. Pick up a free bilingual Sesam
percent of Americans rarely, “In two weeks, I think these “Happy, Healthy, Ready for School” kit at a PNC branch
if ever, use the Internet. attacks will be over. But I think it with all kinds of simple, everyday things you can do to he
Disparities are notable among will be harder for us to get our learn. Together, we can work with our communities so
minorities, the poor, the less name back on good graces generation won’t just grow up... but grow
Identification Statements
educated, seniors and the Baltimore Afro-American — (USPS 040-800) is published weekly by The Afro-American because they really trashed us in
unemployed. Newspapers, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602. Subscription Rate: the last few weeks.” To find out more, go to
Mikulski called the new Baltimore - 1 Year - $30.00 (Price includes tax.) Checks for subscriptions should be made But ACORN will not be or call 1-877-PNC-GROW.
payable to: The Afro-American Newspaper Company, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD
site “fabulous” because it will 21218-4602. Periodicals postage paid at Baltimore, MD. deterred.
help close the digital divide POSTMASTER: Send addresses changes to: The Afro-American Newspaper Company, 2519 “We’ve been fighting for a
by equipping all residents N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602. long time, for over 30 years, for
with the “empowerment tools The Washington Afro-American & Washington Tribune — (0276-6523) is published
the rights of low- and moderate-
to go into the 21st century.” weekly by the Afro-American Newspapers at 1917 Benning Road, N.E., Washington, D.C. income people all across the
“It is meant to be a
20002-4723. Subscription Rate: Washington - 1 Year - $30.00. Periodical Postage paid country,” Hurd said. “We’re
at Washington, D.C.
going to continue to fight for
one stop shop,” she said POSTMASTER: Send addresses changes to: The Washington Afro-American
& Washington Tribune, 2519 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4602.
economic justice in our commu-
nities.” TM /©2008 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved. ©2008 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All righ
A4 The Afro-American, May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011

Howard Awarded
$10,000 Grant
from Home Depot
Baltimore Girl Group Tackles Hip-Hop’s Misogyny
By AFRO Staff Winners were announced 2 Sister Magazine and By Courtney Bonaparte
on May 16 by Home Depot. Monica McCluney, the Special to the AFRO
Howard University Howard along with runner United Negro College Fund’s
was recently awarded a ups Virginia Union University national director of strategic Tuning into popular radio stations, ears
$10,000 grant for on campus (Richmond, Va.), Knoxville alliances, came away awed are sometimes met with negative themes
improvements for finishing as College (Knoxville, Tenn.), by the number of intriguing camouflaged by hot beats and catchy
a finalist in the Home lyrics. Songs about violence, drug use
Depot 2011 “Retool and the degradation of women are finding
Your School” Campus their way into heavy rotation on the air
Improvement Grant waves. But one afternoon in early 2010, a
Program. The famed Baltimore father and his three daughters
Washington, D.C. decided it was time for a change. That
university was one of change came in the shape of Charm City’s
11 Historically Black own music trio Watoto From the Nile,
Colleges and Universities which comprises sisters Nia, Nya and
(HBCU) to receive Kamaria.
grants for their proposals “The music of today is dirty. It has
of long-standing eco- good sounds and a good flow, but we Photo by Mikal Veale
friendly projects. felt like we needed an image to help in Nia , Nya and Kamaria, performed with
Bethune-Cookman the cleaning up of hip hop,” said Jabari friends at “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: A Nation
University took home the Natur, the girls’ father and creator of the Can Rise No Higher Than Its Women” on May
grand prize of $50,000. group. Watoto, which means “children” in 14.
The Daytona, Fla. Courtesy Photo Swahili, aims to confront the negative ideas
college will reportedly Howard University received a $10,000 grant for campus surrounding today’s youth, with music that
use the grant to install improvements from Home Depot as part of the company’s provokes thought and inspires change. Their music is described as “cultural, inspirational and
automated access doors “Retool Your School” program. informative, at time channeling the ‘80s.”
and a wheelchair ramp With 10-year-old Nia providing the vocals, 9-year-old Nya supplying the rhymes and
in its Student Center sweet-faced 5-year-old Kamaria still sharpening her craft, these sisters have already created
to better accommodate quite the buzz locally and nationally. The girls were recently featured performers at a
students, faculty and staff North Carolina A&T State suggestions sent in from May 14 program called “ENOUGH is ENOUGH: A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its
members with disabilities, University (Greensboro, several institutions. Woman,” which discussed the harmful social and cultural images of the Black community in
according to a press release. N.C.), Morris Brown College “I was most impressed mainstream hip hop, and more specifically, the images of women and girls.
As part of the contest, (Atlanta, Ga.), Carolina with the institutions who In 2010 they dropped their first single, an up-tempo tune about perseverance entitled “I
eligible schools submitted one Central University (Durham, really understood that they Won’t Quit,” which was an instant hit among kids in the Baltimore area. In February 2011,
major campus improvement N.C.), Tuskegee University should be focusing on green they released their controversial second single, “A Letter to Lil Wayne.” This song, in the
project up to $50,000 of (Tuskegee, Ala.), Mississippi initiatives. I think that is form of an open letter, took aim at one of the biggest rappers in the music industry and urged
funding and one minor Valley State University (Itta always a critical aspect him to end the negative portrayal of women in his music. The song was accompanied by a
campus improvement project Bena, Miss), Southwestern for campuses in terms of video that helped the group achieve the bulk of its notoriety. The YouTube music video went
up to $10,000. Although Christian College (Terrell, conserving dollars, which viral, garnering over 900,000 views in months. Although they’ve received some backlash, the
Howard’s major proposal of Texas) and Florida are much needed across all video has generally been well received. Although the girls take criticism in stride, Natur said
installing an eco-friendly turf Agricultural and Mechanical HBCUs,” McCluney said in he shares these words of wisdom with them: “Whenever people stand up for anything that’s
and repairing an athletic field University (Tallahassee, Fla.) a statement. “There is a valid positive, people are always met with people who don’t that change to happen.”
it shares with Howard Middle will all have their minor interest from HBCUs around While Natur writes the lyrics for most of the group’s songs, the girls influence the
failed to trump Bethune- proposal projects funded. green initiatives. So, the more messages presented in their music. They choose the beats and dictate the sound of the songs
Cookman, the school still Online and public voting opportunities we can give and he acts as a scribe for their thoughts and ideas.
came away as a huge winner. in addition to a panel of them to come together and “The music of today is filthy,” said Natur. “A lot of these songs come of as children’s
The grant will fund Howard’s judges were used to select leverage opportunities such jingles but they’re filthy and an infested and Watoto cleans them up.”
minor proposal to install the winning schools. A as the ‘Retool Your School’ These girls hope to take their ambitions to greater heights and spend hours practicing
fencing and a sustainable prestigious panel of judges, experience in helping them to choreography and rehearsing each week between their studies. Watoto From the Nile has
garden at the tennis courts it headlined by Jamie Foster save resources through green
shares with the middle school. Brown, publisher of Sister initiatives, the better.” Continued on B4

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2011, The Afro-American A3

Enon Baptist’s Pastor Accused of Leading Flock Astray

By Melissa Jones and was first published in1966. Some of Moon’s philosophies, He also said that during a congregation meeting Howard
Special to the AFRO found in the book, are similar to the ancient teachings of claimed the support of the executive board of the Baptist
Christianity, including an acknowledgement of one God, the Minister’s Conference (BMC). According to Bennett,
Controversy is brewing among the congregation at life and death of Jesus Christ and the Bible as holy text. Howard said: “I presented excerpts of my speech from
the Enon Baptist Church. Members are concerned about Moon and his followers regard he and his wife, Hak Ja Sunday [Easter Sunday] to the Baptist Ministerial Alliance
ideological changes in the beliefs and teachings of their Han, as the “true” mother and father or parents of humanity, and when I finished, they applauded, they gave my message a
pastor, the Rev. Arnold Howard, who has served the Harlem sent to absolve mankind of their sins. The basis of Moon’s round of applause, they liked my message.”
Park church in that position since 1989. “It is extremely important that your body responds
The AFRO obtained a letter in which a parishioner claims “ ... the Conference did not at that immediately to our inquiry on the position the BM[C] takes
Howard’s affiliation with the American Clergy Leadership with these groups,” wrote Bennett in his open letter.
Council, an “interdenominational clergy organization,” is in time nor do we at this time endorse BMC President Dr. Walter Brunson Jr., responded that
direct conflict with his duties and obligations as pastor of Enon they did not support the teachings of Rev. Moon, the ACLC
his position.” - Dr. Walter Brunson Jr. or the Unification Church. However Rev. Howard, Brunson
At the heart of the matter is the ACLC’s connection to the claims is his affirmation of himself as a modern day Messiah. said, was entitled under his First Amendment right to
highly controversial Unification Church led by the Rev. Sun This distinction has caused religious leaders and scholars to “present his personal views during the Theological Moment,”
Myung Moon, a North Korea-born man who claims he is the openly question Moon’s authenticity and motives. but added that “the conference did not at that time nor do we
second coming of Jesus. On the ACLC’s website, Howard is listed as the co- at this time endorse his position.”
“We’ve been infiltrated by these people,” said Jesse chairman of the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Howard’s attendance at the American Clergy Leadership
Bennett, a longtime member of the church and author of region and a video posted by the organization shows Howard Conference, an annual event sponsored by the Unification
the open letter. “Rev. Howard has been teaching the Divine lecturing about how to incorporate the doctrine of the Divine Church, along with conferences, galas and training sessions
Principle in his sermons and in bible study classes. We want Principle into the teachings of the Bible. allegedly financed by the Unification Church, has called the
ACLC and the Unification Church out of Enon. We didn’t ask Another Enon Baptist member said Howard relieved him pastor’s alliance into question. Bennett said Howard “allows
for them to come and we did not invite them.” from his position at the church when asked to show support ACLC meetings, regularly hosts prayer breakfasts and
Bennett also wrote to the Baptist Minister’s Conference of of The Divine Principle. “He told me that I was either for him utilizes the facilities of Enon Baptist Church” to further the
Baltimore and Vicinity inquiring about their position on the or against him,” the member told the AFRO. “I said to him, ‘I goals and objectives of the Unification Church.
ACLC and the Unification Church. am not against you but I am not for the Divine Principle’ and “Rev. Howard should resign in writing from the ACLC,”
Regarded as a cult by some members of Enon, the shortly after I was removed from my position.” said Bennett. Church members will meet at the end of May to
Unification Church has met objection worldwide since its According to Bennett, the pastor addressed his affiliation decide what happens next.
inception in 1954. with the ACLC during his Easter address to the congregation. When contacted by the AFRO, Howard declined to
The Divine Principle, the text used by the Unification The sermon, “Because Jesus Appointed Me To,” and the comment on the matter. “This is an internal church matter,”
Church, was co-written by Moon and one of his early disciples website video were abnormal for Easter Sunday, Bennett said. he said.

The State Center Controversy and renovate the current state office building
complex at Howard and Preston streets adjacent
to the Fifth Regiment Armory. The new State
are Bolton Hill and Seton Hill, two of the more
affluent neighborhoods in Baltimore. Just a
few blocks to the west of State Center are the
By Sean Yoes community leader said. “It’s really important Center construction is planned for three phases decaying twin towers and townhouses of the
Special to the AFRO for all of our neighbors to come together in over 15 years and will include residences, impoverished and once notorious McCulloh
places...where we can commonly get to know offices, commercial spaces, street-level retail Homes, where several episodes of “The
On a blustery day in March, Rev. Alvin C. one another. It’s also a place where there are and public spaces that would, “reconnect the Wire” were shot. And State Center is in the
Hathaway Sr., of Union Baptist Church, stood opportunities for employment, and employment 28-acre campus with its nine surrounding city’s Cultural Arts District, which hosts the
at the intersection of McCulloh and Dolphin opportunities are very important in the neighborhoods,” according to project officials. annual Artscape cultural festival, one of the
streets in West Baltimore, just yards from community,” added Hathaway, one of the many The community surrounding State Center, largest on the East Coast; and is home to the
his venerable church, touting the virtues of a enthusiastic supporters of the project. which is a transition between downtown’s west Arena Players theater, one of the oldest Black
massive project he believes could breathe new The “clear center” Hathaway was speaking side and uptown’s west side, is one of the most playhouses in America, as well as the nationally
life into his long suffering neighborhood. of is what is being called the State Center diverse – culturally, racially and economically renowned Maryland Institute College for the
“It’s really important that we have a clear Project, a pending sprawling 28-acre state office – in the city.
center inside our community,” the long-time campus, which would dramatically augment A couple of blocks northeast of State Center Continued on A8

HBCU Legal Case Walker countered

that “it is not
enough to say
dishonest” because he used
outdated figures—from 2000
to 2005—to calculate the
operation funding or the
facilities to compete,” he
think that, they are drinking
some kind of Kool Aid.”
But according to
want to attend other schools.”
Judge Blake said she will
rule “as soon as possible”
Continued from A1
you have race- funding discrepancies. As a prime example, Greenbaum, “state action on whether the case should
The plaintiff’s lawyers neutral policies.” Despite Killefer’s feelings attorneys pointed to a continues to foster all the proceed to before a jury. With
asserted that inequitable “The state has not satisfied its towards the expert, Walker joint master’s in business elements that affect student her say-so, a six-week trial
operational and capital burden, she said, that it has said state funding levels administration degree choice and make students would begin June 27.
projects funding coupled dismantled the vestiges of are driven by admission, program established at
with duplication of specialty segregation. and schools boasting more Towson University and the
Although several sophisticated programs often University of Baltimore in
academic programs have
widened the disparities historically Black institutions receive more money, which 2005 that mirrors a Morgan Let Your Smile Bloom
between HBCUs and other (HBIs) have garnered poses a problem for HBCUs State program. Dr. Maxine V. Clark has been making
Maryland schools. additional state funding in who struggle to maintain Greenbaum said since Maryland smiles beautiful for over 25 years!
They also contended recent years, the coalition’s unique, high-demand desegregation, the state has
that the state never lived up attorneys assert that the programs. opted to enrich younger
to a partnership agreement institutions have yet to receive Supreme Court rulings schools, including Towson
established in 2000 with enough resources to level the have forced states to wipe and UMBC, at faster rates
the U.S. Department of playing field and compete out duplicate academic than Blacks schools, allowing (Valid through 4-30-11. Full orthodontic treatment only.)
Education’s Office for against TWIs after decades of programs, which were rooted them to surpass HBCUs
Civil Rights that dictated scant funding. in the segregation era, but in resources, edifices and
Maryland’s HBCUs achieve “Even 25 years of the plaintiffs’ attorneys argue enrollment.
parity in funding, facilities favorable funding does not that the state has allowed “Yes, you’ve done
and academic program suffice to dismantle the dual TWIs to offer specialized something for HBCUs, but
development. system if it does not yet programs that were unique to you have done more for the
But attorneys for the state allow the HBIs to provide an HBCUs. It’s caused Whites TWIs.”
argued that Maryland has education today free of stigma to leave Blacks schools to Killefer said the Towson
“diligently performed its of past discrimination,” said enroll in other institutions, program was the only
obligations” and “should be Walker. exacerbating the lack of program duplication instated
commended” for setting an Their financial analyst diversity at HBCUs. in a 10-year span.
“aspirational goal to make estimates that upwards of According to coalition A “dramatically different
HBCUs comparable and $2 billion was collectively attorney John Greenbaum, and better Maryland exists
competitive.” withheld from the state’s HBCUs are more segregated than during segregation,” he
They said the plaintiffs HBCUs between 1984 and today than they were in the said.
cannot prove that the 2009. 1970s. “Maryland is not
state has discriminatory Killefer discredited the “HBCUs cannot Mississippi,” he said roughly.
practices traceable to the expert, citing that he “may desegregate because they “It’s not Alabama in the 1970s
segregation era, and noted be clever but is intellectually don’t have unique programs, and ‘80s, and if the plaintiffs
that the Office of Civil Rights,
which monitors educational
discrimination, has yet to side
with the plaintiffs.
”OCR didn’t seek to
This is your day.
intervene; they didn’t file a May 21, 2011
lawsuit,” said Killefer. “Over Robin Thea Vowels Wynder
five years have passed with
no activity from OCR. How Robin, former resident of
Baltimore, former graduate of
long is long enough that Walbrook High School Class of 1974—
presumption is that the state where she could have graduated early, but chose to graduate with
is right?” her friends.
Insiders speculate that
Robin, graduate of Frostburg State University. Robin made Frostburg
the federal agency decided her home and now holds the position as Director of the Diversity
against aligning with the Center. Robin has been selected to receive the
plaintiffs for political reasons. Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award.
In veiled statements
The family wants Robin to know that we are happy and very proud
that seemed to question the of her and we are here to support her. Robin has truly become a
need for HBCUs, Killefer fine lady, mother, grandmother and wife.
argued that 59 percent of
Maryland’s Black students
Walk on in pride and respect because you earn it!
attend traditionally White Your father said you’re a gift from heaven, so he nicknamed
institutions and in the past, you Rosebud. You are a rose indeed! While you are achieving
your goals, you find time to reach out and help others.
the University of Maryland
College Park offered We love you Rosebud. May God bless and keep you always.
scholarships for Blacks to —With love, Your Mother and Family
attend the school.
Coalition attorney Karen
A6 The Afro-American, May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011

a bowling tournament, a Agape Christian Center, information: 410-825-0956. word and the works of young
paintball tournament and 4601 York Road, Baltimore. emerging artists. $6-$8. For
more. Free and paid events. Various times. At this May 20 more information: 443-263-
For more information: 305- workshop you will be Floetic Fridays 1875.
May 20-21 host a weekend of events 535-3500. empowered in four key areas The Reginald F. Lewis
Ray’s Summer Days 2011 to benefit the Ray Lewis including political awareness, Museum, 830 E. Pratt St., May 21
Various locations in Foundation’s work with May 20-22 health and wellness, business Baltimore. 7 p.m. Join youth Mother-Daughter Book
Baltimore. Baltimore Ravens at-risk youth. Events will Women in Power and economics and spiritual volunteers The Travelers for Discussion: ‘Ninth Ward’ by
linebacker Ray Lewis will include a kickoff party, Conference 2011 development. For more an evening of music, spoken Jewell Parker Rhodes
Reginald F. Lewis
Museum, 830 E. Pratt St.,

Baltimore. 1 p.m. Author
Jewell Parker Rhodes weaves
a magical story about a girl
living in New Orleans right

before Hurricane Katrina. For
more information: 443-263-

GIRLS’ From Freedom’s Shadow:

African Americans & The
United States Capitol

Benjamin Banneker
Historical Park & Museum,
300 Oella Ave., Baltimore.
6-9 p.m. This traveling
exhibition produced by
MAY 19-22 DISCOVER THE the U.S. Capitol Historical
Society is an educational
HOTTEST TRENDS & HOW outreach program to
commemorate the
TO PUT THEM TOGETHER; contributions of African
Americans to the Capitol. For
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Orleans Street Branch, 1303
Orleans St., Baltimore. 2:45-4
p.m. The Expanded Food and
Nutrition Education Program
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on healthy eating and living
through demonstration
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May 26
EYE For Change
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Baltimore Museum
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p.m. Witness this spiritual
stage play with unexpected
twists and turns. $15-$20.
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Biennial South Carolina
Day Celebration
Ebenezer AME Church,
20 W. Montgomery St.,
Baltimore. 10 a.m. Celebrate
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N1040053A.indd 1 5/12/11 10:04:22 AM
May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011, The Afro-American A7

We Cannot Allow Medicare and Medicaid to be
We can – and we must including defense, discretionary and mandatory – on the table,
– develop a credible deficit along with genuine tax reform that raises additional revenues
reduction plan that is by closing loopholes and simplifying the tax code.  
comprehensive and considers As we evaluate the Ryan budget plan, we must remember
all options. A credible budget that Medicare, along with Social Security, helped create the
plan, however, does not hurt middle class of the 20th century. Congress created Medicare
the weakest, most vulnerable in 1965 because most seniors were unable to purchase health
Americans.   insurance at any price. Today, 185,700 Maryland seniors and
Unfortunately, the people with disabilities rely on Medicare and Medicaid for
House of Representatives their health care needs, including nursing home care. To attack
has passed a budget plan such successful programs is to try and undo the progress we
developed by Congressman have made in creating the largest, most secure middle class in
Paul Ryan of Wisconsin the world. It also risks putting seniors at the mercy of private
Sen. Ben Cardin that I believe does just that insurance companies. American families depend upon and that invests in our nation’s
by turning Medicare into a I will fight to make sure Medicare remains a guaranteed future. President Obama is right when he says we must “out
voucher program and Medicaid into a block grant program to benefit for seniors and the disabled so that they can continue to educate, out build and out compete” if our nation is to remain a
the states. Congressman Ryan also has called for reducing the have access to health care.  I also will fight any plan to block world leader in the 21st century.
marginal tax rate for millionaires while taxing middle-income grant Medicaid, a program for our nation’s most vulnerable
Americans at the same rate as the richest Americans. Americans, including those who depend on it for nursing home Sen. Cardin, D-Md., is a member of five Senate
I believe Congressman Ryan’s plan will do little to care.  I believe that if we turn Medicaid into a block grant, it committees:  Environment & Public Works, Finance,
reduce our deficit and will result in a dwindling tax base.  I will ultimately cease to exist.   Foreign Relations, Budget, and Small Business and
also believe his proposal – in the end – will ultimately kill We have a real opportunity with the FY 2012 budget to Entrepreneurship.  His website is: .
Medicare and Medicaid, two of the most important programs chart a more responsible fiscal path for our nation.  But we You can follow him regularly on Twitter @SenatorCardin or
in our nation’s history. A credible plan must put all spending – must do it in a way that preserves important programs that look for the latest videos at

Bridging the Economic Storms

Our struggle continues insurance, as well as up to an additional 24 months going According to a new report by Harvard’s Joint Center for
to save as many Maryland forward – with a maximum combined total of $50,000. Housing Studies, 27 percent of renting householders in the
homes from foreclosure as Eligible homeowners who are 3-12 months in arrears Baltimore region were spending more than one-half their pre-
we can in this gradually on their mortgages should apply – even if they have total tax income on housing and utilities in 2009. That’s up from 19
improving, but still weakened, household income up to 120 percent of our area’s average. To percent in 2000.
economy. Marylanders who obtain more details, homeowners can visit http://www.hope. This is a challenge that we must overcome. Here in
need a temporary “leg up” org on the Internet or call the HOPE hotline (877) 462-7555. Baltimore, and throughout our country, the lesson is clear.
should know that help is Deserving applicants should not be deterred from applying All of us have a direct financial interest in helping those
now at hand to assist them in in the face of wrong-headed efforts by budget-cutters in who are in danger of losing their homes through no fault of
bridging the storms. the House to deny them this reasonable help. The recent, their own.
Far too many of our Republican party-line vote to end this bridge loan program is That is why I am so deeply gratified that 30 of my
neighbors are still hurting unlikely to be supported in the Senate – or by the president. Democratic colleagues have joined with me to introduce
financially. I am proud to have played a leading role in creating this legislation, the Preserving Homes & Communities Act of 2011
Nearly 51,000 Maryland practical initiative to help hard-working Americans who are in (H.R. 1477), while Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski has
Elijah Cummings households with mortgages to financial trouble through no fault of their own. joined with Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island to introduce the
pay still have a breadwinner These are the same families whom we see in our same reform legislation in the Senate, (S. 489).
who is unemployed or underemployed through no fault of their neighborhoods every day. All too often, they have been sitting We must rein in the scandalous wrongdoing by mortgage
own. They are joined by more than 1.2 million households in in the front rows of my Foreclosure Prevention Workshops servicing companies that have wrongly denied Americans the
the same plight nationally. with tears running down their faces. opportunity to keep their homes – even while we continue to
Many of these homeowners, however, have a reasonable It is hard for me to fathom why anyone would oppose the do all that we can to help families save their homes here in
likelihood of regaining their employment within two years, short-term help that our bridge loan program is offering to Baltimore.
allowing them to resume their mortgage payments. them. Once again, on Saturday, June 25, I will be hosting my
This reality is why I pushed so hard to create the It costs taxpayers nothing – utilizing Troubled Asset funds sixth Foreclosure Prevention Seminar at Woodlawn Senior
Emergency Homeowners Loan Program when we enacted returned by the big banks that taxpayers bailed out – and it High School to help neighbors in need save their homes.
the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform legislation last year. This helps to reduce the number of foreclosures that otherwise Those who are interested in attending can register online after
critical reform allocated nearly $40 million in short-term would further depress the property values of neighboring May 16 at or you may call our
“bridge loans” through HUD and the Maryland Department of homes and communities. office at (410) 685-9199.
Housing and Community Development. There is another benefit to our community that often These are difficult times - but I remain convinced that,
Last month, I was deeply gratified to announce that goes overlooked. Helping our neighbors fight off avoidable working together, we can bridge these economic storms.
Maryland’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program is foreclosures reduces the competition for rental housing
now in operation. Our new program can help to pay up to 12 that is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive in our Congressman Elijah Cummings represents Maryland’s
months of mortgage arrears, including delinquent taxes and community. 7th Congressional District in the United States House of

Letters to the Editor

their perpetrators on an ongoing basis after the trauma. In some cases, service members may
Is America Still a Serious Nation? need to rely on their perpetrators (or associates of their perpetrators) to authorize medical and
By Maj. Gen. Roger R. Blunt
psychological care or provide for other basic needs. This may leave them at risk for additional
victimization and often increases their sense of helplessness and powerlessness. There may
When our evolving democratic system became so skewed that financial capital multiplied
also be career-related consequences for service members who experience MST, in that their
under control of miniscule elements in America that were sufficiently powerful to corrupt our
perpetrators are frequently peers or supervisors with the power to influence work evaluations
political system, wars could and have been waged in support of those interests. Recall the
and decisions about promotions. Even if this is not the case, service members who experience
departing words of the Republican President Eisenhower who knew so well the horrors of war:
MST may face the difficult choice of either continuing military careers in which they are forced
“…beware of the military industrial complex.” Our national electorate is still asleep.  
to have frequent contact with their perpetrators, or sacrificing career goals in order to protect
As one who enlisted many years ago, I have known a small measure of the quality of
themselves from future victimization.
America’s defense forces used and fueled by our nation’s industrial machine and have observed
About one in five women and one in 100 men seen at VA medical facilities report MST.
the corporate dividends that issue from large untaxed profits. The time is fast approaching,
Because of the disproportionate ratio of men to women in the military, within the VA system
however, when our electorate will be awakened to the fact that our “all volunteer force”
there are actually comparable numbers of male and female veterans seeking help for MST.
instituted nearly four decades ago is not working. Too many of our service men and women
MST affects veterans in a number of ways, and it is important to remember that everyone
did not bargain for the role of mercenary that our country placed upon them. In fact, our
responds differently. Responses to MST differ based on individual factors, such as a veteran’s
nation has abrogated its duty to allow its soldiers to protect themselves in the traditional role
previous trauma history, his or her interpretation of the event and the quality of his/her support
of warrior for their government. I argue this because rules of engagement at tactical points of
system following the trauma. Emotional struggles following MST may include excessive fear
decision producing legions of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) cases from duty in Iraq
and anxiety, depression and irritability or angry outbursts. MST survivors may also report
and Afghanistan have been so modified by legal judgment in real time that the soldier is in fear
disturbing nightmares, difficulties concentrating or staying focused and trouble either falling
of prosecution, if not in civilian courts, by their countrymen. While they will not be damned
asleep or staying asleep. They may feel disconnected from others, experience feelings of
as they were in the Vietnam debacle, the growing number of sympathizers and advocates
numbness and have trouble feeling pleasant emotions, like love or happiness. Some survivors
demanding help for the damaged veterans – and their burdened families – among us who are
abuse alcohol and/or drugs to cope with memories and emotional reactions, or to help them
unemployed, homeless and in need of long term solutions will rise up to correct this awesome
fall asleep. The emotional pain of having experienced MST can also show up through physical
defect in the great experiment called America, the home of the free and the brave.
health problems, including chronic pain, weight or eating problems, stomach problems and
sexual difficulties.
Maj. Gen. Roger R. Blunt retired in 1986. His last assignment was as commander of the 97th
Maryland veterans, please know that you do not have to suffer in silence. The VA Maryland
Army Reserve Command headquartered at Ft. George G. Meade in Maryland.  
Health Care System offers services that can help women and men recover from MST. Veterans
do not need to be service-connected to receive free MST-related care. Those who may not be
eligible for other VA care may be able to receive treatment for MST. Veterans do not need to
Military Sexual Assault Awareness have reported the MST when it happened, nor do they need to provide documentation that it
The recent observation of Sexual Assault Awareness Month provides an excellent
opportunity to raise awareness of military sexual trauma (MST). MST includes unwanted
At the VA Maryland Health Care System, an MST treatment coordinator is standing by,
sexual attention, uninvited sexual advances or forced sex during active duty military service
ready to assist Veterans in finding and accessing VA services and programs. If you or someone
or during military training. MST also includes any sexual activity where someone is involved
you know is struggling with issues related to MST, please know that you do not have to struggle
against his or her will. He or she may have been pressured into sexual activities (for example,
alone. If you would like to speak with a mental health provider about MST, please let your
with threats of negative consequences for refusing to be sexually cooperative or with implied
primary health care provider know, or contact the VA Maryland Health Care System facility
faster promotions or better treatment in exchange for sex), may have been unable to consent
nearest you and ask for the MST coordinator.
to sexual activities (for example, when intoxicated), or may have been physically forced into
sexual activities.
Sara Nett, PsyD.
What sets MST apart from sexual assault outside the military? Because sexual trauma
Clinical psychologist
associated with military service most often occurs in a setting where the service member
Trauma Recovery Program
lives and works, many who experience MST must continue to interact and work closely with
VA Maryland Health Care System
A8 The
The Afro-American,
Afro-American, May
May 21,
21, 2011
2011 -- May
May 27,
21, 2011

State Center
Continued from A5
artificially changed the street
patterns this was all one
community,” he added.
over 25 years of experience in
public private partnerships and
mixed use developments.”
community to work through
challenges and visualize the
best plan for State Center. In
Yet, despite its many
supporters, State Center is not
without its detractors, many of
State Center is being “What we are proudest of is these meetings, the collective whom are amongst the richest
Arts. the rich history of Midtown, developed by Ekistics, LLC, the process by which the plan wisdom of the many dedicated and most powerful business
“I think it’s important the rich history of Seton Hill,” and is the vision which of the for State Center has evolved,” participants has resulted in a people in the state.
that the rich history of this Hathaway said. company’s CEO Caroline G. Moore said via e-mail. “We better project that will yield “Downtown retailers,
community is connected to “We all need to realize Moore who, according to the have participated in literally more abundant long term restaurants and commercial
the rich history of Bolton Hill, that before they came in an State Center website, “has hundreds of meetings with the outcomes.” property owners – all of whom
have invested heavily in their
businesses – now face a new
threat that could devastate the
downtown business district,
along with its stakeholders’
assets and livelihoods. It
comes in the form of a
deceptively appealing $1.5
billion development of the
nearby State Center complex,”
wrote David E. Johnson,
president of Stratford Realty
Management Co., and senior
vice president of Lexington
Charles Partnership, in an op-
ed piece for the Baltimore Sun
in March.
“That project, which calls
for 1.5 million new square
feet of office space, would
be built on state land for
state purposes and supported
by unprecedented taxpayer
subsidies,” added Johnson
who has leased and managed
downtown Baltimore real
estate for more than 25 years.
“The entire project is
deeply dependent upon
unrealistic projections of
demand for new office
space in the midst of a
down economy. It’s equally
dependent on unsupportable
forecasts for a growing state
bureaucracy in the midst of
government downsizing.”
Johnson is part of a group
of downtown businesses,
office owners, retailers and
Little Italy restaurateurs who
are suing two state agencies,
among others, arguing
public officials didn’t follow
Maryland procurement laws
and that wants to kill the State
Center project. The legal
action effectively halted plans
to begin phase one of the State
Center project this spring.
But, the man allegedly
driving the effort to shut down
the State Center project is
Peter Angelos, the billionaire
owner of the Baltimore
“Certainly, Mr. Angelos
and the other sponsors of legal
opposition to State Center
were aware of the project’s
momentum over the last five
years, and of the millions of
dollars the state has spent
researching the best option,”
said Bryan Dunn in an op-ed
article in the Sun in March.
Dunn lives in Seton Hill and is
founder of Midtown Matters.
“Yet they waited until
months before groundbreaking
to bring it to a grinding halt,”
Dunn added.
Specifically, the lawsuit
filed in Baltimore Circuit
Court alleges state officials
didn’t seek competitive bids
from downtown property
owners before they decided
to lease office space for three
public agencies at the new
State Center project. And
the suit argues two members
of the original development
team, Struever Bros. Eccles
and Rouse and Doracon, were
replaced without competitive
Still, the battle to begin
phase one of one of the most
ambitious redevelopment
project the city has seen in
many years continues.
“We actually see a lot of
support for State Center…
The nine neighborhoods and
institutions surrounding the
site have been partners for the
past five years,” Moore said.
“As a result, we enjoy broad
community, governmental and
institutional support for our
She added, “We are baffled
and disheartened by the few
downtown building owners
who are delaying the project
and the jobs which Baltimore
so desperately needs.”

GCNE125705.indd 1 5/13/11 1:46 PM

May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011, The Afro-American B1

John Oliver Jr.
congratulates Students: Ryan Evans, Michael
Raven Blount, Maryland State Fidzgerald, Dennis Wang, Isiah
the winning
Sen. Catherine Pugh, D-Md., Mark Buttram, Wilfred Zouantcha and
students on their
Machen and Meaghan Dingwall Emmauel Godo
Diane Hocker,
AFRO’s Character
Dr. David Terry,
executive director of
the Reginald Lewis
Museum, shared a few
words at the Character
Education Awards
Banquet on May 9. Three eighth-grade students, Raven counties, the Baltimore region and
Blount, Mark Machen and Meaghan Washington, D.C., joined the winning
Dingwall, were honored for their essay writers at the program. The
Dr. Gregory Bell inspirational essays during the 14th keynote speaker was Maryland state Sen.
Annual Character Education Campaign Catherine Pugh, D-Baltimore, who used
2011 Awards Luncheon held May 9 at the her experiences in the world of business,
Reginald F. Lewis Museum. media and politics to encourage students
AFRO’s director of Students from Anne Arundel, to reach for the stars, to be unyielding in
Global Markets, Montgomery, Howard, Prince George’s their pursuit of their goals and to be open
Benjamin Phillips to unexpected opportunities.
The AFRO’s Character Education
program is designed to promote
positive character traits in public
school students. Each year, corporate
professionals and business leaders
join the effort and share stories that
illustrate how their character and
morals helped them personally and in
the workplace.

Photos by Bill Tabron

Sponsor representatives Laura Shipley, College

Savings Plan of Maryland; David Milton, BGE;
Kelly Spilman, Legg Mason; Cathy Plakatoris, T.
Rowe Price and Laura Knickman, Verizon

Howard County’s Craddle Rock Middle School

teachers, from left: Erin O’Connor, Vanessa Hooks,
Stacy Horen and Yolaine Duver Seau

Godfroy Jennifer
R. Peduzzi
Keisha and Estelle
Clarke- O’Connor
from BGE Representatives from Character Education
Legg Mason sponsor BGE: Michael Davenport, left, David
Verizon representatives Representatives Milton, Jacqueline Freburger and Matthew
representatives from College Buecker
Savings Plan of

Students and educators in

attendance at the Character
Education Awards Banquet at the
Reginald Lewis Museum on May 9.
B2 The Afro-American, May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011

Faith Pulse May 19

Faith Bytes
His Way Christian Women’s Ministry presents Girlfriends Weekend with the theme, “The

Former State Delegate Frank D. Confident Woman,” May 19-21, at Greater New Hope Baptist Church, 2720 W. North Ave.
Apostle Charlotte Philips and Dr. Marie Brice are the dynamic preachers. Workshop presenters
include Bishop Reginald Kennedy, Dr. Leah White, Dr. Evelyn Gettis-Lee, Minister LaTonya
Boston Jr. Dies at 72 Donaldson (Young Girls track) and Elder Mary Lucas. Evening worship services are open to
Former Maryland General Assembly Del. For more information, call 410-660-9823, 410-655-5649 or e-mail ladypreacher227@aol.
Frank D. Boston Jr., a West Baltimore native com.
recognized for his passion concerning educational The Rev. Linwood C. Robinson is the host pastor.
issues, died May 10 of congestive heart failure.
He was 72. May 21
Born Dec. 5, 1938, Boston attended Frederick The Youth Ministry of Greater Faith Christian Center and Ministries presents a talent show,
Douglass High School and received a bachelor’s 6 p.m., at the Boys and Girls Club, 100 E. Belair Ave. in Aberdeen. For more information call
degree from the University of Maryland and 443-365-9416, 443-627-0068 or e-mail The Rev. Dyan Gwynn is pastor of
the church.
a master’s in education from Johns Hopkins
May 21
Boston served three terms on the Maryland
“Head Talks,” a powerful drama that grips the heart as one family battles disconnection and
General Assembly, serving District 41 in
generational rage, is being presented, 7 p.m., May 21 and 6 p.m., May 22, at New Covenant
Baltimore City from 1987 to 1999. Before Worship Center, 700 Wildwood Pkwy. For ticket information, visit kuumbaensemble.
becoming a legislator, Boston worked as a org/2011_schedule or call 443-413-1470.
vocational evaluator and teacher for the Baltimore
City Public School System. May 22
During his legislative career, Boston served Haydn's "The Creation" will be performed, 3 p.m., at Brown Memorial Park Avenue
on the Constitutional and Administrative Law Church, 1316 Park Ave. John Walker will direct the church's Chancel Choir and soloists and
Committee, Judiciary Committee, Commerce guest organist David Enlow. Call 410-523-1542 for information.
and Government Matters Committee, Economic
Matters Committee, Special Committee on Drug May 23
(Courtesy Photo) and Alcohol Abuse and was deputy majority whip Join Sen. Ben Cardin and the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood
Frank D. Boston Jr. between 1992-‘94. He was also named chairman Partnerships, 9:30 a.m., at the Talon Center, Coppin State University, 2500 W. North Ave. A
of the Baltimore City Delegation and chairman of light breakfast will be served. Please respond by May 20 to
the House Democratic Caucus. or call the Rev. Jerome Stephens at 410-962-4436 for information.
Outside of his legislative duties, Boston was a member of the Governor’s Commission on
Women’s Health, the State Board of Physicians, the State Board of Elections, Morgan State
University’s Board of Regents, and the Board for the Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund. Voices of Faith to Speak Out for LGBT
In 1998, Boston challenged Clarence W. Blount, a seven-term incumbent, for the 41st
District Senate seat. The race turned ugly when Boston accused Blount of living in Baltimore
Equality in Washington
County while using his Northwest Baltimore apartment address only as a mailing location. Religious leaders from all 50 states convene May 22-24
Boston ultimately lost his bid for the Senate.
Special to the AFRO
At the time of his death, Boston worked for the Harford County government as manager of
the Office of Human Relations.
According to the Baltimore Sun, Boston is survived by his wife, Beverly and children The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
Carmen Boston, Christopher Hicks and Frank Boston III. (LGBT) civil rights organization, will host its Clergy Call for Justice and Equality 2011 in
the District May 23-24. Clergy Call is a biennial event of the HRC Foundation’s Religion
and Faith Program, mobilizing clergy from across the country to speak up on matters of
LGBT equality.
This year, over 300 religious leaders from all 50 states and representing more than 25
denominations and faith traditions will come together in the nation’s capital. They will
Your History • Your Community organize and strengthen their faith voices and lobby members of Congress about why,
as a matter of faith, they support full equality for LGBT people and families. Clergy
• Your News will focus their advocacy on legislation to prohibit employment discrimination based on
sexual orientation or gender identity and to protect students from bullying, harassment and
discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. 

“America’s clergy
“ are leading the charge in
changing hearts and minds,
both of the American

people and our elected
leaders,” said HRC
President Joe Solmonese in
a press statement. “Clergy
Call 2011 will have a
lasting impact on Capitol Courtesy Image

Hill.  Diverse clergy voices speaking out for justice

“HILARIOUS AND HEARTFELT. show our legislators that religion is NOT antagonistic to the LGBT community. ”
The theme for Clergy Call 2011, “Leadership for Justice in Complex Times,” reflects the
Kristen Wiig is an indisputable goddess of comedy.”
Peter Travers vision and need for a faith-based movement in support of LGBT equality at this moment
of great change in our country.  On May 22 and 23, clergy will engage in programming
designed to strengthen their diverse voices and their reach as moral agents for justice.  In
addition to this skill-based work, they will take part in a faith service the evening of May
“GUT-BUSTINGLY FUNNY. 23 (open to the public), and a morning press conference on May 24 before lobbying their
‘BRIDESMAIDS’ GETS AN A!!!!” Owen Gleiberman
elected leaders.
“Religious leaders from across the spectrum of faith backgrounds and from states as
diverse as Maine and
“the perfect comedy” MAx ROSENHAuS, wjlb-fm
Alabama are turning to the
core tenets of their religious
beliefs as they proclaim
“laughter from
beginning to end... that justice for lesbian, gay,
bisexual, and transgender
i definitely recommend
seeing this film!” people is a matter of deep
faith,” said Dr. Sharon

“you’ll laugh Groves, director of HRC’s

Religion and Faith program,
– a lot!” OwEN GLEIBERMAN, EnTERTaInmEnT wEEkly
in a press release.  “They
will not stand on the
sidelines, but are claiming
“it’s a their faith as they join
the struggle for LGBT
“fun, faith-filled “What HRC has figured
and full of laughs! out is that the best antidote
best romantic comedy
to the Religious Right is
of the year!”
JAwN MuRRAy, Tom joynER moRnIng Show mobilized moderate and
“this is the progressive faith voices,”
type of movie said Rev. Susan Russell
we need more of!” Sr., associate pastor at All
TERRENCE J, 106 & paRk, bET

Saints Church in Pasadena,
Calif., in an issued
ANNIE MUMOLO DEvI DEv, kbXX 97.9 ThE boX houSTon

statement  “As faith leaders,

feel-good movie” we must demonstrate the
love, compassion and
yearning for equality we
possess in our hearts in
CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS order to end oppression.”
FOR THEATERS AND SHOWTIMES check local listings for theaters and showtimes  
MOBILE USERS: For Showtimes - Text BRIDESMAIDS with your ZIP CODE to 43KIX (43549)!
May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011, The Afro-American B3

Diet Documentary Advocates Virtues of Vegetarianism on

Hip-Hop/Soul Group The Foreign Exchange Performs in Baltimore

By Bobby Marvin Baltimore on May 21. a producer, it’s easy to get very short period of time…I just the blood, sweat and tears
Special to the AFRO AFRO: “Authenticity” carried away and add layer think we found our limit last of the team involved. We have
marks the third album after layer. And so for this year in terms of all we can been playing consistent shows
Hip-hop/alternative released by The Foreign album in particular, I think do because we do everything for almost three years. And
soul duo The Foreign Exchange. What was the the main challenge was to just ourselves. we started just doing a couple
Exchange has a formula goal this time around? stop whenever we said exactly of big shows in big markets as
that works. Rapper/ Phonte: We wanted to enough. AFRO: As a record far as New York and D.C.
singer Phonte brings make something that was label, how does The Foreign
the voice and character more stripped down than AFRO: As a group, how Exchange Music imprint AFRO: What can fans
while producer Nicolay our previous records… have you guys grown from differ from major record expect from this new tour?
provides the jazzy/ Something that was more your first album Connected to labels? Nicolay: It’s definitely a
electronic production stripped down, a lot more now? Phonte: Where the big new show in a lot of ways.
that complements every direct than our other Phonte: I think with this... company [has] size, you have Obviously there’s a lot of new
project. records. I think we did a we have grown in the sense speed and agility…You might material we’re playing from
Hailing from different good job of doing that. that we think of ourselves can’t out muscle them with the new record. But we have
countries — Phonte is a not just as artists, but as a dollars…but you can out think had a few personnel changes…
North Carolina native and AFRO: What were production unit as well. them. You can out strategize It’s definitely a dose of fresh
Nicolay is originally from some of the challenges them. energy into the show. We’ve
the Netherlands — the making this album AFRO: How do you been really able to cut our
two met online through a compared to your balance managing a record AFRO: Even as an teeth on the material a little
popular hip-hop message Courtesy Photo sophomore effort, “Leave company and being artists independent group, you guys bit in the shows we’ve been
board and from there Phonte and Nicolay of The Foreign It All Behind?” yourselves? are able to launch national doing, so yeah, I’m looking
birthed three albums, Exchange Nicolay: Well I think Nicolay: It’s really really tours. What does it take to get forward to it.
(Connected, Leave It All one of the challenges was hard, you know? It involves to that point?
Behind and Authenticity); a Phonte and Nicolay took a definitely to put a break a lot of work…Last year, Nicolay: It just takes years The Foreign Exchange
Grammy nod for their popular break to talk about managing on ourselves, if you will, to 2010, was really a year where of putting work in. You know comes to the 8 X 10, 10 E.
single “Daykeeper” and their their own label, the state really keep things stripped a lot culminated for us in we do everything ourselves, Cross St., May 21 at 8 p.m.
own independent label, The of music and their current down. I think especially for terms of the work load. We even in terms of the show For more information and
Foreign Exchange Music. Authenticity Tour coming to me as an instrumentalist or released four albums in a booking. So this is really all tickets, visit

Ezemdi, Nigerian-Born of 4. By the time he turned 8, he was already brushing elbows with professional
musicians as he played piano at his church in Harlem. Shortly thereafter, he

Entertainer, Seeks to Inspire began picking up more musical instruments and mastered each of them.
In high school he discovered another talent. After experimenting with

Others With Differences

his voice, he and two other friends formed a group that performed at school
basketball games and local talent shows. Ezemdi later attended Berklee College
of Music and formed his own licensing company and then landed his big break
when label owner Mark Geohagan signed him to Crazee House Records.
Now, Ezemdi’s anticipating the upcoming release of his first single “Take
By Gregory Dale Off,” which will appear on his debut album. He says By Your Side will be
AFRO Staff Writer released in June and will be a musical blend of romantic ballads and urban
mid-tempo songs catering to the fairer sex.
Growing up, Ezemdi always knew he was different from other kids his “[The album] will have good music with a positive message behind it,”
age. While most children were playing outside, he was forced to stay Ezemdi said. “A lot of the songs on the album are geared towards women,
indoors because his skin was sensitive to the sun. He, unlike his peers, reminding them that at the end of the day there are still some good men out
had albinism, i.e., he was an albino. in the world—you just have to look for them.”
“I...was looked at differently by not even just kids, but adults [also],” In addition to crafting his own hits, he’s also in the midst of producing
Ezemedi told the AFRO in a recent interview. “So, I kind of always records for a string of national and international artists.
knew that I was different and I was uncomfortable in my own skin. But while the talented musician is surely on the heels of success, he
When it came to [hanging out] with my [peers], I always wanted to says his primary reason for pursuing a major career in the music industry
blend in with them and just be a normal kid.” is so he could serve as an inspiration to people across the globe who are
But the experience didn’t get him down. In fact, it actually worked also different from the norm.
in his favor. Now, the 26-year-old is a talented vocalist, producer and “I’m what you would call the Whitest Black man in the world, but
songwriter. I’m doing what I love to do and [I want to tell people] you can do that,
“I remember a time when I was in elementary school and because I too,” Ezemdi said. “Anybody that feels uncomfortable in their own
couldn’t go outside, I started playing on an old raggedy piano that was skin is who I’m trying to reach.”
there and just started messing around with it,” Ezemdi said. “That’s how it
all started.” Ezemdi’s “By Your Side” will be released on June 14. For more
The Nigeria native, born Ezemdi Chikwendu, came to the U.S. at the age information, visit:

Hello, everyone! Don’t crabs and shrimp and enjoy

By Rosa
you just love this weather? the buffet meal, shopping
We have to realize that we are downtown Main Street and
truly blessed compared to the then try your luck at Dover
weather in other parts of the Downs Slots. Call 410-542-
country, especially the states 2530 for your tickets.
Del Puschert; Motor City Josh, Nat, Anthem-
that are having the floods. Let’s keep
Chrisdine King, Chesapeake
them in our prayers. This event is also nice. The
Bay Blues Band with Patty
Bleu Lights with Sheila Ross;
Reese, Marc Wenner, Dean
We have all types of entertainment to Dennis Fisher & Lee Jeffers and
Rosenthal and Tommy
choose from to suit our lifestyle. I have Tommy Van will be performing
Lepson, The Otis Taylor
been hanging out a lot locally covering a on Saturday, May 28 at St. Mary’s
Orchestra, Shemekia
many of the events that I have been telling Hall, 5500 York Road (rear of
Copeland, John Mayall,
you about. I just don’t have enough space church) 6:30 -11 p.m. Dance the
Chris Isaak and Dana Fuchs,
in my column to give you a review. But night away cabaret style; BYOB
just to name a few. For more
when you see me, just give me a hug. and your own barbecue. Call 410-
information, call 410-744-
There is this spot called, Creme 2291 or go to their website:
Restaurant. It is an upscale southern
Sista’s Place, Night Club and
cuisine restaurant and lounge that is Restaurant, 8521 Liberty Road
really jumping up and down doing I told you I had
features “Happy Hour” with 2-4-
the “James Brown.” I understand they something for all
1 drinks every Wednesday with
have delicious food, too. It is located lifestyles. Check this out!
buffet, 5-8 p.m. Call 443-691-0226
518 N. Charles St. On May 29, 8 Churches have fun, too.
for more information.
p.m.- midnight, the popular Magic Suzonne Vickers with Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Elder George Nicholson,
95.9 FM radio personality “Lolo” will the Knights of Peter will sponsor a bus trip to Woodbury pastor of Siloam Free
Commons Premium Outlets, in The Kuumba Ensemble Heritage House Community
be hosting in the “New Soul Lounge” Claver, Ladies Auxiliary, Will Baptist Church,
Central Valley, N.Y., on Saturday, Theater presents “Head Talks” on Saturday, May
at Crème Restaurant, bringing in Mother Mary Elizabeth with his wife, Lady
May 21. Leaving from Mt. Ararat 21 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, May 22 at 4 p.m. at the
Baltimore’s local and national artists Lange, Court 323, is Barbara, are celebrating
Baptist, 3008 Gwynns Falls Parkway New Covenant Worship Center, Fellowship Hall;
featuring “JAZZ” of Dru Hill; presenting their Tea their 50th anniversary
at 7 a.m. and returning midnight. You 700 Wildwood Parkway, Baltimore. It is a powerful
saxophonist, Eric Marner; Mann Party on May 21, 2-5 at a banquet on June
will have the opportunity to visit 220 showcase that sets the stage ablaze with humor and
(formerly of the Softones) and much p.m., at the Heritage 4, 5:30-10 p.m. at the
outlet stores and shop until you drop. intense drama. For ticket information, contact Rosalyn
more. For tickets and reservations, call Parkville Gardens, Heritage Parkville
Gaines at 443-413-1470.
443-622-9217. 7631 Harford Road in Garden, 7631 Harford
Parkville, Md. Hats and Another trip I am looking Road. For more
Oh my goodness! The Chesapeake gloves are required. For forward to going is with Stella and information, call 443- Well folks, I hate to say it, but I am out of time and
Bay Blues Festival is May 21-22 at more information, call Everett Fullwood to the Crab Claw 668-0709. space. If you’ve got something going on, contact me at
Sandy Point State Park. Performing are 410-521-6368 or 443- Restaurant in St. Michaels. I went 410-833-9474 or e-mail me at I
such artists as the Daryl Davis Band 801-1181. last year and had a ball. It is Sunday, will see you around. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M
featuring Nadine Rae, Andy Poxon and June 12. The bus trip includes all you can eat steamed MUSICALLY YOURS.
B4 The Afro-American, May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011

Community Continued from A4

Through the utilization of social media networks, the Chase Community Giving program
has already directed more than $10 million toward charities nationwide, putting the power to
bring positive change across the nation into the hands of some of those who need it most. Due
Baltimore Child Abuse Center a Finalist in Chase $500K to enthusiasm, the program is being continued into this spring - giving 100 additional charities,
Community Giving Program including BCAC the opportunity to win grants to further their mission.
“Baltimore Child Abuse Center is constantly striving to strengthen
Special to the AFRO How You Can Help our community and protect children from sexual child abuse.
You can help BCAC win up to $500,000 by simply “Liking” the
Receiving $500,000 would be an unbelievable opportunity to ensure
Baltimore Child Abuse Center (BCAC), a non-profit whose Chase Community Giving program at:
the great work BCAC continues in Maryland,” said BCAC Executive
mission is to provide all reported victims of child sexual abuse in chasecommunitygiving/ and casting your vote to help determine
Director Adam Rosenberg in a press statement.
Baltimore, and their non-offending caretakers, with comprehensive this spring’s winners.
BCAC is competing with 99 other charities across the country for
interviews, medical treatment, referral, and crisis counseling services awards from Chase and is the only nonprofit competing in Maryland.
with a goal of preventing future abuse is competing with charities nationwide for donations With the support of volunteers, fans and local residents, BCAC has the opportunity to get much
ranging from $20,000 to $500,000 through the final round of the Chase Community Giving needed resources to help for sexually abused children and provide valuable information on
program. Anyone can help in the effort to ensure BCAC’s success by simply voting for BCAC keeping children safe from future abuse.
through the Chase Community Giving program running on the Facebook platform. If awarded
funding for its Big Idea, BCAC will be able to locally offer for free sexual abuse prevention Dorothy E.
education for all kindergarten classes, parents and teachers and nationally offer online education
and mobile apps at no cost to everyone who wishes to keep their children safe and build a better
As part of the ‘AFRO’s’ In 1979, Brunson struck
annual Legends and Pioneers out on her own and acquired
awards program, standout Baltimore’s WEEB radio
community leaders in station and became the first
various fields are honored African-American female to
for their commitment to accomplish this feat. Shortly
The March Family and Staff of King Memorial Park cordially invite you to attend the
bettering Baltimore. The 2011 thereafter, she scored three
honorees, the Rev. Marion more radio stations but sold
“Annual Memorial Day Celebration” C. Bascom (religion), Dr. them to take on the television
Ruthe T. Sheffey (education), industry.
Ethel Ennis (music), Dorothy By 1995, she was the CEO
Memorial Day
E. Brunson (business), of her own communications
Monday, May 30th, 2011 at 11:30 a.m Chief Judge Robert M. Bell firm. After Brunson
King Memorial Park (law), Dr. Levi Watkins Communications picked up
“The Grand Heritage Chapel Jr. (medicine) and Kurt L. WGTW-TV in Philadelphia,
and Mausoleum” Schmoke (leadership), were Photo by Mark Mehlinger/AFRO she helped turn around the
feted at a recent ceremony Dorothy E. Brunson small, last-rated station until
Event hosted by Heaven 600’s
radio personalities Brad Rogers & held at the Reginald F. experienced success throughout she eventually sold it to Trinity
Doresa Harvey and features guest Lewis Museum of Maryland her career, she’s also made Broadcasting Network.
speaker Reverend Franklin Lance African American History history in the process. As the television industry
of Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church. The and Culture. Each week, While serving as a senior evolved, Brunson always kept
celebration will also include Adoration,
the ‘AFRO’ will continue to executive at Inner City a solid stance of confidence.
recognize these community Broadcasting in New York Despite new innovations in
The Baltimore Chapter of the 9th &
revolutionaries.” in the early ‘70s, she helped the ways people watch, access
10th Horse Calvary Association of
Dorothy E. Brunson to increase the company’s and obtain information, she
Buffalo Soldiers, About My Father’s
While entrepreneur and broadcasting sales from often insisted that people will
Business, and New Mighty Wonders.
communications expert $189,000 to $22 million by always look for those familiar
Dorothy E. Brunson has surely running five radio stations. local stations.

8710 Dogwood Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21244

Area Teen Youngest U. of Baltimore Grad
By AFRO Staff after spending two at Howard whose interests mirror other
“Where Memories are Preserved” is our commitment and “A Cemetery You Can Be Proud Of” is our promise.
University. Hobson-Powell individuals his same age.
Well over 600 graduates was drawn to UB after Still, Hobson-Powell has
walked across the stage at he discovered the school always proved to be ahead
the University of Baltimore’s offered an interdisciplinary of his peers even during his
annual commencement on undergraduate degree in formative years. “Before he
May 15 and among them all, public policy, psychology and even had teeth in his mouth,
one special student made history. He transferred last he was actually talking,”
history. fall. his father told NBC News
According to the “I wanted to go ahead and Washington back in 2009.
Baltimore Sun, 15-year- pursue an education that best Additionally, while other
old prodigy Ty Hobson- exemplified me,” he told the toddlers were barely learning
Powell recently became the Sun. “I have more than just the English alphabet, the
university’s youngest graduate one interest.” prodigy was already learning
ever. The Washingtonian Despite his noteworthy Chinese. Shortly thereafter,
Family-friendly completed his undergraduate
studies in just three years
accomplishments, his parents
insist that he’s a typical teen
Hobson-Powell started first
grade at 4 years old and
and dog-friendly event capped off high school in two
In the fall, the teen will
featuring music, enroll in law school, and
is considering medical
refreshments and more. school after that. Though
he’s acquired many
accomplishments in just a
short time, he says the journey
410-494-8545 hasn’t been difficult. “Surprisingly, it doesn’t
take that much effort,”
Hobson-Powell told the Sun.
“This gift that I’ve been
ANNAPOLIS WALK given, it’s sort of natural so
I don’t have to do too much
work. Being a 15-year-old
Sunday, June
Sunday, 5th
May 1st just comes naturally to me.”

Registration: 9:00
Registration: 8:00 AM AM Baltimore Girl Group
TheQuiet Waters Park
Continued from A4
Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
already released a mixtape
called Life Giving Energy
PRESENTING SPONSOR: plans to drop a new music
video within the next month
and also release a new album.
When they aren’t working
on music or performing Nia,
C O R P O R AT E S P O N S O R S : Nya, and Kamaria enjoy
being kids. Nya likes playing
basketball, Nia enjoys writing
songs with her friends and
Kamaria likes spending time
at the playground.

For more information

about Watoto From the Nile
please visit reverbnation.
M E D I A PA R T N E R S : com/watotofromthenile.
com and their mixtape is
available for download on Follow
the group on Twitter @
lgemovement and on their
Facebook page, facebook.
May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011, The Afro-American B5

D.C. High School Players Selected to U.S. Army All-American Bowl on

Bethune-Cookman Defeats Delaware State for the MEAC Softball Title

By AFRO Staff elimination tournament. But the Wildcats bounced back by finals and another shot at Delaware State.
ripping Howard, 17-0, to make its way back into the MEAC BCC got stellar play from key contributors Ashton Hinds, a
Bethune-Cookman (BCC) overcame Delaware State, 5-4, in senior outfielder, and Allison Garcia, a freshman pitcher. Hinds
eight innings to win the 2011 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference batted in three runs, while Garcia threw a six-inning shutout
(MEAC) Softball Championship, May 15 at the Ormond Beach against Howard to reach the championship.
Sports Complex in Daytona Beach, Fla.
The victory, Bethune-Cookman’s second consecutive More MEAC Softball Championship Tournament News:
softball title, gives the school an automatic bid to the 2011 Both Morgan State (MSU) and Coppin State University of
NCAA Division I Softball Championship tournament. The Baltimore, Md., were eliminated during the first two days of the
pairings were announced on a selection show May 15 at 10 tournament. MSU was knocked out of contention after falling
p.m. on ESPNU. The conference softball championship was to Norfolk State, 5-3, and then losing to Coppin State, 6-0, both
delayed May 14 due to severe lightning. on the tournament’s opening day.
Bethune-Cookman led the series, 1-0, after a 7-1 blowout Coppin State stayed alive after defeating Morgan State on
win over Delaware State in game one of the double-elimination the first day, and then crushed Norfolk State on day two. But
bracket. Game two was tied, 2-2, at the bottom of the second Coppin fell to Howard in a subsequent game, ending their
inning when the lightning began. Courtesy Photo/ season.
Bethune-Cookman’s win wasn’t easy. The squad fell once The Bethune-Cookman Lady Wildcats beat out teams like Coppin State junior pitcher Paige Arnold and Morgan
to Delaware State during the tournament’s early rounds on Morgan State, Howard University and Coppin State to State junior outfielder Sakina Smith were named to the all-
May 13, sending BCC to the loser’s bracket in the double- reach the MEAC Softball Championship Crown. tournament team.

World Class Sprinter Michael Walton To Host Youth Festivities in District

By AFRO Staff on different physically and mentally challenging activities Walton’s event will pick back up on May 21 at 10 a.m.
including a tug-of-war competition, the 50-yard dash race, a when middle and high school students will be invited out
World Class sprinter Michael Walton is just as dedicated balloon toss, a three-legged race, challenge relay, and more. to engage in the Teen Leadership Conference at the Jelleff
to supporting and mentoring youths as he is to running and Each team will be adopted and coached Recreation Center at 3265 S St. N.W.
breaking records on the track. by a professional athlete or popular media According to Walton, the conference is
That’s why he’s bringing his annual Michael Walton personality, such as New England Patriots to encourage and empower teens to “take
Foundation to the District of Columbia the weekend of May cornerback Leigh Bodden and many more of charge of their future while setting the tone as
20-21. Walton’s friends and associates. One of the trendsetters for their generation.”
Walton said the event is a “celebration of young people, teams will be crowned with the title of 2011 The Teen Leadership Conference will
and the individuals who support them,” which he refers to as Field Day D.C. Champions at the conclusion showcase political officials, celebrity guests
“the team behind the teen.” of Field Day. and other public figures, along with volunteers
“I designed this event as a way to teach, empower and reward Later Friday night, Walton’s foundation from the community.
area high school students for all of their hard work,” said Walton. will team up with Great Schools D.C. at 7
“Additionally, it’s important to honor and show respect to all of p.m. to host a Parents’ Night Out at Richard For additional information and to
the adults who support these students day in and day out. It takes England Club House No. 14, which is register for events, please visit www.
a village to guide our young people, and this weekend is a way located at 4103 Benning Road N.E. Walton
for me to give back and support my community.” says Parents’ Night Out is designed to Courtesy Photo
The event starts at the Washington Monument on the bring out the “inner child” in parents by World Class sprinter Michael Walton
National Mall on May 20 at 12:30 p.m. There, youths will participating in musical performances, to host annual youth festivities for his
be separated into teams for Field Day, where they’ll take giveaways and other interactive activities. Michael Walton Foundation on May 20-21.

Kenyan Olympic Gold Medalist

Dies From Balcony Fall SonyA ClArk, Plain Weave, Plastic combs and thread, 2008. Courtesy of the artist.

By AFRO Staff

Samuel Wanjiru, the Kenyan Marathon Olympic Gold Medal winner in 2008, died in Nairobi
on May 15 after he fell from a second floor balcony when a domestic dispute erupted involving
his wife and another woman on May 14, according to reports.
The Associated Press reports that Kenyan police has officially announced Wanjiru’s death as
suicide, although one officer alleged that Wanjiru leaped from the balcony in attempt to prevent
his wife from leaving after she found him with another woman. The balcony is reported to be
between 13 to 19 feet high, and Wanjiru landed upon a hard surface.
“Wanjiru came home with another woman friend at around 11:30 p.m. [on Saturday May 14]
and then when his wife came home and found them she inquired who the lady was,” area police
chief Jasper Ombati said, as reported by the AP. “They got into an argument. His wife locked
them in the bedroom and ran off.
“He then jumped from the bedroom balcony. He is not here to tell us what he was thinking
when he jumped. We do not suspect foul play. In our estimation we think he wanted to stop his
wife from leaving the compound.”
Wanjiru has had a documented history of domestic issues. In December 2010, he was charged
with threatening to kill his wife and wounding a security guard with a rifle, although he denied
all charges and was released on bail.
This past Valentine ’s Day, Wanjiru and his wife, Triza Njeri, announced on television that
they were going to work on their problems, and Njeri also dropped the charges against him.
The Huffington Post reports that two other women claimed they were also married to Wanjiru
on May 16 after hearing reports of his death. Polygamy is commonly practiced in Kenya.
Combs and thread?
Wanjiru’s agent, Federico Rosa, told the Post he doesn’t believe Wanjiru committed suicide.
“I talked to him yesterday and the day before,” Rosa said, according to
“It was going well and smoothly and he had no problem at all. This I can guarantee, it was not a
suicide at all.”
Wanjiru is reported to have passed away late May 15 in his hometown of Nyahururu, in the
Rift Valley, known as “the cradle of Kenyan long-distance running.”
“It is a huge tragedy,” Jos Hermens, a long distance running expert and manager of Ethiopian
great Haile Gebrselassie, told the AP. “He could have won two, three more Olympic Games. He
was an incredible talent.”
The 24-year-old champion runner was the youngest runner ever to win four “major”
marathons, claiming first place in five of seven marathons ran in his young career. He told
reporters when he was 21 that he would “dominate” for at least another decade.

Pro Sports Commentary Thru October 16, 2011

Wizards Looking
for Luck in Lottery
830 E. Pratt Street
AP Photo Baltimore, MD 21202
John Wall was the No. 1 overall pick for the
Washington Wizards in 2010. But who will 443-263-1800
the Wizards draft this summer? www.African
B6 The Afro-American, May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011 August 1, 2009 - August 7, 2009, The Washington Afro-American B7
la 410-554-8200

Buy it • Sell it
Swap it
it •• Lease
Lease itit
Rent it •• Hire
it Hire itit

TYPESET: Wed May 18 14:12:18 EDT 2011

rr ee ss uu ll tt ss
TYPESET: Wed May 18 14:13:59 EDT 2011
Payment Policy for legal

AFRO Classified minimum ad rate is $26.74 per col. inch
The Monterey Apartments located at 2400 Linden VACATION 1 Col.
Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217, will be accepting City of Baltimore (an inch consists of up to 20 words). Mail in your ad on
notice advertisements
rental applications on-site, Thursday, May 26th and
Friday, May 27th, between 9:00am-5:00pm. For
RENTALS Department of Finance Inch form below along with CHECK or MONEY ORDER to:
Bureau of Purchases
additional information call 301-982-6207.
TYPESET: Wed May 18 14:20:09 EDT 2011
Effective immediately, The MARYLAND. Best Sealed proposals addressed to the Board of Road, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002-4723, Attn: Clsf. Adv.
BECOME A FOSTER PARENT selection of affordable Estimates of Baltimore, will be received until, 20 Words Dept.
Afro American Newspapers rentals. Full/ partial
but not later than 11:00 a.m. local time on the
Become a Foster Parent! following date(s) for the stated requirements:
will require
Treatment Foster Parentsprepayment for
work from home, receive weeks. Call for FREE
a tax-free stipend and professional 24 hour on-call brochure. Open daily. MAY 25, 2011
support for providingof allforlegal
shelter a youngnotices.
person who
Holiday Real Estate. CONVENTIONAL CAB AIR COMPRESSOR 1 2 3 4 5
has suffered abuse or neglect. For more informa- TRUCK B50001961
Payment will Treatment
tion, call the CHOSEN be accepted in
Foster Care Pro- 1-800-638-2102. Online
JUNE 8, 2011
gram at 410-872-1050. reservations: www. 6 7 8 9 10
the form
TYPESET: Wedof check,
May credit
18 14:18:22 EDT card2011
or moneyFOR RENT order. Any returned
ONE AND TWOwill be subject
electric & sewage. to 3 a MOWING SERVICES FOR MEDIANS
BEDROOM trailers on site for sale. PROPERTIES B50001934
APARTMENTSprocessing fee and may
Call 410-957-1866 or
16 17 18 19 20
AVAILABLE Spectacular Water-
the suspension of any
443-825-0640 front Properties: Once CAN BE VIEWED AND DOWN LOADED BY
future advertising
at our Visitdis-
in a lifetime opportunity NAME
website www.lakesom-
awaits at 2 of the finest TYPESET: Wed May 18 14:14:33 EDT 2011
AD NETWORK waterfrontcommunities ADDRESS
Ad Network Classi- on Virginia’s Eastern PHONE NO.
are published in FURNITURE
LEGAL NOTICES Shore. Now under new Baltimore City Public Schools
65 newspapers. ownership, you can find
Cherry Bedroom Set.
the vacation property of BCS-11079 (Room, Apt, House, etc.) INSERTION DATE:
25 words $175 (For your dreams at Corbin Temporary Employment Services
Solid Wood, never used,
more than 25 words Hall or Olde Mill Pointe.
brand new in factory The Baltimore City Board of School Commis-
there is an additional Choose from a stunning sioners invites interested companies to submit
charge of $7 per
boxes. English Dovetail.
Original cost $4500. Sell
variety of home sites bids to: Provide Temporary Employment WASHINGTON AFRO-AMERICAN-NEWSPAPER
word.) from water frontage Services for various Baltimore City Public
for $895. Can deliver. School departments.
with magnificent views
Call Tom 240-482-8721
Call to serene pond settings,
In order to participate, interested bidders need
Legal Advertising Rates
(410) 554-8200 from lush forest to roll-
All ads must be
ROOM SET. In origi-
ing meadow land. Spend
to register with eMaryland Marketplace by
visiting their website at https:// Effective October 1, 2006
prepaid time sailing, swimming, and clicking the Reg-
nal plastic, never used. istration button.
fishing, exploring or just
Orig price $3000, Sac-
relaxing at the commu-
rifice $975. Can deliver. Solicitation BCS-11079 will be available for
Call Bill 301-841-7565
nity center pool. Proper- review commencing Wednesday, May 11, (Estates)
ties are 1 to 3 acres, 2011.
and offer ocean access, 202-879-9460/61
AUCTIONS LEGAL The Bid Due Date is Thursday, May 26, 2011,
mild climate, spectacu-
SERVICES lar natural views and at 11:00 a.m. local time. No bids will be
ABSOLUTE unique site amenities.
accepted after that time. Any questions related
to this solicitation should be directed to the
AUCTION-Valuable Lots available at 1/3 Buyer, Shabray Stanfield at sstanfield@bcps.
the original price. NEW TYPESET: May 18 14:24:16 EDT 2011 a. Order Nisi
personal property from SURES $ 60 per insertion $180.00 per 3 weeks
the Historical Green- STARTING PRICES: b. Small Estates (single publication)
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STOP REPOSSES- REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS 1. Domestic $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
equipment, glassware (757) 824-0808, email PROFESSIONAL
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STOP JUDGMENTS d. Escheated Estates
materials, furniture and, or web ASSISTANCE IN ANALYSIS AND $ 60 per insertion $ 360.00 per 6 weeks
apparel. A general list, $ 125.00
is available at woltz.
The Cardinal Law Firm RFP NUMBER: B-1661-11
com. Select items will Get a Fresh Start - Re- CIVIL NOTICES
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Premium for online bid- Se Habla Espanol
aid HABC in the selection of health,
• Your History • Your Community • Your News

ders. Sale held May 21, prescription, dental, vision care, life insurance,
info@thecardinallaw- short term disability and long term disability
9am at the West Virginia plans and providers. The project shall include FAMILY COURT
Building of the State www.thecardinallaw- an analysis and evaluation of HABC´s health,
Fair Event Center, Lew- prescription, dental, vision care, life insurance,
isburg, WV. Preview: short term disability and long term disability
May 20 from 12-8pm. plans, development of a Request for Propos- DOMESTIC RELATIONS
MISC. als (”RFP”) to obtain proposals for the 2012
Contact Woltz & Associ- and 2013 plan years (with three (3) one year 202-879-0157
ates, Inc. Real Estate renewable options) and the analysis and
Brokers & Auction- selection of qualified and cost effective provid- a. Absent Defendant $ 150.00
eers. 8002-551-3588. ers of health, prescription, dental, vision care, b. Absolute Divorce $ 150.00
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high paying Aviation term disability services for 2012 and 2013
Woltz (WV#1000) (with three (3) one year renewable options).
Maintenance Career.
FAA approved program. PROPOSALS WILL BE DUE no later than To place your ad, call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 262
AUTOMOBILE Financial aid if qualified 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, June 10, Public Notices $50.00 & up depending on size
DONATION - Job placement as- 2011. Baltimore Legal Notices are $24.15 per inch.
sistance. CALL Aviation
A non-mandatory pre-proposal conference will There is no flat rate — 1-800 (AFRO) 892
DONATE VEHICLE: Institute of Maintenance be held on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 10:00 For Proof of Publication, please call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 244
Receive $1000 GRO- (866) 823-6729. a.m. in the Charles L. Benton Building, 417 E.
Your Choice, NOAH’S Warbirds Over the Maryland, 21202.
ARC, NO KILL Animal Beach Airshow - May HABC has established a minimum threshold of
Shelters. Advanced 22 and 23 at the Virginia twenty percent (20%) of the total dollar amount
Veterinary Treatments. Beach Airport, hosted of the proposed contract for Minority Business
Free Towing, IRS by the Military Aviation Enterprise (”MBE”) utilization, applicable to all
TAX DEDUCTION. minority and non-minority businesses propos-
Museum. For more ing to provide the requested services as the
Non-runners 1-866-912- information visit www. prime contractor. No threshold has been
GIVE call established for participation of Women-owned
(757) 721-PROP (7767) businesses (”WBEs”), however, HABC
DONATE YOUR strongly encourages and affirmatively pro-
VEHICLE RECEIVE motes the use of WBEs in all HABC contracts.
FREE VACATION MISC. TRAINING Bidders shall also comply with all applicable
VOUCHER. UNITED requirements of Section 3 of the Housing and
BREAST CANCER Urban Development Act of 1968, 12 U.S.C.
FOUNDATION Free Section 1701u.
PY – Learn fast, earn
Mammograms, Breast
fast. Financial aid if The RFP and all supporting documents may
Cancer Info www.ubcf. be obtained on or after Monday, May 16, 2011,
info FREE Towing, qualified. A new career
from the following location:
Tax Deductible, Non- is at your fingertips. Call
Runners Accepted, Centura College 877- Housing Authority of Baltimore City
1-888-468-5964 206-3353 Division of Fiscal Operations,
Procurement Department
417 E. Fayette Street,
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
OPPORTUNITY Attention: John Airey,
Retirement and Chief of Contracting Services
future move? Discover Tel: (410)396-3261 Fax: (410)962-1586
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May 21, 2011 - May 27, 2011, The Afro-American B7

Petitions have been filed by the following applicants for licenses to sell alcoholic beverages at the premises set
opposite their respective names. The real property for these applications will be posted on Monday, May 16, 2011.
Written protests concerning any application will be accepted until and including the time of the conference or hearing.
Conferences and public hearings will be held on or after June 2, 2011. Interested parties should contact the office of the
Board, 231 E. Baltimore Street, 6th Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 or by calling (410) 396-4385 to determine the
exact time and date that a particular application will be considered by the Board. Written protests will be acknowledged
by the Board and such protestants will be notified as to the date, time and place of the hearing and/or conference.

TYPESET: Wed May 18 14:13:18 EDT 2011

Zheng, LLC. Transfer of ownership 4601 Garrison Boulevard
Cheng Kai You
Maryland Port Administration (MPA)

2. CLASS “A” BEER, WINE & LIQUOR LICENSE Marketing and Sales Representative III
Exspanncien, Inc. Transfer of ownership 1340 E. Smith Avenue
Shannon Wood Compensation: $42,891.00 - $68,664.00 - excellent benefits package
Starting salary contingent upon education and experience
Sukhee Liquors, Inc. Transfer of ownership 551 N. Fulton Avenue Closing Date: June 3, 2011
In S. Lee from secured creditor Location: World Trade Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Il H. Lee
Byong Kim
POSITION DUTIES: Position will be responsible for increasing the volume of homeport activity at the Port of
Baltimore (POB); performing professional marketing and sales work in representing the Maryland Port Admin-
YJK, Inc. Transfer of ownership 5303-05 York Road
istration (MPA) and the Port of Baltimore to cruise ship stakeholders for the purpose of attracting new and
Yoojun Kim retaining existing customers. The position will independently serve as a first line marketing and sales repre-
Mi Sun Kim sentative for the marketing of the Cruise Maryland brand throughout the United States and its territories. The
position will also, but not be limited to, serve in a customer service capacity in insuring that customers always
receive quality service and solutions when utilizing the Port of Baltimore.
Crepe Du Jour, Inc. New License & 1609 Sulgrave Avenue For position requirements, please visit or for a
Mustapha Snoussi request for outdoor table service complete job announcement or call (410)385-4446 Monday - Friday during business hours. Application:
Donna Morris-Snoussi Qualified candidates please submit your resume and cover letter, along with a MDOT DTS-1 application to the
Marie-Paule Coster Human Resources Department, Maryland Port Administration, 401 East Pratt Street, Suite 253, Baltimore,
Maryland 21202. Attention: Marketing and Sales Representative III. MDOT DTS-1 application can be
Bodkin Creek Co., LLC Transfer of ownership & 7653 Harford Road obtained by accessing or by calling our Job
Louis L. Tosches, Jr. request for live entertainment Hotline at (410)385-4456. Call 711 for MD Relay Service.
TYPESET: Wed May 18 14:15:19 ACTION/ADA
Catherine Tosches

Round Robin Café, Inc. Expansion-add outdoor table service 210 E. Centre Street
Scott Dorsey including deck Psycho-Social Unit Clerk
Mary Grimm Immediate Opening for a Psycho Social Unit Clerk. The Unit
Clerk is responsible for the smooth flow of all clients and
Kirby, Kenneth Transfer of ownership 2101-03 Maryland Avenue
documents related to service delivery for Psycho-Social
Fusaro, Inc. Transfer of ownership, request to add 336 N. Charles Street teams at Health Care for the Homeless. The Unit Clerk
Nicola DiPerta live entertainment, outdoor table & assures accurate collection of appropriate data and comple-
Attilio Schiano Off-premise catering tion of required documentation needed to initiate and imple-
ment the plan of care for adult and geriatric clients estab-
4. CLASS “B” BEER, WINE & LIQUOR RESTAURANT LICENSE (HOTEL-MOTEL) lished by the providers from the Psycho-Social teams. The
Crossroads Hospitality Management Company, LLC Transfer of ownership 101 W. Fayette Street Unit Clerk provides support to the provider staff in facilitating
Patricia Jones & request for outdoor table service client services. The clerk participates collaboratively within
Christopher Bennett
the multidisciplinary team, providing clerical support services

To advertise in the AFRO call

RWN Colonnade Hotel, LLC Expansion- request to add live 4 W. University Parkway wherever they are needed. High School Diploma, GED.
Richard Naing entertainment Good telephone communication skills, legible handwriting
and good basic typing skills. Computer skills preferred Well-
5. CLASS BD7, BEER, WINE & LIQUOR TAVERN LICENSE developed organizational skills, Strong interpersonal skills
Dogwatch Tavern, LLC. Transfer of ownership, 709-11 S. Broadway and ability to maintain confidentiality surrounding all informa-
Bradley Keevan requests for live entertainment tion related to clients. Send resume to Ms. C. Berry, HCH,
Marka Browing and outdoor table service
421 Fallsway, Baltimore, MD 21202 by May 31, 2011. E-mail:
Big Dipper Investments, LLC Transfer of ownership, request to 2015-17 E. Federal Street, Fax: 410-837-8020. No phone
Delaphine Henson add live entertainment calls. EOE
TYPESET: Wed May 18 14:15:53 EDT 2011

Tusker Enterprises, LLC Transfer of ownership, request to add 5302 Frankford Avenue
Stephen Marindany live entertainment
Stephen Njagua Dental Assistant
Unique community health center serving homeless
Fort Avenue Entertainment, LLC Transfer of ownership and location 921 E. Fort Avenue, Unit 001 individuals has an immediate opening for a part-time Dental

Robb Merritt from 1400 Hull Street, request to add Assistant. The Dental Assistant will provide direct dental care
Gary Swatko live entertainment & outdoor table and dental support for adult and pediatric clients in the Dental
clinic. Completion of a state recognized training course as a
JCQ, LLC Expansion-add outdoor table service 633 Portland Street Dental Assistant. Current MD licensure as a Dental Assis-
James Quigley tant; Current X-ray and CPR certification; evidence of on-
going professional continuing education as required; ability
to maintain confidentiality surrounding the information re-
lated to clients served by the clinic; comfortable working with

Strictly Personal
people that are homeless and/or low income; strong written
and oral communication skills. 24 hours/wk - Mon, Tues,
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Send resume to Ms. C. Berry,
HCH, 421 Fallsway, Baltimore, MD 21202 by 05/31/11. E-

Pen Pals mail: FAX (410) 837-8020. No

phone calls. EOE
TYPESET: Wed May 18 14:16:26 EDT 2011

Truthful man seeking spiritual pen pals. Womb my emanation. Chief Information Officer ($67,382 - $108,193). MD Dept. of
Law is unification. Breath, knowledge and consciousness! Wil- Agriculture is seeking a talented & motivated individual with
liam Piggie, P.O. Box 565, Pittsboro, N.C. 27312 strong management skills to serve as Department´s CIO
(Program Mgr Sr II). The CIO provides vision, strategic direc-
--- tion & leadership for all of IT & telecommunications functions
Homemaker, hazel eyes, brown skinned lady. 5’6”, 61 years of in support of MDA and its programs, and serves as primary
advisor to Dept. Secretary regarding all aspects of IT &
age and full figured. My interests are - cooking, music, DVDs, telecommunications. Requirements include BS in computer
good conversations and quiet evenings. I would like to meet information technology, management information systems,
computer science, or other IT related field and 10 yrs. in-
someone 50-65 years of age with no alcohol or drug hang ups, formation technology management responsibility with at
employed with is own home and transportation. least 4 yrs supervisory experience. Must demonstrate
Brenda Johnson, 11806 Maren Court, Reisterstown, MD 21136 knowledge in managing IT & telecommunications services.
Serves at pleasure of appointing authority. Please visit www.
--- to view full job announcement, benefits,
and obtain State application (MS-100). Completed applica-

Lonesome Hearts - Pen Pals

tions must be received by 6/8/2011. EOE/ADA
TYPESET: Wed May 18 14:17:04 EDT 2011

POSTED 05/2011
To have a notice published in the Strictly Personal Section, Closing Date: June 03, 2011
write the message you want printed in the space below. Computer Network Specialist Supervisor #069374
Enclose ten dollars ($10.00), check or money order for 25 The Maryland State Retirement Agency is recruiting for a Computer

words. NO CASH PLEASE. Additional words will cost

Network Specialist Supervisor in the Information Systems Division.
Preferred qualifications: 5 years of experience working with Intel
50 cents each. desktops and servers, MS Windows Server and desktop OS, network
switches and design. Experience with MS Active Directory, SQL, MS
Exchange, S SharePoint, Biztalk, WSUS, Symantec Antivirus and Back-
upexec. Management of phone systems is a plus.

Please visit our website for the full job announcement and How
To Apply at

To answer a Lonesome Heart notice, enclose a check or

money order for $2.00 for each letter you wish to have
forwarded. NO CASH PLEASE. Be sure to include the fox
number of the person you wish to contact.

All letters, queries and

notices should be sent to:
2519 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
B8 The Afro-American, May 21, 2011 - May 21, 2011