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Role Profile

Role title: Integration Engineer Version number: 1.1

Reports to: Systems Integration Manager Function: Network Products and

Services Integration
Band/Grade: GGS 10 Location: Hatfield

Organisation Network Products and Services Integration assure the delivery of high
structure & quality, innovative products and services that drive the success of the
department profile: EE brands, protecting the customer experience and our reputation as
leader in the market.

Does the role Current function & role title: n/a

already exist (i.e. no
change to current)? Current band / grade: n/a

Created by: Director: Tom Bennett Date: August 2010

HR Partner: Lesley Szperling Date: August 2010

Role purpose: To support the successful Integration of new Network Technology

Systems, Products and Services in alignment with the EE Market
Plan, Business Strategy and Brand by maintaining an optimum
balance of Cost, Quality and Time.

Using specialist technical skills where appropriate, the Integration

Engineer is responsible for the integration strategy for single systems
and service within their area of expertise (Messaging & Voice domain),
coordinating, planning, executing and documenting test and
integration activities to help ensure new/changed network technology
services/systems meet requirements.

Key Responsibilities  Technology – Liaise with colleagues across the network Products
& Accountabilities: and Services Integration community and Network Services
providing support on the technology within their own area of
(In priority order)
expertise (Messaging & Voice domain).
 Delivery – responsible for the integration plan, test specifications
and scripts, test execution and defect management and the
support the environment design and deployment for single systems
 Managing their own resource to take responsibility for deliverables
where appropriate for single systems and services within their area
of expertise.
 Responsible for the verification of new or modified systems or
services introduced in the live environment
 Support the handover of verified systems or services to operations
 Resource planning in accordance with demand management
process. Support the delivery of detailed project plans for the
system and services affected within the area of responsibility under
the guidance of the Lead or Senior Integration Engineer.
 Support risk analysis and risk strategy providing information to
project leads.
 People – Build and maintain close working relationships with peers

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in Network services and a small number of local vendors and 3rd

 Technical Expertise –Have a specialist understanding of the
network systems within the Voice and messaging areas.
o Good knowledge of GSM/GPRS Network architecture
o Good knowledge of Voice and Messaging Services and
associated Mobile Applications.
o Good working knowledge of SS7 Networks, UNIX,
INAP, CAP, SMTP protocols.
 Standards, Process and Policies – Adhere to the appropriate
standards and policies. Ensure all transition criteria are met and
signed off by the relevant stakeholders and quality gates are
tracked, communicated and signed off.

Key Challenges: • Identify, analyse and respond to project risks and work towards
(in priority order) • Developing test scripts that will require investigative work from various
internal and external sources.
• Investigate testing failures whilst executing individual tests from a plan.
This will involve interrogation of system equipment and platforms to
evaluate the cause of the fault and then either directly resolve the issue
or report the issue to the correct party.
• Track discovered system defects and ensuring they are brought to
resolution per the project schedule

People Manages people? yes / no

Management: If yes, direct or virtual (project)? direct / virtual / both
Responsible for:
allocation of work (task based) yes / no
setting direction (objective based) yes / no
performance management yes / no
recruitment yes / no
absence management yes / no
No of direct reports: 0
Overall team size (headcount): 0
Other People Mgt
Financial: Cost centre manager yes / no
OPEX responsibility £ direct / indirect / n/a
CAPEX responsibility £ direct / indirect / n/a
P&L responsibility £ direct / indirect / n/a
Other Financial
Impact comments:
Key Relationships: within own directorate:
 Reports to Integration Manager / Principal Engineer
(level, nature &
purpose)  Work in a matrix environment taking direction from project leads
 Work collaboratively with peers across Network products and
Services Integration to ensure quality and project delivery to

across other directorates:

 Work collaboratively with IT Test peers an to support delivery of x-
functional projects
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 Work collaboratively with peers across the Network Services


external suppliers:
 Support external suppliers to deliver tasks to standards, processes
and policies.

internal customers:
 Provide technical support on all test, integration and acceptance
activities within the T&I community, within the are of expertise.
Other key relationship comments:

Critical Knowledge professional / technical

& Experience (non professional qualifications or equivalent; technical skills
time related): must have:  Degree or equivalent in Engineering, Electronics,
Computing, Telecommunications.
 Good knowledge of Telecommunications industry
 Good understanding of GSM & UMTS Networks
 Specialist expertise in the systems
nice to have:  ISEB Foundation level certification
 Experience of Integration and Acceptance
Testing of Telecommunications services and
business / context
internal company knowledge (policies; procedures; strategies); industry
background; knowledge of external market
must have:  Good understanding of the company strategic
nice to have:  Good understanding of new technologies which
may influence T&I strategy.
Behaviours as per behaviour framework will be required specifically for
recruitment purposes.
Core Competencies: As the behaviour framework is tbc, this section does not have to be
completed, however if there are any behaviours that you want to draw
particular attention to now, please record them here.
 Xx

Required to travel as team is based over multiple locations.

UK based with occasional need to travel to internal locations,
Any other
depending on requirement.
This role forms part of the Network Services community and as such
will be expected to inspire and encourage the whole community by
demonstrating trust, mutual dependency, support and co-operation.

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