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• Enables redundant MVB bus interfaces
• Conforms to IEC 61375-1 standard
• ESD+, EMD or OGF type medium
• Local processor for implementing TCN link layer
• IEC 821 VMEbus interface for Gateway access
• Complies to EN 50155 standard for electronics in
railway rolling stock

The EKE-Trainnet® MVB modules

FEATURES AND BENEFITS Optical Glass Fibre (OGF) medium
A dedicated firmware is implemented to
physical interfaces are supported.
The MVB module is the Multi-Function correct the erroneous redundancy
Vehicle Bus (MVB) interface module for The interface connectors are located at management of the ASIC, i.e. the
EKE-Trainnet® family of products. It the front panel of the module and automatic redundancy feature of the ASIC
provides the train networking, diagnostics communication to the system CPU module is not used.
and control applications of the coach is done via the VME back plane bus.
Bus administrator redundancy is
computer with all the necessary functions
PROPERTIES supported on software level.
for accessing the MVB vehicle bus.
Redundant bus operation is supported The MVB Module of the Vehicle Computer Standard bus connectors: two (2) sub D-9
through to the bus interfacing ASIC implements the MVB link layer functions of connectors for EMD medium and ESD+
circuitry and the link layer functions are the IEC 61375-1 Train Communications medium or four (4) ST-bayonet fibre
implemented with the local processor on Network Standard. connectors for OGF medium. Mechanical
the module. TCN Real Time Protocols will coding of the MVB connectors will be
The MVB Module supports full bus master
be implemented by the system CPU. available. The coding method will be
functionality as specified in the IEC 61375-
chosen during the project design phase.
The MVB module is realised through a 1 Standard.
highly efficient combination of local The module utilizes MVBC02 ASIC
Cable redundancy is implemented up to
microprocessor, FPGA logic and a
the MVBC02 ASIC, i.e. there is one ASIC IEC 821 VMEbus interface for gateway
dedicated MVB controller. Optically
on the board. CPU access.
isolated Electrical Short Distance (ESD+),
Electrical Medium Distance (EMD) and

Technical Information:
DIMENSIONS: ESD+: 4 TE × 3 U × 160 mm (W × H × D)
EMD: 8 TE × 3 U × 160 mm (W × H × D)
OGF: 4 TE × 3 U × 160 mm (W × H × D)
WEIGHT: ESD+: 160 g
EMD: 220 g
OGF: 180 g
INPUT POWER: 5 V DC ± 5% (1 A max., 0.5 A typ.)
MTBF: ESD+: 1.408.000 h (40°C ambient temperature)
EMD: 1.408.000 h (40°C ambient temperature)
OGF: 618.000 h (40°C ambient temperature)
TEMPERATURE RANGE: Operational -40°C…+70°C

Data rate: 1,5 Mbit/s; Manchester encoding
Medium: Optically isolated Electrical Short Distance (ESD+)
Electrical Medium Distance ( EMD)
Optical Glass Fibre (OGF)

VMEbus (IEC 821)
Interface: A24 Slave with D08(EO)/D16
246 kB SRAM and 512 kB traffic memory for
process and message data

EKE-Trainnet® MVB module block diagram
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