I thank the management, Dr. Sr.

Lalitha and the faculty for giving me this opportunity to present the report on behalf of the MBA & MFA dept. It is a moment to be cherished and it humbles the soul. `The journey of life can only reveal itself as it is travelled; each turn in the road reveals a surprise. Join me as I take you through the road travelled by the MBA & MFA departments at Jyoti Nivas College during the academic year 2010-2011. ³Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started´, the past academic year was an adventurous one. We travelled far, and the lessons learnt were many. Class room learning During the first year we were given a taste of our electives, HR, Marketing and Finance. Our director Dr. Sr Lalitha and the faculty members, mentored us on the pros & cons of each subject, and the importance of having the right aptitude while choosing our specialization. If you believe in being forearmed to deal with your business problems and knowing what's important for the growth in your organization, you should be a part of the HR community. Our curriculum includes vital HR topics such as Human Resource Planning, Workforce Motivation, Employment Opportunities, HR Practices, Employee Engagement, Team Building and so on. HRM is the legal liaison between the organization and the employees. At the end of our course we emerge as highly skilled, committed, and innovative management professionals. Marketing is a very important aspect in business contributing greatly to the success of the organization. Contradicting the old myth that marketing is only about making a sales pitch, Our course takes us through a variety of topics like advertising, promotions, public relations, and so on. By doing this course we emerge as individuals who know how to effectively utilize our creativity, talent and skills. The MBA Finance degree aims to provide students with an opportunity at an advanced level to develop expertise and skills that will help them plan their finances wisely and manage their portfolios. Our course provides a robust and rigorous set of financial management activities that are relevant to meet today¶s management demands. Topics such as Financial Analysis, Budget Forecasting, Annuities, the Stock Exchange and its functioning makes the MBA Finance students well equipped as tomorrow¶s financial analysts. Mentoring sessions with our Director along with our faculty members helped us in analyzing our areas of interests and choose the right path in our careers. After this it was a smooth transition to our internship program. An internship allows a student to get a taste of the real world without being a full-fledged member of the workforce. It's often a

Case studies. but allows the individual a of a running start when entering the workforce full-time after graduating. you always had an attentive class. learning about our Indian Society and culture made us anticipate for your classes. The HTML course for 30 hours. The workshop on leadership conducted by Mr. we returned as changed individuals waiting to take on the corporate world with zeal and enthusiasm in less than a years¶ time. The Satyam and 2G scandals would not have happened if a core value is followed. Akash Cander. but the way in which our fellow beings look at us.small taste of what's to come and gives students the opportunity to widen their network. the department had planned many knowledge enriching. Under the guidance of our director. Activities also highlighted the importance of leadership in a team. spreading love and giving back to the society that has played such a crucial role in developing the person that we are today. developing new products or giving the pink slip. and activities including quiz. Towards fulfillment of that we had an array of certificate courses . the certificate course on Indian Society comprising of 20 hours of theory and 20 hours of service at the NGO¶s. fact finding. having a glimpse of how our future might be. was 40 hours of effective and efficient work. It not only shows commitment to developing one's skills. . Founder the Orange Academy. 8 weeks of intensive training in our chosen fields. listening to your real life stories and anecdotes. Moving on. are given all round development. We thank Glen Sir for his efforts in helping us understand the importance of leading an Ethical life. presentations that were in line with our chosen electives. animations and so on. taught us lessons that were very crucial in team building. a break from our management classes. We had a 30 hour certificate course on ethics. This time made us realize that life is not all about making profits. Thank you Bridget Ma¶am. Review of Management books. through which knowledge was shared. Assignments. that expanded our boundaries. Certificate courses & guest lectures In line with the 7 habits of an highly effective JNCite. but about spending time. Industry experts were called in to quiz us on our project reports. Every nook and corner of our path had surprise elements in store for us. challenging tasks like Dissertation. especially at work. The lesson that we took back was Never to look for success in money. We at JNC. was now tested in the VIVA that was conducted. After 2 months in the industry. gave us a wider scope of the various utilities like Designing. habit 3 being knowledge driven ±is one of our primary focus. That is ethical values.

The seminar aimed to bring together faculties of Humanities. Moving on to guest lectures.They offer various course to the students to add extra edge to their knowledge like CRM(Customer Intelligence Management). and in the same way put in our best in whatever work we take up. Diploma in Finance & Accounting. µNuggets of International Business¶ was conducted by Ms. STATE LEVEL SEMINAR The spice of life is having a variety. Eminent personalities from various fields occupied the podium. and what better way can we add spice to our life than enhancing our knowledge. . with mind boggling questions and adrenaline pumping suspense. HOD st. Commerce and Management and a wide spectrum of academicians. Annamma Prof. johns hosp µMetro Cash and Carry¶ shared with us the Essential components of the Compliance Program & the eight Business Principles of the METRO GROUP: µNIIT¶.The six sigma workshop conducted by Mr. we learn to settle for nothing but the best. Fighting your way to the top three from a wide array of competitive teams from our class. We had an interactive and in-depth deliberation and discussion on various themes of the seminar that definitely expanded our horizons in management. CHALLENGING US FURTHER: We had an intra class quiz that tested our mettle against the best quizzers in town.96% surety in the manufacturing process. Business Intelligence System.associate professor in the Canara Bank School of Management Studies. industry experts & NGO representatives. Our seminars comprised of Seminar on µpersonal Awareness¶ ± by D. Murulutla. As managers going out of this great institute. gave us the fine points on how important it is to maintain a 99. Cynthia Menezes . The top three then battled it out for the top honors in a tantalizing contest of five rounds consisting of questions from a wide range of topics ranging from external affairs and general knowledge. various computer languages and global ³SUN´ certification in JAVA etc. We hosted a State Level Seminar µExpanding Horizons in Management¶ on the 4th and 5th of March 2011.

can you be a navigator for your team.FEST We at the MBA department like to do things differently. The visit to the µStock Exchange¶ gave us through information on the basics of the stock market and their functioning. The 8 km trek. The first year MBA students went to Bangalore Dairy and VST tillers and tractors for their industrial visit. Giving us a break from our busy schedule. body and soul. These outbound trips lay a strong foundation in teaching us to live. how many people did u terminate to become the best manager. There is new life and lessons in the soil for every man. Spark 2011 Ascento was a grand success with 24 colleges participating in the first ever inter collegiate fest organized by the MBA Department. SPARK 2011. Names of Fighter planes were chosen to represent each event. Are you Vigilante enough to wrack your brains? Can u create a typhoon with your marketing skills. It was not only a day of fun. Suggestions and learning¶s were a 2 way process. . and drinking water directly from the streams are all experiences that will stay with us for a lifetime. As the hosts we were proud to present the overall trophy to SRN Adarsh College.ASCENTO was born. WONDERLA The second year MFA students went to wonder la for their one day outing. Watching the cycle of manufacturing and production was an apt learning for them. A one day management fest. Together we celebrated a successful take off! OUT BOUND TRIPS Learning does not happen only in the classroom. but also a day of bonding and learning more about each other. Our close encounter with nature replenished our mind. We are indeed a blessed lot. We had an interactive session with the brokers and got few valuable pointers. The trip to Dandeli. What few initiated soon caught on like wild fire. Are u a Falcon soaring to the world of riches? And finally. the trip gave us time to get to know each other better. as it is in line with their subjects like Operations Management where PERT & CPM are crucial. made us one with nature. The park is known for its exciting and adventurous land and water rides. At the end feeling of accomplishment enveloped us. We visited the Paper factory & Baba atomic research plant. The theme of the fest was ASCENTO. The seminar and Fest gave us ample time to work alongside with our juniors. work and accomplish tasks together as a team in our classroom sessions also.

Placements. To sum up." to Work Together as a Community." and "How much we need each other¶s support and guidance to succeed. Indus International School.Mrs. This is a welcome sign for us to register under Ma¶am for our further research. we had Target. We are a fortunate batch to have some of the best companies come here to campus for placements. Dr. . Motilal Oswal. Ernst and Young. As we enter this abode of light. Never be afraid to try is a strong message we got from you sister. Anahita Ma¶am participated in the seminar on Global Financial crises held at IIM-B. with a perfect balance of nature with the latest state of art infrastructure to help us cope with the changing technology. From the campus to the people. Richa Ma¶am also presented a paper on India & China ± An economic Study. Tally to name a few. I take this opportunity to thank the Dr Sr Lalitha the director of the PG center.All these activities and classrooms work has equipped and geared us for the next challenging phase. As the days unfold the placement drive would go on. I would like to say. Ma¶am also attended a 3 day international conference on ³Global & Contextual Business Ethics´ that was organized by Globe ethics Swizerland along with IIM-B that was held at the Infosys Training Center Mysore. Richa Bhalla is a research guide for the M. Our teachers are continuously on the move updating themselves with the latest in the economy & market. we are inspired from all directions.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology. I have seen in my 2 years at Jyoti Nivas College that we don¶t have to look far for inspiration. But I think that some of the important lessons we have learned over the last two years is ³How to build relationships and rely on each other. Ma¶am also participated in µPedagogical Tools in Management Education¶ a one day seminar held at M. Her mentorship has played a crucial role in our lives. Knowledge will no doubt be valuable to us as we go forward in life. Star Plus. Kingfisher." "How to respect each other's differences. Grand Thorton. for her constant support in all our activities. We are thankful to have such dedicated staff. the lessons we learnt for your classes will stay with us for years to come. Presently Ma¶am is guiding 2 students for their PhD thesis.Phil and PhD in Management at the Rayalaseema University Andhra. The campus is academic conducive. the serene beauty of our campus enthralls us. And we always look up to sister for her advice on anything from our personal lives to academics. Thank you sister." Often we look outside for heroes but I see them right here among us. Anie Ma¶am & Richa Ma¶am took part in an one day workshop on Case writing & Analysis.

Mr. encouraged and guided us thus far. Ms. Ms. They work towards the smooth functioning of our PG Center. We thank God for His unceasing grace and guidance. for their immeasurable dedication. Ms. Mr.My heartfelt gratitude to our faculty members. but we reached it with honor in our soul and strength in our heart. Because of our heros. Next. Don¶t look for success in power. Paromita. Anupama. Latha.gritty details from the day we get our admission to the day we graduate. Ms. Mr. Selvi & Thagarani for your tireless efforts. Anirban. Antony Cruz. Ms. we can truly say. Jagadesh. Ajay. look into all the nitty . for absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ms Seema. Suresh.Grace. Don¶t look for success in fame.The administrative staff. As management students success is the key word today. Sucharita. Glen. Thank you Vijaya Ma¶am. Ms.´ . ³We made it!´ As a final thought going forward. we have not only reached it. I'd like to take a moment on behalf of myself and my fellow graduates to thank our parents who have constantly supported us. Michael Sir and Bagyanathan. Ms Richs Bhalla. The credit for our clean & green campus goes to our maintenance staff. Preethi. for it is the prayer in silence which is most dear to God. You Put meaning to everything we do so that when we reach your destination. Anahita. Thank you parents. we were able to reach our dreams. Ms. Subramanya. But we should Never look for success in money. The non teaching staffs are the heroes behind the scenes. Thank you Laxmi. Mr. Because of them. Dr. Ms Anie Mathews. Mr. Jaya Ma¶am. for success is never measured by one¶s bank account. Teachers our stay at Jyothi Nivas is Cherishable because of you. Mr. I'd like to leave you with a quote from --Emerson ³What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. From what is in our tiffens to what us there in our report cards you have always been there for us.

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