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Prateek May 12, 2011



Bizmac is an organization management solution developed initially for Albratoss Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Patna. This organization used to collect a lot of inputs from its field force but was unable to utilize it because of lack of man power and also because of the sheer complexity of the task as it required a lot of data analysis. My job was to give them a system that could make life easier for the field force by reducing the number of reports they had to feed and also give the administrators a potent tool to utilize the data to come up with useful observations that would help them monitor, analyze and control their business.


Basic Architecture

The solution consists of a backend “Bizmac DB” and a front end “Initio” that provides the user with a GUI to interact with the database. The backend was created using MySQL and the front end was developed in Visual Studio 10 (VB .Net 4.0). The organization was divided into four organizational entities: products, clients, field-force and organizational-structure. The solution provides tools to feed and analyze data pertaining to all the four entities.


An Example

The basic functioning of the tool can be understood by studying the rough workflow of the Medical Representatives of the company.


Workflow of a Medical Representative

A medical representative of the company was given a monthly tour programme and he was to visit different “workstations” according to it. Thereafter following a “Customer Service Plan” he was required to visit various doctors, stockists and retailers, people whom the company termed its clients. At the end of the


com 2 form design. 3. Using the same daily reports the system would generate their “Travel Allowance statement” too. Luke Wroblewski1 was a great source of inspiration. Initially I had come up with a design that was similar to the data forms that MS Access used to generate. Later on I completely revised the UI. 1 http://www. usable. In a similar manner the other entities of the organization were monitored and analyzed with the help of he was asked to submit report on his day’s work and at the end of the month he was asked for some monthly reports such as “Travel Expense Statements”.2 Bizmac’s Workflow The software would first analyze the tour programme fed into the system to see if its covering all the areas in a periodic manner with a proper frequency. which eliminated the need and hassle of sending a separate statement. I redesigned my forms to make them aesthetic. intuitive and instructive.lukew. Using his 10 principles for web-form design2 .lukew.asp 2 . Effecient and Aesthetic UI The user interface was something I had put a special emphasis on. Then the daily reports of the MRs would be tallied against the monthly schedules and the “Customer Service Plan” to come up with a performance analysis of the that particular employee. 4 Salient Features One Click Backup & Restore One click backup and restore that can also be used to synchronize two systems to work on the same set of business data.

2 Initio Control Panel 3 .5 5.1 Snapshots Splash Screen 5.

3 Client Details Form 5.5.4 MR Details Form 4 .

5.6 Daily Report Wizard 5 .5 Tour Programme Wizard 5.

7 Organisational Settings 5.5.8 Sample Report: Travel Expense Statement 6 .

9 Sample Report: Tour Programme Analysis Albratoss Remedies (P) Ltd. May 12. Kishanganj.Chakulia 3. Dharampur.Dalkola. Average Frequency . Gachpara 5.Thursday. Angar Hatt 2. 2011 7 Page No: 1 . 2010 Remarks: Workstation Coverage Some Workstations have not been covered by this Standard Tour Programme. Lehra chowk 8.G. Baisi.5. 1-8-32/9A Bapubagh Colony. Unconvered Workstation: 1.4 2. Secundrabad -50003 Standard Tour Programme Analysis Name of Representative : MD AFFAN BIN USMAN Territory : KISHANGANJ STP effective From : Monday. Mastan Chowk Frequency Analysis The following workstations have been visited with a non ideal frequency 1. Road.14 Periodicity Analysis Date . Deramari 4. khagra 7. Average Frequency . Kanhiyabari 6. P. May 03.

5.10 About Dialog 8 .

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