1-Each question has four possible answers. Tick the correct answer.
S. NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 QUESTIONS A B C D

The electrons around the nucleus have motion The direction of tangent at each point on a circle is Centripetal force =fc= Centripetal acceleration = The _____ pulls the objects towards centre of circle. An object moves in a circle because of

Rotatory Tangents Mv2/r m/r2 centripetal force

Circular Different Mv/r v/r Centrifugal force

centripetal force Centrifugal force

Gravitation is ________between two objects. Repulsion attraction 11Nm2Kg-2 In SI units, the value of G = 667×10 6.67×1011Nm2Kg-2 Volume of the earth is 4/3 r3 3/4 r3 Greater the distance from the centre of the Earth, ______will Greater Smaller be value of g. If value of R increases, the value of g Increases Decreases Orbital speed of the satellite is 7.9kms 7.9kms-1 If mass of a body in a circle is doubled, what will be Two times Four times centripetal force When on horizontal , angle is 0o, then work will be Zero FS If force and displacement are mutually perpendicular, then Maximum Zero work= A ball of m= 0.2kg, moving with velocity of 25ms-1, have 60.5J 62.5J kinetic energy If velocity is doubled, then kinetic energy will be 2 times 3 times Power of machine doing 10J work in five seconds is 2W 10W 2s-2 in the units given below? Which unit is equal to Kgm Joule Newton If force of 25N pulls a stone through a distance of 5m,work 25J 50J will be

Vibratory Same Mv/r2 Mv/r Circular motion Circular motion Distance 4/3 3r Zero No effects 7.9kms-2 Six times -FS Minimum 67.5J 4 times 25W Watt 75J

translatory Parallel Vit/r2 V2/r Gravitational force Gravitational force force


3/4 2r3 No effect Remains same 7.79kms1 Eight times Maximum Doesn·t matter 72.5J 5 times 50W Metre 125J



Q-2- Write down the short answers of the following questions?(any 10).try to attempt all. 123456789101112When centrifugal force exists and when it disappears? Why level of outer bank of a round track is kept slightly higher from that of inner bank. Why centrifuge is most useful? Why we do not feel gravitational force? Derive average density of the earth? Why the value of g is less on the mountains? When work will be one joule? Write down smaller and bigger units of work and also convert them into joules? Write down smaller and bigger units of power? Differentiate between kinetic and potential energy? What is the difference between the values of g at equator and at poles? What is elastic potential energy?

1- a) Determine the mass of the Earth by using Newton¶s law of gravitation. b) Explain the interconversion of kinetic energy and potential energy of a freely falling body? 2- a) Explain motion of an artificial satellite? b) A block of mass 2kg moves on a frictionless inclined plane through a distance of 20m in the downward direction . What will be K.E of the block at the bottom of inclined plane? (Fig A) 3- a) Explain the Law of conservation of energy? b) The mass of the moon is 7.35×1022 Kg and its radius is 1.74×106m. Find the value of gravitational acceleration on the surface of the moon.

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