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Susan Gough denies Elizondo UFO role

In a Thu, Feb 3 at 2:59 PM email, Susan Gough , DOD press spokesperson , wrote to Art Levine:


Below are answers to some of your questions; I’m still working on the others.

DIA managed AATIP, including AAWSAP.  Luis Elizondo had no assigned responsibilities for
AATIP, or AAWSAP, while he was assigned to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for
Intelligence.  He was never assigned or detailed to DIA.

AATIP commenced in Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 with $10 million appropriated in the Defense
Supplemental Appropriation Act.  The Defense Appropriations Act for FY 2010 included an
additional $12 million for the program.  The department terminated AATIP when funding for the
program ended in 2012.

The Department of Defense officially released the three videos in April 2020, at which time they
were posted on the Naval Air Systems Command FOIA Reading Room page.  Any releases
prior to that were not authorized.  When the videos were released without authorization to
Politico and New York Times in December 2017, an investigation was conducted to determine
whether any classified information had been released.

I refer you to the DoD IG public affairs office regarding anything that they might be doing.  You
can reach them at


Sue Gough

Defense Press Operations

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