ITB Explained

Invitation to Bid (ITB):
Two Types - Formal - Informal

Formal Bid
-Dollar Value >$7,500 - Handled by Purchasing Department - Publicly Advertised on BidSync - Bids opened at public meeting

ITB Explained
Invitation to Bid (ITB):
Two Types - Formal - Informal

Formal Bid
-Dollar Value >$7,500 - Handled by Purchasing Department - Publicly Advertised - Bids opened at public meeting

ITB Process
Invitation to Bid (ITB):
standard method of procurement specifications are completely established


Method of Award
Lowest priced responsive, responsible bidder


ITB Process
Invitation to Bid (ITB)

Responsive -vs.- Responsible
Responsive - A bidder who complies with all specifications and terms set forth in the invitation to bid (ITB) and Responsible - A bidder whose reputation, past performance, business and financial capabilities indicates the bidder is capable of satisfying the County’s requirements for a specific contract.

ITB Process
There are several steps in the bidding process:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Using Department Prepares Bid Specs Purchasing Drafts a Bid Solicitation Evaluation Award


ITB Process
A bid has four major sections.
– – – – 1. 2. 3. 4. General Conditions Special Terms and Conditions Technical Specifications Bid Proposal*

*Must be submitted by bidder


ITB Process
All bids require: Timely Receipt Many bids require: Bid Bonds / Proof of Insurance Payment & Performance Bonds Others as specified in the Bid. Prevailing Wages / DAS Pre-qual

ITB vs. RFP Request for Proposals (RFP)
scope of services may not be completely established more than one solution may be available varying levels of service to negotiate

Experience and qualifications of proposer and staff Project management approach Recommended solutions Financial capabilities and pricing

Method of Award
Highest ranked responsive, responsible proposer

RFQ Process
RFQ Uses

Request for Qualifications (RFQ):
Technical or Qualification evaluation (new technology) Establish a Pool of multiple contractors (rotational or further competition)

RFI Process
RFI Uses

Request for Information (RFI):
Used to collect written information about the capabilities of various suppliers (new technology) Usually followed by a RFP or RFQ process Information is analyzed and use to determine next steps

RFP Process
Types of purchases made by RFP for over 50 City departments and agencies

Concessions Consulting Services Employee Benefits Insurance Legal Services

Medical Services Software Systems Voting Equipment Zoo Master Plan And much more…


ICP Process
Informal Competitive Proposal (ICP):
No Formal Request for Proposal - Special and Professional Services only

Informal Competitive Proposal
-Dollar Value <$25,000 - Handled by Client Department (Multiple Proposals Solicited) Via Phone, Fax or BidSync - No Public Advertisement Required - Public Bid Opening Meeting not Required

RFP Process
Steps in the RFP Process
1. Preparation Phase

- Client Department determines need
- Purchasing develops RFP 2. Solicitation Phase

- Post on website (BidSync)
- Pre-proposal Conference (Optional) - Receive proposals

RFP Process
Steps in the RFP Process


Evaluation Phase
Evaluation/Selection Committee meets Oral presentations Rate and rank proposals Apply contract measures and local preference

RFP Process
Steps in the RFP Process
4. Negotiation Phase
• scope of services • terms & conditions • performance standards • • • warranties payment schedule pricing

5. Award Phase - Award recommendation to Board of Public Purchases/City Council - Award Notification - Compliance with conditions of award (insurance, 15 vendor registration, Affirmative Action Plan)

RFP Process
Steps in the RFP Process
6. Post-Award Phase


Project meetings Project management by Client Department Contract monitoring by Client Department Performance review


RFP Document
Seven Major Sections
1. Overview and Proposal Procedures
(background, ordinances, rules, procedures)

2. Scope of Services
(requirements and services to be provided)

3. Proposal Format
(format and content)


RFP Document
Seven Major Sections
4. Evaluation/Selection Process
(evaluation criteria, points, process)

5. Selection Committee Members (Identified by job title only) 6. Form of Agreement (sample contract terms and conditions)

RFP Document
Seven Major Sections
7. Attachments (forms, appendices, price schedule)


RFP Document
Submitting a Proposal **Follow Proposal Format Instructions** Requirements:
Proof of compliance with minimum qualification requirements Note exceptions taken to RFP Submit bonds/affidavits

RFP Document
Submitting a Proposal
Sufficient information for City to perform meaningful evaluation Demonstrated ability to perform Scope of Services Apply for contract measures and local preference Follow packaging details

RFP Document
Responsive vs. Responsible Responsive:
proposal meets the minimum requirements of the RFP

Proposer’s experience, past performance, and business and financial capabilities are such that an appropriate authority would judge the Proposer to be capable of satisfying an organization’s needs for a specific contract

City Ordinances
City Contract and Purchasing Procedures

(Ordinance No. 3.08

Completely revamped in 2003

Establishes rules and procedures by which the City Purchasing function

City Ordinances
Minority Business Enterprise Program (Ordinance No. 3.12.130) Must be identified as member of “target group” as defined by ordinance
Many contracts mandate MBE participation MBE’s receive additional evaluation points when joint venturing on RFP’s

City Ordinances
Sheltered Market Program (Ordinance No. 3.12.130.D.4)
Implementation currently in progress
Certain bids or portions of bids will be identified and only “local” suppliers will be allowed to participate

Bids will be exempt from all MBE, WBE and DBE requirements

City Ordinances
Available on City Clerk’s website


e-Procurement Vendors - Enroll (receive notification of solicitations when advertised) - Register Solicitations - View open solicitations - Download for free Existing Contracts




e-Procurement (solicitations)


Vendor Assistance
BidSync (800) 990-9339

Visit our Website


Useful Phone Numbers
Small & Minority Business Resource Office Office of Contract Compliance Purchasing Department BidSync Mayor’s Office Finance Department/Account’s Payable Small Business Recruitment & Retention 203-576-8473 203-576-8227 203-576-7291 800-990-9339 203-576-7201 203-576-7251 203-394-6981


On behalf of the Department of Public Purchases, thank you for attending. We look forward to doing business with you!

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