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AULA AY PASSKEY Workbook Engish Language Teaching Contents Introduction Unit 1 Sign of the Times Unit2 Call ofthe Wild Unit3 A Word in your Ear Unit4 — AFine Romance Unit5 All Right on the Night Unit 6 Tip of my Tongue Unit 7 A Matter of Taste Unit8 Go your own Way Unit 9 Nose to the Grindstone Unit10 The Road Ahead 15 35 44 53 63 72 89 Introduction This workbook is designed to be used alongside the student’s book and the exercises in each unit are generally based on the themes and topics found in the student’s book. Each unit in the workbook includes a wide variety of tasks and exercises, all designed to help you develop your vocabulary and practise the reading, writing and Use of English skills you need to pass the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English examination (CPE). Even if you are not following a course based on the student's book, you will find the exercises useful As well as giving you practice in the exam-style tasks and exercises, this workbook also has a number of other important features: « explanations of the main grammatical points with practice exercises \er multiple-choice or comprehension questions interesting texts with © practice of both composition and summary writing, help with the correct use of punctuation in English help with pronuncia help with spelling vocabulary development practice in the use of idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs