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Montgomery Blair High School Presents The Crucible By Arthur Miller

Directed by Thomas Mather Technical Direction by

John Wilson Stage Manager Karen Storms Assistant Stage Manager

Elizabeth Hoge Produced by Special Arrangement With Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

November 19, 20, 21 1987

The Cast
(In order of appearance) Shira Robinson Betty Parris .Nathan Rein Rev. Samuel Parris Nadine Reid Tituba Katie Todhunter Abigail Williams Ara Casey Susanna Walcott Carrie Thayer Mrs. Ann Putnam Andy Todhunter Thomas Putnam Melissa Velasquez Mercy Lewis Alison VanDeursen Mary Warren Brendan Carruthers John Proctor Karen Storms Rebecca Nurse Andrew Bodammer Giles Corey Edwin Rodriguez Rev. John Hale Riki Pauli Elizabeth Proctor Scott Weidener Francis Nurse Ezekiel Cheever Blake Ratner John Willard Ben Weiss Gonzalo Graupera Judge Hathorne Marc Steinberg Deputy Governor Danforth Andrea Smith voice of Martha Corey Sarah Good Andrea Smith

Rebecca Hammer Melissa Velasquez


Sponsors - Debby de Bias and Carole Steiner Committee Members
Claire Mullins Denise Sharpe Susie Wackerbarth

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of Scenes

Act I - Scene 1: A bedroom in Reverend Samuel Parris' house, Salem, Massachusetts, in the spring of the year 1692. Act I - Scene 2: The common room of Proctor's house, eight days later. Intermission Act II - Scene 1: Five weeks later. A wood. Act II - Scene 2: The vestry of the Salem Meeting House, two weeks later. Act II - Scene 3: A cell in Salem jail, three months later.



Sponsors - William J. Nickerson and John Wilson Crew Head - Chris Sturek Co-Crew Head - Leyla Diaz Props - Chris Sturek Crew David Bosworth Ian Duncan Jason Hoefling Ceci Hyoun Sumilee Hoskin Serj Kalayjian Dina Kraft Dave Lanxner David Meyer Dao Phan Jessica Sams Chris Soucey Deep Sran David Sundwall Choung Yang




Sponsor - John Wilson Chief Electrician - Rafael Carratini Desig n Coordinator - Mike Sawiki Presets - Roger Smith Projections - Donna Dryburgh Patch Panel - Troy Waters Communications - Gavin Graham Stage Electrician - Carrie Seros Electrical Crew Dave Brown Cheri ita Callahan Boris Brown Ivan Ingraham James Johnson Ryan Dryburgh Dionna Shavers Dave White Sound Crew Toni Callahan Moshe Koenick Mike Becker Jason Thomas Concessions Kim Gandy Tom White Kent Butler

Abi Davis Jamie Rust Lisa Taylor


Chris Giordano Dave Lanxner Jessica Sams Marc Steinberg Alison VanDeursen

Program Coordinator - Jamie Rust Poster Design - Dave Lanxner Cover Design - Dave Lanxner

Riki - there was one little duck, swimming in the sea...KAS Steiny- What if I don't want to look at you? Huh? - R BRENDAN-Whatwasit?Cute?Wondertul,too!Love U! CT Marc:Love them speeches,huh bUddy?{Aaiigh!)BC Goody Put,Titu,Goody Good,Giles,Hale,UzP .Nurses.Dant-willy-Thanx 4 fall '88, I'm not sportin. -Abby PauliwishyoucouldbeheremissyoumuchloveCT Betterdeadthan ... Stevie- Pardon? What was that about the back seat of a Chevy? - R Felix - are you a happy fish? 1 out of 2 ain't bad TO ALL THE CAST CHAKA - CHAKA LOVE DAVE & THE SMURF PATROL ShannonUsaShellylMISSYOUGUYSloveCT Tuesday is HAPPY MEAL DAY!!!!!! Ben-How are you .. .fine ...but,really, How are you? Thanks. Coo Gerbilus:Remember hand-holdability? - DAG CT - Your knees are screaming at me! Nate- Thanks for being there to care. EH CREW - U stewed quite a brew of a set yet again - thanx, Katie Riki - One more time ... Are you ready?_. Oui!!! - Elizabeth ... SR Carrie - So what shall we sing? 8 yrs. of it. CREW 87-H E L P!!!!!!!!!!! MONKEYMONKEYMONKEY!!! KS- To err is human (even in Driver Ed). You sure are human! AB RJ: Thanks for the revelation of gerbility - DAG Ara-Tonight's the night - Go to it! Love Coo. Brendan-flirt flirt hug flirt back rub flirt hug etc. - Karen Alison- Are you a boat? Uzard BLAKE - un fou tout les jours. cest d'accord, Je suis aussi, cheri. Casse une jambe - KT DANDANTHEDIRTYMAN BW:You can throw me across the stage anytime,sweetie! Gerbil! - Judy L. Shira,another play, another part + good as ever! Good Luck! Blue Eyes To: Mom and Dad (Gary& Mariana) From: Moshe + Mike We love you OOOXXX P.S. R.C. I Hint, hint Kill da wabbit Nate-I think Parris needed a ponytail and a beard. Do it again. I SWEAR IT UNCLE! - KT CH RIS- Here's to PizzaHut, YesteryearFarm,partiesinthecloset,sneakingoutof studyhall,writingEnglishcomps,beingRETAHDEDcuttingoffvanswhile partyhu nti ngan danoverallsem iinte resti ngyear .There'snowaythiscan toptheBigO-McLove-LD

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