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YOUR Emergency

Can EC Pills
Protect me from Sexually

Transmitted Diseases?

NO! The EC pill WILL NOT protect you from sexually

Every Woman has a right to decide when she
transmitted diseases. Saying No to Sex or using a wants to get pregnant. The EC Pill gives you the What Every Young
condom correctly every time you have sex will
protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.
power to exercise that right.
Woman needs to know
You have the right to safe and effective methods
of preventing pregnancy. If you had unprotected about the EC Pill.
What are the other sex, the EC Pill is the safest and most effective way
benefits of Emergency to prevent pregnancy. What are
Contraception? Emergency
You have the right to health services free from
fear, shame and discrimination

The emergency contraceptive pill will You have the right to private and confidential Emergency Contraceptives are pills that a
give you back control over your life. services from a qualified professional. woman can use to prevent pregnancy after she
Having a child is a big deal. Every has had unprotected sex. They are sometimes
Woman has the Right to choose when You have the right to education and information
called the morning after pill
to have a child. Exercise that Right. about your health.
or the EC pill. What is
If you have unprotected sex, do not Any one can make a mistake. Do not allow your Unprotected
hesitate. Go straight to your family life to be governed by one mistake. Use the EC Pill. Sex?
planning association or health provider Unprotected sex occurs when
Know Your Rights and Exercise Them. people have sex without a condom or
and ask for the emergency contraceptive
pill. They are there to serve you. another contraceptive method.
People have unprotected sex because –
YOUR RESPONSIBILITY • They did not plan to have sex
Emergency Contraception:
Your health is your Responsibility. • They were pressured into having sex
When there is an Get information and use it for
your own betterment.
• The condom they were using burst during sex.

accident, there is a How Do I

With the EC Pill, Timing is Everything. Use It?
solution – the Emergency Produced by the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation Ltd. Take the EC pill within three days after
Sir Sydney Walling and George Walter Highway, Box 3386,
Contraceptive Pill. St. John’s, Antigua.
having unprotected sex. The sooner you
take the pill after unprotected sex, the
Tel: 462-4170/1;Fax 268-562-4710 more effective it is in preventing pregnancy.

* Remember:
If you have had unprotected sex, you may have put
yourself at risk of getting HIV/AIDS or some other
e-mail: To learn more about the EC pill, read on.

* Remember:
Funded By the United Nations Fund for Population Activities.
sexually transmitted disease. Please GET TESTED.
We know it is scary but knowing your status will We all make mistakes.
For more information, call or visit your Family Planning Emergency Contraceptives give
make both you and your partner feel safer.
Association. They are there to serve you. you the power to correct them.