Ecology and God’s Temple ... p 15

Zena Babao
Morris West’s The Clowns of God... p 8

Making Business Sense: Providing the Best for the Least ... p 11
May 20 - 26, 2011

Gawad Kalinga

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‘Sick man of Asia’ looking a bit better
COPAO geared for Phil Faire – 2011 Festival of Festivals
by Ardee Lee “After our successful Filipiniana Night last May 14, 2011, we are now all geared to celebrate the 113th Independence Day of the Philippines on May 28, 2011.” This was announced by Merly Ferrer, president of the Council of Philippine American Organizations of San Diego (COPAO) under
(Continued on page 11)

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Alex Lacson’s Treatise on “12 Little Things Global Filipinos Can Do to Help Our Philippines”
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. Publisher & Editor Asian Journal San Diego The Original and First Asian Journal in America Last in a series of articles San Diego, California May 20, 2011

By Eric Ellis The Sydney Morning Herald

One of the Festivals depicted at the PhilFaire.

Merly Ferrer COPAO President

GK1World’s Tony Olaes Meets GK e-Rotary

Gawad Kalinga E-Rotary Club. GK1World CEO Tony Olaes (standing, 3rd from right) meets with the GK e-Rotary Club in Cerritos, CA on May 18, 2011 to raise awareness of the Gandang Kalikasan livelihood and enterpreneurship programs for the poor. To the left of Tony is GK leader Rick Munda.

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“They smell good,” I told Ernie as he brought in a huge container of marinated meat skewered on sticks. He had prepared chicken, pork, beef and even vegetables for the feast, not to mention the desserts and other items his daughter had brought. “Wait till they are cooked,” Ernie smiled. We helped him remove the husks of the sweet corns on the cob as we put them on top of the grill. The sweet smell of the smoke wafted in the air. “Wala bang IUD (Is there an IUD)?” I asked. Alex and Ernie laughed. Chicken intestines skewered on sticks are barbecued and sold by street vendors in the Philippines. They look like the Inter Uterine Devices, hence the name for the delicacy. “My wife is still preparing them,” Ernie joined in my joke. Munching on the newly broiled sweet corn, Alex took out a copy of his book, wrote a dedication, and gave it to me. The book enumerated the “12 little things global Filipinos can do to help our Philippines” with simple explanations and tips on how they can be implemented. It is an inspiring read, which motivates an ordinary person to do exactly what the books wanted: help the Philippines. The first little thing: “Help your family or relatives back home.” (Continue on page 9)

e were at the house of my good friend Ernie Delfin the day after the Pacquiao-Moseley fight. We were having a barbeque with close friends, and I had a chance to speak with Alex Lacson, who became a Filipino icon after writing the best-selling book, “12 Little Things Global Filipinos Can Do to Help Our Philippines.” Alex was on a speaking tour in the U.S. after attending a grand Gawad Kalinga event in Las Vegas.


PERMANENT sick man of Asia? Or tiger in waiting? Once Asia’s richest country save Japan but now with reasonable claims to be one of its poorest, the Philippines confounds. Progress in the Philippines can be measured in unexpected ways. The first time I arrived in Manila, the Marcos kleptocracy was collapsing, an Aquino had just been assassinated at the airport and his wife was still a Boston housewife in a yellow dress. One of Marcos’s goons, moonlighting as an airport immigration official, tried to sell me his badge for $US100, his clear implication being that if this offer were refused, passage through immigration would be problematic. I paid, a ”visa fee” with a souvenir. With the money trousered, he briskly waved me through. Around this time Alan Bond was fighting John Elliott for control of mega-brewer San Miguel Corp, controlled then – and still – by Marcos crony Eduardo Cojuangco. Bond lieutenants told me the Philippines was the most corrupt country they had done business in, which is saying something. This most recent time, however, immigration was a doddle, so that’s progress at least. This time it was Finance Minister Margarito ”Gary” Teves who confounded, in a country where politicians have rarely been garbed in glory. He was interviewed not in the ministry, where finance ministers are normally found in most countries, but in the gleaming tower of Land Bank of the Philippines, one of the country’s biggest, which he chaired. The interview was straightforward enough: he claimed the ”dynamic” Philippines had loads of potential, had been overlooked by foreign investors and really should be looked at again as an equal to Singapore and even Taiwan. Teves said Manila’s corruption image was overblown.
(Continued on page 8)

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mately fired. Of course, some misconduct is serious enough to justify immediate termination— stealing from the company, for example—but for things like by Atty. Andrew Agtagma, Esq. excessive absences or being late Affliate, Law Offices of Chua Tinsay to work, termination is justified & Vega only after employees has been Read Atty. Agtagma’s previous articles by visiting our given a chance, through progreswebsite at sive discipline, to improve their performance. Unless one of these scenarios applies, you are probably an “at-will” employee. Even though employers have a lot of leeway on how they treat their “at-will” employees, this does not mean that they LEGAL BUZZ by Atty. Anbut the employer can also fire an can mistreat employees without drew Agtagma | SAN DIEGO, employee for any reason or no 5/20/2011 -- I have lost count of reason. This statement comes as a consequence. Employers who how many times a potential client surprise to many potential clients, have unhappy employees or have a high turnover rate often would come to my office to com- because a commonly held misfind themselves at a competitive plain that they were recently fired, conception is that employees can disadvantage against employers but had never been absent or late only be fired for “good cause.” to work, and never received a Part of the misconception stems who treat their employees fairly. Having to constantly train and poor performance review. When from human nature: we want to retrain employees is expensive, these clients ask if they have a believe that our job is safe, and lowers morale, and limits procase, they are often surprised to that the only way it can be taken ductivity. Regardless of what the learn what employers are allowed from us is if we do something to “at-will” rule allows, therefore, to get away with. deserve losing it. The misconemployers have a vested interest The reason that employers are ception also stems from the fact in treating employees well. But given great leeway is because of that the “at-will” rule does not from the employees’ standpoint, it the “at-will” employment rule. apply to all employees. It does In California, the “at-will” rule not apply to employees who have is the marketplace, rather than the courts, that will keep employers applies to almost every ema written employment contract in check. ployee, and thus plays a major that specifies how long their job Atty. Andrew Agtagma is a role in deciding whether or not an will last, or to union employees. graduate of U.C. Berkeley (Boalt employee can bring a successful Take, for example, an employee lawsuit. While many employees who is hired to work on a project Hall) School of Law. He works closely with the Law Firm of are familiar with this rule, few for five years. If his contract is Chua Tinsay and Vega (CTV) understand what it means. terminated prematurely, he will and its clients to provide counsel The “at-will” rule says that em- have a breach of contract lawsuit in his areas of expertise, which ployees can quit their job for any unless the employer has a legitireason or no reason. This allows mate reason—i.e., good cause—to include employment law, personal injury, and general civil litigaemployees the flexibility to adapt terminate him. to their circumstances. If you In the case of union employees, tion. He can be reached by phone at: (650) 589-5700, or e-mail wake up one morning and decide the collective bargaining agreeat: you want to travel the world, ment will usually state that an CTV is a full service law firm your boss can’t stop you. On a employee can only be fired after with offices in San Francisco, San less whimsical note, even after an going through a progressive disemployer has spent a lot of time ciplinary process. In this process, Diego and Manila. The information presented in this article is and money training an employee, the employee might be given a for general information only and the employee can parlay his new verbal warning first, followed by is not intended as formal legal skills into a higher-paying job a written warning. If the misadvice, or to serve as the basis for with a competitor. conduct continues, the employee an attorney-client relationship. But there is a downside to the is next suspended, given a final CTV can be reached at: (415) “at-will” rule. An employee can written warning, and then ulti495-8088; (619) 955-6277. quit for any reason or no reason,

Legal Buzz

DOJ issues advisory on illegal drug couriers
operandi. In either case, the Advisory lays down basic rules that all Filipinos should bear in mind once they are apprehended abroad on suspicion of transporting illegal drugs. Below are the ten (10) advisory points issued by the DOJ, couched in simple and straightforward language for easy comprehension by the general public: 1. “Carry at your own risk” 2. Knowledge is immaterial and intent is not a requirement in drug trafficking. 3. Be vigilant of the modus operandi of drug courier syndicates. 4. In the unfortunate event of arrest or detention for drug trafficking, have presence of mind and do not resist arrest. 5. Assert your legal rights, inquire on the legal remedies and request for consular assistance. 6. Presumption of innocence will always apply. 7. The laws of the country of arrest apply. 8. If sentenced, the government can only be of limited assistance. 9. ”Blood money” cannot be paid to erase the liability of a person convicted of a crime involving illegal drugs. 10. Take full responsibility of your actions. The DOJ’s Advisory Opinion No. 2 was issued at a time when more and more Filipinos are being arrested and convicted in various countries allegedly for being drug couriers. It seeks to warn Filipinos of the legal consequences of being involved, voluntarily or involuntarily, in the criminal activities of illegal drug syndicates.

May 20 - 26, 2011

What is “At-Will” Employment, and Why It Matters

Los Angeles, 16 May 2011 – The Philippine Department of Justice (“DOJ”) issued an Advisory Opinion explaining to the public the issues surrounding the recruitment, arrest, detention and conviction of Filipinos caught transporting illegal drugs abroad. As with its previous Advisory Opinion regarding the basic rights of citizens in military/ police checkpoints, Advisory Opinion No. 2 is in line with the thrust of the DOJ to take a proactive stance in criminal justice concerns, including the issue on Filipino illegal drug couriers or “drug mules”. The DOJ’s Advisory is addressed both to Filipinos who willingly accept offers to become illegal drug couriers and to those who were involuntarily caught in the criminal activities of syndicates through various modus

Utility, Telecom Companies Boost Minority Contracting
Major Improvements Still Don’t Match State’s Diversity, Greenlining’s 2011 Supplier Diversity Report Card Finds
BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA – California utility and telecommunications companies have boosted their contracting with firms owned by people of color, women, and disabled veterans, the Greenlining Institute’s latest Supplier Diversity Report Card shows, but contracting still doesn’t match the state’s growing diversity. The just-released report is based on data reported to the California Public Utilities Commission pursuant to General Order 156, which seeks to strengthen the state’s economy by encouraging contracting with diverse businesses. Highlights include: • Spending with minorityowned business enterprises increased by 30 percent and totaled over $2.5 billion last year. • Three companies – San Diego Gas and Electric, AT&T and Verizon -- now allocate more than one quarter of their spending to MBEs. Pacific Gas and Electric also showed a marked increase. • Spending with minority women-owned enterprises grew dramatically. “The large increases in contracting with diverse businesses are encouraging,” said report coauthor Samuel S. Kang, Greenlining’s general counsel, “but contracting still doesn’t nearly match the diversity of a state that is now nearly 60 percent people of color, so there’s much more work to do.” Telecom companies are particularly in the spotlight due to AT&T’s pending bid to purchase T-Mobile. “If AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile is approved, it will give the company enormous influence over major firms that it buys supplies and services from,” Kang said. “That would give AT&T a huge opportunity to show those suppliers across the country, particularly in high tech, the benefits of diversifying their supplier base and reaching out to all communities.”

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May 20 - 26, 2011

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Blue Line Closed from Bayfront/E Street to 12th & Imperial Transit Center on Weekends
extra time when traveling. Riders can find out more information online at www. or by calling the bilingual hotline at 619.557.4533. During weekend closures, station ambassadors will be at the closed stations to direct and help riders.

May 20 - 26, 2011

Beginning Friday, May 20, at 9 p.m. and continuing until the start of service Monday,* there will be no Trolley service between the Bayfront/E Street Trolley Station and the 12th & Imperial Transit Center. Two bus services will be available for riders: • Trolley Shuttles will serve the Bayfront/E Street, 24th Street, 8th Street, Pacific Fleet, Harborside, Barrio Logan and 12th & Imperial Trolley stations. This shuttle will run in both directions. • Trolley Express will operate non-stop between Bayfront/E Street Trolley Station and 12th & Imperial Transit Center in both directions. The bus services run every 8-15 minutes during normal Trolley service hours. Regular Trolley service will resume in time for the start of service on Monday. Trolley service may resume earlier if construction is finished. Trolley tickets, day passes, or monthly passes are required to board the Trolley Shuttle and Trolley Express bus services. No tickets are sold on board these buses.

Crews from HMS Construction, Inc. replace overhead wire along the Blue Line.

Yokohama Tire Phils to hire at least 3,000 workers

The Yokohama Tire Philippines Inc. (YTPI) will hire at least 3,000 more workers as it expands its operation in Clark Freeport in Pampanga starting this year. Officials of the YTPI and Clark Development Corporation (CDC) has recently signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA)in connection with the six-year expansion program of the tire manufacturing company which is worth $ 340 million. YTPI president and chief exThe weekend closures are part ecutive officer Takayuki Hayama of the first phase of the Trolley said they will prioritize the hirRenewal project. When the four- ing of local residents and Filipiyear plan is complete, the Blue nos in high level positions at the Line will be transformed with tire manufacturing firm. new station platforms, passenger Established at Clark by the shelters, 57 new low-floor trolJapan-based Yokohoma Rubleys, next arrival information and ber Company Limited (YRCL) more. in 1996, the YTPI has some The construction schedule for 2,000 workers and an investment the next three weekends is: amounting to $ 240 million. May 20-22: Blue Line closed With its expansion program, it between Bayfront/E Street and will have a total investment of 12th & Imperial $ 600 million and some 5,000 May 27-29: No stations closed workforce by 2017. June 3-5: Blue Line closed CDC President and CEO Bebetween Bayfront/E Street and nigno Ricafort expressed elation 12th & Imperial over the YTPI’s expansion plans, MTS encourages riders to exsaying it would give more benpect delays and give themselves efits not only to the province but

to the whole region as well. President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, in his sent message, said “ventures like these sustain the momentum of our publicprivate-partnerships program and ultimately, rebound to the benefit of our citizens. I am grateful for your continued support of our administration’s agenda and your trust in the Philippines’ business potential.” From the present production capacity of seven million tires since its operations in 1996, the YTPI will increase its production to 10 million tires a year. (Story courtesy of PNA)

When was the last time you felt this good?

Not feeling like yourself lately? You are not alone. Depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and other emotional problems affect 1 in 4 adults in our community. Seek help and feel like yourself again.

Link up for more information and local resources.
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May 20 - 26, 2011

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Immigration 911
by Atty. Susan V. Perez
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Establishing U.S. Citizenship for children born abroad
America has become a scarier place to live for non-citizens. Over the past three years, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has intensified immigration enforcement activities by conducting several large-scale worksite and community raids throughout the country. The increasing anti-immigrant good moral character, among other things. The most common problem I encounter is a situation when a child was born outside the United States, but his or her ancestor was a U.S. citizen. This is the principle of jus sanguinis, which states that one’s citizenship is determined by his or her ancestor’s citizenship. This article will look at how one establishes U.S citizenship when he or she has American ancestors but he or she was born outside the United States. Example 1: Maria was born in the Philippines in 1975. Her mother was born in California in 1949 and died last year. Maria’s parents were not married when she was born. Analysis: Children born out of wedlock are U.S. citizens if their mothers were U.S. citizens with one year continuous physical presence in the United States prior to the child’s birth. If the U.S. citizen parent was the father, for children born after November 15, 1968, the father must legitimize or acknowledge the child prior to the child’s 18th birthday, or paternity must be established by a competent court, and the father must fulfill the resident requirements listed in the statute. For
(Continued on page 23)

*Some Restrictions apply. Void on holidays and special days like Valentines Day, Christmas Day, Father’s Day etc.


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sentiment makes it important for minorities to possess proof of citizenship or legal status. An individual may be a citizen of the United States under any of several different laws or principles. The most common way is by birth in the United States. This is called the principle of jus solis. It is guaranteed by no less than the U.S. Constitution that those born in the United States are its citizens. This is true regardless of the immigration status of the parents. Another way of getting citizenship is by naturalization. This is done by filing a formal application and complying with several requirements such as residency and

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May 20 - 26, 2011

Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan Community Services.
Fourth of a series on Dietary Guidelines

Contemporary Asian American Issues by Dr. Ofelia Dirige

products. However, majority of sugars in our diet are “sugars added” to foods during processing, preparation, or at the table. These “added” sugars sweeten the flavor of foods for palatability, for preservation, and functional ability such as texture, body and viscosity.

Five foods and drinks to consume less
The Filipino population eats too much salt, fat, sugars, refined grains and drink too much alcohol. We should eat or drink less of these foods if we want to be healthy and live longer.
We continue our series on the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” that was recently revised in 2010. The guidelines give advice on how to promote health and reduce the risk of major chronic diseases through diet and physical activity. This article focuses on certain foods and a drink that are eaten in excessive amounts that lead to obesity and higher risk for chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes that are major causes of death among Filipino Americans (FilAms). These foods are difficult to avoid in our society because they are everywhere and you can’t ignore them. They are highly advertised on TV, grocery stores, restaurants and the media. Advertisers did a pretty good job of selling their products. After reading this article you will come up with the question, “If I should eat less of these foods and drink, “What then can I eat?” You will realize that nutritious foods are hard to find and you have to work hard to eat healthy. I thought this is really an irony. Watch out for the next issue on, “What then can I eat?” The foods and drink you should stay away from or eat less of are: SODIUM or SALT, SOLID FATS (saturated fat and trans fatty acid), SUGARS added in foods, REFINED GRAINS, and ALCOHOL (SSSRA). Eating or drinking too much of these items replace the foods that contain more nutrients making it hard to get the nutrients we need and control our intake of calories. Therefore, this leads to overweight and obesity. At the last issue, we discussed sodium or salt and solid fats. This article will focus on the three other foods: sugars, refined grains and alcohol. 3. SUGARS Sugars are found naturally in fruits, fluid milk and milk

Natural sugars are part of food’s total package of nutrients and other healthful components. Many processed foods often supply calories and nothing else. Sugars increase the risk for dental caries. Added sugars contribute 16% of total calories in the American diet. Common

Brown Rice

Halo halo is a popular Filipino dessert.

sources are high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, pancake syrup, honey, and molasses. Beverages and desserts that are major sources are soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, grain based desserts, dairy based desserts (ice cream), sugar-sweetened fruit drinks and candy. In the Filipino diet, this includes desserts such as turon, leche plan, banana cue and sweetened canned fruits such as kaong, macapuno, jackfruit and halo-halo mixture. To reduce intake of sweetened foods and sugars, replace them with those that have no or low added sugars. For example, sweetened beverages can be replaced with water or unsweetened beverages; use canned fruits packed in their own juice or light syrup; or eat fresh fruits for snack instead of a rice cake or candy.
Italy, France (or is France still off the list?), or Germany would be a good way to spend some time and money. Maybe this is the year for a cruise, or a road trip up the east coast. That east coast road trip is enjoyable, nothing like seeing Washington, New York, or Boston. It’s always fun to give the kids a bit of history on a vacation. Not that they will necessarily appreciate it right away, but they certainly will later – especially when they take their kids on the same kind of trip. Maybe this is the year for the Grand Canyon trip, the Colorado River trip, the camping in the mountains trip, the flight to the Grand Bahamas trip, the hiking trip through the Smokey Mountains, or the rafting the Snake River trip. Or just go get an atlas and browse to your heart’s content until you find something that grabs you and won’t turn loose. Deciding on where and how to go on a vacation can be an intimidating proposition. So, in order to remove at least some of the vacation planning pain (you’re on your own as far as the pain of paying for it is concerned), I have come up with the ultimate vacation planner list. I hope it helps you have the vacation you and the family have always dreamed about. If not, don’t blame me – after all, there are numerous travel agencies to help out, the American Automobile Association (and other ones that help plan road trips), untold numbers of online sites to visit, and on and on and on. You get the idea – there is help out there for the planning challenged. So use the Ultimate Vacation Planner, have family meetings, read things, and spend hours on the computer. You’ll soon be a vacation planner extraordinaire. The Ultimate Vacation

Limit the amount of added sugars when cooking or eating. Examples are using less table sugar and substituting sweeteners such as Splenda, Equal, Saccharin and others. Consume fewer and smaller portions of foods and beverages that contain added sugars such as grain-based desserts (cakes, cookies), sodas and sugar-sweetened beverages. Focus more on nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. 4. REFINED GRAINS Americans consume on the average 6.3 ounce-equivalents of refined grains per day. Oneounce equivalent of grain is 1 one-ounce slice bread, ½ cooked rice, pasta or cereal, and 1 ounce ready-to-eat cereal. The recommend amount of whole grain is no more than 3 ounce-equivalents/day. Major sources are yeast breads, pizza, grain-based desserts and tortillas, burritos and tacos. For the Filipino diet, rice and more rice is the daily staple and sometimes are eaten three times a day and in quantities of 6 or more ounce equivalents per day. Refined grains should be replaced with whole grains such that at least ½ of all grains eaten are whole grains. For Filipinos, the morning bread or “pan de sal” can be replaced by whole Planner 1. Pick somewhere to go 2. Now pick somewhere you can afford 3. Try again Okay, now that you have your destination, how are you going to travel? I have separated the vacation into four sections, flying, driving, rail or cruising.

Sugars and solid fats are consumed in excessive amounts and should be limited. They contribute 35% of calories consumed without adding to the overall nutrient adequacy of the diet. They contribute to weight gain than any other source of calories. Moreover, as you increase their intake it becomes more difficult to fit in foods that are nutritious and still stay within calorie limits. To reduce intake of sugars:

Various alcoholic beverages. wheat pandesal and the white rice by brown rice or half brown and half white. Many whole wheat grains are available such as pasta, whole wheat bread and crackers, and others.

Refining whole grains results in the loss of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. However, refined grains are enriched with some vitamins and minerals that are lost before being used as ingredients in foods. Most manufacturers though do not routinely add fiber and some vitamins and minerals. Refined grains provide vitamins and minerals but when taken to the extremes they provide excess calories. Brown rice or hulled rice is not milled or partly milled rice, a kind of whole grain with only the outermost layer (husk) removed. White rice is produced when the next layer underneath the husk (bran and endosperm) are removed leading to loss of vitamins and minerals. It has the same amount of calories, carbohydrates and protein as brown rice. During “enrichment”, vitamins B1, B3 and iron are added into white rice to restore those lost in processing.

health conscious eaters who believe that foods should be consumed in its normal state. Here’s a recipe of Angie Tan, KCS advocate on how to prepare brown rice. You can use pure brown rice or mix brown rice with white rice. Soak washed brown rice first for at least ½ hour before mixing it with white rice. Proportions can be (1:1) or for every cup of white rice add one cup of soaked brown rice. Use 1 ½ water and 1 cup brown or mixed rice. Try it because you may like it in the long run. It has plenty a fiber and you will eat less of it so it leads to less weight gain and will improve your blood sugar. Here’s how to cook it.
Put brown rice in a pot, wash, and soak for at least 30 minutes. Combine water and brown rice (or mixture of brown/white) together. Bring rice and water to a boil uncovered. After 10 minutes, put the lid on the pot and reduce heat to low or simmer. Let it cook for additional 10 minutes.


In the U.S., about 50% of adults are regular drinkers and 14% are infrequent drinkers. Nine percent of men consume more than 2 drinks per day and 4% of women consume an average of 1 drink per day. Of those who drink, 29% of adult drinkers are binge drinkers within the past month, usually on multiple occasions. Alcohol can have beneficial In much of Asia, brown rice and harmful effects depending is associated with poverty on amount consumed, age and and wartime shortages and is rarely eaten by the population other characteristics of the except by the sick, elderly and person drinking. Alcohol can have beneficial effects when a cure for constipation. To(Continued on page 8) day, brown rice is a staple for
least expensive if you don’t use much gas, watch where you eat, and avoid most of the antique stores along the way. Train trips Trains are wonderful; you can see the countryside without actually doing the driving. Of course you have to deal with trains and train terminals, but for now that may be better than airports. Trains fall somewhere between flying and driving. They’re faster than driving, slower than flying, you see more than from a plane, but often what you see is that space between a road and a track. There is a certain romance to train travel, and I have traveled that way on occasion and loved it. Cruising Cruising may be the ultimate lazy vacation. They do it all; they drive you, entertain you, feed you, watch out for you and bring you back. Not bad. There are even medical people on board to help dislodge that piece of prime rib stuck in your throat because you just had to go to all the midnight buffets and eat too much and your spouse told you not to eat that much but would you listen? See what happens when you don’t listen? You get a piece of prime rib stuck in your throat. Slow down and chew more – your mother was right. Of course you are on a boat with a bunch of people you don’t know, probably wouldn’t associate with back home, and would love to avoid if you could only figure out how. But for romance probably nothing else beats a cruise. So it all depends on what you want (although if it’s romance, a Disney cruise is probably not your best bet). Okay, there you go, a planner to help you with this summer’s vacation. I hope it helps and I hope you have a great vacation. Oh, and bring me back a souvenir (and I don’t mean one of those glasses that held a tropical drink that you got on the ship – I want a real souvenir). My vacation This year we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We want the kids to see more of the country than we normally see while flying over it, so we’re renting a small motor home and driving. No, we’re not actually staying in the motor home. I’m not that insane. But we’ll be travelling in it and the small diesel is supposed to get okay mileage. We’ll depart San Diego, drive up the California coast, and play around Big Sur and San Francisco. Then it’s on to Oregon where we’re staying in a friend’s cabin for a few days. After that, we’re headed across to Idaho Falls to see my in-laws. From there, we’re going to Las Vegas and then finally home. During the trip I’ll be constantly blogging (you can link on the blog from this column - it’s the Wordpress “W” at the top). I’ll also be sending columns from the trip as well. I’ll let you know as time for the trip draws closer. Wish me luck...

At Large...
by Miles Beauchamp
Miles is Assistant to the Dean and Assistant Professor in the Shirley Hufstedler School of Education at Alliant International University where he teaches new media and diverse writing courses. He has been with the Asian Journal since the 1990’s.

Vacation time is here
Where are you going this year?
Have you started thinking about vacations yet? If you’re like most people, you started thinking about this vacation as soon as you arrived home from the last one. Perhaps even sooner if you were traveling with kids. But that’s another story. Or, just maybe, with the high cost of travel because of fuel you’re thinking, “Why travel this year at all?” Well, the world is made up of snobs or people who desperately want to be one. The more you travel the more snobbish you can become. And after all, it’s better to be a snob than want to be a snob. Just a thought. So, where are you going? Planning a trip to Pacific Rim nations? Headed to the Philippines, Japan or Tahiti? Or perhaps you’ve decided on a European vacation. Touring England,

Pick the one that matches your trip and go from there. Flying Unless you have a lot of patience, don’t. Not that flying isn’t great, because it is, but with security being the way it is, long lines are everywhere. On the other hand, it’s much quicker to fly across great expanses of water than go by ship (although not as much fun). Also, flying can be expensive; however, if time is important, you’ve pretty much got to be in the air. Driving Road trips can always be magical, wondrous times to really get close to the family. Sometimes too close. What parent hasn’t heard, “Are we there yet?” over and over and over again? Yet seeing the country by car is unlike seeing it any other way. In a car you can stop when the mood strikes, eat whenever you get hungry, see cities really close up and probably travel in one of the least expensive ways (particularly if the family is large). Well,

The first Asian-Filipino weekly in Southern California An award-winning newspaper, it is San Diego’s most widely circulated Asian-Filipino newspaper! Genevieve Silverio Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. Managing Editor Publisher & Editor Miles Beauchamp Santi Silverio Associate Editor Associate Publisher Ashley Silverio Assistant Editor In Pursuit of Excellence Eugenio “Ego” Osin, (1946 - 1994) Joe Cabrera, (1924 - 1996) Soledad Bautista, (1917-2009) Dr. Rizalino “Riz” Oades, (1935-2009)
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Phil - Am Law 101
by Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr.
Member, State Bar of California & Integrated Bar of the Philippines

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Wrong advice worries mom
Dear Atty. Karagdag, Good day! I happen to browse your Asian Journal Article while I am looking for information about our petition for my children back in the Philippines. May I please ask your kind assistance? I been married in the Philippines and had two children. My husband and I got separated more than ten years ago and since then I have been supporting my children and they are staying with my parents in the Philippines. My husband is now living with his girlfriend while I am here in United States. Last year, I filed for divorce of my previous marriage and married a US Citizen. I got my green card which makes me a lawful permanent resident. My USC husband and I want to give a better future to my children in the Philippines. To expedite the petition for my children, we decided that my husband would be the petitioner since he is a US citizen. The petition has been approved by USCIS. We are now in the process of submitting all the civil documents to National Visa Center. In anticipation of my children’s travel outside the Philippines, we contacted their biological father to have him execute an affidavit of consent so we can get DSWD travel clear-

ances for them. The plan is for my children to travel with my parents to the U.S. once the petition has been finalized. While dealing with my previous husband about the consent, he said someone advised him that: 1. The petitioner should be me, because there must be blood relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary. 2. If ever my husband will petition my children, he first needs to adopt them. I am scared that my children’s petition will be revoked based on what the other lawyer said. We are so worried, we have spent lots of time, effort and money on these petition and we do not want to just waste it. What is the best way to handle this situation? Please help me. Worried Mom Dear Worried Mom, I am afraid that your husband was wrongly advised. The term “child” is defined under Sec. 101(b)(1) of the Immigration and Nationality Act United States immigration law, and includes a natural/biological child (whether legitimate or illegitimate), an adopted child, or a stepchild. Perhaps, the only discrimination, if ever you may call it that, is the manner of establishing the parentchild relationship. Thus, for natural/biological children, the proof

required is blood relations. For illegitimate children petitioned by their father, that the father has extended parental care and concern to the child. For adopted children, that the petitioning parent has had two years of physical and legal custody. In the case of stepchildren, the law basically requires two things. First, that the marriage between the natural parent and the stepparent took place before the child turned eighteen. Secondly, since the stepchild’s relationship to the stepparent is anchored on the child’s biological parent, the law looks into the validity of their marriage. In your case, the USCIS already settled this issue favorably when it approved the spousal petition filed for you by your husband. In fact, you now have a green card. There is no need to worry. Just focus on completing the requirements of the NVC so your children can be with you soonest. Good luck! Sincerely, Atty. Karagdag Atty. Rogelio Karagdag , Jr. is licensed to practice law in both California and the Philippines. He practices immigration law in San Diego and has continuously been a trial and appellate attorney in the Philippines since 1989. He travels between San Diego and Manila. His office address is located at 10717 Camino Ruiz, Suite 131, San Diego, CA 92126. He also has an office in the Philippines at 1240 Apacible Street, Paco, Manila, Philippines 1007, with telephone numbers (632)5221199 and (632)526-0326. Please call (858)348-7475/(858)5364292 or email him at rkaragdag@ He speaks Tagalog fluently. Articles written in this column are not legal advice but are hypotheticals intended as general, non-specific legal information. Readers must seek legal consultation before taking any legal steps.

Nordstrom announces 2011 Asian Pacific American Heritage month initiative
said Amelia Ransom Letcher, vice president of Diversity Affairs at Nordstrom. “We’re also extremely grateful to be partnering with Hep B Free and OCA, two fantastic organizations that are doing great things to educate people-specifically those within the Asian Pacific American community-about hepatitis B and find solutions for treatment and prevention.” A new website,, provides an opportunity for visitors to take action and learn more about hepatitis B. For every person who completes a hepatitis B awareness quiz in May via www., Nordstrom will make a $35 donation to Hep B Free, up to $75,000. Nordstrom is also spreading the word about the initiative via signs in its stores, its catalogs and by sharing information with its Twitter and Facebook followers. “OCA is pleased to partner with Nordstrom and Hep B Free to raise awareness around

Page 7

Company helps raise awareness and funds for hepatitis B testing and prevention
SEATTLE (U.S. ASIAN WIRE) -- May 17, 2011 -- Nordstrom, Inc. announced today that it is recognizing Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in 2011 by teaming up with Hep B Free and OCA to help raise awareness of the importance of getting tested for hepatitis B-the leading cause of liver cancer and one of the greatest health disparities facing the Asian Pacific American community. According to Hep B Free, one in 10 Asian Americans is chronically infected with hepatitis B versus one in 1,000 of the general population. Early detection is important, and the hepatitis B vaccine can prevent hepatitis B infection and the consequences of infection. As part of its 2011 “Living Well” initiative, Nordstrom is giving people an easy way to learn more about hepatitis B testing and prevention. “Through our Heritage Month efforts, we are proud that we’re able to recognize and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our employees and our customers,” hepatitis B,” said OCA National President Ken Lee. “This is a heightened problem in the Asian Pacific American community and it is important that we work together to increase visibility and educate everyone about this disease.” “This is the first time we’ve partnered with a national retailer on a nationally coordinated awareness effort and the Asian American community to help end Hep B disease and liver cancer. We applaud Nordstrom’s support and partnership for this pressing health issue,” said Ted Fang, Director, AsianWeek Foundation and co-founder of San Francisco Hep B Free. “We encourage everyone to take the short quiz to learn more about hepatitis B and join our efforts to make America Hep B Free.” For more information about Nordstrom’s recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and other heritage months throughout 2011, please visit

Tommy Emmanuel and friends: Live from the Balboa Theather
Rare San Diego Performance is Featured in National Television Broadcast
SAN DIEGO - When guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel throws a party for his talented friends, the result is musical magic. Local music lovers delighted in the once-in-alifetime concert which was taped at San Diego’s historic Balboa Theatre in February. TOMMY EMMANUEL AND FRIENDS: LIVE FROM THE BALBOA THEATRE features an international cast of musicians. The television special will air on PBS stations nationwide in June 2011. However, San Diegans will have the first look on May 14th as the program debuts on KPBS-TV at 11 a.m. and repeats at 9 p.m. Considered one of the finest acoustic guitar players in the world, Emmanuel is celebrating his 50th Anniversary as a performer. With a devoted following of fans, he tours the US and around the world. Winner of dozens of awards in his native Australia and nominated for two Grammy Awards, Emmanuel has earned four Platinum and Gold albums and in 2010, was awarded the “Order of Australia,” the highest award given to civilians. For this special PBS concert, Tommy Emmanuel invited some of his favorite musician friends to join him on stage. Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Pam Rose performs two songs with Tommy, including her hit, “I’ll Still Be Loving You.” Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo join Tommy for a rambunctious set of swing jazz, ragtime and classics such as “What a Wonderful World.” Then Tommy is joined by fellow Australian Anthony Snape for a set that brought down the house and included Anthony’s new song, “Frequency.” KPBS produced the special in High Definition for PBS with KPBS Senior Producer Maura Daly Phinney and KPBS Director Donn Johnson leading the team. KPBS is a public service of San Diego State University, serving the region with TV, Radio and Internet content that is educational as well as entertaining—and free of commercial interruption. Major funding for “Tommy Emmanuel and Friends: live From the Balboa Theatre” was provided by PBS viewers and Keller Williams Realty and its more than 80,000 real estate professionals in North America. Keller Williams Realty thanks its associates for their dedication to their communities and their commitment to helping clients pursue the American dream of homeownership.

KPBS Presents





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Make your policies sing. Ask us how.
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Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Columbus, OH. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Nationwide, the Nationwide Framemark, and On Your Side are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Savings compared to standalone price of each policy, based on new customer data from May 2010. Availability and discounts vary by state and other factors. ADP-7403 (11/10)

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able battery or solar operated cars, how will the oil magnates profit? Thus, solar energy researches are not being fully supported by the government because of the lobbyists who control the decisions of the government. By the way, how would a Filipino define profit? That would be one who tells the future. And what if Albert Einstein is a Filipino? He better be. After all, he loves relatives. Whatever. ‘Ifs’ for the past did not happen so we cannot dwell on them. However, in charting the future, ‘if’ could provide alternative paths to follow for the betterment of all. And also, the ‘if’ word is far better than the ‘f’ word.

May 20 - 26, 2011

As the Bamboos Sway
by Rudy D. Liporada
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If the nose of Cleopatra was a little flatter, Rome might still be an empire today. The saying went something like that. It presupposes that if Julius Cesar or Mark Anthony did not fall, enchanted with the beauty of the Egyptian queen, they could have focused more on their empire expansion exploits and history must not have taken its course as it did to the present day. So, it’s just a matter of a nose. If the high rimmed nosed Magellan was scared to sail out into the horizons with the prevailing belief that the world was then flat – where monsters will devour those who dare to fall into the precipice at the horizons of the seas – then he would have not bounded across the Pacific Ocean to find what he dubbed as Islas Filipinas. If Miguel de Legaspi did not come to the Philippines after the stubby nosed Lapu-Lapu killed Magellan then we could not have been Christianized. The inhabitants of the now called Philippines could have remained Muslims and together with other brother and sister Muslims all over the world, would be facing Mecca five times a day. Perhaps, the inhabitants would be united in the name of Allah. But those are matters of ‘ifs’ and noses. The ‘ifs’ did not happen and we are faced with the real world with the hard nosed facts. But if we are going to be nosey about facts, we could perhaps try to smell: Why is it that while the Philippines prides itself as the only Christian nation in the Far East,

The ‘If’ Word, Noses, Bin Laden, etc.

Albert Einstein it is the poorest nation in that part of the earth? Is it because, per the eight beatitudes, we are most blessed because we are the most poor? Come to think of it, why is that most if not all of the countries that were Christianized by Spain and Portugal are among the poorest countries on earth? Does the beatitude of being blessed when you are poor apply to all of them? Why is it that it was the US that armed and trained the Japanese Military Forces in the middle 1800s and then the Japanese waged war against the US in World War II only to be friendly with each other again after the war? Come to think of it, why, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atom bombed and devastated by the US, is Japan far more developed than the Philippines when the latter is supposed to be an ally of the US during the war? Japan is not even a Christian nation and the Japanese are more blessed than the Catholic Filipinos? Why did the Philippines shift its independence day from July 4 from the United States to June 12 from Spain in 1964? Is it for us to be reminded that the Filipinos were under an oppressive Spanish rule and forget that we were also under the colonial rule of the United States where 600,000 Filipinos were reported to have been massacred by the Americans during their pacification campaign in the early 1900s? And why do we celebrate EDSA I as a liberation from the Marcos dictatorship when we do not even celebrate our liberation from the Japanese? Why is it that the largest eagle in the world, far bigger than the

Osama Bin Laden

American eagle, is the bald eagle of the Philippines but the Philippine national bird was the small Maya? Who originally designed the curriculum of our schools that said so? They just recently change this. Why the late recognition? Why is it that we find Filipino domestic helpers in all corners of the world but there are no foreign domestic helpers in the Philippines from other third world countries – and Filipinos tend to be proud of this? Should the Filipinos really take pride in this? About the gays, what if James Buchanan, as former president of the United States had been exposed as homosexual during his term, would the gay issue be still an issue today in the US? And how about President Noynoy Aquino? Could his reported being a playboy be a cover up for his being gay? Isn’t he old to have not married ever? After all, Rock Hudson, a famous supposedly handsome actor, had been surrounded by women to hide his being gay. Talking about a macho man, former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky had an affair for which Clinton faced impeachment. It has been reported that Clinton ignored several opportunities to capture Osama bin Laden and his terrorist associates. Could it be that his ‘ignoring’ meant that he was distracted, busy depending himself from the attacks on his indiscretion that left a bad taste on Lewinsky’s mouth? Yes, how about Bin Laden? Now that he is already dead, will gas prices now go down? Will we leave Afghanistan now? Are we going to spend less on the military now and have more budgets for teachers and other issues like healthcare? Now, now, now… It seems like we need more of the likes of Thomas Edison now. What if he did not persevere in over 10,000 times to prove that a piece of wire could light up rooms and arenas? We would still be using candles, lanterns, and torches. Could you imagine not having stop and go lights in traffic? Now we need perpetual energy to run things. Reports say that such things exist but entrepreneurs who profit from the status quo exert all their might to discourage them coming to fore. If there was a perpetual bulb, how can the makers of bulbs profit? If all cars now run through afford-

Five foods and drinks to consume less
(Continued from page 6)

taken in moderation such as a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced risk of all-cause mortality for middle aged and older adults, and helps to keep cognitive function intact with age. However, one should not start drinking on the basis of its potential benefits as alcohol is also associated with increased risk of breast cancer, violence, drowning, and injuries from falls and motor vehicle crashes. Excessive drinking increases the risk of cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer of the upper GI tract and colon, injury and violence. It is also associated with increased body weight and can impair cognitive function. Excessive consumption is responsible for an average of 79,000 deaths per year and more than half of these deaths are due to binge drinking. Binge drinking is also associated with sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy and violent crime. Reducing alcohol intake can effectively reduce blood pressure and is most effective if paired with changes in diet and physical activity. The recommendation is to drink moderately. This is defined as 1 drink a day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men. A drink is 12 oz of regular beer (150 calories), 5 oz of wine (100 calories) and 1.5 oz of 80-proof distilled spirits (100 calories). SUMMARY: In summary, the foods and drink to consume less of are: sodium or salt, solid fats (saturated fats and trans fatty acids), sugars, refined grains, and alcohol. Consuming excessive amount of these foods lead to obesity and higher risk for chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes that are major causes of deaths in FilAms. Therefore, eat and drink less so you will be healthy and live longer.

and technology – Manila eyes India’s cornering of the Englishlanguage call-centre and backoffice outsourcing industry – and there is a buzz that Aquino just might be the one to reform the country’s putrid bureaucracy. (Continued from page 1) This recent surge in foreign His spinners didn’t quite claim direct investment is generating that the Philippines was an Asian thousands of new jobs. One of Norway ”but things are not so Manila’s biggest – and often bad as they can appear”. saddest – economic phenomena Ministers are paid to put a is its export of labour. From the gloss on things, but where there kitchens of the Gulf to the stateseemed a mental block in Teves’s rooms of the global cruise and office was the not insignificant shipping industry to the crooners matter of conflict of interest: working in Asia’s hotels, it is that a minister making fiscal and often claimed there are as many banking policy simultaneously Filipinos working abroad as at directed one of the country’s home. biggest banks. That’s not supAustralians have never much posed to happen in a checkscared about the Philippines, their and-balances democracy, a claim views soured partly by its imFilipinos proudly make. But the age as an economic backwater. bank was government-owned, Manila is an amiable, pliable his office pleaded. So what’s the ally. Apart from the 1996 APEC problem? summit at Subic Bay, John HowTeves is no longer finance ard visited only once as PM, in secretary. His patron, Gloria 2003, and Kevin Rudd and Julia Macapagal-Arroyo, reluctantly Gillard not at all. When Simon stepped down as president last Crean went in 2008 as trade June, foiled by dogged corminister, he said the preceding ruption claims and pesky term decade had been a lost opporlimits. She would not have been tunity, citing bilateral trade that re-elected even if she had been had risen by just 17 per cent in allowed to stand. As her years in that time. Malacanang Palace were coming The Philippine economy to a close, Arroyo was wounded improved during Arroyo’s term, by an opinion poll that found but compared with its thrusting Filipinos regarded her as their neighbours, the country has been most corrupt president. Coming a chronic underperformer. Now from a people who elected and there are high hopes for this endured Ferdinand Marcos and new Aquino government. The Joseph Estrada, that’s quite a Asian Development Bank has condemnation. The new presiraised its economic forecast for dent is Benigno Aquino III, son 2011, citing better foreign and of Cory and her assassinated domestic investment and rising husband, Ninoy. He was elected incomes. It believes GDP growth on an anti-corruption ticket, as will be about 5 per cent in 2011, Philippine leaders often are. His after the bumper 2010 in which Finance Secretary is Cesar Puri- the Philippines motored along at sima, who did the same job for 7.3 per cent, the best rate in 34 Arroyo before Teves took over. years. With that trend continuing And, so it goes, Purisima too is for this infamous basket case, chairman of Land Bank. maybe it’s time to take another Such bureaucratic idiosynlook. crasies seem to go with the territory in Manila, and don’t much bother analysts. Some recent upbeat numbers prompted Get the best results for your CLASSIFIED New York-based economist AD via Asian Journal’s Nouriel Roubini to note that this online+digital+print “may mark the beginning of a editions. sustained investment boom”. Call 619.474.0588 Foreign investment is steadily rising, particularly in telecoms

‘Sick man of Asia’ looking a bit better

SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!!!!!! FREE THIRD ANNUAL SAN DIEGO ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER (API) COMMUNITY FORUM AND MULTI-CULTURAL EVENT June 4, 2011, Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM Jacobs Center, 404 Euclid Ave., San Diego, CA 92114
Nick Macchione, Director SD HHSA Lloyd Asoto, APIAHF API Network Staff, Partners & Volunteers FOOD TOUR AND ENTERTAINMENT Tickets are $10 each for food tour. For information, call (619) 477-4451 xt 603 or send email to


May 20 - 26, 2011

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Visit our website at The 11th Little Thing: Invest in the Philippines. “Wherever you are in the world, or in our archipelago,” Alex wrote,” you are part of the whole, you are part of the Filipino family. Every Filipino is a part of the Answer, of the Solution. Each one of us is part of the Hope we seek for our Motherland.” He encourages everyone to “help create prosperity in our Motherland.” Finally, the 12th little thing global Filipinos can do to help our Philippines is to help unite the global Filipinos. Here, he quoted Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I merely enumerated the twelve things Filipinos across the globe can do to help our Philippines here. To really appreciate them, one must read the book himself, then share it with his fellow Filipinos.

Page 9 If only every Filipino will follow these tips, great things will happen to our beloved country. – AJ (To reach Alex Lacson or order copies of his book, contact or or visit the website or www.alexlacson. net ).

Our life and times
by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
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Alex Lacson’s Treatise on “12 Little Things Global Filipinos Can Do to Help Our Philippines”
(Continued from page 1)

I like the quote Alex put at the start of this section: “Unlike our friends, we did not choose our family. Our Creator chose them for us.”
In it, Alex suggested that instead of merely handing dole outs to our relatives, we should: a) help build values in them; b) encourage them to pay it forward by adopting their own scholar in the future once they become a success; c) encourage the love of work by letting one’s scholar relative to be a working student; d) encourage civic consciousness by letting the relative scholar join Gawad Kalinga

and other similar groups; d) encourage personal responsibility by prodding the scholar relative to save and invest; f) and encourage entrepreneurship by teaching one’s relative to go into business. The second little thing is to help “create a means to live for at least one Filipino.” In this section, Alex quoted the Eastern Philosopher Kahlil Gilbran: “You give but little when you give your material possession. It is when you give yourself that you truly give.” To this quote, Alex added his own: “If you have been blessed, you have the moral obligation to be a blessing to others.” Alex identified the various

livelihood programs a Filipino could support with detailed explanations. The 3rd little thing: Help build a home for a Filipino family. According to Alex, building a home for a homeless family will help not only the homeless but will also help the builder, for the act will feed his soul. The 4th Little Thing: Adopt at least one Filipino Scholar. In this chapter, Alex quoted Luke 12:48: “To whom much has been given, much will be expected.” Then he added a Danish Proverb: “Your life is God’s gift to you. What you do with your life is your gift to God.” Alex cited and explained several ways how this little thing can be effectively done. The 5th Little Thing: Help build classrooms, public libraries and toilets. Alex explained how this can help the country and listed organizations that do so in the rural areas. The 6th Little Thing: Help us have the government we deserve. This is a good read as Alex cited examples of the miracles occurring in the Philippines that would hopefully help avoid “a government run like hell by the Filipinos.” Again, Alex identified

organizations promoting good governance. The 7th Little Thing: Environment – Wherever you are, you are part of the world. Here, Alex encouraged his readers to help save the environment. He quoted N. Duhaylungsod: “Yes, we are alive today. But what about the next generation?” According to Alex, in a poem found in the pocket of Abraham Lincoln when he was assassinated, the following quote was written: “I shall walk through this world but once. Therefore, if there is any good thing that I need to do, let me do it now. For I shall not walk this way again.” The 8th Little Thing: Spend your vacation in our Philippines. Here, Alex explained why this will help our country. The 9th Little Thing: Be an ambassador of the Filipino. Build the faith in the Filipino among your children. According to Alex, “We are the ambassadors of our beauty. We are the builders of our own greatness as a people.” The 10th Little Thing: Buy Filipino. Support our people’s talents and products. Alex believes that “we can create prosperity for the Filipino if we learn to love and support one another as a people.”

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May 20 - 26, 2011

Making Business Sense: Providing the Best for the Least
by Human Heart Nature The hard economic times and competitive business environment makes every Filipino entrepreneur nervous about their profitability. Operations and strategies must be carefully analyzed as increasing food and fuel costs trigger an increase in pretty much everything else and an endless debate on how to fix the economy. Such is a reality for most business owners, where the opportunity to grow and provide is confronted by issues concerning shrinking profits and sustainability. Armed with foresight and an exceptional appetite for risks, a growing wave of social entrepreneurs are determined to take the challenge of proving that business is capable of rising beyond this fear with the intent of creating an opportunity for a better life for all. Take the example of Human Nature, a social enterprise that was established to provide world class Filipino-made natural products. Its foundation for success is not solely due to its unique selling proposition but also in the way they mold their workforce. When most companies are faced by rising costs and austerity measures, the company whose one-third of its workforce is composed of residents from nearby Gawad Kalinga villages, has made a conscious decision to go beyond just legal compliance in treating their employees. Their warehouse staff undergo a probationary period of only 3 months and get Php 500 per day as a starting salary. Once regularized, they receive full benefits (SSS, Pag-Ibig, Philhealth and a generous HMO package!) and an average pay of Php 650 per day plus performance incentives. The benefits are not just monetary as they also receive financial mentorship from company managers and they are encouraged to be active in their GK communities and programs. All of these were deliberately designed as part of Gawad Kalinga’s value system of providing the best for the least until the least becomes the best. But the company’s drive to provide quality of life to its employees also extends to their rural community partners. Since 2009, Human Nature has been paying 20-30% more than the going market price for organic raw materials such as Citronella essential oil which they source directly from a small farming cooperative in Bicol. Taking it even a step further in 2010, the company launched a campaign wherein 100% of the profits of their top-selling product, Citronella Bug Spray, was invested back into the community. The donation was able to fund the

May 20 - 26, 2011

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It started as a livelihood program that was initially able to offer its beneficiaries Php 150 – 250 per day just to compete in the market. Due to its impact on the residents of GK Payatas 13, Human Nature proudly supported its products and services as part of its advocacy of empowering communities. The market exposure contributed to more clients for the community and this stable demand enabled Trese to increase its wages to Php 500 per day. Sales doubled as productivity improved and more residents became active with the constant projects coming in. This small livelihood program is now a fullfledged business which is VAT registered and a certified Barangay Microbusiness Enterprise. Over 20 residents are directly involved in operations while the whole community is benefitting from it as profit is shared to support their GK programs and infrastructure. Visitors of GK Payatas 13 are astonished by the site business managers who speak confidently about their enterprise. Josephine Casimero had no knowledge of the internet nor the computer 2 years ago. Now, she has learned to do Excel accounting and payroll reports which she emails to GK investors who have mentored her. The youth engaged in silkscreen printing enjoy a weekly football camp in Ateneo that is funded by the enterprise. The confidence that they gain from being productive enables them to mentor the younger generation of their community to be active. The on-going success stories of Human Nature and Trese illustrate the collaborative partnership that is needed to jumpstart the economy and reshape the future of our country. It may seem uncanny to many that investing more in the least of our brothers has helped these noble businesses to flourish, but business was always about providing what the market needs, and the Filipino has always been in need of an opportunity to rise above poverty.

COPAO geared for Phil Faire – 2011 Festival of Festivals

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expansion of the Citronella operations from seven hectares to 47 hectares, renovate the deteriorating roof of the local public school and provide Philhealth to all the members of the cooperative. The company sees this high engagement with their community partners as more than just a charity project; it is a direct investment in the poor who are an integral part of a sustainable supply chain for its organic raw materials. With this high “overhead”, how to do you think the company is faring? The company just doubled its revenues in 2010 from 2009, and sales are still projected to grow by 120% in 2011. This value proposition has enabled the company to attract talent from multinationals and top brands, some agreeing to take an initial pay cut to support this business philosophy. Managers are more than ever inspired to grow the company in order to provide more jobs and to eventually attain, if not surpass, their previous salaries. It’s no wonder the company has undergone expansion even during these tough financial times, as its employees increased from 17 in 2009 to 62 in 2011. Raymund Madamo, a top performer in the warehouse for the past 14 months and a resident of GK Sitio Ruby, enrolled himself in the company’s voluntary save-up program. He believes that as the company provides for all of his basic needs, he can now afford to save for his aspirations. He aspires of providing good education to his children and to afford homeless people a decent home by donating a GK house from his savings. Since their employment in Human Nature, three of the warehouse employees who came from predominantly scavenging urban communities, have also been able to finance their own motorbikes from their increased earnings. This success story has inspired other social enterprises who initially felt compromised just to get their businesses off the ground. Trese is a community based enterprise that provides silkscreen and sewing services by partnering with out-of-school youth and housewives in GK Blue Eagle Village in Payatas 13.

“Of course, those crowned as Philippine Faire – 2011 will also which auspices the celebrations be participating in the parade and are being held. Joyce Temporal, be honored at the program,” said Parade Committee chair said that Myra Lopez, COPAO execu“dubbed Festival of Festivals, a tive vice-president. Crowned parade that will commence from last May 14, 2011 were Katrina the 99 Cents Store and Wal-Mart Benfer, Mrs. Philippine Faire – grounds off Highland Avenue 2011; Jamie Dianne Hann, Miss and end at National City’s KimPhilippine Faire – 2011; Marifel ball Park will spark the affair. Lopez, Miss Teen Philippine Consul General Mary Jo BerFaire – 2011; Nellie Sison, Mrs. nardo Aragon will be the Grand Friendship; Lalaine Uvero, Mrs. Marshall for the parade.” Unity; and Rizza Macaoay, Miss “Jay R Sillona and Jolina Friendship. “Rev. Julius ObreMagdangal, both gon and Jun Mutaban serenaded of GMA’s famed Philippine the entourage,” added Nedy Lao, movie and TV personalities will Filipiniana Night chairperson. grace the program at the park,” “Booths will dot Kimball said Rudy Liporada, Philippine Park during the Festival,” said Faire – 2011 executive chair and Liz Dela Cruz, booth coordinaCOPAO vice president for opera- tor for the affair. “They would tions. “While Sillona will fly in be vendors offering Philippine earlier from the Philippines, delicacies, folklore, and various Magdangal will fly in on the services.” Dela Cruz added that day of the affair and expected to “we have extended the deadline perform straight from LAX.” for booth applications to accom“While we really celebrate modate more participants.” Philippine Independence Day on “We have adopted ‘BridgJune 12, we opted to celebrate ing Generations’ as theme for earlier as in the previous years so this year’s Festival,” said Rita we can have high school students Andrews, COPAO past president participate in the celebrations,” and consultant to the steering said Dolores Balane, a memcommittee. “This is in recogniber of the Parade Committee. tion of the fact that different Participating schools include generations have different outEastlake High School depictlooks on what is to be a Filipino ing the Paraw Regatta; Otay American in the United States.” Ranch, Panagbenga; Sweetwater, “We hope that through this Obando Fertility Rites; Morse, theme,” adds Liporada, “we Alinsangan; Montgomery, Pincould draw a common ground tados, Olympian, Parol Festival; not only among the divide Bell Middle School, Sinulog; between ages but also in perand Challenger Middle School, ceptions among those Filipino Pahiyas. Marching bands joinAmericans born in the USA, ing also include the Montgomery those immigrated from the High School, Morse High School motherland, and those born out with the JROTC Color Guard, of mixed marriages.” and the Granger Middle School. The parade will wind from Temporal is also expecting 99 Cents Store through 14th St., participation from various proKimball Way, D Avenue unto vincial, professional, and other Kimball Park. Admission is civic Filipino American organifree at the Park.. Those wantzations. Among those featured to ing to participate in the parade participate include Veteran orga- could still call Joyce Temporal at nizations, Lions of National City, 619-964-1738. For booth inforand a martial arts group from the mation, Liz Dela Cruz could be Cardenas School of Arnis. Floats contacted at 619-454-8867. will also be featured.
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May 20 - 26, 2011

May 20 - 26, 2011

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Showbiz Watcher
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by Ogie Cruz

Banggaan nina Mommy Dionisia at Sen. Santiago!!!
Walang gatol na pinagtanggol ni Mommy Dionisia ang pambansang kamao na si Manny Pacquiao sa akusasyon ni Sen. Miriam Santiago tungkol sa pinagtatanlunang RH Bill or Reproductive Health Bill sa Camara. Isa kasi si Pacman na sumusulong na huwag tanggapin ang RH Bill dahil labag ito sa kagustuhan ng Diyos at ng simbahan. Isang patunay nang dumating siya galing sa amerika nga ng tuloy agad siya sa simbahan ng Quiapo, at nasalita pa siya roon na sinusuportaha niya ang pinaglalaban ng Simbahan no for RH Bill, hanggang sa camara pinagtanggol ito ng Congreman Pacquiao. Isa naman ang Sen. Santiago, tumataguyod sa RH Bill kaya nakapagsalita siya against kay Pacman at hinamon pa niya ito na puede rin sila sa Boxing, nagtataka pa raw ang Senadora at kung bakit yung asawa ni Pacman na si Jinky ay umamin noon na gumagamit ng pills pagkatapos eto raw si Pacman at nagsasalita against RH Bill ay isang

katawatawa. Hindi naman pinalampas ito ni Mommy Dionisia sa mga tinuran ng Senadora against Pacman, siempre pinagtanggol ni Mommy D ang kanyang nag-iisang Pambansang kamao. Naggagalaiti sa galit ang nanay ni Manny Pacquiao, at eto ang mga sagot niya sa patutsada ni Sen. Santiago. “ Hindi dapat maliitin ang anak ko, dahil congressman yun.Ang pakialamanan mo yung malaswa, walang respeto,malaswa ang pakialamanan,” nagsisigaw na pagtatanggol ni Mami Dionisia. Hindi raw tautauhan si Pacman, may karapatan daw ang anak niya na ipahayag ang ang pagtutol sa RH Bill, dahil may takot daw ito sa Diyos.Sinagot din niya ang akusasyon dahil sa paggamit ni Jinky ng pills . “Nung una gumagamit si Jinky pero tumigil din yun nang malaman ni Manny na gumagamit ang asawa niya.Tinanong kasi siya ni Manny, bakit ayaw mo bang magkaanak, doon na nagkusa tumigil si Jinky kaya ngayon hindi na gumagamit yun,”pagtatanggol pa ni Mommy Dionisia. Pero nilanaw ng Nanay ni Pacman na hindi siya galit kay Senadora Miriam Santiago, pinagtatanggol lang naman niya ang kanyang anak. Samantalang nakating naman kay Sen. Santiago at mga binitawang salita ni Mommy Dionisia.Nangigiti lang ito, at nagsalita ng ganito “I’m speechless, no comment .Humanap naman tayo ng ibang kalaban,”Halatang ayaw patulan ng Senadora ang nanay ni Pacman. Bakit kaya? Pinagtanggol din ni Jinky ang kanyang sarili, dati gumamit daw siya ng Pills pero nang pinatigil ito ng kanyang asawa saka palang ito tinigilan.Nag -comment pa si Pacman ng ganito,” Matakot naman kayo sa diyos dahil isa itong abortion.Marami nga ang bumilib kay Pacman na ibang congressmen, kahit naging

kadebate nito si Cong. Lagman tungkol sa nasabing issue.”A” raw ang binigay ng ilang congressmen kay Peolple champ sa pagtutol sa RH Bill. Pero hanggang ngayon tuloy pa rin si Mommy Dionisia sa pagtatanggol sa kanyang anak,”Anu ang gusto nila sa anak ko, takpan ang bunganga at huwag na lang magsalita. Nung dalaga pa nga ako, nagdasal ako na sana magkaroon ako ng kalahating dosenang anak.Pero hindi naman ako humingi ng pagkain sa iba para pakainin ang aking mga anak,” pagpatuloy na bwelta ni Mommy D. Pati ang mga bakla tinira rin ni Mommy D, kesyo mga bakla na ang umiinom ng pills para raw lumaki ang mga dede nito.”Yan ba ang gusto Nila, kaya gusto nila ipagamit ang mga pills,” pagtatapos ni Mommy Dionisia. Hay Mommy D, matapang din pero ayaw naman patulan ni Sen. Miriam Santiago.Pero si Manny naman ayaw na rin patulan si Sen. Miriam sa issue na nakikisawsaw siya sa issue ng RH Bill,natuwa naman siya sa ginawa ng ina sa pagtatanggol sa kanya. Sa kabilang banda ,alam nyo bang kasado na si Juan Manuel Marquez ang susunod na makakalaban ni Manny Pacquiao, at itoy para sa November at

walang iba kundi si Kris Aquino ang nagbubulgar sa media. Bunny Calica , isang 27 yrs old na isang teacher ang kanyang bagong nililigawan ayon sa kapatid niya na si Kris.Sabi nga ng ibang tao, dapat pagsabihan niya ang kanyang kapatid para hindi maibalita ang tungkol sa love life niya. NORA AUNOR, LUMALABO ANG PAG-UWI SA PILIPINAS !Para sa mga Pinoy dito sa San Diego California, lalo na yung mga Noranians forever malabo pa rin ang pag-uwi ni Guy sa Pilipinas bago dumating ang kanyang araw ng birthday.Hindi po namin alam kung anu ang dahilan at bakit hindi makauwi ang Superstar sa Pilipinas. Pero ang malinaw, isang tribute ang ihahandog ng Paparazzi this coming Sunday sa channel 5 sa Pilipinas, hindi po rito sa Amerika.Kaya ganon na lang ang paghahanda ng mga Noranians para dumalo sa naturang show sa Sunday May 22,2011. Basta Happy Birthday na lang Ate Guy on May 21, sana maligaya ka saan dako Kaman ng California at sana magkita tayo para mainterbyu naman kita.

Nora Aunor sa Las Vegas pa rin gagawin? SARAH GERONIMO MAY BAGONG MANLILIGAW! May bagong manliligaw daw ang singing superstar na si Sarah Geronimo at itoy walang iba kundi ang anak ni Gov. Lray Villafuerte ng Camarines Sur na si Miguel Villafuerte. Nai-love raw si Miguel nang makita nito si Sarah na pinopromote ang kanilang lalawigan pero sabi nga ni Gov. Villafuerte, walang problema raw dahil galing naman daw sa mahusay na pamilya ang nasabing singer kaya wala siyang tutol kung magkagustuhan man sina Sarah at Miguel. Sana magkatuluyan ang dalawa, tutal hanggang ngayon wala pa ring manliligaw ang Sarah after Reyver Cruz na gumawa ng malaking intriga sa showbiz landia , siempre kasama si Kristine Reyes. SI KRIS AQUINO ANG DAPAT SISIHIN TUNGKOL SA LOVELIFE NI PNOY! Nakiusap si Pre. Noynoy Aquino na lubayan na ng media ang kanyang lovelife, dahil 50 yrs old na siya.Ibilato na lang daw nila ito sa kanya para makadiskarte naman siya.Kaso ang source tungkol sa kanyang ka-date ng girl ay

Sarah Geronimo

Kris Aquino

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Mambo July 18-21, 2001. I wrote this 40th Anniversary-Ruby

May 20 - 26, 2011

Memoirs of a Filipino American Doctor Class ‘61 in Shining Coral
July 1996. I wrote this 35th Anniversary-Coral Bloomington, Minnesota, was the chosen venue where one out of six people owned a boat, one out of three owned a fishing license, and nearly everyone spent at least some part of the year relaxing by the lake. On a bright summer day, the six sparkling lakes in the heart of Minneapolis seemed as blue as lapis lazuli, their shimmering surfaces spangling with rowboats, canoes, and sailboats. Not far from Bloomington, where the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers join together, are the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, the choice spot for our reunion. The skies were hazy, the humidity fair, with rainfall at times; nonetheless, it did not matter much to the attendees. The host and local alumni chapter made good their promise of fun and festivities and a superb CME program. Altogether, it was a very successful reunion of friends, classmates, and our families. Some twent-five members of the United Class ’61 alumni, the Coral Jubilarians, were there. Coral symbolizes a deep pink color, reminiscent of the showy pink-and-white lady’s slipper, the official flower of Minnesota. At thirty-five years after graduation for United Class ’61, pink was incredibly beautiful. It was majestically memorable. From the very first day of the festivities, with a welcome reception motif of “Back to the 50s,” it was evident that the reunion was full of nostalgic moments from the Morayta/ Azcaraga/Quezon Boulevard/ Espana campus. The pomp and feast during the Filipiniana Night showed a musical extravaganza spotlighting the hidden talents of the Coral graduates of 1961. It was an outstanding performance on the stage, with a chorus of the Kundiman dedicated to our alma mater under the baton of Philip Chua. The practice sessions were full of fun. We were no longer highly intellectual, serious, respectable doctors of sorts; we simply became our true selves, the boys and girls of the FEU days of yore. With all the laughter, the

From Antique to America:

Food for thought
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United Cclass of ’61 was there to MAMBO! It was our 40th (Ruby) jubilee. This time it was Chanco still sported “whitegiggling, and the kidding, one celebrated during the 22nd anhad to marvel at this spontaneous white” hair. Bert Barreto was in nual reunion and scientific conexcellent condition. Fred Lim transformation of happy human vention held at the Monte Carlo looked very prosperous. Roger beings. It was as if we were at Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Acosta was fighting the allergies. Nevada. This is a city of neon the FEU campus again. The triumvirate of Vic Asanza, At the luncheon’s get-together lights blazing around the clock, Buddy Foz and “Ming” Buzon with our spouses, we resolved a metropolis that looks like an were the same nice guys as ever. exotic jewel dropped into the to convince a classmate who Marianito Chua played host to missed the gathering to atmiddle of the vast Mojave Desert a sumptuous lunch at a Chinese tend the next reunion in Dallas. and where an estimated 4,000 restaurant. Lydia Aquino came Meanwhile, a cruise was being people relocate every month. solo because her husband, Rene, entertained to take place soon. The event took place on July was in Manila. From Chicago, Certainly the spirit of Class ’61 18-20, 2001. The summer heat in Luming Holgado Daza and Letty Vegas, with the temperature outwas vibrant, alive, more reinSubido Dacanay drove in their vigorated, thanks to the super side registering more than 100 Carrera. As always, Ulysses leadership of Philip. Philip’s degrees, did not matter much and Fe Baje were present with magic and the off-colored jokes to the attendees of the reunion. their cameras. Be sure that you of the boys - Pat Avila, Dick Gambling was brisk and enterreceive pictures from Uly. MinChiu (hubby of Isabel Uy), and tainment shows were aplenty. erva “Mimi” Bruno had already yours truly- also entertained us. The host and local alumni chapmailed me one. Thank you very If there were any punchlines in ter made good on their promise much, Mimi. Everyone in atthose jokes, Baby Espino De of fun and festivities and superb tendance appeared to be in good CME program. Altogether, we Leon missed them most of the health. Farida Chua commented time. had a successful reunion of she was retiring in two years. The grand dinner ball was friends, classmates and families. We missed the words of wisdom resounding proof that the Class Some thirty-one members of from “Mommy” Baldemor on ’61’s spirit was high and well in the class came from all over the the topic of retirement. She had the hearts of its members. CamU.S. In our formal attires, deep indeed convinced me to change eras were clicking as we posed red cummerbunds with red bow tires instead. here and there. I had a funny ties for the males and black long During this convention, two feeling that we had invented gowns for the female jubilations, of the Class ’61 members were in our vernacular the absolute the members, and spouses, of elected to higher positions in the United Class ‘61 were honored. adjective of katakot-takot Na Alumni Foundation. Philip Chua kodakan (camera-induced pyroRuby was beautiful and fantastechnic demonstration). The flash was elected president and yours tically memorable! Oh yes, for truly as one of the vice presiof lights from those cameras the first time in forty long years, dents. was the order of the night. In a Ruby (no pun intended) Cureg In the midst of the increasing strange way, it evoked a feelwas there too. Time went by so barrage of information regarding fast. Naku ang bilis! Obviously, ing that our existence was but a managed care, capitation, market we had been somewhat out of brief crack of light between two focus, competition, buy-outs, eternities of darkness. touch, but in this occasion we and mergers of practices, the Lionel “Buddy” Foz’s son, showed in our hearts our deep, United Class’61 nonetheless Lyle, was present. So was Fred true, unseen friendship and Millan’s son, Marc, Efren Barza- took it all in style. We came to brotherhood that stayed forever this reunion to savor fond memo- green. We could see the yearning ga’s beautiful daughter, Cindy, ries to have fun, for at this stage an American Airline stewardto see one another was neverin our lives, we could not predict ending within United Class ’61 ess, flew in from Florida. Conthe Almighty’s will. But let me rado Doce was at his daughter’s under the leadership of Philip tell you, this was a fantastic and wedding that evening, but with Chua. He was our class president jubilant reunion. Those who did Roger Acosta around, he was for life? Yes of course, we loved not make it were sorely missed. able to join us later that night. king Philip and Queen Farid. During the years following our Furthermore, Pat Avila, a sucFrom the very first day of cessful surgeon from Oklahoma, Class 61’s 35thanniversary, my the festivities, with a welcome wife and I never missed the annot only could belt a song ala reception motif of “Viva Las nual conventions and reunions in Vegas,” it was evident that the Engelbert Humperdinck, but Manila. They were interspersed could also entertain one and all. reunion was to be more than “I’m poor, but I go in style,” Pat with medical missions to the nostalgia of our school days at Philippines. It was also durjoked. He was in the process of Morayta. It was also shows and ing these times that I seriously building a mansion in San Juan, entertainment. Beyond these, planned for my early retirement. there was joviality, camaradeBatangas, and the blueprint I had prepared for it and wrote of the Moorish architectural rie, relaxation and fellowship articles relating to the right time and above all, deepened frienddesign was something to beto retire. Finally, in September hold. He promised to take care ships. The Alumni Filipiniana 1999, I officially announced my of me if I were to fly out there night showcased impromptu retirement from my practice. for vacation upon its complebut outstanding performances An anniversary revisited. tion. “Ot” De Leon still jogged by Remedios Diasen-Sonson in United Class ’61 Was There to a hula-hula solo dance and this every morning. Amado “Jobo” writer serenaded his wife Cely with Ruben Tagalog’s romantic kundiman, “Ang Puso Ko” (My Heart). Lily Naguit and Abraham Sim were our dance instructors. A Mambo #5 dance presentation was our number at the Grand Ball. It was a 2-minute presentation. Mind you, we had been practicing this dance since July 2000 at our Bloomingdale, Illinois, reunion. Then through cyberspace, Lily emailed the dance steps, and we finally practiced the dance as a group three hours a day for three consecutive days before the presentation. Ernesto and Erlinda Aqui had to give up the practice sessions. The mambo steps were too complicated for them. Prospero “Senday” Sendaydiego invented his own version of the mambo. Ephraim Barzaga and his wife complained, too much for an old dog to learn new tricks. Ming Buzon, Vic Asanza, Buddy Foz and their wives seemed to master the 2-minute exercise in no time. I noticed the intensity of Zaida and Rudy in perfecting the mambo footwork and hip movements. No wonder they both mamboed all the way back to New Mexico. Practicing Mambo #5 in earnest at long hours was overkill, and it was never really perfected. Nevertheless, at the grand presentation, we turned out to be a colorful bunch, a magical production featuring dancers in a Copacabana-style of made-toorder costumes.
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Alexander The Great’s last words
“Ice melts when heated” “Eyes melt when hated” Alexander, after conquering many kingdoms, was returning home. On the way, he fell ill and it took him to his death bed. With death staring him in his face, Alexander realized how his conquests, his great army, his sharp sword and all his wealth were of no consequence. He now longed to reach home to see his mother’s face and bid her his last adieu. But, he had to accept the fact that his sinking health would not permit him to reach his distant homeland. So, the mighty conqueror lay prostrate and pale, helplessly waiting to breathe his last. He called his generals and said, “I will depart from this world soon, I have three wishes, please carry them out without fail.” With tears flowing down their cheeks, the generals agreed to abide by their king’s last wishes. “My first desire is that”, said Alexander, “My physicians alone must carry my coffin.” After a pause, he continued, “Secondly, I desire that when my coffin is being carried to the grave, the path leading to the graveyard be strewn with gold, silver and precious stones which I have collected in my treasury”. The king felt exhausted after saying this. He took a minute’s rest and continued. “My third and last wish is that both my hands be kept dangling out of my coffin”. The people who had gathered there wondered at the king’s strange wishes. But no one dared bring the question to their lips.. Alexander’s favorite general kissed his hand and pressed them to his heart. “O king, we assure you that your wishes will all be fulfilled. But tell us why do you make such strange wishes?” At this Alexander took a deep breath and said: “I would like the world to know of the three lessons I have just learnt. Lessons to learn from last 3 wishes of King Alexander... I want my physicians to carry my coffin because people should realize that no doctor can really cure any body. They are powerless and cannot save a person from the clutches of death. So let not people take life for granted. The second wish of strewing gold, silver and other riches on the way to the graveyard is to tell People that not even a fraction of gold will come with me. I spent all my life earning riches but cannot take anything with me. Let people realize that it is a sheer waste of time to chase wealth. And about my third wish of having my hands dangling out of the coffin, I wish people to know that I came empty handed into this world and empty handed I go out of this world”. With these words, the king closed his eyes. Soon he let death conquer him and breathed his last. . . . LESSONS TO LEARN: Remember, your good health is in your own hands, look after it. Wealth is only meaningful if you can enjoy while you are still alive and kicking. What you do for yourself dies with you but what you do for others, lives on. It is called “Legacy.”

May 20 - 26, 2011

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Spiritual Life
by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez
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Ecology and God’s Temple
Joke of the week: A young woman stomped into a bank and demanded to see the manager. “I want a loan,” she told him angrily. “I’m going to get a divorce.” “Oh, we don’t give money for a divorce,” the manager explained. “We make loans for appliances, automobiles, businesses, home Gospel: John 14: 1-12. Jesus insists on the necessity of faith regarding the future. In answer to Thomas’ question, “How can we know the way?” Jesus makes it clear that Christian hope is not a matter of method or procedure, but rests on a person, on himself, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Through Jesus one knows, sees and comes to the Father. Reflections: The synagogue was considered God’s chosen community and so is the Jerusalem Temple. Expulsion from these religious communities was disheartening to many. The danger for the Jews of Jesus’ time and even for some Christians today is to believe that God could only be experienced in church buildings and in rituals. This is not true. God dwells not just in a house of stone, but also in a spiritual house made of living stones. We are that spiritual house because we are “chosen and precious in the sight of God.” God dwells in each of us and within one another. Though the liturgical worship is of paramount importance to any organized religion, yet it does not exclude the possibility of meeting God anywhere else. Through the Incarnation God comes to the world in Christ. The Incarnation continues today when we meet God in Christ and God meets us in Christ. It is this element of God-in-dwelling that Christ stirs deep within each of us. But it is not just within each individual person that God is encountered, with the eyes of faith God could also be met through Christ in creation. Since the beginning of creation, God gave man the responsibility over creation. Man is God’s steward over “all the birds in the sky and fish in the sea.” It is a moral imperative for man to maintain this respect for creation, because it carries God’s imprints. As early as 1971, the Roman Synod of Bishops spoke about environmental crisis. For his part, Pope Paul V1 observed that man thoughtlessly exploits his environment to the point that he runs the risk of becoming its

victim. In his Message for World Peace in 1990, Blessed John Paul 11 talked about the world’s ecological degradation and addressed the profound moral crisis that is due in part to environmental destruction. Not to respect one’s environment is to desecrate God’s presence in his creation. Just as God dwells in every individual person, he does live too

in the beauty of creation. God’s presence must be respected in both. Quotation of the week: “The thing from which the world suffers just now more than from any other evil is not the assertion of falsehoods, but endless and irresponsible repetition of halftruths.” G. K. Chesterton.

by Virginia H. Ferrer
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improvements …” “Well this is a home improvement,” the woman shouted. Scripture: First Reading: Acts 6: 1-7. The term “Hellenistic” identifies those people of Greek culture who speak Greek. “Hellenistic Jews” describes those of Jewish ancestry who speak Greek, the period’s international language. Hellenistic Jewish Christians are the Greek-speaking Jews who are converts to Christianity. A division notably in the distribution of goods and food exists between those Jews who speak Aramaic and those whose language is Greek. The Twelve appointed seven deacons to serve the needs especially of those that feel neglected in this distribution of goods to the Greek-speaking Jews. The Twelve apostles represent the root of the Church in Israel while the seven in their outreach to the Greek-speaking people signify her universality. Second Reading: 1 Peter 2: 4-9. This passage speaks of three things about Jesus as the “stone”: a) he is chosen by God; b) he is important to God but rejected by some people; c) he is an obstacle and scandal to others. As Christ the cornerstone, Christ t points to what he means in our lives as his followers: a) we are formed into a holy dwelling place of God; b) we share in Christ’s life, including his suffering and death.

By Christine Dhanagom, LifeSiteNews | NORTHERN TERRITORY, Australia, May 12, 2011 ( An Australian woman who was declared “brain dead” regained consciousness after weeks of fighting doctor recommendations that her ventilator be shut off, according to a report in the Northern Territory News yesterday. Fifty-six-year-old Gloria Cruz was rushed to Royal Darwin Hospital in the Northern Territory of Australia on March 7, after having a stroke in her sleep. When a CAT scan revealed that Cruz was most likely suffering from a brain tumor, she underwent surgery in what initially appeared to be an unsuccessful attempt to save her life. “The moment I saw my wife in the ICU I thought I’d collapse,” Gloria’s husband, Tani Cruz said, according to Northern Territory News. “I couldn’t believe that I was looking at the woman I have loved for 27 years. She was not my wife. Her face was swollen. Her hair was gone. Tubes were inserted in her mouth. There was a tube in the top of her head. Another in her hands. And she was lying almost lifelessly.” Doctors told Mr. Cruz that his wife would die within 48 hours, calling her situation “hopeless.” They recommended that the ventilator that was keeping her breathing be removed. While Cruz stalled the decision, he was contacted by a social worker and a “patient advocate” who urged him to remove the ventilator and allow his wife to die. “I told him that God knows how much I love her - that I don’t want her to suffer but I don’t want her to leave us,” Cruz said. “I’m a Catholic – I believe in miracles.” After two weeks, he allowed them to shut off the ventilator,

‘Brain dead’ woman recovers after husband refuses to withdraw life support

Ako ang iyong Kaibigan
Kung kaya ko nga lang ba na abutin ang bahaghari ay agad ko itong gagawin nang walang pasubali upang angkin ninyong kagandaha’y aking mapagwari mga kulay niya’y masisilayan sa iyong ngiti. Kung kaya ko lamang ipunin ang buhangin sa dagat upang gawing bundok at ialay sa iyo kaagad ito ang ‘yong magiging tunay na kahariang ganap handang ipagkaloob kapayapaang hinahanap. Kung kaya ko nga lamang ba ang magpabuhos ng ulan diligin ang lahat ng pananim sa iyong paanan nang maging sariwa ang lahat-lahat nitong nilalang gagawin ko kaagad, ako na iyong kaibigan Kung kaya ko lang iwaksi ‘yong mga pag-aalala nang mamalas kitang palagi na walang kasingsaya subalit karaniwang tao lamang akong nilikha hindi lubos ang kakayahan may hanggahan talaga. Hindi ako kailanman makakagawa ng ulan makulay na bahaghari at bundok na aakyatan subalit nais kong malaman mong ako’y nakalaan nakahandang dumamay ako na iyong kaibigan.

Tani and Gloria Cruz but insisted that a breathing tube be inserted in her mouth so that she could continue breathing on her own. Three days later, Gloria Cruz defied the medical experts and woke from her coma. According to her husband, she is now alert, mobile, and on her way to recovery. “We have a strong faith and always believed that God would help us,” said Cruz. An increasing number of experts have begun calling into question the “brain death” criteria for determining death. They argue that brain death is an arbitrary set of criteria developed largely to ensure the usability of organs harvested from such patients, as well as to decrease the medical costs involved in keeping “brain dead” patients

©2010 Virginia H. Ferrer. All rights reserved.
About the Author: Virginia H. Ferrer is a Filipino Language Teacher at Otay Ranch High School in Chula Vista.

alive on life support. A number of incidents have seemed to confirm this view, including one particularly chilling case in which a young man declared “brain dead” actually heard doctors discussing harvesting his organs. Minutes before being wheeled into the operating room to have his organs removed, he woke up.

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faith that are relevant, even if the End isn’t imminent.” The story of Pope Gregory XVII, who two days before his 65th birthday abdicated his papacy and lived away from the Vatican as an ordinary man named Monsieur Jean-Marie Barette, is entertaining, provocative and full of deep thoughts and insightful information. It has a lot to teach us about tyrannies, dictatorships, global economy, and politics. Though written in 1981, it depicts what is actually happening in the world today. The musings (prophecies?) of the author can be frightening in their accuracy. It will clearly peak your interest, so much so that once you pick it up, it would be hard to put it down. The publisher’s review also said: “Morris West clearly is a proponent of compassionate Christianity, where the fallibility of man is acknowledged, and forgiveness is the defining characteristic. As world tensions escalate towards the ultimate conflict, the characters struggle to spread a message of hope and faith in an environment that is bereft of both. The final pages provide a surprising climax that touches at the very core of faith.” Most of Morris West’s books have become best-sellers worldwide. Some of his books have been made into movies or plays. The Shoes of the Fisherman, the first book of the trilogy, has been adapted into film, starring Anthony Quinn (as the Pope), Laurence Olivier and John Gielgud. Other books which became movies were: The Devil’s Advocate; Cassidy; The Second Victory; and The Naked Country. West, according to Wikipedia, was born in 1916 and died at his desk in 1999 at the age of 83, while writing the final chapters of his last book The Last Confession. The last paragraph he ever wrote was poignant: “I can write no more today … who knows to what nightmares I may wake.” His family decided to publish his last book a year later (2000) in an incomplete form and without any editing, leaving readers free to imagine how the story might have ended.

May 20 - 26, 2011

I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Written by Australian novelist and playwright Morris West, The Clowns of God is one of the by Zena Sultana Babao three books in his best-selling Read Zena Babao’s previous articles by visiting our website at The Vatican Trilogy: The Shoes of the Fisherman, written in 1963, followed by The Clowns of God in 1981 and Lazarus in 1990. A prolific and brilliant novelist, West wrote over 30 best-selling novels, as well as plays. His books were published in 27 languages and sold more than “Once you accept the existence priests, to always be prepared 60 million copies worldwide. of God, however you define Him, because no one, except our Lord He started writing in 1945, and however you explain your relaGod, knows when the end of the every new book he wrote after tionship to Him – then you are he became an established writer, world will come. caught forever with His presence sold more than a million copies Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke in the center of all things.” – each. to John in Revelation 22:12-13 Morris West Morris West’s works often saying: “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and focused on international politics The book The and the role of the RoClowns of God is a man Catholic Church favorite of mine. The in international afintrigue, the suspense, fairs. the plot and charHere is a brief synacter development opsis of The Clowns all work together to of God, as seen in make it a great read. the back cover of the I have read this book latest paperback edithree times (in 1988, tions: 1998 and 2009) and “After receiving the it has remained with vision of the End of me – in my thoughts the World and a comand memories – ever mission to announce since. that it is imminent, What brought The Pope Gregory XVII Clowns of God back is forced to abdicate. to the forefront of Is his vision a sympmy mind (as I was tom of insanity, or thinking of a topic for is he a new prophet, this column) are the proclaiming the End natural and man-made of Creation? If his disasters devastating vision is true, how country after country does he disseminate in the world today. his message, and how Armageddon-type will the world react disasters fueling reto it? newed speculations of Written during a the end of the world as period of escalating we know it! tensions during the Armageddon, as Cold War, the immany call it, is prepending doom of the dicted in the Bible. world, as described We are warned, not here, no longer seems only by the Bible but to be such a threat. by our ministers and However, this book explores themes of

Light & Shadows

Mga Tulang Tagalog by Romeo Nicolas
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Morris West’s “The Clowns of God”

Bayaning Buhay
Napapanahon na, na ating tanggapin ang Bayaning Buhay, ‘Di tulad ng ibang namayapang lahat, ala-ala na lang. Halos araw-araw, nasa pahayagan at nanawagan, Na sila’y ilikas sa SAMA ng bansang nagsispagaway. Ang OFW, mula pa kay OPLE na taga Bulacan, Sila’y nagsumikap sa mga gawain na may kahirapan, Upang matulungan ang mga magulang, anak na naiwan, Sakripisyo sila, kahit maltratuhin, tinitiis na lang. Kay dami ng PINOY na OFW sa balat ng lupa, Laking naitulong sa EKONOMIYA nitong ating bansa. Mga REMITTANCES ang tanging PAGASA, mula sa simula. Kung kaya ang PINAS, lumakas, tumatag, ‘di man SUMAGANA. Tandang-tanda ko pa ang mga hinaing ng mga kabayan, Kapag minaltrato nitong mga amo, hindi matulungan. Mga Embahada’y sadyang nagkukulang, walang kaalaman, Sa bagong KULTURA na kinakaharap, nagtao-tauhan. Ngayong nakamit na, itong pagbabago’t mga kaalaman, Saka libong PINOY, biglang nanganganib, sa gulo’y mapatay. Ang SUWELDONG PADALA, ngayon ay nahinto sa isang dahilan, SIGALOT SA MUNDO kaya napilitang umuwi ng bayan. Ang OFW, ating masasabing BUHAY NA BAYANI, Tinaya ang buhay, dahil sa pamilyang nais na bumuti. Tumulong sa bayan ng upang tumaas itong ECONOMY, Ngayo’y balik-bayang ‘di kayang tulungan sa sumobrang dami. Gising ka na P NOY at iyong limiin ang dapat na gawin, Dumaraming lalo ang mga kabayan na hindi kakain. Halaga ng lahat, nagsisitaas na, kay bilis sa tulin, Na parang karera ng mga kabayong panay ang HALINGHING. Hirit ni: Romeo S. Nicolas 3/26/2011


May 20 - 26, 2011

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the left flank of the Yamashita Line, weakening considerably the enemy’s position at Besang Pass.” For the above-described alleged exploits, Marcos received medals that are now in question. Gillego described Colonel Manriquez as a 1936 graduate of the Philippine Military Academy and a long-time official of the U.S. Veterans Administration in Washington, D.C. He finished law in George Washington University. Gifted with a prodigious memory, he remembers all important dates in world as well as Philippine history, the decisive battles of the world, all the presidents of the U.S.A., the capital of all the states of the U.S.A., all the Latin maxims in law, etc. As commanding officer of the 14th Infantry operating in Mt. Province area during WW II under whom Marcos served, he had this to say when interviewed by Philippine News; “We told the Washington Post today, and I am telling you now for publication, that I consider

Page 17
Marcos to be the greatest impostor that World War II has ever produced. He is a master of hoaxes.” “All those medals of Marcos – all 32 of them, are fake,” Manriquez continued. “He is trying to project himself as the Audie Murphy – the most decorated American soldier in Europe during World War II or the Alexander the Great of the Philippines……..” “As his commanding officer in Mt. Province when he served under the 14th Infantry, I can certify that he was never engaged in any combat during the time he was in my unit. But he claimed medals for his tour of duty……I never recommended him for any medals,” Manriquez further elaborated. Manriquez recalled that Marcos reported to him in December 1944 a couple of months after the American Landing in Leyte. He said the reason why Marcos joined the 14th Infantry in Mt. Province instead of the 121st
(Continued on page 21)

Marcos Fake Medals Redux (Part IV)
Alleged Heroic Exploits of Marcos in Kiangan, Mt. Province (Period Covering January to April, 1945) MacArthur had made a promise to the Filipino people when he said “I Shall Return”. On October 20, 1944, he kept his promise. He landed in Leyte and the liberation of the Philippines began. Over a month after MacArthur’s landing and despite his claim that he was leading an 8300 guerrilla unit, raising carabaos and cattle as well as running a trading business, Marcos decided to join the 14th Infantry division of the USAFIP - NL (United States Forces in the Philippines,

Signatories: Captain Rivera and Colonel Manriquez; Witnesses: Author and Ninoy Aquino 200 women and children and 20 patients. “On March 25, 1945, the Japanese decided to take Hapid airstrip in order to cut the flow of supplies to the guerrillas. The 2nd Battalion defended the airstrip tenaciously and to its succor came Marcos in command of combat and engineering companies of the 14th Infantry. After several days of see-saw battles, characterized by occasionally hand-to-hand combat, the Japanese captured the airfield but did not pursue the guerrillas. “ Marcos’ action allegedly saved the RCP from being routed. “On April 1945, Marcos with one enlisted man volunteered to reconnoiter the area adjacent to the RCP following a report that Japanese forces had become aware of its existence. Marcos sighted enemy presence a kilometer away in well-camouflaged truck. In fact, a large body of hostile troops had already debarked and was on its way to the RCP. Marcos sent back his enlisted man to headquarters to report on the disposition of enemy troops while he posted himself at a vantage point along the rout of approach. When the leading elements of the enemy column were within fifteen yards from his position, Marcos opened fire with his Thompson submachine gun and inflicted heavy casualties, forcing the enemy to withdraw after thirty minutes of engagement.” “When report was received that a Japanese suicide force would attack the USAFIP-NL supply depot at Butac, Marcos headed a Ranger Team which intercepted the enemy at Tirad Pass and engaged them in “furious handto-hand fighting, causing heavy casualties on both sides.” This encounter places Marcos men on

interviewing the Commandant and the Adjutant of the 14th Infantry under whom Marcos served. The findings of John Sharkey were published by the Washington Post on December 18, 1983 Northern Luzon). under the title, “The Marcos This was very strange because Mystery: Did the Philippine as the Commandant of the 14th Leader Really Win U.S. Medals Infantry Colonel Romulo Manfor Valor?”. The sub-heading riquez said, “The entire USAFIP, was, “He exploits honors he may NL did not even have 8300 men” not have earned.” indicating that the Maharlika Colonel Boni Gillego wrote claim was indeed a fabrication. an 11-page report which was Many of the alleged medals of published by the We Forum on Marcos were earned during his November, 1982 under the title, stint at the 14th Infantry under the “The other version of FM’s war Command of Colonel Romulo exploits” with the sub-heading Manriquez and Adjutant Captain “Marcos: Hero of Kiangan Who Vicente Rivera. Never Was”. Philippine News John Sharkey of the Washington also published an article based Post and Colonel Boni Gillego of on the same report on Septemthe Movement for a Free Philipber 15-21, 1982 and a telepines examined these alleged phone interview under the title, Marcos medals by scouring the “Marcos is a fake hero, says his war archives and followed up by ex-commander.” Every page of Boni Gillego’s report was signed and concurred by both Colonel Romulo Manriquez and Captain Vicente Rivera. Witnesses to the signing were genuine hero NINOY AQUINO and this author. They also signed all the pages. Marcos drumbeaters had claimed among others the following alleged exploits in Mt. Province: “On March 17, 1945, although ill at the RCP (Regimental Command Post) infirmary, Marcos left his sick bed and singlehandedly held at bay and later pursued an enemy patrol that attacked the RCP. He ordered a counterattack that failed and so with one enlisted man, Marcos himself penetrated the lines of the enemy estimated at a battalion strength withdrew with “two loads of dead and wounded”. Allegedly such daring account enabled the RCP to evacuate to safety some

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Food & Dining
Get More Nutritional Bang for Every Bite
(Family Features) Many have heard the saying, “You are what you eat” – but knowing what to eat can be confusing. There’s so much nutritional information out there, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In fact, when the American Dietetic Association (ADA) surveyed people about why they don’t do more to eat a healthy and balanced diet, 41 percent of respondents said they don’t know or understand the guidelines set forth for diet and nutrition. For those who have been confused or frustrated while trying to sort out nutritional informamanufacture certain compounds necessary for good health, such as hormones and enzymes. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) found that many adults and children fall short of some key nutrients including vitamin D, calcium, potassium and dietary fiber. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourage people to follow a nutrient-dense, plantbased diet. A nutrient-dense food is one that has a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals relative to calories – it gives you more nutritional bang for each bite. One of the simplest ways to said Katherine Tucker, PhD, coauthor of the paper, “Simulation with Soy Replacement Showed That Increased Soy Intake Could Contribute to Improved Nutrient Intake Profiles in the U.S. Population,” published in the December 2010 Journal of Nutrition Supplement. Making Sense of Soy All soy comes from soybeans, which are naturally grown beans similar in size to a pea. Soybeans have more protein than any other bean and are the only plant-based protein source that contain all nine essential amino acids, making them a source of high-quality, complete protein. Foods made from whole soy are minimally processed to keep soy’s naturally occurring nutrients intact. Soybeans are also a rich source of potassium, which is associated with lower blood pressure: 1/2 cup green soybeans (edamame) provides 485 mg of potassium 1/2 cup mature soybeans provides 443 mg of potassium 1/4 cup mature, dry-roasted soybeans provides 586 mg of potassium One SOYJOY bar provides between 220 to 240 mg of potassium 1 15-ounce can soybeans, rinsed and drained 3 tablespoons Tahini (sesame seed paste) Juice and zest of 1 lemon (3 tablespoons juice) 1 large clove garlic 1/4 teaspoon ground cayenne red pepper, or to taste 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, or to taste Place soybeans, Tahini, lemon juice, garlic, cayenne and salt into a blender or food processor. Cover and puree until smooth yet thick. Add cold water by the teaspoon only if necessary for proper blending. Stir in the lemon zest to taste. Recipe developed by Jackie Newgent, RD, author of “Big Green Cookbook” and “The AllNatural Diabetes Cookbook.” dipping sauces like Kickin’ Honey Mustard and Sweet Chipotle BBQ, these protein-rich snacks keep kids satisfied until dinnertime. Bedtimes can be rushed with chores and obligations, so make afterschool or snack time the focus of learning and engaging with your kids. Reading daily with your kids after school during snacktime can help encourage language development, creativity and imagination. As kids reach their teenage years, their schedules become even more jam-packed and are often spending time with their friends. Schedule one-on-one after-school excursions once a week to foster child-parent relationships. It’s amazing how

Maximizing Snack Time
five growing boys like Colleen, having easy and tasty snacks on hand can bring calm to your kitchen and give your kids the energy to finish their after school

tion, take note. The following nutrient basics and dietary tips can help you start eating better today. Nutrient Knowledge Nutrients are necessary for the body to function properly, maintain energy and structure, and

get more nutrients into your diet is to eat soyfoods, particularly soyfoods in their whole form or made with whole soybeans. “Whole soy provides a number of important nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, fiber, antioxidants and calcium, which tend to be shortfall nutrients among the U.S. population,”

(Family Features) With school, homework, sports, jobs and other after school activities, moms – and their families – seem to be going at full speed, all the time. Colleen Burns, mom blogger and former television anchor, knows how hectic family life can be. “Once I started having kids, I realized that time management had become my biggest job,” Colleen said. “So I began searching for the best products, the quickest recipes and time-saving strategies to help me and my family keep up with our schedules.” For people interested in Here are some of improving their overall diet, a Colleen’s tips for reasonable goal should be to maximizing afterconsume two servings of whole noons to build strong soyfoods a day. This delicious family bonds and recipe is one way to make eating keep her kids going more soy a tasty endeavor. all day long. For more information on whole The kitchen is the gathering soyfoods and recipes containing point after school. I use that time soy, visit to check in with my kids over a snack, ask about their day and Lemon Zested Soybean Hum- make a plan for homework and mus other activities. Makes about 1 1/2 cups Whether you have two kids or

tasks. Colleen keeps her freezer stocked with Tyson Any’tizers Dippin’ Twists snacks because they are ready to eat in minutes, hot from the oven or microwave. Made with the highest quality chicken and paired with tangy

much they open up if you get them alone for more than a few minutes! For more after school and family snack ideas, visit www.tyson. com.

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Kuwento ni Percival Campoamor Cruz
Ang maginoong iskultor ay alagad ng sining. Nahuhubog niya ang putik o iskayola at ito’y nagiging tapat na imahen ng isang ideya. Nalililok niya ang kahoy at natatapyas ang bato at ito’y nagkakahugis, nagkakabuhay at nagiging mamahaling hiyas na hinahangaan at hinahangad ng madla. Ang galing sa paglililok, gayon din ang galing sa pagkatha ng tula, paglikha ng musika o sayaw, ang pagpipinta, ay galing na ipinunla ng Maykapal sa katauhan ng artista. Ang artista ay sumilang, lumaki at nagkaisip na angkin ang galing mula pa sa sinapupunan. Bagama’t ang artista ay maaaring mag-aral sa paaralan upang ang galing ay lalong mapag-ibayo, ang galing ay bahagi na ng kanyang katauhan sapul pa sa pagsilang. Kay dami ng halimbawa sa ating paligid! Ang isa sa pinakatanyag at pinakamahusay na kompositor na si Amadeus Mozart ay “child prodigy”; musmos pa ay kompositor na at mahusay sa piyano at biyolin. Bago pa maging binata ay naging paborito na ng mga hari, reyna at prinsipe na taga-likha ng mga tugtuging pansayaw (“waltzes”), mga sonata at tugtuging pangkonsyerto. Sa larangan ng pagpinta ay nangunguna sa katanyagan si Madona at ang Bata. Dinisenyo niya ang Gawad Maria Clara para sa pelikula, at iba pang mga tropeo at medalya. “Isang produkto ng pampaaralang pinamulihanang naayon sa nakapamihasnan, Si Tolentino ay isang kampeon ng klasisismo. “Mula Hulyo hanggang Oktubre 1948 sa Magasing Sunday Times at sumunod sa This Week, kinasundo niya si Victorio Edades sa isang pagtatalo sa pagsusulat sa klasikal at makabagong aestetika, tumutuligsa sa ‘pagpalipit’ at muling pagsasandata ng halaga ng sining na naayon sa nakapamihasnan. Bagama’t ang pagsasanay ni Tolentino ay klasikal, ang kanyang mga likha ay lumalagos ng palaibig na kakayahang makadama na namamayani ang Kanluraning daigdig mula sa unang ika-19 na siglo hanggang sa dekadang 20. Kaya, ang kanyang mga likha ay nakatuon na may damdamin, lalung-lalo na may pagkamakabansa mula’t sapul na siya’y marubdob na Rizalista. “Isa rin siyang gitarista, espiritista, at tagapagsaling-wika. Nakapagsulat siya ng lumang baybaying Tagalog at gumagawa ng libreto para sa opera ng Noli Me Tangere ni Felipe Padilla de Leon.” Ang “studio” sa bahay ni Amang sa Retiro, sa may hanggahan ng Maynila at Quezon City, ay tagpo ng mga mahihiwagang pangyayari. May mga testigo na nakakikita sa mga pangyayari katulad ng malimit na pagsalo ni Amang ng mga tila buko ng halaman na nahuhulog mula sa itaas, na kung saan nagmumula ay walang nakaaalam. Binubuksan ni Amang ang nasasalong bagay at nakakikita Leonardo da Vinci na siyang Roma, gumanap ang kanyang siya ng mga mensahe sa loob ng nagpinta ng Mona Lisa, ang unang pang-isahang eksibisyon mga ito. Mensahe galing sa mga babaeng may mahiwang ngiti; kung saan kabilang ang Saluto ispiritu. ng Huling Hapunan (“Last Romano (Saludong Romano). Sa Minsan ay may ibig magpaSupper”), at pati na ng mga paligsahang pang-iskultura na gawa kay Amang ng rebulto ni malalaki’t makukulay na larawan ginanap sa Lungsod ng Walang Hesu Kristo. Sabi niya ay hindi (“frescoes”) sa kisame ng Sistine Hanggan, ang kanyang Apat na niya matatanggap ang trabaho. Chapel sa Italya. Pambihira itong Mangangabayong Apokalipsis na “Bakit po, bawal ba sa inyong si Da Vinci! Tila siya hindi tao napanalunan niya ng ikalawang relihiyon?”, tanong ng nagpapakundi nagmula sa ibang mundo! gantimpala. Umuwi sa Pilipinas gawa. Naiguhit niya nang mataimnoong 1924 at nagsarili sa loob Sagot ni Amang, “Hindi natim ang anyo ng mga “organs” ng isang taon. Noong 1926, man. Ang dahilan kung kaya’t na nasasa loob ng katawan ng siya ay inatasan bilang guro hindi ko matatanggap ang inyong tao – katulad ng puso, sikmura, sa Paaralan ng Pinong Sining pakiusap ay hindi ko kayang atay, lapay, bituka – na tila ang ng Pamantasan ng Pilipinas at gawin ang pinagagawa ninyo.” larawan ay kuha ng kamera kinalaunang naging propesor, “Nguni’t kayo po ang (samantalang wala pang kamera kalihim, at sa huli tagapamahala. pinakamagaling na iskultor sa noong panahong iyon)! Ang mga Namuno siya ang Paaralan mula Pilipinas!” tutol ng tao. iginuhit na nasabi ay ginamit ng sa 1953 hanggang sa kanyang “Totoong makagagawa ako ng mga doktor sa pag-uunawa kung pagreretiro bilang Emeritong rebulto at ipagpapalagay natin papaano gumagana ang mga Propesor noong 1955. Noong na ang nagawa ko ay rebulto nasabing mga “organs” at kung 1932, siya’y lumagay sa tahimik ni Hesu Kristo, nguni’t iya’y papaano gagamutin ang mga kay Paz Raymundo at nagkaroon pagsisinungaling,” dugtong ni sakit na kumakapit sa sari-saring ng pitong anak. Amang. bahagi ng katawan ng tao. Si Da “Nakilala si Tolentino sa buong “Hindi ko kayo maintindihan,” Vinci rin ay naging isang imben- bansa nang dahil sa Monumento sabi ng tao. tor. Siya ang nag-imbento ng ni Bonifacio na may maram“Hindi ko alam kung ano ang “parachute”, ng gunting, at mara- ing pigurang kasinlaki ng tao itsura ni Hesu Kristo! Hindi ko mi pang ibang bagay na naging na dinisenyo noong 1930 at pa siya nakikita! Upang mailinspirasyon ng mga sumunod inilantad noong 1933. Nakapailok ko ang kanyang kaanyuan, na mga imbentor hanggang sa glikha din siya ng iba pang mga kailangan na makita ko siya,” makagawa sila ng iba’t-ibang uri tanyag na bantayog tulad ng paliwanag ni Amang. ng motor at kasangkapang kailmga Oblasyon ng Pamantasan Lumipas ang mga araw at mga angan ng tao sa pang-araw-araw ng Pilipinas, ang bantayog ni buwan. Minsan ay pinapunta na pamumuhay. Pangulong Ramon Magsaysay sa niya sa kanyang “studio” ang Sa ating sariling bayan, tambulwagang pasukan ng GSIS, at taong nagpapagawa ng rebulto ni pok sa mga alagad ng sining si ang Lualhati ng Pamantasan ng Hesu Kristo. At nang ang tao ay Amorsolo, ang pintor na kayang Silangan. dumating ay nakita niya na nakahulihin ang sinag ng araw at “Nakapaggawa rin siya ng mga patong sa isang mesa ang isang ilagay ito sa “canvass”. Pambimaraming rebulto ni Lapulapu, kalilikhang rebulto ni Amang – hira ang kanyang mga nalikhang Antonio Luna, Gregorio del Piang mukha ni Hesu Kristo! makukulay na larawan ng maga- lar, Jose Rizal, Manuel Quezon, Paano niya ito nalikha? Ayon gandang tagpo sa bukid na kung Epifanio de los Santos, A.V.H sa sariling salaysay ni Amang, pagmasdan ay tila may sariling Hartendorp, Fernando Amorsolo, nagkaroon siya ng masidhing angking liwanag. Carlos P. Romulo, Jose Cojuang- pagnanais na makita ang mukha Ang mga alagad ng sining, co, Manuel Roxas, Jaime at Sofia ni Hesu Kristo at nang ito ay ang mga artista, ang mga likha de Veyra. maihubog niya sa isang rebulto. nila na “obra maestra” – sila ang “Kinumpleto niya ang ugnayIsang araw na siya ay abala sa katibayan na may Manlilikha at ugnay ng anim na pansilankanyang “studio” ay may kunaiiba ang tao sa lahat ng nilikha gang mananayaw, kabilang ang matok sa pinto. Nang buksan ni sapagka’t ang tao ay may galing, mananayaw na pambibliya na si Amang ang pinto ay nagpakilala may dunong, may puso, may Salome, Maria Clara, Persyana, ang panauhin at nagsabi, “Maskaluluwa na naglalaman ng galHavanesa, at mga mananayaw dan mo ang aking anyo. Ngaying at inspirasyon na ipinunla ng Tsino. Nakagawa siya ng piguong nakita mo na ako, magagawa Manlilikha. rang alegorika tulad ng mga mo na ba ang aking rebulto?” Ang paksa ng ating kuwento ay Pilipina, tinatawag din Alipin, Totoo man o hindi ang pangsi Guillermo Tolentino, na ang isang pigura ng babaeng hubad yayari, may isang obra si Amang magiliw na tawag sa kanya ng na nakagapos ng mga guyuran. na ang kawangis ay ang anyo mga kamag-anakan at kasamah- Nakagawa rin siya ng mga ng mukha ni Hesu Kristo at ang an sa sentro ng mga ispiritista imaheng panrelihiyon, tulad ng pinagmulan nito ay nababalot ng ay, Amang. Ayon sa Wikipedia: Imakuladang Konsepsyon at ang hiwaga. “Ipinanganak si siya noong 1890 sa Malolos, Bulakan kay Isidro Tolentino at Balbina Estrella. Siya ay mag-aaral ni Gng. H. A. Bordner na siyang unang nagturo sa kanya ng pagguguhit sa Paaralang Intermedyaryo ng Malolos. Nagtapos siya ng mataas na paraalan sa Mataas na Paaralan ng Maynila. Dahil sa kanyang sariling pagsisikap, nakapagtapos siya ng kurso ng pinong sining sa Pamantasan ng Pilipinas noong 1915. Lumakbay papuntang Mga Nagkakaisang Estado noong 1919 at pinagkalooban siya ng iskolarsyip ni Bernard Baruch, isang Amerikanong milyonaryo sa Paaralan ng Sining Beaux, Lungsod ng Bagong York at tinapos niya na may mga gawad noong 1921. Sa taong din iyon, lumakbay siya sa Europa, pumupunta sa mga tanyag na museo at galerya sa Londres at Paris. Noong 1922, siya ay pumasok sa Regge Istituto di Belle Arti, nakapagtapos ng pag-aaral nang bahagya sa pamamagitan ng lingap ng kolonyang Italyanong sa Maynila. Sa

Si Amang

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Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery to Celebrate 111th Memorial Day
Members of the military, veterans and the public are invited to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on Monday, May 30th at 10:00 a.m. for the 111th annual Memorial Day Service. Live Music by the U.S. Navy Band will begin at 8:45 a.m. The one hour program will include music, a wreath tribute, cannon and rifle salute, bagpipe soloist, and special readings for the occasion. The keynote speaker will be Rear Admiral William Douglas French, US Navy Commander, Navy Region Southwest. The Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is located in Point Loma, San Diego. Special parking has been set up for this event. Everyone is encouraged to use one of the two shuttle services provided. There will be double decker busses shuttling directly to the program site for those who use the main gate parking at Electron Street. A trolley shuttle from the Veterans’ Memorial Center at 2115 Park Blvd will leave at 8:30 a.m. for Fort Rosecrans. For more information, contact Jeff Simonides, Memorial Day Committee Chairman at (619) 200-5236 or visit website at Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visitng cemeteries and memorials. A National Moment of remembrance takes place at 3 p.m. local time. Another tradition is to fly the flag of the United States at half-staff from dawn until noon local time. Miramar National Cemetery will be open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Additional Weekend Memorial Day activities at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery: Saturday, May 28, 2011 7:45 a.m.-8:30 a.m. Placement of flags on 66,000 gravesites by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and volunteers

Street Poetry
by Michael R. Tagudin
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(Poem No. 36) Comics strip and magazines I dream of stars dating movie queens You are the queen babe! I’m standing here In front of the projector You up there in the silver screen Like a star! Never touching your phantom image! Going through me! All around me! All the same you end up in the screen! The movie reels on Slowly moving Almost to a halt Frame by frame The movie stalls Your face fading Dim lights then nothing In a burst of a harsh instant You’re gone ! Only the brightness remains.
©2009 Michael R. Tagudin

©2011 Michael R. Tagudin. All rights reserved. About the Author: Michael R. Tagudin Educated as an engineer in the Philippines, the City of Los Angeles employee hopes his legacy of poems will provoke a dialogue about the human condition. He is donating the proceeds from the book “Crushed Violets” to the “Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)”, a non-profit that provides public awareness and advocacy efforts against human trafficking in the City of Angels. To learn more, visit To help, call the CAST 24 hour hotline 888. KEY.2.FRE(EDOM) or 888.539.2373. Contact for more information about ordering the book “Crushed Violets.”

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May 20 - 26, 2011

Mga tula ng bayan
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by Joe Son
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Mga tula ng bayan
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Kaya mo ba?

Tula ni Percival Campoamor Cruz
Kaya mo bang makipagtitigan sa araw, Na walang suot na sunglasses, Kahi’t na masunog ang kilay, paningin mo’y pumanaw? Gaano mo kalayo maihahagis, At gaano kaya katulin, Maibabato ang iyong hinagpis? Kaya mo bang sungkitin ang bituin, Isukbit sa bulsa na tila diamante, Kahi’t na magalit ang prinsipe ng dilim? Maninimbang ka ba sa alambre, Lalaban sa hanging habagat, O makikipaglaro sa tigre? Aakyatin mo ba ang bundok, tatawirin ang dagat, Papasukin ang squatter area kahi’t na mabugbog, Makatatakbo ka ba na mabilis pa sa sibat? Kaya mo bang kumain ng sandaang hotdog, O lumunok ng limampung balut, O di kaya’y ngumuya ng bubog? Kaya mo bang gumawa ng lumpyang walang balot, Maghiwa ng sibuyas na di maluluha, O pumadyak nang maghapon na di mapapagod? Mapipigil mo ba ang iyong hininga, Paglipad ng punglo, kaya mo bang ilagan, Na di mahihilo o di kaya’y matutumba? Di ka ba takot sa aswang, pati sa tikbalang, Kakapit sa patalim, susugod sa apoy, Hahawakan mo ba ang mitsa ng “bawang”? Kaya mo bang kumain ng baboy, Uminom ng alak at maglasing hanggang sa maduling, O sa karate’y pumutol ng kahoy? Kaya mo bang pilipitin ang leeg ng pating, Sisirin ang dagat na kay lalim, O makipagtagisan ng talino sa matsing? Makikipag-away ka ba sa hangin, Lalakarin mo ba ang desyerto, Makikipag-unahan sa tren na matulin? O lilipad sa mata ng tornado, Hindi ka ba manginginig sa talim ng lintik, O kaya’y susuko sa hamon ng bagyo? Matatalo mo ba ang sakit, Kaya mo bang paghiwalayin ang nag-uumpugang bato, O sa lagablab ng apoy ay lumapit? Wari ikaw ba si Bernardo Carpio, Kaya mo bang tumula katulad ni Balagtas, Umawit kaya na gaya ni Janno? Kaya mo bang umiwas sa “taga-labas”, Kaya mo bang makipagkilitian sa bakla, Kaya mo bang makipagtaguan sa Abu Sayaff? Kaya mo bang tumanggi sa hiling ng nobya, O makipagtigasan sa asawa, Matitiis mo ba ang talak ng bungangera? Maglalayag ka ba sa walang hanging kalawakan, Maliligo ka ba sa tubig na kumukulo, Kaya mo bang sumuntok sa buwan? Hihiga ka ba sa pako, Makikipaggirian sa tutube, O lalaban kay Manny Pacquiao? Makikipaghalikan ka ba sa bulate, Tatapak sa nagbabagang uling, O kaya’y gagamiting sandata ang kokote? Ang babaeng iyong ginigiliw, Kung mapahahanga mo, Iyong-iyo pag-ibig niyang walang maliw.

Ang kaya kong gawin!
Ni Augusto de Leon
Makakaya kong titigan yaong araw Nang walang kakurap-kurap kahit minsan Kahit na ang mata ay maging luhaan Sa init at sinag na nakadadarang. Maihahagis ko ang mga hinagpis Hindi mamamalayan yaong hagibis Daig ang sandali, iglap ang talilis Mamumulag ang magtangtangkang tumugis. Masusungkit ko rin ang mga bituin Sa lukbutan’y isa-isang titipunin Buo ang katapangan na haharapin Kahit na ang pinakahari ng dilim. Matatarok ko kalaliman ng dagat Pigil ang hininga kahit ilang oras Maaabot ko taas ng alapaap Wala isa mang bagwis na ‘panlilipad. Mababagtas ko ang lawak ng disyerto Pasan-pasan sa balikat ang kamelyo Ang tubig sa kaktus ay kakatasin ko At ngangangain ang bawa’t tinik nito. Ipu-ipo at buhawi’y susupilin Pinakamata nito ay susumpitin Lakas at bangis ay pagugupuin Gamit ang espadang kidlat na matalim. Nagbubulakang tubig ay kakawkawin Ang baga ay hihigan upang patayin Umpugan ng dal’wang bato’y pipigilin Lakas ni Bernardo Carpio’y dadaigin. Walang mananalo sa tapang at tikas Magsanib man taong-labas, Abu Sayaff Sa kilitian bading ay kakaripas At pakendeng-kendeng na magsisitakas. Maligno, kapre, tiyanak at asuwang Di matitinag sa kinatatayuan Magpakita man sila at magparamdam Hinding-hindi kaylan man katatakutan. Hihilahin ko’y buntot ng sawang-bitin Ihahagis sa tigreng nanginginain At ang leong sa gutom ay naduduling Hudyat ko ay sutsot upang palapitin. Kaya kong pantayan galing ni Balagtas Sa musika si Beethoven ay katulad Kaya naman nang ako’y maningalang-pugad Napahinuhod ko’y magandang kabiyak. Lahat nang iyan ay nagawang lubusan Ilang sandali’y naisakatuparan Isang hating gabing malakas ang ulan Sa pagtulog’y biglang naalimpungatan.

Have you seen a fruit that grows on the trunk?
This is not a believe it or not article. Though, when first told by Al Francisco of the Mc Buddies, I seem not to berlieve it until he e-mailed his research to me and decided to write an article on this interessting tree to share it with you. Just by the looks of it, they may have been pinned there by an over enthusiastic gardener to impress the neighbors, but this extraordinary fruit really grow off the trunk of the tree. You might ask why it is this way. The simple answer is that it has evolved in this manner so that perhaps animals that cannot branches. The habit of flowers doing this makes them cauliflorous. Instead of growing new shoots, these plants flower direct from the woody trunk or stem. The small yellow-white flowers dramatically emerge from the multiple trunks, limbs and large branches in groups of four. It has been reported from Brazil that solitary Jaboticaba trees bear poorly compared with those planted in groups, which indicates that cross-pollination enhances productivity. Like other fruits Jaboticaba have at least four kinds of species; Guavaberry, Rumberry, Yellow Jaboticaba and Blue Grape, all four of the Jaboticaba species are native to the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Some are also indigenous to other parts of Brazil, as well as areas in Bolivia, Paraguay, northeastern Argentina, Uruguay and Peru. In Brazil Jaboticabas are cultivated from the southern city of Rio Grande to Bahia, and from the seacost to Goyaz and Matto Grosso in the west. It was introduced into Santa Barbara, California in 1904, and was later succesfully grown on San Diego, Spring Valley, Encinitas and some parts South Los Angeles oncluding San Francisco Bay Areas. If the tree is well irrigated then it will flower and fruit all the year round. The fruit itself is about four centimeters in diameter and has up to four large seeds. As well as being used as food, the skins can be dried out and used to treat asthma and diarrhea. If your tonsils are swollen you can also use it to try and alleviate the inflammation. It is also hoped that the tree will be useful in the fight against cancer, as several nti-cancer compunds have been found in the fruit. As the Jaboticaba is a tree common to just about every small farm in Central Brazil, it is comparable to our California grapes being used to make jelly, juice and wine.

climb very high can reach it, eat it and then expel the seeds away from the parent tree to further propagate the species. This is Jaboticaba “the fruit that grows in the trunk.” This fruit is otherwise known as the Brazilian Grape Tree, This interesting fruit tree os native to South ASmerica, notably Paraguay, Argentina and mostly from Brazil. Jaboticaba fruit os a succulent looking purple color, a ripened fruit can be plucked and eaten raw directly from the tree. This fruit os grape-like in appearance and texture but with a thicker, tougher skin. This not common in the US particularly in California, but if grown locally the fruit is dark purple to almost black in color. The flowers themselves appear on the tree at most twice a year naturally. They look like some strange alien creature that has deposited itself on the trunk and

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May 20 - 26, 2011

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Volvo embraces new technology
by: Claire Nguyen Recently car dealers have started to embrace new technology to engage with consumers, we see many more car dealers and manufacturers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter these days. Many manufacturers have also moved their focus from traditional marketing channels like TV advertising and put that into online marketing. Not to be left behind, Volvo has launched a new app for the iPhone and iPad, at the moment it is centred on the new Volvo S60. Key features in the app include the ability to style a Volvo S60, watch videos, read news, find a Volvo dealer and order a test drive. Volvo plans to launch more of these apps so this S60 app is the first of many to come. David Holecek who is responsible for Volvo Cars’ digital strategy said, “Many customers use mobile phones and Internet tablets to search for information. Now we’re simply ensuring that we are where our customers are, opening a window into the company. We’ve integrated a number of unique features, such as using the mobile phone’s built-in gyro to look around inside the car. If you turn the phone, the image viewed moves too, creating the impression that you’re actually sitting inside the car.” These apps can be used not just to engage with customers, if used properly they can also be used to bring customers into dealerships. The current Volvo app uses geo location tagging to direct the user to the nearest Volvo dealership. All Volvo apps will be free to download from the Apple app store, Volvo has already planned to create an iPad app containing Volvo Cars’ customer magazine. This magazine app will provide access to some of the traditional magazine’s content such as Volvo C70 offers in Chelmsford along with a variety of bonus functions such as extra graphic image and film material. corner of the world, availing you to explore the world in a better manner. This helps when you are travelling with a large family or group. Renting a car provides you with convenience of travelling at your own leisure. It also saves ample of time. You have the opportunity to explore the places as per your choice. Car rental services have GPS tracker facility, which helps to track the location, and without any hassle you can travel to new places. Sustainable, flex fuel or low emission vehicles are in huge demand by most car rental enthusiasts. The popularity has made many car rental companies to take the forward step. The car which emits low amount of carbon dioxide saves both the environment as well as fuel. Hiring low emission car can also save you bucks. The fuel costs can be saved and you can spend the available money in your vacations. Fuel-efficient cars or rather electric cars facilitate longer trips as well as extended vacations. A green travelling is an ideal choice for you to enjoy the vacations. You can look on the web for the car rental companies and get the best deal. You can also compare the car rental prices form the net; however, make sure that the taxes and delivery charges are included in the price. Thus, you will be able to hire the best rental service that fits your budget, and you will be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. all the days that he was supposed to have engaged the Japanese in under Major Burnett in Ilocos was because there were men there hand-to-hand combat.” On the third event occurring on who were after Marcos to avenge April 1945 when Marcos allegthe killing of Nalundasan. In edly sighted Japanese troops in consideration for Marcos’ legal background, Manriquez assigned well-camouflaged trucks a kilometer away from the RCP and him as S-5 in charge of Civil engaged them in a firefight that Affairs. From the time Marcos forced them to withdraw: Rivera th joined the 14 Infantry to the said that geography is the best time he asked for transfer to the evidence against this preposterheadquarters of the USAFIP-NL ous claim of Marcos. Panupdupan in Luna, La Union, Marcos was is very far from the road. It takes never involved in any patrol or a half a day by foot to reach it. combat operations. On the Battle of Besang Pass: He also told Gillego, “How “Neither was Marcos in or near could he, in conscience recomthe vicinity of Besang Pass as mend a person for an award who had not even fired a single shot at the battle there was fought from an enemy he had never even seen May 22 to June 15, 1945. At that time Marcos was already in the while in Kiangan.” relative safety of USAFIP – NL Captain Vicente Rivera who was a pre-war scholar, a lawyer, a HEADQUARTERS IN Camp holder of a Master of Arts degree Spencer, Luna, La Union. The companies of the 14th Infantry from the University of Michigan that participated in the Battle of and a former Dean of a college in the Philippines, confirmed and Besang Pass with other units of the USAFIP – NL were Company corroborated the statements of E under Lt. Benito Miranda, Colonel Manriquez. Company I under Lt. Panfilo P. Rivera, recipient of American Fernandez and Company M under and Philippine awards truly Lt. Teofilo Allas. He remembered deserved, had in fact written his some of their casualties such as memoirs regarding his stint at Ismael Reyes, Felix Solon and a th 14 Infantry. When asked about certain Francisco.” the alleged Marcos exploits he When Marcos was still alive he related the following: tried to revise history and nearly On the first event occurring succeeded. Now in death, his on March 17, 1945: “He was family with some historicallythe Commanding Officer of the ignorant, callous, and pragmatic Headquarters and Headquarters politicians, are again trying to Co., hence he was in charge of revise it. the security of the regimental Using the words of the late headquarters. There was no Colonel Bonifacio Gillego, a attack against the RCP on that genuine hero who became day. What happened on that day Governor and Congressman of as recorded in his memoirs was Sorsogon: “Beyond tampering this: ‘Marcos was designated as Officer of the Day. Before he left and alteration, beyond falsification and extrapolation are relfor duty around the perimeter of evant records in the custody of the RCP, he asked for food. Sgt. the U.S. Army Center of Military Sofronio La Rosa killed a small History in Washington, D.C., the chicken and gave half to MarNational Records Center (of the cos.” Archives of the United States On the second event occurring of America) in Suitland, Maryon March 25, 1945 re Battle of Hapid: “Marcos never participat- land, the MacArthur Archives in Norfolk, Virginia, and the Library ed in this battle nor in any battle of Congress…One has to wade in Kiangan. In the first place, through them ---as I did – for the th the 14 Infantry did not have an engineering company which Mar- faintest glimmer of Spence’s, nay Marcos’, spurious and ignoble cos allegedly commanded…..He should know because at that time claims about his guerrilla exploits and his pseudo-guerrilla organihe was already the Executive nd Officer of the 2 Battalion. To his zation, Ang Mga Maharlika.” recollection, the Battle of Hapid (Next article: Selected Reaclasted eleven days from March 25 tions and Comments from Readto April 4, 1945. …..Marcos was ers) nowhere in the vicinity of Hapid
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Marcos Fake Medals Redux (Part IV)

Avoiding the Avoidable: Car Crash Prevention in California
by: Andrew Beene Nowadays, more and more people are experiencing discomfort in riding their very own cars. It is for the reason that cars are just like any other property we have. They will be brand new once we buy them off the store. But a few years in their age, and a couple of miles later, we may be able to see some traces of wear and tear. This is the reality that car owners need to accept with their cars. Cars are actually deteriorating in a case to case basis. If you are the type of person who racks up miles and miles of cross country traveling; expect that the car will be down and out in a few years time. But if you are the person who is only using a car during the morning before starting the nine to five shift and during the afternoon when the day has ended; expect that a car will last a bit longer. Though one thing is eminent; that every car owner has to expect with their cars a total crash down when the time comes. But there are times when a car crashing down poses a lot of problems for a car owner. There are even times when cars losing their brakes in El Cajon caused the death of a driver. But these things are actually avoidable if you would be conscious enough to go to the right people before an accident happens. This is the rule in terms of owning a car. It is every person’s responsibility that you check your car every once in a while. Or to put it in a more exact way; have it checked by professionals every now and then. California is a hub of car professionals. Every area has the mechanic that actually services virtually anything under the sun that involves cars! Whether it’s an auto tune up in San Diego or it’s a car alternator repair in El Cajon; you could count on them to do the job well! This the very reason why some accidents in California is prevented. Since cars are eventually needing the repair and maintenance by professionals; might as well have your car taken cared of to maximize the mileage and also to promote safety in the roads. Since, being a responsible car owner requires the constant repair and maintenance of a car; it is wise to have them in the hands of California’s best. This way you are not just saving your car’s life but also your and other

Insights about car hire for your travel
reputable agency will make your journey stress-free and will make a noteworthy difference on the Purchasing a car for the busiquality of your vacation. It is an ness and other purposes can ideal option for you to rent a car often be quite an expensive affair. In such cases, car hire can for your long trip. The owned be cheaper as well as best option. car requires maintenance and it tends to give trouble after certain Are you keen on knowing more period of time. Thus, car rental about car hire? Today, hiring a car is a popular way of providing is cost-effective option as you don’t have to spend any money transportation for people who by: Peter Graham

people’s lives as well. Either you are needing to replace a brake pad or you are needing to have a tune up in Chula Vista, San Diego or any surrounding area for that matter; just make sure you go to professionals and nothing could ever go wrong. In doing so, you will prolong your car’s life and also you could prolong your life as well. The number one lesson taught by California’s mechanic companies is that we could only live our lives once, might as well do everything in our power to protect it.


want to travel on a long trip, as it avails you with convenience and comfort. Car hire can save big bucks for your business and it can also be much cost-effective option. If you are planning for a comfortable and inexpensive holiday trip with your family or friends, you should consider car hire option. Hiring a car from a

in the wear and tear or on the mileage of the vehicle. Hiring a car is much more advantageous because if you happen to travel any mountainous places, it may require heavy loads of acceleration and also heavy brakes, thus you will be able to hire your desirable vehicle according to the place you are planning to visit. There are many car rental companies in almost every

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pressure (CPAP) machine, which provides a constant stream of air via a face mask. The good news? The study also showed Memory often starts slipping in BrainPaint, a neurofeedback sys- lack of oxygen in certain areas of that patients who used the CPAP the brain. Because nitrites seem small ways, like when you forget tem used by therapists to better treatment for three months understand brain activity. “When to inherently know which part of experienced an increase in brain to make a restaurant reservation you’re stressed, the hormone cor- the body needs more blood flow, tissue, thus reversing the damor misplace an important docuit’s been suggested that consum- age caused by OSA. Surgery is ment. And though some instances tisol increases in your brain and can be chalked up to absentmind- washes out short-term memory.” ing foods with high levels of also an option for OSA sufferers. The fix? Train your brain to work nitrate, like beets, celery, cabbage If you’re concerned about your edness, others are good remindbetter, even in the face of stress and spinach, can help protect you sleeping patterns, consult a mediers that, as with the rest of your and anxiety. Meditation or deep- from dementia as well as keep body, what you do on a day-tocal professional. breathing exercises can help calm your mind sharp as you age. day basis has an impact on your you down, get you centered and Eating a Mediterranean Diet brain. Though researchers are Cardiovascular Risk keep your mind in tip-top shape. A Rush University study pubstill debating the connection belished in The American Journal tween Ginkgo biloba and memoThere’s more at stake than just Learning Another Language of Clinical Nutrition found that ry, there is some solid science out your heart when conditions like the already tasty foods comthere that links certain activities, high cholesterol and high blood A study presented at the mon to Mediterranean cuisine habits and even foods to how pressure put your cardiovascular American Academy of Neurolare linked to “slower rates well you remember things. health at risk—your brain may be ogy’s annual meeting in April of cognitive decline in older in danger, too. A 10-year study 2011 suggested that the more adults.” Study participants whose presented at the 2011 American languages you know, the betdaily diets contained vegetables, Academy of Neurology’s annual Good Conversation ter your memory. Researchers legumes, olive oil, fish, and meeting showed that participants When you engage in a pleasant studied 230 men and women and moderate wine and alcohol conwith higher levels of risk for carfound that there is a “protective sumption had the least amount conversation with someone, you diovascular disease were “more effect on memory” in people who of cognitive decline, while other get more out of the encounter likely to have lower cognitive speak two or more languages, participants who followed basic than just a satisfactory social function and a faster rate of which decreases their risk of healthy-eating principles did not experience. Researchers at the overall cognitive decline comdeveloping memory issues later see the same benefits. Ready University of Michigan studied pared to those with the lowest to make the switch to a more different styles of communication in life. Furthermore, the number risk of heart disease.” The study of languages you speak directly Mediterranean-influenced diet? to see what, if any, effect they also found that women expericorrelates with your reduction An easy first step is to use olive have on the brain. The results enced a worse decline in memory oil for all of your cooking needs. than men (7.1 percent decline showed that talking in a negative in risk. According to the study, or competitive way doesn’t yield “people who spoke four or in memory scores versus a 2.8 more languages were five times Obstructive Sleep Apnea any benefits. However, when percent decline when both sexes less likely to develop cognitive (OSA) the conversation was affable showed a 10 percent higher risk problems compared to those and engaging, they observed a of cardiovascular disease). who only spoke two languages.” This disorder is marked by temporary boost in executive short periods of sleep in which function, a cognitive process that Even those “who spoke three Exercising Your Mind languages were three times less the sufferer stops breathing, causincludes memory. The findings suggest that when you’re partici- likely to have cognitive problems ing him or her to awake briefly According to Harry Lorayne, pating in a meaningful conversa- compared to bilinguals.” Luckily, throughout the night. When left author of Ageless Memory, we it’s never too late to learn a new untreated, OSA can result in tion, you’re more apt to try to need to think of the brain as a language, whether you study it daytime sleepiness and forgetful- muscle. “If you left your right understand the other person’s on your own or decide to enroll ness. However, a recent study perspective and even infer what arm dangling for six months, in a class at your local commupublished in the American Jourshe will say next, thus stimulatnot doing anything, how would nity college. nal of Respiratory and Critical ing the area of the mind linked it work? Your brain is the same Care Medicine found the decline way,” Lorayne says. The best to memory. So go ahead and chat Beet Juice in memory may not simply be the next time you’re at the water way to keep your memory strong due to a lack of zzz’s. During the is by consciously using it every cooler; your memory will thank Loaded with nitrate, which gets periods of non-breathing, OSA you for it. day. For example, if you find converted into nitrite in the body patients were actually deprived you have a hard time rememberand helps improve blood flow, of oxygen, resulting in a decrease ing things like phone numbers Stress beet juice has been found to help in gray matter (neural tissue or names, dedicate time daily to keep your mind sharp. Scientists in the brain). The areas of the Ever gone to the kitchen and memorizing them until you can at Wake Forest University tested brain most affected? The ones stood there, realizing you have retain the information. It might dedicated to reasoning, attention not be the most entertaining way no idea why you’re there to begin the effects of nitrate-rich foods, such as beet juice, on memory af- and memory. The most common with? It’s a common memory to spend an hour, but you’ll be ter recent findings linked demen- treatment for OSA sufferers is problem that stems from stress, amazed at the results. tia and poor cognitive abilities to a continuous positive airway according to Bill Scott, CEO of

8 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Tips for Treating a Sick Child
(Family Features) Once the winter months set in, it seems there’s always some sort of “bug” going around school. Between colds, flu, strep and other common illnesses, kids are lucky to escape this season without coming down with something. But if they do get sick, what should you do? These tips will help parents and caregivers see kids through the illness and get them back on the way to health. Treating a Fever. Not every fever needs treatment. Fevers are part of how the body fights off infection. The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) says that if your child is eating and sleeping well, and has periods of playfulness, he or she probably doesn’t need any treatment. But consult with your child’s doctor to find out what’s best in each case. The AAP has these tips for taking care of a child with a fever: Keep his room and your home comfortably cool, and dress him lightly. Encourage her to drink extra fluid such as water, diluted fruit juices or commercially prepared oral electrolyte solutions. If the fever is a symptom of a highly contagious disease such as chickenpox or the flu, keep your child away from other children, elderly people, and people whose immune systems are compromised. Treating Colds and Flu. While it’s tempting to seek medicinal treatment for every ailment, there is no cure for the cold or flu, and antibiotics don’t work on the viruses that cause colds and flu. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) says that headaches, muscle aches, sore throats and some fevers can be treated with pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Be sure you give the correct dose according to his or her age and weight. Cough and cold medicines are not recommended for children, especially those younger than two. Make sure your child rests and drinks plenty of fluids. A humidifier can help moisten the air in your child’s bedroom and will help with nasal congestion. Medicating Children. When a doctor

does prescribe an antibiotic or antiviral medication, there are several important things to be aware of. The AAP recommends finishing all prescribed doses of an antibiotic, even if the child starts to feel better soon. They also recommend: Sticking with the schedule – don’t skip doses and ask the doctor what to do if a dose isn’t given on time. Giving the right amount – Never give a child more medicine because you think it might work better or faster. It could do more harm than good. Don’t try to hide the medicine – If a child hates the taste of the medicine, or tries to spit it out, it might be tempting to try to hide it in milk or food. But this could affect how well the medicine works, so do not do this unless specifically directed by your child’s doctor. For liquid prescriptions and over-thecounter medications that your child does hate the taste of, pharmacies can add Flavorx flavors to improve the taste. There are 15 to 20 flavors to choose from, including bubblegum, grape, strawberry and watermelon. Giving kids the power of choice when it comes to the taste of their medicine really makes a difference. The flavoring service is available at 40,000 major chain pharmacies across the country. Go to locator to find one near you. If your child is prescribed medication in pill form, there are ways to help the medicine go down. A flavored spray such as Pill Glide helps medications, vitamins and supplements go down without giving kids a stuck-in-the-throat feeling. It is available in grape and strawberry flavors and can be found in several national chain pharmacies. Find out more about both products at

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May 20 - 26, 2011

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application cannot be based on Michael’s residence. However, because Michael’s parents were U.S. citizens, both of whom resided in the United States from birth until their mid-30s, Gabriel or Susan can file for Tiffany’s U.S. citizenship based on her grandparents’ residence. The grandparent making the application will need to present proof of their citizenship, residency in the United States, birth certificates of Michael and Tiffany. Example 5: Preciosa was born in the Philippines on April 1, 1946. Her father was born in New Jersey in 1925 and went to the Philippines as part of the U.S. Army during World War II. Preciosa’s mother was born in the Philippines in 1927. They married about two years before Preciosa was born. When Preciosa was about 6 months old, she and her mother went to San To:V as military dependents. Diego Perrette Preciosa’s mother naturalized From: a few years later. Analysis: Eugene Deestablish her U.S. Preciosa can Leon citizenship in three different Herewith is proof of ways. First, since Preciosa is the your classified ad for daughter of a natural-born citizen publication a naturalized citizen father and in the Asian Journal. Pleaseto her 18th birthday, mother prior proofread iPreciosa a x b a have h e t a n d f could c k t become a correction if any or call she was citizen automatically if us for yourto the United States as admitted approval. The ad permanent resident. Second, a is tentatively scheduled to be published in thelegitimate since Preciosa is a daughter of a U.S. citizen father, 05/20/10 issue of she could be a citizen if her the Asian Journal if we States father lived in the United receive years, 5 yearson for 10 your approval after the age time. At Third, Preciosa was born of 12. $4 per line 3x4x10 the it costs at the timelines,Philippine Islands were a territory of the United 120 $______.00 that time, birth in the States. At to be paid upon your receiptnot confer autoPhilippines did of the invoiceU.S. citizenship because matic and tear sheet. Thankparents were merely contheir you. sidered “nationals” of the United Fax # States. However, Preciosa is a U.S. citizen because her father as a U.S. citizen. Under the Nationality Act of 1940, a child born with one U.S. citizen parent If approved please and one U.S. national parent was sign andat birth. to a citizen fax back (619) 474-0373 We welcome your feedback. If you have any immigration __________________ questions, please feel welcome to email me at or call 619 819 -8648 to arrange for a telephone consultation.

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) in collaboration with Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT), is seeking a qualified and experienced firm(s) to conduct a unique binational investment grade traffic and revenue study (T&RS) for the new State Route 11 (SR 11) and Otay Mesa East-Mesa de Otay II Port of Entry (POE). At this time SANDAG is soliciting proposals for one final binational T&RS from one prime consultant/team. Mexico may solicit at a later date their own RFP for the same coordinated T&RS. Proposals are due by 12 noon on June 14, 2011. A pre-proposal meeting will be held on May 26, 2011, from 9-10:15 a.m. in SANDAG’s Board Room. A copy of the RFP can be accessed from the SANDAG Web site at or by contacting Alexia Spivey at SANDAG, 401 B Street, Suite 800 San Diego, CA 92101, (619) 699-1984, or e-mail asp@

Establishing U.S. Citizenship for children born abroad
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births after November 14, 1986, the father needs to establish five years of physical presence in the United States, at least two after the age of 14. Maria can submit a passport application with her birth certificate, baptismal certificate and proof of mother’s residency which can be shown by Social Security statements, tax returns, driver’s license and mortgage payments. Example 2: Maria was born in the Philippines in 1973 and became a U.S. legal permanent resident through marriage to a U.S. citizen. Two years after she received her green card, she was arrested for shoplifting. Her mother is a citizen of the Philippines and remains a resident of the Philippines. Maria’s father was born and raised in California. Maria’s parents were mar-

ried but separated when she was born. They got divorced before Maria’s first birthday. Maria’s father refuses to acknowledge or in any way help Maria. She is in deportation proceedings. Analysis: Maria is the legitimate daughter of a U.S. citizen father. Thus, if Maria’s father lived in the United States for 10 years, at least five after the age of 14 prior to Maria’s birth, Maria is a U.S. citizen. All Maria needs is her birth certificate to prove her relationship to her father and proof of his residency in the United States. U.S. citizens cannot be deported. Maria can move for dismissal of her deportation proceedings once she established her citizenship. Example 3: Fred was born in California, but has lived since age 2 in Mexico. His wife Maria, and 10-year-old daughter, Stephanie, are Mexican citizens. Five years ago, Fred decided to move the family to the United States and filed I-130 petitions for his wife and daughter. Four years ago, Maria and Stephanie received their visas as legal permanent residents. Analysis: Under the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 (CCA), Stephanie is a U.S.

citizen automatically if she is (1) admitted as a permanent resident and (2) is residing in the United States in the legal and physical custody of one U.S. citizen parent. Both of these events must occur while the child is under 18 years of age. To prove citizenship, Maria needs to present her legal permanent resident card, birth certificate, school records, and proof of her father’s citizenship, father’s driver’s license, and tax returns. Example 4: Gabriel and Susan were born in the United States in the 1930s. Their son, Michael, was born in California in 1963. When Michael was 4, Gabriel and Susan moved their family to the Philippines. Michael has visited his cousins in the United States, but has not resided in the United States since 1967. Michael married a Filipina and has two children: Angela and Tiffany. Both Gabriel and Susan are alive and living with their grandchildren. Analysis: Angela, age 19, and Tiffany, age 14, did not acquire U.S. citizenship at birth because their father, Michael, did not reside in the United States sufficient time prior to their birth to transmit U.S. citizenship. Angela is eligible to immigrate to the United States but she will not acquire U.S. citizenship because she is over 18. Michael could apply to immigrate Tiffany and she would acquire U.S. citizenship if she resides with Michael in the United States. If Michael were deceased, Gabriel or Susan can apply for citizenship on behalf of Tiffany. Since Michael did not live in the United States for five years, two after age of 14, the

First Congregational Memorial Tower, low income senior apts in San Diego, will close its waiting list eff 5/25/11 due to excessive length and will no longer be accepting apps for residency. A notice will be published when the list is reopened. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY

“MAY BAGWIS ANG PAG-IBIG” ($12.00 including shipping), a 206-page collection of short stories written in Tagalog by Percival Campoamor Cruz and Alberto Segismundo Cruz.
The stories depict Philippine characters, lores, adventures and misadventures. Love is the predominating theme of the stories portrayed in many different ways. Ten of the stories were written by the son, Percival Campoamor Cruz, a more modern expression of the themes explored by the father, Alberto Segismundo Cruz, in the ‘50s up to the ‘70s. Percival’s main story, “May Bagwis ang Pag-ibig”, touch on environmental and political disaster in a Spratly Island-like locale. The environmental/political issues were woven with a love story and the lives of common people living in a remote island. In the real world, a concern exists that there could be a nuclear confrontation in the South China Sea between China and the U.S. China maintains that the Sea is within its territory, while the U.S. insists that the Sea is international waters. The rest of the stories portray the failures and successes of Filipinos who chose to live in foreign lands, the poor people’s helplessness in the Philippines, and timely issues like the UFO and gay marriage. Story titles: “Ang Kaibigang Alien” – a Filipino scriptwriter in Laguna Beach had a friendly encounter with an alien. “Ang Siyam na Buhay ni Felizardo Cabangbang” – a Fil-Am veteran was born lucky he could not die. “Ang Babaeng Robin Hood” – a beautiful, contemporary Filipino woman does her civic work in her own inimitable way. “Ang Singsing” – the battle of good and bad in the mind of a jeweler “Ang Balikbayan Box ni Doray” – Remember Pandora’s Box? It was the source of all evil. “Tatay Ko ang Nanay ko” – Gender changes are now acceptable; “My Way” – a karaoke singer makes it big in the U.S.A. The eleven stories of Alberto that first came out in weekly literary magazines, such as, Liwayway, Bulaklak, Kislap, Tagumpay, Aliwan, Silahis - media icons in the Philippines - dwell on the timelessness of honesty, honor, respect for tradition, purity of love, surmounting life’s challenges, and the like. The stories relive the times when magazines and comics regaled the public before tv became popular; and more importantly, preserve for posterity the Tagalog Language’s beautiful prose and vocabulary now threatened to extinction due to lack of use. Alberto’s stories dwell on the timelessness of honesty, honor, respect for tradition, purity of love, surmounting life’s challenges, and the like. Story titles: “Rosa Malaya” – she saved a stranger due for execution in an old Tagalog kingdom “Makinis at Bughaw ang Kabibi” – long before “Little Mermaid” and “Finding Nemo”, Alberto made a deep sea anemone tell a story “Si Myrna at si Miss Gautier” – teenage love with a twist “Ang Dilag ng Ballet” – a lame girl became a ballerina “THE MAIDEN OF ILOG-PASIG” ($12.00 including shipping), a 215-page collection of short stories written by Percival Campoamor Cruz in Tagalog and with English translations. Lead story is a take on the beloved Ilog-Pasig and interprets the famous song, “Mutya ng Pasig”, in a light very different from previous interpretations. Other stories: “In Memory of Maria Lorena Barros” – memorializes a contemporary, real-life, Filipino heroine Enteng Kuryente – a man impervious to electricity “Sa Kaharian ni Raha Buwaya at Prinsesa Waling-Waling” – a folkloric explanation of what a “Manananggal” is “Ang Kakaibigang Katangian ng Tiyanak” – a folkloric explanation of what a “Tiyanak” is This book features guest writers and their works: Amado V. Hernandez, Philippines’ National Artist for Literaure Alberto Segismundo Cruz, one of the Philippines’ best 50 writers Efren Abueg, consist winner in the Palanca literary contest Antonio B. L. Rosales, a wellknown Tagalog writer TO ORDER THE BOOKS: Go online at Put Percival Campoamor Cruz in the search box Or Send a check to JAREL CRUZ 1731 N. Glenoaks Bld., Burbank, CA 91504 Tel. 818 568 2426 - miki_cruz@

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