1.XIR3 can use Excel document as a data provider which was not possible in XIR2. 2.

We can open XIR2 universes using XIR3 Designer but XIR3 universe cannot be opened using earlier versions of designer. XIR3: On the Administration front, all the servers can be maintained at the CMC, there is a new component call "Server Intelligence Agent". So all the work of CCM is shifted to CMC. From CCM.. stop, run or restart the Tom Cat and Server Intelligence Agent.

? We can create universe from stored procedure in BOXI3 but not in BOXIR2 ? Web intelligent report ? when we save as excel report that report contains more than 65K rows it?s automatically populated to next sheet.

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Contact Bluemoon New in XI R3.0 (Titan): - Better security (Custom Access Levels, "Trumping" of rights, etc.) - Being able to prevent access rights from propagating to sub-objects (thereby avoiding the need to break inheritance) - New GUI for the CMC - Repository Federation (=replication of the repository to other BOE cluster) - Repository Diagnostic Tool (to remedy inconsistencies between CMS database entries and files in the FRS) - SIAs (new grouping/managing of servers, see also "bootstrap" files) - Cloning Server Services - Building Server Services templates (for cloning) - The CMC is now the leading system, not the CCM - Enhanced failover capabilities (session failover, etc.) - Improved Import Wizard (better understandable options) - Rich Client version of WebIntelligence (offline Webi), called WRC - Tracking feature in WebIntelligence - New Publishing features (close to BCAP of version 6.x) - Multi-language support for universes - Designer: Smart measures (or so called database delegated measures in the

Input controls in WebIntelligence .) . . etc. New in XI R3.Database delegated search for LOVs (data type CHARACTER) .New Universe parameter SMART_AGGREGATE to force the usage of the most detailed fact tables (see also: smart measure/database delegated measure) Posted by: Mahudes Contact Mahudes Hi.universe) .Optional prompts . .Being able to do an update to the structure of OLAP based universes with conflict resolution .1: .2: . XI R2 allows you to create reports on Excel and Stored Procedure Posted by: dharani raj Contact dharani raj i THINK boxi r2 doesn't have sap integrations and boxi r3 consisting of sap integrations.LifeCycle Management (LCM) tool for promoting content from Dev --> Test --> Prod New in XI R3.Increased support for SAP OLAP universes (see also SAP BusinessObjects Integration Solution (Integration Kit) such as MDX formula editor in universe designer.Enhanced OLAP universes (see also SAP BW. improved OLAP universe update wizard. There is a correction in the above posts.Designer: Focing predefined conditions on the whole universe or on a universe class .Better performance against SAP BW OLAP based universes . etc.Being able to build universes using stored procedures etc.

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