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Medicina Alternativa



The 49th World Congress of Integrated Medicines was held on Nov 12, 13 14, 2010, in
Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was organized by Medicina Alternativa International & the Open
International University for Complimentary Medicines. The objective of Medicina Alternativa
and The open International University for Complementary Medicines is to achieve Holistic
Health Care through the integration of medicines worldwide to meet the needs of the public.

More than 700 delegates from over 100 countries attended this prestigious conference. All
political systems and governments with the dawn of the new millennium have made a sincere
commitment to make health care and health education available to all irrespective of ethnicity,
religion and political color. Thus, the open International University of natural, traditional and
complementary Medicines, has explored the importance of natural, traditional and
complementary medicines for health-care (including evidence based healing methods,
including, spiritual healing.

This International Organization was formed in 1962 congruent to the policy objectives of the
World Health Organization. In 1962 The WHO and UNICEF sponsored an International
Conference in USSR at Alma Ata, at the University of Kazakhstan. At this conference the Alma
Ata Declaration defined a global strategy for public health and preventive medicine which
epitomized as "Health for all by 2000 A.D." This strategy entails the use of all available healing
methods both Orthodox and Traditional and Medicina Alternativa was formed as an
international society under the guidelines of the World Health Organization, and registered
under the legal enactments of USSR in Alma Ata in 1962. It was hoped that this goal be well
underway by the year 2000, as this year marks the way for people to begin a new holistic
approach to life..

This institution and its affiliates are known to be international organizations that have been
recognized by the United Nations Charter of the University of Peace by the U.N. General
Assembly Resolution No. 35/55/5/XII/1980. As these institutions are international
organizations, they claim no affiliation with any government. Over 165,000 students from over
120 countries have been taught complementary medicine to date. OIUCM with the affiliation of

Mahinda Rajapaksa Message from the Ex United Nations Secretary General The challenge to stand up against poverty has captured the imagination of people around the world. We are standing up for the Millennium Development Goals. we are standing up because until we meet the Goals. Farsighted initiatives have enabled the field of medicine to embrace the concept of Holistic Medicine……. symposiums and world congresses in five continents and over hundred & twenty countries in the past few decades. Message from His Excellency the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka With the dawn of the new Millennium. an international organization have instituted training.Medicina Alternativa International Institute. we will not give up'' Kofi A-Annan . we are standing up to hold leaders to their promises.. the human race has to make a commitment to make available health care and health education for all.

Postgraduate Dept of Medicine at the MGM Institute of Medical Sciences. Sandeep Rai. . Director Research & Development at the International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre. Mumbai & Professor & Unit Head. Mumbai. India. Sahaja Yoga Presentation Paper on Effects of Sahaja Yoga on Reduction of Stress and Stress Related Diseases was presented at the prestigious Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall by Prof Dr.

in last 5 years were presented to an audience of over 700 Doctors from around 100 countries.H Shri Mataji’s contribution to medical science and world peace . . C Rai. Delhi carried out under the guidance of Late Prof U. which has made Her be regarded as possibly the most reputed spiritual scientist the world has ever seen in recent times.In his presentation the pioneering researches on Sahaja Yoga from Lady Hardinge Medical College. along with some new researches carried out at the International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre (Vashi Hospital). This was followed by slides which briefly depicted H.


He is a grand master and Ecumenical Medical Humanitarian Order of the Knights of St. who himself is an authority on “stress”. Sir. John Hopson. Dr. from UK.This Session was chaired by Eminent Professor. . John of Jerusalem Knights of charity. In the previous session he himself spoke on Physiology of Stress and was deeply interested in this subject.

He was also one of the chief organizers of this prestigious Conference. a plea for the unity and tolerance of all faith and followings. . it is a time during which knights and Dames of Charity can reaffirm their understanding of his message. In his message to the delegates he said that.

Peter (India). Dr. Sir Mark Dallamore an Expert in Complimentary Medicine from Greece. Prof Jagar Bin Lassa an Eminent Educationist for Malaysia.The others who Co-chaired the Session were Prof.I. Sir P. . Prof Dr.

which of course was not scheduled on the agenda or attached to this Scientific Presentation. By the holy grace of Shri Mataji hundreds of Doctors in the audience received their Realization . Rai with a ‘go ahead’ signal. The entire milieu suddenly transformed so disciplined as if Mother’s full attention was prevailing there and everything was happening by itself. But it all happened as if with an inexplicable spontaneity by the grace of Shri Mataji as the Chairman readily agreed for the same as he granted Dr.After the presentation Prof Sandeep Rai with the permission of the Chair initiated for Self Realization Programme.

H. .Shri Matjai Nirmala Devi was briefed by Prof Dr Sandeep Rai. Chief Medical Officer & CEO at the International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre. Sandeep Rai and Dr Madhur Rai. an introduction on Sahaja Yoga and its founder H. Navi Mumbai. In the beginning of the presentation.Next day a special work-shop was conducted jointly by Dr.

H.The extraordinary work and achievement done by Shri Mataji over the last 40 years towards the spiritual awakening of the entire humanity across the globe was highlighted . Shri Mataji and various academic honors conferred upon Her by several world organizations. Prime Ministers and Governors from all across the globe. left the audience spell-bound and speechless.Slides depicting the significant global work of H. dignitaries including the Presidents. .

M. Madhur Rai on subtle system. Sashikant Seth. Saifuddin Abu Baker . Dr. This session was chaired by Prof Dr. Canthapo. Sir Georgios Angelinakis and co-chaired by Prof. . Kundalini energy and various chakras and their qualities. Prof Dame Depy Rizou & Dr.It was followed by a talk by Dr.

. Madhur Rai later initiated the self Realization process to an interested international audience who by Shri Mataji’s grace received their Self Realization.Dr.


.After the Realization Programme many Doctors wanted to experience the Realization process again but due to paucity of time it was not possible. However those who were very keen and expressed their ardent desire were escorted to another adjacent Hall and the Self Realization process was again initiated by Dr Madhur Rai.


Sandeep Rai was further requested by the Head of the Chinese delegation and one of the chief organizers to kindly chair the one of the session for the Chinese delegation. Prof. It is very subtle though but a fact that ever increasing number of visiting yogis from China and Hong Kong to the Vashi Health Centre these days. It was a matter of great prestige to chair a session for five internationally acclaimed speakers of Chinese Medicine. They had been in fact the main participants for many years in this International Medical conference.It was no less than miracle. as if it was like a dream – showers of Mothers blessings were endless and till then were not enough probably. it is really difficult to assess the entire subtlety and the divine plans working behind. Dr. . Needless to mention that the Chinese Delegation was the largest and became very popular participant in the Conference.

Later he also offered research collaboration with the International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre. Rai was especially invited to guide their students seeking PhD. expressing his gratitude to him during the course of his discussion he offered Prof Rai a Honorary position of Professor . Subsequently.The Conference concluded with hosting of a banquet in honour of the delegates and visiting dignitaries in the conference. Mumbai on Sahaja Yoga. He was very impressed by the philosophy behind Sahaja Yoga. During the course of dinner the Secretary General and the Chairperson especially sought a meeting with Prof Dr Sandeep Rai. Colombo . . Dr.among other distinguished Professors at the prestigious Open International University for Complimentary Medicines .

Throughout the Conference Mothers holy attention could tangibly be felt.Later in the day Dr. . Although Shri Mataji is the Doer. Dr. Rai in his address to the small Sahaja gathering committed that yogis at International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre. It is needless to mention that it was only due to Mother’s blessings the medical delegates from India were extended the prime slots to deliberate and make their presentation that was not in the Schedule. Sandeep Rai and Dr. Madhur Rai were welcome in the small but dedicated collective of Sri Lanka in a specially organized programme for new comers. henceforth would extend all help in whatever required in all possible manner to help establish Sahaja Yoga in Sri Lanka. It was like auto-driven magic when one was given to witness a lot of things being worked out on the spot without much effort. Navi Mumbai. Interestingly the doctor’s presentations on Sahaja Yoga attracted the maximum audience. yet it is an earnest and pure desire and prayer at Her Holy Feet to ensure spread of Sahaja Yoga and Mother’s holy message in Sri Lanka in every possible way.

A lot of interactions took place in the conference and had ended with meaningful discussions on this unique discovery with several doctors across the World. support from several yogis from India and abroad rendered this Divine mission a great success in Colombo. Photograph at the seaside after the conference. Vibrations!!!! It could tangibly be felt as if Shri Mataji Herself was driving the entire event through the media of Her Divine instruments. By the blessings of Shri Mataji. Their visit to the local collective in Sri Lanka helped them to establish and instill . Interactions on the subject of Sahaja Yoga brought forth several results oriented researches conducted in this field and benefits derived out of this unique meditation technique that no more was a myth but a proven science. Subsequently they expressed their keen desire in learning more about Sahaja Yoga. Besides. It was entirely Shri Mataji’s driven mission. It was indeed a very good beginning where professionals from medical science expressed their desire to learn about Sahaja Yoga as they can prove to be very effective instruments in spreading this divine knowledge wherever they travel. The topics revolved mainly around the medical aspects of Sahaja Yoga. the yogis from India. USA and Malaysia who had been working towards spread of Sahaja Yoga in Sri Lanka extended all necessary facilities to reach the existing collective of Sahaja yogis of Sri Lanka and share Mother’s message amongst them. They were all impressed by the vastness of the subtle knowledge on the various plexuses and their subtle functions.

On behalf of the world Sahaja collective we offer our millions of Pranam at Her Holy feet of our most holy Mother Shri Mataji and express our heartfelt gratitude for granting this unique opportunity to carry forward Her divine message to seekers in Sri Lanka. Jai Shri Mataji . Rai while addressing the collective on behalf of Vashi Health Centre gave commitments to extend all kinds of support in future for the spread of Sahaja Yoga in Sri Lanka in whatever way they could. Dr.confidence for Sahaja Yoga in them.