Sou.t,h Bend Sh,op Met,hoct11s ror E,l,ectrical Se.


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The Practical Tool for Electrical Service Station. Work

BuUetin NumberS?

The South Bend lath e is the practical Hml for Eleczrical Service job 8, because il: is. Screw O.m~ng and equippt:t] wLth th~ proper feeds and speeds fordoing lL.he work with t hereq u i ted aCCUT.U':y· and


Shows Sou to Ben d Methods for h,mdling precision work in modern Electrical Service Stations,

So~-eh Bend La-th.e Wor-ks 725 ,East Mad..i.sorh S!'!L.,.;South. BeeM. In.diana

~l!Ir-.IIl""'"-1""i ..

The ModernMethod of Truing Commueators

The Sen::w C~.u:tiH~liltht: i~ tht,; ol11ypn1ctkRl tool fur turning a commuraeor rrue, No spccla] artachmen t is re-quir'ed because (he reogru l:lie ,("q uLl?n'li:-n!:. of the bt h~ is sufficient for d oi njii th~w()f k. This is a precision job and should be done on 11 Screw CLI!ltilli!': brhc,

f'1::HTC" J E Th. H"l!LllarF.qui]1"'~l1t "hf.~LI"I.u: is S~rIfLCi~"l.[ fOTT1Imi')i::: Comrnuentors.

Cilittiltl,l: a Recess ill rhu Commutator

'r.'iij,;.'!''''i:'.4 E

Some cornrnutacora cun 1-..:: machlncd more oC',lJ; i Iy if o :p:~CJo.CF'V._~ .Q.~ II'CCi!'~. L:::iI .cu~ i:u:~r I[~"':: :UM:lniJ~ wind luas, us l;, ~h<tw to 1.f1 th~ ,1l1l,n,,1 LI:.Fl • .!'lguT'" .f E, Thi~ permus E h" ["i.e" Lo 1"", r"ll"v".1 to ~" .. ::k:Jtl1.''tG: dL-Fth iJnd JeulIlh ;:',HllC!'iLl.:~" ~!..-I'iHrU:;llt ;'1 nd 111i.11 t .... ta L[~~ f he: iL"Jl:liJhlJ'~ ~n bal"'J1t:1!' .. TII.L.s "1"""li,,,,i,, (nHr cxpbi,,~J in tI~" l"b Inst rur t", n S],.,,~t"_

Th.~ lllusrmt 1011 shows nn nrrnn 1'1Jr<.: rn.yu 11 t~~1 bct"""~~i:I centers 'I." t h~ .I ~ E he. The rurn In:!!;['iJoD] I, ftd aeross the commumt.w hy tb~ ru .. L"",:,;lI!l~ r-..:..:-d of t I,ot,.": ';:11 ;";I'l!l'I~"':_ Joi..,b ~ ri..:..rr-LI (l[iOI:! .s heut N"" 87 expL;lJ~n;; how to I':Ti,.d '~I1.1 M! 1 l h ~ ruem nil ",,,1 ~.,d "]"<J rhc pre.p.:T ,,,c"ed. ~'1d (<::'i:'J" ( .... machining ('i.:op~r.

""'XOLT~ 4· E- Cllrtin~ a I:t"c..~< in Commllt;):t<1r' 1"r Con""fli.;: IU:C: in M;.,h,n ",~,

Restoelng r, DOlJll.1,<I!~.ed Center Hole ill, an, Armature Shaft

l"i~II!"'I; ~ 1!

Occasionnll r i ( wi I J h.! "~;:,,,~~arr rc rcsccrc a d~m;3s~d a:!, [I, re r hole ~,~' "" ~, I:IlmuT8dufc be .. fL,,,,, [he com m uauror ~ D 111 be ,;! ""''' ""tdy machi"ed." Til" ill LL~cr;:Hj(lT1 shows t I'te "TlnaLlHt;! rru ;L",~~d i" ! h., larhc tor rcstor+nz th~ ,,,,, ,,~~, The <'"",,,,,,,,,,l 'r~~~ Is set :u ;fI n i1 ~glJ: of 3D dOl~[!l~ Sc~ }.~h J:n_'i,trtuc:dt.~r. Sheets.

'rli."-">~>""'~ 1"F"'iN~ .


The SOU[h. Bend Method of U ndercurtlng Mica Insulation

After an arrnarutc cornmuraror has been turned it L~ m;rt;s~,lrf to n·IL<:' v t! the mlca im;ul'ltion h;;· low the d ramerer ~Jf the 5{'~rTJol'l1 t~. T1H;~ II nJcrcutti n.~ can be d one j n the lathe qu ic k Iy, :-13 ou tli ned below, J ob Instrucrion Shcc:r N l). B7 .e.>;.f1J;,l irl'i:i th i 5 opcrn (ion i n d etnil.

HDW d'l>e U nde~cy;tti n:;;:

Tool Operates

'~I~llil'':::' fl 'B

Th~ ·c.u ul n~ 'I'~1[J~ L~ t e .I1d il en ~~ t ],"'_" l;;tl1Jn!iiIi~LlI'~I'" tor bov the hand teed at the cnr ringe, rcli -vin~ die mrc;~ [L:i ] .... 111n(tt b!2i[1W rrht:!_ ".1.1;1[[1(.:". ~e" .. TI, I,; I(.o11'UI'I urn rOT is lir.e'n rot!1.1 SI ~ lih!ijit. tJ,., cool C8 [l re I ievc rhc mica berwee 11 rhc m·>:( rWD acgmcncs, Tlue operat ion is ,Qi"I" unued o i, ead, mji!:1 ~!u,,"" "'lI!t",u~ eking· in~ '[.he pLx ... i+i, 1J1 uf f I,~ LI![hl~T'Cll!t til 11'11: h.Jii.J L

Cs RnlJlRN" S'TRoDI'I:!I:,~I!T'1i11\!Q ,:ITn:.:tX'E

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r'"' ...

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L I ,


C'l.I'jTl~ TD~L..

Consn-uctlon of Spcd~d U ndercmrlng Tod

"'~I!I'~' E

The tm,] U 'M {err unde, CU[ I,; Ii!: mi ~~ 1."'· ""btkon is of a spcciu] consrrueuou, A ~flr.i 11'!..!; r.i, ... 1 i ef and swivel ;[j rri.lI!l~..:rnl!TL[ i.Lr..:= p'",,"i ded w preven r t h,1!- n· .. l 1',,,,,, d '~ii" ~inl!: QCl cbe return ~Lf"k~, Tlus I'H'I. i~ clamped iL1 (he tool pun <>f II '''' I ui l .. e,

~1i:i_.8 U['jdt:KI!I[[L['j~ 7"(1",1 'A'i':llI ~r:11.1i :'1111.1(1 H"IC •• ""d Cu"O'r, S'ld!l'·I>II\~ \V"l;o;B.: <; U,... 1"i''IC~ l"lJoILl!-' .. ., ~·I k'.:' !- ......... = ...... __ .. __ .. _ . __ . ~'J _"!oJ

Spriug S:~r!lp Indexes Commutamr foo> .. Eilot;h Cut

1-1'1: .... " 8 E

A sptin1l. ,-t"r, ,,"hlen fits between th ~ '('Iii""'·I1I·' of t h(~· oornrnururor, holds d1>2 nrrnnrure :;t';I'[ion.;uy wh . Ill: L I u:. U.I'IJt::: tl!'CI~ .. tin;!!: (o,'~ L5 falln!1; a clup, T~'i. ,1:<1,' i radexcs 'I he ;Uli1iUtLi ~~ "', th,,~ tl,<~ rt exr ,,-,'1;' muru Lu b" 'm.J.,r~".t i. b''.lll!':ht 11:11 cxsct aill!iiilUnl!'l'it \1rit:h thl!;!' nI'UL .... ::,: rool,

Making Brass or Bronze Bushings :it1l. the Lathe

New bm;hin~ of ~1I kind!'; ;mu slzcs Gil' hL~ quicklv macluned in the: larhe, 'V om N J,m)i~::.leJ bearings can be H'o'mlitiul"'let.1 and new pans can be made when riece ary. One' yuu become equipped, it is sUTpri5in~ the amount of bushtng work that ~dlll..k\'t~lup.

Maf'lh.ining iI S.nan

I"U"''''' L<') E

'Wh~ h ('ofPA 11 1 .... 1...1, i '"I.;':'H ::I r...: '[u be rn n Je it h eLL,l,Jm:uy ro mochtne the ",b III rhc 1.1[h c ;n .'"'' "",[.·.IP·, Afret rr." 1::0".,1",,1.: I,a' bC:C:11 Jrilkd. I'L'I'l!,j a:nJ rvomcd, it is tlJlrnc.:u ~Jl1. ~b(: QUt:;;dL! ~)Lll1i'jC~L!:r and rhcn cut nfT~·t1 he ~'n'FII.:[' length, S"I:' ,<oj, ]"s!ruL:llun :;llo.:oC'L s,

AllY Si,.,f' .... r- ,·r. lie nf;::

C~in Be Mad,e

.fi U"!J ~ 1:

BlJlilli~:,:~ """' bl! I,,~,k in rhc ba he to mee-t c .... 't.:t"y 1!'C:L1IlJ~lI'~m.e:nli:" L...'ry!il h-..I- h.Mh!illiiiii fiN: ";1", e" .. ily !'11ntt" ,,~[>n,~H ones IInu r he v: .. Iu"s ~h~P~5 i Ilu.rraroo ,;" .. h~ 'i:;,,:lilv m.lCni ned,

Turntng the 'fIul>hil'lg to the Desired Dj,ameter on a ~bnJl'el

F'N"'" 11 T-.

Flu.], 1"1:' 1: inch.:< in 1 ~ 11 ~t h, iii nd IUIfli:.:r • lire drtl- 1",1, k,.,.~J ;lnJ r~~m<!J ;11 th~ d",di., then re- 911 ... ·~'! ;1 "J j",I.h~J bcrw .. ~" ,~nWr •• >t. " laehe i1oHI.I"h~J t" I he .""lllif,·d dis J71'o;-t~T .. Thls In",(hoJ i, t'xphi,,~d in. OJuf job lnsrrucrion Sh",~["",

Lathe with. Attachmen.ts

r rf'l.~'''''''.1'

, , I


Mi.sceUan,eous Jobs f.or tlUi:l: Screw Cutting Ben.c.h Lathe in the Electrical Shop

fi~"'Te J1 E-Sjllllpl~~ MtltC,t Dri~" L_.uh.,_

This is an c~cdl"n( n",for (I rl II!.: arrangcm e nt for rhe ~mall screw currina """,'n lurhu, Tlus ,,,,,[or v,'l1i..:ll drive' rh"'I:;"l1" L. ['",1.[".1 [~, :1 "he I fh· nen t h ~~,~ b<"l1~h. Th" J<.:v~r~inPi swi t. h (M!'.! i1rr!...'~Y") ~ 11_~.'Il~ r he ::;ril rt i 111.!;1 ~r-uPF!oi I:II~ ::-11 ui T-'{:V't:f~i ["'J~ >1"( t he !;.lll'lL: .. plrullc from an ~tl5l' ",,,.lin!! !'u"iLJL'" Ln rrom of the J.Jtl",.

Fil'ln.: 13 E frodn!:; 'L \l:,r"rn M"I!"NO DbtribtJ(or_

'The ill1.1.t rn t.i .. " sho« ~ i'I rnnun ero di.tTi].." ,n. p'l II t" ,l1loumcd in che I, d· re "j,ll"k {pr ",f;r(illl" Thts "ill1Jlk L1~"'rad(ln makes the r;:<mt-.;r,·t I"""r> \.If rhc disrriburor :IS Q;_!toJ CIS I'Ir..:W,

J'tigm.' ]<I E- Ti'Ldnl! a ~'b!lneco C(JII<;:<:~"r R·il1~.

A "'''1n mi'l~nc(o collee+ or 'Lng can be qUickly ;,,~ ... I :'CoCLlTJL"ll' made I rue hv m",-hini,,:c: h.·tw .. en rh" lethe centers ali is i[l .. ~u"u~d above.

rifl~r~ Ij [ \\'inding "" A~m"rurc on dle L:)(I1.', \':.'ooJ tempters ['Of ""ri."J' ~i:c9 arc required fC'I I:wld,"~ rhe .I,I1~r"t'I[ trJ,e. "f arrnarurcs between <''''''l'~T~ "i rhc Iarhe,

)~uJ. . fl ,~~!ljr;,

.;,;:: r~. J':" .1. S·7ii~ii\.·.·"~·!11"·~~· ~ - -- tLe La.1;he w.rull! Pr~i:C~l A-tta.C;h:m.ents


Miscellaneous Lathe: Jobs in the ELectrical Shop

Fii<:IHii.: ! 6 &-Rt:~wr~ ... ~ rhe Conracr 1'I)im5 of a Ford Tlme r :Sh~1l in the L ~ the,

F'J:""" 18 E-Mg"hini"l': 'I Small Ge'T Bbr&: in the lalh~ l>:r.,lIn1il1;'c~· ro Cutcing T~-CLh_

Mmd~ <'if hi~h ·P"~.:I M,,~I. 1===;~~~iiiiijiil~

properly hardc ned, ;}I'IJ re- .~ ~~EIl

'1"'.'# ,m Iy I! • .,,~·I i t],~ before using,

Comblned Centc]' Drill and ConHrtel"S.illlk:

Us~J [or edlOC rl.r.~ ~'''rk 11,~d.;""d h,,L'I,\'~e:n Cell L<.:.1":3 Lj, lh" I ;,ti,,~. }'h .I .e "f "" •. he. n tool ~tL':~i ~ h il [,lll!!u~l! .il rIlL a ; 11"'I 11 d .

. F'I.!;:[.IT.:!' 21 E N~[, 'Fii.:::i.or"!!' '.IIr:i!'-:;f":Ij

CiuIJ1",~ I)I:"Im~iilTIli I( r ! Dmrneret

t-,-L',. ,if W"r~ "r r)" II "I' I'<!d.,

I. ~-.!II:" - -it I~~ ........ J: IlL.

L~ ~~: ~ ~:~ :~: ~ i~:

_-'----'___;''-''_'_' .:.;".0." " •• i~. .' i n

iT'i~""" 17 E-T~.t'i~~;I'ItIS~T"·i~ht .. nin~ ~ Bent Armature Shnfc B~[w~'.:"

Centers Lri the Lnrhe, See JQ b Insrruccton Sheers.

Fi~Ij'o! 19 E-CLl,tti"~ a &mnll G!:-Dr 0,11 rh,· Lat hc, U.'I,!!>:! MIII"""tt". (1~~r CutHn:f!; A trac hmcnr,

F.i~",~ 22 JS-Mil~.i 1.1 ~ " 1-;:",,, 5~<lt In :J. .sCL'C L .:ibllfr.

Thia illusreuionshowe :1 JH::I(lic.1 I. '''I] I in!,!i 1In.d! l:~) W.;IV eLI~!i,,~ "~lad". m!..:1:1I f.~11 ,III;; l •• d,l,;'. f~' DuLk._i., NIi..I_ ~O~ ·'MilII.F'I~ Acrnchme nts,"

FiJr'''I' n E-U",,~ d~~ Lnrhc :!I~ a Drtll Press with Drill Chuck; n H~w.l Sl(wl; S~"Il.J]e ,.iid DtlU I'aclln 13.I-So[ock_

F(~ilre L5 E Shows a Knurltna Tool in Or><:r;,th," an Wrd: Driven, I:k!t"'~(:11 c.mtl) 5 in rhe La~h;:,

rj~Lu~ n E-CLutinj11 .'L Screw Tbrcad on the 18[h~. See Handbook No, 2.5, "How to RUrI a Lurhe."

FiJl:IMH E MachLnin!!; Sm~ll, .~\Pf.:ur,'t" \Vflrk m, ~h~ fJ13"."..t" ('" .... II,~t Chuck Aerachrocnt, SN!' BlLH~cLn No, 91 •• , Dr~~\'·i.i C:"lIe~ Ch..,o;b,"

FiJ.:ml' 26 E Wi ndin~ n Suira l Sprin.~ i n the Lache, SPTin.l!:~ o( .. ll ki!i1d~ cun be ,""01J,,e! ln I'Il<!" l arhe.

fi!l'rrc- 26 E- T rui n '!i the Diamerer of an A rtn~~lm, b'l' Glrim!liil~. S(:~ HlbiJetin No, 91,. "Pled~lo~ Geinding,"

Is Your Shop Properly 'Equipped for Electrical Repair 'W ork]

The Proper Type of Lalh,e for Electrical Repair Work

111 order to do the various jobs illustrated inthis Bullenn the hrthe used must

be equipped with the fQHo\\'ing features ;

Lead &I~W ~!ld C:h~ni!i~ G~tllr~ for 'thT:l!::,,:l ell thl1~. T'>~ AOI"OJrm::y' necessarv :fOil" nne ID;()Chr

An ~lIltQil'lat i~ C,,'~ Feed and lQI'I~lt..:l:lld F~l:d" ine w.ryrk~ , .

S!t-o"iI'r Tml ;S[crk for tap,,=r 1:Llming, ! loll'llw ::'p.l ndle for Dr~w.j n Ollit:t Clw ck

iEhl~k Gears for [Xl1IN!;f ~"d slow speed, uudrod work,

Gr"d",.~J. c.:.",'p"""d Rex fa. rn.~~ll;j"iLQ;iJ",~"ll> V~'L"''''' ALL~d""~I1 .. IJ ~LluL."LI (""'I: l'l"U-

and tape rs, l~tirll No, 93),

Tho; 11 inl..h Bcnu. Luehe Illustrated :!Ihove has allrhese f{_~tmt'5, Itwill tuke care obll, [he jliJhs shown in th is Bu Uc:t[n~[ld ltu nd red 5 of oth ers,

Tille 'BuUeiias Uslted BelowSbow How to Do Important JrClbs in Auto Rep<'Iir Sbop& .. They are Free, Order bv NlItmber.

1 No. 85 Piston &Ue~lit1l No. 93 ThcLathe3;l;aScrew~c:h.[ne

, ~~"h;n_in..g oversee 3 nd~ 9"r..;I.fI.,~ The laehe ~,~ [I screw ma(;.hln~ (or n'I~:k;T1g

IrJI ., --!. ."h~d pistons on ehc l~, ~.;,. studs lind S01I:lll parm

~,."~ J No. 86 Valve 8l!illeti:ll No,. 94 Tuut'l: Attachme.nt B1I!~met!i'F.i

. TIlTnlll10 ~nJ f!"'i,j",~ .. a lve faces, Tt,!; !~~'h~Bh 3. turret lnt l:.e ,rm rT1,~ "1.(;1(._

St.;a i¢tt~TI'i ng valve Hems, ,~[C_ turin!::.

No • .8 'j ELectrical Hu~Wcdfi

T rlI!111!!:tlmm utators, Llnd~rC\lt[[!l~ ITltCIl, m~kinl'l bu3h.l~ ... ~I'I;.

ttl01p,f, J. , . " ',' ,_ , .

..... "'!o' f No_ sa Ring Gear Wo;[',k

~~~ J ~ M",h.ining Il.'fwh~~[~ for ~mr!cI!r

:~ ,ring ~,,="r~ '~fljcl 'I'IJ;I'I!: cr;rnhll!lfl~. 1h>1.", - 'N' '8' 9 C, t';1 R <', di , .

""'" - . 0.·, ~HI~,uer . ~"lln[1, U\,

.~ ~:? H.,,~t'II1J.i n~ 01'11<1 .~h'-'<i"~ c~'lin~~~ OIL rhe i"thl:_

",II"I'I"! No .. 90 MLlUng Atcachroent

~.~~ MiUing und h'VwtLy cutung o r.lh~

.:c.:,_ hthe.

No, '9 ~ P~~h;Lon Griindmg 'Bu.1lerh'l.

E,d"..,,,'1 ~nd inrernal Ilrindin~ uri Lh~.I"th~,

No. 92 D:raw·~n Collect Cbuck

The dr _1W-jfl. collect chuck a.Lf~'_~f',el'lt {qr line. nccurate work 0 n. d)o: !~Jhe_ .

No. 95 Speci,,,J, fi~ and. f'ixhilre~

SPI:1L. i .• 11 i;~ i!IIllIi.i {i';L.U.L""t:3- (ur h[~L~~~In~ work 0:[1 rhc lcrhc ill man LI.(~~WTi n!,': operarions w hl'Ti' :"i ~IJ.lIji'I~cY Ii11l1d Ll1Irer.(h~niil,C::lb~~~~~V oi iJ'~ft~ ~H! mqliluri!d,

No.. 96 Taper' Anadlmenll: BuH erin f.i",.ring ~"HI tllrni'l'l~ [.".fl'"'" [m ~h'i' hl·h~,. A lso the PJ'8(~ I.:~J U5~ of 1.1',<: center rest lind follm\,c'r 'f'l!9~,

No .. 97 Ch.u.iI!.k~ngWor&o'llt.he l.~~hc Th" """, ,,' Independenr, ijJ"i""r'il t and (_~ml:i'l'Iiltion Chucks for h"l<J,ng work on the 18dli~,

No. 9H Ot~etl.illj;hc Atta:c1unen.t'$ Va,[C ... .1;, t ho; ~tl·P.d.l me nta na ",",orr; !IVCLLr;}_I!:~" 11.J.~~i~LOIii all< a &:pl!ci~1 "Il!ch.i'[t~ wc;.k,

Sou-th. Bend. 725 East Madison St .•

Larth.e Works

South Bend. Indl.;.:n~

Job Instrucoon Sheets E",r.:I'~;<! How 00 Do the Work. s:n(lWD. in EadlL I!uUliilCli.'1,

~I ~~,

The w;:l'rk ouelin£!d ,iii ·~:>ch Ilu 1 !ret i" t~ e~f,I"i,,~dI s~~p b\l M~p iI15pi-.' c ia l Job 11'1-

;.:'I iii: e-u ;;: t ~ Q I"i. Shc:~t~ sup~Jil'll ... ld,i!;lCh nttnchm enr, m3king 1 [~;lI~,!, ~"r ~~~ mechnntc to dothewerk.

H"w" ~"<I Lo,h. n,.l"il'~fd Ifjli'ril'" wul-. l.lIrkjli 'Q'r, !L1!~=ii.;;h_ii'I~lljt IJljiii~lT1~'

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