Curricular Vitae Experience : Currently working with Gloabtel Convergence, Mumbai as a Jr.Software Engineer. Name : DEEPTI G. MoRE Date of Birth : 8th June 1982 Corresp. Address : Tejaswini Ladies Hostel, Plot No.37, Sector 10, Juinagar, Navi Mumbai. PIN-400614 Mobile Phone No. : 91-9324785359. Languages Known : English, Hindi & Marathi. Mailbox Add. : deeptig_more@yahoo.co.in Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Telecommunication) with 64.94% from ITM Indore, R.G.Technical University, Madhya Pradesh in 2004. H.S.C with Distinction (75.70%) from St.Joseph’s Convent School, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh in 1999. S.S.C with Distinction (83.80%) from St.Joseph’s Convent School, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh in 1997. Computer Literacy: Operating Systems : Windows 95/98. Languages : Visual Basic 6, C, C++, Microsoft.NET, Crystal Reports. Databases : MS-Access, MS-SQL Server. Projects: At Gloabtel Convergence Title: Energy Manager Client: Videcon Ltd.,Gujrat Electricity Board,L&T Ltd.


Energy Manager

' - an integrated power monitoring and data

acquisition system for power management. This shop-floor energy survey software identifies and helps to fine-tune processes to enhance operational efficiencies and improve power usage thus facilitating major reductions in the power bills.. Group Members: 4 Role: Coding. Lang. and Tools: VB6, VB.Net, MS-Access, MS-SQL Server. At Academic Level Title: Patient Monitoring System 2. Client: Department of Electronics & Telecommunication, Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Task: The project is based on the Bio-Medical Instrumentation. It calculates the body temperature and pulse rate of a human being. Group Members: 4 Role: Hardware designing, Assembly Programming for Microcontroller, Testing. Lang. and Tools: 1. Micro controller 89C52, Seven Segment Display, IR matched Pair, LM335. 2. C Programming. Duration: July 2003 - June 2004. 2. Title: Net café Management System Client: Department of Computer Science, Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Task: Computerization of Internet Café. Group Members: 2 Role: 1. Edit, Display and Query modules.

Lang. and Tools: 1. Visual Basic 6.0 2. MS-Access. Duration: Oct 2002 – Dec 2002. Strengths: Self-motivated, like to interact with people, flexible, adaptable, quick learner, goal oriented, hard working. References: Mr. Santosh K. Mhatre (Deputy Manager - Systems, SBI Mutual Funds, Mumbai.) Ph.95251-2280066 (Res) (9820897700) Mail: Santosh.Mhatre@sbimf.com Mr. Pankaj S. Patil (Business Analsyst,Ketstone Solutions Ltd.,Mumbai) Ph. 9820190462 Mail: ppatil@stgil-india.com

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