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Mitchell s Fruit Farm LTD.
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Despite all the odds. Distt. the quantity-wise difference between the Mitchell¶s and its close competitor has squeezed. Mitchell¶s is still the Market Leader in Squashes. DEPARTMENTS OF MITCHELL¶S FRUIT FARMS LIMITED y y y y y y y y y Human Resource Department Commercial Department System Department Finance Department Production Department Planning and Stores Department Technical Services Department Quality Control Department Marketing Department .Mitchell¶s is playing a vital role in the Pakistan¶s economy. Preserves. Mitchell¶s has been in the market long before independence and still enjoys a good repute. Okara. the company is receiving The Top 25 Companies Award. The head office of the company is situated in Lahore for ensuring the effective distribution and marketing. This is the evidence of the company¶s dedication. Many Multi-National and National Companies have entered the competition. Sauces and Countlines. trust and commitment to provide the best quality products in the market. For the last two years. Mitchell¶s growing and processing facilities are situated in Renala Khurd. Therefore.

5. To be a Company that attracts and retains outstanding people by creating a culture that fosters openness and innovation. management systems. To be a Company that endeavors to set the highest standards in corporate ethics in serving society. 2. To be a Company that continuously enhances its superior technological competence to provide innovative solutions and superior products as per requirement of the market place. technology. . and market opportunities to achieve profitable growth while providing fair returns to its investors. MISSION 1.STRATEGIC INTENTION VISION ³To be competitive in the growing market as the quality managed company´. To be a Leader in the markets we serve by providing quality products and efficient services to our consumers while learning from their feedback to set even higher standards for our products. and rewards initiative and performance. To be a Company which combines its people. 4. 3. promotes individual growth.

the company will continue: y Updating of employee skills by training. y Acquisition of new technology. strengthening our position as a Quality Managed Company. To meet this obligation. thus ensuring that all products live up to the consumers¶ high expectations. are committed to produce best quality products meeting our customers¶ requirements at competitive prices. at MITCHELL¶S Fruit Farms Limited. . QUALITY POLICY ³We. Human Resource is also of the pivotal importance for the Management and employee skills are constantly being updated through training courses and study tours both at home and abroad. y Re-evaluation of its quality control and quality assurance systems.CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY The success of Mitchell¶s brands is the result of the corporate emphasis laid upon Quality Control reinforced by Research & Development. The R & D section prepares new recipes and formulations whereas the QC section ensures selection of the finest fruits and error free processing and packaging.

GOALS OF Mitchell's FRUIT FARMS LIMITED 1. The objective of the Finance Department is to arrange the finance for the business operations from various sources. 4. 6. 2. and arrangements of all materials in stores and successful execution of orders. The Marketing Department is responsible for planning and developing products and executing their sales at an affordable price through promotional activities. To provide such human resources that will helpful for run the operations of the company in effective and efficient manner. 3. and look after the benefits and interests of personnel of the company so that they can become more productive for the company. Objective of the System Department of the company is to computerize the business operations of the MITCHELL¶S Fruit Farms Limited. The objective of the Production Department is to produce quality goods at minimum cost by utilizing the company¶s resources in an efficient manner. . To ensure that all the products. make by MITCHELL¶S Fruit Farms Limited are of standard quality by inspection and testing of incoming material. inprocess and outgoing products. To ensure hygiene. 5. 7. maintain and update the company¶s accounts. control the activities that are related with the finance.

The analysis of Mitchell¶s is as under: POLITICAL AND LEGAL FACTORS Industrial Laws Industrial laws regarding unions have no impact upon the Mitchell¶s because there is already an independent labor union and officers association in the organization. social and technological influences on organization. aluminum foil. Foreign Trade This factor is very much important for the Mitchell's fruit farms limited. cocoa butter. economical. bonuses. which of them are most important and how they will effect in next years. Indonesia and Malaysia. lecithin. Germany. pectin. These items include cocoa powder. It is because the Mitchell¶s is importing many raw material items from different countries of the world. Most of the foreign suppliers are working with Mitchell's from last many years. china. lemon concentrate. metal caps. tin. and benefits of the employees. It is an indicator of political. The major importing countries are Philippine. hydrogenated palm kernels and pineapple concentrate. .SITUATION ANALYSIS PEST ANALYSIS PEST analysis is used to assess what environmental factors are affecting the organization. And there are collaborative relationships between Mitchell's and foreign suppliers. The company considers these laws in their decision making concerning wage rates.

because the minimum wage limit in Mitchell's is Rs. there is very sophisticated system for the drainage of the wastes. The company is paying all sorts of taxes that are due to the Mitchell's.The Government doesn¶t provide any support to import these raw materials and any relaxation in import duty upon the imported raw materials. then it will be very much important to cope with that. 3000 that is high from the minimum wage limit of the government of Pakistan. there is not any such item that may be harmful for the environment. all the payments to government are made fairly and honestly. because in Mitchell's. As the honesty is the dominant value of the company. In the wastes. Taxation Policy The Mitchell's fruit farms is a public limited company.. Employment and Government Stability Employment is not a matter of high concern for the organization because it is already following all the labor laws. So if Government bring any change in its foreign policy. they will not be hampering for Mitchell's fruit farms limited. But recently the Government increases the wages of the employees but Mitchell's has not affected by that. . Environmental Protection Laws Although the laws regarding environment are not very sophisticated in Pakistan but even if they become so.

which will increase the sale price. because the company has take loans from the banks. it will be unfavorable for the Mitchell's. the detail of these factors is in following: Interest Rates Interest rates increase and decrease has significant impact upon the financial performance of the Mitchell's. So the pan of export will be adversely affected by the inflation. So. if in the future the interest rates increase. It is also noticeable that the company takes the long term loans from the banks on the regular basis.Economic Factors Among the many of economic factors some are more important for Mitchell¶s. But such increase is not expected in near future. Inflation In the short run. So any . Disposable Income Within the country the demand will be affected if the disposable income will be reduced. And at high sale price the product will become in-competitive in the international market as the company is involved in the export. There are lot many substitutes of the groceries products of the company. the effects of inflation are minimal on the performance of the Mitchell's. But other than its direct use. But if we take it in longer perspective the inflation in the country will increase the cost of production. these are also used in bakery and confectionery items and so many other foods whose demand is dependent on disposable.

life style etc. As the growth rate of fast food industry is spectacular in the country. marmalades. In Pakistan. all around the world. High level of literacy will lead to high level . income distribution. jellies. Now people. can also affect the company in different ways. it is because more consumption of fast foods will increase the demand of Mitchell's products. Level of Education Level of education is directly related with awareness and health consciousness. Let¶s see which of them are more concerned to Mitchell's fruit farms limited. pickles and squashes is very much related with the life styles of people. sauces. In countries where education rate is high the people more like the nutritious products. squashes. a significant change in the consumption of foods is being observed in last many months. That is most favorable for the Mitchell's. That is why. which leads to heart disease. Life Style Changes The consumption of jams.decrease in disposable income of the consumers will also be affecting Mitchell's fruit farms negatively. are becoming more and more health conscious. Socio-cultural factors Socio cultural factors like demographics. They are well aware that a high consumption of heavy foods will increase the cholesterol. as well as in foreign markets the rate of literary is increasing which will effect the organization positively.

which are more concerned with Mitchell¶s. are as under: Government Spending on Research Usually in order to support some industry and improve economy. Technological Factors Technology in food industry is very important for the maximum output. Mitchell¶s continuously upgrading it on annual basis. Mitchell's is well aware of this fact. new . It is because of the sensitivity and importance of this industry in our lives. is suffering very much. Due to this non-serious behavior of government this sector along with others. The technological factors. The 15% of total net profit invest on the automation of the technology every year. There is more need of R&D work in this industry in Pakistan than any other industry. Mitchell's is competing the market with its qualitative and innovative products. the company has the best and most advance technology in the respective industry. government allocates some fund to R & D. All these are possible as the result of intense R&D. New Discoveries and Developments It has already mentioned that Mitchell's has the best technology for the operations of the business.of nutritious products consumption and people started switch towards the products that are more favorable for their health and fitness. product standardization and hygienic process of production. It is a fact that our food industry is very poor in the field of technological advancement. Unfortunately our government doesn¶t have any money for R & D.

The structural analysis draws on Five Forces approach prepared by Porter. there are two types of suppliers. One is a local supplier. and directly affecting the organization. like Mitchell¶s has more than 800 crore paid up capital. It is a structured mean of assessing the competitive environment. Threat of New Entrance Threat of entry depends upon the extent to which there are barriers to entry. So we can say that groceries-manufacturing unit is highly capital intensive and because of high capital investment it has high risk for new to enter into production. A food company requires a big manufacturing unit which requires a huge capital investment. and others are foreign suppliers. In Mitchell's fruit farms. The suppliers can affects on strategic freedom of an organization and can influence the margins of that organization. We can evaluate the power of suppliers with the help of following important points that cannot be ignored: .product developments and new recipes for the fulfilling the changing needs and wants of the market. STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS The PEST analysis concerned with broad aspects of the environment while there is always a set of external influences. which are more immediate. Suppliers¶ Power All organizations have to obtain resources and provide goods or services.

c) There are large numbers of fruit. Food companies are highly capital intensive so they don¶t have any power because they can¶t do forward integration. sugar and other raw material suppliers so the buyer checks the quality of suppliers¶ products and make contract with any one which meet their requirements regarding quality as well as price. The in this way. so every supplier want to work with the Mitchell's. another fact is that Mitchell's is the market giant in its industry. b) As well as the local suppliers are concerned they have small fruit farms. so the supplier charge the high prices and transaction is done through banks by opening letter of credit and buyer also has to bear high transportation cost and import duties. backward integration reduces the power and influence of suppliers of the raw material. Buyers¶ Power The buyers don¶t have any power.a) As well as the foreign suppliers are concerned they have power of bargain because the material is not available locally and the buyer don¶t have any option other than import. d) Another reason of no influence of the suppliers over the Mitchell's is that the company itself producing large amount of fruit. vegetables. . e) Mitchell's has very good repute in the market since from the 1933. because the prices of the products are fix. but high competition among food companies leads the company to face problems in the price competitiveness. vegetables. milk and butter.

operations. It could be concluded from previous discussion that the food market is highly competitive. ORGANIZATION VALUE CHAIN All these activities are broadly categorized into two main heads. And the degree of competition in the industry is increasing day by day. marketing and sales & services. VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS Value chain analysis is widely used to determine where cost improvements could be made or value creation improved. outbound logistics. That is why it is necessary to understand the complete procedure of production and distribution. Primary Activities The primary activities of the organization are grouped into five main areas: inbound logistics. This process involves the analysis of all the activities starting from the raw material provisions to the distribution of final product.Competitive Rivalry Organizations will also be concerned with the extent of rivalry between themselves and competitors. . The extent of competitive rivalry depends upon the nature of four forces described earlier. which are Primary activities and Support activities.

the quality control department of Mitchell's disapproved the material and the commercial department refused to accept the raw material. quality of raw material and their past performance in the market. vegetables. following measures are taken by the Mitchell's. packing material and other raw material items like chemicals. The commercial department is bound to procure the raw material from only the listed suppliers of the company. The company has its own orchards. 5. . sugar. There is an approved list of suppliers from the quality control department. This list is made after assessing and evaluation of many factors of the suppliers like their market repute. packing materials and other chemicals that are used in the production process. the approval of quality control department is essential. 1. salts milk and butter perform the inbound activity in Mitchell's. Before storing the raw material. 3. animal farms for the acquisition of high quality fruit. 2. So in order to ensure the high quality of raw material. capacity of production. 4. Frequent visits are also made to the production facilities of the suppliers by the executives of commercial and quality control department for the inspection of the quality and other related considerations. vegetables. There is a well-equipped lab for testing the quality of raw material.Inbound logistics Fruit. In case of 30% of damaged fruit and vegetables. This activity should be efficient in order to increase recovery rate by obtaining good quality raw material. milk and butter.

. to check its shelf life and use as reference in case of any complaint from distributors or customers. All the production process from transferring the juices and raw material to production hall from juice stores to the packing of the products is completely automatic.Operations: The operations are the production process of groceries where the major value addition is made. few items are preserved even after the approval of its quality. 5. For ensuring the production process of the products according to the international quality standards. 4. 2. the few items of the lot bring into the quality control department for further inspection of quality in the labs of the department. the well trained lab technicians inspect the production process and its quality before the packaging of the final products. 6. a written permission is given to stores & planning department from quality control department to float the products in the market. the Mitchell's take the following steps. The Mitchell's invest huge amounts of profits for serving this purpose every year. 1. 3. After ensuring all sorts of considerations. During the production process. The Mitchell's was the first company who achieve such high level of automation in its relevant industry. The company is serving the industry as the trend setter. Even after the packaging.

there is an export and marketing department. The products of the Mitchell's directly supply to the distributors of the company. Marketing & sales As far as marketing and sales is concern. Support Activities The support activities can be divided into four groups. . and the distribution is through dealers.Outbound logistics The management subcontracts the outbound activity. who control and monitors the activities of regional sales offices of the company that are situated in Lahore. human resource management and infrastructure. However. These regional sales offices are responsible for effective distribution of the products of the company. But the supply of production is also take place by the regional sales offices of the Mitchell's. which are procurement. The marketing department is responsible for the marketing and promotion of new and existing products of the company. Islamabad and Karachi. Proper feedback is given to the customers who have any complaint regarding the quality of the Mitchell's products. They also serve as the warehouse of the company. technology development. Services The nature of the products not requires any significant level of services for the customers. there is a formal system for taking corrective actions upon the complaints of the customers.

Human resources management Human resource management involves the training and development of workers and employees in order to increase their productivity and efficiency. For this purpose company make their employees to work with the senior worker to get the experience. sugar are available locally and some material has to import from abroad. So procurement for long time is not possible in case of raw material.Procurement As the prime inputs of fruit. they have separate training program for new employees. The Mitchell's working on the technology development on continuous basis. So the planning and stores department is sufficiently performing the activity of procurement with the collaboration of commercial department. vegetables. The most advance and automation of the plant and machinery is the top priority of the Mitchell's fruit farms limited. Technology development R&D and Process development researches are very important in food groceries industry in Pakistan. . quality control systems and future orientation. apart from this on-the job training. which is locally available. Where as the material that has to be import the company has a lead-time of 2-3 months. The company has good planning. this thing should be emphasized much. which although does contribute directly in value addition and increase the effectiveness of whole process. So in the company value chain. rather it has a big contribution in total value addition.

organization and channel members.Infrastructure The company has a strong distribution system in the Pakistan. The whole of the profitability depends upon the quality of raw material. The price structure of the country de-motivates the grower to produce better quality of fruit. So the whole process needs to be analyzed. Analysis All the value creation does not happen in the organization itself rather much of it can be occur in the supply and distribution chains. the entire necessary infrastructure is available to the Mitchell's. Apart from the strong distribution system. sugar cane and other raw material items. . fair and prompt payment can enforce the grower to cultivate better variety. Mitchell's is the only one food processing company in the Pakistan who has all the production facilities at single location. if supplier does not provide the good quality of raw material. This include from orchards to the warehouses of the finished products. The Mitchell's has more than 270 distributors in the country for ensuring the product availability and supportive promotion activities. vegetables. It is exercising by the Mitchell's already. Suppliers Suppliers play a very vital role in total value creation. then the desired level of quality of products cannot be achieved. For this purpose we can divide it into three areas: suppliers. But good relationship with the suppliers.

Without the marketing support Mitchell's cannot achieve its goals and objectives successfully. CANTEEN DEPARTMENTAL STORES. So in this way we can say that company targeting its customers not only by the distributors but also go directly to retailers and other institutions for creating value for the business operations of the Mitchell's.Organization Within the organization the value addition activity is focused on groceries production. SHEZAN BAKERS and so on. total quality management system is practicing by the Mitchell's. Mitchell's role is spectacular in its industry. Karim Buksh stores. Mitchell's deals with the large retailers itself like PACE. . The company is full aware about this strong point. and many other prestigious institutions of the country. Channel Members Mitchell's fruit farms limited have strong footing in the market because of its quality products and good repute. But when we talk about the market development and marketing and promotional activities of the Mitchell¶s. UTILITY STORES. In order to provide the superior quality of groceries to customers. we will come to know that this particular area is lacking behind the other market players. HOLIDAY INN. There is strong distribution channel in the country that is the strength of the company. Although in the production of the products. PIZZA HUT. H. MCDONALD¶S. and the people of Mitchell¶s are getting benefits from this strength. Apart from these institutions. which is their core competence. KFC. The company also directly deals with the large customers like PIA. The customers of the Mitchell's are loyal with the company and make purchase of such products that are labeled Mitchell's.

The raw material. Mitchell¶s was also given proprietary rights by L. Concentric Diversification ³Adding new. Mitchell¶s involved in concentric diversification because it has three related businesses that are groceries. of England in 1946 to become the sole manufacturer and distributor of their world famous Rose¶s brand of Lime Juice Cordial and Lime Marmalade in Pakistan and Afghanistan.Distribution Network y Factory y Distributors y Retailers y Final Consumers Existing STRATEGIES CORPORATE LEVEL STRATEGIES Corporate level strategy focuses on strategies for corporation consisting of more than one business. including groceries. confectioneries and chocolates business. required expertises are very much same. production process. Rose and Company Ltd. Mitchell's fruit farms limited. comprise several businesses. Further more the . confectioneries and chocolates. Mitchell¶s involve more than one business is said to be diversified. but related products or services´. Foreign Licensees In recognition of its dedication to quality and technical expertise. for instance.

For example. vinegars. syrups. Mitchell's has sound control over its suppliers. sauces. pickles. Backward Integration ³Seeking ownership or increased control of a firm¶s suppliers´. 450 acres of land is used for cultivation of raw material. jellies. jams. Mitchell's fruit farms limited is acting on the concept of backward integration. Lemon Grape Fruit Sevlik Orange Tomato Garlic 100% 100% 100% 30% 30% Apart from the Mitchell's own orchards. candies and chocolates are the product lines that are closely related in context of many business aspects. Mitchell's has its own orchards and dairy farms for the smooth flow of raw material that is used in the production of Mitchell's products. So we can say that Mitchell's is exercising the concentric diversification. marmalades. the raw material that is used in the Mitchell's is of two types. Following fruits requirements are being fulfilled by Mitchell¶s own agriculture land. First is the raw material that is used in the production process and the second . diet preserves.product lines like squashes.

we will come to know that the corporation is practicing the differentiation strategy. product . Mitchell's and packages (Pvt) limited have the same directorships. Package (Pvt) limited is the sole supplier of the packaging material of the Mitchell's. Mitchell's has more than fifteen product lines and a large product mix of more than 90 products. Differentiation If we closely look at the operations of Mitchell's fruit farms limited. This fact reveals that Mitchell's is exercising the strategy of product mix differentiation. Because competition takes place at the business level. strategic management at this level is crucial to the overall success of the corporation.is the raw material that is used for the packaging of the products. The product mix of Mitchell's is the largest one in its respective industry. BUSINESS LEVEL STRATEGY Firms compete directly with one another at what is called the business level of strategic management. Mitchell's is charging 7 to 8 percent higher prices of their products as compare to their competitors. so we will focus on crafting successful competitive strategies. The continuous process of research and development. Customer focus Apart from product differentiation Mitchell's is also implementing customer focus strategy. so in this way we can say that Mitchell's has good enough influence over the management of the packages (Pvt) limited. Because they consider their products superior as compare to remaining ones.

We focus on how organizations go about improving their process capabilities. So it is necessary for the company to introduce not only innovative products but also gives quick response to its customers. the level at which work inside the organization actually takes place. The company is focusing on product development not on market development. The Mitchell's customer is loyal to the company and he wants to purchase the brand MITCHELL'S. It may be considered as strength or weakness.differentiation. Product Development ³Seeking increased sales by improving or modifying present products or services´. including both total quality management and core process reengineering. . But it might also be termed as weakness of the company because it is keeping the large market remained untouched. This is a clearer indicator of customer focus that is being implemented by the corporation. marketing research and technological innovation make this possible for Mitchell¶s to introduce more than four products in a year. This involves applying strategic management concepts to what is known as the operations level. Strength in this way that company is giving full priority to satisfy the wants of existing customers. OPERATION LEVEL STRATEGY Operation level strategy focuses at how to develop capabilities in process execution that will yield competitive advantages for a firm.

When the prices of products are high comparatively to competitors it will be necessary for the producer to give . In forward integration we not suggest to Mitchell's to gain ownership of distribution system but it is need of the hour to increase control over distributors as well as retailers. Mitchell's is the company that is offering minimum profit margin to its distributors and retailers. Now Mitchell's is facing competition from many national and multinational food companies in the country. FORWARD INTEGRATION ³Gaining ownership or increased control over distributors or retailers´. Many national companies are joining hands with multinationals for strong footing. Although the economic conditions of the country are poorer but the quality of life is towards improvement. Many new markets players have entered to acquire their share in the market. This improvement also leaves favorable impact on the tastes of people. It converts the interests and priorities of distribution channel member to other market players. financial support and other required professional expertise. The major de-motivator for retailer and distributor is fewer profit margins to them. Mitchell¶s now is facing many problems in today¶s world of business.RECOMMENDED STATERGIES AND IMPLIMENTATION We can say that the food processing industry of Pakistan is one of the most rapidly growing industry of Pakistan. Once there was a time when only Mitchell's was running its business in the Pakistan in its relevant industry. So for avoiding swerve consequences we recommend following strategies to Mitchell's.

Market Development ³Introducing present products or services into new geographic areas´. So there is need to market development.attractive margin to distributors and sellers and retailers so that they promote company¶s products effectively. More markets will help company to utilize its full capacity but also increase the profitability and competitiveness of company. sauces in more economy packs for the customers. At this time. ketchups and sauces in buckets but this area is ignoring by the Mitchell's. Rafhan. Customer Focus The company is not offering its products in the various packages. For example the competitors of Mitchell's like Shezan. y It is also recommended by us to Mitchell's that to be competitive in the market. y It is suggested that company should introduce more flavors of squashes like plum and peach. Qurshi. . The increase in trade promotion will also enhance the control of company over its distributors and retailers. It will not only increase the sales of the company but also helpful for market development. Humdard and Galaxy are offering their products like preserves. jellies. It will be good for the company to offer its products in more different weightings.5 litre and 500 ml packages like Rooh Afza and Jame Shereen. marmalades and ketchups. the Mitchell's fruit farms limited is utilizing its 70 % of total capacity. y The squashes and syrups must also be introduced in 1. the company should also preserves like jams.

But in these countries. ü We recommend that Mitchell's must go for the business of butter. this will be related diversification for the company.S. Such kind of diversification will facilitate the company to remain prominent in the market and milk its reputation. ADVERTISEMENT From last few months. Gulf. RELATED DIVERSIFICATIN Mitchell's can diversify its businesses in other related areas of operations. The main reason of going to such diversification is that the company has good repute and vast experience of food processing industry. ü Although the company exporting its products to Middle East.A and European countries. even in big cities there are many areas in which the company distributors have not access. mineral water and snacks etc. ü Still there are many cities in the country.Mitchell's can explore new markets not only in the country but also in the abroad. Canada. still need of market development is exist. cheese. The company should ensure and improve its products¶ availability. the Mitchell's is not advertising its products on the electronic media. U. It is affecting the sales of the company very severely. where the product availability of the Mitchell's is very much poor. The customers of the company have brand loyalty and ask for Mitchell's products to retailers. . The main area of focus is trade promotion that is not enough in tough market conditions and competition. Saudi Arabia.

Significant increase in the number of sign boards.ü More consumer and trade promotion ü Advertisement on T. . MMT boards and banners on the public places will increase the product awareness and interest of the customers. ü More outdoor advertisement like its main competitors.V for hammering the minds of Mitchell's consumers.

Apart from these slogans. mode of communication should be English. However. 3. But it is the restriction of the company to deal external people in the Urdu and in case of foreign people. Customers help us grow. The management executives are trained by the Mitchell's to negotiate with foreigners in the English language. IN-HOUSE SLOGANS OF MITCHELL'S There are three in-house slogans that are permanent in nature. love with customer« love with company 2. company prospers. Three permanent slogans are as following: 1. verbal communication may be in Urdu.MITCHELL'S CORPOPRATE LANGUAGE All the documentation and written communication of Mitchell's is in English language. Customer happy. . particularly the executives of the company speak Urdu or Punjabi with the workers as per workers¶ convenience. one slogan is called the slogan of the month.

. From Our Orchards to Your Table .THE SLOGAN FOR THE TARGET MARKET The slogan for the target market of the Mitchell's is as under: Giving the New Generations a Fresh Start..

RECRUITMENT CRITERIA Recruitment practice is done after particular period of time in the MITCHELL¶S Fruit Farms Limited. the executives also take part in the different course that are offered in all over the country on various informative topics like information technology. we will come to know that the top priority is given to those candidates who have the experience in relevant job and strong internal references. Apart from these seminars. The company sent the management people in the foreign countries for attending various seminars. The company in different hotels for updating also holds the seminars on different topics the professionalism of the executives. . But if we practically see the recruitment process in the company. so MITCHELL¶S Fruit Farms Limited take it very serious for the betterment of employees skills and expertise.CORPORATE VALUES OF MITCHELL¶S EMPLOYEES AS COMPANY¶S ASSET The professional management and skilled labor force is considered as the asset of the company. workshop and refresher courses. quality control systems and new production methods and techniques.

skills and knowledge of its people at maximum. INNOVATION The mission of the Mitchell's is to provide the innovative products to the markets where the company serves. For this purpose. For this purpose. In return.PROMOTIONS The Mitchell's fruit farms limited provide an attractive career path to their employees. LEARNING ORGANIZATION Mitchell's is a learning organization. who work on these ideas for producing final products. The promotions of the employees are base on their performance as well as experience. The company tries to utilize the capabilities. employees work in the form of teams for the completion of various projects. It is required by the top management to introduce three or four new products every year. there is an attitude of tolerance on mistakes in the Mitchell's management. The Mitchell's take care of their employees and serve their career goals in a marvelous manner. R&D work continues throughout the year. Both are considered by the human resource department. Ideas are collected from the Mitchell's people. Top management encourages risk-taking among the employees. then after initial screening. . So innovation in product mix has much importance in the company. these ideas are referred to product design panel.

jellies. This advancement is done for achieving more product standardization. ketchups and sauces. IMPLIMENTATION OF TQM Mitchell's was the first company in the respective industry that get ISO 9001 certification in 1998. According to the rules of the government. marmalades. Mitchell's makes its image as the quality managed company. BE HONEST The most important value that is promoted within the company is honesty. Mitchell's is the trend setter in its industry. One classic example of the Mitchell's commitment to honesty is their products. maximum output and hygienic process of production. the company following the strategy that Mitchell's will invest 15% of its profits on the advancement of technology. For remain best in technology. But the food companies not careful about this restriction except Mitchell¶s. It is required from the employees of the Mitchell's that they not only deal with their colleagues with honesty but also deal with suppliers and customers of the company honestly.TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT The company positions itself at top and consider best in the technology. This amount is more than Rs. 200 million every year. The company implements the quality notion from product design to provide the products in the hand of ultimate consumers. All the measures regarding TQM that are possible in the present environment of the country are possible has been taken by the Mitchell¶s. Mitchell's believes on quality. there should be atleast 35% pulp in jams. During all the processes quality is managed as the top priority. .

For many times. The salary package of the head of departments is also not less than sixty thousand. They considered their job challenging and attractive for their self. managing director and executive director of Mitchell's come in office in time even before time. 3000 in Mitchell¶s. The executives of the company have the medical facilities and accommodation facilities .BENEFITS & SERVICES Salaries and incentive packages of the company is very attractive.A and D. The entire management and staff member have the T. they follow the rules and regulations of the Mitchell's like there is restriction on the employees of the company to attach their company¶s identity card at the front of their dress. . employees are awarded five or even six bonuses in a year.The salaries of clerical staff are also not merely less than six thousand. participation and honesty. The number of bonuses depends on the company¶s profit at the end of its financial year on the end of September. All these values have strong support from the top management of Mitchell's. hardworking. So this rule is for all even for the owners and director of the Mitchell's. IMPRESSIONS ABOUT MITCHELL'S CULTURE 1. All the staff members and workers are also awarded with the overtime benefits. Even the top executives like chairman. The company is promoting the values like punctuality. The minimum wage rate is Rs. 2.A facility. The people at Mitchell's are quite satisfied in the company. The workers and executives enjoy at least two bonuses in a year. All head of departments are given automobiles and mobile phones by the company at its expenses. Gratuity and pension is also awarded to the retired employees.

So. This shows the employees loyalty that they have with Mitchell's. All the employees have written duties and responsibilities. the past performance of the company is also demonstrated with the help of various instruments at many times in the Mitchell's. quality policy. goals. my viewpoint about the Mitchell's culture is that they have very different culture that I observed in other national companies. Mission statement. take care of their participants and all the employees working in the relation-bond culture. They have strong culture that provide supportive working environment to their employees. 6. It is the matter of immense pleasure for the employees to be the part of Mitchell¶s. Authority has defined broadly in the Mitchell's. 5. 4. . Apart from these facts. 7. they have to work on some additional assignments but in the form of teams not on the individual level.3. They feel proud to be the part of oldest and best food company of the country. They are committed to their jobs and enjoying sound monetary and nonmonetary benefits from the Mitchell's. The turnover rate in the Mitchell's is near about nil. sometimes for the sake of job rotation. objectives and short term planning is demonstrated and communicated among the employees to all over the company. However.

The employees also claim that the management of the company is exercising the discrimination among the employees without any legitimate or performance related reason. 2. According to the employees of the company. 3. According to employees. Apart from these negative impressions. The employees are happy and satisfy with Mitchell's policies and managerial practices. The behavior of management is friendly with the employees of the company. with the passage of time. 4. Their jobs are challenging to them and not feel any sort of job boredom. 3. 2. They consider their company .EMPLOYEES FORMAL IMPRESSIONS 1. they are happy with the Mitchell's fruit farms and they are enjoying collaborative relationships with the management of the Mitchell's. 5. There are good working environment in the Mitchell's and they are free to participate in the matters of the company. The employees are unhappy about the strict control of the Mitchell's management upon them. they have to work harder and now there is more accountability of the actions of the employees that was not in the past. They have formal as well as informal relationships with their colleagues. The employees work without any pressure and fear. EMPLOYEES GRAPEVINE IMPRESSIONS 1. the employees have same informal impressions as they have formal.

prestigious in the country and have strong sense of belongingness with the Mitchell's. 2. Planning Organizing Staffing Leading Controlling Now we see the management style of Mitchell's on the basis of above mentioned points. 4. Decision making is transferring to decentralization from centralization. MANAGEMENT STYLE OF MITCHELL'S One can elaborate the management style of any organization on the following grounds. Organizing Authority is shared. Planning Goals are set with a few deal of participation. 3. 5. . 1.

Authority is broadly defined in the Mitchell's. Communication flow is top-down and bottom-up. Controlling Individuals exercise some deal of self-control in the Mitchell's. Leading Managers practice participative leadership. internal references are also used for recruitment. Staffing People are selected on the basis of performance criteria. but not much extent. Training is in few functional areas. Focus on multiple criteria. But sometimes. .

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