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Products DS-TURVMP(EN)(01)


General Description
ELEDISA turbine and compressor integrated control
system provides an open platform complete control
system retrofits for gas turbine driven compressor
packages. ELEDISA control system is based on PLC
hardware and State Of de Art Specific Designed control
strategies/hardware from best turbine control system
companies developed to increase reliability and optimize
operation of turbine driven compressor packages.

ELEDISA control system retrofit includes sequencing, fuel gas controller, fuel gas valve retrofit, load sharing
strategy, DCS type human interface, trending, data logging, and system status checking.

ELEDISA control system is based on open hardware arquitectures for unit controller, and use State Of the Art
for load sharing and process optimization.

ELEDISA control strategy do not only takes into account units controller requirement but also process need
in order to increase customer profitability.

Control System Retrofit Features

Standard Hardware: Standard HMI interfaces:
Standard industrial hardware is easily available, less Operator Interfaces are developed using standard SCADA
expensive, and has less delivery schedule. software application, with standard tools with no need for
specific training, spare part, special license, and easily to
Control Reliability: update and expand.
Units Control strategy is loaded into PLC based controllers,
suitable for industrial application. There are loaded into

Open control capability:

Compressor anti-surge, Turbine fuel control, load control,
and unit sequencing algorithm are integrated into a standard
iindustrial hardware. Therefore the system is highly reliable
and combine best known and open platform with best
turbine / compresor control strategies is no need for special
spare part, training, and extra maintenance cost.
Allen Bradley, Siemens, and other well known PLC based
control system are using to load control algorithm.

Control System Retrofit Features

Process Optimization:
Software package it is installed on top of ELEDISA hardware control
systems to optimize overall process, looking the whole plant as the
process to be optimized and not only the turbine units.
• Precise flow or pressure control in each pipeline by automatically
varying each turbine's rotational speed.
• Reliable antisurge control and protection of compressors in any
operating mode (start-up, purge, idling, and shutdown with surge
Fuel and Antisurge Control System Signals
protection margins of less than 10 % of the surge limit flow).
• Minimization of recycling by effectively sharing the flow between
compressors. Start-up and sequencing Algorithm:
• Automatic limitation of station throughput to operate reliably at a • Electronic logic controllers executing algorithms for equipment
variety of turbine, compressor, and pipeline limits (maximum protection and sequencing of turbomachinery trains.
pipeline pressures, rotational speeds, and turbine exhaust-gas • Workstations providing the ability to monitor, archive, and
temperatures). reconfigure the control system.
• Updated field equipment connecting the new controllers to existing
Fuel regulation Algorithm : machines.
• In steady state, deviation of the turbine speed from its set point shall
not exceed 0.5 %.
Exhaust temperature monitoring and control Algorihtm:
Turbine Limiting Control
• To permit more efficient
• In response to a rise in the speed set point, the system shall not
allow an increase in speed after the exhaust-gas temperature has turbine operation and
exceeded its limiting control threshold by 0.5 % of the sensor span. to increase available power,
the new controllers
• In response to a rise in the speed set point, the system shall not
implement a predictive
allow an increase in speed after the air-compressor discharge
pressure has exceeded its limiting control threshold by 0.1 % of the
sensor span.
• It overrides the speed-control
• In response to a rise in the speed set point, the system shall not
loop when EGT exceeds
allow an increase in speed after the uncontrolled shaft speed has
a variable threshold
exceeded its limiting control threshold by 0.5 % of span.
control system configuration.

Compressor control strategies:

• Antisurge controllers calculate proximity-
• Multivariable functions invariant to
changes in suction temperature and
pressure, rotational speed, and gas
• Provides efficient protection under
changing conditions without requiring
seasonal adjustment.
• To minimize recycling without risking
surge, antisurge controllers react to
changes in the proximity-to-surge variable.

3 gas turbine driven units Station System architecture.

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