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Master Textile Limited

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Sir Mr. Fahad Javaid

Topic: Master Textile and HRM

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Master Textile Limited


We bow with humble gratitude before Allah the Almighty for providing us the ability to
complete this report in very short span of time. We are thankful to our teacher, Sir Fahad
Javaid for her keen interest and support in our studies and especially for the Cooperation
she extended towards the preparation of this report.
Finally, we are very thankful to Mr. Imran Manager Human Resources for
Master Textile Ltd. for his cooperation and time he spent with us. The practical
knowledge he gave us is also highly appreciable.


Master Textile Limited

Master Group History

Master Group of Industries was established in 1963 as a joint venture with Bayer A.G. of
Germany to manufacture foam mattresses. Today, the Group is one of Pakistan's most
dynamic Industrial concerns commanding well over 50% of the domestic foam market.
Even though the Group's mainstay is foam products, it as rapidly diversified into other
areas such as Textiles, Auto-motive parts, spring mattress production and General
Trading. The group has a fixed asset base of USD 20.00 million, annual turnover of USD
60.00 million and 5000 employees. The Master Group enjoys impeccable integrity both
in the international and domestic markets.

About us:

Master textile mills limited with annual sales in excess of USD 40.00 million is one of
Pakistan’s most reputable Textile Mills. Since our inception in 1993, we have more than
tripled our annual sales revenue. Our main markets are USA EUROPE and Middle East
with each market contributing approximately 30% to total sales.
Our product range include woven, non woven fabrics and made-up. In fabrics we do
Greige, Dyed, Printed fabrics for Apparel and Household Textiles. In Apparels we do
fashion wear and industrial worked wear fabrics. In home textiles we are doing quilts,
pillows, and bed sets. The philosophy behind our product range is to provide flexibility to
fulfill our customer requirements. We are one of the very first companies of Pakistan to
get Oeko-Tex 100, ISO 9000, ISO14000 and SA8000. We are also Lycra and Cool max
assured partner with DuPont. Our regular customers happened to be the top textile
brands/ departmental stores in Europe and America. Maintaining quality standards,
timely deliveries and individualized customer service are the hall marks of Master textile


Master Textile Limited

A Message from Management:

"Our aim & Object is to provide Textiles Products of Superb Quality coupled with the
services of unmatched Standards, Competitive Prices, Quick Sampling and Firm
Commitment to Ensure complete satisfaction of our Customers around the Globe.”


Our goal is to strengthen the exports from Pakistan. With this comes the challenge of
achieving international quality standards for both weaving and dyeing/finishing. Master
textile was not only able to achieve these standards, but in fact raised the benchmark for
both quality and reliability from Pakistan. The first of its kind state-of-art composite unit
in Pakistan was testament to the commitment of the group’s 30 year old motto of quality
and reliability. The company is striving to have socially accountable and environment
friendly operations and practices.


The group’s vision program includes expansion of the weaving, Dye house and garment
facilities. We see the broader challenge and opportunity to increase our share of
international business as the world moves toward globalization. We are developing poly
mattresses, cushions, quilts, bed sheets, bed spread, napkins, wadding, and non-woven
fabric facilities. We aim to invest in future focusing on the customer’s needs and intense
competition in the international markets.

Master Textile No. of Employees and Annual Turnover:

The Master Group enjoys impeccable integrity both in the international and domestic
markets. Master Textile Mills Ltd. is one of Pakistan’s most reputable textile mills.
Master Textile Mills Ltd. has almost five Thousand numbers of employees. We are one
of the very first companies of Pakistan, who got ISO 9000 certificate. Since our inception
in 1993, we have more than doubled our annual sales revenue. We are exporting Grey
Fabric mainly to U.S.A., Europe and Far East with each market contributing
approximately 30% to total Sales.
Our product range includes Greige fabrics, Dyed fabrics, Household Textiles and
Apparel Wear. The philosophy behind our product range is to provide flexibility to fulfill
our customer requirements.

• Yarn
• Fabrics
• Pants
• Work wear
• Home Textile


Master Textile Limited


Master Textile Limited

Human resource planning

Master Textile has a personal and administrative Department. Master Textile is one of
the biggest Textiles in Lahore. The total number of employees is almost five Thousand.
For the employees there is systematic in house training in home and abroad. To motivate
the employees, along with salary and benefits the company provides various facilities
like free meals , free transportation , 24 hour medical center , on site sports . Production
and accommodation facilities include full time supply of safe drinking water, adequate
lighting and ventilation facilities from sheet.

HR Practices of Master Textile

Job analysis

Job design



Training and Development

Performance Management/ Evaluation




Job analysis

Job analysis is the procedure for determining the duties and skill requirement of a job and
the kind of person who should be hired for it.
First of all, when some department need then supervisor or head of such Department are
send the one summery to HR department.
The supervisor or HR specialist of Master Textile normally collects one of the following
types of information:

Work activities
First he or she collects information about the job actual work activities such as
marketing, sewing, production. This list also include how, why and when the worker
performance each activity. In which they also define the job Title, job specification and
job responsibilities.


Master Textile Limited

Education and qualification

Collects the information about education background and qualification.

Experience must be needed for any job in Master Textile.

For Exmple:

Job Design

Job design is the process of structuring work and designating the specific work activates
of an individual or group of individuals to achieve certain organizational objectives.
The job design can generally be divided into three phases:
1. The specification of individual task.
2. The specification of the method of performing each task
3. The combination of individual tasks into specific job to be assign to individual

Organizational considerations for job design:

In the context of job design, to remain effective, organizations may have to redefine jobs,
monitoring, and using technology so that the firm can even compete against giant rivals.
Maximum outputs through minimum inputs of time, effort and other resources. In the
context of job design, efficiency in time, effort, labor costs, and training should be done

Recruitment process in Master Textile

Recruitment is the process trough which the organization seeks applicants for potential

Source of recruitment
There are two kinds of source Master Textiles uses for recruitment .They are

1. External source
2. Internal source
1. Internal source

Master Textile thinks that current employees are a major source of recruits for all but
entry-level positions. Whether for promotions or for ‘Lateral’ job transfers, internal
candidates already know the informal organization and have detailed information about
its formal policies and procedures. Promotions and transfer are typically decided by
operating managers with little involvement by HR department.


Master Textile Limited

Job-posting programs

HR departments become involved when internal job openings are publicized to

employees through job positioning programs, which informs employees about opening
and required qualifications and invite qualify employees to apply. The notices usually are
posted on company bulletin boards or are placed in the company newspaper.
Qualification and other facts typically are drawn from the job analysis information.
The purpose of job posting is to encourage employees to seek promotion and
transfers the help the HR department fill internal opening and meet employee’s personal
objectives. Not all jobs openings are posted .Besides entry level positions, senior
management and top stuff positions may be filled by merit or with external recruiting.
Job posting is most common for lower level clerical, technical and supervisory positions.

2. External source

When job opening cannot be filled internally, the HR department of Master Textile must
look outside the organization for applicants. We discuss all the external source of
recruitment at bellow:

Walk-ins and Write-ins:

Walk-ins are some seekers who arrived at the HR department of Master Textile in search
of a job; Write-ins are those who send a written enquire .both groups normally are ask to
complete and application blank to determine their interest and abilities. Usable
application is kept in an active file until a suitable opening occurs or until an application
is too old to be considered valid, usually six months.

Employee referrals:

Employees may refer job seekers to the HR department .Employee referrals have several
advantages .Employees with hard –to –find job skill may no others who do the same
Employee’s referrals are excellent and legal recruitment technique, but they tend to
maintain the status quo of the work force in term of raise, religions, sex and other
characteristics, possibly leading to charges of discrimination.


Want ads describe the job and the benefits, identify the employer, and tell those who are
interested how to apply .They are most familiar form of employment advertising .for
highly specialist requites, ads may be placed in professional journal or out of town
newspaper in areas with high concentration of the desired skills



Master Textile Limited

2.4 Internet
Master Textile Limited

Now today no body thinks anything without internet. So Master Textile give advertise at


Selection refers to the process by which it attempts to identify applicants with the
necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that will help the company
achieve its goals, companies engaging in different strategies need different types and
numbers of employees. The strategy a company is pursuing will have a direct impact on
the types of employees that it seeks to recruit and selection.

Application Form:

In this application form are collect the detail information from the candidate. In this form
company asked about details in every aspect. For example


Master Textile Limited


Master Textile Limited


Master Textile Limited

Pre-employment testing:

The employment testing process in Master Textiles is done by the industrial engineering
department. It is done by the following methods.

-Written test
-Practical application (Simulation Test)
In this system of testing the industrial engineering department of Master Textiles takes
the practical test of the new employee according to his job specifications and job
Comprehensive Interviews:

Applicants who pass through all required tests then they are taken for the comprehensive
interviews. The applicant may be interviewed by HRM interviewers, seniors, managers
within the organization, a potential supervisor, colleagues, or some or all of these. But in
Master Textiles four persons are included in the interview batch. One is CEO second is
HRM manager third is Line Manager or supervisor according to the applicant’s
department ad fourth is the head of the department. In this interview they ask the
different questions from the applicant about the skills, education, IQ level, general
knowledge, experience etc.
In this type of interview the interviewers also check the confidence and potential and
motivation about the job.
Mater Textile has the effective and efficient method of employee interview rating. For
this purpose they have made a form named as “Interview Rating Form”. It is given as


Master Textile Limited


Master Textile Limited

Conditional Job Offer:

Master Textile’s keeps the employees on basis of some specific conditions. Like on the
basis of time trials. Means for the lower grade jobs our organization gives 3 months trial
period for the condition of excellent machine performance. And for high or medium
grade jobs our organization gives 6 to 12 months trial period to check the performance of

Background Investigation:
When the new employees are selected then our organization (Master Textiles) are doing
background investigation. Master Textile calls to last company (which company
employee leave) and asked about the behavior of the employee. And also ask about
activities of the employee at last company.

Training and Development program of Master Textile

Training is a process of learning a sequence of programmed behavior. It is application of
knowledge. It gives people an awareness of the rules procedures to guide their behavior.
It attempts to improve their performance on the current job or prepare them for an
intended job.
Development is a related process. It covers not only those activities which improve job
performance but also those which bring growth of the personality; help individuals to the
progress towards maturity and actualization of their potential capacities so that they
become not only good employees but better men and women. In organizational terms, it
is intended to equip person to earn promotion and hold grater responsibility.

There are many types of method practices in Master Textile .we discuss that method at

On the job training

On the job training is a training that shows the employee how to perform the job and
allows him or her to do it under the trainer’s supervision
On the job training is normally given by a senior employee or a manager like senior
merchandiser or a manager. The employee is shown how to perform the job and allowed
to do it under the trainer’s supervision.

Job rotation
Job rotation is a training that requires an individual to teach several different some in a
work unit or department and performer each job for a specified time period.
In job rotation, individuals learn several different jobs within a work unit or department.
One main advantages of job rotation is that it makes flexibilities possible in the
department. When one employee like junior merchandiser absence another merchandiser
can easily perform the job.

Apprenticeship training


Master Textile Limited

Apprenticeship training provides beginning worker with comprehensive training in the

practical and theoretical expect of work required in a highly skilled occupation.
Apprenticeship program combined of the job and classroom training to prepare worker
for more than eight hundred occupation such as computer operator, sewing technician.

Length of selected apprenticeship courses of Master Textile

Occupation length (months)

1. High Management 6-12
2. Quality control manager 8
3. Quality control officer 8
4. Cutting Astt. Manager 7
5. Packing Astt. Manager 7
6. Ware house Astt. Manager 5
7. Production officer 3
8. Sewing Supervisor 5
9. Lower worker 6

Classroom training:

Classroom training is conducted off the job and probably the most familiar training
method .It is an effective means of imparting information quickly to large groups with
limited or no knowledge of subject being presented. It is useful for teaching factual
material, concepts principle other theories .portion of orientation programs, some expects
of apprenticeship training and safety programs are usually presented utilizing some form
of classroom instruction. More frequently however, classroom instruction is used for
technical, professional and managerial employee

Development of the human resources

The long term development of human resources as distinct from training for a specific
job is of growing concern to HR departments of Master Textile .Throw the development
of current employees the department reduces the company’s dependents on haring new
workers .if employees are developed properly the job openings found throw HR planning
are more likely to be filled internally promotions and transfers also show employees that
they have a career not just a job. The employee benefits from increased continuity in
operations and from employees who fail a greater commitment.
HR department is also an effective way to meets several challenges including employee
obsolescence, international and domestic diversity, technical challenges. Affirmative
action and employee turn over. By meeting these challenges the department can,
maintain an effective workforce.

Performance Management System


Master Textile Limited

In Performance Management System there are many activities are included but in which
Master Textile are simply reviewing that what an employee has done.
There are three purposes of
1. Establish Goal
2. feed back
3. documentation

Performance Appraisal:

Performance appraisal is the process of assessing employee’s past performance, primarily

for reward, promotion and staff development purposes.
‘Performance appraisal (is) a process that identifies, evaluates and develops employee
performance to meet employee and organizational goals.
Performance Appraisal doesn’t necessarily use to blame or to provide a disciplinary
action. Previous management theories used to view performance appraisal as a stick that
management has introduced to beat people. Performance appraisals are now more
clarified and they concentrate on developing organizational strengths and employee

Purpose of Performance Appraisal in Master Textile:

• To review past performance

• To assess training needs

• To help develop individuals

• To audit the skills within an organization

• To set targets for future performance

• To identify potential for promotion

• To provide legal & formal justification for employment decision

• To diagnose the hidden problems of an organization

Performance Appraisal Process

Who Appraises
• Supervisors
• Subordinates


Master Textile Limited

• Peers
• Clients/customers
• Self appraisal
• 180/360 degree approach


Master Textile Limited

Components of Compensation System

Compensation systems are designed keeping in minds the strategic goals and business
objectives. Compensation system is designed on the basis of certain factors after
analyzing the job work and responsibilities. Components of a compensation system are as

Figure 2: Components of compensation system of Master Textile

Model of Compensation Management

Job analysis Wage Act

Job description Job Wage Wage

Administration of Wage
& Specification Evolution Survey Structure

Performance Appraisal

Wage survey

Figure 3: Model of compensation management of Master Textile


Master Textile Limited

• Job Analysis: It is the procedure for determining the duties and skill
requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it. It can
also define as the process of carefully observing and estimate the nature of the job
then recording the details of he work performed.
• Job Description: A list of job duties, responsibilities, reporting relationships,
working conditions and supervising responsibilities – product of a job analysis.
This is actually a summery of the most important features of a job in terms of the
general nature of the work involved and the kinds of workers required to perform
it efficiently.
• Job Specifications: A list of jobs ‘human requirement” that is the requisite
education, skills, personality and so on- a product of job analysis.
• Job Evolution: A systematic compensation done in order to determine the worth
of one job relative to another.
• Wage Survey: Survey conducted with other employers in the same labor market
to determine pay levels for specific job categories.
• Wage structure: A pay scale showing ranges of pay within each grade or post.
• Administration of wage: in this particular term, whether administration is
following pre-developed wage structure or not, that is observe here.

Scenario of compensation management of Master Textile

There are actually different phrase of compensation management practiced by Master
Textile Ltd. These are explained as follows:

The Reward System of Master Textile:

An organization is formed to accomplish s specific mission. To do this, it must attract

and hire people who have certain knowledge, skills, aptitudes and attitude. Master
Textile, however, always try to attract candidate through reward system for only those
people who have certain and sound knowledge about any specific post as well.
To attract and retain such people, Master Textile provided rewards.
The reward system of Master Textile includes anything that any employee may value and
desire and the employer is able or willing to offer in exchange for employee
Master Textile, however, considers reward system as monitory system and in kind
payments constitute the compensation system of the organization.
Monitory payments can be the form of coin or in paper money or in the less tangible
form of checks or credit card.

Dimensions for Compensation System

Master Textile Limited

Compensation System

Pay for work &


Pay for time not worked

Loss-of-job income

Deferred income

Spouse (family) income


Income equivalent

Health, accident
, liability protection

Figure 4: Dimension for compensation system (Compensation system)

• Pay for work and performance: In Master Textile, the amount of money
provided by the employees normally dependence on he specific job requirements;
outputs that meet or exceed quantity, quality or timeliness standards; innovations
that might lead to improve the productivity; dependency; loyalty and some
combination of these items.
• Pay for time not worked: However, Master Textile Ltd. pays to their workers
for not only for their contribution for work, but also for their time. The
components of pay for time not worked significantly increase labor costs and also
enhance quality- of-work life opportunities for most employees.
• Loss-of-job income continuation: Job security is and always has been the
primary consideration for the most workers and Square mostly emphasize on this
criteria as well. The organization’s philosophy is that, not only accident and
sickness problems occur, but personal performance or interpersonal dynamics
problems might cause a temporary layoff or termination of employment. That’s
why Master Textile try to provide their employees a variety of components to
their employees like unemployment insurance, supplemental unemployment
benefits (SUBs) etc help unemployed workers subsist until new employment
opportunities arise.


Master Textile Limited

• Differed income: Most employees depend on some kind of employer –provided

program for income continuation after retirement. Master Textile provides these
programs for two basic reasons. First, most employees do not have sufficient
savings at retirement to continue the lifestyles they enjoyed while working.
Second, tax laws and regulations make differed income plans more appealing to
many employees.
• Spouse (family) income continuation: Most employees with family obligations
are concerned with what might happen if they are not longer to able to provide
money that will allow their families to maintain a particular standard of living.
That’s why Master Textile designed plans to provide dependants with income
when an employee dies or is unable to work because of total and permanent
• Health, Accident and liability protection: When a health problem occurs,
employees must be concerned not only with income contribution, but also with
payments for the goods and service required in overcoming the illness and
disability. So, here also Master Textile pay enough concern about certain issues.
• Income equivalent payments: Many of these components are frequently called
perquisites or “perks or bonus”. Employer cost for a specific portion of certain
perks is considered earned income to employee.