7 Loan Closing/ Collection Form 6. Designing 9.4 Cover sheet Form 6.1 DFD 9. Requirements and Analysis 6.8 Reports 7. Non Requirement Analysis 7. Features 5.1 Login Form 6.2 Goals 6. Tools and Technology 9. Objectives 3.3 Functioning 2.INDEX 1.4 Timing Requirement 8.2 Customer Entry form 6.1 Target Customer 1.3 Efficiency 7.1 Benefits 5.2 E-R Diagram 9. Database . Project Scope 5.3 Terms and Conditions Form 6.1 Security Requirement 7. Introduction 1.2 Administration 1.5 Customer Approval Form 6.2 Safety Requirement 7.6 Loan Issue Form 6. Advantage and disadvantages 4.3 Use Case Diagram 10.

Due to certain events these people may require money in bulk amount .as the capital in the business. 4. charging interest .000 each. Among the partners 1.e) Rs. These patrners invested Rs. 1. 25. 2. penalties in case of failure of payment of installment. One of them is an educated person and handles all the accounts of the business and keeps records of all the collections done and profit earned. One is responsible for the marketing and advertisement of the organization as well as for the authentication of the customers. 3. The organization focus on providing loan to its customer without the processing overhead of producing formalities for accruing the loan amount . y Administration The administration group of the organization comprises of four members. which is followed in other general loan providing banks. One is responsible for the recovery to be made in case of bad debt. The facility of organization include providing of loan . a sudden ceremony or education etc . y Target Customers The target customer of this organization are the people having daily income of about Rs.INTRODUCTION Micro Finance solution is a software developed for handling the transaction of loan providing organization.100 to Rs. These events may be an accident .00. (i. 500. . And the last one is the financer who invests all the money which the business demands beyond the capital amount . And because of very low income these people require loan.000.

Installment to be paid.y Functioning The Process grows as y y y y y Entering the details in the Database .000 per day. .00. Deciding the amount of loans to be provided. Duration of the loan. The finance system basically reduce the complexicity of the functioning of the organization as the turnover turns to be around Rs. 1. With the advertisement of the business the transactions become more complex and this software helps executing them efficiently. Mode of payment of the installments.

. It helps in managing the number of customer and their loan details. The daily payment scheme gives a convenient option to the customer for repayment of the loan amount along with the interest and penalties if any. 2.which for a lower middle class man become a financial as well as procedural burden.Objectives 1. 3. Proper and accurate calculation of the penalties and interest charged. 4. The software provides transparency of the transactions and the total collections per day to give clear view of the profit and loss. 5. 6. The main objectives is to omit the processing overhead of producing formalities for loan acquirement in any bank or similar . It gives details of regular installments to be paid by the customer .

Advantages y y y The overhead of customer for formalities id reduced. Beneficial for the organization as well as the daily installment give options to the organization to give loans through the money collected even when the capital amount is over which is a profit to the organization. Proper distribution of work is not achieved . weather it is payment of salaries of employees or profit estimation. . Disadvantages y y y y As per the policies proper authentication of the customer is not done which increase the possibilities of defaulters. as because all the work load is indirectly on the administrators.Advantages and Disadvantages The use of this software leads to several advantages and disadvantages in concerned organization. Relief for the target customer as because of easy repayment policies. The loan amount for the customers is limited as per their daily income. Cost incurred in training the receptionist or evevn other employees to work according to the policies.

Reduced risk of defaulters in the business. 7.Features It has the following features 1. Well described expenses and losses incurred in the processing of the business. 3. Accurate estimation customer details and retrieval of information for reference. 2. . Retrieval of information on one click and thus transparency in the proceedings. 6. 5. Proper details of the guarantor so as for avoiding bad debts. Well maintained customer details and retrieval of information for reference. Accurate estimation of losses and calculation of profit made on per day basis for efficient business advancement and growth. 4.

To increase the total turnover of the business and also to increase the profit. To make loans acquiring easy for the lower middle class man. Proper distribution of work lad between the administration group and the employees. Goals y y y y y The goal is to make the business smooth and more feasible to carryout. Effective business policies. . To reduce risks of bad debt and defaulters.Project Scope Benefits y y y y It reduces complexity of working. To reduce problem of formalities for the customer. Reduce work load for the employees .

iv. Guarantor Occupation. User Id . Amount of Loan ii. Customer Entry Form :. Guarantor Contact Number iii.This will provide user (Admin / Accountant / Collector) to login the system . Reference Name ii.This form contains the following fields : a. c. Birth Place v.This form will provide the facility to enter the customer information in the system. Last Name iii. Purpose of Loan. ii. following things may require. d. i. iii. 1. i. Buttons Login / reset. Loan Information i. c. Password Alpha Numeric (Invisible). i. Guarantor Name ii. First Name. Address Information. g. Defaulter Name ii. Date of Birth. Reference Number e. Contact No. Occupation / Source of Income f. Father Name vi. Income details . Qualification b. a. Login form :. Reference Information. Basic Information System. Daily Income ii.Requirement and Analysis According to the business problem . 2.Alpha Numeric. Defaulter s Account No . b. After Login user will get the screen according to their role. Default Information i. This form contains following section with different fields. Duration of Loan. h. Guarantor Information i. Phone information i.

Loan Issue Form :-This form will display customer details. Term and Condition will be displayed in not editable mode. Remark d. Cover Sheet Forms :a. Issued Amount b. Approval Amount b. Buttons Approval / Decline. Default Amount i. 6. a. Customer Approval Form :-In this form all user related information will be displayed in view following field. Buttons Save As Draft . 7. Approved loan details with following field a. Issued By Interest Collection . Cover sheet Text box. Term and Conditions Form :a. Approval Load Duration c.3. b. 4. Issue Time d. b. Not Agree. iii. Buttons Agree . Buttons. 5.Submit. Issue Date c. Cancel.

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