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June 24, 2009 at 7:02 am

Hello I am a student doing the CCNA cisco tests and I have got some questions from the CCNA 2 version 4.1 practice fianl exam. Can someone please answers these questions for me? Which action would a network security administrator take under the principle of least privilege? Provide users with access to only necessary resources. Encrypt all data for transmission across unsecured networks. Restrict all users except administrators to the lowest privilege level. Require authentication for access to all resources including files and folders. 3 A user at a high school sends a DNS request for the FQDN http://www.cisco.com. The local DNS server at the school district office checks its cache and finds no record. What will the local DNS server do next? send a DNS query to a root DNS server send a DNS query to a DNS server that manages the HOSTS file send a DNS query to a DNS server that manages the .com top level domain send a DNS query to a DNS server that manages the cisco.com top level domain 4 What is a characteristic of the EIGRP routing protocol? It has a hop count limitation that makes it suitable only for small, simple networks that consist of fewer than 15 hops. It does not include subnet mask information in routing updates. It builds the topology table based on all of the advertisements from its neighbors. It maintains a full database of distant routers and the methods by which they interconnect. 5 What function would a server running the RADIUS protocol provide to a router that is configured with AAA? It saves accounting information about who accessed what resource and at what time it was accessed. It contains the database that network devices use to authenticate users trying to gain access to the network.

The technician observes that the lights and fan on the router are not operational. It contains the MIB that devices use to keep information about themselves and network performance. the technician decides to investigate the router. Which problem could cause this result? excessive noise duplex mismatch incorrect NIC driver oversize network diameter 11 Which address does a switch use for implementing port security? the source IP address the source MAC address the destination IP address the destination MAC address 12 What is the function of the service password-encryption command in the Cisco IOS? encrypts passwords sent over serial interfaces validates encrypted passwords by the use of an authentication server . What is an advantage to this approach? works well for simple problems quickly resolves user-related issues easiest to use in a multi-vendor environment targets the problem layer more quickly than other methods do 8 After an unsuccessful ping to the local router. An experienced network technician has decided to use a divide-and-conquer approach to troubleshooting a network problem. a network administrator notices a large number of CRC errors but few collisions.It lists the commands that a particular user is authorized to execute on the network device. In which layer of the OSI model is the problem most likely occurring? transport network data link physical After issuing the show interfaces command.

What equipment type does the router represent? . It outlines the process to resolve planned incidents. the ISP technician verifies the router to ensure that the router configuration is not altered from the original configuration by the network administrator of the customer. It outlines the termination costs according to the budget cycle of the customer. It does not provide acknowledgment of receipt of data. It outlines the management. and maintenance of a network.encrypts passwords for transmission across insecure networks prevents passwords in configuration files from being easily read 13 Which two statements are correct about the UDP protocol? (Choose two.) It utilizes a flow control mechanism. It uses windowing. 21 When troubleshooting a connectivity issue for the WAN connection between the headquarters and a branch office of a customer. monitoring. It guarantees the sequential arrival of data packets.) resolvers hosts file DHCP client DNS servers domain namespace DNS name translator Which characteristic describes a function of Data Transfer Process in FTP? initiates the TCP connection passes control information to the server keeps the control system open until closed by the user closes connection automatically when the file transfer is complete 17 Which AAA process requires users to prove their identity with a username and password to gain access to a network? accounting authorization authentication acknowledgment Which statement correctly describes the importance of an SLA? It outlines the range of services received by the ISP. It is a connectionless protocol. Which three items are considered components of DNS? (Choose three.

The UDP authentication process is faster than the process that is used by TCP. A session with a destination is established. 24 What happens when a segment is encapsulated into a packet? Data is converted to bits for transmission. UDP utilizes a more efficient error checking mechanism than TCP. WLAN. ATM. A header with logical addresses is added.CPE POP IXP CSU/DSU 22 When a user issues the command ping –a 64.102.) Syslog Telnet HTTP HTTPS SNMP . Wi-Fi. The destination port number is specified. The TCP verification process adds more transmissions during the file transfer.240.242 in a command prompt window. Which layer of the OSI model handles common protocols and technologies including Ethernet. which database will a DNS server search for the matching record? reverse lookup zones forward lookup zones domain name search zones domain address search zones 23 What contributes to the fact that transmitting a file using TCP will take longer than transmitting the same file using UDP? UDP does not need to add a header to a data packet. and PPP? Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 7 30 Which two protocols allow network devices to report their status and events to a centralized network management device? (Choose two.

It verifies Layer 3 connectivity. 32 While troubleshooting a connectivity issue between two directly connected routers. It measures the time that elapses between when the request packet is sent and the response packet is received. It determines where a packet is lost on the path from the source to the destination. the network administrator checks the encapsulation settings on the serial interfaces of both routers.) It guarantees datagram delivery. It acknowledges the receipt of TCP segments. Which layer of the OSI model is the administrator troubleshooting? application layer network layer data link layer physical layer 33 Which cable type provides a foil shielding to protect from outside electromagnetic interference? STP UTP coaxial fiber-optic 34 When should an ISP helpdesk technician start documentation during the customer troubleshooting process? when the issue is resolved when the technician answers the initial call from the customer who reports a problem when it is necessary to create a work order so that the onsite technician can visit the customer site when the technician cannot resolve the issue and the case needs to be escalated to the next level technician Which protocol defines the types of messages that a client uses to request a web page and the messages a server uses to respond to those requests? FTP TCP HTTP HTML .Which two statements are correct about the ICMP packet that is used by the ping command? (Choose two.

Which WAN connection type is best suited to its needs? SONET T3 T1 DSL leased line A network administrator is asked to design a system to allow simultaneous access to the Internet for 250 users. where will the router look for it next by default? . What technology can the administrator use to accomplish this task? classful subnetting variable length subnet masks classless interdomain routing port-based Network Address Translation 43 Which WAN connection provides a dedicated circuit with fixed bandwidth available at all times? point-to-point circuit-switched packet-switched cable 44 A network technician begins troubleshooting by checking the status of the light on the network interface card on the web server. The ISP can only supply five public IP addresses for this network.37 When does a router enter the setup mode? when the Cisco IOS is missing in flash when the configuration is missing in NVRAM when the setup command is run from the user mode when the boot system command is missing in the configuration 38 A small tire retailer requires a low-cost WAN connection to its headquarters in order to manage its inventory and process customer sales in real time. Which troubleshooting method is the technician using? top-down bottom-up divide-and-conquer from hardware to software 45 If the start-up configuration is not found in NVRAM.

flash ROM RAM TFTP server .

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