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Awareness Campaign on Environmental Issues in Government Schools of Lalitpur and Kathmandu
(On the occasion of Environment day, June 5, 2011)

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Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASD) Sankhamool, Kathmandu E-mail:

polluting the environmental resources. forestry. people throw waste haphazardly. Moreover. The overall goal of the ASD is to establish an economically well-sustained society maintaining ecological balance. Today. ASD anticipates contributing for sustainable community development with vigorous research and action in environment. Members of ASD focus towards the establishment of an equitable society that appreciates and respects inherent individual human dignity with balance ecology addressing Millennium Development Goal. If we keep on loving our nature and follow the path shown by the nature. tree-planting. then the behavior we inherit at the early stage will remain forever and the lessons can be handed over to the future generation. Therefore. One of the sector in which education lags behind is the practice of environment-friendly behavior at the community level. re-duce. . agriculture and social issues. Introduction A clean and green environment is a major concern for each and every nation around the world. this project is carried out to raise awareness among the students so that they practice environmentally friendly behavior in their school and at their household level such as concept of 4R principles of waste management (re-use. these unhealthy and unhygienic practices need to be brought to an end to create a healthy environment. they don’t practice healthy hygienic behavior. people still are unconscious about the healthy environment due to their negative attitude and behavior.1. We also know that bottom up teaching practices is an effective way to disseminate message within the community – children bring their knowledge home and share it eagerly with their family and communities. This is because the teaching practice is limited to theoretical knowledge only. its issues and the measures taken to preserve the environment. public health. 2. Although people have reasonable access to information on the environment. environmental problems and the preventive measures to keep environment safe. personal hygiene behavior (handwashing) and safe drinking water. re-think). there is only little change in attitude and practice to create clean and safe environment. Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASD) is a non-profit non-governmental organization established in 2010. cleaning the surrounding. Therefore. Although children are taught about their surroundings. Rationale We all are aware that we develop our personal and moral behavior if we work in harmony with nature. recycle.

Awareness raising activities will be conducted in school and high priority will be given to the students of class 6 and 7. The specific objectives of the project will be as follows: • • • To provide training of trainers (ToT) to the volunteers about current environmental issues and preventive measures To create awareness about the clean and safe environment by disseminating knowledge about environmentally friendly behavior to the students To transform the knowledge of sustainable hygiene behavior from children to their household level To demonstrate the concept of 4R principles to the students To conduct clean up campaign within the school • • 4. Duration of the campaign May 30 to June 5 (7 days) 6. Project sites Four government schools will be selected in Lalitpur and Kathmandu Municipality in close coordination with Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City and Kathmandu Metropolitan City. 5. Expected Outputs Following will be the expected outputs of the awareness campaign: • • Altogether 12 volunteers will be trained on environmental issues who will further train 120 students in 4 schools Students will be made aware on the current environmental problems and develop their skills and knowledge on how to prevent environment . Goal and Objectives The major goal of the project is to create awareness on environmental issues by involving the student in environmentally friendly practices.3.

• Create awareness on fuel saving in main junction of the road when there is red traffic light June 1 School Health and environmental classes June 2 June 3 June 4 Creative Art class from waste (Re-use. temple areas) • Awareness raising in the community • Tree plantation in the name of the student • Demonstration on three critical times of hand-washing • Waste collection at Basantapur and Mangalbazar in a distance of 50m gap and reward the users with sapling. natural resources) • Various environmental issues • Preventive measures • Interaction with students • Environmental games Practical knowledge: • Re-cycling waste paper • Making paper bags. Re-cycle and Re-think) Art Competition (Near river bank) Clean-up Campaign/ Plantation/ Handwashing June 5 Awareness Raising .• • Students will develop a concept of “Learning by doing” and will replicate their knowledge at their individual household It will create awareness at mass level 7. drinking water spots. Implementing Plan Following will be the activities of the campaign: Date Planned Activities Description May 30-31 Training of Trainers • Introduction to environment. Reuse. Re-cycling. postcard and slogan • Paintings regarding environmental issues focusing on Bagmati river • School clean-up (Toilet. Rethink) theoretical and practical • Personal hygiene behavior such as hand-washing • Safe drinking water • Introduction to environment (surroundings. Re-duce. playground)  Surrounding (Roads. associated problems and preventive measures (ToT) to volunteers • 4R principles (Reduce.

5 4. masking tape) Creative Art class from waste (Re-use.) 3.4 4.3 4 4.) 200 40 1000 1000 1000 50 LS Total Budget(Rs.4 5. Budget Breakdown S.200 640 2000 1000 2000 700 2500 Contribution Training of Trainers (ToT) to volunteers Lunch Stationary Hall Banner Resource person School Health and Environmental classes Transportation Stationary (chart paper.400 600 10. 1 1.800 1. Reduce.4 1.7 5 5. tape.500 8.2 3.2 1. marker.000 2. colors etc.6 5.000 2.1 3.4 schools Art paper Pencil Water Color Transportation Refreshment Banner Gift Clean-up Campaign/Plantation/ Hand-washing Bucket etc Broom Gloves (4 packets) Mask (2 packets) Soap 14 2 4 80 100 80 20 100 1 LS 40 40 4 2 30 200 4 50 1000 1000 10 5 20 50 50 1000 LS 200 50 700 700 20 50 600 700 2000 4000 800 500 1600 1000 5000 1000 1.000 2.1 2.• Disseminate message to the passengers not to throw the waste out of the vehicle in the major highway • Students with astray at the main junction and people who throw cigarette waste in the astray will be rewarded 8.400 ASD Refreshment Banner .5 2 2.3 4.2 4.) Art Competition (Near river bank) .3 5.1 5.No. Re-cycle and Re-think) -4 schools Transportation ASD ASD ASD Resource person Miscellaneous (glue.5 5.6 4.2 5.7 Program Unit 16 16 2 1 2 14 LS Rate (Rs.1 1.1 4. scissor.2 3 3.3 1.

1 6.2 6.940 Awareness Raising Dustbin/ Astray Transportation Refreshment Banner Ribbon for plant TOTAL Total: NRs Sixty seven thousand nine hundred and forty only 9.4 6. Contact persons a) Anjani Joshi b) Bikash Maharjan c) Rajesh Byanjankar (9841668956) (9841347037) (9803685985) .500 3.000 2.3 6.5 Transportation for volunteers LS 30 20 50 4 1 LS 100 50 50 600 200 1.8 6 6.000 1.500 2400 200 67.5.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and support.May 18. This is to inform you that Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASD) has proposed to implement the program “Awareness Campaign on Environmental Issues in Government Schools of Lalitpur and Kathmandu” from May 30 to June 5. 2011 To. As we are collecting fund from various organizations. The Chairperson ……………………………………………………. we would like to request you to partially fund for the project activities to make the campaign successful. ……………………………………………………. Subject: Request to release partial fund for environment campaign Dear Sir/ Madam. The program has been designed in such a way that the message will be disseminated to large audience through various awareness activities. Sincerely. I look forward to hear positive response from you. 2011. ………………………… Bikash Maharjan Program Coordinator .

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