Maintenance Performance Toolbox


increase productivity and performance. in a shift. and even multimedia — an enhancement to the technical publications department. . And Boeing has a set of LIFECYCLE SOLUTIONS focused on operational performance that can help your maintenance. Active links within 2D and 3D system diagrams and structural models take you directly to the information you need. As a Boeing LIFECYCLE SOLUTION. in the time allotted. services. The Maintenance Performance Toolbox is easy to use. graphics. products. and support that will help you achieve success and maximize the value of your Boeing fleet through its life. that is. engineering. The Toolbox’s integrated authoring system handles text. and flight operations personnel perform their work in the most effective manner possible. the Maintenance Performance Toolbox goes far beyond your expectations for airplane maintenance software. Maintenance Performance Toolbox will change what you expect to accomplish — in an hour.MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE ToolBox Turning inforMATion inTo ACTion raise Your Expectations Boeing delivers lifECYClE SoluTionS. increasing efficiency and profitability. The Maintenance Performance Toolbox helps engineers efficiently process vital day-to-day tasks. data. It’s a whole new category of maintenance tool — an integrated suite of applications that do for airline maintenance operations what integrated text. and graphics suites did for the front office.

• Designed to link aircraft fault data to specific maintenance actions. Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM). Airline operational Challenge Quick and easy access to tail-specific maintenance information Solution Systems. • Improved productivity through information sharing with MRO partners. Structural Repair Manual (SRM). and reuse of airplane repairs through 3D structural imaging. • Designed to reduce repair turnaround times. role-based approach that allows users to solve specific problems across process. • Provides quick access for research. and maximize knowledge transfer and retention.Specifically designed to improve maintenance performance. analysis. Authoring • Reduction of man-hours in approval process • More efficient maintenance practices • Automation of approval routing and notification . eliminate redundant tasks. • Includes key maintenance documents: Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog (AIPC). Structures • Reduce costly errors • Avoid noncompliance fines • Improved process time of approvals • Single source of information • Standardized and organized • Full audit trail and regulatory reporting • Automation of approval routing and notification Customization of maintenance program Tasks. Structures Value/Benefit • Increase employee efficiency • Improved savings in manpower research • Reduce costly errors • Significant savings in training of new employees feature • Intelligent graphics linked to work instructions • Faster. • Full audit trail and regulatory reporting capability. departmental. • Cross-document searching for tail-specific information. Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM) or System Schematic Manual (SSM). and organizational boundaries. and Maintenance Task Cards. • Integrated. Fault Isolation Manual (FIM). more accurate research within a document or across all documents • Single source of information • Repeatable process for new hires and business partners Maintain regulatory compliance Tasks.

Boeing undertakes responsibility for the digital tools and delivery of information and you reap the benefits of improved operational performance. Anytime • Hosting on MyBoeingFleet relieves systems operator’s burden and ensures 24/7 access. reliability. Operators using Maintenance Performance Toolbox realize the benefits of a maintenance support solution designed to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their maintenance and engineering staff.com.on line: Available Anywhere. • Real-time information updates ensure access to the most current technical information. availability. You can enjoy the benefits of Toolbox without large capital expense. Toolbox is a hosted service delivered through MyBoeingFleet. The system is designed using an industry-standard architecture to ensure maximum security. and scalability. Toolbox is billed with fleet-based pricing and annual subscription invoicing. .

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