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Weekly Update
This Sunday
Life Tidings
What news? What
progress? What future This Issue:
awaits? Let’s consider - This Sunday
what questions can be
- RE News
answered and which
- Board News
remain uncertain.
- Flowers
- Caring
- Bylaw News
- Budget News
Budgets, Bylaws, and Board Elections, OH MY! - General
Annual Meeting: Sunday, May 22nd — 1:00 pm , Sanctuary Assembly
Lunch and nursery/child care provided. Please contact Monica Rizzo - Annual Meeting
to RSVP for nursery/child care.
- Thank You
The proposed agenda, according to our current bylaws, is as follows:  - 8 Day Schedule

1) Approval of 2010-11 annual meeting and congregational minutes

Click here for view/download copies of all minutes. 
Religious Education
2) Presentation and approval of 2011-2012 budget News
3) Committee and congregational reports The RE committee has
4) Bylaws revisions presentation and vote officially formed a trial
5) 2011-12 Board of Trustees Election book club and will be
reading Religious Literacy:
Click here to view FINAL DRAFTS What Every American
Needs to Know-And Doesn't
The right to vote shall be limited to those at least 16 years of age who by Stephen Prothero. For
have been members for at least 30 days and have made a recorded, more details contact
prorated minimal contribution for the current fiscal year to the Monica at
congregation at least 30 days prior to the meeting.


FLOWERS (GA) in Charlotte, NC, June presentation and adoption of

Have you ever wanted to 22-26? the 2011-2012 budget, 2) bylaws
donate flowers for our sunday We still have delegate revisions presentation and vote,
services but just couldn’t find credentials for 2 more (plus 1 3) and election of 2011-2012
the time to arrange it? Please alternate) up for grabs. Board of Trustees. Nursery and
call Iris Massey who is taking Financial sponsorship is childcare will be available.
donations toward Sunday available. Click here for more
flowers and she will arrange details about GA. Contact THANK YOU UUCM
everything. (305) 661-8482 David Traupman before May Jesse Walters would like to
27th at 305-758-3067 if you are express his appreciation for the
CARING COMMITTEE interested in being a delegate. support he received from so
many members of our
Please sign up for services
ANNUAL congregation during his recent
provisions for the Caring
CONGREGATIONAL run for City Council in Miami
Committee up date- we need
MEETING Shores. He was elected, with
everyone who had volunteered
to provide services int eh past The UUCM’s Annual Meeting 681 votes, unseating an
will be held on May 22, 2011 incumbent who had a voting
and all newcomers to add their
from 1-3pm in the Sanctuary. record that was often at odds
names to the most appropriate
The right to vote, as stated in with the gay community.  Jesse
list which is posted on the
bulletin board next to the our ByLaws, shall be limited to says that, including spouses, 22
kitchen. See Connie Bartels, those at least 16 years who have members of our church helped
been members for at least 30 financially, contributing $585,
Caring Committee Chair with
any questions. days and have made a recorded, and many others volunteered,
prorated such as the Reyes-Roman
GENERAL ASSEMBLY minimal contribution for the family and Monica Rizzo who
current fiscal year to the babysat for Jesse and David's
Interested in being a UU
delegate at General Assembly Congregation at least 30 days daughter Faith. So Jesse says
prior to the meeting. Proposed "Thanks!".
agenda items include: 1)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

19 20 21
7:30pm- 7pm- Social 10am- Gentle
Choir Justice Yoga, R3
Practice, S Meeting, ER 6:30pm- RE Book
Club, ER

22 23 24 25 26
9:30am- Spiritual 10am- Gentle 6:30pm- 10am- Gentle 7:30pm-
Yoga, S Yoga, R3 Choir Legend:
Reality, ER Buddhist
Reflections, 12pm- Lunch Practice, S ER = Emerson Room
11am- Service, S
ER Bunch, ER S = Sanctuary
1pm- Annual Meeting, S
6:30pm- Drolma NE= No Events
Meditation, R3

Thanks to these members and friends who've already committed to
ensuring our 2011-2012 stewardship campaign is a success!
Won't you please join them?
Yvonne & Derrick Arias June Harbett Andrea Mustelier
John Asgeirson Martha Harrison Barbara Nelson
Connie Bartels Gisela Haynes Reed Olszack
Nannette Bartels Mary Frances Haynes Nancy Overholser
Rey Baumel Bob Jacober Syd Parham & Stephanie Robbins
Charles Bishop & David & Melissa Jacobs Julie Prentice
Maria Poviones-Bishop Selva Joseph Sally Vann Pyle
John Bost Eva Kahn Carol & Jeff Reiter
June Britton Carol Klopfer Raquel Reyes & Gustavo Roman
Pat Brown Kay Kuge David Roelant
Carolyn Brownstein Pat Leslie Jan Roelofs
Tim Buchholz & Anna Nummelin Alice Lingswiler Emily Sokoloff
Lauralyn Bunn Trish Maggio Rex Thompson
Ann & Dick Burnside Lucy Margolis Rosemary Timmony
Bud & Jeanne Conlin Lily Marlatt Page Tower
John Cunningham Nelson Martinez David Traupman & Jesse Walters
Ruth Dickman Iris Massey Ruth Trencher
Richard Duncan Margaret McAlister Thelma Tucker
Martha Dominguez Janice McArthur Bill Turner & Barbara Woshinsky
Bezel Evoy Paul McCabe Sterling Waiters
Luigi Ferrer & Art Friedrich Patricia Mellerson Ruth Wells
Carol Gassaway Lynn Montgomery Beth Wiggert
Renee M. Goertzen & Andrew Pearson Gregg & Lidia Moore Roger Williams
Clara Halstead Cheryl Koenig & Ben Morgan Eugene & Marilyn Wine
Susan Hangge Lori Mulrooney


We are only $34,700 away from our pledge goal of $125,000.
You are invited to commit today so we can move forward with a fully-funded budget starting July 1st!
It is important for EVERY member and friend to complete a card to: indicate your desired membership
status for the coming year • update your contact information • choose how you wish to receive
communications • pledge for the July 2010- June 2012 church year.


Questions? See Finance VP David Roelant or Reverend Drew Johnston.
Please contact Office Administrator Susie Green
at or 305-667-3697 if you need a pledge card. * As of May 17h.