Espíritu Santo University of Specialties UEES Espíritu Santo University Faculty of Law, Politics and Development (SEAL: UEES

Espíritu Santo University) In the name of the Republic of Ecuador and by the authority of the Law, declares that, since Héctor Yépez Martínez Has fulfilled all the legal, academic and regulatory requirements established for the modality of presenciales studies, grants the Title of Attorney of the Courts of the Republic So that he shall be acknowledged as such, and shall have the honors and rights that he is entitled to according to the law. Given in Samborondón, province of Guayas, Ecuador, on October 15, 2009 Under the seal of the Institution, signed by the Dean, authorized by the Headmaster and certified by the General Secretary. (SIGNATURE) Dr. Juan Trujillo Bustamante Dean (SIGNATURE) Dr. Carlos Ortega Maldonado M.Sc. Headmaster (SIGNATURE) Lic. JorgePáez Galárraga General Secretary UEES

(REVERSE) (SEAL: UEES) Registered on page 15.068 of the Registration Book of Attorneys, in the Provincial Court of Justice of Guayas, according to the order issued by the President of the Court, on January 4, 2010. Guayaquil, January 4, 2010. The Secretary of the Court (SIGNATURE) (SEAL: Abg. Myrtha Elena Chang Chang Secretary of the Presidence Of the Provincial Court of Justice of Guayas) (SEAL: Provincial Court of Justice of Guayas Presidence) Espíritu Santo University of Specialties Registered with the number 3483 of page number 1907in the Book of Titles Registration of UEES on October 15, 2009. (SEAL: National Counsel of Superior Education Technical Administrative Secretary Guayaquil) CONESUP National Counsel of Superior Education Date: 05-01-2010 I hereby certify that the signatures of the Headmaster and/or General Secretary or their representatives, are authentic and are registered in the institutional academic system. No. T0027385 Price $15.00 USD (SIGNATURE) Technical Administrative Secretary

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