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1 Profile

I’m a passionate Web Developer and User Experience Designer, with over two years of experience in web applications and user interface design and develop- ment.

2 Personal Information


Nicol´as Sanguinetti


March 27th, 1985




Canelones 810 / 3

Phone Number:

Montevideo, 11100 Uruguay (+598 99) 86.29.30 (Mobile)

(+598 2) 901.32.23 (Home) Email:

3 Skills

I’m a really versatile person, always trying to learn something new to widen my repertoire.



I work with a wide array of programming languages, under the premise that each problem has a solution best expressed in a particular language.

Ruby / Ruby on Rails: Almost a year of Ruby and Rails experience building mostly small projects. But I have the knowledge to build what it takes. I understand the language and the framework, the concepts of keeping everything DRY, of RESTful design and why iterative develop- ment and refactoring are important.

PHP: Two to three years of experience building applications and dynamic websites, some large applications for the companies I worked. I mostly disklike the language for its poor approach to maintainability but work on it nonethelees.

Databases: Design, optimization and maintainance of MySQL servers.

Object Oriented Design: Design, refactoring, Test Driven Develop- ment, UML.

Version Control System: Comfortable with Subversion at both user and administrator level, and CVS at user level.

Python, Perl, Bash: The basic skills needed to know my way around linux servers and their day-to-day administration.

Apache: Administration of apache web servers.

C/C++: Slight knowledge in both languages.


3.2 User Interface Development

I’m passionate about user interface design and development, specially when it comes to build humane/usable applicaition front-ends. I also beleive strongly in the need for accessible applications, knowing the standards and common techniques needed to develop highly accessible interfaces.

(X)HTML and CSS: I know inside-out all “flavors” of HTML/XHTML and “both” (and what’s to know about the third) CSS specifications, and I’m also aware of cross-browser issues and their workarounds.

JavaScript: I’m a JavaScript all-around ninja, knowing not only the language but also its structure and the browser compatibility problems that haunt JavaScript development (ok, that was a little too much drama - but I do know my way around JavaScript and its browser problems). I’ve played with prototype since 1.4.0 was the new and shiny thing, and I know my as good as the back of my hand.

AJAX: Over a year working with AJAX to enhance usability of web applications and take them to the next level in user experience. (Thanks, Prototype, though I did work with bare XMLHttpRequests before I found the wonderful framework).

Internationalization and Localization: Good knoledge of the involved techniques, and working with unicode.

3.3 Systems Administration

I’ve been administering a Gentoo home network for a long time, and I’m also fluid in Debian’s configuration and maintaiance. I also handle Windows at admin-level without inconvenients.

3.4 Miscellaneous

I can speak a little Photoshop, Illustrator, The Gimp, CorelDRAW and Flash, having a bit of graphic design knowledge, although I’m in no way able to design, for example, logos.

4 Work Experience

Replayful: October 2006 - current (

A design studio that creates fun and highly interactive web applications, mostly in Flash.

I’ve been hired to work as the User Interface developer and designer for the company’s last web2.0-ish project (which is still in its stealth stage, hopefully not for much longer). I handle the XHTML, CSS and JavaScript development, the integration of back end and and front end, and the interaction of Flash and JavaScript where they mix. I also handle part of the webserver administration, being the Linux-geek of the company.


EasyLabs: March 2006 - October 2006 (

The company develops for the mobile platform, offering text-message ori- ented services.

My work involved maintaing an admin platform in php, and the design and development of various subsystems for our off-shore clients in php and Ruby / Rails. I also designed developed web interfaces using extensive JavaScript, AJAX, CSS and semantic, accessible XHTML.

c SOHO: July 2005 - March 2006 (

The company designs and develops web applications and websites since 1996, having as a main goal and concern in all its projects the user expe- rience.

I worked on hand coding XHTML templates for websites and application interfaces, migrated existing applications to use JavaScript and AJAX in efficient ways to improve their usability, and also developed systems using php/MySQL.

5 Studies

I’m majoring in Computer Science in Facultad de Ingenier´ıa 1 , finishing my third year, soon to get an intermidate degree as an Programmer Analyst, and two years away from obtaining my Enginnering degree. Also, in my free time I study Physical Sciences as a hobby at Facultad de Ciencias 2 , though the lack of extra time has halted my advance towards my degree.

6 Work references

1. Ignacio Facello: Senior Developer – Blue telecon.

Work number: (+598 2) 902 2297 - Email:

2. Gonzalo Rubio: User Experience Designer – c SOHO.

Work number: (+598 2) 707 9161 - Email:

3. Fernando Doglio: Senior Developer – WazzUp

Work number: (+598 2) 628 8877 - Email: