May  18,  2011


LEGENDARY  -­‐  MLM  Network  Marketer  Rejoins  Shaklee  33  Years  Later
Dallas,  Texas:   Legendary   networker,   Art  Meakin,  began  his  official  MLM   Network   Marke>ng  career   in   1975-­‐1979  by  joining   Shaklee.  Meakin’s  ini>al  exposure  to  Shaklee   products  was  in  1969,  at  the  age   of   15,  when  his  father  brought  home  several  Shaklee  nutri>onal  and  home-­‐care  products  recommended  by   a  friend  of  the  family. Meakin   is  most  well-­‐known  for   the  pioneering  direct   marke>ng   mail-­‐order  promo>ons  of   the  late  80’s   and   early   90’s  with   The   Shocking   Truth   About™   MLM   Network   Marke7ng   newsleNer,   magazine   ads,   post-­‐cards,   and   the   $100,000   Home-­‐Based   Business   Manual.   These   promo>ons   allowed   Meakin   to   achieve   the  #1  Distributorship   in   1994   with  the  J.R.   Watkins  company   which  was  125   years  old  when   Meakin  joined  Watkins  in  1990. In  1998  Meakin   started   a   MLM   Network   Marke>ng   company   providing   lead   genera>on,   training,  and   unique  generic  recrui>ng  systems  to  assist  anyone  in  any   networking  company   to  build  a  successful  sales   organiza>on.  U>lizing  Meakin’s  direct  marke>ng   and  Internet  marke>ng  techniques,   within  90  days   of   launching,   the  company   grew   to   over   56,000   associates.   Meakin   has  an  extensive   successful  resumé   since  1975   not  only  full-­‐>me  for  23  years  as  a  networker  in  the  field  but  has  also  held   posi>ons  as  CEO,   President,   Execu>ve   Vice   President,   VP   Business   Development,   and   IT   Director   for   tradi>onal   and   networking  companies  as  well. In  May  2011,  acer  33  years  since   being  involved  with  Shaklee  ini>ally,  Meakin  joined  Shaklee  again  and   began  developing   a  leadership   group,   replicated  marke>ng  systems,   and  promo>onal   plans  (including   Internet  and  tradi>onal  coopera>ve  adver>sing   with   radio,  TV,  billboards,   etc.,  to   generate  interest   in   Shaklee  based  on  the  “transfer-­‐buying”  concept...  listen  to  radio  spot  at  ). The  decision  to  join  Shaklee  was  based  foremost  on  the  stability  of  Shaklee  being   in  business  since  1956.   Addi>onally,   Shaklee   has   an   established   quality   line   of   300+   “transfer-­‐buying”   type   products,   the   average  customer  purchases  Shaklee  products  for   14  years,  and  an  excep>onal  new  compensa>on  plan   launched   in   October   2010.   Shaklee   has   a   young   ambi>ous   and   visionary   new   owner,   has   the   commitment   of   going   into   50   countries   over   the   next   few   years,   and   the   company   is   suppor>ve   -­‐   progressive  -­‐  innova>ve  when  it  comes  to  marke>ng  (direct  marke>ng  and  Internet  marke>ng). When   interviewed   recently   about   the   networking   business  model   and   the   decision   to   join   Shaklee,   Meakin  stated:  “The  MLM  network  marke>ng  business  model,  poten>ally,  has  amazing  promise  for  the   person  to  independently   leverage  their  >me  and   earn   an  excellent  part-­‐>me  to  full-­‐>me  income  from   home.  The  challenge  for  most  networkers  today   is  finding  a  company   that   has  the  stability   to   provide   the  security  of   a  solid  income  for  the  rest   of  our  lives  and  at  the  same  >me...  a  company,  sponsor,  and   upline   that   is   innova>ve   and   visionary   enough   to   offer   an   explosive   opportunity   for   growth   and   progression.  Shaklee  is  just  that  kind  of  company  and  I  feel  like  I’ve  come  home...  finally.” Contact:  Art  Meakin 817.522.3927  office skypeid  =  artmeakin

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