Rama , Lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughana were born to Dashratha, King of Ayodhya. As the sons of the King, it was their duty to become soldiers, and thus to educate them, Dashratha chose Sage Vashist. Rama's skills with the bow & arrow became popular.

One day Sage Vishwamitra came to Dashratha and sought Rama's help to fight the demons who made it impossible to worship. Rama & Lakshmana, his favorite brother, set out with him. In the forest Rama killed demon Tarka who was bothering Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra was so pleased that he taught Rama & Lakshmana unique weapons, which Gods themselves used, for instance The Fire, The water.

Meanwhile a baby girl was born to King Janaka. In real she was the wife of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi. Now, this king had a bow of Lord Shiva in his palace. It was so heavy that thousands of soldiers could not move it. One day King Janaka saw that Sita moved the bow with her finger, and decided to get Sita married to a person who could lift the bow.

Sita had grown up and her father wanted to marry her and invited Kings and Princes to a Swamvayar, to lift the bow. Many tried, even Ravana the famous and powerful demon king, tried, but no one could move it an inch. When Rama came to try it, he easily lifted it. He was so strong that he broke it into two while trying to string it. Rama won the swamvayar and Sita married Rama.

At Ayodhya, Dashratha announced that Rama would be throned as a King after him and started preparation for his coronation. Before this could happen, the King's favorite queen, Kaikeyi's maid Manthara warned Kaikeyi and told her to use the wishes which Dashratha had promised her.

Kaikeyi asked Dashratha to coronate her son Bharatha and send Rama to forest for fourteen years. Dashratha was shocked, but had to fulfill it. Thus Rama, followed by his loyal Lakshmana & Sita left for the forest. The old King then remembered that when he was young, he had killed a young man named Sharvan by mistake and his angry parents had cursed him that he too would die in the sorrow of his son.

When Bharatha came to know about all this, he went to forest and asked Rama to come back, but Rama gently refused and said that everyone should live a life of truth.

So Bharatha went back to Ayodhya with Rama's sandals and installed it on the throne. He vowed that he would only rule the kingdom in Rama's name until Rama returned from the forest. Rama travelled south and settled on the Banks of Godavari.

The Demon sister of Ravana saw Rama and in order to tempt Rama, she took a shape of a pretty girl. But Lakshmana saw who she was and punished her by cutting her nose and ears. Ravana was furious and wanted revenge and decided to kidnap their wife Sita, despite knowing that his head would blow up, if he touched or desired any other's wife.

Ravana was afraid of Rama and thus send a Demon in shape of a Golden deer. Seeing the deer, Sita was tempted and asked Rama to catch it.

The Deer led Rama a long way and when Rama shot it, it changed into Demon and imitated Rama's voice to cry out " O SITA----- O LAKSHMANA ". Hearing the voice, Sita thought Rama was in danger and asked Lakshmana to go to his help.

Ravana who was waiting for just this opportunity, disguised as a holy man, approached Sita for alms. When Sita stepped close, she found that it was Demon Ravana, and she fainted at the spot. But Ravana did not touch her as he had a curse on him, so he broke the piece of ground on which Sita was lying and headed towards Lanka.

Now, Rama's father's friend, Jatayu saw Ravana and asked him to free Sita, but ravana killed Jatayu.

Rama went around the forest calling Sita, but could not find her.

Ravana took Sita to Lanka and imprisoned her in a garden named ASHOK VATIKA and gave her a time of 12 months to decide whether to marry Ravana or not.

Hanuman saw Rama in the jungle and showed him the jewelery of Sita and took him to the king of monkeys Sugreeva, who promised to help Rama if He could kill Bali, who had taken away Sugreeva's property and wife.

Since both Sugreeva and Bali were very alike, Rama made Sugreeva wear a Garland around his neck and then shot dead Bali.

Hanuman with some army, reached South and not being bothered by the huge ocean, grew into a giant and leapt over the Ocean to Ravana's Kingdom, Lanka. The city was guarded by a demon Lankini, she didn't prove much headache to Hanuman. Searching the city, he found Ravana threatening Sita.

At night, Hanuman came to Sita and told her who he was and showed her a ring of Rama. He told her that he could carry her on his shoulders and take her away, but Sita wanted Rama to come and free her.

Hanuman was in tears with the plight of Sita and started destroying the Demons and their gardens. Ravana ordered to set fire to the tail of Hanuman, but as the fire was lighted to the tail, Hanuman leapt in the air and set fire

in Lanka and returned to Rama.

Ravana had a wise brother Vibhishana, who asked Ravana to return Sita, but Ravana threw him out of the kingdom. Vibhishana approached Rama for help.

The Sea God made the rocks float on the ocean.

Rama crossed the bridge, built by the strong monkey army.

Then the battle started and Demons lost many soldiers.

Afraid his army may lose, Ravana woke his giant brother Kumbhakarna, who slept for six months in a year. Rama killed Kumbhakarna.

Ravana's son Indrajit, fought from the clouds, and he let loose the snake arrow which bound Lakshmana. The physician, who looked Lakshmana, asked hanuman to bring Sanjivni from Himalayas before the sunrise. Hanuman reaching the Himalayas, could not detect Sanjivni, and lifted the Himalayas on his shoulders and Lakshmana again became well.

Cured Lakshmana Killed Indrajit.

Then began the great battle between Ravana and Rama.

Rama blew two heads of Ravana, but was surprised when they grew back. Vibhishana revealed to Rama the secret of one vulnerable spot on Ravana's body, but Rama refused to hit below the belt. Hanuman then prayed to the Wind god and asked to bend one of the arrow towards the vulnerable spot on Ravana's body. Ravana was struck and fell on the ground by a man. Rama finally could go rescue his wife Sita! But when he found her, he was worried if she still loved him. Maybe she had fallen in love with Ravana while she was his prisoner? Rama made Sita walk through fire to show that she still really loved him. And even after she did that, and she was having his twin babies, Rama ended up sending her to live somewhere else. But in the end, Rama and Sita·s twin boys came back to their father Rama.


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