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Advanced SEAL

Delivery System

The Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS)

ATC teamed with the Northrop pelled with a main propulsion ca- ing included leak tightness, buoy-
Grumman Corporation, the U.S. pability for high-speed transit and ancy, trim and ballast, thruster op-
Special Operations Command a thrusting capability for low-speed erability, underwater telephone
(SOCOM), and the Naval Sea Sys- maneuverability. It also includes a (UQC), sonar sensor demonstra-
tems Command (NAVSEA) in an submerged anchoring capability. tion, and radiated noise survey.
operational test of the Advanced
SEAL Delivery System (ASDS). This first-of-its-kind system is one ATC was instrumental in the suc-
of DOD’s highest-priority pro- cessful completion of the ASDS
The ASDS is a SOCOM-sponsored grams. Initial dock trial testing at initial dock trial testing at the UTF.
effort to develop and procure a dry ATC’s UNDEX Test Facility (UTF) ATC coordinated with all the Team
combatant submersible with com- was conducted from September players on an hourly basis to meet
bat swimmer lock-in/lock-out ca- 1999 through April 2000. The pur- the 24-hour per day, 7-day week
pability. The system has the nec- pose of the test at the UTF was to scheduling requirements. Since
essary host vessel interface and conduct the initial wet testing of the this was the first operational test
support equipment for U S. Navy submersible manned with crew in a of this system and the first major
SEAL Teams. The vehicle is ap- benign environment for demonstra- operational test at the UTF, many
proximately 65 feet in length and tion of the readiness of the submers- of the test events were new to the
8 feet in diameter and weighs 60 ible machinery equipment and sys- test team, thus requiring unique
tons in air. It is electronically pro- tems to conduct at-sea tests. Test- (continued next page)
search, Development, and Acquisi- ASDS testing at the UTF was sup-
This first-of-its- tion; and RADM Thomas W. ported 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
kind system is one Steffens, Director of Intelligence and by Robert McHugh - Senior
of DOD’s highest- Information Operations Command, Project Manager, Frank Nordell -
priority programs. SOCOM. Operations Manager, and Warren
Abrams, Sonny Moyer, and Mike
and creative planning. Test require- The complexity of this test, the di- McEvoy - multiskilled test crew,
ments changed on a daily basis and versity of the whole test team, and all from the Survivability/Lethal-
most times on an hourly basis. the constant support requirement ity Core. Dive operations were
changes due to customer unknowns critical throughout the test and
The successful conduct of this test made for one of the more challeng- were supported by Mike McEvoy,
brought many high-level visitors to ing project management assign- Sonny Moyer, and Bob Caudell –
the ASDS and the UTF. These visi- ments. ATC was able to support the all from the Firepower Core – and
tors included Congressman Wayne team to meet a successful test Jim Brown – from the Survivabil-
Gilchrest, Maryland’s 1st Congres- completion and also showcase many ity/Lethality Core. Underwater
sional District Representative; the of its capabilities to the VIPs, the photography was supported by
Honorable H. Lee Buchanan, Assis- customer, and the operational user Willy Nori, International Imaging
tant Secretary of the Navy for Re- of the ASDS. During the conduct Team. Radar testing was supported
search and Development; LTG of this test, ATC continuously dis- by Mike Geiger, John Garren, and
Norton A. Schwartz, USAF, Deputy played a dedication to the program Tom Martin of the Survivability/
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. and the customers and a loyalty to Lethality Core.
SOCOM; Mr. Harry Schulte, Acqui- the ATC mission. ATC exhibited a
sition Executive for SOCOM; high degree of initiative, creativity,
RADM Malcolm I. Fages, Director, and resourcefulness in accomplish-
Submarine Warfare Division, N87, ing the diverse technical and pro-
OPNAV; RADM John V. Chenevey, grammatic requirements. The ef- For additional information, con-
PEO for Cruise Missile and Un- forts of all ATC personnel involved tact Bob McHugh at DSN298-
manned Aerial Vehicles Joint were exemplary throughout the 9237, commercial 410-278-9237,
Projects, Assistant SECNAV for Re- period. e-mail:

The ASDS located in ATC’s UNDEX Test Facility (UTF)