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1. What is the unit of electric charge?

A. Ampere, A
B. Kelvin,K
C. Coulomb, C
D. Volt, V

2. Which of the following diagrams shows the correct electric field?




3. A small heater operates at 12 V, 2A. How much energy will it use when it is run for 5

A. 90 J
B. 120 J
C. 1800 J
D. 7200 J
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4. Which of the following will NOT affect the resistance of a conducting wire.

A. temperature
B. length
C. cross-sectional area
D. current flow through the wire

5. All bulbs in the circuits below are identical. Which circuit has the smallest effective




Pusat Seri Kembangan


The circuit above shows four identical bulbs to a cell 6 V. Which bulb labeled A, B, C and D
is the brightest?

A. Bulb A
B. Bulb B
C. Bulb C
D. Bulb D

7. A 24 W resistor is connected across the terminals of a 12 V battery. Calculate the power

dissipated in the resistor.

A. 0.5 W
B. 2.0 W
C. 4.0 W
D. 6.0 W

8. Calculate the frequency of the given wave below

A. 8 Hz.
B. 1/8 Hz
C. 4 Hz.
D. ¼ Hz
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9. Wave length of given wave does NOT depend on.

A. Velocity
B. Frequency
C. Amplitude
D. Period

10. What is the phenomenon shown below?

A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Interference
D. Superposition

11. Which of the following will change when a wave is refracted?

A. Direction of propagation and speed
B. Wavelength and frequency
C. Frequency and direction of propagation
D. Speed and propagation

12. Which of the following CANNOT travel through vacuum?

A. X-ray
B. Gamma ray
C. Sound wave
D. Light wave
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13. A given wave travels at a speed of 4 x 105 ms-1. If the frequency of the wave is 1000 Hz,
calculate the wavelength

A. 100 m
B. 200 m
C. 300 m
D. 400 m

14. Which of the following is a common characteristic of visible light, ultraviolet rays, infrared
rays, gamma rays and X-rays?

A. Influenced by magnetic field.

B. Possess the same frequency.
C. Possess the same wavelength.
D. Possess the same velocity in vacuum.

15. When an oscillating system experiences damping. What is the effect on the total energy of
the oscillating system?
A. Constant
B. Decrease
C. Increases
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Figure 1

1. Figure 1 shows the use of sonar equipment to measure the depth of the sea.
a. State the phenomenon of sound wave applied in sonar equipment.

b. Sound waves with frequency of 6.0 x 105 Hz are used to determine the depth of
the sea. [Speed of sound in sea water = 1500 m s-1]

i. What is the wavelength of the sound wave in sea water?

ii. If the time interval between the instant the sound wave is sent to the
instant the echo is received is 1.5 s, what is the depth of the sea
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2. Figure 3 shows two sets of ripple tanks used to study diffraction of waves.

Figure 3.1 Figure 3.2

a. What is meant by the diffraction of waves?

b. Which of the two sets will show a bigger effect of diffraction. Explain your answer.

c. Redraw and complete Figure 3.1 and Figure 3.2 to show the between the two
diffraction patterns.

d. State the characteristic to the diffracted waves in terms of waves in terms of

wavelength, frequency, speed and amplitude compared to the incident waves.
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3. The table below shows the maximum electric current that is able to flow through
wires of various diameters.

diameter of wire / mm maximum current / A

0.80 8
1.00 10
1.20 13
1.40 15

a. What is the current flowing through the cable when the kettle is switched on?

b. Referring to the table above, what is the smallest diameter wire that can be
safely used for this kettle?

c. Explain why it is dangerous to use a wire thinner than the one selected in (b)

d. State one precautionary measure that should be taken to ensure safe usage of
the kettle.

e. Mention one fault that might happen in the cable that will cause the fuse in the
plug to melt.
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12 V

M 6Ω
L →

6 V, 12 W

N 6Ω

4. The diagram above shows three bulbs L, M, and N connected to a 12 V battery,

which has negligible internal resistance. Bulb L is labeled “6 V, 12 W”, while bulb M
and N are identical and each has a constant resistance of 6.0 Ω. When the circuit is
switched on all the bulbs are lit with normal brightness.

a. Determine the resistance of bulb L

b. Calculate the effective resistance of bulbs M and N in parallel.

c. Calculate the currents I, I1 and I2.

d. If the filament of bulb L burns out, what will happen to the brightness of bulb
M and N? Explain your answer.

e. If the filament of bulb M burns out, what will happen to the brightness of bulb
L and N? Explain your answer.