Vijay Rahitn

~~~~~~~~ A Waterways Project

Vijay Publication



Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry administrative assistant

Charlie Ehman, teacher

Bernie Kramer, poetry consultant

Colin Thomas, director James Baldwin Literacy Center

Stephen E. Phillips, superintendent Alternative High Schools & Programs

©I997 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts


Drive me crazy Drive me next door See me in your

Long narrow dreams Look on the wall Changing faces Changing dreams Run off on your own

Erase them from your mind Forget you even looked this way Transformation is my game



I'm not that kind of guy

I do not do that kind of thing anymore We live in an extraordinary world

I'll build my wall for you to

Knock it down

I live in a contagious life

If you ever stop to think about it I t will get to your mind Everyone


Is knocked down from this kind of grief I'm almost to the end of my fantasy life I'm not that kind of dreamer

That can dream this pain away

Think about me when I'm gone



I am a shado~ warrior

I just got in from the war

I am sitting at my table having my drink The war has just thundered around

You stepped in with your smiling face I forgot what I am fighting for

You started dancing the shadow dance You sing the same old song

Shadow warriors come

and take my heart away You stepped into my war

You started changing your style

Baby, I can never walk away from this dream And I can't leave you behind

I guess you are one of us



I see you with me again

I pour you out into this world Rally on down the mountain as the fat lady sings.

I am just bad

I am just bad and evil as you \Vatch me turn over

Watch me die into your memory Evi I has a bad edge

Just as you

Feelings My feelings travel in your pain Becoming a god

Being the things that you like Showing you how fantasies exist

Telling you the telling that you want to hear Taking you mind and soul

Ripping your mind and soul

The tears wet the bed that you lie in As your heart is crushed

Your feeling is crushed

I may become bad for your health


The Abuser

I am your hate that you bring I am your lover in your bed

I am your senses of feeling

I am your gun

I am the bullet that kept you in there I am the one that kept you in place

I am the one that filled you with shame I am the one

I am the one

I want to romance you

I want to @#$%youfrom inside out I want to terrorize you

I want to complicate you I want to disguise you

I 'want to penetrate you I want to @#$% you

Reach out and touch my face you have a little girl in side of you


I can see

In your enchanted dream Deep in your dream

You dream so innocently

I can see you more clearly now

I can feel you coming back again Rising like an eagle

Running free

Leaving your dreams behind Becoming your own texture Not wanting to become a god The lies wrap around you

Telling the things that you want to hear


The devil of dogs

I am doomed like the devil of dogs Surrounding darkness of terror Terror runs through the dog's saliva But I am not the only one

See the dogs are not controllable Take a mortal

man and turn him into a dog

Watch as he kills the innocent inside Corrupt your body and mind

dogs run in the open air

leaving the broken bones and bodies behind Dying for a cause

And not dying for a cause We call that rootlessness

Dying and turning to angel, not returning To doom stone.

We are all angels but we can't see it



I'll shut my eyes and wonder behind closed doors .

I sit and wonder

Suddenly I hear a knock against my door.

It is you

I can't believe my self I can't believe my self I t was a long time Since I saw you.

Time after time

This time I'm going to use you Drift you off to the other side I disappear in front of you

I trap you between my worlds



You said it's love

But it's all worn out Please hold me again

What love song should I sing for you? I live and die for you

Take me with you

Let me show you, how I love you My sweet angel

I fall at your wings

I just need your love Will you be mine

I'm just biding my time Lost once lost forever



) )

It feels like heaven When I call your name

I don't know what I want

I just need you to hear when I call your name I don't need no heaven

I just need you by my side

I call your name, it just wasn't there I am trying to find you,

but I just can't get through to you I am down on my last breath There is "a way in

I keep stepping down under a strange world I feel the strange energy

I paint my face

, )


The World Is A Vampire

Running out of the world Running back in your life

I am sinning for every body Come down to my door and roar Every body got a way out

Every day I knock on my drum far from every body

I guess I am better

I guess every body got to rock

You can smell the beat from my drums

Every body started grooving .

Suddenly a magic spell was cast

As I beat the last of it .


Big Spooky

I see myself driving to nowhere

Lying on the road with my memory behind me As I pass you by

My memory always haunts me I'm looking into the mirror

I look cold and spooky

I'm driving faster to cool the pain Stepping into my new fantasy

It's still wild and crazy

Time to go under these waves There's a whole new universe I come back up still learning Two wheels on the road

I'm still big bad and spooky

I pull right up beside you You look all broken up

I look in your face

You look all @#$$# up


I am a big man

I am a big man, Yes ram.

I am just a big man

Me and my sweet sorrows. You brought me here,

You keep bringing me down, You keep disguising yourself, My head keeps on growing, I guess I am stronger ..

I got to hold on a little longer. I'll sacrifice my sorrows,

Yes I will,

Tell me what I gotta do to get rid of you and be home to the moonlight.

Tell me what I have to do

I'll be there,

I'U be there,

In your dreams.

Please don't touch me I need some time

I just need some time Yeah, I am broken down I just need some time

I just need some time

The Lizard

You are like a lizard Lost in the desert Like a scavenger

Feasting on a dead animal Eating its broken body Tasting the blood

Sucking the marrow of its broken bones Do not cast your bloodshot eyes on me


Deep into my skin

I adore your pain and pleasure I am bored by their rules

I am a prisoner of my own griffm I go the way I please

I am a loner just like you We breathe the same way We share the same world I am mine to keep

I am clicking down on the last stop

The Judgment

Standing in the place that you killed

Now look over your shoulder

You, my friend look what you have done. Nevermore shall you take a soul

People have run against you

My friend within your soul

A river lies deep

You have damned the river of your soul

Your eyes are closed behind the doors of hell You have blood on your hands

Your life is like an ancient curse

dry as dust

I have set before the life and death, good and evil

And you chose evil.


" Ode" to things.

My frame is falling apart Every thing is chaos Desperate

Wanted to believe in things But they sterilized my memory They complicated me

I don't want that

I don't want that

I don't #@$%"#$ want that I am now tied in chains The old memory haunts me

I am down on my one last breath I will bust these rusty chains

I do not care

I do not care

I do not #@$#%$# care I give a final stand


Come On

Come on over and take a stand Come on over and try my guilt I t will make a difference

Come and try me

I am as innocent as you I am standing in shock It feels good to you

I am just a slave

I am just riding my thoughts

I am trying not to get physical! Everybody is looking

For something

For me I am already cast in jail by their weaknesses


I Want To Go For A Ride

I want to go for a ride Down your stream.

I want to ride your love Like a loaded gun.

I want to ride your car. I'll drive you down. JIll drive you up.

I am going fast as I can.

Let me tell you what we are trying to do. My energy is running out

My energy is running out

My energy is running out

You can't stop this feeling.

Help me I am running out of time. I guess I am already dead.

I guess

I guess you can't get inside of me



My game is pretty slim

My reptile friend is getting picked on Everything is not the same again Someone wants to use you

It is not the same

All I can say is your life is pretty intense I will try to take you away from here We will both be one

Wherever the breezes take us

I am drawing close to you

I cannot help myself

You make me feel good this way Wherever you want to go

I will take you

I see the light that makes us stronger We will be on our way

I t will be like waking from a dream Tell me what to say

Tell me what to do

To wake up from this dream


a watenvays project publication

In Search of a Song Volume 320


~ ,,;,

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