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1. Name and contact details of your organization.

2. Are you a member of NATTA?

Yes No

3. How many years has your organization been in the business?

Less then 5 5 to 15 16 to 25 25 above


4. How many different key segments (leisure, business, religious, sports, etc) does
your organization market to? What area you are specialized on tick that apply ?

• Accomodation

• F&B

• Transportation

• Attractions

• Cultural Products

• Events & Conferences

• Travel trade

• Tourism services

• Adventure & Recreation

5. Does your organization engage in market research to study consumer needs and

Yes, occasionally

Yes, monthly

Yes, annually


6. Do you follow a marketing plan ?

Strongly very strongly not at all.

7. Does your organization have a website?

Yes No
If yes, what kind of printed marketing materials, give options

9. How often does your organization participate in tourism related events?

give options

10. Which of the following mediums does the company use for advertising and
promotion? (Tick all that apply)

• TV

• Radio

• Newspaper

• Brochures

• Leaflets

• Magazines

• Direct mail

• Internet

• Other

11. What promotions have you found work best for your operation?

19. How hopeful you are from the Nepal year 2011?

o Very positive

o Somewhat positive

o positive

o neutral

o negative

o somewhat negative
o very negative

20. How effective do you think are the promotional campaigns undertaking by the
industry and NTB for Nepal year 2011?

Very effective Somewhat effective neutral


20. Do you collaborate on some of your promotional initiatives?

Yes No

13. What sales promotional plans your company have for the Nepal Year 2011?


23. Which promotional campaign do you think is more effective to attract the

 Online

 Exibitions

 Word of mouth

 Public relation

16. How often does your organization provide educational programs to the public,
private, and other sectors of the market to reinforce the image of Nepal's

Frequently occasionally periodically Not at all

17. Does your organization market to travellers for activities and events both in the
peak and off season?

Yes No
12. Does your organization evaluate the advertising and promotional plans?

Yes No if yes how ?

14. what are the top three geo area your guest mainly tend to come from ?

o South asian

o Asia pacific

o Middle East

o Western European

o Eastern European

o North American

o South American

o Australian

o African

28. What specific promotions would you like to access but are too small to access
on your own? Example. Trade shows, publications, etc.

What specific geographic target markets would you like to access but do not have
the capabilities or experties to do so on your own?

o South asian

o Asia pacific

o Middle East

o Western European

o Eastern European

o North American

o South American

o Australian
o African

15. Identify the top 3 client types your business provides products/services for.

 Families

 Youth

 Couples

 Mature adults (45-60)

 Seniors



 Other

18. How far in advance do customers tend to book your services? Please indicate
percentages for each applicable:

• Prior 12 months

• Prior 8 months

• Prior 5 months

• Prior 3 months

• prior 1 months

• prior 2 weeks

• same week

21. Do you agree that the promotional campaigns like Nepal Year should be held
frequently to promote the industry and build the Nepal's brand as one of the best
tourist destinations?

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree

22. Do you agree that there is a need for a quality assurance program for all types
of tourism businesses in Nepal?

Yes no

24. Do you think the region is adequately represneted ,by the option you have
chosen above, to customers as a destination?

Yes no

27. Do the industry has off seasons which you think could expand on with additional
business and product development? Mult choise

Does your business have off seasons?

Yes no , If yes what strategy woulkd you consider to enpand your business during
off pick season


26. What types of area products/businesses/experiences would you like to

collaborate with and expand on for travel package development? Tick all that apply.

o Adventure tourism

o Eco tourism

o Health and Wellness tourism

o Cultural and heritage tourism

o Business travel tourism

o Agricultural tourism

o Driving tours

o Other


Open ended