Appeal Dear fellow brethren I am a gen.

physician practicing for the last twenty years in Delhi beside my earlier twenty years were given to jobs including MOH Saudi Arabia where I had learnt some spoken of Arabic language while dealing with my Arab patients. After returning home in 1991 started my general practice and continued with my daily session with Holy Quran the only Divine scripture in its absolute purity and originality available on earth. Besides its reading I did try to understand the message, The scripture addresses to the whole mankind “Yaa Ayyohan-nas” O people. meaning no one is spared so each of a sane being must go through it or grave consequences for ignorance are waiting for him. So should this be made understood by everyone of us that we are compulsorily obliged to know of Quran besides it is a duty of every body who knows Quran should convey the message whom it is not reached, So now it is an attempt from my part to do this job if I can do any thing about it little or more, This is very recently when I had thought to do this important service as it is so ordained by Allah The Almighty, He has wanted from the believers to convey even a bit of the truth that he knows to whom it is not reached and who is intrested and bothers about what next after this life shall be bene- fitted with it Inshallah (God Will). I am a doctor and do sit with the doctors and medical reps and educated people besides my usual patients. These people are knowledgable enough to justify facts. They can justify the logics that are presented to them and then they can weigh their beliefs with it then can find out if that goes for or against their beliefs and practices. Especially doctors and those the students of science and other educated people can easily justify the Quraanic informations regarding nature, the universe and human for himself from their scientific knowledge they they gained after extensive observations and experimentations and instruments like electron microscopes The holy Quran which was revealed to Prophet Mohammad pbuh 1500 years ago. The scientific informations which are revealed in this Holy Divine scripture are astonishingly perfect that anyone a sincere and a just soul will sit down to believe the truth and those

who disbelieve are answerable before God Almighty for what reason they denied the truth when they find no support to reject. Everything in this universe is so complicated and yet so perfect and so purposeful anybody least mindful will sit down to believe that nothing is by its own but a great creator, planner architect designer who has created everything so different so complicated so perfect and so automatic required no modifications or editions since the day this was created and the day this will be terminated and all this was and will be in one go, when Allah decrees a matter says to it “Kun” Be “Fayakoon” and so it was. Religion is a subject for Theists that is they believe in God Almighty and for those who are atheists, this subject is of no interest. Therefore, I can say that in no way the science is making us atheists rather helping us to strengthen our faith in a super power who created who sustains who hears the avhe of the hearts of unspoken words gives life and cause death, All powerful, All capable, Alive and omni present from ever to ever. Let us go through some of the verses of Holy Quran, to understand How science is supporting the existance of God Almighty.. 1. Awalam yaral-lazeena kafaroo an-nas-samawaati walardza kanata ratqan fa-fataqna huma wa ja-alna minal maa-in kulla shei-in Hayee afala yuminoon.” Sura Ambia ch.19 : 30 Do not see those people who reject faith that the skies and the earth were joined together so we broke them open, and We created from water every thing live, still they will not believe.. The big bang theory in regard of the creation of the universe is verifying the verse above from and Holy Quran Regarding ‘human creation’ there are innumerable verses. Holy Quran revealing embryological stages of human development from A to Z. Prof. Keith L moor has written “Developing human” studied Quranic verses in relation with developing human and found in absolute accordance to his embryological studies found these verified from under the electron microscope. Quran was revealed 1500 years ago from now. See the video CD of Dr. Zakir Naaik MBBS “Quran verses science.” A debate between him and a Christian doctor.


Ya ayyohan-naso in-kuntum fee reibim minal baasi fa inna khalaqna-kum minat-turabin thumma min nutfatin thum- ma min alqatin thumma mim-mudzghatim mukhallaqatin wa gheiri mukhallaqatin linubayyana lakum wa nuqirro fil arhaami ma nashaao ila ajalim-musamman thumma nukh- rijokum tiflan, Alhujj ch. No 22, verse No 5

O people if you are in doubt regarding resurrection, Thus indeed we have created you from dust then from the gametes (This Information regarding gametes in Quran is 1500 year old, is enougha witness for the intallects to know, It is Divine only) then from a clot of blood, then from myotomes formed and unformed to make it manifest to you (of our powers) and We fix it up to the mother’s uterus as We will, for a fixed period then We get you out forth a babe. Those of us who knew of embryology can verify from these verses, the development of human child from its gametes to the creation of a new baby and match these lines with that of your scientific informations on this subject will find the two are same in order and accuracy. “Wa laqad khalaqnal insaana min sulalatin min teen”Ch.23: 12 Indeed We created human from the rotten mud of dust “Thumma jaa-alnaho nutfatan fee qaraarim makeen”Ch.23: 13 Then We made the gametes and fixed it stable place” “Thumma khalaqnal nutfata alqatan fa khalqnal alqata mudzghata fa khalaqnal mudz-ghata izaaman fa kasauna izaama lahma fa anshana khalqan aakhra, fatabarakal-laho ahsanul khaaliqeen”. Ch. 23:14 Then we made the gametes (Zygote) then a clot of congenial blood then from the clotted blood We made the flesh then We made of flesh the bones and wrapped up the bones with muscles, Then We created a new creature. Thus most bountiful is the best of the creator. Yakhluqo-kum feebutooni ummahaatikum khalaqam mimbaadi khalqin fee zulmaatin thalaas zaalikumul-laho Rabbo -kum lahul mulko Laa ilaha illa huwa fa anna tusrafoon. 39:6“Creates you inside the woumbs of your mothers creation after the creation inside three darknesses. (For those who know this These are the skin, The peritoneum and the uterine wall.) Let them know human anatomy wasn’t known 1500 years ago


These are those verses for the care of the intellectuals who know the subject will notice the truth regarding Allah and the guidance He sent down. Another French scientist, a catholic Christian studied Bible and then he went through scientific informations in The Holy Quran regarding the creation of universe, nature and life and human development etc. found every thing accurate where as in Bible anything relating to scientific information was found contradict- tory Thus The Bible for now is no more Divine for it is written and compiled by the then religious authorities and nothing from Ingeel (The Gospe) that was revealed to Proph. Jesus Christ. Later He embraced Islam and then he wrote a book “The Bible The Quran and The Science” is very much available in the market.

“Tabarakal-lazee beyadihil mulk wa Huwa ala kulli shein qadeer,Al-lazee khalaqal mauta wal hayaata liyublowa-kum ayyokum ahsano amala wa Huwal Azeezul Ghafoor” Ch.67:1 (Bountiful is that Being in whose hands is the kingdom of the universe and is all powerful, That Being who created the death and the life to test you who of you serves righteous and He is greatest forgiver ) Someone must be smilling at me look at this doctor he must talk of medicine or surgery or discuss a patient what subject he has brought forth to us. Why a medical doctor cannot convey a message of truth and that too of utmost concern and if he can, even if it is besides his medical subjects. Let me tell you this is the most important subject of our concern to know and understand what matters most his eternal goal (the life in Paradise) before he leaves this world, if one leaves the world in uncertainity the eternal fate may be a doom we never know, We must have fullest and perfect knowledge with authentic documents to assure us that we are not going to be doomed in our eternal life, Let us not be cheated by our unsupported beliefs, ancient time practices, social compulsions or the political pressures, all these are there with you in this world but when you leave you are alone who then shall be with you to join you in your agony who will come there for your rescue before the supreme authority of The Day that is Allah The Almighty. Eternal life is every one’s very very personal matter, surely no one wants to be in the hell fire for ever and ever. You are all wise and

educated people you know to reason the logics of a subject where you cannot reject a thing with a definite proof your logic should accept it true. Quranic statements See if you can challenge “Wa laa tamootunna illa wa antum Muslimoon” Donot reach to your death until you are in total submission to God Almighty. (Muslim= one who submits himself to the absolute will of Allah) Allaho Subahaano wa Ta-aala has created every thing in this universe to serve mankind, till this day we know of Gins and human the creatures of wisdom Human is a very special creature, and highest in the order of creation whom Allah has created with His Hands where as every thing else was created by His Word KUN meaning ‘Be’ and the creation was there Allah SWT created The Ginns and human for Himself “Wa ma khalaqtul ginna wal insa illa liyaabudoon” (And we did not create the Ginns and human but to worship) that they will manifest Allah’s greatness on earth, serving Him the way the Prophets and Messengers practised in their times so preached and demonstrated. Then serve the world all in righteousness, such an indivisual shall have his recognition before Allah SWT for the grant of His grace to eternal life in peace and Paradise. Let us examine ourselves what are we believing is right and what are we doing? Are we serving The Almighty God or any thing else who we have anointed as god of our choice any thing from this creation other than The Creator.? If the later is true then we must know “The master is serving the servant” meaning The Almighty God made everything else in His creations to serve human and the human begane to serve his servant This is logically wrong and fruitless. Unfortunately for my country mates this is true. Thus too many gods and thus a large number of religions are born, One didnot agree with the other so he brought another and thus another and another. Quran says 1. “Lau feehima aalihatun illal-laaho lafasadata” (Al-ambia Ch. 21;22 Para No.17) Had there been god beside Allah they must have gone in to the war” The logic says yes it is true so how come 8.4 million gods !!? yet every thing stays in perfect order, Logic says One God, No for two. Further more

“Wa ma arsalna min qablika mir-Rasoolin illa Noohee ileihi annahoo Laa ilaaha illa Ana fa-aabudoon”. 19:25 And We did not send before Thee a messenger but We had revealed to him that there is no God but Me So worship Me. 3. “Minha khalaqnakum wa feeha Nueedokum wa minha Nukhrijo-kum taaratan ukhra” 20:55 From it (The earth) We created you, to it We will make you return and from it We will bring you back. This verse is telling us from our creation to resurrection, Now for those who are cremating a dead human body and not putting it to the earth are defying the ‘Return to Earth’, cremation on earth is likely a signalling to eternal fire from the ‘chita’. Rejecting the true God all the life and believing anything other than Him and reaching to death in disbelief had made God Almighty angry so much so that the disbelieving dead is made to put into the fire right on the earth at his funeral ground is thus it may be a transfer from fire to fire. On the Day of resurrecttion God will recreate you from what ever or where ever, as He had created us from no existence. Thus He will create us again from no existence.

Quran: “Keifa takfuroona bil-lahi wa kuntum amwaatan faahyaa-kum summa Yumeeto-kum summa yuhiyi-kum sum- ma ileihee turjaoon.” Albaqra 2:28, How can you deny Allah and you were not existing then he brought you in to existance, then he will cause you to die and then he will raise you up again alive and then you will be brought forth before Him. A word about “Chita” A way of cremation amongst Hindus, Let us know that, we must believe that anything from God Almighty must go in to the benefit of human-kind. Let us study the arguments in relation with cremation Do these prove justified or No? If yes from God Almighty and if ‘No’ it is not from God Almighty but people’s own creation Chita needs a lot of wood to burn a dead body, Loss of trees and and its incurring cost, besides some other materials like pure ghee etc and the service charges of the priests make the expendi -ture huge for a poor person.. So according to your logics is it “Benefit or Loss?” Logic says “Loss”.
1. 6

Fire burns the cloth far before the wood and the body. The body becomes nude before everyone standing there. This may be a female. Indecent viewing. Logic “Bad not good”. 3. Body burns, Bad smell all around. Atmospheric pollution. Unhealthy air. Logic says “Bad”. 4. The skull needs be brocken before it burns, Pandit jee asks to break the skull with stick or iron rod, imagine may be he was a father or grand father whom you were respecting by touching his feet now you are hitting on his head, Great insult, by whom? his own kins , May be a worldly punishment for his living a life unguided and leaving his children without guidance too. Logic says it is horribly bad. 5. Now the ashes yhrown int to a river, water pollution, Flown into air, atmospheric pollution. A health hazard Logic bad. 6. The ground where the body was burnt too is destroyed for a grass bud to grow. So we have learnt here that chita carries all harms to all living creaures beside kind so is not from God Almighty but may be so educated by Satan who is the worst enemy to man wants a bigger and bigger group of people to go along with him to hell fire as he has promised to God Almighty he will take this menkind to the path far far away from Thy Path and today we see he has already captured most of the world people in his group, People observing nudity in the latest fashions, gayism, albinism, living together without marriages, no respect to social norms, increasing incedents of suicides the list shall become huge more than the space I have and the time. .

On the contrary we know from the nature all organic matters those constitute the life may be it is an animal or a plant come from earth live on and eat from the earth and return to it when it completes its term. This return to the earth is for the purpose of recycling to keep the earth fertile. This is nature’s provision and we are no body to interefere in the natural order. Human beings too belong to the same system why then we are not honest to this natural requirement and thus we do not deprive the earth for its organic nutrients. Give a glance to a grave yard it is always very green and contain a huge jungle of trees where as a cremation ground shall be seen a barren land. Surely not I am criticizing rather I am trying to open the closed eyes and further I’m trying to warn you from jumping into ‘The Eternal Fire’. I can’t help your hearts these may or may not be inclined to think over, Now you obey your will or The Will of Almighty God, Please donot join those whom Almghty has forbidden His

guidance and is already registered for an eternal hell. So Please read Quran most certainly The Book of Allah The Almighty God and be guided and thus you will save yourselves from the hell fire. Never never think of any vested interests on my part. All this afforts are to bring forth of you the the eternal truths through this work “Meaning of Holy Quran” if I could manage to bring before you some, of this eternal message The Holy Quran. My afforts are truly genuine to do how much I can to make Allah’s message to be read and understood by all the people who care and are wise. I pray God Almighty to bestow on me the strength ,physical and mental fitness to accomplish this work and His kindness and favours upon all of us and His guidance to the straight path that He approves for all of us for our rescue from the hell fire and grace to The Paradise. Christian’s belief, Jesus, son of God !!? Quran in that context . 1. “Wa qaalut-takhaz-ar-Rahmaano walada. 19:88 And they say Rahmaan (most merciful) has opted a son, 2.“Laqad jiotum shein idda”. 89 Indeed you have come with a horr -ible thing., 3. Takaadus-samawaato yatafat-tarna minho, wa tanshaqul ardzo wa takhirrul jibaalo hadda”. 90 The skies want to fell down torn apart from it, and the earth rupture, and the mountain shiver and fell down broken 4. “Un daawur-Rahmaano walada”. 91 that they will call a son to Rahmaan (The most merciful) 5. “Wa ma yambaghir-Rahmano un-yyat-takhiza walada”. 92 And it is not befitting for Rehmaan that He will opt a son. 6. “In kullo man fis-samawaati wal ardzi illa aatiar-Rahmaani abdaa” 93. All that is in between the skies and the earth but it is a servant to Rahmaan. Ch. Al-Mariyam 19:88- 93 Therefore Christian too should know that fundamentally they are wrong and must mend up their folly with the due repentation or be prepared to face Almighty’s wrath. Since having an offspring is an animal behavior, So you are bringing Him down from His status from needless to needy, from immortal to mortal and from God to no god should you know the intensity of this crime that you are doing against God Almighty.

Obviously the crime is greater enough for his condemnation to the eternal hell fire except for those who will mend and repent in his life. Another testimony in that context “Wa man-yyaqul minhum innee ilaahun min doonihee fazaalika Najzeehee jahannama, kazaalika Najzi-zaalimeen” 19:29 And who ever of them (The messengers) says,l indeed I am The Lord besides Him (Allah ) So he is of those We reward the hell fire and this is the reward of the wrong doers. “Qul hal yastawee-al-lazeena yaalamoona wal-lazeena laa yaalamoon, Innama yatazakkaro ulool albaab” “Tell Are those who knew and those who donot know. Are they equal? indeed those who are intelligent take the advice.” Quran reminds the intellects again and again that these are the knowledgible people have the capacity to understand and bother for themselves for their good or bed and will sit down to judge the right from the wrong and do what is best for them to the eternity. Let me refer a recent talk by Dr. K.K Agrawal a cardiologist recently adorned with a national award, “Padam Shree” along with several other doctors on a TV talk concerning “Healthy Body and Healthy mind” referred to “spirituality” as the source of peace, Very truly said Dr. Agrawaal, we need to be spiritual to attain peace to our minds and souls so shall feel our body healthier too, Many a times we see patients disturnbed mentally complaing vividly mostly irrelevent behaving so sickly when in fact they have no organic disease. This is for they are confused and become psycholgically sick. A true knowledge of God Almighty a perfect knowledge of the world and after, a truely straight path for walking the length of life in between righteousness and repentation will not leave a place in his life for confusions that he will become sick for anything. Regarding sprituality there is no religion so simple clear and perfect that makes you spiritual in the real sense but Islam. Islam provides a perfect balnce in your life between the world and after world. The formula is worship Allah and donot associate with Him partners and live in righteousness with your family and friends be mindful of your services towards your parents relatives neibours, orphans and poors etc. this provides

the perfect tranquility to the mind of a believer thus he becomes confident for his eternal abode in peace and paradise so much so that he doesnot fear even the death and he is peaceful at the time of his death . Death is the law of nature from which no one has an escape. Islam is preparing a believer in his life for his eternal life that is what we are going to learn from Quran the perfect spirituality, the perfect mental and physical health if one is not harbouring an organic disease.and my afforts to make it understand the readers the message of Quran through this weak efforts “Islam” is but ‘peace’ Islam is derived from the word Salam meaning ‘Peace’ besides Salam is one of the 99 beautiful names of Allah The Almighty, meaning the source of peace Thus Islam means a path of peace and a Muslim in a strict sence is the one who observes the path of peace, Peace with in himself, with his family. in his house. With his all relatives peace with his neighbors, in his locality, township, the country, the whole world and the peace with God Almighty and so peace in the eternal world, that is the Paradise. And to be in that state of peace one has to be an absolute surrenderer to the will of Allah The Almighty. To obtain the spirituallity It does not need you to giveup the worldly life and go to axile. No! Islam teaches you to stay with your family and the people and then attain spirituallity. This is for every body not for the sellected group of the people. Islam connects a believer to Allah The Almighty, As every body knows the threads with which a life is tied is very weak so no body knows when it will break and he is suddenly in another world and no religious book has talked about the spritua -lity so perfectly than Quran that would lead you to the path of eternal peace. Let me brief it out, The one who has attained this state of mental peace in his life lives healthier and dies peaceful. This is for him is just like transferring from a house of scarce provision to another of conformed abundance never to terminate and this happens only when this individual had been a believer of God Almighty in the truth and was righteous in his deeds. Thus gainining spirituality the Islamic way is a concern for every body thus he lives his life in perfect mental peace even if he is physically sick with some organic disease.


Please read Quran and learn its message with the help of this translation whom it reaches and earn for you the peace in this life and the life after. Inshal-lah (God Will). Dr. Aftab Ahmad Khan MBBS (Alig.) 9891899760 Mairaj First Aid and Maternity 27/485-391, Trilokpuri Del-91

Fore word It is an attempt with great sincerity for the understanding of Quran, helped by the transcripted Arabic text in English immediate diction -ary and running translation of each verse intended so for non Muslims and for those of Muslims who donot know to read Quran in its Arabic original text, However the transcription is just an help for non Arabs but surely is no substitute of the original Arabic text, Just seeing of Holy Quraan earns a lot of rewards from ‘Allah The Almighty’Quraan is the guidance for the whole humanity as it refers “Ya ayyohan-naas” O mankind. So not just a Muslim rather whole mankind must know to read Quran in its original Arabic text and should make his best afforts to learn the meaning as well so as to know what it is telling and only then he can receive the guidance which is the purpose. Believe, it is really easy to learn reading and understanding of Quran. What it needs is your quest and sincerity, careful and regular reading and efforts towards its understanding are necessary. This will quickly let you know Quran As it repeats the verses again and again so that ultimately you begin to

remember the text and the meanings and thus you begin to know of your own The Holy Quran what is it talking about. Remember Quran is Allah’s word, It is the final Divine document meant for the guidance of mankind till the dooms day to come, So it is not a book which you will read for once and enough but the reading of Quran never ends The moment you will complete one reading you will start anew before you will close it up till the next reading. Then just reading of Quran does not suffice its purpose. Allah wants from you to read Quran, and understand it and bring it into your life style, so is the purpose of this document. Just reading for Baraka and some reward does not suffice the purpose, yes there will be a reward of its reading so much so pronouncing a letter from the text of Quran carries for you ten virtues eg Alif Laam Meem one word three letters constitute thirty virtues for pronouncing it for once. If you are just satisfied with a fistful reward or you want the treauresful of rewards. So as far as rewards are concerned with Holy Quran, Just a look at it for its Holiness and Divinity is rewardful so how much more you will read it and then how much more you will try to understand it and then how much more you will practice under its guidance and then how much more you will teach others and convey the message where it is still wanting to be. It’s all upto you. You please Allah and Allah will please you. In the same hope is this effort before you May Allah accept it from me for my forgiveness and safety from the hell fire and His grace to The Paradise. Ameen

My Self My-self Dr Aftab Ahmad khan a medical doctor meagerly qualified as MBBS from Aligarh Muslim University Medical College in 1969, born in a small township of Uttar Pradesh the then known as Kasgunj a tehseel of Distt Etah, now it is a distt. in itself named as Kanshi Ram Nagar, started education from a municipal school of purely Hindi medium some where in 1950 when we didn’t know to use a pencil and a copy for learning to write, we used to have wooden plates painted black or white, returning back home from the school painted self with its white or black inks. Next was an Urdu medium school in New Delhi, Jamia Millia Islamia Higher secondary school at Jamie Nagar,It so happened my maternal uncle

Mr.Niamat Husain had joined in the registrar’s office of this institution in 1956 suggested my parents to take me with him for my studies in Jamia and got me the admission in class 7 in 1957, He bore my total resposiblities and gave me a firm foundation that I could reach in my life what I am today. So vow to my uncle Mr. Niamat Husain. Had he not brought me to Jamia may be I was working on my father’s shop in my home town.. Till that time neither I was acquainted with urdo language nor English, continued like that till I passed out 8th. And I got into 9th with science combi -nation here I got some great teachers of that time I must remember them here namely Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Khan who taught us English he was such a wonderful teacher, May Allah give him eternal peace to his soul he made me capable of answering my chemistry paper in English language in my half yearly examination of class 10th when none of my other class mates had dared to do so Then Mr. Roshan lal Gupta a great teacher again, he taught us Biology and when I had passed out my higher secondary in 1962 and got in to premedical at AMU Aligarh I was quite a clever chap as far as the subject knowledge was concerned. Next was Mr. ‘Papa’ a unanimous person so far his nick name was concerned so much so even his wife used call him “Papa” A physics teacher and a poet he taught us his subject in English trying for us to bring at par boys of English medium schools even though our’s was an Urdo Medium, also preparing us for the next stage that is The Uni -versity.Lastly our chemistry teacher Mr. Mahmoodul Hasan sb. again a great specimen of a teacher in his subject. It was him who made the subject for us so easy and intresting that I was able to solve inorganic chemistry equations just like that when the rest of the class mates in my BSc. Level used to escape the equation questions where as I was solving the equation first. It was this group of those great teachers whom I found during my school days. How then I can ignore them to have remembered, when I am recording an account of my self in the past. I do remember them, for those were the teachers who brought out of me my hidden worth and made me good enough to win my seat for MBBS through a competition in AMU in 1964. in the tenth position, let me tell you the misery that had happened with me just before a fortnight of that competition, my Younger brother Mr. Shaukat Jamal now a Grand Dad already, who was then just ten years old boy some where found all my class notes and sold them out to a grosser’s shop as waste papers just for a few coins to buy some kites and its flying material, what then should have happened to

me, I was in the battle without a gun yet I faced that battle with stick arrows and a bow alone in that competition, Most of it, that had helped me was all that cumulated subject memories preserved in my memory box a gift from those great teachers of Jamie Millie Higher secondary school in my time between 1959-62 was still safe and wasn’t hit by the rust or moth. While remembering the teachers of my time If I ignore Mr. Hassain Ahmad (Abboo) shall be unfair and injust, Abboo loved all children like a father, no one in the school called him with his name even the principal used to call him was his wife too It was then his nick name.. So this was the vase of great teachers, You can understand how much it was necessary for me to have remembered them at this time when I am looking in to my past in this memoir. In MBBS too I got another master piece of a teacher Dr. Menhdi Hassan MS a gold medalist, a teacher of Anatomy the then a reader in my time in our medical college, internationally certified and recognized man as a best teacher in that subject presently he is the dean of a private medical college in Lucknow UP. I had graduated in 1969 I served MCD from 72-76 when in 76 I got the appointment in the MOH Saudi Arabia as a general physician and my first posting was in a village in a remote desert region named Jarrara in the eastern province, a village about 200 Kms away from any nearest asphalted road I had read of kalapani in my primary school books which was a punishment usually given to the freedom fighters of our country during the British rule, whom the ruling govt. had feared them, so when I was passing through that desert I was imagining of some thing like. And I was seeing that desert which did not want to end, Ultimately I reached my posting place, the people were the dwellers of the desert land called Badweins or Badus (nomads) only spoke their colloquial language, which was not Arabic but some thing like Arabic, Now you can understand my situation there, Them, no English and me no Arabic and dealing with their ailments needed me to understand before I would prescribe a treatment. Then how I learnt their language, I used to look at the patient carefully his actions while talking to me, I would notice the actions that he was doing while telling me his complaints for example ”Dactoor chabdee thujanee” and I saw his hand was touching his abdomen and the face showing his agony I understood he was complaining of pain in his abdomen. Thus I picked up the words from them through their actions and thus their language Chabdee which they intended for stomach or abdomen

but the actual word is Kabidee = my liver. I spent 15 years in that great country gave me a language and a fortune that helped me to build two houses in Delhi and also in addition a life partner from Phillipines and she is also my professional partner and a great help and a blessing for me. I returned from Saudi Arabia in 1991 and started my clinic and a maternity center dedicating to my mother Mrs. Mairaj Fatima naming it as Mairaj Clinic and maternity centre and an English medium Primary school in the same build- ing dedicating it my father Mr. Sultan Ahmad Khan, abbreviated the name from the first letters of his name thus named it as SAKH public school. I appointed maulana for teaching me Holy Quran Maulana Anzaar and Haafiz Mubarak and I had straight away started translating Quraan using my little knowledge of Arabic that I had gained during my stay in Saudi Arabia from my patients and the availab;e translations. Ever since I have been reading Quraan while translating it myself and the maulana is helping me where I needed it. This programme is going on in my every day routine for the last 18 years, and now I thought why not I can help every one else to learn and understand Quran by his own, even him who does not know to read Arabic and so I thought to transcript the Arabic text of Quran through English letters producing the sounds of the verses of The Holy scripture as close as possible 100% purity cannot be obtained through any transcription then under neath each verse is given its dictionary, so that the reader will quickly know the meanings of the various words in that verse and thus he can make an attempt to get some sense of that verse by his own, joining the word meanings, then a running translation underneath to compare what he had understood. Thus he himself can start making the translation after some time when his vocabulary becomes strong. As I have quoted a verse from Holy Quran right at the start of this work that Allah has made His Word easy to read, remember and understand to anyone who would want to know what message Allah has conveyed to us. Allah wants us to make a righteous nation to lead the rest of the mankind to the righteousness and become the torch bearers. These are of those men and women for whom Allah SWT has created His Paradise and grant the deservers an ever lasting abode in His Paradise and thus He will save them from the hell fire and he who rejects to believe shall be rejected to the hell fire to the eternity “Innal-lazeena aamanoo wa amilussaalihaati kaanat lahum jannatul Firdausi nuzla khaalideena feeha laa yabghoona anha hiwala” Sura Kahaf. Indeed those who believed and did righteous deeds for them are The eternal Paradise

for their feast wherein they will live for ever, never shall be remove from it. “And “Wal-lazeena kafaroo aatadna lahum azaabassaeera” And those who reject faith for them, We have made punishment in the hell fire. Readers are requested to send me their encouraging notes and corrections wherever they find any wrong Let me tell you I am no scholar neither of Arabic language nor of the religion not even of English language which I am using here as the medium of this task, I have witten every thing about me, and so mistakes are possible and anybody is invited to correct me and help me to get the correct final products. May Allah grant me pardon for all my follies and save me from the hell fire. Ameen.

Transcription Dictionary and Translation of Holy Quran “WA LAQAD YASSARNAL QURANA LIZ-ZIKRI FA HAL MIM- MUDDAKIR” “Indeed We have made Quran easy to read and understand So is there any one who seeks for wisdom” INTRODUCTION OF QURAAN


Holy Quran, The Divine Scripture The Book of God Almighty whose name is revealed to human kind as ‘Allah’ Besides His beautiful names which are 99 as His adjectives. Allaho SWT created The Human being The superior most in the whole creation appointed him as the care taker of the earth and its habitents and the nature. So in that status the most important office bearer must have not been ignored for guidance. Therefore he was provided the necessary guidance in all ages and and in all nations through His prophets and messengers who were thus revealed the necessary messages to the mankind. This process started right from Adam pbuh to Prophet Mohamaad pbuh some where around 140 thousands prophets and messengers are reported to have come on this mission, many of them were given books, of these four are reported named in Quraan Kareem, these are Torah, (Thalmood) zuboor (Psalms) Injeel (Gospel) and fourth is Holy Quran itself, None of the first three books are present on earth except their names thoset too we got from Quraan Kareem else even the names were lost what are available are totally diferent documents written by the people and gve them the different names ans so nothing is left from God’s revelations that could keep the people guided and Quraan is therefore the only Divine document on earth which is absolutely original pure and true also testifying those of earlier Divine books also preserves in it the messages of the previous books lost from the records of their people say Jews and Christians. and Parsys. Quraan kareen testifies for itself again and again being the book revealed by Allah The Almighty, some of the verses are as under. 1. “Tilka ayaatul kitaabil hakeem” Sura Luqmaan Ch.31:2 “These are the verses of the book full of wisdom” 2. Tanzeelul kitaab laa reiba feehee mir-Rabbil Alameen” Ch.32:2 Revealed the book where in there is no doubt from The Lord of the worlds 3. Tanzeelul kitaab minal-lahil Azeezul Hakeem Ch.39:1 Revealed the book from Allah The Greatest and The Wise. 4. 1Yaaseen, 2.wal Quraanil Hakeem 3. Innaka minal mursaleen 4.ala siraatim mustaqeem 5.Tanzeelul Azeezur-Raheem. 36:1-5 Yaseen, By The Quran of wisdom Indeed you are from the messengers on the straight path revealed from the one Greatest and the Merciful 5. 1.Ha Meem 2. Tanzeelul kitaabi minal-lahil Azeezil Aleem. Ch.40:1-2

Ha Meem Revealed the book from Allah The Greatest and knolegible. 6. Ha Meem Tanzeelum minar-Rahmaanir-Raheem. Ch.41:1-2 Ha Meem Revealed the book from The Greatest Merciful. 7. Kazalika yoohee ileika wa ilal-lazeena min qablikal-lahul Azeezul Hakeem. Ch.42:3 Thus it is revealed to you as it was revealed to those from before thee from Allah The Greatest and Wise, Thus Allah SWT has given His own witness about Qyran being Allah’s revelation at innumerable places. Besides this Allah SAW has promised for the protection of Quran Kareem “Inna Nahno naz-zalnaz-zikraa wa inna lahoo lahaafizoon” Alhijr 16:9 Indeed We have revealed our word and indeed, We are to protect it. However Quran is testifying the scriptures to earlier Prophets also refers some of the messages from the previous scripture in its various chapters but The Book of God existing on earth in its perfect purity and originality is Holy Quran only. Besides that,This is the only book on the face of earth which can be memorized in total even by a child as young as 6 yrs. of age, who doesnot know nothing of the Arabic language, even by a blind man just by hearing, The words and sentences are so beautifully arranged that these are reproduced by the readers automatically without any stress and strain over the brain or mistakes, Any mistake the reader does, can not go ahead unless he starts the verse from the beginning or he is helped from a second person, Every one knows This is the book most read around the globe No comparison ever existed, Quran is a living miracle for the mankind from the day it begane to be revealed completed the revelation process in 23 years. Further Quran is the last and final revelation of God Almighty so is the process of messengerhood Thus Prophet Mohammad SAW is now the seal of this process, Therefore Quraan furnishes every guidance that human will need to live his life righteously and peacefully till the Dooms day, maintain the peace order within himself and fellow human at all levels in the world and peace between him and God Almighty and prophet Mohammad pbuh demonstrated practically Quran so that they will know what and how simultaneously. any body thus claims something like this is a lier, must be condemned and had always been condemned if such a mischif had ever shown its face in the

past. For those who doubt for Quran to be Allah’s book there are challenges mentioned in Quran for the whole mankind to bring one single chapter of the like taking the help of any body human or Gins beside Allah, This challenge still stands. There has not appearsd on the globe even one to accept this challenge nor a body to find any discrepancy till this date and so is assured till Quran prevails on earth. 1. “Wa in kuntum fee rebim mimma nazzalna ala abdina fa-atoo besoora- tim mim-mislehee wad-oo shuhdaa-akum mindoonil-lahi in kuntum saadiqeen, wa in lam tafaloo wa lan tafaloo fat-taqunnaaral-latee wuqoo- dohan-naso wal-hijara u-iddat lil kaafireen. Ch. 2 verse 23-24 “And if you doubt which we have revealed upon our servant ,So you bring a chapter of the like and call for your help anyone from your helpers beside Allah and if you can not do it and for sure you cannot do it then fear from the fire that Allah has lit for the disbelievers”. 2. Afala yatadab-baroonal Qurana wa lau kana min inda gheirallahi lawajada feehi-khtalafan katheera” ch.4 verse 82 “Do they not mind Quran with care, Had this been from other than Allah they should have found in it numerous contradictions”, Not one contradiction could ever be found in it. On the contrary for example in Bible no less than 2000 contradictions are reported. 3. Laa-yoteehee bil-baatil mim beini yadeihee wa laa min khalfehee tanzee -lum min Hakeemin Hameed Ch.19 verse09 “The falsehood cannot enter in to it neither from front nor from behind It is revealed from the one who is wise and full of praises” So almost all the chapters contain verses assuring the man kind to strengthen their belief of the source of its revelation, and let them not doubt else they will register themselves amongst the disbelievers and face condemnation on the Day of Judgment. Holy Quran contains 6666 verses constitute 114 chapters grouped in 30 parts, famously known each as Juz in Arabic, Para in Urdo and may be a part in English, Each para consists of four quarters and each quarter consists of almost 4-5 sections. Beginning chapters are lengthiest for example second chapter named as Albaqra consists of almost 2and 1/4 parts 286 verses, the last chapters include in para 30th are smaaler chapters, the smallest of all chapters is Alkausar which consists of only 3 verses, smaller verses

are memorized quickly neaded for reciting in your five times namaz each day as the recitation of Quran is your namaz is obligatory. note: Please read for Arabic text of Quraan as under. Th=Sa Dz=Za Auoozo BI ZZAT-ILLAHIL-AZEEM Bewajhil Kareem Besultanil Qadeem Min-asshitanir-rajeem Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem “I seek the refuge of Allah From the satan the out cast I begin in the name of Allah the most merciful most beneficent “Rabbishrahli sadri wa yassirli Amree wa-hlul uqdatam mil- lisani Yafqahoo Qauli” O my Lord open my chest and ease my deeds and open the tie of my tongue so that they will understand my words. Indeed translating the word of Allah is a great job where mistakes, possibility of the use of weaker words for ascertaining the meanings to The word of Allah could be there in quite ample I seek Allah’s pardon for all such mistakes, and an invitation to any body who will correct me any where if it so needed. My efforts are towards conveying the meaning and a simple understanding of the text who wants to know and learn to do it himself. This is a job being done in the search of some virtues for my recognition for the grant of pardon on the Day of Judgment and this is purely from Allah in shaa-a. Rabbana laa tuakhizna in-naseena au akhtana, Rabbana wa laa tahmil aleina isran kama hamaltahu alallazeena min qablina, Rabbana wa laa tuhammilna ma laa taaqata lana behi fa aafo anna waghfir lana warhamna anta maulana fansurna alal qaumil kafireen” O our Lord donot catch us for our forgetfulness or mistakes, O our Lord donot put on us the loads that you had put upon the people before us O our Lord donot put on us the loads that we donot have the strength for it so forgive us and pardon us and bestow upon us Thy Mercy You are our friend so help us adainst those rejecting faith.


“O Lord accept from my efforts and write it down it in my accounts for the Day of Judgement and forgive me for all mistakes have happened unknowingly” Ameen”

Chapter 1. Alfateha Aoozo billahil Minas-shetanir-rajeem “I seek the refuge of Allah From the satan the out cast Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem I begin in the name of Allah the most merciful most beneficent Alhamdolil-lahi Rabbil Aalameen, Arrahman-irraheem Maliki yomiddeen Iyyaaka Naabudo wa iyyaaka Nastaeen. Ehdinas-siratal mustaqeem siratal- lazeena an-amta aleihim gheril maghdzoobi aleihim wa laa dzaalleen. Ammen 1:1Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem Beism Allah Alrehman With the name The name of God Almighty in the Holy Quran Extremely Graceful, An attribute of Allah’s quality being graceful exceeds in its priority above all qualities

Alraheem 1;2

Another attribute to Allah being most merciful

Alhamdo lillahi Rabbil aalameen. All the praises For Allah The Lord of all the worlds

Alhamd Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

1:3.Al-Rahma-nir-Raheem Maliki yomiddin Malike yomiddeen The lord of the Day of judgment “Most gracious most merciful, The Lord of the Day of Judgment”. 1:4 Iyyaka na-abudo wa iyyaka nastaeen. Iyyaka To thee only Naabudo We pray Nastaeen We seek help “To Thee only we worship and from Thee only we seek help” 1:5 Ehde nas-siratal mustaqeem Ehdina Guide us Sirat The path Almustaqeem Straight “Guide us on to the straight path” 1:6 Siratal-lazeena anamta aleihim Allazeena those people Anamta ye rwarded Aleihim upon whom “The path of those people whom Ye rewarded” 1:7 Gheril maghdzoobi aleihim waladzaalleen. Gheril not of those Maghdoobe Punished, Cursed Wala And not Dzualleen people strayed, Lost path Ameen O Allah accept the prayer


“All praise be to Allah most gracious most merciful, The Lord of the Day of Judgment. To Thee we worship and from Thee alone we seek help Guide us on to the straight path .The path of those whom You rewarded and not of those whom You punished nor of, those who stray” Ameen CHAPTER 6 Surah Albaqra Surah Madaneeah Verses 286 Sellection of name ALbaqrah= The cow, is from verse No. 68 where Mosses told his nation (Bani Israeel), to show a sign of Allah when a murdered person was disputed over of his murder, who had done it, The body was hit by a part of the slaughtered cow and killed man lived back to tell who had killed him Section 1 Aoozobillahil Minashetanirrajeem “I seek the refuge of Allah From the satan the out cast Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem in in the name of Allah the most merciful most beneficent 2/1/01. Alif Laam Meem Brockenletters, To read as these are, not to translate 1/1/02. Zalikalkitab Lareba feehi Hudallil-mutaqeen Zalikal Kitab This Book La Reb No Doubt Feehi Init Huda Guidance Lil-muttaqueen for God fearing This is the book guidance for those God fearing 1/1/03.Allazeena yuminoona bilghebi wa yuqeemoo -nas-salata wa mimma razaqnahum yunfiqoon. Allazeena Those people who Yoominoona believe Bilgheb in unseen Yuqueemoona Establish, enjoin Alssalat Prayer (Namaz) Mimma out of that Razaqnahum The sustenance that We have given them

Yunfiqoon Spend who believe God in unseen, enjoin prayers and of the sustenance that We have given thee spend from it EEman ? What is Eema?, Eeman = belief and bilgheb,= in unseen, Eeman that is Faith believing some thing for its existence has to be without having seen, particularly for Allah The Almighty, Once you see a thing, it does not remain an eeman, it becomes your witness or experience, Therefore for Eeman it must be un seen. Allah The Almighty has not shown of himself but has told enough about im hrough His messengers and the Divine books, You have learnt about Him through these means so believe in Him and do not insist for seeing Him for never He will show you of Himself nor shall your eyes have the capacity to stand to look at His self, There is an instance quoted in Holy Quran when Pro. Mosses pbuh desired to look at Allah The Almighty, he was told “Lan tarani” You can not see me Yes look at that mountain in front of you , if it could stand my vision then you can see me, soon appeared a lightening Mosses PBUH fell down unconscious and when regained his consciousness saw the mountain turned to ashes. Mosses pbuh. sought Allah’s pardon and strengthened his Eeman. Yes He insists us to look for His clear signs in His creations with care and you will know that every thing has been created with absolute perfection and nothing is hap hazard or disorderly, and these are so numerous that you can never dare to count upon these and ultimately you will shout at the top of your voice, Yes there is a being, The creator for all these things and it is far beyond for us to describe Him.So let me believe in Allah The creator The sustainer, Who gives life and causes to die, The beginner of this creation and its terminator r and the Lord and The Savior of The Day of Judgment. Besides Allah The Almighty. The items for the belief are accordingly 2.His angels, The mediators between the Lord and the prophets, 3.His Divine books like Torah, Psalms, Injeel, and Quran, 4. His Prophets, The human selects, for the purpose of taking God’s messages to their respective nations, 5. The Day of Judgment, Human are accountable so for that accountability a day has been fixed by God Almighty for accounts of all human beings, It is reported in Quran that the length of that one day shall as long as 50000 years those we count. Next is 6. Raising from the dead for the purpose of our accounts, and lastly

7. The fate, That everything is written that encounters us in our lives. However the condition for unseen is in its absoluteness for Allah The Almighty and the rest of the six, First we have to believe in that man who comes with some clear signs and claims as Allah’s messenger then every thing becomes easy for us to believe which he says and it is on behalf of God Almighty and it is a part of the revelation, God certifies a prophet’s statement by a verse “Wama yantiqo anil hawa” And he does not say any thing of his own. Thus the revelation process the angels the Day of Judgment, The Hell and Heaven, The raising from the dead, The fate become a matter of faith and belief and these are all unseen. Earlier The prophets were provided with the miracles for the people to believe the genuiness, yet the people would not accept it easily and used to call it The magic but there had always been some who believed. The disbelievers had to face Allah’s wrath in those circumustances, that after having seen Allah’s clear manifestation and signs refused accept and continued to behave arrogantly. The prophets and the believers were saved to continue the race. This process continued till the coming of Prophet Mohammad Allah’s peace be with him, Though there had been innumerable miracles have been recorded which his nation witnessed including Shaqqul Qamar Breaking the moon apart but Nbut for this nation miracles were not encouraged for if the people would show their disbelief after having seen the miracles, Allah’s wrath would become inevitable upon them. However Holy Quran in itself remained at the top of all miracles which still lives in its miracu- lous status and will remain an ever lasting miracle to the people for its language its continuity and flow of the text, for its uncontroversiality, and purposefulness, its universality of the message, for its qualities easy to be read, easy to be under- stood and easy to be memorized by heart from A to Z, even by a child as young as 6yrs.of age, who posseses no knowledge of Arabic language, a blind man only by hearing, No competitor on the globe , No challangers and there has been none to accept its challenge to bring even ten veses of the like, seek any help beside Allah. The challenge stands for 1500yrs. and will continue to stand till The Doom. And above all mostly read book in the whole world. It is in every heart and on every tongue of a believer every time round the clock on the globe. Most of the people who believed in prophet Mohammad pbuh were through Quran and they did not need a miracle to witness. Beside Quran The prophet’s vat Divinely inherited knowledge and conversation

people’s question and their most logical answers so carefully and minutely recorded through their genuine sources called Ahadees for the following generatios are in itself no less than a miracle as Proph. Mohammad PBUH was unlettered, had never attended any school or had any materials to know of the events of the past as Meccans were mostly pagans had no schools or literatures of any kind that could have been used for a help, and the people of the knowledge like Jews were posing most difficult questions to the prophet PBUH of the events of the past from their scriptures, to answer which Quran is answering them. Beside every thing he had no personal greed for a name or fame or any riches every bit was directed towards Allah The Almighty. He and his family even starved for days, The close companions examined him for every bit and were contended for him being Allah’s chosen man ‘His Prophet’ and The Messenger. And so they believed and this was their Eeman absolutely unseen and so we do. We have not seen even the prophet yet We are believing every thing as it is and we need to see any thing to believe, If we had, we will not remain a believer. There were people who rejected and are still a major portion of world continue to be in disbelief in spite they can not challenge any bit of the statements from Quran or from his ahadees ( Statements) yet they show their rejection and are believing the faiths which they have inherited from their fore fathers even if they do not have sufficient documentations to prove and satisfy their faith. In the terminology of Quran they are non believers, that is they are Kafir .( Disbelievers) The most unfortunate is for the people of the previous scriptures like those of Jews and The Christians where Prophet Mohammad as the forth coming messenger is so clearly prophesied reference Deuteronomy 18:18 of The old testament and John chapter 14 of the Bible etc. Yet they continue to reject for their vested interests. A prophecy in a scripture demands the belief in that prophet for those people who ever find him. Rejection means Kufr and they will be held more responsible for denial of their own scripture and this is known as arrogance. Their scripture shall become a testimony against them on The Day Judgment. Finally Eeman means the belief in the sole Divinity of Allah and His Lordship and denying all false gods, invented by the people without a Divine document and support and this is the fundamental of Islam and the principal slogan for Muslims “La Ilaha Illa Allah-o- Mohammadur rasoola-Allah” The first phrase in this slogan is “La Ilaha” La= No or None, Ilaha = god who is to be worshiped. Therefore the the first phrase of this

slogan of Eeman contains the denial of the all other invented gods in total irrespective of any religion then it says illa = but, “Allah” That Allah is the sole divinity The God to be worshipped. Almighty, The creator, The sustainer and the terminator, responsible for life and death, etc. etc. Next to this comes the messengers, who forwarded the knowledge of Allah The Almighty and His messages to their respective nations in all times, right from Prophet Adam to Prophet Mohahmmad PBUH. Therefore the next phrase of this slogan constitutes “Mohammadur-Rasool- Allah” That means Mohammad is Allah’s messenger . Mohammad, pbuh a man from pagans of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia known for tribal superiority ultimate progeny from the children of Prophet Ismaeel son of Prophet Ibraheem Allah’s be upon them. A symbol of purity and piety, honesty and truthfulness, away from pagans traditions of ignorance, mostly loving isolation remembering “Allah” in a cave “Hira” received Allah’s messenger “The angel Gebriel” reading to him Allah’s first message starting with the word “Iqra” “Read” and Mohammad PBUH said “Ma ana beqarein” I am not lettered. The angel repeated thrice Iqra and Mohammad pbuh said the same “Ma ana beqarein” The angel ambrased Mohammad pbuh and read “ Iqra beisme Rabbik-allazee Khalaqa” “Read in the name of thy Lord who created”, And Mohammad PBUH begane to read, This was the first revelation and his appointment to the prophet and The messanger,The duty begins This discourse is too long, Therefore in short like all other prophets Prophet Mohammad PBUH also faced lot of resistance, tortures, humiliations, etc. etc. in the path of his mission,where he was receiving besides the deniers many believers Islam presents absolute monotheism as against the polytheism. For further I will ask you to go through the books related to Isalam and its history. I will simplify here my subject by telling once you have accepted the truthfulness of a messenger you would not find any difficulty in accepting every bit of the truth that is related to your Eeman in unseen. I will pray for every reder of this translation to let him establish his faith in “La Ilaha Illa Allah Mohammadur-rasoolaAllah” And be a Muslim. This slogan constitutes the ultimate weight upon the whole universe,This slogan is the guarantee for a believer for his entry in the Paradise, This slogan is holding the skies intact and the Days and nights, summers and winters go accordingly in their absolute order till one gye lives on the earth with this slogan on his tongue. When this last gye will die the order will terminate and the doom will happen. I wish every one of the

readers becomes the bearer of the faith, reader of this slogan “La ilaha Ila Allah Mohammadur-Rasool Allah” and be the winner of Allah’s grace to His Paradise and lives eternally with the fulfillments of his desires and the loved ones, the real success. Ameen. 4.Wallazeena yoominoona bima unzila ileika wa ma unzila min qablika wa bil aakhirati hum yooqinoon. Wa And Bima which, that Unzila Revealed, Inspired Ileka Towards you (O Mohammad) Ma That, what (?) and Not, (The meanings can be understood correctly used so in appropriation) Qablika Before you Akhrate The Day of Judgment Hum They Yuqinoon encertain And those people who believe what is revealed to thee (O Mohammad PBUH) and that was revealed before thee and The Day of Judgement they ensure. 5. Ulaika ala hudamir-Rabbehim wa ulaika humul muflihoon. Ulaika These are those people Ala At, upon Min From Rabbehim Their Lord Muflihoon Successful These are those people which are on guidance from their Lord and these are those people who are going to be successful. 6.Innal-lazzeena kafaroo sawaun Aleihim a-anzarta-hum am lam tunzir-hum Laa yuminnoon. Kafaroo Disbelieved Sawaun It is all the same Aleihim upon them Anzartahum You make them fear Am-lam or not L-Yuminoon`` not believe Indeed those people who disbelieved ,you make them fear or Don’t,They will not believe.

7. Khatam-Allaho alaa quloobehim wa alaa samei-him wa alaa absaari-him ghishawatun wa la-hum azaabun azeem. Khatam Allaho Allah has sealed Ala-quloobehim upon their hearts Ala-samaehim upon their hearing Ala-absarehim upon their vision Ghishawatun veil, curtain Wa-lahum and for them Azab torment ,punishment Azeem huge Allah has sealed their hearts ,and their hearing and on their vision there is a veil and for them is a punishment huge. Section 2 8. Wa minan-nasi many-yaqoolo amanna bil-llahi wa bil Yomilaakhiri wa ma-hum bi-momineen, Min Amongst, from Naas people Man who Yaqool says Amanna we believe Yomil Akhra The Day of Judgment Ma not Bemomineen the believers And amongst the people who say we believe in Allah and The Day of Judgement, and they are not the believers. 9. Yukhadioona-llaha wal-lazeena aamanoo wa ma yakhdaoona illa anfusa-hum wa ma yash-uroon. Yukhadioon Deceiving, cheating Amanoo believers Illa except Anfusohum themselves Yashuroon understand They are (trying) deceiving Allah and the believers and they are not deceiving, only themselves and they don’t understand. 10. Fee quloobi-him maradzun fa zada-humul-llaho mardza wa lahum azabun aleemum-bima kaanoo yakziboon. Quloobehim Their hearts Maradun The disease Fazadahum Thus increased for them (further)

Aleem Painful In their hearts is a disease and Allah has increase for further and for them there is torment painful for the reason they were lying. 11. Wa iza qeela lahum laa tufsidoo fil-ardzi Qaloo innama nahno muslihoon Latufsidoo Do not create disturbance, mischief Fil-ard in (On) the earth Qaloo said (they) Innama create indeed Nahno We Muslihoon Rectifiers And when it is told to them not to create disturbance on earth, said they, Indeed we are the rectifiers. 12. Alaa inna-hum humul mufsidoona wa laakin laa yashuroon. Ala-a Beware Innahum Indeed they Mufsidoona Disturbance creators La-yashuroon Do not understand Beware indeed they, They are the creators of disturbance but they donot know. 13. Wa Izaa queela lahum aamanoo kama aamana an-naso Qaloo anomino kama amanas-sufahaa-o, alaa inna-hum humus-sufahaao wa laakin laa yaa- lamoon. yalamoon Aamanoo Believe Kama like Amana-naso the people who believe Anomino Should we believe Amana believed Sufahao Fools La-yalamoon Do not know And when it is told to them Believe like the people who believe, Said they should we believe like the fools, Beware indeed they, they are the fools but they don’t know. 14. Wa izaa laqul-lazeena aamanoo, Qaaloo Aamanna, wa izaa khalau ila shiyateene-him qaloo, inna maa-kum innama nahno mustah- zioon. Laqul Meet Aamanoo Believers

Aamanna We believed Khalao mix up with Shiyateenehim Their satins (The people of their like) Ma-akum with you Mustahzioon Joking (Fool making) And when they meet the believers tell them we believed and when they mix up their satins (people of their like) say indeed we are with you we are joking. 15. Allaho yastahzio behim wa yamuddo-hum fee tughyani-him yaamahoon. Yastahzio behim makes joke of them Yamuddohum relaxation, Time-out Tughyanehim rebel, lawlessness Yamahoon moving around Allah is making joke of them and has relaxed them and they are wandering around in lawlessness a rebel. 16. Ulaaikal-lazeena-ashtara wu-dzalalata bil-huda fa maara behattijaarato-hum wa ma kanoo moh- tadeen Ulaika These are those people Allazeena who Ashtara purchased Dzalala stray, lost path Bil huda thin place of guidance (the right path) Fama thus how Rabeha profitless , full of harms Tijaratohum their business Wama And not Kanoo were Mohtadeen Guided These are those people who have purchased the guideless ness in place of guidance and they were not of the guided people. 17. Mathalo-hum ka-mathalil-laziztauqad nara fala- mma adzaa-at mahaulahoo zahab-llaho bi-noorihim wa taraka-hum fee zulamatin laa yubsiroon. Masalohum Their example Kama As if Tauqad lit Nara The fire Falamma Thus when

Adza-at enlightened Mahalohu His surrounding Zahaba- Allah Allah snatched away Benoore-him His vision Tarakahum left them Fe in Zulomatin the darkness Laa Yubsiroon They don’t see. `Their example is of those who lit the fire and when it enlightened the surrounding Allah snatched their vision and left them in the darkness They don’t see. 18. Summum bukmun Umiyun fa hum laa yarjioon. Summum Deaf Bukmun Dumb Umyun Blind La yarjeoon They won’t turn up They are deaf, dumb, and blind, they won’t turn-up 19.Au Kasay-yab minas-samaai feehi zulomatun wa raadun wa barq yaj-aloona asaabia-hum fee azaani-him minas-sawaiqi hadzaral maut wa-llaho muhee- tum bil-kafireen. Au or Ka-sayyab as if there is rain Feehi in it Zulomatun Darkness Wa-radun Thunder Wa-barq and lightening Yajaloona They push Asabea-hum Their fingers Fee-azane-him in their ears Min-as-sawaiqe from the thunder bolt Hazara coming up Maut death Muheetum surrounded Kafreen Disbelievers Or as if there is rain and therein is darkness and thunder and lightening they push their fingers in their ears from the thunder bolt for the death. Allah has surrounded the disbelievers


20. Yakaadul-barqo yakhtafo absarahum Kullama adza-a-lahum mashau feeh, wa izaa azlama aleihim qaamoo, wa lau shaa-a Allaho lazahaba bi-samei-him wa absari-him, Innal-laha ala kulli shein qadeer. Yakad wants Barq lightening Yakhtafo take away Kullama Whenever Adza-a there is some light Lahum For them Mashau fehi walk in it Azlama Darkens around Qamoo keep standing Ala-kulle upon every Shein Thing Qadeer capable The lightening wants to snatch away their vision, when ever it enlightens they walk in it and when darkness take over upon them they keep standing, If Allah Will, He would have taken away their hearing and their vision, Indeed Allah is all capable. Section 3 21. Ya ayyohannaso aubudoo Rabba-kum al-lazee khalaqa-kum wal-lazeena min qabli-kum la-allakum tattaqoon. Ya ayyohannas O, People Aubudoo Worship Rabbakum Your Lord Allazee Who Khalaqakum Created you Wallazeena And those Minqablekum before you Laallakum So that you Tattaqoon Become God fearing O people worship thy Lord, who created you and the people before you so that yo become God fearing. 22. Al-lazee Jaala lakumul-ardza firashaunw was-samaa-a binaauoonw wa anzala minas-samaai maa-an fa akhraja bihee minas-samaraati rizqal-lakum fa laa taj-aloo li-llahi andadauw wa antum taalamoon. Ja-ala-lakum made for thee Ardza earth

Firashauoon The floor Wa-ssama-a And the sky Bina-auoon The roof Wa-anzala Rained Samae Sky Maa-an The water Fa akhraja Thus grew out Behi from it Min-as-samarat out of fruits Rizqal-lakum for you your sustenance (food) Taj-aloo you make Lil-LLahi for Allah Andaduoon His associates Antum you (people) Ta-alamoon know it The one who created the earth the floor for thee and the sky The roof and rained the water from the sky for thee, and brought out the fruits from it for your sustenance, thus don’t ye make His associates and you people know it. 23. Wa in-kuntum fee reibim-mimma nazzalna ala abdina fa atu bisooratim mim-mithlihee wad-oo shuhdaa-kum min doonil-llahi in kuntum sadiqeen Inkuntum if you (people) Ferebim doubtful Mimma of that Nazzalna Revealed Ila towards Abdena our servant Fa-atu Then bring Besooratim A chapter Mim-mislehi of the like Sadiqeen Truthful “And if you (people are doubtful for what we have revealed towards our servant, then bring a servant of the like and call any for your help beside Allah, if ye are truthful.” 24. Fa-in-lam taf-aloo wa lan tafaloo, fat-taqun-nar al-lati wuqoodohan-naso wal hijara, uiddat lil-kafi-reen In-lam If not Tafaloo You can do

Wa lan And Absolutely not Fattaqu Thus ye fear Naar The fire Allati which Wuqoodoha The fuel of which Naas Human Hijara stones Uiddat Prepared Kafereen Disbelievers (who reject faith) Thus if ye cannot and you can never do it, Thus ye fear the fuel of which shall be humans and the stones which is lit for the disbelievers. 25. Wa bash-shiril-lazeena aamanoo wa amilus-sali- hati anna lahum Jannatin tajree min tahtihal anhaar kullama ruziqoo minha min thamaratir-rizqa Qaloo hazaal-llazi ruziqna min qabl wa utoobehee muta- shabiha, wa lahum azwajun mutaharratun hum feeha khalidoon. Bash-shir Good news, glad tiding Amiloo Did Salehat Good deeds Anna lahum Indeed for them Jannatin Paradise, Gardens of Eden Tajree Flowing Tahtihal Underneath Anhar Rivers Kullama Any time Ruziqoo feeded Samarat Fruits Rizqa Food Qaloo Said Haza This Allazi which Ruziqna Our food Min qabl Before this ( ie in the world) Utubehee which were given Mutashabeha Looked alike Wa lahum And for them Feeha in it Azwajun Wives, pairs Mutaharratun Chaste Wa hum And they

Feeha Khalidoon

in it Live for infinity

“And give the glad tiding to those who believed and did good deeds , indeed for them shall be Gardens of Eden underneath which shall be flowing rivers, where in they will be fed with fruits for food, said (they) similar was the food for us, we were given before., and for them shall be wives chaste (Spouses) where in they will live for ever.” `````` `26. Innal-llaha laa yastahee anyyadzriba mathalam ma bauoodzatan fa-ma-fauquha wa ammal-lazeena amanoo fayaalamoona annahul-huqqo mirRabehim wa ammal-lazeena kafaroo fa-yaqooloona maazaa araadal-llaho bihaaza mathala yudzillo bihee kathee- raunw wa yahdee bihee katheera wa ma yudzillo bihee illal fasiqoon. Layastahee Does not feel shy Anyadriba That he will give Masalan similitude Bauoodatan mosquito Foquha beyond Maza what Aradallaho Intention Yudillobehi Does not guide with it Kaseeran Numerous Yahdibehi guides with it Wama And do not Illa Except Fasiqoon Wrong doers, Disobedient “Indeed Allah does not feel shy of using the similitude of a mosquito even beyond that, thus those people who believe, they know indeed it is true from their Lord and those who do not have faith say what is the intention of Allah with this similitude, He does not guide with it many and guides many and (He) does not guide any, except the disobedient, wrong doers.” 27. Al-lazeena yanqudzoona ahdal-llahi mim-baadi meethaqihee wa yaqta-uoona ma amral-llaho bihee an-yoosala wa yufisidoona filardzi ulaaika humul khasiroon Yanqudzoona Break Ahd-Allahi The promise with Allah

Mim-baad After Meesaqehi The covenant agreed with Allah Yaqtaoona Break, cut down ,Go against Ma which Amr-Allaho Allah ordained Anyoosal spread Wa yufsidoona Disturbance Fil-ardz on earth Khasiroon Going to get into loss Those people who break the promise with Allah after having conformed the covenant and break what Allah has ordained so that they will spread disturbance on earth, These are those people who are going to get into (ultimate) loss 28. Kaifa Takfuroona bil-llahi wa kuntum amwaa- tan Fa-ahyaakum thumma yumeeto-kum thumma yuhyee-kum thumma ileihee turjaoon Kaifa How Takfroona deny Kuntum you were Amwatan Not existing Fahyakum Then gave you life Summa Then Yumeetokum He will cause you death Ilehi Towards Him Turjaoon You are to return “How can you deny Allah when you were not existing then he gave you life, then He will cause you to die, then He will bring you back to life, then towards Him you are to return.” 29. Huwal-lazee khalaqa lakum ma filardzi jamee-a thummas-tawa ilas-samaai fa-sawwa hunna saba samawat wa huwa bikulli shein aleem. Huwallazi He Who Khalaqa-lakum created for thee Fil-Ard on earth Jameea every thing Summa Then Stawa made Saba seven skies Samawat skies Howa He

Bekulle Every thing Shein things Aleem Knows “He, Who created for you every thing on earth then turned towards skies and created there seven skies and for every thing he is the knower”.

Section 4 30. Wa izqala Rabboka lil malaaikati Innee jaailun fil-ardzi khaleefa, Qaaloo atajalo feeha man-yyaf-sudo feeha wa yasfikuddimaa-a wa nahno nusab- biho bi-hamdika wa nuqaddiso lak, Qala innee aa- lamo ma laa taalamoon. Izqala when said Rabbuka your Lord Lil to Malaikate angels Innee indeed I Jaailun going to make (create) Khaleefa care taker Qaloo said (angels) At-aj-alo will You make ? Feeha in it Yasfikuddimaa-a and will shed blood Nahno we Nusabbiho we repeat Thy name Nuqaddiso lak And we admire Thy purity Qala Said (Allah) Aalamo know Ma-la which, not Ta-alamoon you know “And when said Thy Lord to the angels, Indeed I am going to create on earth the care taker, Said (Angels) Will Ye make one who will create disturbance on earth and shed blood and we call Thy name in praise and admire Thy name in purity. Said,(Allah) Which you don’t know.” 2:31. Wa allama Aadamal-asmaa-a kullaha thumma aradzahum alal-malaaikati Fa qaala ambiuoonee be- asmaa-i haaulaai inkuntum sadiqeen, Allama Taught

Adama Adam Asmaa-a Names Kullaha every thing Aradahum Addressed them Ambioonee Tell me Beasmaae The names Haaulaae of these things, Sadiqeen Truthful “And taught Adam the names of all things then addressed the angels and said, Tell me the names of these things if you are truthful.” 2;32 Qaaloo subhaanaka laa ilma lana illa ma allam- tana innaka Antal Aleemul-Hakeem,. La-Ilma lana No knowledge for us Illa except Ma allamtana which you taught us Innaka Indeed Thy art, Aleem Knowing Hakeem wise Said, they No knowledge with us except what you have taught us, Indeed you are knowing and wise.” 2:33. Qaala yaa Aadamo imbio-hum bi-asmaai-him Falamma ambahum biasmaaihim, Qaala alam aqul- lakum Innee aalamo gheibus-samaawati walardz wa alamo ma tubdoona wa ma kuntum taktumoon. Ambeohum Tell them Beasmaaehim The names of these things Flamma when Alam Didn’t I Aqul-lakum tell you Alamo know Gheb Hidden things Tubdoona show Taktumoon Hide Said, O Adam tell them the names of these things, thus when he told them, Said, Didn’t I tell you indeed I know the secrets of the skies and the earth and I know what you show and what you hide.” 2:34 Wa iz qulna lil malaikatis-judoo le Aadama, Fa-sajadoo illa iblees, aba wastakbara wa kaana minal kafireen.

Isjudoo Bow, Prostrate Fasajadoo Thus they prostrated Aba refused Kana Became Kafireen Disbelievers, who reject faith “And when said, Thy Lord to the angels, Bow to Adam and they bowed except Iblees (Lucifer) Refuse and became of the didbelievers (reject faith)” 2:35 Wa Qulna Yaa Aadamus-kun anta wa zojukal Jannata wa kula minha raghadan hyiso shaituma wa laa Taqraba hazihish-shajarata Fatakoona minaz-zaalimeen, Iskun Live Zojuka Your wife Jannata Garden of Eden, Paradise Kula Eat Raghdan What ever Hyso From where ever Shaituma You (Two) like Taqraba You get near Shajarata Tree Fatakoona Else you will become Zalimeen Wrongdoers, sinners “And We said, O Adam stay you and your wife in the garden and eat anything and from anywhere that you like and do not get near to this tree, else ye will become of the wrongdoers.” 2:36 Fa-azalla humash-shaitano anha fa akhraja-huma mimma kaana feeh, wa Qulnah-bitoo badzo- kum li-baadzin adoo wa lakum fil ardzi musta- qar raunw wa mataa-un ila heen, Fa-azllahuma Thus came down to, those two Alshitan The devil (iblees = Lucifer) Anha There in (he Paradise) Fakhrajahuma Thus got them out those two Mimma From where Kana feeh They had been Ihbitoo Get down Baadzokum lebadza You for each other Adoo Enemies Mustaqar Stay Mataa Sustenance Ila-heen For affixed time.

“Thus came down to those two (Adam and Eve) the devil and got those two out from where they had been (ie Paradise) And Said, We, Get down all of you from here, ye are enemy to each other and for thee there is stay and sustenance on earth for a fixed time.” 2:37 Fa-talaqqa Aadamo mir-Rabbehee kalimatin fa taaba ileihee Inna-hoo Huwat-tawwabur-Raheem, Fatalaqqa Thus received Rabbehi his Lord Kalimatin The word (for repentation) Fataba Thus he repented Tawwabun Raheem Forgiving Kind “Thus received Adam fro his Lord the words (for repentation) and he repented, Indeed He (Allah) is Forgiving kind.” 2:38. Wa qulnahbitoo minha jameea Fa im-manyee yaatiyannakum minni hudan faman tabi-a hudaya fa laa khaufun alei-him wa laa hum yahzunoon Faimmanyee Thus when, who Yatiannakum Given to you Minni From me Hudan Guidance Faman Thus who Tabiaa Follows, obeys Hidaya Guidance Khaufun Fear Yahzanoon Dismay, sorrow “And We said, Get down from here (ie Paradise), all of you together, Thus when ever to any of ye receive from me the guidance, Thus who will obey the guidance, for them shall be no fear nor shall they be grieved.” 2:39. Wal-lazeena kafaroo wa kazzaboo biayaatina, fa-ulaika ashaabun-nari hum feeha khalidoon.” Kazzaboo falsified, denied, Bayaatina Our signs, (Verses) our word. Ashabunnar Those belonged to fire Khalidoon Live for ever And those who disbelieved and denied our signs (verses, word) Thus are those who belong to fire wherein they will live for ever.” Section5

2:40. yaa banee Israaeel-azkuroo neimatal-latee anamto aleikum wa aufoo bi-ahdee oofi biahde-kum wa iyyaya farhaboon. Bane Israeel O children of Israeel ( The nation from the progeny of prophet Yaqqb PBUH ((Jacob) S/O Prophet Isac PBUH, .also known as Israeel, Grand. son of proph. Abraham PBUH) were made slaves during the reign of Pharaoh, received Proph. Mosses PBUH as their messenger for their nation, and the deliverer, who got them liberated from the clutches of Pharaohs and then Allah chose them as the torch bearers for all nations of mankind on earth till the time of Prophet Mohammad SAW. When they failed to be the torch bearers due to their continued arrogance, cheatings in Allah’s book for their vated intrests and rejection of reforms by their forthcoming prophets from Allah and their unjustified killings, ceased them to be a chosen race any more and now these people were rejecting Proph. Mohammad SAW too and the Divine revelation “ AlQuran” arrogantly even though they had recognized the truth from their knowledge of the available scriptures with them and mentioned prophesies there in Ref. Deuteronomy 18:18) and now were presenting themselves as disbelievers at par pagans of Arabs ) Uzkuroo Remember Nemat Favors Allati which Anamto I had favored Aleikum upon thee Aufoo I’ll fulfill Beahdee My promise OOfi Fulfill Beahdikum Your promise Iyyaya To me only Farhaboon Fear me O children of Israel remember my favors that I favored you and I’ll fulfill my promise and you fulfill your promise and fear me alone. 2:41 Wa aminoo bima anzalto musad-diqal-lima maa-akum wa laa takoonoo awwala kafrim bihee wa laa tashtaroo bi-aayaatee samanan qaleela wa iyyaya fat-taqoon. Aaminoo Believe Bima which Unzilto I have revealed, sent down (now) Musaddiqul-lima which is testified by

Ma-akum with you Takoonu Do not be Awwala First Kafiram-behi To disbelieve Tashtaroo sell it out Samanan Price Qaleela Meager Fattaqoon Fear “And believe in it that I have revealed ( upon Proph. Mohammad SAW) and which is testifying what is with you, and donot become first to disbelieve and do- not sell out my verses for a meager price and to me alone ye fear.” 2:42 Wa laa talbisul huqqa bil-baatili wa taktumul-huqqa wa antum taalamoon. Talbis wrap up Alhuqqa The truth Bilbatil with the falsehood Taktumu hide “And do not wrap up the truth with the falsehood and do not hide the truth and you know it.” 2:43 Wa aqeemus-salata wa atuz-zakata warkaoo maa-ar-rakieen. Aqeemu Establish Salata Islamic prayer Namaz ,a way of worship Atu Give Zakata Alms, charity Arkaoo Bow Rakieen Those who bow “And establish your namaz, and give zakat and bow with those who bow.” 2:44 Ataamuroonan-nasa bil-birri wa tansauna anfu- sakum wa antum tatloonal kitaab afala taaqiloon. Atamuroona Do you order Naas Human, people Bilbirre for doing good Tansauna You forget Anfusakum For thyself Tatloon Read Kitab The book, scripture Afala Don’t you

Taaqiloon understsnd , have wisdom “Do you tell people to do good and forget thyself and you read the scripture, Don’t you understand.” 2:45 Wastaeenu bis-sabri was-salat wa innaha la- kabeeratun illa alal khashieen. Wastaeenoo Seek the help Bissabr with patience Innaha Indeed this is Lakabeeratun it is a big thing Illa except Khashieen Those God fearing “And seek help with the patience and namaz indeed it is a big thing but the God fearing folk” 2:46. Allazeena yazun-noona anna-hum mulaaqoo Rab-bi-him wa anna-hum ileihi raajioon. Allazeena Those Yazunnona believe Innahum Indeed they Mulaqoo going to meet Rabbehim their Lord Raajioon They are to return.” Those who believe they are to meet their Lord and they are to return” Section 6 2;47. Ya banee Israaeel-azkuroo neimati-yallati an amto aleikum wa annee fadzaltokum alal aalameen. Fadzalto-kum Chose you ,honored you Ala-alameen Rest of the world “O children of Israel remember my favors upon thee which I favored you and honored you upon the rest of the worlds.” 2:48 Wat-taqoo yaumal laa-tajzee nafsun un nafsin sheiun wa laa yuqbalo minha shifaataun wa laa yoo khazo minha adlanw wa laa hum yunsarron, Wattaqoo And fear Yomal The Day Latajzi No reward, favor, help, gift etc. Nufsun A body Un-nafsin From any body

Sheiun Anything or nothing Yukhazo Accept Minha From him Adlaoon compensation Unsaroon helped And fear from The Day when no one can reward any thing to any body, nor shall a compensation shall be accepted from him nor shall they be helped. 2:49 Wa iz naj-jeina-kum min aaley Fir-ona yasoo- moona-kum soo-al azaab,yuzabbihoona abnaa-akum wa yastahi-yoona nisaaakum wa fee zaali-kum balaaum-mir-Rabbikum Azeem. Najjenakum Freed thee Aale Firona Children of Faro Yasoomoona-kum who had put you Soo Too severe, grievous, very bad etc. Azab punishment, torment Yuzabbihoona slaughtered sons Abnaakum your Yastahiyoona spared o live Nisaakum your women Zaalikum For thee in it Balaaum Testmir-Rabbe-kum From Thy Lord Azeem Great And when We delivered you from the children of Faro who had put you in severe torment used to slaughter your sons and spare your women to live and there in was a great test for you from Thy Lord. 2:50. Wa iz faraqna bikum albahra Fa unjjeina-kum wa aghraqna ala Firona wa antum tanzuroon, Farqna Tore apart Bikum with thee Bahra The ocean Faunjaina-kum Got you cleared, through Aghraqna Drowned Tanzuroon you were seeing, witness. And when We parted the ocean for and got you through and drowned the Faros and you were the witness. 2:51. Wa iz waa-adna Moosa arbaeena lailatan thu- mmat-takhaztum-ul-ijla mim-baadi-hee wa antum zaalimoon.

Wa-adna Promised, invited Arbaeen Forty Lailatan Nights Attakhaztum you had taken Alijla The calf Mimbaadehi After that Zaalimoon wrong doers, sinners And when we invited Moses for forty nights then you had taken the calf for worship after him and you are the wrong doers. 2:52. Thumma afauna unkum mimbaadi zaalika la-alla-kum tashkurron. Afona Forgave Unkum to thee Mim-baade-zalika after that La-alla-kum so that you Tashkuroon be thankful Then We forgave you after that so that, you be thankful.” 2:53. Wa iz aateina Moosal kitaaba wal furqaana la-alla-kum tahtadoom. Aatena Gave Furqan Commandments Tahtadoon You be guided “And when We gave Mosses (PBUH) The Book and the commandments so that you be guided. 2:54. Wa iz qaala Moosa leqaumihee yaa qaumi inna-kum zalamtum anfusakum bittikhazi-kum-ul-ijla fa tooboo ilaa Bareikum faqtuloo anfusakum zaali-kum kherul-lakum inda Barei-kum fa taabaa alei-kum inna-hoo howat-tawwabur-Raheem. Bittikhazikum Picp up, taken etc. Fatooboo Thus repent Barekum Thy Lord Faqtuloo Kill Zalikum This for ye Kherul-lakum better for you Fataba Thus He forgave “And when said Mosses to his people, indeed you have done a great sin to your selves by taking a calf (for worship) Thus seek repentance from Thy Lord and kill (The sinners) thy selves, this is

better for your sake, Thus you were forgiven, Indeed He is forgiving kind. “ 2:55.Wa iz qultum yaa Moosa lan nomina laka hatta naral-llaha jaharatan fa-akhazat-kumus-saaiqato wa antum tanzuroon. Nara we will see Jahratan open, in front Saiqa Lightening Tanzuroon You were seeing “And when you said, O Mosses we will never believe you till we see Allah in front, and you were taken up by the lightening, and you were seeing it.” 2:56. Summa baasna-kum mim-baade motikum la-alla-kum tashkuroon. Ba-snakum Raised you alive Motikum After your death “Then We raised you alive after your death so that you be thankful” 2:57. Wa zal-lalna aleikum alghamama wa anzalna aleikum manna wa salwa kuloo min tayyabati ma razqna-kum, wa ma zalamoona wa lakin kanoo an- fusa-hum yazlimoon. Zallalna We shadowed Aleikum upon you Alghama clouds Anzalna Brought down Manna A kind of sweet Salwa quail Kuloo Eat Tayyebati Clean and good Razaqnakum We gave you for food Zalamoona We were not unjust Yazlimoon They were unjust “And we shadowed you by the clouds and sent down for you ‘Manna and salwa’ Eat from the neat food that we gave you, and We were not unjust with you but you yourself were the wrong doers.” 2:58 Wa iz qulnad-khuloo haazihil qaryata wa kuloo minha hyso sheitum raghadauw wadkhulul baaba sujjadauw wa qooloo hittatun naghfir lakum khataya -kum wa sanazeedul mohsineen.

Udkhuloo Enter Hazehi This Qaryata Village Fakuloo Eat Minha From Hyso from wherever Raghdauoon You will Baba The door Sujjadaoon Prostrating Qoloo say Hittatun Hittatun (To read as it is) Naghfir-lakum we will forgive for you Khatayakum Your follies Sanazeedul Surely We will increase for further Mohsineen Good doers, virtuous people. “And when We said, enter this village and eat in it from wherever you like and enter the door prostrating and say hittatun, We will forgive your follies and surely will add for more of the (rewards to good doers.” 2:59. Fa baddalal-lazeena zalamoo qaulan ghairal-lazee qeela lahum fa anzalna alal-lazeena zalamoo rijzam minas-samae bima kanoo yafsuqoon. Fabaddal-allazeena Thus changed those who Zalamoo did wrong Qaulan The word Gher another Qeela told to speek Rijzam Torment, Punishment Samaa-e sky Bima which Kanoo were Yafsuqoon doing Thus changed those who did wrong, the word with another from the one told to them to speak, Thus we sent down a torment from the sky upon those who wronged, for the evils they were doing. Section 7 2:60. Wa izistasqa Moosa leqaumihee faqulna-zdrib bi-asaakal hajar fanfajrat minhusnata ashrata eina qad alima kullo unasimmashrabahum, kuloo wash -raboo mir-rizqillahi wa laa taasau filardzi mufsideen

Izistasqa you wanted to quench the thirst Leqaumehi of his nation Adzrib hit Basaka with your staff, stick Alhajar the stone Fanfajrat Thus erupted Mihusnata –ashra twelve Aina springs Alima taught, told Kullo All Unasim People Mashrabahum Their drinking places Kuloo Eat Washraboo And drink Taasau spread Mufsideen Disturbance creator “And when Mosses wanted to quench the thirst of his nation, Thus We told him to hit with his stick the stone, Thus gushed out twelve springs from it, then We taught all the people their places for drinking water, Eat and drink and do not spread disturbance on earth.” 2:61 Wa iz qultum yaa Moosa lan nasbira ala taamin wahid fad-olana Rabbaka yukhrij lana mimma tum -bitul ardzo mim-baqliha wa qissaiha, wa foomiha wa adasiha wa basliha, qaala atastab-diloo nil-lazee huwa adna billazee huwa kheir, Ihbitoo Misran fa inna lakum ma sa-altum wa dzuribat aleihimuz-zillato wal-maskanato wa baaoo bi ghazabim minal -llah zalika bi-anna-hum kaanoo yakfuroona biaaya -tillahi wa yaqtuloona-nabi-eena bigheril huq zaali- ka bima asau wa kanoo yatadoon. Lan Absolutely not Nasbira We will be patient Ta-amin food Wahid one (kind) Fad-o Call Yukhrij Bring out Mimma out of which Tumbit grows out Baqleha Leafy Vegetables Qissaeha Cucumber Foomiha Garlic Adaseha Pulses

Basaleha Onion Atastabdiloo Do you want to change Adna of lesser value Kher Of greater value (better one) Ehbitoo Get down Misran into Egypt Sa-altum You had asked Dzuribat Hit Zilla insults, Disgrace Maskana Poverty Baoo surrounded Beghazab anger Yakfuroona Disbelieve Asao disobedience Yatadoon exceed the limits “And when you said O Mosses (pbuh) we can not maintain our patience with one kind of food, call for us Thy Lord, to give us (our food) of which grows out from the earth of leafy vegetables, cucum- bers, Garlic, pulses, and onions. Said, Do you want to change with one of lesser value than the one greater, Get down into The Egypt, and were hit the disgrace, poverty and were surrounded by the anger of Allah, this was because they were disbelieving Allah’s word and were killing the prophets unrightfully and were exceeding the limits.” Section 8 2:62. Innal-lazeena aamanoo wal-lazeena Haadoo wan-nasara was-saabi-eena man aamana bil-lahi wal yomil-akhira, Fa-lahum ajro-hum inda Rabbihim wa laa khaufun aleihim wa laa hum yahzanoon. Hadoo Jews Nasara Christians Ajr Reward Yahzanoon Grieved Indeed those people who believed and those people who are Jews and Christians and Sabieens who believed in Allah and The Day of Judgment, their reward is with their Lord, for them shall be nothing to fear nor shall they be grieved. 2:63. Wa iz akhazna meesaqa-kum wa rafaana fauqa -kumt-toor, Khuzoo ma aateina-kum biquw-watin wazkuroo ma feehee la-allakum tattaqoon.

Akhazna Meesaqakum Rafaanna Foqakum Attoor Khuzoo Bequwwatin Wazkuroo Tattaqoon evils)

We took A covenant from thee Raised upon thee The name of a mountain Pick up with all your strength and read that is in it you become God fearing

(avoiders of

“And when We took a covenant from you and raised upon you the mountain Toor, Pick up with all your strength and read from it what it is there so that you become God fearing.” 2:64. Thumma tawallei-tum mim-baadi zaalika, fa laula fadzulullahi aleikum wa Rahmatahoo lakun- tum minal khasireen. Summa Then Tawalletum You turned away Falaula And if not Fadzulul-Allahi Allah’s favor Rahmatahoo His kindness LaKuntum surely, You were Khasireen Amongst those loosing alot Then you turned away after that and if it was not Allah’s favor upon you and His blessings, surely you were amongst the great loosers. 2:65. Wa laqad alim-tumul-lazee-natadau minkum fis-Sabt faqulna lahum koonoo qirdatan khasi-een. Laqad Surely Alim-tum you were told Autado transgressed Al-Sabt Saturday ( Saturday was made a holier day for the children of Israel (Jews) it was made reserved for Prayers only. and no worldly affairs were allowed.) Faqulna So We said, Lahum to them Koonoo Be Qird Monkey Khasieen behavior

“And surely you are told about those people who transgressed ‘Saturday’ We said to them Be of the behaviors of monkeys. 2:66. Fa ja-alnaha nakalan lima beina yadehi wa ma khalfaha wa moizata(n)-lil-muttaqeen. Faja-alnaha So We made for it Nakalan Punishment Yadei infront Khalfahum And from their behind Moiza a lesson Thus We made punishment from their front and from their behind and a lesson for the God fearing.” 2:67. Wa izqala Moosa li-qaumi-hee, Innal-laha yamuro-kum un tazbahoo Baqra, Qaloo ata-ttakhizona huzwa, Qala aoozobi-llahi un akoona minal-jahileen. Yamurkum orders you Tazbahoo You slaughter Baqara A cow Atattakhizona Do you take us for a joke uoozobillahi I seek the refuge of Allah Akoona I become Jahileen of the ignorant And when said Moosa To his people, Indeed Allah orders you to slaughter a cow, They said Do you take us for a joke, Replied Moosa I seek Allah’s refuge that I become of the ignorants. 2:68. Qalud-o lana Rabbaka yubayyan lana ma hia qaala innahoo yaqoolo innaha Baqratun laa faaridzun wa laa bikr awaanum-beina zaalik faf-aloo ma too-maroon. Qalud-o-lana Call for us Yubayyan-lan Indicate to us Ma what Hia it is Innahoo indeed He Yaqoolo says Innaha indeed it is Farizdun old and retired Bikr very young (A calf) Awanum in between Faf-aloo Thus you do

Ma tu-maroon

which is ordained to you

Said, call for us your Lord indicate to us what it is, Said indeed says He, Indeed it is a cow neither old nor a calf, It is in between the two, So do what is ordained to you. 2:69. Qalud-o lana Rabbaka yubayyan lana ma launoha Qaala innahoo yaqoolo innaha Baqratun Safraao faaqiul- (n) -launoha tasur-run-nazireen. Launoha its color Safraa-a yellow Tasarrun which pleases Nazireen who look at it Said, call for us your Lord indicate to us what is its color .Said indeed says He (The Lord) Indeed it is yellow that pleases the one who sees at it. (that is, It was some thing like a golden cow) 2:70. Qalud-o lana Rabbaka yubayyan-lana ma hia, innal baqrata tashabaha aleina wa inna Inshallaho la-mohtadoon. Tashabaha some thing matching Aleina in our knowledge Insha-Allaho f Allah will Lamohtadoon surely rightly guided Said, Call for your Lord ipin poit it to us, Indeed there is a cow which similar to it and ideed if Allah will surely we will be rightly guided. 2:71. Qaala innahoo yaqoolo innaha Baqratun, laa zaloolun tuseerul ardza wa laa tasqil hartha musalla matul-laa shiata feeha, qalul-aana jiata bil huqq, fa-zabahooha wa ma kaadoo yaf-aloon. Lazaloolun not used for ploughing Tusquil for irrigation Musallimatul complete Lashiata No defects Feeha in it Alaana Now Jiyata Brought us Bil Huq with the truth Fazabahooha Thus they slaughtered it Kadoo were


going to it.

Said, says He indeed it is a cow which is not used to plough the earth, nor for irrigating the crops, it is complete no defects in it, said they, Now you have brought us to a pin point, Thus they slaughtered it else they were not going to do it Section 9 2:72. Wa iz qatal-tum nafsan faddarei-tum feeha, wal-laho mukhrijo ma kun-tum taktu-moon. Qataltum Nafasan Faddareitum Mukhrijum Kuntum Taktumoon slain a man you were disputing bring it out, expose you people want to hide

And you had slain a man and you disputing about it And Allah wanted expose what you were hiding. 2:73. Fa-qulnad-ribooho bi-baadziha kazalika yuhil-lahul-mauta wa Yuree-kum aayaa-tihee la-alla-kum ta-aqiloon. Faqulna Thus e said dribooho hit it Bebaazdiha A part of it (The dead body) Kazalika Like this Uhiyal Makes alive Mauta A dead Yureekum shows you Ayaatehi His signs Laallakum So that you Taaqiloon You can understand. Thus We said, Hit he body with a part of it Like this Allah makes alive, a dead and shows you, His signs so that you will understand 2:74. Thumma qasat quloobo-kum mim-baadi zalika fahia kal hijarati au ashaddo qaswa wa inna minal hijarati lama yatafajjro minhul anhaar, wa inna minha lama yashaq-qaqo Fa-yakhrajo

minh-ul-maa-a wa inna minha lama yahbito min khashiatil-lah wa mal-laho bighaafilin umma ta-amaloon.” Summa Then, there after Qasat Hardened Quloobokum Your hearts Fahia As if Kalhijarati Like a stone Ashaddo Yet more Qaswa harder Hijarati The stone Yatafajjaro Springs our Minho from it Anhar The rivers Yashaqqaqo Ruptures Yakhrijo comes out Minho from it Almaa-a The water Yahbito Falls down Khashiati Allah Fear of Allah Ghafil Unaware, ignorant Ta-amaloon You do. Then hardened your heats as it is like a rock or yet more harder and indeed of the stones there are some from these spring out the rivers, and there are some rupture and release the water, There are some which fell down from the fear of Allah and Allah is not unaware what you do. 75. Afatat-maoona unyoominoo lakum wa qad kaa- na fareequm minhum yasmaoona kalamal-lahi thu- mma yuharrifoo-nahoo mim-baadi ma aqalooho wa hum yaalamoon. Afatat-maoona Aare you sure Unyoominoo That they will believe Qad Kana There had been Fareeqam A group of people Yuharrifoonahoo They would change Aqalooho having understood. “Are you sure that they will believe in you where as there had been agroup of people amongst them who listen Allah’s word then they would change it after having it understood and they know it.

76. Wa iza laqul-lazeena aamanoo qaloo aamanna wa iza khala baadzo hum ila bbadzin qaloo atuhadd-isoona-hum bima fatahallaho aleikum liyuhaajjoo -kum behee inda Rabbikum afla taaqiloon. Laqullazeena It is told Khalau mix, visit, sit together Baadzohum with each Ila baadzin other Atuhaddisoona-hum Will you tell them Bima which Fatha-Allaho Allah opened it Leyuhaajjokum That they may use as awitness against you And when it is told to them ,Believe, said They we believed and when they mix with each other, said, will you tell them what Allah has opened it to you that they will make it a witness against you before your Lord, Don’t you understand. 77. Awalaa Yaalamoona annal-laha yaalamo ma yu- sirroona wa ma yolinoon . Awala Do you not Yalamoona Know Yusirrona Hide Yolinoon declare “Do they not know that Indeed Allah knows what they hide they declare.” 78. Wa minhum ummiyoona la-yaalamoonal kitaba illa amaania wa in hum illa yazunnoon. Ummiyoon Illiterate Layaalamoon They donot know Amaania own beliefs Yazunnon guess work “And amongst them are unlettered, hey donot know the book except their own beliefs they but do a gues work.” 79. Faveilul-lil-lazeena yaktuboonal-kitaaba bi-eid- eehim thumma yaqooloona haaza min indil-lahi liya -shtaroo bihee thamanan qaleela Fa veilu-lahum mim-ma katabat eideehim wa weilun-lahum mimma yaksaboon. Veil Woe, Destruction Yaktuboona Write

Be-eiydeehim with their own hands Yaqooloona They say Yashtaroo Earn Samanan Benefit Qaleela Little Yaksaboon Earning So woe to them who write the book with their own hands Then they tell it is from God This is to earn little benefit so woe to them who write with their hands and woe to what they earn. 80. Wa qaaloo lan tamassanan-naro illa ayyamam madoodah, qul attakhaztum min indil-lahi ahdan fa lany-yukhliful-laho ahdahoo am taqooloona alallahi mala taalamoon. Lan Absolutely not Tamasana Touch us Annaaro The fire Ayyamam Days Maadoodaat Counted Attakhaztum Did you take Ahdan a promise, covenant Yukhlif Not go against Ahdahoo His promise Am Do? Taqooloona You tell And said Absolutely not the fire will touch us except afew days, Tell Did you take from Allah a promise that Allah will not differ from His promise, Do you talk of Allah things that you don’t know. 81. Bala man kasaba say-yi-atauw-wa ahaatat bihee khateeatohoo fa ulaaika as-haabun-nari hum feeha khalidoon, Kasaba Earned Sayyeataun Sins Ahatat behi Surrounded with Khateeatahoo Wrong doings Faulaaika Thus these are those Ashaabunnar The people of fire Khaalidoon Live for ever Nay, who earned sins and was surrounded with his wrong doings So these are those the people of fire where in they will live for ever.

82. wal-lazeena aamanoo wa amilus-salehati ulaaika ashaabul jannati hum feeha khalidoon. Wallazeena And those people Aamanoo believed Amilussaalihat righteous deeds And those people who believed and did righteous deeds, These are those, The people of paradise where in they will live for ever. Section 10 83. Wa iz akhazna meesaqa banee-Israaeela laa taabudoona illallah, wa bil-waalideini ehsaanauw- wa zil-qurba walyatama walmasaakeeni wa qooloo linnasi husnauw-wa aqeemus-salata wa aatuz-zakata thumma tawalletum illa qaleeam minkum wa antum moridzoon. Akhazna We took Meesaqa Oath, covenant Laa-taabudoona Donot worship Waalideni your parents Ehsaanauoon kindness, service Zilqurba Relatives Yatama Orphans Maskeeni Poor people Linnasi for the people Husnauoon descently, politely Aqeem Establish Salata Namaz (Islaamic prayer) Aatoo Give Zakaata alms, compulsary charity Summa Then Twwalletum turned away, behaved carelessly Qaleelam Few Minkum of you Moridzoon Back sliders And We took the covenant from children of Israeel, Do not worship, but only Allah and treat your parents with kindness, and your relatives and the orphans, and the poor people, and establish namaz and pay the alms, then you behaved carelessly and you were amongst who turned away. 84. Wa iz akhazna meesaqakum laa tasfikoona dima -akum wa laa tukhrijoona anfusakum min diyaari- kum thumma aqrartum wa antum tash-hadoon.

Tasfikoona shed Dimaakum your blood Tukhrijoona turn out, Drive away Anfusakum your people, one another Diyarekum your homes Aqrartum You had promised Tashhadoon. You are the witnesses And We took the covenant from you, Do not shed your blood, nor should you turn one another of you out, from your houses, Then you promised and you are the witnesses. 85. Thumma antum haaulaai taqtuloona anfusakum wa tukhrijoona fareeqam minkum min diyarehim tazaharoona aleihim bil-ismi waludwaan, wa iny-yatookum usara tufaadoohum wa huwa muharramun aleikum ikhraajohum, afatoominoona bibaadzil kitaabi wa takfuroona bibaadz fa ma jazaau many-yaf-alo zaalika minkum illa khiziyun fil hayaatid-duniya wa yaumal qayamati yuraddoona ila ashaddil azaab, wa mal–laho bighaafilin umma taamaloon. Haaulaai These very Fareeqam Group of people Minkum from you Diyaarehim from their houses Tazaaharoona blaming them Bilismi with sins Udwaan enemity Yaatookum given to you Usaara captives Tufaadoohum you would seek benefit Moharramun prohibitted Aleikum to you Ikhraajohum their exile, driving away, expulsion Afatoominoona would you believe Bebadzil some of it Kitab the book Takfuroona you will deny Bebaadz some Jazaao reward Yafalo does Zaalika this Khiziun disgrace Hayaat life

Duniya world Yomul qiyamati Dooms Day Yuraddona discarded Ashaddil azaab very severe punishment Ghafil unaware Tamaloon you do Then you, the very people, were slaughtering thy people and were driving them away some people amongst you from their houses blaming them for sins and for your enemity, and if you were given captives you were seeking benefits from them and that was prohibited to you their exile. So would you believe a part of the book and deny a part so what is the reward who does this of you except the disgrace in the life of the word and on The Dooms day , they will be discarded to very severe punishment and Allah is not unaware of what you do. 86. Ulaaika-allazeena ashtara wul-hayaatad-duniya bil-aakhirati fala yukhafafo un-humul-azaaba wa laa hum yunsaroon. Ulaikallazeen These are those people Ashtara Purchased Bil akhirati in plce of life hereafter Yukhaffaf reduced Azzaba punishment, torment Yunsaroon helped “These are those people who have purchased the life of the world in place of The life here after, So neither their torment shall be reduced nor shall they be helped.” Section 11 87. Wa laqad aateina Moosal kitaaba wa qaffeina mim-baadihee bir-Rusli wa aateina Eisa-bnamal Maryamal-bay-yanatin wa ayyadnaaho bi-Roohil Qudus, afa-kullama jaa-akum Rasoolum bima laa tahwa anfusokum–astakbartum, fa-fareeqan kazzab- tum wa fareeqan taqtuloon Laqad Surely Aateina We gave Qaffeina sent one after the other Baadehi after him (Proph. Mosses) Berusli Messengers Eisa Jesus PBUH Ibna Son Maryama Merry

Bayyanat Clear signs (Miracles) Ayyadnaho Helped him Roohul Qudus Angel Gebreil (Holy ghost) Afakullama Whenever Jaa-akum came to you Rasoolum A messenger Latahwa you did not like Anfusokum for thy will Astakbartum took your self to pride Fafareeqan Some of them Kazzabtum you denied Taqtuloon You killed “And surely We gave moosa The Book (Torah) and we sent one after the other The messengers and We gave Jesus PBUH son of Merry The clear signs (i.e. Miracles) and helped him with Angel Gebreil (Holy spirit) Whenever there came a messenger to you which did not suit to your will, you got stiff necked, so some of them you denied and some of them you killed.” 88. wa qaaloo quloobona ghulf bal lana-humul-laho bikufri-him fa qaleelam-ma yuminoon. Qaaloo Said Quloobona Our hearts Ghulf sheeted Bal Nay Laanahumcursed them Bekufrehim Due to their disbelief Qaleelam Few Ma who Yoominoon shall believe “And said our hearts are sheethed, Nay Allah has out casted them for their disbelief so very few of them shall believe” 89. Walamma jaa-ahum kitabun min indillahi musad -diqul-lima maahum wa kanoo min qablo yastafti- hoona alal-lazeena kafaroo, falamma jaa-ahum ma-arafoo kafaroo behee fa-laanatul-lahi alalkafireen Walamma When Jaahum came to them Musaddiqullima which certifies Maahum that was with them Yastaftihoona they wanted to win through it

Ma arafoo they recognized it Kafaroo denied Fa-laanatullahi So Allah out casted Kafireen The dis believer When came to them the book from Allah which was testifying the one with them and where as they used to seek success over the disbelievers through it, Thus when it came to them they recognized it yet denied. Therefore Allah outcasted the disbelievers. 90. Bi-asmashtarau bihee anfuso-hum un yakfuroo bima anzal-laho baghiyan un yunazzil-laho min fadzlihee ala many-yashaao min ibaadihee, fabaa-oo bighadzabin ala-ghadzab wa lilkaafireena azaabum -muheen. Beasmashtaro Theyhave purchased Anfusohum for their seves Yakfuroo to deny Bima which Anzallaho Allah sent it down Baghiyan Arrogantly Yunazzillaho That Allah sents down Ala manyyashao Upon whom He will Ibaadehi His servants Fabaa-oo Surrouded with Ghazab Anger “Too bad they had purchased for themselves the disbelief against that which Allah sents down, due to their arrogance that Allah sents down His favours upon whom He will, from His servants. So they are surrounded with the anger over the anger and for the disbelievers there is a torment of disgrace. 91.Wa iza qeela lahum aamanoo bima anzal-laho qaloo nomino bima unzila aleina wa yakfuroona bima waraaohu wa huwal-huqqo musad-diqul-lima maahum, Qul falima taqtuloona Ambi-al-lahi min qablo in kuntum momoineen. Anzallaho Allah sent down (Revealed) Nomino We will believe Waraaohu There after Musaddiqu-lima Testifying that Maa-ahum With them Taqtuloona You were killing Ambia Prophets Kuntum You people

Momineen Beleievers And when it is told to them believe in what Allah has sent down, They said we will believe in what was given to us and disbelieve there after and it is testifying that with them Tell why then you were killing Allah’s prophets if you were the believers. 92. Wa laqad Jaa-a-kum Moosa bil bayyanati thummat-takhaztumul-ijla mim-baadihee wa antum zaalimoon. Laqad Indeed Ja-akum Came to you Bayyanat Clear signs Attakhaztum Took Ijla Calf And indeed came to you MossesPBUH with clear signs, There after you took the calf (as for your god) and you are the wrong the doers. 93. Wa iz akhazna meesaqa-kum wa rafaana fauqa-kum-at-toor, Khuzoo ma aateinakum bi-quw-watiun wasmaoo, qaaloo sameina wa aseina wa ush-riboo fee quloobe-him-ul-ijla bekufrihim, Qul biasma yamuro-kum bihee eemaano-kum in kuntum momi- neen. Akhazna We took Meessaqakum Your oath Rafaana Raised Foqakum above you Altoor The mountain of Toor Khuzoo Pick up Ma which Aateinakum We gave you Quwwatin with your strength Wasmaoo And listen Sameina We heared Aseina We disobeyed Ushriboo filled up Besama Too bad Yaamurokum commands you And We took the covenant from you and raised upon you the Toor, Pick what We have given you with your strength and listen, said you we heard and deny and their hearts were filled up with the love the calf due to their disbelief, Too bad that commands you your belief, if you are the abeliever.

94. Qul in kanat lakum daarul aakhirato indal-lahi Khalisatam min doonin-nasi fatamannawul mauta in kuntum saadiqeen, Darul home Aakhirati eternal Khalisatan purely Min-doon besides Fatamanna desire Mauta the death Tell if the eternal home with Allah is exclusively for you besides the othet people then wish for a death, if you are truthful. 95. Wa lany-yatamannauho abadam-bima qaddamat eideehim, Wallaho aleemum bizzalimeen. Lan absolutely not Yatamannoho They will do such a desire Abadan never Qaddamat sent Eideehim with their hands Aleem knower Zalimeen wrongdoers “ They will never do such a wish for what, they have already sent with their hands and Allah knows the wrong doers. 96. Wa la-tajdanna-hum ahrasannasi ala hayaat wa minal-lazeena ashrakoo yawaddo ahdo-hum lau yu- ammaro alfa sanatin wa ma huwa bemuzah- zahihi minal azaab unyuammar wallaho baseerum bima yaamaloon. La-tajdannahu Surely you will find them Greediest the greediest Ala-hayaat for the life Ashrakoo those who associate gods with Allah Yawaddo desire Ahdohum any one of them Lau May, if Yuaammaro he lives Alf thousand Sanatin years Be-muzahzehihee escape Azaab the punishment Unyuammar if he lives so “And surely you will find amongst them greediest for their lives and from those people who associate gods with Allah (The

adulterers) wish if they live for thousand years, and he is not going to escape from the punishment even if they live so. and Allah sees what they do. Section 12 97. Qul man kana adoowal-legibreila fa-innahoo nazzalahoo ala qalbika beiznillahi musaddiqal-lima beina yadeihi wa hudaun wa bushra lil momineen. Kana was Adoo enemy Gibreila Angel Gibreil Innahoo Indeed He Nazzalahoo brought it down Ala upon Qalbika your heart Beiznillahi through the permission of Allah Musaddiqal estifies Beina in beween Yadeihi your hands Hudaun guidance Bushra glad tiding Tell who ever is an enemy of Angel Gibreil, So he revealed upon your heart through the permition of Allah which is testifying the one already in hands and is the source of guidance and a glad toiding for the believers.” 98. Man kana adoowwan lillahi wa malaikatihee wa ruslihee wa Gibreila wa Meekala fa-innal-laha adoo -wal-lil-kaafireen. Malaikatihee Angels Ruslihee Prophets, Messengers “Who ever is the enemy of Allah and His angels and His Messengersand Gebriel and Mickeil Thus indeed Allah is the enemy of the disbelievers 99. Wa laqad anzalna ileika ayaatim bayyenatin wa ma yakfur biha illal faasiqoon. Laqad Indeed Anzalna revealed Ileika upon you Ayaatim signs Bayyanaati clear Yakfur deny

Faasiqoon arrogant people And indeed We revealed upon thee the clear signs and no one denies those except the arrogant people. 100. Awa kullama aahadoo ahdan nabazahoo fareequm min-hum bal aksaro-hum laa yuomi- noon. Awa kullama Whenever Ahadoo made a promise, covenant Ahdan promise Nabazahoo Broke it up Fareeqam a group of people Minhum amongst them Bal Nay Aksarohum Most of them Laa yuminoon They don’t believe Whenever they made a covenant, a group of them broke the covenant Nay most of them donot believe. 101. Walamma jaa-ahum Rasoolum min indil-lahi musaddiqullima maa-ahum nabaza farequm minal -lazeena ootul-kitaba kitaballahi waraa-a zuhoorihim ka-anna-hum laa yaalamoon Walamma When Jaa-ahum came to them Nabaza Drpped down Waraa-a behind Zuhoorehim their back Ka-annahum As if they La-yaalamoon Do not know And when came to them the messengers from Allah testifying what was with them, a group of the people whom the book is given dropped behind their backs the book of Allah as If they don’t know.” 102. Wat-taba-oo ma tatlush-shiyateeno ala mulki Suleiman wa ma kafara Suleimano walakinash-shiyateena kafaroo yuallimoonannasa sahr wa ma unzila alal-malikeini bi-Babila Haroota wa Maroota wa ma yuallimani min ahdin hatta yaqoolaa innama nahno fitnatun fa latakfur fa yata-allamoona min- huma ma yufarriqoona bihee beinal mar-e wa zojihee wa mahum bidzarreena bihee min ahadin illa be-iznillahi, wa yata-allamoona ma yadzurro-hum wa laa yanfaohum wa laqad alimoo laminash- taraho ma lahoo

filakhirati min khalaq, wa labiasa ma sharau behee anfusohum lau kanoo yalamoon. Wattabaoo And they follow Tatlu Read Shiateeno Evil practicing people termed as Shiateen Mulk The country, kingdom Sulaimano Prophet Soloman Kafara Disbelieved Yuallimoona Teach Nasa The people As-sihr The magic Malakaini The two angels Babila Babilon Haaroota Name of the angel Maarroota The name of the angel Ahdin Any Fa-yataallamoona So they taught Yufarriqoona create seperation Beina In between Mar-e A woman Zajihi Her husband Bezaarreena To hurt Behi With it Illa except Beiznillah Allah’s will Yadzurrohum hurt them Yanfaohum Benify them Alimoo Knew La Surely, For sure Minashtaraaho Purchased Ma Not, which Lahoo For him Fil-aakhirati on the Day of judgment Min from Minkhalaq A share Labiasa Too bad Ma-sharau What they have purchased Anfusohum For them selves Lau If they knew Kanoo were Yaalamoon Know

And they followed which was read by the evil propagating people (Termed as shiateen, (The Satans) in the country of (Proph.) Soloman PBUH. And Suleiman PBUH did not disbelieve but these devils disbelieved, teaching people, the magic. and those of the two angels who came down at Babilon Haroot and Maroot. and they did not teach any body a thing unless they had told them we indeed are a test for you so you don’t disbelieve, Thus they wanted to learn from them which will separate a woman from her husband, and they were not going to hurt anyone of them but with the permission of Allah. And they learnt which could not hurt them nor would benify them, and indeed they knew what they had traded, they will have no share for themselves on the Day of Judgmewnt. And for sure, too bad the trade they had done for themselves if they knew. 103 Wa lau annahum aamanoo wattaqau la-masoo- batun min indillahi kheir lau kanoo yaalamoon. Annahum Indeed they Wattaqau and fear Allah La-masoobatun For sure there was areward Kheir Good And if they indeed had believed and were God fearing surely there was a share of goodness from Allah if they knew. Section13 104. Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa taqooloo raaina wa qooloo unzurna wasma-oo wa lilkafi- reena azaabun aleem. Ya-ayyohallazeena O people La-taqooloo whoBelieve Raaina Raaina (Our sheffard) Qooloo Say Unzurna We saw Wasmaoo and listen “O people who believe donot say Raaina and say unzurna and listen and for the disbelievers there is a painful torment.” 105. Ma yawaddul-lazeena kafaroo min ahlil kitabi wa lalmushrikeena anyunaz-zala aleikum min khei- rin mir-Rabbikum, Wal-laho yakhtasso bi-Rahmati- hee man-yyashaao wal-laho zulfadzlil-Azeem. Ma No, Not Yawaddullazeena Would not want of those

Kafaroo Disbelieve Ahlil-kitabi People of the book Wa la and neither Almushrikeena Those who associate other gods with Allah Anyunazzala That should come down Kheirin any good Yakhtasso selects Berahmatehithrough His grace Man- yyashaao whom H will Zul-fadzililazeem graceful and great. Those of the disbelievers amongst the people of the book and those who attribute divinity other than to Allah donot want that any good should be sent down upon you from thy Lord, and Allah selects any with His grace who He will and Allah is graceful and great. 106. Ma nansakh min aayatin au nunusihanati bi- kheirim minha au mithliha, alam talam annal-laha ala kulli shein qadeer. Nansakh remove, suspend, delete, reject Ayatin Sign, verses Nunsia cause to be forgotten Nati We give Bikheirim better Minha than this Misliha or similar Alam Do not Talam you know Which ever of the verses We reject or cause it to be forgotten We give better than this or atleast similar of it Don’t you know indeed Allah is capable of all things.” 107. Alam talam annallaha lahu mulkus samawati wal ardz, wa ma lakum min doonillahi minw-walee unw-wala naseer. Mulk Kingdom Samawati skies Doonillahi besides Al;lah Waleeun friend Naseer help Donot you know indeed to Allah belongs the kingdom of the skies and earth, and there is none for you beside Allah neither a friend nor a help.

108. Am tureedoona an tas-aloo rasoola-kum kama suila Moosa min qablo, wa man-yyatabaddalil kufra bil-eeman, faqad dzalla sawaa-as-sabeel. Am Do (a questin?) Turedoona You want Tasaloo To ask Rasoolakum Your prophet, Messenger Kama like Soila questioned Moosa Mosses (Prophet) Min-qabl Befor this Yatabaddala Changed Kufra to disbelief Bileeman from belief Dzalla strayed Sawa right Sabeel path Do you want to ask your prophet same as was questioned Prophet Mosses earlier and who changed to disbelief from the belief and astraed from the riht path. 109. Wadda kaseerum min ahlil-kitaabi lau yurad- doona-kum minbaadi eemaanikum kuffaaran hasa- dam-min indi anfusi-him mimbaadi ma tabyyana lahumul huqqo, faafoo wasfahoo hatta yaatial-laho biamrihee, innal-laha ala kulli shein qadeer. Wadda Want Kaseram most of the Ahli-kitab the people of the book (Jews and Christians) Lau If Yuraddoonakum Revert you Kuffaran to disbelief Hasadam jealousy Anfusihim in their selves Tabayyana cleared Lahum to them Alhuqqo the truth Fafoo forgive Was fahoo let it go Yati-Allah Allah gives Beamrehi His orders

Most of the people of the book want if they can change you to the disbelief after your belief this is for the jealosy in their hearts when the truth has become apperent to them, So for give and forget till Allah gives His orders, Indeed Allah is all capable. 110. Wa aqeemus-salata Wa aatuz-zakaata Wa ma tuqaddimoo lianfusi-kum min kheirin tajdooho indal-lahi, Innal-laha bima taamaloona baseer. Aqeem Establish Salata Prayer (Namaz) Aatu Give Zakat Charity Tuqaddimoo send forth Leanfusekum for your self Kherin good Tajdooho you will find Inda with Taamaloona you do Baser see And establish prayers,and give the charities and what ever of the good you will send forth you will find with Allah, Indeed Allah sees what you do. 110. Wa qaaloo lan-yyad-khulil jannata illa man kana hoodan au nasara, Tilka amaaniohum, qul haa- too burhaana-kum in-kun-tum saadiqeen . Lan Absolutely not yyadkhul He will enter Jannata Garden of Eden (Paradise) Illa Except Man Who Kana was Hoodan Jew Nasara Christian Tilka This Amaaniohum Their belief Hatoo Produce Burhanokum Documentary proof Inkuntum If you people Saadiqeen Truthful


“And said absolutely not, he will enter the garden of eden except the one who was a Jew or a Nasarite (Christian) This is their belief, Tell produce your proof if you are truthful.” 112. Bala man aslama wajha-hoo lil-lahi wa huwa mohsinun fa lahoo ajrohoo inda Rabbihi wa laa khaufun aleihim wa laa hum yahzanoon. Bala Surely Aslama Bowed Wajhahu Head, self Mohsinun Good-doer Falahu so for him Ajrohu his reward Surely who bowed his head before Allah and he is a good doer Thus for him is reward with his Lord, for him there shall be no fear nor he will be grieved. Section 14 113. Wa qaalatil yahoodo laisatin-nasara ala shai-in wa qalatinnasara laisatil yahoodo ala shai-in wa hum yatloonal kitaab, Kazaalika qaala-allazeena la yaalamoona mithla qaulihim fal-laho yahkumo bei- nahum yaumal qiyamati feema kaanoo feehee yakhtalifoon. Qalatil Said Laisa not Ala shein strong ground Yatloona Recite, read La yaalamoona ignorant, without knowledge, who donot know Qualehim similar of the sayings And said The Jew, Christians are not any firm ground and said the Christian, The Jews are not any firm ground and they read The Book, like wise said the ignorant people in the past, said the similar sayings, so Allah will judge between them on the Day of Judgment in all those matters they differed . 114. Wa man azlamo mim-man manaa-a masajid- Allahi anyuzkar feeha-smohoo wa saa-a fee kharaa- biha, ulaaika ma kaana lahum an-yudkhulooha illa khaaifeen, lahum fid-duniya khiziun wa lahum fil- aakhirati azaabun azeem. Azlamo More ungodly, cruel, Mimman from one

Masadid-Allahi Allah’s mosques Anyuzkar Pronounced, spoken, mentioned Ismohoo His name Saa-a Make efforts Kharabiha disturbances, Yadkhulooha They enter Khaaifeen fear ful, afraid Khiziun Disgrace “And who is more ungodly than one who stops from Allah’s mosques that His name be pronounced there and makes all efforts to create some disturbances, These are those people who for themselves, if enter these, but with fear. For them there is disgrace in the life of the world and on the Day of Judgment, there will be the tormrnt great. 115.Wa lil-lahi mashriqo wal-maghribo fa ainama tuwalloo fasamma wajhul-lahi, innal-laha waasiun aleem. Mashriq East Maghrib West Ainama whereever Tuwallo you turn Fasamma Thus present Wajhullahi Allah’s face Wasiun wast Aleem knowledgible And for Allah is the east and the westso where ever you will turn, find there face of Allah,indeed Allah is wast all knowing. 116. Wa qaalut-takhazal-laho waladan subhaanahoo bal-lahoo ma fis-samawati walardz, kullul-lahoo qaanitoon. Attakhaza Took, begotten Waladan son Subhaanahu Needless is He Qaanitoon obedient “(They) said Allah has begotten a son Needless is He, All that in between skies an the earth belong to Him and they are all obedient to Him.” 117. Badee-us-samawati walardzi, wa iza qadzaa amran fa innama yaqoolo lahoo kun fayakoon. Badee To, open, To begin, originato Qadza Decision, decrees

Amran deed, affair Yaqoolo tells it Kun Be Fayakoon So it is there The originator of the skies and the earth, and whenever He decides a matter ,He says to it Be and it is there.” 118. Wa qala-al-lazeena laa yaalamoona lau laa yukal-limonal-laho au taateena aayah, Kazaalika qaalal-lazeena min qabli-him mithla qaulihim, ta- shabahat quloobo-hum qad bayyanal-aayati li-qaumin-yooqinoon. Yukallimona He talks to us Tateena Gives us Aaya The sign, A miracle Kazalika Like that Qaulehim their talks Tashaabahat matching, similar Qad indicates past tense Bayyana exposed, explained, menifested Yooqinoon Those who are convinced, And said, those who donot know, why not Allah talks to them or give us a clear manifestation, Like wise the people before them have talked similar,Their hearts are same, We have already manifested our signs to the people who are convinced. 119. Inna arsalnaka bil-huqqi basheeraun wa nazee- raun wa laa tus-alo un ashaabil jaheem. Arsalnaka We sent you Bil-huqi with the truth Basheeraun Glad tider Nazeeraun warner Tusalo You will be questioned Ashaab The people Jaheem of the fire Indeed We sent you with the truth making you a glad tider and the warnerand you will not be interrogated regarding the people of the fire.” 120.. Wa lan tardza unka al-yahoodo wan-nasara, hatta tattabi-aa millatahum, Qul inna hudal-lahi huw –al-huda, wa la-init-taba-ata ahwaa-a-hum baadal-lazee jaa-aka minal ilmi, ma laka minal-lahi minw- waleeunw wa laa naseer.

Tardza agree Unka with you Hatta till Tattabi-aa you follow Millatahum their faith Huda guidance La-in if Attabaa-ata you followed Ahwaa-ahum their desires Ma-laka non for you Waleeun friend Naseer helper And absolutely not, would agree with you neither The Jews nor the Chiristians till you donot obey their faith, Tell indeed The guidance from Allah, is the guidance, and if you surrender to their desires after the knowledge has come to thee, then non for you against Allah a friend nor a helper.
121. Al-lazeena aateina-humul-kitaaba yatloonahoo huqqa tilawatehee, ulaaika yoominoona bihee, wa many-yakfur bihee fa ulaika humul khasiroon.

Yatloonahoo Read it Huqqa The way it should be Tilawatehi Read Khasiroon Loosers Those people who are given the book read it as it ought to be read,Those are the people who believe in it, and the one who disbelieve so they are the people who are amongst the loosers. Section 15 122. Ya bani Israaeel-azkuroo neimat al-lati anamto aleikum, wa annee fadzalto-kum alal aalameen Azkuroo Remember Neimat favours Al-lati which Anamto I favoured Fadzaltokum preferred you Aalameen the worlds O children of Israeel remember my favours to you that favoured you and that I preferred you upon the rest of the worlds.


123. Wat-taqoo yoman laa tajzee nafsun un nafsin shaian walaa yuqbalo minha adlauoon wa laa tan- faoha shafa-ataun wa laa hum yunsaroon. Wattaqoo And fear Tajzee reward Nafsun any body Adlauoon compensation Tanfaoha benify Shafa-atauoon recommendation Yunsaroon helped And fear The Day when no one can reward the other, nor shall any compensation be accepted neither benify the recommendation nor shall they be helped.. 124. Wa izibtala Ibraheemo Rabbohoo bikalimatin faatammahunna, Qaala innee jaailoka linnasi ima- ma qaala wa min zurriyatee, Qaala laa yanaalo ahadiz-zalimeen. Izibtala tested Bekalimatin in certain commands fa-atammahunna so he fulfilled them Jaailoka Make you Imama Religious leader Zurriyati progeny Yanalo reach And Ibraheem was tested by his Lord for certain commands so he fulfilled them, Said, (Allah) surely I am going to make thee, the (religious) head for all mankind. Ibraheem said and for my progeny said, this will not reach the wrong doers. 125. Wa iz jaalna-al-beita masabatan linnasi wa amna, wattakhizoo mim-maqami Ibraheema mus- alla, wa ahidnaa ila Ibraheema wa Ismaaeela un tahhira beitiya lit-taaifeena wa-al aakifeena wa rukkais-sujood. Jaalna We made Beita The house (Honoured House) Kaaba shareef Masabatan Place of earning rewards Amna secured place, peaceful place Wattakhizoo Take, make Maqam place Musalla of prayer, (namaz), salat Ahidnaa We took promise

Tahhira Purify Beitiya my house Taaifeena for those who circumambulate Aakifeena Stay Rukoo who will bow down Sujood prostrate And We made the house a place of rewards for the people and of security, and make the place of Ibraheem a place of worship, and We made a covenant with Ibraheem and Ismaeel, to keep my house purified for theose who circumambulate the house, for those who will stay and for those who bow there and prostrate.

126.Wa iz qaala Ibraheemo Rabbij-al haaza baladan aaminaun warzuq ahlaha minas-samarati man aam- ana minhum bil-lahi wal yaumul aakhiri, Qaala wa man kafara faumatteo-hoo qaleelan thumma adztar- rohoo ila azaabin-nari, wa bi-asal maseer. Rabbijal O Lord make Baladan The city Aaminaun secured Warzuq And give their sustenance Ahlaha the inhabitants Samarat the fruits Umatteohu provide them their sustenance Qaleelan little Adztarrohoo compel Beasa Very bad Maser abode And when said Ibraheem ,O Lord make this town a place secured, and give its inhabitants their sustenance with fruits, who will believe in Allah and The Day of Judgment, Said (Allah) and to those too who will disbelieve I will provide them their sustenance a little then I will compel them towards the torment of fire and it is a very bad an abode. 127. Wa iz yarfao Ibraaheem-ul-qawaidal beiti wa Ismaeel, Rabbana taqab-bal minna, innaka antas- sameeul aleem. Yarfao Raising Qawaida foundations Beiti my house Taqabbal Accept

Minna from us Samee listener And when Ibraheem raising the foundation of my house and Ismaeel, (They prayed their Lord) Rabbana accept from us indeed you’re the all hearing and knowing. 128. Rabbana waj-alna muslimeini laka wa min zurriyatina muslimatal-laka wa arina manasikana wa tub aleina, innaka antattawwab-ur-Raheem. Ja-alna Make us Muslimeini submissive, the two Laka to thee Zurriyatna our progeny Arina show Manasikana rituals Tub forgive Twwab most forgiving O, our Lord, and make us the two, submissive to thy will and from our progeny submitted to thee.and show us our rituals and forgive us indeed you are the most forgiving and kind. 129. Rabbana wab-as fee-him Rasoolam-minhum yatloo aleihim ayaatika wa yuallimo-humul-kitaaba wal hikmata wa yuzakkeehim, innaka antal-Azeez- ul Hakeem. Wab-as Raise Feehi in it Yatloo Recite Yuallimoo teaches Hikmata wisdom Yuzakkeehim purify them Hakeem wise O our Lord raise amongst them messenger, from them who will recite The Book, and wisdom, and will purify them, Indeed you are mighty and wise. Section 16 (Rukoo 16) 130. Wa man-yarghabo am-mil-lati Ibraheema illa man safiha nafsaho, wa laqad-istafeinaho fid-dunia wa innahoo filakhirati laminas-saliheen. Yarghab prefer, like Millata faith Safiha befools

Nafsaho himself Istafeinaho chosen Saliheen righteous And who would not like the faith of Ibraheem except who one has fooled himself and indeed we had chosen him in the world and for hereafter he will be amongst the righteous ones. 131. Iz qaala lahoo Rabbohu aslim, Qaala aslamto li-Rabbil aalameen. Aslim submit Aslamto I sumitted Rabbil-aalameen Lord of the worlds When said to him, his Lord, submit, said, I submitted to the Lord of the worlds. 132.Wa wassa biha Ibraheemo baneehee wa yaqoob ya banayya Innal-laha astafa lakum-ul-ddeena fa laa tamootunna illa wa antum Muslimoon. Wassa advisesd, endorsed his will Beha with it Baneehi his children Banayya O, my sons Astafa to choose Deen path, life style, religion La Ttmootunna you do not die Muslimoon submitted to the absolute will of Thy Lord (There it drives the name muslims for the followers of the religion of Proph. Ibraheem PBUH till Proph. Mohammad SAW, and so the religion, so named Islam that is submission). And the believers as Muslims. So werethey in the time of Prophet Ibraheem, Ismaeel, Ishaq, Moosa and Eesa, PBU them, and so are the followers of Proph. Mohammad SAW, No Jews, No Christians, These are the names given by the disbelievers of their messengers of their times times so they are still disbelievers, weather Jews, or Christians or Mushrikeen with any names. Allah will grant the pardon to of the believers and the surrenders to His

will whom are called Muslim and rest any one from any sect not recognized an absolute Divine authority and surrendered to His will rather brought gods of their choice and did what ever they bleased are to be rejected for the eternal punishment in the hell fire. This is what we read and understand from theses verses of Quran. And with it Ibrahem advised his children, Allah has chosen for thee the religion O my sons donot reach to your death unless you are Muslims (submitted to the will of Thy Lord.) 133. Am kuntum shuhdaa-a iz hadzra Yaqoobal ma- -ut Iz qaala libaneehee ma taabudoona mim-baadee qaaloo naabudo ilaahaka, wa ilaha abaaika Ibrahee- ma wa Ismaeela wa Ishaaqa ilahaunw wahidaun wa nahno lahoo muslimoon. Am kuntum Were you Shuhdaa the witness Hadzara appeared Yaqoob The son of Proph. Isac PBUH and the grand son of Prop. Ibraheem PBUH. The two sons of Proph. Ibraheem form the two lineages of prophethood The Israelites lineage of prophet hood from Isac PBUH then his son Yaqqob also knwn as Proph. Israeel and this lineage ended at Eesa son of Merry that is Jesus Christ. First Allah chose Israeelites as the torch bearers for the rest of the world, but after the plot played by the children of Israeel against Jesus Christ and killing of numerous other prophets This race was ceased to be the torch bearers and the next chance was given to Bani Ismaeel that is Children of Ismaeel and the lone messenger in this lineage came was prophet Mohammad PBUH He was chosen to be the seal of prophet hood and the Divine revelation to him was chosen to be be The Final scripture that is The

Holy Quran and the religion Islam given to Prophet Ibraheem PBUH too was finalized. This is the truth and will remains so till The Dooms Day, as Quran has been doubly protected, written on paper besides its lone qualiry could be memorized in total by heart by millions and millions of the people in the world and the most read book in the world. All people who bother anything about the hereafter should once go through this scripture, else this will be a loss that will throw one in to the Hell fire eternally and nothing can help him out of it. Maut The death Le-baneehi to his sons Ma what Tabudoona you will worship Mim-baadee after me Naa-abudo we will worship Ilaahaka your Lord Aabaaika yur fathers Wahidaun One Lahoo to Him Muslimoon submitted Were you (O Mohammad PBU you) the witness when appeared Yaqqob (Jacob) PBUH, the death when he said to his children whom shall thou worship after me, Said (they) We shall worship your Lord and the Lord of Thy fathers Ibraheem, and Ismael and Ishaaq (PBU them) one Lord and we are to Him in submission.” 134. Tilka ummatun qad khalat laha ma kasabat wa lakum ma kasbtum wa laaa tusaloona amma kanoo yaamaloon. Tilka Those Ummatun The nations Qad indicates past tense Khalat passed away Laha for it Kasabat earned Tusaloona you will be questioned

Those were the nations which passed away for them was, what they had earned and for you is, what you earn and you won’t be questioned what they used to do. 135. Wa qaaloo koono Hoodan au Nasara tahtadoo, qul bal millata Ibraheema kana haneefa, wa ma kana minal mushrikeen. Tahtadoo you will be guided Haneefa straight Mushrikeen idolators And said be a Jew or a Christian you will be guided, Tell, No The faith of Ibraheem was straight and he was not of the idolators.” 136. Qooloo amanna billahi wa ma unzila ileina wa ma unzila ila Ibraheema wa Ismaeela wa Ishaaqa wa yaqooba wal-asbaati, wa ma ootiya Moosa wa Eisa wa ma ootiya an-nabeeyoona mirRabbihim, laa nufarriqo beina ahadim-minhum wa nahno lahu Muslimoon. Ootiya given Nabeeyoona prophets Ahadim-minhum anyone of them Tell, we believed in Allah and what is revealed to us and what was sent down upon Abraham, Samuel (Ismaeel) Isac and Jacob (Yaqub) and their sons,and what was given to Mosses and Jesus and what was given to the prophets from their Lord.we donot differentiate between anyone of them, and we are to Him in surrendered. 137. Fa-in aamanoo bimisli maa aamantum bihee faqad-ihtadau wa in tawallau fa-innama hum fee shi -qaq, fa-sayakfeeka-humullaho wa huwa sameeul aleem. Bemisli like Faqad-ihtadau so they are guided Tawallau turn away Shiqaq differed Fasayakfeeka thus enough for you So if they believe like what you have believed so they are guided and if they turn away then they are differed, Thus Allah is sufficient for you and He is all hearing and knowing.” 138. Sibghatallahi wa man ahsana sibghataun wa nahno lahu aabidoon.

Sibgha colour Aabidoon worshippers Allah’s colour and who is better than Allah’s colour and we are to Him the worshippers. 139. Qul atuhaajjoonana fillahi wa huwa Rabbona wa Rabbokum wa lana aamaalona wa lakum aamaalokum, wa nahno lahu mukhlisoon. Atuhaajjoonana quarrel Fillahi regarding Allah Mukhlisoon devoted Tell, Do you quarrel with us regardi Allah and He is our Lord and your Lord and for us are our deads and for you, your deads and we are towards Him devoted.” 140. Am taqooloona Inna Ibraheema wa Ismaaeela wa Ishaaqa wa yaqooba wal-asbatia kanoo Hoodan au Nasara, qul a-antum aalalamo amillah, wa man azlamo mimman katama shahadatan indahu min-Allahi, wamallaho beghaafilin amma taamaloon. Amillah or Allah Katama hide Shahadatan the witness Do you say indeed Abraham and Samuel, and Isac, and Jacob and their sons were Jews and Christians, Tell, Do you know more or Allah, and who is a bigger sinner than one who hides with him the witness from Allah, and Allah is not unaware of what you do. 141 Laha ma kasabat wa lakum ma kasabtum wa la tusaloona amma kanoo yaamaloon. This verse is already translated above at No.134 PART II (Juz-2) Part name Sayaqool (Chapter Albaqra contd.) Section (Rukoo) 17 142. Sayaqool as-sufahaa-o min-annasi ma walla- hum un-qiblatihim allatee kanoo aleiha, qul lillah-il Mashriq wal Maghrib, yahdee mau-yyashao ila siratim mustaqeem. Sayaqool Surely they will say

Sufahaa Wallahum Qiblatihim Kanoo aleiha Mashriq Maghrib Yahdee Sirat Mustaqeem

The fools Thsy turn Their Qibla towards which they used to be TheEast The West Guides Path straight path

Surely, The fools, amongst the people will ask, what made them to turn from their qibla they used to be, tell for Allah is the East and The West, Guides whom He will on the straight path. 143. Wa kazalika ja-aalna-kum ummataun-wasatal letakoonoo shuhadaa-a alannasi wa yakoona-rras- oolo aleikum shaheeda,wa ma ja-alnal-qiblatal-atee kunta aleiha illa le-nalama man-yyattabeo Arra- soola mimman-yyanqalibo ala aqbeihi, wa in kanat lakabeeratan illa al-allazeena hadallaho, wa ma kana leyudzeea eemanakum, inna–Allaha binnasi la-raoof-ur-Raheem. Kazalika Like this Ja-aalnakum made you Umma(t) a nation Wasatan standing on justice Takoono you be Shuhdaa witness Yakoono He be Lenalama that We to know Yattabeo follows Yanqalib turns back Aqbeihi at his back Kabeer big Leyudzeea to waste, ruin Raoof tender, polite, kind etc. And like this We made you a nation standing on justice, to become witness upon the rest of the people and The Messenger to be the witness upon you, and We did not make The Qibla on which you had been except that We wanted to know who will follow the messenger and who will turn away at his back and it was surely a bigger matter except for those, whom Allah has guided and He was

not going to ruin your faith, Indeed Allah is very kind and merciful to the people. 144. Qad nara taqalloba vajahika fis-sammai fa-la-nuwalli-yyannaka qiblatan tardzaha fa-walli waj -haka qiblatan tardzaha fa-walli vajhaka shataral Mas -jidil-Harami, wa hyso ma kuntum fa-walloo vujoo- ha-kum shatarahu, wa innal-lazeena ootul-kitaba layalamoona annahul huqqo mir-Rabbe-him, wa mal- laho beghafilin amma yaamaloon. Qad stands for past tense Nara We saw Taqalloba you turning Vajhaka your face Fal-nuwalli-yannaka so surely We will turn you Tardzaho You wish Fa-walli So turn Shatara Direction Masjidil Haram Sacred Mosque Hyiso Whereever, whenever Walloo Turn We, saw you turning your face towards the sky,so surely We will turn your face towards the qibla you wish, so Turn your face in the direction of The Sacred Mosque (Kaaba almusharrafa) and where ever you be so turn your face in its direction and indeed those people who are given The Book (Toara and Injee) surely they know indeed it is the truth from their lord and Allah is not unaware of what they do.” 145.Wa lain aateital-lazeena ootulkitaba bekulli-ayatin mattabeoo qiblataka, wa ma anta betabein qiblata-hum, wama ba-adzohum betabein qiblata ba-adz, wa laini-ttaba-ata ahwaa-ahum mim-baadi ma ja-aka minal-ilm, innaka izal-laminaz-zalimeen. Lain If Aateita you give Ayatin clear signs Mattabeoo they will not follow Ittiba, Taabey follow Badzohum- badz each other Taba-ata followed Ahwaa-ahum their wishes Izal if so

AAnd if you give every kind of signs to the people of the scriptures, they will not follow your qibla and you too are not to follow their qibla and you are not to follow each other’s qibla, and if you followed their desires, after the knowledge has come to you, then if you do that you shall surely be amongst the wrong doers.” 146. Allazeena aateina-humul-kitaba yarafoonahoo kama yaarafoona abnaa-a-hum, wa inna-fareeqam minhum la-yaktumoonalhuqqa wa hum yaalamoon. Yaarafoonahoo They know Kama same Abnaa-ahum their sons La-yaktumoon surely they hide Those people who are give The Book, know same as know their sonsand a group of people amongst them hide the truth and they know it.” 147. Alhuqqo mir-Rabbika fala-takoonanna minal mumtareen. Huqq The truth Takoonanna you become Mumtareen who doubt “The truth is from Thy Lord so, you don’t become of, those who doubt, 148. Wa lekulleun-vijhatun huwa muwalleeha fastabaqul kheirati, eina ma takoonoo yaati bekum Allaho Jammeea. Inna-Allaha ala kulli shein qadeer. Lekulli Each Vijhatun direction Muwalleeha where it is turned Fastabaqoo so you exceed Kheirat virtues Eina where Takoonoo yuou be Yaatibekum get you Jamee-a all together. For every direction where it is turned there is a goal, so you exceed in your virtues, wherever you will be Allah will get you all together.


149. Wa min hyiso kharajta fawalli vajhaka shataral Masjidil Harami , wa innahoo lal huqqo mir-Rabbika, wamallaho beghaafilin umma taamaloon. Kharajta so get out Fawalli so turn “And when you go out and wherever you are so turn your face towards The Holy Mosque and indeed it is surely from Thy Lord, and Allah is not unaware of what you do. 150. Wa min hyiso kharajta fawalli vajhaka shataral Masjidil Harami, wa hyiso ma kuntum fawalloo vujoo -hakum shatarahu, leal-la yakoona lin-nasi aleikum hujja, illal-lazeena zalamoo minhum fala takhshauhum wakhshauni wa le-utimma neimatee aleikum wa la-alla-kum tahtadoon. Le-al-la So that is not Yakoonoo become Lin-nasi for the people Hujja dispute Takhshau you fear (Khashia= fear) Wakhshauni and you fear Me Utimma I will fulfill Neimatee My favours Tahtadoon you will be guided “And when you get out, Turn your face towards The Holy Mosque, and where ever you be, so turn your faces towards it so that there should be no dispute for the people upon you, but those people who are the wrong doers amongst them, So, Donot fear them and fear Me and surely I will fulfill My favours ypon thee so that you be guided.” 151. Kama arsalna feekum rasoolam-minkum yatloo aleikum ayaatina wa yuzakkeekum wa yuallemukuml kitaba wal hikmata wa yuallemokum malam takoonoo taalamoon. Kama Same Arasalna We sent Feekum from thee Yatloo recite Yuzakkeekum He will purify thee Yuallemakum He will teach thee Hikmata wisdom Same We sent amongst you a messenger from thee who will recite upon thee our verses and he will purify thee and he will teach you

The Book and the wisdom and he will teach you, which you could not know.” 152.Fazkurooni azkurkum washkuroo-lee wala tak -furoon. Fazkurooni So you remember me (Zikr= to remember) Azkurkum I will remember thee Washkuroolee And thank Me Takfuroon Donot be faithless So you remember me, I will remember thee and you thank Me and donot become of faithless. 153.Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanu-staeenoo bis-sabri was-salat, Inna-Allaha maa-assabireen. Istaeenoo Seek help Sabr Patience Salat Prayer (Muslim’s (called namaz in India, Pak.etc. ) Sabireen who observe patience. O people who believe, seek help with patience and Namaz (The Prayer) Indeed Allah is with those who observe patience 154. Wa la taqooloo man-yyuqtalo fee sabeelil-llahi amwaat, bal ahya-aun walakin laa tashuroon. Taqooloo yo say Man who Yuqtalo slaughtered, slain Amwaat dead Ahyaun alive Tashuroon you don’t judge And donot call for those who are killed in the path of Allah dead, No, They are alive but you don’t judge.” 155.wa la-nubliwanna-kum besheim-minal khaufi waljooi wannaqsim-minal amwaal wal-anfusi was-samaraat, wa bash-shirissabireen. La-nu-bliwanna-kum (bala=test) For sure We will test you Shei things Khauf fear Jooi hunger Naqs loss Amwaal wealth

Nafs Lives (Nafs=life, nufus=lives) Samarat Fruits (crops) Bashshir Good news And for sure We will test you for things like fear, hunger, loss of wealth, and lives and the fruits (crops) and give a good news to those who observe patience.” 156. Al-lazeena iza asabat-hum museebatun qaloo inna lillahi wa inna ileihi raji-oon. Asabat encounter, happens, reaches Museebatun a mishap, a trouble, hurt Lillahi For Allah Ilehi towards Him Rajioon to return Those people who if encounter a mishap, say indeed we are from Allah and indeed twards Him we are to return.” 157. ulaika aleihim salawatum-mir-Rabbehim wa rahma, wa ulaika humul- mohtadoon Salawatun blessings Rahma mercy Mohtadoon guided “These are those people upon are the blessings from their Lord and mercy and these are those who are guided. 158. Inna Safa wal Marwata min sha-aair-Allahi fa-man hujjal beita ave–tamara fala junaha aleihi anyat- taw-wafa behima wa man tatawwaa-a kheira, fa-inna-llaha shaakirun aleem. Safa and Marwa The names ot two cliffs in Haram shareef at Mecah where Hajra wife of Proph. Abraham PBUH and mother of Ismaeel PBUH ran in between these two cliffs in the search of water for her thirsty infant Ismaeel who was lying under shadow of a rock where today the spring of Zam-Zam is situated and serving water to millions of people at any time, This was an ever lasting miracle of Allah for the whole mankind till the doom’s day. Meccah is arocky city where no other such subsoil sources of water are available except this blessed water. Allah SWT made this

running of Hajar a ritual of Huj and Umra for all those coming here to perform Huj and Umra which is described here in the following verse. Sha-airil-lah land marks Junaha harm Yattaw-wafa running in between Tat-wwa-a happily Shakirun appreciating Indeed Safa and Marwa are the land marks of Allah so who he performs Huj and Umra of this house, There is no harm if he walks there in ( between Safa and Marwa, This walking is done seven rounds starting from Safa to Marwa one and from Marwa back to Safa two and thus seven times ending at Marwa at the seventh return).and hewho does this with his pleasure is still more better and indeed Allah is appreciating and all knowig.” 159. Innal-lazeena yaktumoona ma anzalna minal ba- -yyenati wal-huda mim-baadi ma bayyanna-ho linnasi fil-kitab, ulaika yalana-hum-u-llaho wa yal-ana-hum-ul-laainoon. Yaktumoona Hide Bayyenati Clear signs Yalan curse Laainoon cursing folk other than Allah Indeed those people who hide what We have sent down of the clear signs and the guidance after We revealed these for the mankind in the book.These are those peole whom Allah has cursed and are cursed by those who are cursing. 160. Illal-lazeena taboo wa aslahoo wa bayyanoo fa ulaika atoobo alehim, wa Ana tawwabur-Raheem. Taboo sought for pardon, repent,beg for forgiveness Aslahoo Correct themselves mend themselves Bayyanoo Talk of the truth Atoobo I forgive Tawwab forgiving “Except those who repent and mend theselves and talk of the truth, these are of those I forgive them and I am most forgiving kind”


161. Innal-lazeena kafaroo wa maatoo wa hum kuffa- run ulaika aleihim laanatul-lahi wal malaaikati wan-nasi ajmaeen. Matoo died Kuffarun disbelievers Indeed those people who disbelieved and died, and they were disbelievers (at the time of their death) These are those upon whom is the curse of Allah and of the angels and the people as a whole. 162. khaalideena feeha laa yukhaf-fafo un-hum-ul azaabo wa laahum yunzaroon. Khaldeena fore ever, dwell eternally Yukhaf-fafo diminish, reduce, Un-hum from them Yunzaroon relaxation, time out” They will live there for ever neither the torment shall be reduced nor shall they be given any time out (relaxation) Section 20 163. Wa ilaaho-kum ilaahuan-wahidun, La-ilaaha illa huwarRahmanur-Raheem. Ilaah Lord, The God, Kum your, for you Wahidun One And Thy lord is one God, No god save Him, most Beneficent Most Merciful.” 164.Inna fee khalqis-samawati wal-ardz wakh-tilaafil-leili wannahari wal-fulkil-latee tajree fil-bahri, bima yanfaun-nasa wama anzal-Allaho minas-samaae mim-maain fa-ahya behil-ardza baada mautiha wa bassa feeha min kulli daab-batin wa tasreefur-riyaah was-sahaab almusakh-khri beinas-samaae walardzi la-ayaatilleqaumiy-yaaqiloon. Fee in Khalq creation Samawaat skies Ikhtilaaf changing Leil night Nahar day Fulk ship Allati which Tajree sails Bahr sea

Yanfao benify Maa-a water Ahya make alive Bassa spread up, scattered Daabbatin animals Tasreef movements Riyaah winds Sahaab clouds Musakh-khar suspended Beina in between La-ayaatin surely are the signs IIndeed in the creation of the skies and the earth and changing of the night and the day, and the ship that sails in the sea from which people yield their benefits and the water which Allah rains it down from the sky and makes the earth live with it after its death and scattered every species of animals on it and movements of the winds and the clouds suspended in between the sky and the earth surely are the signs for the people who understand.” 165. Wa minan-nasi man-yyatakhizo min dooni-llahi andada-een yuhibboona-hum ka-hubbil-lahi, wal-lazeena aamano ashaddo hubbal-lil-llah, wa-lau yaral-lazeena zalamoo iz yaraunal azaaba an-nal-quw- wata lillahi jameea, wa annal-laha shadeedul azaab Yattakhizo take Doon beside Andada associates, equivalents Yuhibbonahum they love them (Hub=love) Ka-hubil-lahi same love as for Allah Ashaddo very strong Lau if Yara they see (Ra-a= see) Quwwata powers Shaded severe And from the people who take the equivalents of Allah, they love them as they should love Allah, and those people who believe are very strong in their love for Allah and if those people who are thr wrong doers if see the torment, shall know that all the powers belong to Allah.” 166. Iz tabarral-lazeena tubioo minal-lazeena-ttabaoo wa ra-a-wulazzaba wa taqatta-at behimul asbaab.” Tabarra seekin of no relationship

Tubioo who were obeyed Tabaoo who obeyed Ra-a see Taqatta-at break, terminate Behim with them Asbaab sources When those who were obeyed shallrefuse no relaqtion from those who obeyed when they will see the torment and all their sources shall terminate.” 167. wa qaalal-lazeena-ttabaoo lau anna lana karratan fa-natabarraaa min-hum kama tabarra-oo minna, kazalika yureeya-hum-u-llaho aamaala-hum hasaratin aleihim, wa ma hum bekhaarijeena minannar. Karratan Another chance Natabarra-aa we too shall negate for any relations Tabrraoo same as they refused to recognize Ittiba follow Yuree He shows Hasaratin dismay, dispair Khaarij remove And said those who had obeyed if there is another chance for us we sahall also negate them for any relations Thus Allah will show them for their deeds full of dismay and despair.” Section 21 168. Yaa ayyohan-naso kuloo mim-ma fil-ardzi hala -lan tayyabaun wa laa tattabeoo khutawaatish-sheitan, innahoo lakum addowum-mubeen. Kuloo Eat Mim-ma from which Halaan permissible (All foods where Allah’s name is taken, and nothing besides Him) Tayyaban neat and clean Tattabeoo obey, follow Khutawat path ways, traditions, foot prints O, mankind eat from the earth which is permissible and clean (from food) and donot obey the pathways of the satan.” 169. Innama yamuro-kum bis-sooe wal foh-shaae wa an-taqooloo ala-llahi ma-laa taalamoon. Yamurokum He commands you

Soo-a of sins Fohosh nudity Taqooloo you say Ta-alamoon you know Indeed he (The satan) commands you of the sins and of nudity and that you will speak regarding Allah that you donot know.” 170. Wa iza qeela lahumut-tabeoo ma anzal-Allaho qaloo bal nattabeo ma alfeina aleihi abaa-ana awalau kana abao-hum laa yaaqiloona sheiaun wa laa yahtadoon. Alfeina found Abaa-ana fore fathers Awalau even if “And when it is told to them follow what Allah has sent down, said, we will follow which we found from our fore fathers, even if their fore fathers did not understand any thing nor were they intelligent.” 171 Wa masalul-lazeena kafaroo kamasalil-lazee yaniqo bima laa yasmao illa duaa-un wa nidaa-un, summum bukmun umiyun fahum laa yaaqiloon. Masal example Yaniq shouts Bima of which Yasmao heard “And the example of those who disbelieved is of the one who shouts but is not heared, (Example of a shephard for his herd of sheep) they are deaf, dumb and blind, So they donot understand.” 172. yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo kuloo min tayyebaati ma razaqna-kum wash-kuroo lil-llahi in kun-tum iyyaho ta-abudoon. Razqnakum The sustenance We gave you Iyyaho to Him Ta-abudoon worship O people who believe , eat from the clean food that We have given you for your sustenance and thank Allah if you people worship Him.” 173. Innama harrama aleikum almeitata wa dama wa lahmal khinzeeri wa ma uhilla behi legherillahi fa- manit-turra gheira baaghin walaa aadin fala isma aleih, inna-Allaha ghafoorurRaheem.

Harrama Prohibitted, made unlawful Maitata Dead Dam Blood Lahma Meat Khinzeer swine Uhilla slaughtered Legheirallah for other than Allah Turra eats helplessly Baaghin lawlessness Aadin habit Isma sin Indeed prohibited upon you Dead and the blood and that is slaughtered (in the name of ) other than Allah, Thus one who out of helpless ness (fear of hunger death) eats from it but not for his lawlessness or a habit, then no sin for him Indeed Allah is forgiving and merciful.” 174. Innal-lazzeena yaktumoona maanzal-Allaho minal kitabi wa yashtaroona behi samanan qaleela ulaika ma yaakuloona fee butoonehim illan-nara wa laa yukallimo-humul-laho yaumul qiyamati wa laa yuzak- keehim, wa lahum azaabun aleem. Yaktumoona hide Yashtaroona earn Samanan a price, profit Qaleela small Yaakuloona eat Butoonehim stomachs Laa-Yukallimohum He will not talk to them Laa-Yuzakkeehim He will not purify them Indeed those people who are hiding which allah has revealed in the book and earn with it a meager profit These are those peole who are eating in their stomachs but the fire and Allah will not talk to them on the Judgment Day nor shall He purify them and for them shall be a painful torment.” 175. Ulaikal-lazeenashtara wudzalalata bilhuda wal azaaba bilmaghfirati fama asbara-hum alan-nar. Dzalalata no guidance Huda Guidance Asbarahum their patience


These are those people who have purchased no guidance in place of guidance and punishment in place of forgiveness so what a patience of them for facing the fire. One quarter 176. Zalika be-annal-laha nazzal-alkitaba bilhuqq, wa innallazeena-khtalafoo filkitaabi lafee shiqaqimbaeed. Shiqaq differences Baeed far away This is for indeed Allah sent down The Book with the truth and indeed those people who differed from this Book have gone far away in their differences.” Section 22 177. Leisal birra un-tuwalloo vujooha-kum qiblal- mashriq wal maghrib walaakin albirra man amana billahi wal-yaumil aakhiri wal-malaaikati wal-kitab wan-nabee-eena wa atal maala alalhubbehi zavilqurba walyatama walmasakeena wa ibnas-sabeeli wassail- eena wa fir-riqaabi wa aqqamas-salaata wa aataz zakata wal-maufoona beahdihim iza ahadoo was-saab- reena filbasaai wadzarraai wa heena ba-as, ulaikal-lazeena sadaqoo wa ulaika humul-muttaqoon. Leisa No,none, not Birra Virtue Tuwalloo you turn Mashriq East Maghrib west Ata gives Maal money, wealth Hubbi pleasure Qurba relatives Yatama orphans Masakeen poors Ibnas-sabeel travellers Saa-ileen beggars Riqab slavery Aqam establish Zakaat charity Maufoona fulfill Be-ahdihim their promises Aahadoo promised Saabireena who observe patience

Basaai adversity Dzarraai affliction Heena time Ba-as wars, combats Sadaqoo truthful Muttaqoon God fearing There is no virtue if you turn your face in the direction of thr East or the West but the virtue is, for the one who believes in Allah and The Day of Judgment, and the angels and the Books and the Prophets, and the one who gives his hard earned money with all pleasure to the (needy) relatives, the orphans and the poors and the the travellers (in neeed) and the beggars and releasing the necks from slavery and establishes namaz gives the charity (Zakat a compusary charity from rich to nedy Muslims) and those who fulfill their promises if they have promised any and those who observe patience in adversity, and afflictions and during a combat. These are those people who are truthful and these are those who are God fearing. 178. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo kutiba aleikumul-qisaso fil qatl, Alhurra bil-hurri wal-abdo bil-abdi wal-unsa bil-unsa, faman oofia lahu min akheehee shei-un fat-tibaaun bil-maaroofi wa adaaun ileihi be-ihsaan, zalika takhfeefum-mir-Rabbekum wa rahma, faman-aitada baada zaalika falahoo azaabun aleem. Kutiba written, ordained Qisaas compensation Qatl murders Hurra free man Abd slave Unsa woman Oofia forgiven Akheehee his brother Ittibaa follow Maaroof descently Adaaun pay Ihsaan humbly Takhfeefun discount Aitada transgress O people who believe ordained upon you the compensation in the matters of murders, for a free man a free man, for a slave a slave, and for a woman a woman, Thus if it is forgiven any part of it by his brother of (the deceased) then follow it descently and pay it (the

rest) humbly.This is a cocession for you from Thy Lord and a mercy, so who ever transgresses after this for him is a painful torment.” 179. wa lakum fil-qisaasi hayaat yaa ulil-albaabi la-alla-kum tattaqoon. Hayaat life “And for thee in compensation there is life, 0 people of wisdom so that you become God fearing.” 180. Kutiba aleikum iza hadzara ahda-kumul-mauto in taraka kheiran-il-waseeato lil-walideini wal-aqrabeena bil-maaroof huqqan al-al muttaqeen. Hadzara reaches Ahdakum anyone of you Maut death Taraka leaves behind Kheiran property etc. Wasiyat will Walideini parents Aqrabeena near relatives Maroof in a descent way Huq duty Ordained upon thee if any one reaches to his death shall make a will for what property (good) he leaves behind for his parents and his near relatives is a duty for the God fearing people.” 181 faman baddalahoo baada ma samia-hoo fa innama ismohoo alal-lazeena ubaddiloonahoo, innal-laha sameeun aleem. Baddalahoo Change it Samiahoo having heard Ismohoo the sinn Ubaddiloonahoo who will change it So who changes it after having heard it so the sinn shall go upon the one who will change it, Indeed Allah is all hearing and knowing.” 182. faman khaafa min-moosin janafan au isman fa-aslaha beinahum fala isma aleihi, innal-laha Ghafoo- rur-Raheem. Khaafa feared Moosin testator Janafan mistake

Isman sinn Faslaha correction Thus one who fears a mistake from the testator or a sin and there after he makes a correction to settle the matter between then there is no sin upon him Indeed Allah is forgiving merciful.” Section 23 183. Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo kutiba aleikumus- siyamo kama kutiba alal-lazeena min qablekum laalla kum tataqoon. Siyam Fasting “O people who believe ordained upon thee the fastings same as these were ordained before thee so thet you become God fearing. 184.Ayyamam-maadoodat faman kan minkum maree- dzan au ala safarin fa-iddatun min ayyamin ukhar, wa alal-lazeena yuteeqoonahoo fidyatan ta-amo miskeen , faman tatawwaa-a kheiran fahuwa kheirul-lahoo, wa in tassomoo kheiral –lakum in kuntum ta-alamoon. Ayyamam Days Maadoodat counted Mareedzan sick Ala safarin journey Fa-iddatun complete the count Ayyamin Days Ukhar later on Yuteeqoonahoo incapable Fidyatun compensation Ta-amo feed Miskeen poor Tatawwaa-a do more Tasoomoo you fast These are counted days so if one of you is sick or in a journey, should complete the count in the days later, and those people who cannot fast they will feed a poor as a compensation and one who does more is yet better for him and if you can fast too good for you if you know it.” 185. Shaharo Ramadzan unzila feehil-Qurano hudal-lin-nasi wa bayya-natin minal huda wal furqaan, faman shahida min-kumushshahara falyasumho, wa man kaana mareedzan au ala safarin faiddatum-min ayyamin ukhar, Yureedul-laho bekumul yusra wa-laa

yureedo bekum–ul-osra wa li-tukmilul-iddata walitukb -birul-laha ala ma hadakum wa la-alla-kum tashkuroon Shahar month Ramadzan 9th month of Arabic lunar calander known for month for fastings Bayyanatin evidences,clear signs Furqaan commandments Shahida saw Yasumho he will fast Yureed wants Yusra ease Osra difficulty Tukmiloo you will complete Iddata the count Tukabbiroo read the glory The month of Ramadzan ,sent down it The (holy) Quran, in it is a guidance to mankind and and evidences from the guidance and The commandments 186. Wa iza sa-alaka ibaadee unnee fa-innee qareeb ujeebod-daawatid-daaee iza da-ani falyastajeeboolee wal yuminoobee laallakum yarshudoon. Sa-alaka asks you Ibaadee My servants Unnee regarding Me Qareeb near Ujeebo I answer Daawatid the call Daaee callers Daan calls Falyastajeeboo so you answer Lee to Me Walyuminoobe Have faith in Me Yarshudoon be wise And if asks you My servants regarding Me so I am near I answer the caller of his call if he calls so you answer me and have faith in me so that you be wise.” 187. Uhilla lakum leilatis-siyaamir-rafaso ila nisaa-ikum, hunna libaa-sul-lakum wa antum libaa-sul-lahunna, alimal-laho annakum kuntum takhtaanoona anfusakum fataba aleikum wa afaa un-kum fal-aana baashiroo-hunna wab-taghoo ma katabal-laho lakum wa

kuloo washraboo hatta yatabay-yana lakum kheitul abyadzo minal kheitil aswadi minal fajr, summa atimmus-siyama ilal-leili wa-laa tubaashiroo-hunna wa antum aakifoona fil masajid, tilka hudoodallahi fa-laa taqrabooha kazaalika yubayyanul-laho ayaatehi lin-nasi la-allahum yattaqoon. Uhilla Permitted Lailata night Siyyami fastings in the Rafasa cohibition Nisaaikum your women Hunna They (Female) Libaas garment Alima now Annakum indeed you Kuntum you people Takhtanoona cheating Anfusakum Thyself Fal-aana so now Baashuroo hunna cohibit Wabtaghoo Seek Kataba written Washraboo drink Yatabayyana appears Kheit thread Abyadz white Aswad black Fajr in the morning Atimmoo complete Tubaashuroohunn cohibit them Aakifoona retreating ( This is for the last 10 days during fastings when all worldly affairs are brought to cease completely other than daily norms,only the relation remains with Allah). Tilka These Taqrabooha donot get close to them Yubayyano explains clearly It is made lawful for you the meeting with your women in the nights of fastings, They are your garments and you are their’s Allah knew you had been cheating with yourself so Allah has pardened you and forgive you, So now you have sex with them and seek for what Allah has written for you and eat and drink till the

white thread appears over the black from the morning Then you complete your fast till the onset of the night and donot copulate with them when you are retreating in the mosques, These are the limitations of Allah so donot approach them Thus Allah shows His signs clearly for the people so that they become God fearing. Section 24 188. Wala ta-akuloo amwaalakum beinakum bilbaatili wa tudloo beha ilal hukkaami letaakuloo fareeqam mina amwaalin-nasi bilism wa antum taalamoon. Takuloo eat Amwaalakum riches Beinakum between you Bilbaatil unrightfully Tudloo produce false evidences Beha in that regard Hukkam 1 judges And donot eat the riches between you unrightfully and do not produce false evidences befor the judges to claim any part of others riches of the people sinfully. 189. Yasaloonaka unil-ahilla qul hia mawaqeeto lin-nasi wal-hujj, wa leisal birro un taatul buyoota min zuhooreha walakinal-birra manit-taqa wa aatul byoota min abwaabiha wat-taqul-laha la-allakum tuflihoon. Yasaloonaka They ask you Unil-ahilla crescenting moon (lunar crecent) Mawaqeeta l time, period Taatoo enter Buyoota houses Zuhooreha from their back Aatoo enter Abwaabiha from their doors Tuflihoon you be succesful They ask you regarding the crescenting moon, tell this is for for the people to ascertain the time (dates (callender)) and for the Hujj. And there is no virtue for you that you enter in your houses from their back but the virtue is for him who is God fearing, And enter in your houses from their doors and fear Allah so that you be successful.


190. Wa qaatiloo fee sabeelil-lahil-lazeena yuqaatil- oonakum wa laa ta-atadoo, innal-laha laa yuhibbul motadeen. Qaatiloo Fight Sabeel path Yuqaatiloo-kum who fight with you Tatadoo exceed (Not to be cruel in the act) Motadeen who exceed the limits And fight in the path of Allah with those who fight with you, And donot exceed in the act for Allah doesnot love those who exceed. 191. Wa qaatiloohum hyiso saqiftumoohum wa akhri- joohum hyiso akhrajoo-kum walfitnato ashaddo minal qatl,wa laa tuqaatiloo-hum indal masjidil harrami hatta yuqaatiloo-kum feehi fa-in qaatiloo-kum faqtuloo-hum kazalika jazaaul kafireen. Hyiso where ever Saqiftumoo-hum you find them Akhrajoo-hum Drive them out Jazaa reward And kill them where ever you find them, And drive them out same as they had driven you out, And the mischief is worse than the blood –shed, And donot kill them in the holy mosque till they are killing you there in it, And if they are killing you then you too kill them, This is the reward of the disbelievers. 192. fa-inintahau fa innal-laha ghafoorur-Raheem. In-intahau desist So if they desist, So indeed Allah is forgiving merciful. 193.Wa qaatiloo-hum hatta laa takoona fitnataun wa yakoona addeeno lillah, fa-inintahau falaa udwaana illa alaz-zalimeen Yakoonoo remains Deen the religion, obedience Udwaana tresspassing AAnd fight them till there remains no mischieves and the religion reains solely for Allah and if they desist then no trespassing upon them except for those who are wrong doers. 194. Ash-shahrul harami bish-sharil haram wal huro -mato qisaas fa-maneitada aleikum fa-aatadoo aleihi be-misli ma aatada aleikum wat-taqul-laha wa aala- moo annal-laha maa-almut-taqeen. Shahrul haram sacred month, holier months Huromat transgreesing the sanctity

Eitada Aatada

transgresses, behaves vilently with you you too treat violently(equally of the same weight) The sacred month can only replace the sacred month and the one who transgresses the sacredness of then for it is a compensation, so if one transgresses upon thee you too have the right to revenge but to the same force how much you are avenged, and you must know indeed Allah doesnot love the transgressers. 195. wa anfiqoo fee sabeelillahi walaa tulqoo be-eidee-kum ilalttohlikati.wa ahsanoo, innal-llaha maa-al mohsineen. Anfiqoo spend Sabeel path Tulqoo take your self Be-eideekum with your hands Tuhlikati your demise, destruction Ahsanoo Do some good Mohsinen people of righteous deeds And spend in the path of Allah and donot take yourself with your own hands to your own demise If behave miserly) and do some good Indeed Allah loves those of righteous deeds. 196. Wa atimmul hajja wal umrata lillahi fa-in-Uuhsir-tum fa-masteisara minal hadyi wa laa tuh- liqoo ro-oosa-kum hatta yablughal hadyo mahilla- hoo faman kaana min-kum mareedzan au azan mirraasehee fa-fidyatun min siyamin au sadaqatin au nusuk fa-izaa amin-tum faman tamat-ta-a bil-umrati ilal hujji fa-mas-teisara minal hadyi faman lam yajid fa-siyaamo salasati ayya-min filhujj wa sabaatin iza rajatum, tilka ashratun kamilatun zaalika liman lam yakun ahlahoo haadzril masjid harami, wattaqul-laha wa aalamoo anna-laha shadeedul iqaab. Atimmu fulfill Uhsir surrounded, besieged Fa-masteisara so which ever is in your reach Hadyi animal for sacrifice Tuhliqoo you shave Ro-oosokum your heads Yablugha reaches Mahillaho its place Ie The place of sacrfice Azan trouble Raasehi in his head Nusuk sacrifice

Amintum you are secure (Reache Meccah) Tamat-ta-a Add to, benefitted Salasa three Saba seven Rajatum you return Ashra ten Kamilatun complete Yakun be Ahlaoo his relatives Haadzril near by Shadeed severe Iqaab punishment And complete your hujj and Umra for Allah, If you are surrounded (by an enemy or for any reasons otherwise) so which ever of the animals for sacrifice you avail and do not shave your head till the animal has reached the place (of sacrifice (which is at Mina in Meccah) So who of you was sick or having any problems in head then he will pay the compensation in terms of fasts, or charity or sacrifice of an animal and when you reach to peace (ie Meccah) then who ever wants to benify more in Hujj with umra, then which ever of the animals is in his reach for sacrifice and he who does not find one then he will fast for three days in hujj at holy mosque and seven when he will reach back home these are ten complete this is for him who does not reside near by The holy mosque and fear Allah and you must kmow that Allah is severe in punishment Section 25 197. Al-hujjo ash-harum-maloomat, fa man fardza fee-hinnal-hujja fa laa rafasa wa laa fusooqa wa laa jidala fil-hujj, wa ma tafaloo min kheirin yaalamahul-lah, wa tazawwadoo fa inna kheira zaadittaqwa, wat-taqqoni yaa ulool-albaab. Ash-harum The months Maloomat known Fardza obligates Rafasa coitus Fusooqa mischievous behaviours, wickedness Jidaala quarrel Tafaloo you will do Kheirin virtue Yaalamoh know it Tazawwadoo provisions of the journey Taqwa piety Fat-taqooni fear Me

Ulool albaab people of the wisdom The months of Hujj are known so he who obligates upon him The Hujj Then he will not make coitus with his wife nor shall he will behave disobediently, nor shall he quarrel during his hujj and what ever of the good you will do Allah will know it, Take the provisions of your journeyalong and the best of provision is your piety,and fear Me o people of wisdom. 198. Leisa aleikum junahun un tab-taghoo fadzalam mirRabbikum, fa-iza afadz-tum min Arafaatin fa-zkur-ul-laha indal masjidil harami wazkurooho ka- ma hada-kum wa in-kun-tum min qablihee la-minal-dzalleen. Junahun harm Tabtaghoo seek Fadzalam grace (trade) Afadztum You have benefitted from Arafat Arafaat The staying ground on 9th of Zulhujja for Hujj Fazkurul-lah Remember Allah Mashril haram sacred place ie (Muzdalfa) Kama same Hadakum you are guided Dzaaleen stray There is no harm upon you if you seek for some tradeand grace from Thy Lord so when you have finished from Arafaat so you remember Allah at the holy place and remember as you have been guided else you had been of the astrayed before this 199. Summa afeedzoo min hyiso afadzan-nasao wasta-ghfirul-lah, Innal-laha ghafoorur-Raheem Afeedzoo return Naas The people Then you return from where the people are returning and seek Allah’s forgiveness , surely Allah is forgiving merciful 200. Fa-iza qadzei-tum manasika-kum fazkurul-laha ka-zikrekum abaa-akum au ashaddo zikra, fa-min-an-nasi man-yaqoolo Rabbana aatina fiddunia wa ma lahu fil-aakhirati min khalaq Qadzeitum fulfill Manasikakm rituals Abaa-akum fore fathers Ashaddo More stronger

Zikra Aatina Fid-duni

rememberance Give us in the world that is they strive hard for earning the world alone and bother less or none for their hereafter Khalaq Share Thus when you fulfill your rituals the remember Allah as you remember your fore fathers or even more stronger rememberance, And from amongst the people there who pray for the world (alone) for them no share in the here after. 201. Wa minhum man-yyaqoolo Rabbana aatina fid-dunia hasanataun wa fil aakhirati hasnataun wa qina azaaban-nar. Aatina Give us Hasanatau good Qina save us And amongst them who say O our Lord give us good in the world and in the hereafter and save us from torment of fire. 202. Ulaika lahum naseebum mimma kasaboo wal-laho saree-ul hisaab Naseebohum Mimma share, reward Kasaboo earnings Saree quick Hisaab accounts, reckoning These are those people who have their share from what they have earned and Allah is quick in reckoning 203. wazkurul-laha fee ayya-mim-maadoodat, fa man t-ajjala fee yomeini fala isma aleihi waman ta- akh-khara fa laa isma aleihi lemanit-taqa wat-taqul-laha wa aa-lamoo anna-kum ileihi tohsharoon. T-ajjala hasten, hurry out Yomeini two days t-akh-khra. delayed Tohsharoon gatheref Thus do rememberance of Allah for these counted days so one if hurries out for two days there is no harm done and who delays for two days no harm done upon him, for him who is God fearing and fear Allah and you must know that you are to be gathered to Him

204. Wa minan-nasi man-yyojiboka qaulohoo fil-hayatid-dunia yushihidul-laha ala ma fee qalbihee wa huwa alad-dulkhisam. Yojiboka surprises you Ald-dulkhisam quarrelsome And amongst the people who suprises you with his conversayion in the life of the world and Allah witnesses of what is there in his heart and he is quarrelsome. 205. Wa iza tawalla sa-aa fil-ardzi le-ufsida feeha wa yohlikal harsa wan-nasl, wal-laho laa yuhibbul fasaad. Tawalla Turn away Sa-aa tries Le-ufsida tospred disyurbance Yohlik kill Harsa crops Fasad disturbance And when he turns back tries to spread on earth the disturbance and destroys the crops and the and their races and Allah does not love the disturbance, 206/ iza qeela lahut-taqillah akhazat-hul-izzato bil-ism fa-hasbohoo jahannam wa labi-asal mihaad Akhazat-hul-izzato becomes arrogant and proud Hasbohoo mind it, think for sure, enough for him Jahannam the hell Be-asa very bad Mihaad place to rest when it is told to him fear Allah he arrogantly takes the pride for himself, so mind it his place the hell and it is avety bad place. 207 Wa minan-nasi man-yashtari nafsahoo ibtigha-a mardzaatillahi, wal-laho raoofum-bil-ibaad. yashtari sold out Nafsahoo himself Ibtighaa-a desire of, seeking for Maradzat pleasure Raoof kind Ibaad servants And amongst the people who sold out themselves for the sake of Allah’s pleasure and Allah is vey kinds with His srvants.


208. Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanu-dkhul fis-silmi kaffataunw wa laa tat-tabioo khutawaatish-sheitani innahoo lak-um adoowummubeen. Idkhul enter Fis-silmi the path Kaffatotal , wholly and soley, completely Tat-tabeoo you follow Khutawat foot steps Sheitan satan Adoowum enemy Mubeen open O people who believe enter the path (of Allah) in total and do not follow the foot strps of the satan indeed he is your open enemy. 209. Fa in zalal-tum mim-baadi ma jaa-atkumul-bayya-nato fa aalamoo annal-laha Azeezun Hakeem Zalaltum slipped away Jaa-a came Bauuanati clear signs Aalamoo must know Azeez mighty Hakeem wise Thus if you slipped away (from the path) after you have received the clear signs then must you know indeed Allah is mighty and wise. 210 Hal yanzuroona illa uny-yaatiya-humul-laho fee zulalim-minal ghamami wal malaikato wa qudziyal amro wa ilal-lahi turjaul umoor. Yanzuroona waiting Yaatiyahum comes to them Zulalim shadow Ghamam clouds Malaaika angels Qudziya decree Amro (final) verdict Turjaul return Umoor matters Are they waiting that due to their arrogance Allah along with His angels come to them through the shadow of the clouds and the final verdict is passed. And towards Allah all the matters are to return.

Section 26 211. Sal banee Israela kam aateinahum min aayatim bayya-natin, wa man-yyubad-diloo neimatal-lahi mim-baadi ma jaa-atho fa-innal-laha shadeedul iqaab. Sal Ask Aateinahum gave them Aayatim signs Bayyanatin clear Man who Yubad-dilo changed Neimatal-lahi Allah’s favours Jaa-atho it came Iqaab torment Ask Children of Israeel how many of the clear signs We gave to them and who changed Allah’s favout, after it came So (let them know) indeed Allah is very severe in giving punishments. 212. Zuyyina lil-lazeena kafaroo alhayatad-dunia wa yaskha-roona minal-lazeena aamanoo wal-lazee –nat-taqau fauqa-hum Yomul Qiyamat, wal-laho yarzuqo man-yyashaao bigheiri hisaab. Zuyyina Decorated Yaskharoona laughing at Taquao God fearing Fauqahum above them Yarzuq provides the sustenance. Decorated for those who disbelieved the life of the world, they laugh at those who believd and those who were God fearing We will make them above them (The disbelievers) on the Day of Judgment and Allah gives the sustenance whom He will unaccountable. 213. Kanan-naso ummatan wahidatan fa ba-asal-lah-un-nabee-eena mubash-shireena walmunzireena wa anzala ma-a-humul-kitaba bilhuqqi le-yahkuma beinan-nasi fee makh-talafoo feehee, wa makhta- lafa feehee illal-lazeena ootoho mim-baadi ma jaa-at-humul-bayyanato baghiyam beina-hum fa-hadal-lahul-lazeena aamanoo limakh-talafoo feehee minal huqqi beiznehee, wal-laho yahdee man-yyashaao ila siratim mustaqeem. Kana Were Naso mankind Ummatan nation

Wahida one Fabasa Raised Mubash-shreena glad tiders, telling good news Munzireena warners Anzal sent down Yahkuma decide Akhtalafa differed Ootooho given Bayyanato clear menifest Baghiyam differing to out right reject Beinahum amongst themselves Hada duided Siraat path Mustaqeem straight All mankind were one nation, then Allah raised amongst them the prophets glad tiders and warners and send down to them The Book with truth so that it can decide between the people in those matters where they disputed, And they did not differ but those who were given the clear sign due to their differences between them, Then Allah guided with truth those who believed in matters where they differed,And Allah guides towards the straight path. 214. Am hasibtum un tadkhulil jannata walamma yaati-kum maslul-lazeena khalau min qablikum mas-sat humul-basaao wa dzarraao wa zulziloo hatta yaqoolar-rasoolo wal-lazeena aamanoo ma-a ho mata nasrul-lah, ala inna nasral-lahi qareeb. Am interrogation Hasibtum think Tadkhulu you will enter Jannata The Paradise Walamma where as not yet Yaatikum you are given Maslul like Khalau passed away Mas-sathum had suffered them with BasaaSufferings Dzarraa-a adversities Zulziloo shaken Yzqoola said Mata when Nasrul-lah Allah’s help Ala Beware

Qareeb near Do you think you will be given entry in to the Paradise whereas not yet, you have been given like the people who passed away, had suffered adversities, and distress till they were shaken and had cried out, The Prophet and those of the believers with him, when will come Allah’s help, Beware indeed Allah’s help is near 215. yas-aloonaka maza yunfiqoon, qul ma anfaq-tum min kheirin fa lil-waalideini wal-aqrabeena wal -yatama wal-masa-keeni wa ibnis-sabeel wa ma taf-aloo min kheirin fa innal-laha behee Aleem. Yas-aloonaka They ask you. Mazaa what Yunfiqoon They will spend Anfaqtum you spend Kherin good Waalidein parents Aqrabeenkin, near relatives Yatama orphans Masakeen poor Ibnis-sabeel way farrer, travellers Taf-aloo you do Aleem knows They ask you what they will spend, Tell which of the good you will spend is (first of all ) for your parents then to your kins, then for the orphans and the poor and the travellers, and what ever goo you will do Allah will know it. 216. Kutiba aleikumul-qitaalo wa huwa kurhul-lakum, wa asaa un takrahoo sheiaunw-wa huwa khei -rul-lakum, wa asaa untuhiboo sheiaunw-wa huwa sharrul-lakum, wal-laho yaalamo wa antum laa ta-alamoon. Kutiba Ordained Qital war Kurhul-lakum undesirable unwanted, hateful Asaa possibly Takrahoo you donot like Sheiaun a thimg Tuhibboo you love Sharrul-lakum curse for you Ordained upon you the war and it is undesirable to you, Possibly you may hate a thing and in it there is a blessing for you, and

possibly you love something and may be in it there is a curse for you and Allah knows and you don’t know.” Section 27 217. Yas-aloonaka uni-sh-sharil-harami qitaalin feehee, Qul qitaalun feehee kabeer, wa saddun un sabeelil-laahi wa kufrumbehee wal masjidil Harami wa ikhraajo ahlihee minho akbaro indal-lahi wal fitna akbaro minal qatl, wa laa yazaaloona yuqaatiloonakum hatta yuraddookum un-deeni-kum inis- tataaoo, wa many-yartadid minkum undeenihee fa- yamut, wa huwa kaafirun fa-ulaaika habitat aamaa- lahum fid-duniya wal aakhirati, wa ulaaika ashaa- bun-naari hum feeha khaalidoon.. yasaloonaka They ask thee qital war, blood shed shahril haram sacred months kabeer big yasudoona preventing sabeelil-lahi Allah’s path Kufrum behee disbelief in Him Masjidil haram Sacred mosque Fitna mischief Akbar bigger Yazaaloona They will cease not Yuqaatiloonakum fighting with you Hatta till Yuraddookum They will not get you turn away Deenikum your religion Inistataaoo if they could Man who Yartadid turn away Fayamut so must die Huwa he Kaafirun is a disbeliever Habita lost Aamaalohum deeds Aakhira hereafter Khaalidoon live for ever, eternally They ask you regarding wars in the prohibited (sacred) months Tell wars in these months are big (in crime) and obstructing one from the path of Allah and disbelief in Him and (hurting the sanctity of) The Holy Mosque and driving out its inhabitants and the mischiefs are greater (in crime) in the sight of Allah than the blood shed and

they will not stop fighting with you till they do not get you turn away from your religion if they can, and he who will turn away of you from his religion must die and he is faithless and these are those whose deeds are lost in the world and hereafter and these are those who are the dwellers of the hell fire eternally. 218. inna-lazeena aamanoo wa haajaroo wa jaaha- doo fee sabeelillahi ulaaika yarjoona Rahmatallahi wal-laho ghafoorur-Raheem. Haajaroo Migrated Jaahadoo strove hard, faught Yarjoona hopeful Rahmatal-lahi Allj’s grace, bounties Indeed those who believed and migrated and strove hard (Including fighting) in the path of Allah, These are those who are hopeful for Allah’s grace and Allah is forgiving and merciful. 219. Yas-aloonaka unil khamri wal meisar qul fee- hima ismun kabeeraunw-wa manaafeo lin-nas wa ismo-huma akbaro min nafie-hima, wa yasaloo- naka maaza yunfiqoon, qul afuv, kazalika yubay-yanul-laho lakum ayaati la-allakum tatafakkaroon. Khamri wine Meisar gamble Feehima in these Ismun evils Kabeer big Akbar bigger Nafeihima benefits Maaza what Yunfiqoon spend Afuv forgiveness Yubayyan explain Aayat verses La-allakum so that you Tatafakkaroon think about these They ask thee, (O Mohammad (SAW)) regarding wine and gamble, Tell in these there are big evils and some benefits and their evils are bigger than their benefits and they ask thee what they will spend tell forgiveness like this Allah explains His signs clearly so that they will think. 220.Fid-dunia wal aakhira, wa yas-aloonaka unil-yat- ama, Qul islahul-lahum kheir wa in tukhaalitoo-hum fa-ikhwaano-kum wal114

laho yaalamo almufsida minal musleh, wa lau shaa-Allaho laaanata-kum, innal-laha Azeezun Hakeem yatama Orphans islaah setting aright, tukhaalitoo-hum mix them up fa-ikhwaanokum so they are your brothren mufsad wicked musleh righteous la-anata-kum hardship In the world and The here after,And they ask you regarding the orphans Tell their setting at right is better and if you mix themup with you so they are your brothren and Allah knows the wicked from the righteous and if Allah so willed had put you in the hardships Indeed Allah is mighty and wise. 221. Wala tankihul mushrikati hatta yuminna, wa l-amatun mominatun kheirum-mim-mushirikatin walau ajabat-kum, wala tankihoo mishrikeena hutta yuminoo wala abdum-mominun Kheirum-min mushrikin walau ajaba-kum, Ulaaika yadoona ilannar, wal-laho yadoo ilailal jannati wal maghfirati beiznehi wa yubayyano aayatehi lin-nasi la-allahum yatazakkaroon. Tankih (Nikaah) You marry Mushrikaati Idolating woman Yuminna believes Amatum slave girl Mominatum believer Aajabatkum enchants you, pleases you atteracts you Mushrikeena Idolating man Abdum slave boy Ulaaika Those are the people Yadoona invite Naar fire Jannati Paradise, Gardens of eden Maghfira forgiveness Yatazakkaroon take a lesson, advise, admonish And Donot marry a woman from the idolators till she believes, A slave girl is better than afree lady from idolators howmuch she may be atteracting you, and Donot marry a man from the idolators till he believes ,a slave boy is better than a free man how much he is atteracting you, Those are inviting you towards fire and Allah invites you towards Paradise and forgiveness with His leave and

He explains His verses for the people so that they may take a good advise (from these) 222. Wa yasaloonaka anil maheedz, Qul huwa azan fa-aatazilunnisaa-a fil-maheedz, wa laa taqraboohunaa hatta yat-hurna, fa iza tatah-harna fa-atoohunna min hyso amra-kum-ul-laho, innal-laha yuhibbul muta-tah-hireena wa yuhibbut-taw-wabeen. . Maheedz Menstruation Azan unclean Fa-aatazilun-nisaa-a so stay away, abstein your women Laa Taqraboohunna Do not get them near Yathurna they get clean Tataharna get clean Fa-aatoohunna go to them Hyso the way Amarakum commanded you Uhib He loves Mutatahireen clean people, piety Tawwabeen repenting And they enqure you regarding the menstruating women ,tell they unclean so stay away from the women during their menstruation and Donot get close to them till they are clean. So if they get clean then you go to them the way Allah has commanded you Indeed Allah loves the people clean and loves the repenting folk.. 223. Nisaaoo-kum harsul-lakum fa-atoo harsa-kum anna sheia-tum wa qaddimoo le-anfusi-kum wat-taqul-laha wa aalamoo annakum mulaaqooho wa bash-shiril momineen. Nisaa-oo-kum Your women Harsal-lakum crops for you Fa-atoo so go Anna as Sheitum you please Qaddimoo send forth Anfusikum for your sake Aalamoo must know Annakum Indeed you Mulaqooho to meat Him Bash-shir Convey glad tiding Momineen believers

Your femen like your crops so you go to your crops as you wish and send forth for your sake too and fear Allah and must know you are to meat Himand convey the glad tiding for the believers. 224. wa laa tajalul-laha urdzatal-li-eemani-kum un- tabar-raoo wa tat-taqoo wa tuslihoo beinan-nas. Wal-laho sameeun aleem. Tajal you make Urdzatan shield Eemaanikum your oaths Tabar-raoo you do good Tattaqoo You fear, live righteous Tuslihoo Discipline, and help sort out disputes beteen he people And donot make Allah your shield for your oaths that you do good and fear and live righteous and help settle the matters between the people decently and Allah is all hearing and knowing 225. Laa yuaakhizo-kumul-laho bil-laghwi fee eemani -kum, wa laakin yu-aakhizo-kum bima kasabat quloo –bo-kum wal-laho ghafoorun haleem. Yuaakhizokum catch hold Laghv unintentional, carelessly, as for habit Kasabat sweared Quloobokum by your hear Haleem forbearing Allah will not catch you for your oaths which you took careleesly but will catch you for those which you swear from your heartand Allah is forgiving forbearing. 226. Lil-lazeena yooloona min nisaaihim tarabuso arba-atin ashhurin fa-in fa-aoo fa inal-laha Ghafoor-ur Raheem. Yooloona Swear to stay away Nisaaihim their women Tarabbaso wait Arba-atin four Ash-hurin months Fa-aoo turnup For those who swear to abstain from their women, should wait for four months Then if they turnup So indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful 227. wa in azmut-talaaqa fa inal-laha sameeun aleem.

Azmoo decide Talaaq divorce Then if they have decided to divorce, Thus Allah is allhearing and knowing. 228. wal-mutal-laqaato yatarabbasna be-anfusihinna salasa qurooin, wa laa yahillo lahunna an yaktumna ma khalaqal-laho fee arhaamihinna inkunna yuminna billahi wal yomil aakhiri, wa baoolato-hunna ahaqqo biraddi-hinna fee zaalika in iraadoo islahan wa la-hun- -na mislul-lazee alei-hinna bil maaroof wa lir-rjali aleihinna daraja, wal-laaho Azeezun Hakeem. Mutallaqat Divored women Yatarabbasna wait Infusihinna themselves Salasa three Qurooin periods (MC) Yahillo lawful Yaktumna hide Arhaamihinna in their woumb Inkunna if they are Yuminna believers Baoolatohunna their husbands Ahaqqo rightful Biraddihinna to get them back Fee zaalika in this period Iraadoo intended Islahan recrification Lahunna for them Mislul-lazee like the same Bil-maaroof honourably, decently Aleihinna upon them (females) Darja a degree And the divored women must wait for themselves for three periods (MC) and it is not lawful for them that they should hide what Allah has created for them in their woumbs if they believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment, And their husbands have right to get them back in this period if they have intended if they desired rectification and for the women too like the same in the decent way and for males they carry a degree above them (females) And Allah is mighty and wise. Section 29

229. At-talaaqo marratani fa-imsaakun bemaaroofin au tasreehun be-ihsan, wa laa yahillo lakum un taakhuzoo mimma aateitumoohunna sheian illa un-y-yukhafa un laa yuqeema hudoodal-laahi fain khiftum un-laa yuq- eema hudoodal-laahi fa-laa junaha aleihima fee maf- tadat behi, tilka huddoda-laahi fa laa ta-atadooha, wa man-y-yata-adda hudoodal-lahi fa-ulaka humuz-zaali -moon. Marratan Twice Fa imsaakun detain Bemaroofin honourably Tasreehun let them go Beihsan kindness Laa Takhuzoo Donot take back Mim-ma whiche Aateitumoohunna you have given to them Sheian any thing Any-yakhafa if you fear Yuqeema observe, maintain Hudood-Allahi Allah’s limitations Khiftum if you fear Junaha harm done Aleihima upon them Feemaftadat behi they may give some compensation Laa-ta-atadooha Do not transgress Yataadda who will transgress Hudood boundaries The divorce is only twice, so either detain them honourably or let them go generously, and it is not lawful for you that you will take back any thing which you have given to them except that if you fear that they will not maintain the limitations of Allah so if you fear that they will not maintain Allah’s limitations so there is no harm that they may get separation from each other after paying some compensation, These are the boundations from Allah and that who will transgress Allah’s sanctioned limits so they are those the evil ungodly. 230.Fa in tallaqaha fala tahillo lahoo mim-baado hatta tankiha zojan gheirohoo, fa in-tallaqaha fa-laa junaha aleihima un-yatarajaa in-zanna unyuqeema hudoodal-lahi, wa tilka hudooal-lahi yubayyonoha leqaumany-yalamoon. Tahillo lawfull Lahoo for him Mimbaad after that

Hatta Tankiha Zojan Gheir Yataraja-a
In zanna

till she marries husband another they can return
if they think

Unyuqeema they will stand Yubayyonoha explain Qaum nation, people Yalamoon they will know So if she is divorced then she is not lawful to you after that till she marries another husband then if he divorces then there is no harm upon them thet they can come back if they think that they may stay with in the bonds of Allah,s limitations and these are the bondations of Allah explained clearly for the people to know. 231. Wa iza tallaqtumun-nasaa-a fa balaghna ajla- hunna faamsikoohunna bemaaroofin au sarriho-hunna bemaaroof, walaa tumsikkoohunna dziraran le-taa-tadoo wa many-yafal zaalika faqad zalama nafsahoo, walaa tattakhizoo aayaatil-lahi huzwa wazkuroo neimatal-lahi aleikum wa ma anzala aleikum minal kitabi wal hikmati ya-izokum behi, wat-taqul-laha wa aalamoo beanal-laha bekulli shein aleem. Balaghna attained, reached, completed, and We coveyed Ajlahunna their period (of waiting) Imsik hold, retain Sarrihunna free them, let them go, Dziraaran hurt, harm, torture etc. Yaf-al He will do Tattakhizoo You take Huzwa jokingly,
Wazkuroo And remember

Anzala sent down, revealed Hikma wisdom Yaizokum Advises you, admonishing you Behi with it And if you have divorced the woman so the period of waiting isgoing to complete so either you retain them honourably or let them go honourably and do not retain them to hurt that you transgrees Allah’s given limits and he who does this he has done evil for himself and do not make joke of Allah’s verses and

remember Allah’s favour upon you and that which is revealed upon you from the book and wisdom with which He advises you and fear Allah and must you know that indeed Allah knows every thing. Section 30 232.Wa iza tallaqtumuni-nisaa-a fabalaghna ajlahunna fa-laa taadzuloo-hunna un-y-yankihna azwaja-hunna iza taraudzau beinahum bilmaaroof, zalika yuooazo behee man kana minkum yuminobillahi wal yaumil aakhir, zalika azka lakum wa athar, wallaho ya-alamo wa antum laa ta-alamoon. Ta-adzuloo-hunna intervene between them,obstruct them Aswan Plural of zoj=husband Taradzau agree Beinahum between them Azka cleaner, purer, more decent Athar purer And when you have divorced the women and the term is over so you must not intervene if they want to marry another husbands honourably if there has been an understanding between them, this ia so avised to you, One who had been a believer in Allah and The Day of Judgment amongst you, This is more decent for you and pure, And Allah knows and you do not know. 233. Wal-waalidato yurdzena aulaada-hunna hauleini kaamileini leman araada un-yutim-mar-radzaa-a, wa alal mauloodi lahu rizqohunna wa kiswato-hunna bil-mauroof, Laa tukallafo nafsan illa wusa-a-ha laa tudzarra waalidatun bewaladiha wa laa mauloodullahu bewaladehi wa alal warisi mislo zaalika fa-in aradza fisalan un taradzim-minhuma wa tashawurin falaa junaaha aleihima, wa in-aradz-tum untastardzioo aulaadakum fa laa junaha alei-kum izaa sallamtum-ma aatei-tum bilmaaroof wat-taqul-laha wa aalamoo annal-laha bima taamaloona baseer. Waalidaato Mothers Yuredzena breast feed Aulaadahunna their babies Hauleini two years Kaamileini complete Leman for whom Araada intended Unyutimma complete Ar-ridzaa-a breast feeding

Alal Mauloodi Rizqohunna Kiswatohunna Tukallaf Nafsan Wus-aha Tudzarra Waalidatun Bewaladiha Waris Misl Fisalan Tradzdin Minhuma Tashawurin Tastardzeoo

upon father their sustenance clothings burden anyone capacity, capability hurt, harm mother for her child gaurdian same breast feeding agreement between them consultataion brest feeding from another woman on payment Sallamtum you have paid Ma aateitum which you give And the mothers should feed their babies for two years complete who has intended to fulfill the breast feeding period and upon the father is the responsibility to provide the sustensce and clothings to the mother in respectable manner Do not burden ay one but with in his capability Do not harm the mother for her baby nor should the father be harmed for his baby.and upon the guardian too (the nearest kin to the father (if dad) is responsible like wise, if the twain have agreed to complete the breast feeding period after due consultations there is no harm between the two And if it is intended if the baby is to be breast fed by some other lady there is no harm upon you if you hand over the agreed payment with due honours and fear Allah you must know that Allah is seeing all what you do. 234. Wal-lazeena yatwaf-fauna minkum wa yazaroona azwajanyyatarabbasna beanfusi-hinna arba-ata ash-hurin wa ashra, fa iza balaghna ajala-hunna fa-laa junaha aleikum fee ma fa-alna fee anfusihinna bil- maaroof , wal-laho bima ta-amaloona khabeer yatawaf-fauna die Minkum amongst you Yazaroona leave behind Azwajan wives Yatarabbasoona wait

Anfusihinna themselves Arbaa four Ash-hurin months Ashra ten (days) Fa-alna they do Khabeer aware, knows And those people who die amongst you and leave behind their wives must wait for themselves for four months and ten days and when this peiod is over then there is no harm done upon you if they decide for them selves that they do in an honourable way. and Allah is aware of what you do. 235. Wa laa jaunaha aleikum fee ma aradztum behi min khitbatinnisaai au aknantum fee anfusikum alimal-laho anna-kum satazkuroona-hunna wa laakin laa tuaa-idoo-hunna sirran illa un taqooloo qaulan maaroofa, wa laa ta-azimoo uqdatan-nikaahi hatta yablughal-kitabo ajalaho wa aalamoo annal-laha yaalamo ma fee anfusikum fah-zarooho wa aalamoo annal-laha ghafoorur-Raheem. Aradztum conveyed Khitbatin-nisaai the said women Aknantum you hide Anfusikum within yourselves Satazkuroona surely you talk Hunna those wmen Tuaaidoohunna that promise them Sirran secretly Taqooloo speak Qaulan a talk Ta-azimoo decide Uqdata the knot Nikan Islamic procedure of marriage Kitaab prescribed Ajalaho period Fahzarooho sofear Him And there is no harm done upon you if you convey your likeness for said women indirectly or keep it hidden within your selves Allah knew that you had been surely talking about them but donot make any secret promises except you speak honourably, and donot decide to marry them unless they have completed the prescribed term of prohibition (Iddat), and you must know that Allah knows what is in your heart, So fear Him and must you know Indeed Allah is forgiving merciful.

Section.31 236. Laa junaha aleikum intal-laqtumun-nisaa-a ma lam tamas-soohunna au tafridzoo lahunna fareedza- taunw-wa mat-tioo-hunna alal-mosi-e qadraho wa alal muqtiri qadaraho, mataa-an bilmaroofi haqqan alal mohsineen. Tamassuhunna you have touched them Tafridzoo settlement Lahunna for them Fareedza security sum (Mahar) Mattioo-hunna give them some benefit, compensation Mosi-e rich Qadraho capacity Muqtiri poor Mohsineen generous, good people Thsere is no harm upon thee if you divorce your women before you have touched them or that the security sum (Maher) has been settled for them and you must give them some benefit at par the status of the husbands the rich according to his riches and the poor according to his capability, a benefit in an honourable way and is a right upon the generously good people. 237.Wa in tallaq-tumoo-hunna min qabli un-tamassoo-hunna wa qad faradztum lahunna fareedza, fa nisfo ma faradzatan illa unyyafoona au yaafoo al-lazee beya- dehi uqdatun-nikah, wa un-taafoo aqrabo lit-taqwa, wa laa tansa-wul fadzala beinakum, Innal-laha bima taamaloona baseer. Faradztum settlrd, agreed Fareedzatan security sum Yaafoo forgive Beyadehi in whose hands Uqdatan knot Nikah marriage Tafoo you forgive Aqrab nearer Lit-taqwa for your piety Tansa you forget Fadzla generosity Beinakum between you And if you divorce your women before you have thouched them and the the security sum (mahar) has been already settled for them, then half of the amount settled, except if it is forgiven by them or by the person in whose hands is the wedding knot can forego, and

if you fore go is nearer to the piety, and donot forget of generosity amongst your selves, Indeed Allah is seeing what you do. 238. Haafizoo alas-salati was-salatilwusta, wa qoomoo lila-lahi qaaniteen. Haafizoo Protect Alas-salati prayers (namaz) Salatulwusta Mid-time prayer (Asr) Qoomoo stand Qaaniteen obediently Protect your prayers (Namaz) and your mid time prayer, and stand for Allah in perfect obedeience 239. fa-in khiftum fa rijalan au rukbanan fa iza amin- tum fazkurullaha kama allamakum ma lam takoonoo talamoon. Khiftum feared Rijalan on foot Rukbaban on the ride Amintum get into peace Fazkur so remember Kama the way Al;amakum you are taught Malam which, not Takoonoo you were Taalamoon knowing Thus in a state of fear, if you are on foot you may pray on the ground or if on the ride then there itself, and when you get in peace then remember Allah as you have been taught which you did not know.. when 240. wal-lazeena yatawaf-fauna minkum wa yazaroona azwajauwwaseeatan le-azwaji-him mataa-an ilal hauli gheira ikhrajin, fa in kharajna fa laa junaha aleikum fee ma fa-alna fee anfusi-hinna min maaroofin, wal-laho azeezun Hakeem. Yatawaf-fauna die Yazroona leave behind Azwajan wives Wasee-atan will Hauli one full year Gheira without Ikhrajin expelling (from their houses)

And those people who die and should leave a will for their wives that they should be provided their sustenance for one year without expelling them from their houses, but if they leave by themselves then there is no harm done upon you what they do for themselves in an honored way and Allah is mighty and wise. 241. Wa lilmutal-liqaati mataa-un bil maroof haqqan alal muttaqeen. All word meanings available up And for the divorced women there is sustenance in an honoured way is a right upon the God fearing people. 242. Kazalika yubayyanul-laho lakum aayatihi la-alla- kum taaqiloon All word meanings available up Like this Allah explains to you his verses so that you will understand. Section 32 243. Alam tara ilal-lazeena kharajoo min diyarihim wa hum uloofun hazaral maut, faqala lahumul-laho mootoo, summa ahyaahum innal-laha zoofadzlin alan- nasi wa laakin-aksaran-nasi laa yashkuroon. Kharajoo got out Diyarihim from their houses Uloofun thousands Hazara fear Maut death Mootoo die Ahyaahum made them alive Zoofadzalin graceful Did not you see those who got out of their houses out of the fear of death and they were in thousands so said Allah to them Die, then made them alive Indeed Allah is graceful for the people but the most of the people are not thankful. 244. Wa qaatiloo fee sabeelil-lahi wa aalamoo annal-laha sameeun aleem. Qaatiloo wage war Sabeel path Aalamoo must know Samee all hearing

Aleem knowing And make war in the path of Allah and you must know that indeed Allah is hearing and knowing. 245. Manzal-lazee yuqridzul-laha qaradzan hasanan fa-yudzaifaholahoo adzaafan kaseeran wal-laho yaq- bidzo wa yabsuto wa ileihi turjaoon. Yuqridz who will give a loan Qaradza a loan Hasana A loan, not demanded by the debter for its return Yudxaaifo which is increased Lahu for him Adzaafan An increase Kaseeran in multiples Yaqbidzo ceases, holds Yubsito releases Turjaoon you are to return He who gives Allah a debt, a beautiful debt, that it is incresded for him in multiples, and Allah holds up or releases and to Him you are to return. 246. Alam tara ilal malai mim-banee israeela mimbadi Moosa iz qaloo le-nabee-i-lahum-ub-as lana malikan nuqaatilo fee sabeelillahi, Qala hal asaitum, in-kutiba alei-kumul-qitaalo al-laa tuqatiloo, Qaloo wa ma lana al-laa nuqaatila fee sabeelil-lahi wa qad ukhrijna min diyaarina wa abnaaina, fa-lamma kutiba aleihim-ul qitaalo tawallau illa qaleelam-minhum, wal-laho aleem-um-biz-zalimeen Alam question did you not Tara you saw Malai knights, Lords, chieves Banee children Ubas Appoint Malik king Nuqaatil we will fight Hal question ? if Asaitum denied, disobeyed Qitaal the war Laa tuqaatiloo you donot fight Ukhrijna driven out Diyaarina from our gousrs Abnaaina our sons

Tawallau turned away Qaleelam few Zaalimeen sinners, wrong dooers. Did not you see towards the chieves from the children of Israeel after (Proph.) Mosses when said they, to their prophet in their time, appoint for us a king that we will fight in the path of Allah, Said if you disobeyed when the war is ordained and you donot fight, Said what what is it to us that we donot fight in the path of Allah when we were driven away from our houses (and were deprived) from our sons, So when the war was ordained upon them, they turned their backs except a few of them and Allah knows the sinners. 247. Wa qaala lahum nabeeohum innal-laha qad baa-asa lakum Taloota malika, Qaaloo anna yakoono lahoo mulko aleina wa nahno ahaqqo bil mulki minho wa lam yoota saa-atam-minal maali, Qaala innal-laha-stafaho aleikum wa zaadahoo bastatan fil-ilmi wal jism, wal-laho yooti mulkahoo many-yashaao, wal-laho wasiun aleem. Ba-asa appointed, raised Malika The king Anna yakoono How can that be Mulko kingdhood Alaeina upon us Ahaqqo deserving, rightful Lam not Yoota given Saa-atam much Maal riches Istafaho selected Zaadahoo increased him Bastatan more Fil ilm in the knowledge Jism body, physique Yooti gives Mulkahoo His land, The kingdom Waasiun wast And sid tothem their prophet indee Allah appointed for you Tallot as the king, said they how it can be the, he the king upon us and we are more deserving for the king than him and he doesnot posses that kind of riches than us said indeed Allah has chosen him upon you and he is more in knowledge than you and his body (physical

built) and Allah gives His land whom He will and Allah is wast in knowledge. 248.Wa qala lahum nabeeo-hum inna aayata mulkehi any-yatiyakum-ut-tabooto feehi sakeenatum-mir-Rab- bik wa baqeeyatum mimma taraka aalo Moosa wa aalo Haroona tahmilho almalaaikato, inna fee zaalika la aa- yatal-lakum in kuntum momineen. Mulkehi Kingship Yatiyakum you will get Taboot the box, (The coffin box) Sakeena material of peace and comfort Baqeeyaat The remainders, leftover Mimma which Taraka left Aalo progeny Tahmilho possession Malaika angels And said to them their prophet indeed the sign of his kingship is that you will get that box which contains in it the materials of comfort from Thy Lord and the remainders which were left by the progeny of Mosses and the progeny of Haroon, which is in the possession of the angels, indeed in it, are the signs for you if you are the believers. 249. Falamma fasala Taaloto bij-junoodi, Qaala innal-laha mubtalee-kum benahrin fa-man shariba minho fa leisa minnee, wa man lam yat-amho fa innahoo minee illa manightarafa ghurfatam beyadehi, fashariboo min- ho illa qaleelam-minhum, fa-lamma jaawazaho huwa wal-lazeena aamanoo ma-aho, qaloo laa taaqata lana alyoma be Jaaloota wa junoodehi, Qaalal-alazeena aamanoo yazunnoona aana-hum mulaqul-lahi, kam min fiatin qaleelatin ghalabat feeatan kaseeratan beiz- nil-lahi,wal-laho maa-assabireen. Falamma When Fasala got out Junood army Mubtalee Noun Ibtala) test Nahar river Shariba drink Leisa not Minnee from me Yatamho dring full belly

Ightarafa hand ful Ghurafatam space Yad hand Shariboo drank Qaleelam few Jaawazaho cross over Taqata strength Alyom today When got out Taloot with his army Said Allah will test you at a river so he who will drink from it he is not from me and he who doesn’t drink bellyful from it; so he is from me except (excusable) for him who drinks just a hand full from it, Thus they drank from it except a few of them Then when he crossed it (the river) He and those of the believers with him qaaloo, no strength for us today for Jaloot (Gallen) and his army Said those people who believed that indeed they are to return to Allah, said, (How many times it happened) a group of few people overpowered a group larger, with many people with Allah’s permission and Allah is with them who observe patience (and stay steadfast). 250. Walamma barazoo le-Jaaloota wa junoodehi qaaloo Rabbana afrigh aleina sabran wa sabbit aqdaam -ana wan-surna alal-qaumilkaafieen Barazoo prepared for the war Afrigh bestow Aleina on us Sabran patience, stead fastness Sabbit strengthen Aqdamona our feet Wansurna and help us When he prepared for Jaloot and his army, said O Lord spare upon us the steadfstness and strengthen our feet and help us against the disbelieving nation. 251.Fa-hazamoo-hum be-iznil-lahi wa qatala Daaoodo Jaalota wa aataa-hul-lah-ul-mulka wal-hikmata wa allamahu mimma yashaa-o wa lau laa dafa-ao-llahin-nasa baa-adza-hum beba-adzil-lafasadatil-ardzo wa laa kin-laaha zoo fadzalin alal aalameen. Hazamahum defeated Beiznil-lahi with Allah’s permission Qatal slayed Aattaahu gave him

Mulka Kingdom Hikmata 1 wisdom Allamahoo taught Mimma of which Yashaao He wished Dafa do away Baadzohum ila baadz each other So they defeated them and Daaood killed Jaloot (Gallen) and Allah gave him the kingdom and wisdom and taught him what He willed and if Allah would not remove the people by the other surely would have occurred chaos on the earth. But Allah is very graceful upon the people in the world, 252. Tilka aayatul-lahi natlooha aleika bilhuqqi, wa innaka laminal mursaleen aayat verses natlooha we recite bilhuqq in truth la sure mursaleen from the Messengers Thees are the verses from Allah which We recite upon thee with truthand indeed your from the messengers.

PART-3 Tilk Rusul (Chapter Albaqara contd.) 253. Wa tilkalar-ruslo fadzalna baadzohum alaa baadzin, minhum man kallamal-laho wa rafa-a badzo- hum darajaat, wa aateina Eisaa-bna Maryama-albay- yanati wa ayyadnaaho be-Roohil Qudus, walau shaal-laho maqtatala al-lazeena mimbaade ma jaathumul bayyanato wa laakin-ikhtalafoo fa min-hum man aamana wa min-hum man kafar wa lau shaa-al-laho maqtataloo wa laakin Allaho yafalo ma yureed. Tilka Those Ruslo Messengers Fadzalna preferred Badxohum one over

Ila baadz the other Minhum amongst them Kallama talked Rafa raised Baadzahum some of them Darajat ranks Aateina gave Ibn son Bayyanat clear signs Ayyadnaho helped Roohil Qudus Holy spirit, Angel Gabriel Maqtatla faught Jaa-athum came to them Ikhtalafoo differed Yureed wants And thiese Messengers We have graced one over the other, amongst them one whom Allah talked and raised their ranks one over the other and We gave Ee sa son of Mariam (Mery) clear signs and helped him with the holy spirit And if Allah had willed the people would have not faught after receiving the clear signs but they differed so amongst them are those who believed and and amongst them who rejected the faith and if Allah so willed they would have not faught but Allah does what He wants. . 254. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamano anfiqoo mimma razaqnakum min qabli anyyatiaya yomal-laa beiun feehi wa laa khullatauw-wa laa shafaa-a wal kafiroona humuz-zalimoon Anfiqoo spend Mimma of which Razaqnakum the sustenance Qbal before Yaatiyakum giv\en to you Yom the day Bei-un trade Khulla friendship Shifaa-a recommendation, intercesion O people who belived spend from that sustenance that We gave you before you reach to that day when there is no trade, no friendship, and no recommendation, and those rejecting faith are the wrong doers.


255. Allaho laa ilaha illa huwa haayyul qayyoom laa ta-akhuzohussinataunw-wa laa naum, lahoo ma fis-samawaati wa ma fil-ardzi manzal-lazee yashfao inda- hoo illa beiznehi yaalamo ma beina aideehim wa ma khalfa-hum wa laa yuheetoona besheim-min ilmehee illa bima sha-a wa sia kursiyohus-samwaati walarz wa laa yauoodohoo hifzo-huma wa huwa aleeul-azeem. Ilaha God, (that who deserves to be worshipped) Hayee Alive Qayyoom self established Ta-akhuz takes Sinataun slumber (drouzy) Naum sleep Yashfao recommend, intercede Indahoo to Him Beizihee with His permision Yaalamo He knows Beina in between Aideehim infront of them Khalfahum their back Yuheetoona steel away, take away Beshei any thing Sia spread up Kursioho His throan Yaoodoho makes Him tired Hifzohum their safegauard Alee Most high Azeem Most honoured Allah, There is No God exceptt Him, He is alive and self established slumber does not take Him nor does He sleep, All that is in the skies and on earth belongs to Him who is there who can recommend to Him but with His permission, He knows what is before them and what is behind them and neither they can get any thing from His knowledge except what He will and His throan is spread all over the skies and the earth and He does not feel tired while guarding and protecting these and He is supreme and Most High. 256. Laa ikraha fiddeen qad tabayyanur-rushdo minal-ghayee fa many-yakfur bit-taaghooti wa yumim-bil-lahi fa qadis-tamsaka bil urwatil wusqa lan fisama laha wal-laho sameeun aleem. Ikraaha Compulsion

Deen religion Tabayyano clearly explained Rashuda wisdom Ghayee off wisdom, error Yakfur denies Taghoot the devil, satan, ultimate lier, cheater Yuomin believe Istsmsaka to hold Urwa pillar Wusqa very strong Lan never Fisama shakes Laha to it There is no compulsion in the religion the wisdom has been made distinct from error so one who rejected the devil and believed in Allah, So He has caught hold a firm pillar that doesnot shake and Allah is all hearingand knowing. 257. Allaho waleeul-lazeena aamanoo yukhrijo-hum min-azzulmaati ila-noor wal-lazeena kafaroo aulia- humut-taaghooto yukhrijoona-hum min-an-noori ilaz-zulomaati ulaika ashaabunnaari hum feeha khalidoon Walee protector Yukhrij takes out Zulmaat darkness Noor light Aulia friends protectors Yukhrijoonahum They remove them Ashaab people Khalidoon stay for good Allah is the protector of those who believed removes them from the darkness to the light and those who rejected faith their friends are the devils, remove them from the light to the daerkness These are of those the people of frire where in they will dwell for ever.. Section 35 258. Alam tara ilal-lazee haajja Ibraaheema fee Rabbi- hee anaataahul-lahul mulka Iz qaalaa Ibraheemo Rabbee al-lazee yuhee wa yummeet Qaalaa ana Uhee wa umeeto, Qaalaa Ibraaheemo fa inaal-laha yaatee bish-shamsi minal Mashriqi fa-aati biha minal Magh- rib, fa buhital-lazee kafar, wal-laho laa yahdee qaumaz -zalimeen. Haajja argued

Aataaho gave him Mulka kigdom Yaatee gives Alshams The sun Mashriq East Aati give Maghrib west Buhita astonished Did not you see toward him who argued wit Ibraaheem regarding His Lord and that Allah had given him the kingship when said Ibraheem My Lord is the one who gives life and death, He said I give life and death, Said Ibraheem indeed Allah rises the sun from the East so you get it from the west Thus was he left speechless who disbelieved. 259.Au kal-lazee marra ala qariyataun wa hia khaa- wiyatun ala urooshiha qaala anna yuhee haazihil-laho baada mautiha fa amaatahul-laho miaata aamin summa ba-asa-hoo, qaala kam labista, qaala labisto yoman au badza yaum, qaala bal labista miaata aamin fanzur ila ta-amika wa sharaabika lam yatasannah wanzur ila himaarika wali-naj-alaka aayatal-lin-nasi wanzur ilal izaam keifa nunshizoha summa naksooha lahma, fa-lamma tabayyana lahoo qaala aalamo annal-laha ala kulli shein qadeer. Marra wandered, passing by Qariah village, small township Khaawiataun lying ruined Urooshiha upside down Haazihi This one Amaataho made him to die Summa then Baasaho made to live, raised alive Labista stayed in that state Labisto I stayed Yoman A day Badza yaum a part of the day Miaata one hundred Aamin years Fanzur Thus see Ta-amika your food Sharabika drink Lam yatasannah it has not spoilt Himarika donkey

Najaloka We will make you Izaam bones Nunshizoha Join Naksooha wrap up Lahma flash Falamma when Tabayyana We made it clear Or like that one who was passing by a township saw it upside down said (to himself) How can Allah make alive this one after its death, so Allah made him to die for one hundred years and then made him alive said how much period you you stayed thus, said he a day or a part of a day said, No you stayed thus for one hundered years so you look at your food and the drinki it did not spoil and look at your donkey and We will make you a sign for the people and see towards his bones how We join them up then We will wrap it up with the flash thus when it became all clear to him said I knew indeed Allah is all capable. 260. Wa iz qaala Ibraaheemo Rabbi arinee keifa tuhee-al mauta, Qaala awalam tumin, Qaalaa bala wa laakin li-yatmainna qalbee, qaalaa fa khuz arbaa-tam-min-at-teiri fa-sur hunna ileika summajal ala kulli jabalim-min-hunna juz-an summad-o-hunna yaateenaka saeeaa, wa aalam anal-laha Azeezun Hakeem. Arinee show me Tuhee you make alive Mauta a dead Awalam do you not Tumin you believe Bala surely Layatmainna to the relief of Qalbee my heart Khuz take Arbaa four Teiri birds Fasurhunna tame them to your voice Summaj-al then make their parts Kulli each Jabalin mountain Minhunna of them Juzan their parts Summad-o-hunna then call them up Yaateenaka they will be given back to you

Saeea on your voice Aalam And when said Ibraheem O my Lord show me how You alve a dead, said Do you not believe said Yes but I want to satisfy my heart Said, So you take four of the birds and make them tamed to you, then make theior pieces and spread them up over the mountains separately, then call them up they will be given back to you at your voice, AAnd you will know indeed Allah is Mighty and Wise. 261. Maslul-lazeena yun-fiqoona amwaala-hum fee sabeelil-lahi, Kamasali habbatin ambatat saba sanabila fee kulli sumbulatin miata habba, wal-laho yudzaaifo-limany-yashaao wal-laho Waasiun Aleem. Masal example Yunfiqoona spend Amwalohum their wealth Sabeel path Kamasali as if, the example of which Habbatin a seed Ambatat grows out to Saba seven Sanabila corns Sumbulatin corn Miat one hundred Hubba seeds Yudzaaifohoo increases it Limany-yashaao to whom He Will Waasiun wastly Aleem knowing (All Knowing) Example of those spending in the path of Allah is the example of thet seed when it is sown grows ot seven ears and in each ear there are hundred seeds and Allah icreases as He will and Allah is wastly knowledgible. 262. Al-lazeena yunfiqoona amwaala-hum fee sabeelil-lahi summa laa yut-bioona ma anfaqoo mann-aunw wa laa azan lahum ajrohum inda Rabbi-him wa laa khaufun alei-him wa laa hum yahzanoon. Yutbioona follow Ma which Anfaqoo spent Mannaunwshow the generosity

Azan hurt Those people who spend their riches in the path of Allah then they donot go after that which they have already spent for reminding their generosity or hurting the people for them are their rewards intact with their Lord for them there is no fear nor are they to be grieved. 263. Qaulum-maaroofa-unw wa maghfiratun kheir- um-min sadaqatin yatbaoha azan, wal-laho Ghan- eeun Haleem qaul a talk maaroofa nice maghfirat forgiveness sadaqatin charity yatbaoha follows ghanee needless haleem forbearing, tolerantetc. Good conversation and forgiveness is better than those charities which are followed by trauma and Allah is needless and tolerant. 264. Yaa ayyoh-al-lazeena aamanoo laa tubtiloo sada-qati-kum bilmanni wal azan, kal-lazee yunfiqo maalahoo ria-an-nasi wa laa yumim bil-laahi wal yomil aakhir, fa-masaloho kamasali safwaanin aleihi turabun fa asaabahoo waabilun fa tarakahoo salda, laa yaqdiroona alaa shei-im-mimma kasaboo, wal-laho laa yahdil qaumal kaafireen. Tubtiloo spoil, waste Sadaqatikum charities Manni taunts, showing generosity Azan hurt Kal-lazee like the one Yunfiqo spend Maalahoo his wealth Ria-an-nasi for showing the people Yumin believe Safwaanin rock Turab dust Fa-asabahoo so was hit Wabilun strong rain Fatarakahoo, so left it Salda clean Yaqdiroona do not get, would not have any reach to what they had earned.

Shei-in thing Kasaboo they earned Yahdi guides Qaum people Kafireen disbelievers O people who believe, Donot spoil your charities by showing your generosity nor by hurting, like the one who spends his wealth for showing the people and does not believe in Allah notr the Day of Judgment Thus his example is of that rock upon which settled some dust and it is hit by a strong shower leaves nothing behind, clean, They will find nothing out of what they had earned and Allah does not guide the disbelieving people. 265. Wa masalul-lazeena yunfiqoona amwaalahum-ubtigha-a maradzaatil-lahi wa tasbeetam-min-anfusi -him kamasali jannatim berabwatin asabaha wabilun fa-aatat ukuloha dzeifeini, fa inlam yusibha wabilun fa-tall, wallaho bima tamaloona baseer. Masal example Yunfiqoon who spend Amwaalahum their riches Ibtighaa-a looking for Maradzat the pleasure Tasbeetam strength Kamasali like of Jannatin a garden Berabwatin at a higher plane Fa-aatat gives Ukuloha its fruit Dzeifeini double Fa-tall mild shover And the example of those people who spend their riches in the search of Allah’s pleasure and the strength of their selves is like of that garden which is at a higher plane hit by a heavy rain on it gives its fruit double and if it is not hit by a heavy rain fall just a shower is enough, and Allah is all seeing what ye do. 266. Ayawaddo ahdokum un takoona lahoo janna- tum min nakheeliw-wa aanabin tajree min tahtihal anhaar lahoo feeha min kulli-s samarat wa asaaba- hoo alkibro wa lahoo zurriyatun dzufaao fasabaha eisaarun feehi naarun fahtaraqat. Kazalika yubay- yanullaho lakumul ayaati la-al-lakum tatafak-karoon Ayawaddo Does want

Ahdokum any one of you Takoona that there will be Jannatun a garden Nakheelin date palm Anabin grapes Tajree flowing Tahat under neath Anhar river Kullis every kind Samarat fruits Asabahoo hit by Kibro old age Zurriyatun children Dzufaao weak Fa-asaabaha thus it is hit by Eisaarun cycloning hot air Feehi in it Naarun the fire Fa-ahtaraqat thus it burns Kazalika like this Yubayyanil-laho Allah explains clearly La-al-lakum so that you be Tatafakkaroon mibd full Does any one of you want that there should be for him a garden of Dates and grapes underneath of which are flowing rivers and for him there in are the fruits of all kinds, and he had got old and he has the children weak and the cyclone of hot air in which there is fire, hits it ans so it burns, Like this Allah clearly explains His signs (verses) so that you be mind full. 267. ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo anfiqoo min tayyabaati ma kasabtum wa mimma akhrajna lakum minal ardzi walaa tayammamul khabeesa minho tunfiqoona wa lastum beaakhizeehi illa untugh midzoo feehi, wa aalamoo anna-Allaha ghaneeun hameed. Anfiqoo spend Kasabtum earned Mimma of which Akhrajna We have grown out Ardzi Earth Tayammamul sellect out Khabeesa dirty, useless

Minho from it Lastum You are not Beaakhizeehi going to take it Tughmidzoo bad face, with displeasure Aalamoo must know Ghaneeun need less Hameed full of praises O people who believe spend out of the good you have earned and of thet which We have grown out for you from the earth and donot select out bad (Worthless) that you will spend, such that, which you yourself are not going to take it but with much displeasure and you must know indeed Allah is needless and full of praises.” 268. Ash-sheitaano yaidokumul faqra wa yaamuro- kum bilfahshaai wa-Allaho yaidokum maghfiratam minho wa fadzlaa, wa-Allaho Waasiun Aleem Ya-idokum promisem nakes you afraid Alfaqra The poverty Ya=murokum commands you Bilfahshaai nudeness indecent behaviors Maghfiratam forgiveness Minho from Him Fadzala grace Waasiun vast Aleem knowledgeable The Satan fears you of the poverty and ordains you of shameful acts and Allah promises you of the pardon from Him and grace and Allah is vastly knowledgeable. 269. yooti-al hikmata man-yyashaao wa man yootal hikmata faqad ootiaa kheiran kaseera, wa ma yaz-zak-karo illa ulool albaab. Yooti Gives Hikmata wisdom Man-yyashaao whom He will Ootia given Kheiran good Kaseera lot Yazakkaro take advise Ulool albaab people of wisdom Gives The wisdom who He will and one whom The wisdom is given he is given the good greater enough and one would not accept the guidance except the people of understanding.

270. Wa ma anfaqtum min nafaqatin au nazartum min nazarin fa innallaha yaalmahoo wa ma lizalimeena min ansaar. Anfaqtum spent Nafqatin sustenance Nazartum offered Nazratin offerings Yaalamahoo He will know it What ever you spend from your sustenes or offered from your offering thus Allah will know it.And there is no help for the wrong doers. 271. In tubdus-sadaqati fa-ni-imma hia wa in tukh-fooha wa tootoohal fuqraa-a fa huwa kheirulakum, wa yukaffiro unkum min sayye-aatikum, wa-Allaho bima taamaloona khabeer. Tubdoo Show Sadaqat charities Fa-ni-imma so it is fine Tootooha give Fuqraa-a poors Kheirulakum better for you Yukaffiro do away Sayye-aatikum your sins If you show of your charities it is yet good and if you hide and give the needy, it is more better for you, it shall do away your sins and Allah knows what you do . 272. Leisa aleika hudahum wa laakin-Allaha yahdee man yyashaao, wama tunfiqoo min keirin fa-lenfusi -kum, wa ma tunfiqoona illab-tighaa-a wajhil-lahi, wa ma tunfiqoona min kheirin yuwaffa ileikum wa antum laa tuzlamoon. Leisa not Aleika upon thee Hudahum their guidance Yahdee guides Manyyashaao whom He will Tunfiqoo spend Kheirin of the good Fa-leanfusikum so it is for your own sake Tunfiqoona spend Illabtighaa-a but desiring Wajhil-lahi Allah’s pleasure

Yuwaffa paid back Ileikum towards you Tuzlamoon you won’t be wronged Their guidenes is not in your duty but Allah guides whom He will and whatever you spend out of good a for the pleasure of Allah and whatever you spend of the good shall be paid back to you and you won’t be wronged 273. Lil fuqraa-al-lazeena ohsiroo fee sabeelil-lahi la yastateeoona dzaraban fil ardzi yahsibohumul jaahilo aghniyaa-a minal ta-affufi taa-arufo-hum beseemahum laa yasaloonannasa ilhafa, wa ma tunfiqoo min kheirin fa inna-Allaha behee Aleem. Fuqraa The needy Ohsiroo surrounded by, engaged with, occupied, Sabeel path Yastateeoona can not attempt to do Dzaraban go out Ardzi earth Yahsabohum they will think about them Jaahilo ignorant Aghniyaa-a rich Ta-affufi hesitation, self respect Beseemahum from their faces Laa yasalonan-nasa They don’ ask the people Ilhafa clingingly The needy are those who are engaged in the path of Allah they cannot get out in the earth(to earn their livelihood)The ignorant people consider them rich from their self respect but you will know them from their faces they don’t ask people clingingly and whatever you spend of the good Allah will know it. 274. Allazeena yunfiqoona amwaalahum bil-leili wan-nahar sirraun wa eilaaniatan fa-lahum ajrohum inda Rabbihim wa laa khaufun aleihim wa laa hum yahzanoon. Leili night Nahar day Sirran hidden Eilaania open Ajrohum their rewards Rabbihim with their Lord Khaufun fear Yahzanoon sorrowful

Those people who spend their riches nights and the day secretely or open for them is their reward with their Lord.Their is no fear for them nor they are to be grieved. 275. Al-lazeena yakuloonar-Riba laa yaqoomaana illa kama yaqoomu llazee yatakhabathush-sheitano minal masi, zaalika beannahum qaaloo innamal beio mislur-Riba wa ahalallaho beio wa harramar-riba..fa man jaa-aho moizatum mir-Rabbehee faantaha fa-lahoo ma salafa wa amrohoo ilal-lahi wa man aada fa ulaaika ashaabun-naari hum feeha khaalidoon. Yaakiloona eat Riba The interest Yaqoomoona stand Kama like Yatakhabbatho made mad Sheitaan The devil Mas touch Zaalika This is Beannahum indeed they Qaaloo said Innama indeed Baei-o the trade Misl like Ahalal-laho made lawful Harrama prohibitted Jaa-aho came to whom Moizatun knowledge Fa-antaha so he should stop Salafa eaten Amro the decision Aada made habit, repeat intentionally Faulaika so they are Ashaab the peole Naar of fire Khalidoon live for ever Those people who eat from the interest don’t stand But like the one who stands whom the devil has maddened with his touch, This is for, they say. Indeed the trade is like the interest, but Allah has made the trade lawfull and prohibited the interest. So the one whom the knowledge has come from His Lord should stop and for him is what he has eaten and the decision is with Allah and so who

makes it his habit so these are the people of fire where in they will live for ever. 276. Yamhaqul-lahur-riba wa yurbee as-sadaqaat wal-laaho laa yuhibbo kulla kaffarin aseem. Yamhaq destroys Yurbee increases Laa yuhibbo does not love Kaffarin Disbelieveing Aeem sinners Allah destroys the interest and increases the charities and Allah doesnot love all disbelieving sinners . 277. innal-lazeena aamanoo wa amilus-saalihaati wa aqaamussalata wa aatuz-zakata lahum ajrohum inda Rabbehim wa laa khaufun aleihim walaa hum yahzanoon. Aamanoo believed Amiloo did Saalihaati good deeds Aqaamus-salata zakata establish prayers (namaz0 Aatuz-zakata give the charity Ajrohum theirrewards Inda with Rabbehim their Lord Khaufun fear Yahzanoon grievd sorrowful Those people who belives and do the righteous deeds and establish prayers (namaz) and give the charities for them are their rewards with their Lord there is no fear for them nor are they to be grieved. 278. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo attuqullaha wa zaroo ma baqia minar-riba in kuntum momineen. Attaqul-laha fear Allaha Zaroo give up Baqia the remaining O people who believe fear Allah and leave the remaining from the interest if you ae the believers . 279. fa in lam tafaloo faznoo be harabim minal-lahi wa Rasoolehee wa in tubtum fa-lakum ro-ooso amwaale-kum laa tazlimoona wa laa tuzlamoon. Lam tafaloo donot do Faznoo think, take it,

Harb The war Rasoolehee with His Messenger Tubtum repent Ro-ooso princpal Amwaalekum of your money Laa tazlimoon neither you do wrong Tuzlamoon nor you be wronged. And if you don’t do it them think that you are at a war with Allah and His messenger.and if you repent then you owe your principal amount neither you do wrong nor you be wronged. 280 Wa in kana zoo usratin fa naziratun ila meisaratin wa in tasaddaqoo kheirul-lakum in kuntum talamoon zoo usratin poor, tight handed naziratun give him time meisari to ease tasaddaqoo make it a charity, give it up kheirul- lakum more better for you If the debtor is poor and tight handed then give him time to his ease and give it up and make it a charity is far more better for you if you know it. 281. wat-taqoo yauman turjaoona feehi ilal-lahi summa tuwaffa kullo nafsin ma kasabat wa hum laa yuzlamoon. Wat-taqoo and fear Yoman The Day Turjaoona you will be returned Feehee in it Ilaal-lahi towards Allah Summa Then Tuwaffa you will be paid back Kulla each Nafsin soul, body Kasabat which you earned Yuzlamoon They won’t be wronged. And fear that day in which you will be returned to Allah then each one shall be paid back what he has earned and he won’t be wronged. 282. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo iza tadayan- tum bideinin ila ajalim-musamman faktubooho, wal-yaktub beina-kum kaatibum bil adli wala yaaba kaatibun anyyaktuba kama allamahumul-laho

falyaktub wal-yumlil-llazee aleihil-huqqo wal-yattaqil–laha Rabbahoo walaa-yabkhas min-ho sheieea, fa-in-kanal-lazee aleihilhuqqo safee- han au dzaeefan au laa yastateeo an-yyumilla huwa fal-yumlil waleeo-hoo bil-adl, vash-hidoo shaheedeini mir-rijaalekum fa-in lam yakoonaa rajuleini fa-rajulaunw-wa amraatani mimman tardzauna minash-shuhdaai un-tadzilla ehda-huma fatuzakkira ehdahumal-ukhra, walaa yaaba shuhdaao iza ma du-oo, walaa tas-amoo un-taktubooho sagheeran au kabeeran ila ajalehee, zaalikum aqsato indal-lahi wa aqwamo lish-shahaadati wa adna al-laa tartaaboo illa untakoo –na tijaratan hadziratan tudeeroonaha beina- kum fa leisa aleikum junahun al-laa taktubooha, wash-hidoo iza tabayaatum wa laa yudzaarra kaatibun walaa shaheed, wa in-taf-aloo fa-inna- hoo fusoo-qum bikum, wat-taqul-laah, wa yualli- mokumul-laah, wal-laaho bikulle shei-in aleem. Tadayantum Transecton Bideinin loan Ajalim-musamma fixed time Faktubooho so write it down Walyaktub and it should be written Beinakum between you Kaatibun writer of the deed Falyaktub so he will write Bil-adl with justice Yaaba refuse Kama same as Allamahumul-laho forAllah gave him the wisdom to learn Yumlil dictate Aleihil-huqqo who owes Yattaqil-laha fears Allah Rabbahoo His Lord Yabkhas contaminate, pollute Kana like Safeehan insane Dzaeefan weak Laa yastateeo not capable Waleeo-hoo guardian Wash-hidoo and will witness Shaheedeini two witnesses Mir-rijaalikum from your men Lam yakoona not be Amrataani two women Mim-man of whom

Taradzauna you agree Shuhdaa-a witnesses Un-tadzilla forgets Ehdahuma one of them Fatuzakkira remind Al-ukhra the other Do-oo called for Tas-amoo lazyness Sagheeran small Kabeeran big Ajalihee its period Aqsat justice Aqwam strong, righteous Adnaa little, least Tartaaboo you will doubt Junahun harm Takoona to be Tijaratan busyness, trade Haadziratan running at present Laa-taktubooho donot write Tudeeroonaha continued Tabayatum transaction Yudzarra troubled Kaatibun writter Shaheed witness Intaf-aloo if you do Fusooqumbikum wickedness, unfair O people who believe if you do any loan transactions for a fixed period so you should write it down and the writer between you should write it with justice and the writer must not refuse to write whom Allah made him capable of writing, so he should write and the dictation should be given by him who owes the debt and he should fear Allah and must not do any wrong in the deed, and if the debtor is not sane or weak or cannot make the dictation then his guardian shall make the dictation with justice and two witness from your men should witness and if two men are not available then one man two of the women whom you choose of the witnesses if forgets one shall remind the other one and the witnesses must not refuse to witness when they are called for, and nor should you behave lazily to write a deed to it’s fixed period, may it be big or small. This is more justified before Allah and honest and that you be in doubt the least except in case if there has been a trade on the

spot between you then there is no harm done that you do not write, but take the witnesses if there has been a trade and the writer must not be troubled nor the witness if you do that it is a mis behavior on your part and so fear Allah and for what Allah has taught you and Allah is All Things, knowing 283. Wa in kuntum ala safarinw-wa lam tajidoo kaa- tiban farihanum maqboodza, fa-in amina badzokum baadzan falyuvaddillazee ootumina amanitaho wal yattiqil-laha Rabbaho wala taktumush-shahadata wa many-yaktum fa innahoo aasimun qalboho wal-laho bima taamaloona aleem. Safarin journry Lam not Tajdooho available, present Kaatibun scribe, the writer Rihaanun morgage Maqboodah surrenderable Aminapeace, place of safety, home town Badzokum each Badza other Yavaddil return Ootumina was trusted for Yattiqi fear Rabbaho His Lord Taktumu you do not hide Shahada witness Yaktumoha who will hide Innaho indeed he Qalbohoo his heart Aasimun polluted, sinfull, evil And if you are in journry and the scribe is mot available thrn take for mortgage surrendrable so when two of you reach the place of safety then the one who was trusted shall return as was trusted for and shall fear Allah His Lord.and dobot hide the witness and he who hides the witness then indeed there Is evil in his heart and Allah knows what you do,. 284. Lillahi ma fis-samawaati wa ma fil ardzi wa in tubdoo ma fee anfusikum au tukhfooho yuhaasib- kum bihil-lah fa yaghfiro limanyyashao wa yuazzi-bo manyyashaao, wal-laho ala kulli shein qadeer Lillahi For Allah Samawaat skies

Tubdoo expose, show Anfusikum in your heart Tukhfooho hide Yuhasibokum account it fronm you Yaghfir forgive Yuazzib punish Qadeer capable What ever is in between the skies and in the earth belongs to Allah and you show or hide Allah will account it with you so He forgives whom He will or punish whom He will and Allah is all capable. 285. Aamanar-Rasoola bima unzila ileihee mir-Rabbihee wal mominoon, kullun aamana bil-lahi wa malaikatihee wa kutubihee wa Ruslehee, laa nufarr-iqo beina ahdim mir-Ruslihee wa qaaloo sameina wa ataana ghufranaka Rabbana wa ileikal maseer Aamana Believed Unzila revealed, sent down Mominoon The believers Malaaika angels Kutub The scripture Nufarriq we differ Ahdim anyone Sameina we heared Ataana obeyed Ghufranaka your forgiveness Maseer return Believed The Messenger on which is sent down upon him and the believers every of them have believed in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers we do not differ for any one of His messengers and said we heared and obeyed we hope for your forgivenss o our Lord and towards Thee we are to return. 286. Laa yukalliful-laho nafasan illa wusa-aha, laha ma kasabat wa ileiha maktasabat Rabbana laa tuaa- khizona in naseena au akhtana Rabbana wala tahmil aleina isran kama hamaltaho alal-lazeena min qabli- na Rabbana wala tuhammillona malaa taqata lana beh wa aafo anna waghfirlana warhamna anata maulana fansurna ala alqaumil kafireen. Laa yukallif does not burden Nafsan any body Illa but

Wusa-aha in his capacity Laha to him Makasabat what ( virtues) earned Aleiha upon him Maktasabat what evil he had earned Tuaakhizona Do not You disgrace us Naseena forgetfulness Au or Akhtana follies Tahmil you burden Aleina upon us Isran a weight Hamal-tahoo you had put upon Tuhammilna uou put on us Laa taaqata to which no strength Aufo-anna bestow forgieness on us Waghfir-lana and parden us Warhamna and be kind on us Anta Maulana You are our protector Fansurna so help us Qaumil kafireen disbelieving nation Allah adoesnot burden anyone beyond his capacity for him is what he has earned (of the good (nirtues)) and upon shall be what he has earned (of the veil (sins)) O our Lord do not disgrace us for our forgetfulness or the follies amd donot put on us the weight (of responsibilities) what you had upon the nations before us Oour Lord donot burden for what we have no strength to carry and forgive and parden us and be kind on us you are our protector O our Lord so help us against the disbelieving nation, towards Thee we are to return. Chapter 3 Surah Aali Imraan Part3

3/3/01 Alif Laam Meem Brocken letters not to ascertain the meanings The alphabets of Arabic language Allah The Almighty has used these brocken letters to start a subject but the meanings are not ascertained not by the messengere pbhh even so no one has tried to ascertain the meanibg of these letter only Allah knows, However Qureshites who had owned Arabic as their mother tongue on and off used brocken letters intheir talks or speeches to décor the

language they speak probably it may be the design from God Almighty too ??? 3/3/2.Allaho laa ilaha illa huwal-hayyul qayyoom Allah The supreme Divine authority, whose proper name is ‘ALLAH’ Ilaha God, The Lord, Illa except Huwa He Alhayyul Alive Qayyoom self sustained and The sustainer Allah there is no God except Him He is alive and self sustained and The sustainer. 3/3/3. Nazzala aleikal kitaba bilhuqqi musaddiq- al-lima beina yadayhee wa anzalat Taurata wal Injeel. Nazala We sent down Aleika upon thee (O Mohammad) Kitaba The Book (Quran) Bil huque With the truth Musaddiqal which testifies Lima the one Beina yadeiyhee in front ( already presnt ie Torah and Injeel) Anzal sent down Taurah (Old Testament revealed to Prophet Mosses pbuh(Old Testament revealed to Prophet Mosses pbuh Injeel The new Testament revealed upon Prophet Jesus son of Mary.) and Injeel Sent down (Revealed) upon Thee The Book with thruth which is testifying those before it and revealed Taurah and Injeel 3/3/4. Min qablo hudal-innasi wa anzal-al-furqaan, innal-lazeena kafaroo be-aayaatil-lahi lahum azaab- bun shadeed, wal-laho Azeez-un-tiqaam. Min qablo before this Hudan guidance Linnas for the people Anzala sent down, revealed Furqaam commandments Kafaroo rejected faith Lahum for them

Azaabun pumishment Shaded very severe Azeez greatest Intiqaam to revenge Before this substance for guidance for the people and sent down the commandments, Indeed those people who these believe Allahs verses for them there is punishment severe and Allah is very strict for punishment. 3/3/5. Innal-laha laa yakhfa aleihi sheiun fil-ardzi wala fis-samaai. Laa yakhfa not hidden Aleihi from Him Sheiun any thing Fil ardzi in the earth Samaai skies Indeed nothing is hidden from Allah neither in theearth nor in the skies. 3/3/6. Huwal-lazee yusav-virokum fil-arhaami keifa yashaao, Laa ilaha illla huwa–al-azeezul hakeem. Yasavvirokum shapes you Arhaamj woumb, Uterus keifa as yashaao He pleases He is the one to make your faces in the woumb of the mother as He will there is no God except Him the greatest and wise. 3/3/7. Huwal-lazee anzila aleikal kitaaba min-ho aayaatum-muhakkimatun hunna ummul kitaabi wa ukhra muta-shaabihaat, faammal-lazeena fee quloobe-him zeighun fa-yat-tibioona ma tashabaha minh-ubtighaa-al-fitna wabtighaa-at-taaweele-hee. Wa ma yaalamo taaweelahoo illal-lah war-rasikhoo- na fil-ilmi yaqooloona amanna behee kullun min indi Rabbina wama yazzakkaro illa ulool albaab. Allazee those who Anzila sent down Aleika upon Thee (OMohammad PBU thee) Kitaba The Book (The Holy Quran) Aayatum The verses Muhakkimatun straight forward meanings Hunna those are Ummul kitaab in the Mother Book

Ukhra The other Mutashabihaat uncleared meanings Fammal-lazeena so those people Fee in Quloobehim their hearts Zeighun defect, doubt, instabiliy Fayttabioona so they follow Ma tashaba those of doubtful Ibtighaa in the search of Alfitna some trouble Taweelehoo alternative meanings Rasikhoona knowledgeble Fil-ilm in the knowledge Yaqooloona they say Amanna behee we believed in it Kullun all Min indi from Rabbina our Lord Yazakkaro take the lesson Illa except Ulool albaab people of the wisdom He is the one who has revealed upon thee The book in it are the verses straight forward and clear these are from The mother Book and some are unclear so those people in whose hearts there is doubts they begin to follow which are not clear in their meanings so that they may find out some trouble and search for their meanings and no one knows their meaning except Allah and those people who have the knowledge they say we believed it and every thing is from our Lord and they donot take the guidance except the people of the knoeledge and wisdom.. 3/3/8. Rabbana laa tuzigh quloobona baada iz hadei-tana wa hab lana mil-ladunka rahmah innaka antal wahhaab, Laa tuzigh Donot change, donot destablize Quloobona our hearts Hab give Lana for us Ladunka from your own Rahma your blessings, the Grace Wahhab The gteat bestower, most giver


O our Lord donot change our hearsts after you have guided these and bestow on us from Thee, the grace, indeed you are the greatest of the bestowers. 3/3/9. Rabbana innaka jaamiun-naasi liyaumil-laa reiba feehi, innal-laha laa yukhljful meeaad.. jamiun-nasi Assamble the people liyaumil The Day laa reba feehi There is no doubt in it laa yukhliful Does not differ, defy mee-aad The peomise O our Lord Indeed Thou art the assembler of the people on the Day there is no doubt in it indeed Allah does not defy His promise. 3/3/10. Innal-lazeena kafaroo lan tughnia unhum am –waalo-hum wa laa aulaado-hum minal-lahi sheiaa, wa ulaaika wuqoodo-hunnar. Kafaroo rejected Lan absolutely not Tughniya not benfy Unhum from them Amwaalohum their wealth Aulaadohum their sons Minal-lahi from Allah Sheiaa any thing Wuqoodunar the fuel of the fire Indeed those people who are faithless will not find any thing helpful against Allah neither their wealth nor their sons, They are to become the fuel substance of the (hell) fire. 3/3/11. Kadaabi aali Firauna wal-lazeena min qabli- him kazzaboo bi-aayaa-tina fa akhaza-hum-ul-laho bezunoobihim, wal-laho shadeedil iqaab. Kadaabi Like Aali children, progeny Firauna Pharoes Biaayaatina our verses, signs Fa-akhazahum so caught them Bezunnobehim for their sins Shadeedul very severe Iqaab punishment

Like Pharoes and the people before them denied our signs Thus Allah caught them for their sins and Allah is very severe in punishment. 3/3/12 qulil-lazeena kafaroo sayughlaboona wa tuhsharoona ila jahannama wa be-asal mihaad Qul Tell Sayughlaboona surely they will be over powered Tuhsharoona assembled Be-asa very bad Mihaad place Tell those people wh disbelieved surely you will be overpowered and shall be gatherered towards the hell fire and it is a very bad place. 3/3/13. Qad kana lakum aayatun fee feateini taqataa, fe-atun tuqaatilo fee sabeelil-lahi wa ukhra kaafira- tun yarauna-hum misleihim raa-yal eini, wal-laho yuway-yado bi-nasre-hee manyyashaao inna fee zaalika la-ibratan le-ulil-absaar. Qad kana There had been Lakum for you Aayatun verses,signs Fee in Feateini in two groups Taqataa-a for a combat Fe-atun one of the group Tuqaatilo fighting Sabeelil-lahi in the cause of Allah Ukhra the other Kaafiratum of the reject faith Yaraunahm they were seeing them for each other Misleihi same Raa-yal the witnessing Eini eyes Yuwayyado He helps Binasrehee with His help Manyyashaao whom He will Zaalika This Ibratun lesson Ulil absaar The people of vision There has been signs for you in those two groups in front of eachother for a combat one was fighting in the path of Allah and

the other from the disbelievers The onlooking eyes will see them alike and Allah will help with His help whom He will indeed in it there is a lesson for the people of vision. 3/3/14. Zuy-yea lin-nasi hubbush-shahwaati minan-nisaai walbaneena wal-qanaateer-al muqantarati minaz-zahabi wal fidzati wal kheili-il musawwamati wal anaami walhars, zaalika mataa-ulhayaatiddunia wal-laho indahoo husnul ma-aab. Zuyyena decorated Linnasi for the people Hubb love, Shehwat desire, lust Minan-nisaai for the women Baneen sons Qanateeral muqantarati treasures full Zahab gold Fidza silver Kheili horses Musawwamati branded Anaami cattles Hars crops Matta materials Hayat life Indahoo with Him Husnul ma-aab beautiful abode Decorated for the people the desire for women and of the sons and huge treasures of gols and silver and the horses selected and the cattles and the crops these are the treasures of the life of the world and with Allah is best of abodes. 3/3/15. Qul a-unabbio-kum bekheirim-min zaali- kum, lil-lazeenat-taqau inda Rabbehim jannatun tajree min tahtihal anhaaro khaalideena feeha wa azwaajum-mutahharatauw-wa rizwaanumminal-lahi, wal-laho baseerum bil-ibaad. Qul Tell a-unabbio-kum shall I tell you Bbekheirim better than Zalikum for you than this Aattaqau fear Inda with Rabbehim their Lord Jannatun The gardens of Eden

Tajree flowing Tahtihal underneath Anhaar rivers Khaalideena they will live for ever Feeha in it Azwaajum wives Mutaharratun chaste Rizwaan pleasure Baseerum all seeing Ibaad servants Tell shall I tell you better than these for those people who are God fearing, with their Lord are the Gardens under neath are flowing the rivers wherein they will live for ever and the chaste wives and the pleasure of Allah and Allah is the witness of His servants. 3/3/16 Al-lazeena yaqooloona Rabbana innana aamanna faghfirlana zubnoobana wa qina azaaban-naar. Yaqooloona They say Innana indeed we Aamanna believed Faghfirlana so forgive for us Zunoobona our sins Qina save us Azaaban-naar punishment of naar Those people who say O Lord indeed we have believed so forgiveus our sins and save us from the torment of fire. 3/3/17. As-sabireena wa as-sadiqeen wal qaaniteen wal munfiqeena wal-mustaghfireena bilashaar. As-sabireen Those who have patience Sadiqeen testifiers Qaaniteen obedient Munfiqeen who make charities Mustaghfireen seeking for parden Bilashaar in the early hours of the dawn Those of the people with patience and the truthful and obedient and who spend and cry for their forgiveness in the early hours of the dawn. 3/3/18. Shahidal-laho annahoo laa ilaha illa huwa wal malaaikato wa ulool-ilmi qaaimam bilqisti, laa ilaha illa huwa alazeezul hakeem.

Shahida witnessed Ulool ilm people of the knowledge Qaayemam standing on Bilqist justice Witnessed Allah that there is no God beside Him and the angels and the people of the knowledge standing at the justice there is no god except Him The greatest and the wise. 3/3/19. Inna deena indal-lahil Islam, wa ma-khtalaf- al-lazeena ootul kitaba illa mimbaadi ma jaa-ahumul ilmo baghiam beinahum, wa man-yyakfur beaayatil-lahi fa inal-laha sareeul hisaab. Deena The path, The relgion Indal-lahi with Allah Makhtalafa which they differed Ootoo given Mimbaad after Jaa-a-hum came to them Ilm knowledge Baghiam as a differences Beinahum between them Saree quick Hisaab reckoning Indeed the religion with Allah is Islam and those people who were given The Book had differed after having received the knowledge for their own differences with each other and who rejects Allah’s verses Thus Allah is quick in reckoning. 3/3/20. Fa-in haajooka fa-qul aslamto wajhiya lillahi wa manittabaani, wa qul lil-lazeena ootul kitaaba wal ummieena aaslamtum, fa-in aslamoo faqadah-tadau wa in tawallau fa innama aleikal balagh.wal-laho baseerum bil ibaad Hajjoka dispute, argue, quarrel Aslamto I have surrendered Wajhiya my face Tabaanee who will obey me Umieena unlettered Faqdahtadau so they are guided Tawallau turn away Balagh to speak, to convey the message Baseer All seeing Ibaad the servants

If they argue with you So you I have surrended my face befor Allah and he who follows me and those people who are given The Book and those illiterates do you surrender too so if they surrender so they are amongst the guided too and if they turn away then upon you is to convey The Message Thus Allah is witnessing His servants. 3/3/21. Innal-lazeena yakfuroona be aayaatil-lahi wa yaqtuloonaannabee-eena bigehiri haqqin wa yaqtu loonal-lazeena yaamuroona bil quisti minan-nasi fa-bashshirhum biazaabin aleem. Yakfuroona Those who reject faith Beaayaatil-lahi Allah’s verses, signs Yaqtuloona They slay Alnabee-eena The prophets Bigheiri without Huqqin unjustly, unrightfully Yaamuroona ordane Quisti justice Minan-nasi from amongst the people Bashshirhum convey them the good news Indeed those people who reject Allah’s verses and slay the prophets unjustly and to those of the men who judge in justice and convey l them the good news with painful torment. 3/3/22. Ullaikal-lazeena habitat aamalohum fiddunia wal aakhirati wa ma lahum min-nasireen. Habitat destryed Aamaalohum their deeds Aakhirati in The Here After Nasireen helpers These are those people whose deeds are destroyed in the world and for The Here After and for them no one for the help. 3/3/23. Alam tara ilal-lazeena ootoo naseebam min- al kitabi yadoona ila kitabil-lahi liyahkuma beina- hum summa yatwalla fareequm minhum wa hum mauridzoon. Alam tara Did not you see Ootoo given Naseebam a share Yadoona they are invited Liyhkuma that the justice be done Beinahum between them

Yatawalla turn away Fareeqam a fraction of people Minhum from them Mauridzoon turning away, refusers Did not you see towards the people who are given their share of The Book when they are invited towards Allah’s Book for the justice to be done between them ,then a fraction of the people from them turn away and they are the people who differ. 3/3/24. Zaalika be annahum qaaloo lan tamas-sanan-naro illa ayyamam maadoodaatiw-wa gharrahum fee deenehim ma kanoo yaftaroon. Zaalika This is for Biannahum Indeed they Qaaloo said Lan absolutely not Tamas-sana touch us Naro the fire (The Hell Fire) Ayyamam The days Maadoodatin counted Gharrahum cheated them, they forgot, defaulted Deenehim in their religion Ma kanoo which they used to Yaftaroon inventing the lies This is for the reason that indeed they say that The Fire will not touch them but for a few counted days and they are cheated in the matter of their religion for the lies they were inventing/ 3/3/25. Fa keifa iza jamanaahum le yaumil laa reiba feehee wa wuffiyat kulla nafsim-ma kasabat wa hum laa yuzlamoon Jamaanaahum We will assemble them Yaumil The Day Laa reiba where in there Is no doubt Feehee in it Wuffiyat paid back Kulla nafsin every soul Kasabat had earened Yuzlamoon no one shall be treated unjustly And how about when they bill assembled together on that Day in which there is no doubt and every body shall be paid back in full for what they had earned. (in their life time)

3/3/26. Qul-il-la-humma maalikal mulki tootial mul -ka man tashaao wa tanziul mulka mim-man tashaao wa-tuizzo man-tashaao wa tuzillo man tasha, beyadi -kal kheir, innaka ala kulli shein qadeer. Maalik The Ultimate sovereign Mulk The Kingdom (of the universe) Tooti Gives Mulka The kingdom Man tashaao whom He will Tuizzo gives honour Tuzillo Disgraces Yad The Hand Tell O, Allah The Lord of the world you give the land whom you will and you take back the land from whom you will and to whom you honour you will and to whom you put to disgrace your will.Indeed you are capable of All things. 3/3/27. Toolijul Leila fin-nahari wa toolijun-nahara fil-leil wa tukhrijul hyya minal mayyati wa tukhrijul mayyata minal hayye, wa tarzuqo man tashaao bigheiri hisaab. Toolij Pushes in Leila the night Nahar the Day Tukhrij Removes Hayya live Mayyat dead Tarzuq feeds Bigheiri without Hisaab accounts You push the night in to the day and push the day into the night and and you take out the live from the dead and the dead from the live and you give the sustenance without measure to whom You will. 3/3/28. Laa yattakhizul mominoona alkafiroona auliyaa-a min doonil momineena wa man-y-yaf-al zaalika fa-leisa minal-lahi shei-in illa an tattaqoo minhum tuqaatah, wa yuhazzirokumul-laho nafsa- hoo, wa ilal-lahil maseer. Yattakhiz make, take Mominoona the believers Alkafiroona the rejectors Auliaa friends

Min doon besides Yafal who does Zaalika this Fa-leisa So it is not Tattaqoo Fear Minhum from them Yuhazzirokum He makes you fear Nafsahoo of Him self Maseer Journey Donot take the believers to those who reject faith as their friends besides the believers and the one who does this, they donot fear Allah but them for the combat and Allah makes you fear Him and towards Allah is your journey. 3/3/29. Qul in tukhfoo ma fee sudoorekum au tub- dooho yaalamahul-laho, wa yalamo ma fis-sama- waati wa ma fil ardzi, wallaho ala kulli shei-in qadeer Sudoorekum in your chests Tukhfoo hide Au or Tubdooho show Ya-alamo He will know Samawaati skies Qadeer capable Tell if you hide any thing which is in your chest or show it Allah will know it and He knows that which is in the skies and which is in the earth and Allah is capable of All Things. 3/3/30. Yauma tajido kullo nafsim ma amilat min kheirin mohdzirauw-wa ma amilat min sooin tawa- ddo lau anna beinaha wa beinahoo amadam baeeda, wa yuhazziro-kumul-laho nafsahoo, wal-laho raoof- um bil ibaad yauma the day tajido you will find kullo each nafsim soul amilat he did kheirin good Mohdziran present Sooin sins, evil deeds Tawadoo you would want Beinaha between it

Beihoo between him Amadam time difference Baeeda far away The day when every body shall find present what he did of the good and what he did of the sins they would want if there is a distance far betweenhim and that day and Allah makes you fear of himself and Allah is very kind with His servants. 3/3/31 Qul in kuntum tuhibboonal-laha fattabioonee yuhbibkumullaho wa yaghfirlakum zunoobakum, wal-laho Ghafoorur Raheem Kuntum you people Tuhibboona you love Fattabioonee so you follow me Yuhbibkum He will love you Yaghfirlakum he will forgive you Zunoobakum your sins Tell if you love Allah Then you obey me Allah will love you and He will forgive your sins and Allah is most forgiving and Kind. 3/3/32. Qul ateeul-laha wa ateeur Rasoola fa-in tawallau fa-innallaha laa yuhibbul kafireen Ateeoo obey Tawallau turn away Laa yuhibb He does not loves Tell, obey Allah and obey His Messenger and if you turn away, Thus Allah doesnot love those of reject faith. 3/3/33 Innal lahas-tafa Aadama wa Noohaw-wa aala Ibraheeema wa ala Imraana alal aalameen. Astafa chose Aadama Adam Nooh Noha Ibraheem Abraham Imraan Imran (Father of virgin Merry) Indeed Allah has chosen Adam, and Noha, and the progeny of Ibraheem and the progeny of Imraan upon rest of trhe world. 3/3/34 Zurriyatam baadzoha mim baadz wal-laho sameeun Aleeeem. Zurriyatam progeny Badzoha of one Mimbadz another The progeny of one another and Allah is hearing and All knowing.

3/3/35 Iz qalat imrato Imrana Rabbi Innee nazarto laka ma fee batnee muharraran mutaqabbal minnee innaka antas-Samee-ulAleem. Imrato The lady (Wife) Nazarto I offered Batnee belly Muharraran free Mutaqabbalan Thou accept Minnee from me Samee All hearing Aleem All knowing When said the wife of Imran O my Lord I offer to Thee which is there in my belly free (for Thy service) so accept from indeed Ye ar All hearing and Knowing 3/3/36 Falamma wadza-atha qalat Rabbi innee wadza-atoha unsa, wal-laho aalamo bima wadza-at wa leisa-zakaro kal unsa wa innee sammetoha Maryama wa innee ueezoha bika wa zurriyataha minash-sheitaanir-rajeem. Falamma when Wadzatha delivered Qalat said Unsa female Leisa not Zakro male Kal like Unsa female Sammetoha I gave her the name Maryama Merry (Biblical translation) Ueezoha I give her protection Bika with Thee Zurriyatha and her progeny Rajeem The cursed one When she delivered said O my Lord indeed I have delivered a female, And Allah which had delivered and a male is not like a female and indeed I have named her Maryam and indeed I submit her her and progeny into Thy protection from The satan out cast. 3/3/37. Fataqabbalha Rabboha biquboolin hasaniw-wa ambataha nabatan hasanaw-wa kaffalha Zaka- riyya, kullama dakhala aleiha Zakariyya mihraaba wajada indaha rizqa qala ya Mariyamo anna

laki haza, qalat huwa min indil-lahi, innal-laha yarzuqo manyyashaao bigheiri hisaab. Fataqabbalaha so it was accepted Biquboolin an acceptance Hasanin with all respects Ambataha grew her up Nabatan hasanan a decent growth Kaffalha gave her in the guardianship of Zakariyya Zacharaaya (Biblical A prophet and the maternal uncle of Maryam Kullama when ever Dakhala entered Mihraab the chamber Wajada found Indaha with her Rizqa The food Anna from where Laki for you Haaza This Huwa That Min from Inda with Yarzuqo feeds Bigheir without Hisaab accounts Thus accepted her, her Lord the goodly (beautiful) acceptance and gave her good grwth,and gave her in the care of Zacharaya,when ever Zakariyya entered in her room found with her the foo he used to ask O Maryam from where is this for thee, said she said this is from Allah Indeed Allah gives the sustence to whom He will without measures. 3/3/38 Huna lika da-aa Zakariyya Rabbahoo qala Rabbi hab lee min ladunka zurriyatan tayyaba innaka sameeud-duaa. Huna lika At the same time, thereitself, right then Da-aa Prayed Hab lee Give me Min-ladunka from thee Zurriyatan ofspring, my proginy Tayyaba chaste, good, Sameeud-dua hearer od the prayer

There itself called Zakaryya His Lord O my Lord give me from Thee, my progeny a righteous one Indeed you are hearer of the prayers. 3/3/39 Fa-naadatho almalaaikato wa huwa qayimuy-yusallee fil mahraab annal-laha yubasshiroka biYahya musaddiqam bikalimatim-minal-lahi wa sayyadaw-wa hasooraw-wa nabeeam minas-Sali- heen . Fa nadatho Thus called him Malaaikato The angel Qayiman standing Yusallee praying, mking namaz Anna Indeed Yubassiroka conveys you with the good news Yahaya Prohet Yahaya (Biblical John The Baptist) Musaddiqam Testified Bikalimatim through word Minal-lahi from Allah SWT Sayyadaw The leader Husoora chaste, Innocent Nabeean A prophet Saliheen Righteous Thus called the angel and he was standing making prayer in his chamber Indeed Allah coveys you the good newof Yahya ( Johan (The Baptist)) testified with the word of Allah leader and chaste and a prophet froom amongst the righteous. 3/3/40. Qala Rabbi anna yakoono lee ghulamaw-wa qad balaghneeyal-kibaro wa amraatee aaqir, qala kazalikal-laho yaf-alo ma yashaao. Anna How come Yakoono be Lee for me Ghulamun a son Qad goes to past tense Balaghnee I have grown Alkibro to an old age Amratee my wife Aaqir sterile Kazalika l9ke that Yafalo He does

Ma yashaao what He will And said, how can there be a son to me when I have grown too old and my wife is sterile, Said like this Allah does what He will 3/3/41 Qala Rabbijal-lee aaya, qala aayatoka al-laa tukalliman-nasa thasalata ayyamin illa ramzaa, wazkur Rabbaka kaseerauw wa sabbeh asheeyye wa ibkaar Aja-al Make (appoint) for me Aaya a sign Ayatoka your sign Laa tukallima you will not talk An-nasa the people Thasalasa three Ayyamin days Illa except Ramza signs and symbols Wazkur And remember Kaseera too much, excessively Sabbeh read the name of The Lord again and again Ashee-aun Nights Ibkaar Days Said O my Lord make for me a sign, said (His Lord)your sign is that you will not be able to talk for theree days except by signs and symbals, and remember Thy Lord excessively night and the day. 3/3/42. Wa iz qaalatil malaaikato ya Maryamo innal -lahastafaki wa tah-harraki wastafaaki alan-nissa-il aalameen Astafaki chosen thee Taharraki chastised thee, purified Tthe Nisaail women Aalameen of all the worlds And called The Angel O Maryam Indeed Allah sellects you and purifies you and purifies you upon all the women ofall the worlds. 3/3/43. Yaa Maryamuq-nutee le Rabbiki wasjudee wa-rkayee maaar-rakieen. Uqnutee Be obedient LeRabbikee to Thy Lord Wasjudee and do prostrate to Him Warkayee and bow down Ma-a with those

Rakieen who bow down O Maryam be obedient to Thy Lord and make the prostration and bow down with those who bow . 3/3/44. Zaalika min ambaail gheibi nooheehee ileika wa ma kunta ladeihim iz ulqoona aqlaamahum ayyo -hum yakfulo Maryama wa maa kunta ladeihim iz yakhtasimoon. Zalika This is Ambaa News, informatios Geibi of unseen Nooheehee which We are revealing Ileik towards thee Kunta you were Ladeihim with them Yulqauna throwing Aqlaamahum Their pens ( aluck game to find out a name Yakhtasimoon when they were fighting These are the informations (To Thee O Mohammad SAW) from unseen which we are revealing to Thee and you were not with them when they were throwing their pens, that who will take Maryam in his care and you were not with them when they were quarreling for this 3/3/45Iz qaalatil malaaikato Ya Maryamo Innal-laha yubashshiroki bikalmatim minho Maseeh Eisa-bno Maryma wajeehan fidduniya wal aakhirati wa minal muqarrabeen. Yubash-shiroki He gives thee the glad tiding Bikalmatin with His word Minho from Him (Allah) Ismohul His name will be Maseeh The Christ Eisa Eisa (Biblical –Jesus) Bno The son Wajeehan Respectful Fid-duniya in the world Wal-akhirati in The Here After Minal from Muqarrabeen those nearer to Allah SWT When said The Angel, O Maryam Indeed Allah conveys you The good news of a Word from Him, his name will be Maseeh (Christ)

Eisa the son of Maryam He will be respected in the world and the here after.and one of those nearer to Allah The Almighty. . 3/3/46 Wa yukalliman-nasa fil mahdi wal kahlaw-wa minassaliheen. Yukallim He will talk An-nas The people Fil in Mahdi lap, cradle Kahla in youth And he will talk to the people in the infancy and the adulthood.and he will be amongst the righteous ones. Note Talking to the people in infancy is the first miracle related to Jesus Christ where he protects his mother against the querries of the people to virgin Merry about the baby when they saw her carrying a baby as they knew she wasn’t married, Virgin Merry kept quiet as she was ordained so by Allah SWT for her to be fasting as in those days fasting included prohibition from talking too. So she pointed towards the babe in her lap to talk to him, and they said, “How we can talk to an infant who is in the lap”. And there it self the infant Jesus (Eisa son of Merry) spoke and gave a complete information regarding himself and the people returned without another word from them. This was a miracle where he is shown of protecting the image of his mother. On the contrary to this, is the first miracle related to Jesus Christ in the Bible is, that request of the people in a party at Caina where he was asked to make the wine from water as the wine had finished with them and the request was conveyed to him through his mother and in return the reply from Jesus in that verse of the Bible is such insulting to his mother “O woman my time is not yet……etc.! and the miracle is not befitting to the person like of a prophet and Messsenger of God Almighty, a symbol of piety and obedience, is asked to make miraculously something unpious, This was nothing but for making the wine lawful in Christedom. 3/3/47. Qalat Rabbee annaa yakoono lee waladaunw wa lam yamsasnee bashar, Oalaa Kazalikil-laho yakhluqo ma yashaao, Izaa qadza amran fa innama yaqoolo lahoo kun fayakoon. Qalat Said she Yakoono can be Lee for me

Waladaunw a son Lam never Yamsasnee touched me Basher a human Kazalik like that Yakhluqo creates Ma yashaao what He Will Qadzaa decree-eth Amran a matter Yaqoolo says Lahoo to it Kun Be Fayakoon so it is there She said O my Lord, How can there be a son to me when no man has ever touched me, Said like that Allah creates He Will, If He decrees a matter He says to it be and it is there. 3/3/48 Wa yuallimohu-alkitaaba wal-hikmata wat-Taurata walInjeel. Yallimoho He will teach him Kitaab The Book Hikma wisdom Taurah Old testament Injeel Gospel, Injeel And He will teach him The Book and The Wisdom and Taura (The old testament (Thalmud)) and Injeel ( The Bible ). 3/3/49. Wa Rasoolan ila banee Israeela , Annee qad jeeatokum beaayatim mir-Rabbikum, Annee akhluqo lakum minat-teeni kaheeatit-teiri fa anfukho feehee fa-yakoono teiram beiznil-lahi, wa ubriyal akmaha wal-abrasa wa uheeyal mauta beiznil-lahi wa unabbiokum bima taakuloona wa ma taddakhiroona fee buyootikum, inna fee zaalika la –aayatal-lakum in kuntum momineen. Rasoolan The Messenger Ila Towrds Banee Israeel children of Israeel Annee Indeed I Jeeatokum I came to you Beaayatim with the signs Mir-Rabbikum from Thy Lord Akhluqo I create

Lakum for you Teen clay Kahee-at The like of Teiri bird Anfukh I will blow Feehee in it Yakoono it will Teiran fly Ubriyo take out, free him Akmaha him born blind Abrasa laper Uhee I will make alive Mauta the dead Beizn with the permission Unabbiokum I will tell you Takiloona You will eat Tadakhiroon store Buyootikum in your houses Zalika This la-aayaat surely are signs lakum for you Momineen the believer And a Messenger towards The Children of Israeel Indeed I came to you with the signs from Thy Lord Indeed I create with the Clay a like of a bird and I will blow in to it and it will fly with the permission of Allah and I will bring out from the darkness one who is born blid and will heal the laper and give life to a dead with Allah ‘s permission and I will tell you what you have eaten and what you store in your houses Indeed in these surely are the signs for you if you are the believers. 3/3/50. Wa musaddiqal-lima beina yadayya minat-Taurati wa uhilla lakum baadzal-lazee hurrima aleikum wa jeeatokum biaayatim mir-Rabbikum fat-taqul-laha wa ateeoon. Musadidiqal testify Lima which Beina yadayya in front of me Min from Uhilla I make lawful Hurrima made unlaw ful Fat-taqul-laha so fear Allah Ateeoon be obedient

And I testify the already present from Taurah, and will make for you some of the foods lawful which are prohibited upon thee and I came to you with the signs from Thy Lord so you fear Allah and be obedient. 3/3/51.Innal-laha Rabbee wa Rabbokum fa aabudoo -ho, hazaa siraatum-mustaqeem. Siratum The path Mustaqeem straight Indeed Allah is my Lord and your Lord so worship Him This is the straight path. . 3/3/52. Falamma ahassa Eisa minhum alkufra qaala man ansaaree ilal-lah, qaalal hawaariyoona nahno ansaarul-lahi amanna bil-lahi wa ash-had bianna Muslioon. Falamma when Ahassa felt Alkufra rejection of faith Ansaaree helpers Hawaariyoona companions Nahno we Ashhad witness When Eisa PBUH felt from them rejection said, who is the helper towards Allah (’s cause) Said his companions we are the helpers of Allah.We believed Allah and we witness that indeed we are of those in full submission (Muslims) 3/3/53. Rabbana amanna bima anzalta wat-taba-anar -Rasoola faktubnaa maa-ash-shaahideen. Anzalta You revealed, you sent down Taba-ana we obeyed Ar-Rasoolo The messenger Faktubna so write us Maa-a with Shaahideen those of the witnesee O our Lord we have believed what you have sent down and we follow the messenger so write for us with those of the witnesee. 3/3/54. wa makaroo wa makaral-lah, wal-laho kheirul maakireen. Makaroo They plotted Makara plotted Maakireen The plotters

And they designed their plots and Allah designed His plots and Allah is the best to design the plots. 3/3/55. Iz qaalal-laho yaa Eisaa innee mutwaffeeka wa raafioka ilayya wa mutah-hiroka minal-lazeena kafaroo wa jaailul-lazeenattabaooka fauqal-lazeena kafaroo ila yaumul qiyaamati summa ilayya marjio –kum fahkumo beinakum fee ma kuntum feehee takhtalifoon. Mutawaffeeka make you die Raafioka raise you up Ilayya towards me Mutahhiroka cleanseyou up, get you rid of Jaai-loo I will make Tabaooka who will follow you Fauq above Yomul qiyaamati The Day of Resurruction Marjiokum You are to return to me Fahkumo So I will sttle, decide, Judge Takhtalifoon you had differed When said, to him , O Eisa (PBUH) Inded I will cause you to die and will raise you towards me and will cleanseyou out from those who disbelieved and I will place those people who had followed you above those people who rejected the faith till the Day of resurrection then you all are to return to me, Thus I will decide between you all, in all those matters where you had differed. 3/3/56. Fa ammal-lazeena kafaroo fa-oazzibohum azaaban shadeedan fiddunia wal-aakhrati wa ma lahum min-naasireen. Oazzibohum I will punish them Azaaban The punishment Shadeedan severe Aakhirati The Day of Judgment Nasireen helpers Thus those people who had rejected faith, so I will punish them with the severest punishment in the world and on the Day of Judgment and there will not be anyone to help them. 3/3/57. Wa ammal-lazeena aamanoo wa amilus-saalihaati fayuwaffeehim ujoorahum, wal-laho laa yuhibbuz-zalimeen. Saalihaati Righteous Yawaffeehim He will pay them off Ujoorahum their rewards

Laa yuhibb He does not loves Zaalimeen the wrong doers And those people who believed and did the righteous deeds so I will pay them their rewards in full and Allah does not love the wrong doers. 3/3/58. Zaalika natlooho aleika minal aayaati wa zikril hakeem, Natloo We recite Ayaati verses Zikr Reminder Hakeem wisdom These are the verses which We are reciting upon thee (O Mohammad SAW) of guidance and the reherse for wisdom. 3/3/59. Inna Mathala Eisa indal-lahi kamathali Aadam Khalaqahoo min turaabin summa qaala lahoo kun fayakoon, Mathala Example Kamathali like the example of Khalaqa created Turaab clay Kun Be Fayakoon so he was Indeed the example of Eisa is that of Aadam created him from the clay then said to him Be and he was. 3/3/60. Al-huqqo mir-Rabbika fa laa takum minal mumtareen. Alhuqqo The truth Mumtareen who doubt The truth from Thy Lord so Do not become of those who doubt. 3/3/61. Fa man haajjaka feehee mim baadi ma jaaka minal ilm faqul ta-alau nad-o abnaa-ana wa abnaa- akum wa nisaa-ana wa nisaa-okum wa anfusana wa anfusa-kum summa nabtahil fa naj-al laanatal-lahi alal kaazibeen. Haajjaka Argues Talau come Nad-o let us call Abnaa-ana our sons Nisaa-a women Anfusana our selves Thus who argues with you in this matter after the truth has come to you then tell them Come , let us call our sons, and your sons and

our women and your women and ourselves and your selves then we will invoke Allah’s curse upon the liers. 3/3/62. Inna haaza la-huwal qasasul huqqo wa ma min ilaahin illallah, wa innal-laha la-huwal Azeezul Hakeem Lahuwa surely it is Qasas incedence Ilaahin The Lord Azeez greatest Hakeem Wise Indeed this is surely the story from the truth and there is no god but Allah and Indeed Allah is surely The Grrreatest and Wise’ . 3/3/63. Fa in tawal-lau fa innallaha Aleemum bil- mufsideen Tawal-lau turn away Aleemum knows Mufsifeen quarrelsome. So if they turn away. thus indeed Allah knows the wrong doers. 3/3/64. Qul Yaa ahlal-kitaabi taa-lau ila kalimatin sawaaim beinana wa beina-kum al-laa na-abuda ill-al-lah wa laa nushrika bihee sheieeaunw-wa laa yattakhiza baadzona baadzan arbaaban min doonil-lah, fa in tawal-lau fa qooloo ash-hadoo bi-anna Muslimoon Ahlalkitaabi The people of the book Taalau come Kalimatin terms Sawaaim similar, equal Beinana between us Beinakum between you Naabudo We will worship Nushrik we will associate Sheiun things Yattakhiza take ,make Baadzona-Baadza Each other Arbaba Lords Min-doon other than Qooloo say Ash-hadoo I witness Bianna Indeed that Muslimoon Muslim Tell O people of The Book let’s come on to the common terms between us and you that let us not worship anyone else but Allah

and that we must not associate with Him anything and that we must not make each other The Lord besides Allah. So if they turn away then you must tell, we witness that indeed we are Muslims (purely in submission.) 3/3/65. Yaa ahlal-kitaabi lima tuhaajjona fee Ibraheema wa maa unzilatit-Taurato wal-Injeelo illa mimbaadi-hee, aflaa taaqiloon Tuhaajjoona you quarrel Unzilat revealed Mimbaadihee after him Aflaa Don’t ? Taaqiloon you understand O people of The Book why you argue concerning Ibraheem and Taurat and Injeel wasn’t revealed but after him.Don’t you understand. 3/3/66. Haa-antum haaulaai haajajtum fee ma lakum behee ilm falima tuhaa-jjoona fee ma leisa lakum bihee ilm, wal-laho yalamo wa antum laa taalamoon Haa-antum Oh you Haaulaai these Lakum for you Lima what for Leisa not Yalamo knows Taalamoon you know Oh you have argued enough in those matters where in you had some knowledge so why do you quarrel in those where in you have no knowledge,and Allah knows and you donot know. 3/3/67.Maa kaana Ibraheemo Yahoodiyan wa laa Nasraniyanw–wa laakin kaana hanee-fam-Muslima wa ma kaana minal mushrikeen. Kaana was Yahoodian Jew Nasranian Christian Ibraheem was neither a Jew nor a Christian but he was a Muslim straight and he was not one from the idolators. 3/3/ 68. Inna aulan-nasi bi-Ibraaheema lal-lazeenat-tabooho wa haza nabeeyo wal-lazeena aamanoo, wal-laho walee-ul-momineen Aula Earlier

LFor-sure Tabaooho followed. obeyed Haza This Wali protector Momineen The believers Indeed the earlier people with Ibraheem were those who obeyed him and This Prophet (Mohammad SAW) and those have believed him and Allah is the protector of the believers. 3/3/69. Waddat taaifatum min ahlilkitaabi lau yu- dzilloona-kum, wa ma yudzillona illa anfusahum wa ma yashuroon. Waddat Want, intend Taaifatum a fraction of people Lau if Yudzilloonakum can make you stary Yudzillona They stray Illa but Anfusahum themselves Yashuroon understand sense, know A group of the people of The Book want if you be strayed and they donot stray anyone but for them- selves but they donot know. 3/3/70. Yaa ahlalkitaabi lima takfuroon biaayaatil-lahi wa antum tash-hadoon Takfuroona you deny Tash-hadoon you are the witness O people of The Book why you reject Allah’s verses and you are the witness. 3/3/71. Yaa ahlalkitaabi lima talbisoonal huqqa bil baatili wa taktumoonal huqqa wa antum taalamoon Lima what for Talbisoona over lap. Wrap up Huqqa The truth Baatil falsehood Taktumoo hide Taalamoon you know O people of The Book why do you wrap up the truth with the lies and hide the truth and you know it. 3/3/72 Wa qaalat-taayifatum min ahlil-kitaabi aaminoo bil-lazee unzila alal-lazeena aamanoo wajhan-nahaari wak-firoo akhira-hoo la-allahum yarjioon.

Bil -lazee with that Unzila wajhan revealed Wajhan-nahar -nahr Wakfiroo and reject Akhirahoo the other of it La-allahum so that Yarjioon they return And said a fraction, from the people of The Book, Believe with that which is revealed to those of the believers in a part of the day and reject the other so that they too turn away. 3/3/73. Toominoo illa man tabia deenakum, qul innal huda hudallahi anyoota ahadum-mithla ma ooteetum au yuhaajjokum inda Rabbokum, qul inna-al fadzla biyadil-lahi yooteehee manyyashaao, wal-laho Waasiun Aleem. Toominoo you trust Tabia follows Deenakum your path Huda guidance Anyoota is given Ahdum anyone Mithla same Ma ooteetum which was given to you Au yuhaaajookum or they will quarrel with you Inna indeed Fadzla The grace Biyadil-lahi in the hands of Allah Yooteehee He gives Many-yashaao whom He will Waasiun wast, infinite Aleem knowlidgible You will believe the one who follows your religion Tell indeed the guidance is the guidance of Allah if given to anyone the same given to you or you will quarrel with you before your Lord, Tell indeed the grace is in the hands of Allah gives whom He will Indeed Allah is wast knowledgible. 3/3/74 Yakhtasso birahmatihee manyyashaao, wal-laho zoofadzlil Azeem. Yakhtasso selects out Bi-Rahmatihee with His grace Zoolfadzalil Bountiful

Azeem Great He selects any one for His favor whom He will and Allah is Bountiful and Great. 3/3/75. Wa min ahlilkitaabi in taamanhoo biqin- taarin yuvaddi ileika wa man in taamanho bi-Deenarin laa yuwaddihee ileika illa ma dumta aleihi qaaima, zaaljka bi-anna-hum qaaloo leisa aleina fee ummieen sabeel wa yaqooloona alal-lahil kaziba wa hum yaalamoon. Taamanho you trust Biqintaarin Huge sums Yuwaddihee They will return Deenaar currency name still the name is same, Dumta keep on Qaaima standing Leisa not Ummieena unlettered people Sabeel remand And amongst the people of the Book, you may trust for huge soms they will return it to you, and there are some if you trust even for a Deenar they will not return it to you unless you keep standing on their heads, this is because indeed they say there is no remand for us against these illiterates and they say it a lie for Allah and they know it. 3/3/76. Bala man aufa biahdihee wat-taqaa fa-innal-laha yuhibbul muttaqeen. Bala Nay, For sure Aufa fulfilled Bi-ahdihee His promise Wat-taqa and feared Yuhib He loves Muttaqeen God fearing For Sure who fulfilled his promise and feared, Thus Allah loves those of the God fearing people. 3/3/77. Innal-lazeena yashtaroona bi-ahdil-lahi wa aimaani-him thamanan qaleelan ulaaika laa khalaqa lahum fil-aakhirati wa laa yukallimo-humul-laho wa laa yanzuro ileihim yaumal qiyaamati wa laa yuzakkee-him wa lahum azaabun aleem. Yashtaroona trading Aimaanihim their oaths

Thamanan price, benefit Qaleelan little Laa khalaqa no share Yukallimo He will talk Yanzuro He will Yuzakkeehim He will purify Indeed those people who trdaded their promises to Allah and their oaths for a meager price These are those people who have no share in the life Hereafter, Neither Allah will talk to them nor shall He look at them on the Day of Judgement and neither He will purify them and for them there shall be painful torment. 3/3/78. Wa Inna minhum la-faree-qayyiny-yalvoona alsinatahum bil-kitaabi litahsabooho minal kitaab wa ma huwa minal kitaab wa yaqooloona huwa min indil-lahi wa ma huwa min indil-lahi, wa yaqoo- loona alal-lahil kaziba wa hum yaalamoon, Yalvoona Twist the tongue to change a word for its meanigs Alsinatahum Their tongues Litahsabooho That you wll think And indeed amongst them surely are some who twist their tongues with the book that you may think it is from the book and that is not from the book and they say it is from Allah and that is not from Allah and they speak for Allah the lie and they know it. 3/3/79 . Ma kaana li-basharin an-yootiyah-ul-lah-ul-kitaaba wal hukma wan-nabuw-wata thumma ya- qoola lin-nasi koonoo ibaadal-lee min doonil-lahi wa laa-kin koonoo Rabbani-eena bima kuntum tuallimoon-al-kitaaba wa bima kuntum tadrusoon. Ma kaana There had not been Basharin a man Yootiaho who is given Hukma authority,power to judge, decision etc. Nabuw-wata Prohethood Yaqoola He will say Koonoo be Ibaadal-lee my servants (worshipper) Min-doon besides Laakin But Rabbanieena worshipper of The Lord Tuallimoona You are learning Tadrusoon you are reading

There had never been a human whom Allah had revealed The Book and gave him the power to judge and The Prophethood, then he will tell the people you be my worshippers besides Allah rather than they said you be the worshippers of Allah with that, you are learning from The Book and that which you are reading. 3/3/80. wa laa yamurakum an tattakhizul malaaikati wan-nabiyeena arbaban, ayaamurokum bil kufri baada iz antum Muslimoon. Yamurakum He will command you Tattakhizoo You will take Almalaaika The angels Arababan lord And nor he will command you to make the angels and the prophets the lord would you order for disbelief after you have already submitted to the will of Allah (Muslims) 3/3/81 Wa iz akhazal-laho meesaqa an-nabee-eena lama aateitum min kitaabinw-wa hikmatin thumma jaa-akum rasoolum musaddiqul-lima maa-a-kum li-toominunna behee wala-tansurunna, qaala a-aqa- rartum wa akhaztum ala-zalikum isree qaaloo aqrarna qaala Fash-hadoo wa ana maa-kum minash-shaahideen. Akhaza Took Meesaqa covenant Nabeena prophets Lama when Ateitum you are given Kitaab The book Hikma wisdom Thumma Then Jaa-akum came t thee Musaddiqum testifying Lituminunnaa That you will believe Bihee with him Wlatansurunna surely you will help him A-aqratum Do you agree Isree a binding Aqrarna we agreed Shaahideen witness And when Allah took the covenant from the prophets when you are given The Book and The Wisdom then shall come to you messenger testifying that with you that you will believe in it and you will help him Said do you agree and have taken from the

binding upon you, said they we agree, so witness and I am with you amongst the witnesses. 3/3/82,fa-man tawalla baada zaalika fa ulaaika hum- ul faasiqoon, Tawalla Turned away Faasiqqoon disobdients And he who will turn away after that so he is amongst the wrong the doers. 3/3/ 83 Afa gheira deenil-lahi yabghoona wa lahoo aslama man fissamawati wal-ardzi tau-aunw-wa karhanw- wa ileihi yurjaoon. Afa So do you? Gheiral-lahi other than Allah Yabghoonalahoo they want Lahoo To Him Aslama Surrendered Samawat skies Tau-aun willingly Karhaun unwillingly Do they seek a religion other than Allah’s religion and to Him surrenders every thing that is in between the skies and the earth willingly or unwillingly and to Him they are to return. 3/3/84. Qul amanna bil-lahi wa ma unzila aleina wa ma unzila ala Ibraheema wa Ismaaeela wa Ishaaqa wa yaaqooba walasbaati wa ma ootia Moosa wa Eisa wan-nabeeoona mir-Rabbihim laa nufarriqo beina ahdim-minhum wa nahno lahoo Muslimoon. Asbaati progeny Ootia given Nufarriqo we differ ahdim anyone of them Nahno we Muslimoon in absolute submission Tell we believed in Allah and what is reveiled upon us and what was revealed upon Ibraheem wa Ismaaeela and Isac and Jacob and their progeny and what was given to Mosses and to Jesus and the prophets from their Lord We do not differ anyone of them and we are before Him in absolute submission. 3/3/85. Wa many-yabtaghee gheiral Islaami deenan fa-lany-yuqbala minho wa huwa fil-aakhirati minal khaasireen. Yabtaghee Wants

Gheiral another, other than Islam The name the religion Deenan The path Yuqbala accepted Khasireen losses And he who seeks the religion besides Allah’s religion Thus it will never be accepted from him and he will be a looser on The Day of Judgment. 3/3/86. Kaifa yahdil-laho qauman kafaroo baada eemanihim wa shahidoo annar-Rassola huqqauw- wa ja-a-humul bayyanat, wallaho laa yahdil qau- maz-zalimeen. Kaifa how Yahdi guide Qauman a nation Kafaroo rejected Baada after Eemaanihim their faith Shahidoo witnessed Anna indeed Huq true Ja-a came Bayyanat clear signs Zalimeen wrong doers How Allah will guide a nation who has rejected after having believed and they had witnessed that the messenger was true and they came with the clear signs and Allah doesnot guide the unrighteous nation.. 3/3/87. Ulaaika jazaao-hum anna aleihim laanatal-lahi walmalaai- kati wan-nasi ajmaeen. Ulaika These are those people Jazaao reward Aleihim upon them Laanat curse Maalikati angels Naas people Ajmaeen altogether These are those people whose reward shall be Allah’s curse upon them and of the angels and the people all together.


3/3/88. Khalideena feeha laa yukhaf-fafo unhumul azaabo wa laa hum yunzaroon. Khalideena live for ever Yukhafaf to reduce, concession Azaab punishment, torment Yunzaroon time out They will there in for ever and the torment shall not be reduced from nor shall they be given a time out. 3/3/89. Illa-lazeena taboo mim baadi zaalika wa aslahoo fa innallaha ghafoorur Raheem. Illa except Lazeena those Taboo repented Zaalika this Aslahoo mended Ghafoor pardonning Raheem merciful Except for those people who sought pardon after that and mended their affairs Thus inded Allah is Forgiving and Merciful 3/3/90. Innal-lazeena kafaroo baada eemanihim thummaz-daadoo kufral-lan tuqabbala taubatohum wa ulaika humuz-dzaalloon. Thummaz-daadoo Then they exceed Tuqabbala accepted Taubatohum their repentation Humuz-dzaalloon they are staryed people Indeed those people who disbelieved after their rbelief then they went further ahead in their disbelief Never Allah will accept their submission for their pardon These are those who are stray. 3/3/91. Innal-lazeena kafaroo wa maatoo wa hum kuffarun falanyyuqbala min ahdi-him milul ardzi zahbanw-wa-lavif-tadau behee, ulaaika lahum azaa -bun aleemaunw-wa ma lahum min naasireen. Milul ardzi Fill up the earth Zahab gold Iftada compensation Aleem painful Nasireen helper Indeed those people who disbelieved and died in their disbelief . Thus never shall be accepted from anyone of them if he will the

earth with gold and want pay for his rescue, These are those people for them is apainful torment and for them there will be no help. Part 4- Lan tanaloo Surah Ali Imraan No.3 4/3/92. Lan tanaalul birra hatta ma tunfiqoo ma tuhibboon wa ma tunfiqoo min shein fa innal-laha bihee aleem, Lan Never Tanaloo reach Birra virtue Tunfiqoo spend Tuhibboon love Shein any thing Aleem know You can never reach to a virtue till you spend from that you love what ever of things you will spend Allah will know it. 4/3/93. kullut-ta-aami kana hillul libanee Israaeela illa ma harrama Israaeela ala nafsihee min qabli un tunazzalat-taurata qul fa aatoo bit-tauraati fatloohaa in kuntum saadiqeen. Kullo All Ta-aamin foods Hillul lawful Harrama prohibitted Nafsihee self Min qabli from before Tunazzala revealed Aatoo give Fatlooha so you read it All foods were lawful for the children of Israaeel except of those which were prohibited Israaeel by them selves from before Taurah was revealed Tell so you bring Taurah and read it if you are truthful. 4/3/94. Fa maniftara alal-lahil kaziba mim baadi zaalika fa-ulaaika humuz-zalimoon. Iftara invent Kaziba lie Zaalika This So who he will invent upon Allah the lie after this so these are those who are the wrong doers.

4/3/95. Qul sadaqal-laho fat-tabioo millataIbrahee- ma haneefa wa ma kana minal mushrikeen. Sadaqa truly said Tabioo follow, obey Millat traditions Haneefa straight forward Kana was Mushrikeen idolators Tell truly has said Allah, so follow the traditions of Ibraheem which were straight and he was not from the idolators. 4/3/96. Inna awwala beitin wudzia lin-naasi lal-lazee bibakkata mubarakaunw-wa hudal-lil aala- meen. Awwala The very first Beitin The house Wudzia edrais Lal-lazee is that which Bibakkata at the blessed city of Mekkah Almubaraka Mubaraka blessded with Allah’s graces Huda guidance Aalameen of the world Indeed the verfirst house raised for the people I the one which is at the blessed city of Mekkah a centre for guidance for sll the worlds. 4/3/97. Feehee aayaatum bayyanatum maqaamo Ibraheema wa man dakhalahoo kana aaminan wa lil-lahi alan-nasi hijjul beiti manistataa-a ileihi sabeela, wa man kafara fa inal-laha ghaneeun anil aalameen. Feehee in it Aayaatum signs Bayyanaatum elaborate, well explained Maqaamo at the place Dakhalahoo entered in it Kana he was Aaminan in peace Alan-nasi upon the people Hijjul beiti Huj pilgrim of this house Maniastataa-a who can afford to do it Ileihi with him Sabeela way fare

Ghaneeun needless Alameen worlds There in it at the site of Ibraheem are the signs elaborate and he who entered in it found himself in peace and for Allah Huj pilgrim has been ordained upon the people who can afford a way fare.and he who rejected Thus Allah is needless of all worlds. 4/3/98. Qul yaa ahlal kitaabi lima takfuroona bi-aa- yaatil-lahi wa Allaho shaheedum ala ma ta-amaloon. Lima why for Shaheedum witness Taamaloon you do Tell O people of the (Previous) scriptures why you reject Allah’s verses and Allah is witness of what you do. 4/3/99. Qul yaa ahlal kitaabi lima tasudoona un sabeelil-lahi man aamana tabghoo-naha iwajaunw-wa antum shuhdaao wamal-laho bighaafilin amaa taamaloon. Tasuddoona prevent Tabghoonaha you you want Iwaja obliteration Shuhdaa bighaafilin Tell O people of the scripture, why you obstruct the path of Allah who have believed you want the obliteration and Allah is not unaware of what you do 4/3/100. Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo in tuteeoo fareeqam minallazeena ootul kitaaba yaruddookum baada eemani-kum kafireen. Tuteeoo obey Fareeqam a fraction Ootoo given Yuraddookum They want for you O people who believe if you follow any fraction of those who were given the scripture They want you to return to reject faith after your belief 4/3/101. Wa keifa takfuroona wa antum tutla aleikum aayaatul-lahi wa feekum rasooloho, wa many-yaatasim bil-lahi faqad hudia ila siraatum mustaqeem. Keifa how Takfuroona reject faith Yaatasim holds

And how you can reject faith and upon you is read Allah’s verses and amongst you is present His messenger and he who holds Allah Thus he is guided is on the straight path. 4/3/102. Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanut-taqul-laha huqqa tuqaatihee wa laa tamootunna illa wa antum muslimoon Taqoo fear Huqqa right Tuqaatihee His fear Tamootunna Do not die O people who believed, fear Allah as it His right to be afraid of Him and do not die unless you are in perfect submission (to Allah) 4/3/103, Wa aatasimoo bihablil-lahi jameeaunw- wa laa tafarraqqoo wazkuroo neimatal-lahi aleikum iz antum aadaa-an fa allafa beina quloobikum fasbah- tum bineimatihee ikhwana, wa kuntum ala shafa hufratin minan-naari fa anqazakum minha, kazalika yubayanul-laho lakum aayaatihee la-allakum tahta- doon Aatasimoo Hold tightlyt Habl The rope Jamee-a All together Tafarraqoo differ Aadda-a enemies Allafa tied in love Quloob hearts Fasbahtum bathed Bineimatihee with the graces Ikhwana brotherhood Shafa brim Huratin the pit Fa anqazakum got you rid of Yubayyan explain clearly And hold the Allah’s rope tightly all together and donot differ and remember Allah’s favour upon you, when you were the enemies of each other so He tied in love your hearts and you were bathed in with Allah’s graces, and that you were standing at the brim of the pit of fire so he got you rid of it” Thus Allah explains for you His verses so clearly that you may be guided 4/3/104. Wal-takum minkum ummatum yahdoona ilal khairi wa yamuroona bil maaroof wa yanhauna anil munkar, wa ulaaika humul muflihoon,

Takum You be Minkum of you Ummatum Nation Yahdoona guidance Khairi good Yamuroona command Maaroof good Yanhauna stop Munkar evil Muflihoon successful And those of you be a nation who will guide the people for good and command them for good deeds and stop them from evil and these are those people w are to be successful. 4/3/105. Wa laa takoonoo kal-lazeena tafarraqoo wakh-talafoo mimbaadi ma jaa-ahumul bayyanat wa ulaaika lahum azaabun azeem. Takoonoo be, become Kal-lazeena like of those Tafarraqoo separated Wakhtalafoo differed Bayyanat clear signs And donot become like of those who separated and diffred after the clear signs had come to them and these are those for them is severe punishment. 4/3/106. Yauma tabyadzdzo wujoohaunw- wa tas- waddo wujooh, fa ammal-lazeena-s waddat wujoo- ho-hum akafartum baada eemanikum fa zooqul azaaba bima kuntum takfuroon. Yauma That day Tabyadzdzo whiten Wujooh faces Taswaddo blackened Aswaddat which will be blackened Akafartum Did you reject Zooqoo tatste The day when some faces shall be white and some shall be black so those which will be blackened, (It will be asked) Did you reject after you had believed so taste the the torment for that you had rejcted.


4/3/107. Wa ammal-lazeena abyadzdzat wujooho- hum fa fee Rahmatal-lahi hum feeha khaalidoon. Rahma graces Khaalidoon live for ever And those people whose faces shall be white shall be under Allah’s graces there in they will live for ever. 4/3/108. Tilka aayaatul-lahi natlooha aleika bilhuqq wa mal-laho yureedo zulmal lil aalameen. Tilka These Aayaat verses Natlooha We recite Aleika upon Thee Bilhuqq with the truth Yureedo wants Zulma unjust, wrong Aalameen worlds , the creatures, inhabitants These are the verses that We are reciting upon Thee (O, Mohamma SAW) with the truth and Allah does not want to be unjust with the inhabitants of the worlds. 4/3/109. Wa lil-lahi ma fis-samawaati wa ma fil ardz wa ilal-lahi turjaul umoor. Samawaat Skies Ardz The earth Turjau return Umoor The matters And to Allah belong all that is in between the skies and the earth and towards Allah are to return all the matters (for His decision) Section 12 4/3/110. Kuntum kheira ummatin ukhrijat lin-nasi taamuroona bil maaroofi wa tanhauna anil munkari wa toominoona billahi, wa lau aamana ahlalkitaabi lakaana kheiral lahum minhumul mominoona wa aksarohum alfaasiqoon. Kheira good Ukhrijat raised Taamuroona you command Maaroof righteousness Tanhauna forbid Munkar evils Toominoona you believe Lakaana surely was

Mominoona believers Fasiqoon wrong doers, ungodly You people are best of the nations that has been raised for the people, command for the righteousness and forbid the evils and you believe in in Allah and if the people of the scriptures too had believed was surely good for them, amongst them are the believers and most of them are the wrong doers. 4/3/111. Lan-yyadzurrookum illa azan, wa in yuqaa- tilookum yuwallaunal adbaar summa laa yansuroon. Lan Never Yudzurrokum they will harm you Azan hurt Yuqaatilookum they fight with you Yuwallauna they will show off their Adbaar backs Never they can harm you except a hurt and if they shall fight with you they will show off their backs then there will be no help. 4/3/112. Dzuribat aleihimuz-zillato aina ma suqifoo illa bihabalimminal-lahi wa habalim-minannasi wa baaoo bighadzabim minallahi wa zduribat aleihim- ul-maskana, zaalika bi-anna-hum kanoo yakfuroona biaayaatil-lahi wa yaqtuloon-al-ambi-yaa-a bigheiri huqq, zaalika bima asauw wa kaanoo yaatadoon . Dzuribat Hit Zilla disgrace Suqifoo they were found Habl rope Baaoo surrounded Ghadzab abger Maskana poverty Bigheiri huqq unjustly Asau disobedience Yaatadoon exceeding the limits. Hit upon them the disgrace wherever they were found except with the rope of Allah (SWT) and the rope of the peole (The believers) and they were surrounded by the anger of Allah (SWT) and were hit by the poverty, This was because indeed they were rejecting Allah’s verses and were killing the prophets unjustly, This was because they were disobedient and were exceeding the limits.


4/3/113. Leisoo sawaa-an min ahlil kitaabi umma- tun qaaimatuny-yatloona aayaatil-lahi anaa-al-leili wa hum yasjudoon. Leisoo not Sawaa-an the same Ummatun People Qaayamatun observing Yatloona recite Yasjudoon prostrate They are not all the same amongst the people of the scriptures there are people who are reciting Allah’s verses in a part of the night and they prostrate. 4/3/114. Yoominoona bil-lahi wal yaumil aakhiri wa yaamuroona bil maaroofi wa yanhauna anil munkari wa yusaarioona fil kheiraat, wa ulaaika minas-saali- heen. Yaamuroona ordane, enjoin Maaroof righteous Yanhauna forbid Munkar evil Yusaarioona hasten Kheiraat virtues Saaliheen righteous They believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment and enjoin for righteousness and forbid the evils and they hasten in observing virtues and they are the righteous people. 4/3/115. Wa ma yaf-aloo min kheirin fa lany-yak- furooh, wallaho aleemum bil muttaqeen. Yafaloo they will do Kheirin good Lan-yyakfurooho won’t be denied Muttaqeen God fearing And what ever of good they will do shall not be denied and Allah knows the God fearing people. 4/3/116. Innal-lazeena kafaroo lan tughniya unhum amwaalohum wa laa aulaadohum minal-lahi sheia, wa ulaaika ashaabun-nari hum feeha khaalidoon. Tughniya benify Amwaalohum their wealth Aulaadohum their sons Ashaabun-naari people of the fire

Khaalidoon live for ever Indeed those who rejected faith never shall benify them any thing from their wealth or their sons and these are of those the people of fire where in they will live for ever. 4/3/117. Masalo ma yunfiqoona fee haazihil haya tud-duniya kamasli reehin feeha sirrun asaabat harsa qaumin zalamoo anfusahum fa ahlakatho, wa ma zalamahumul-laho wa laakin anfusahum yazlimoon. Masal example Yunfiqoonathey spend Haazihee this Hayaat life Kamasli like the example of Reehin wind Sirrun frost Asaabat hit Harsa crop Qaumin people Ahlakatho destroys Zalamuhum wronged to them Yazlimoon wronging The example of those who spend of their wealth in this life of the world is of that wind in which there is frost which hits the crops of those people who had wronged for themselves so it is destroyed and Allah did not do any wrong but they had wronged by themselves. 4/3/118. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa tattakhi- zoo bitaanatam mindoonikum laa yaalonakum khabaala, waddoo ma anittum, qad badat-ilbaghdaao min afwaahihim wa ma tukhfee fee sudoorohum akbar, Qad bayyana lakumul aayaati in kuntum taaqiloon. Tattakhizoo make Bitaanatam secret sharer,to intimacy Doonikum except of your own Yaaloonakum They would choose for you Khibala a trouble Waddoo want Annitum hurt you Badat apperent, opened up Baghdaao evil intentios

Afwaahihim mouths Tukhfee hidden Sudoorohum chest Akbar bigger Bayyana we have made it clear Aayaati my signs Laallakum so that you Taaqiloon be wise O people who believe donot take the sharer of your secrets except of those of your own (people), They will put you in trouble, They want (for you) that will hurt you their evil intent has become known from their mouths, and that which is hidden in their hearts is still bigger We have made our signs clear to you so that you be wise. 4/3/119. Ha antum ulaai tuhibboona-hum wa laa yuhibbna-kum wa toominoona bil kitaabi kullihee, wa iza laqookum, qaaloo aamanna, wa iza khalau adz-dzoo aleikumul anaamila minal gheiz, qul mootoo bigheizi-kum, innal-laha aleemum bizaatis-sudoor. Ha antum ulaai yes you are of those Tuhibbona-hum you love them Laa yuhibboonakum They don’t love you Toominoona you believe Kullihee fully, in total Adz-dzoo chew away Anamila fingers Gheiz anger Mootoo die Gheizikum your anger Bizaatis-sudoor inside of your chests Yes you are of those who love them but they don’t love you and you fully believe in The Book and if they meet you they say we believed and if they depart they chew away their fingers at you out of their anger Tell die in your anger indeed Allah knows all that is hidden in side your chests. 4/3/120. In tamsaskum hasanatun tasoo-hum wa in tusibkum sayyeatuny-yafrahoo biha, wa in tasbiroo wa tattaqoo laa yadzurrokum keido-hum sheiaa, innal-llaha bima yaamaloona muheet. Tamsaskum touches you Hasanatum good

Tasoo-hum it hurts them Tusibkum hurts you Sayyiatun misfortune Yafrahoo they are happy Tasbiroo you keep patience Tattaqoo you fear Yadzurrokum hurt you , harm you Keido-hum evil plannings Muheet encompassed If it happens to meet you fortune it hurts them and if you encounter an ill they are happy and if you keep patience and fear God none of their evil planes will not harm you nothing indeed Allah is encompassing all that they do. Section 13 4/3/121. Wa iz ghadauta min ahlika tubaw-wiyul momineena maqaaida lilqitaal, wal-llaho sameeun aleem Ghadauta Got out Ahlika family Tubawwi arrange Miqaaida positions Quital battle ground, war field And when you got off your family and were arranging the believers in the battle ground and Allah is all hearing and knowing. 4/3/122. Iz hammat taaifataani minkum an tafshala, wal-llaho waleeo-huma, wa alal-laahi fal-yatawak- kalil mominoon. Hammat weaken Taaifataani two groups Tafshala slip away Wleeohuma their protector Yatawkkal trust When two groups of people were losing the courage and were about to slip away, and Allah was their protector and upon Allah trust the believers. 4/3/123. Wa laqad nasarakumul-laho bi-Badarinw-wa antum azilla, fat-taqul-laha la-alla-kum tashku- roon Nasara helped Azilla few Indeed Allah had helped you (in war) at Badr and you were few, So you fear Allah that you be thank- ful.

4/3/124. Iz taqooloo lil momineena alany-yakfiya- kum unyymidda-kum Rabbo-kum bithalathati aalaa-fim-minal malaaikati munzaleen Taqoo;oo telling Alan if not Yakfee enough Yumidda help Thalatha three Aalaaf thousands Maaaikati qngels munzaleen sending them down When you were telling the believers would it not be sufficient for you that your Lord will help you by sending down three thousands of the angels. 4/3/125. Bala in tasbiroo wa tattaqoo wa yaateekum min faurihim haza yumdidkum Rabbokum bi-kham- sati aalaafim-minal malaaikati musaw-wimeen. Bala for assurance Tasbiroo you observe patience Tattaqoo you fear Allah Yaateekum He will give you Fauri immediately Yumdiskum in your help Khamsa five Musawwimeen sellected Surely if you observe patience and fear of Allah your Lord will give you atonce this help by five thousands of the sellected angels 4/3/126. Wa ma jaalahul-laho illa bushra lakum wa li-tatmainna quloobo-kum bihee, wa man-nasro illa min indil-lahil AzeezilHakeem. Jaa-la Made, Bushra Good news Tatmainna to satisfy you Nasra help Azeez greatest Hakeem wise And Allah did not make it but a good news for you and to make your hearts be satisfied with it and there is no help but from Allah, The greatest and wise.


4/3/127. Liyaqta-a tarfam-minal-lazeena kafaroo au yakbitahum fa yanqalaboo khaaibeen. Yaqta To cut down Tarfam a limb Yakbitahum to disgrace them Yanqalaboo they return Khaaibeen hopelessly To cut down a limb of those of reject faith and disgrace them that they should return hopelessly. 4/3/128. Leisa laka minal amri sheiun au yatooba aleihim au yuazziba-hum fa innahum zaalimoon. Amri in your decision Yatooba forgive Yuazziba you punsh them Zaalimoon wrong doers There is no querry from you on this matter either you forgive them or you punish them they are indeed the wrong doers. 4/3/129. Wa lil-lahi ma fis-samawaati wa ma fil- ardzi, yaghfiro lima-yyashaao wa yuazzibo man-yyashaa,wal-laho GhafoorurRaheem. Samawat skies Yaghfiro forgive Manyyashao whom He will Yuazzib He will punish Ghafoor Forgive Raheem merciful And to Allah belongs every thing that is in the skies and that in the earth forgives whom He will and punish whom He will and Allah is forgiving and merciful. 4/3/130 Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa taakulur-riba adzaafammudza-afatan wat-taqul-laha la-alla- kum tuflihoon. Taakuloo you eat Riba interest Adza-afam increasing Mudza-afatan compounding O people who believe Donot eat the interest increasing and compounding and fear Allah so that you be successful 4/3/131. Wat-taqun-naral-latee uiddat lilkaafireen. Taqu fear

Naar fire Allatee which Uiddat prepared And fear from the fire which is prepared for the reject faith 4/3/132. Wa atee-ul-laha war-rasoola la-alla-kum turhamoon. Atee Obey Rasool The Messenger Turhamoon you be mercied And obey Allah and the messenger so that the mercy be bestowed upon you. 4/3/133. Wa saarioo ilal maghfiratim mir-Rabbikum wa jannatin ardzohas-samaawaato walarzo uiddat lil-muttaqeen. Saarioo Rush Maghfira forgiveness Ardzoha length and width Samaawaat skies Muttaqeen God fearing And rush towards the grace of Thy Lord for your forgiveness and The Gardens of eden whose length and the width is that of the skies and the earth prepared for the God fearing people. 4/3/134. Al-lazeena yunfiqoona fis-sarrai wa dzar- raai walkaazimeen-al-gheiza wal-aafeena anin-naas, wal-laho yuhibbul mohsineen. Sarraai ease Dzarraai difficulties Kazimeena control Gheiz anger Aafeena forivers Mohsineen good doers, righteous, kind hearted Those who spend in ease and in difficulties and control their anger and forgive the people and Allah loves the righteous, kind hearted people. 4/3/135. Wal-lazeena iza fa-aloo faahishatan au zalamoo anfusahum zakarul-laha fas-taghfaroo lizunoobihim wa manyyaghfiruz-zunooba illal-laah wa lam yusirroo ala ma fa-aloo wa hum yaalamoon. Fa-aloo Did Faahishatan indecent sinful act

Zalamoo wrong, ill deed, a sin Zakaroo remember Fastaghfuroo Thus they seek pardon Zunoob sins Man who Yaghfuroo He will forgive Yusrroo insist upon Yaalamoon know And those people who do an indecent act or have done wrong for themselves they remember Allah Thus seek His pardon for their sins and who can pardon except Allah and they do not insist upon what they did and they know it. 4/3/136. Ulaaika jazaaoohum maghfiratum-mir-Rabbihim wa Jannatun tajree min tahtihal anhaaro khaalideena feeha, wa neima ajrul aamileen. Ulaaika These are of those Jazaaoohum Their reward Maghfira forgiveness Jannat Paradise, Gardens of eden Tajree flowing Tahat underneath Anhaar Rivers Khaalideena live for ever Neima decent, bountiful Ajr reward Aamileen doers in righteousness These are of those whose reward is forgivenessfrom their Lord and grace to The Paradise underneath of which are flowing the rivers wherein they will live for ever and what a decent award for those righteous peole. 4/3/137. Qad khalat min qablikum sunanun fa see- roo filardzi fanzuroo keifa kaana aaqibatul-mukaz- zibeen. Qad khalat Passed away Qabli-kum before thee Sunanun nations Seeroo Go round Fanzuroo Thus see Keifa How Kaana was Aaqiba end

Mukazzibeen liers Having passed away nations before thee Thus go around the earth so look what was the end of the liers. 4/3/138. Haaza bayaanul lin-naasi wa hudanw-wa moizatul lilmut-taqeen. Bayaan clear teaching Huda guidance moiza instruction This (Quran) is a clear teaching for the mankind and the guidance and moral instructions for the God fearing people. 4/3/139. Wa laa tahinoo wa laa tahzanoo wa antum-ul-aalauna inkuntum momineen. Tahinoo Dishearten Tahzanoo grief Aulon upper hand, victorious, triamphant Momineen believers And donot dishearten yourself or grieve and you are going to achieve the superiority (the triumphants) if you are the believers. 4/3/140. In-yyamsas-kum qarhun fa qad massa al- qauma qarhun mithlohoo, wa tilkal ayyamo nudaa- viloha beina-naasi wa liyaalamal-lahul lazeena aa- manoo wa yat-takhiza min-kum shuhadaa-a, wal-laho laa yuhibbuz-zaalimeen. Yamsaskum encountered Qarhun injuries Massa encountered Mithlohoo alike Ayyam occasions, situations Nudaviloha exchange Yat-takhiza He will take Shuhdaa-a witnesses Yuhibb loves Zaalimeen wrong doers If you have encountered injuries so the people of the other side too have encountered injuries the sane such are the situations we exchange amongst people so that Allah will know of those who believe and to take from you the witnesses and Allah does not love the wrong doers.


4/3/141. Wa li-yumahhisal-lahul-lazeena aamanoo wa yamhaqal kaafireen Yumahhis selects out Yamhaq destroys And Allah sellects out those of the believers and destroys those of the rejecting faith. 4/3/142. Am hasibtum un tadkhulul jannata wa lamma yaalamillahul-lazeena jaahadoo minkum wa yaalamas-sabireen. Hasibtum thought, guessed Yaalam know Tadkhulu you will enter Jaahadoo striving hard in the cause of Allah Sabireen who observe patience in all circumustances Have you that you will get excess to The Paradise when Allah has not yet known of you who will strive hard in His cause and of those who observe patience 4/3/143. Wa laqad kuntum taman-naunal-mauta min qabli un talqauho fa qad raitumooho wa antum tan- zuroon. Laqad Indeed Tamannauna desiring Mauta death Talaqauho you would meet Ra-aitumooho when you saw it Tanzuroon you were seeing And indeed you were desiring the death before it would meet you Thus when you saw it and you were seeing it. Section 15 4/3/144. Wa ma Mohammadun illa Rasool qad khalat min qablihirusul, afa-im-mata au qutilan-qalbtum ala aqaabi-kum, wa manyyanqalib ala aqbeihi falan-yyadzurul-laha sheia, wa sayajzillahush-shaakireen. Qad khalat passed away Afa-im-mata If he dies Qutila slain Qalabtum turn away Aqaabikum at your back Yanqalib turn away Yadzur harm or hurt

Sayajzi Surely He will reward Shaakireen Thankful, grateful And Mohammad is not but a messenger same as (many more) messengers who passed away, If he dies or slain would you turn at your back and who turns his back he won’t harm Allah nothing and surely Allah rewards those of the grateful 4/3/145. Wa ma kana linafsin untamoota illa biiznillahi kitaabammuajjala, wa man-yurid thawaabad-duniya noo- teehee minha, wa sa-najzish-shaakireen. Nafsin a body, Untamoota That he dies Beiznillah with Allah’s permission Kitaabamwritten Moajjala in a fixed time Man who Yurid wants Thwaab benefits Nooteehee We will give it Najzee We will reward And there is no one who dies but with Allah’s permission It is a time written (fixed) and he who wants worldly gains We give him from it and surely We will reward the grateful. 4/3/146. Wa kaim-min nabeey qaatala maa-aho ribbiyoona katheerun fa ma wahanoo lima asabahum fee sabeelil-lahi wa ma dzaoofoo wa ma-stakaanoo wal-laho yuhibbus-aabireen. Kaim-min How many Nabeey prophets Qaatala faught Maa-aho with them Rabbiyoona godli people Katheeran numerus Wahanoo discourraged Sabeel path, cause Dzaoofoo weaken Ma-stakanoo got tired And there had been many prophets who had faught (in the cause of Allah) with them were many godli people Thus they were not discouraged with the hurt they had received in the path of Allah, neither were they weaken nor were they got tired (of fighting in the cause of Allah) and Allah loves those who maintain their patience.

4/3/147. Wa ma kaana qaulahum illa an qaaloo Rabbana-ghfir lana zunoobana wa israafana fee amrina wa thabbit aqdamana wansurna alal qaumil kaafireen. Kaana was, were Qaulohum Their statements, cry, Ighfir Forgive Zunoob sins Israafna exceeding the need Thabbit strengthen Aqdaamona our feet Fansurna so help us Qaum nation Kaafireen rejecting faith And what was their cry except calling, O our Lord forgive us our sins and do away from us for our deeds where we have exceeded from the limits and strengthen our feet Thus help us against the disbelieving nations. 4/3/148. Fa aataahumul-laho thawaabad-duniya wa husna thwaabal aakhirati, wal-laho yuhibbul moh- sineen. Aattahum gave them Thwaab reward Husna beautiful Aakhira world hereafter Yuhibb loves Mohsineen kind and generous So Allah gave them the rewards in the world and the beautiful rewards of the world hereafter.and Allah loves kind and generous people. 4/3/149. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo in tuteeoo al-lazeena kafaroo yuraddookum ala aaqaabikum fa tanqaliboo khaasireen. Tuteeoo obey.follow Yuraddookum They would want to turn you Aaqaabikum to your back Tanqaliboo You will return Khaasireen loosers O people who believe if you will follow those who are reject faith they would like to turn you to your back so you will return as loosers.

4/3/150. Balil-laho Maulaakum wa Huwa kheirun-nasireen. Maulaakum Your prtector Kheirun The best Naasireen Helper Allah is your protectorand He is the best of the helpers. 4/3/151. Sanulqee fee quloobil-lazeena kafaroo ar-rauba bima ashrakoo bil-lahi, ma lam yunazzil bihee sultana wa mawaahumun-nar, wa biasa mathawaz-zaalimeen. Sanulqee Surely We will put Rauba fear Yunazzil sent down Sultana witness Mawaa abode Bi-asa very bad Mathwa place for rest Surely We will put fear in the hearts of those who disbelieve this is because they have paralleled with Allah divinities for which Allah has not send down any witness and their abode is the hell fire and it is a very bad place for the wrong doers. 4/3/152. Wa laqad sadaqakumul-laho waadahoo iz tahussoonahum bi-iznihee hatta iza fashiltum wa tanazaatum fil-amri wa aseitum mimbaadi ma araa-kum ma tuhibboon, minkum man yurid-udduniya wa minkum man-yyuridul aakhirata thumma sarafa -kum unhum li-yabtiliya-kum wa laqad afa unkum, wal-laho zoo-fadzlin alal momineen. Sadaqa fulfilled Waa-adahoo His promose Tahussoona you were slaying them Bi-iznihee with His permision Hatta till Fashiltum you had slipped Tanazaatum you had differed Amri command Aseitum disobeyed Araakum you saw Tuhibboon you loved Yrid want Thumma then Sarafakum turned Unhum from them

Liyabtiliyakum to test you Afa begave Zoo-fadzalin very generous, too graceful And indeed Allah fulfilled His promise when you were slaying them with His permission till you had slipped away and you had differed from the command and you had disobeyed after you had seen what you loved Amongst you are those who want the world and of you are those who want the life hereafter then He turned you away from them that He will test you and indeed He forgave you And Allah is so gracious for the believers. 4/3/153. Iz tusidoona wa laa talwoona ala ahadinw-war-rassolo yadookum fee ukhrakum fa asaaba-kum ghammam bighammil likei laa tahzanoo ala ma faatakum wa laa ma asaabakum wal-laho khabee- rum bima taamaloon. Tusidoona climbing up and up Talwoona looking at your back Ahadin anyone Yadookum calling you Ukhrakum you had encountered injuries Gham sorrow Tahzanoo grieve Faatakum Lost from you When you were climbing up and up and were not loking at your back anyone and The Messenger was calling you from behind, then you had encountered sorror after the sorrow that you must not now be grieved for what is lost from you nor for the injuries should you be grieved and Allah knows what you do. 4/3/154. Thumma anzala aleikum mimbaadil gham- mi amanatan nuaasan yaghsha taaifatam minkum wa taaifatun qad ahammathum anfusohum yazun- noona bil-laahi gheiral Huqqi zannal jaahiliyati yaq- ooloona hal lana minal amri min shein Qul innal amra kullahoo lil-lah, yukhfoona fee anfusihim ma laa yubdoona laka. Yaqooloona lau kaana lana minal amri sheiun-ma qutilna ha huna, qul lau kuntum fee buyootikum labarazal-lazeena kutiba aleihimul qatlo ila madzaajiehim wa liyubtaliyal-laho ma fee sudoorikum wa li-yuma-hhisa ma fee quloobikum, wal-laho aleemum bizaatis-sudoor. Amanatan peace Nuasan slumbar Yaghsha covered

Taaifatam a fraction of Ahammat lost courrage Anfusohum their selves Yazunnoona thinking Gheiril Huque unjustly Zann a thought, a guess work Jaahiliya ignorance, paganism Yaqool they said Amri command Yukhfoona hiding Yubdoona showing, exposing Ma qutilana We were not killed Ha-huna here Labarazoo surely they would get out Madzajie-him site of slay (laying) Liyubtiya to test, to falsify Sudoorikum your chests Yumahhisa sellects out Quloobikum your hearts Bizaat inside Then was sent down upon you after the srrow a feeling of peace and security so much so that even slumbar had taken over upon some of the people amongst you and some of them were losing their courage thinking about Allah unjustly, a thought of the ignorance. Telling Do we have any rights of any kind in the command Tell all the rights in the command belong to Allah, they were hiding in their selves (some bigger doubts) which they did not expose to you, They said if there was any share for the, in the command we were not slain here, Tell even if you were inside your houses must have you gone out the site of your slay, whom slay was so decreed, That Allah to test you and falsify (all your doubts) in your chests and sellects out which is in your hearts And Allah knows what is hidden inside your chests. 4/3/155. Innal-lazeena tawallau minkum yaumat-taqal jamaani.inna-mas-tazalla-humush-sheitaano bi baadzi ma kasaboo wa laqad afa-Allaho unhum, innal-laha Ghafoorun Haleem Tawallau turned away Yaumat-taqaa on the dau of combat Jam-aani two groups Tazalla shaken Baadzi some

Kasaboo earning Afa pardoned, forgave Indeed those of your people who had turned away (from the battle field) on the day of combat between the two groups In- deed the devil had shaken them for what they had earned for themselves and indeed Allah had pardoned them indeed Allah is pardoning and fore- bearing. 4/3/156. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa takoonoo kal-lazeena kafaroo wa qaaloo li-ikhwaanihim izaa dzaraboo fil ardzi au kaanoo ghuzzan lau kaanoo indana ma maatoo wa ma qutiloo, liyajalal-laho zaalika hasratan fee quloobihim, wal-laho yuhee wa yumeet, wal-laho bima taamaloona baseer. Laa takoonoo Donot be Kal-lazee like the one li-ikhwaani-him to their brothren Dzaraboo got out Ghuzzan war Yajala He will make Hasratan sorry, grief Baseer all seeing O people who believe donot become like of those who disbelieved and said to their brethren if you get out in the earth and faught if you had been with us you were not killed nor were slain That Allah will make it a cause for them to be sorry in their hearts and Allah gives the life and cause one to die and Allah sees all what you do. 4/3/157. Wa lain qutiltum fee sabeelil-lahi au mut- tum lamaghfiratum minl-lahi wa rahmatun kheirum mimma yajmaoon. Qutiltum killed Sabeel path Muttum died Yajmaoon store up And if you are slain in the path of Allah or died surely there is forgiveness fro Allah and His grace is better from what you store. 4/3/158. Wa la-in muttum au qutiltum la ilal-lahi tuhsharoon. La-in if Tuhsharoon you are to assemble And if you died or slain surely you are to assemble before Allah. 4/3/159. Fa bima Rahmatim-minal-lahi linta lahum wa lau kunta fazzan ghaleezal qalbi lan fadz-dzoo min haulika fa aafo unhum

was-taghfir lahum wa shaawirhum fil amri, fa izaa azamta fatawakkal alal-lahi, innal-laha yuhibbul mutawakkileen. Linta soft hearted Kunta you were Fazzan harsh, stiff Ghaleez hard hearted Lan fadzoo they would not stay Haulika around you Fa-aafo so forgive Shawirhum take them in your consultationI Istaghfir seek pardon Amri matters Azamta decided Fatawakkal trust Yuhib loves Mutawakkileen those who trust With the grace from Thy Lord you are very soft hearted for them and if you had been stiff at your heart they would run away and not gather around you so you forgive them and seek Allah’s pardon for them and take them in consultation for the matters to decide So If you have decided then have your confidence in Allah, Indeed Allah loves those who trust Him. 4/3/160. In-yyansur-kumul-laho fa laa ghaaliba la- kum wa inyyakhzulkum fa manzal-lazee yansur- kum mimbaadihee, wa alallahi fal-yatawak-kalil mominoon. Yansurkum Helps you Ghaaliba over power, takes over Yukhzilkum disgrace Man who Mimbaadihee after him Tawakkul trust If Allah helps you there is none to take you over and if He disgraces you then there is none who can help you besides Him so upon Allah trust the believers. 4/3/161. Wa ma kana linabeein an-yyaghulla, wa ma-yyaghlul yaati bima ghalla yaumal qiyaamati thumma tuwaffa kullo nafsim ma kasabat wa hum laa yuzlamoon. Yughalla exhaggerate Yaati brought with Ghalla exaggerated

Tuwaffa Nafsin Kasabat Yuzlamoon

paid off a body earned injustice

And it is not fair for a prophet that he will exag- gerate. he shall be braught with what he had exagge- rated on the day of judgment then eachone of you shall be paid in full what he had earned and no injustice shall be done to anyone of them. 4/3/162.Afa man-it-tabaa rizwaanal-lahi kamambaa-a bi-sakhatim minal-lahi wa ma waaho jahannam, wa biasal maser. Afa Does Man who Ittabaa obeys Rizwaan pleasure Kama like Sakhata anger Waa olace Biasa very bad Maseer place Does one who wants Allah’s pleasure could be like the one who earns Allah’s anger and his place is the hell fire and it is a very bad place. 4/3/163. Hum darajatun indal-lahi, wal-laho baseer- umbima yaamaloon. Darajaat grades Baser sees Yaamaloon they do For them are grades with Allah and Allah sees, what they do. 4/3/164. Laqad mannal-laho alal-momineena iz ba-asa feehim rasoolan min anfusihim yatloo aleihim aayaati-hee wa yuzakkeehim wa yuallimo-humul kitaaba wal-hikmata wa in kanoo min qablo lafee dzalaalim mubeen. Laqad Indeed Manna favour Ba-asa raised Yatloo recites Yuzakkee purifies Yuallimo teaches

Hikmata wisdom Kanoo were Qabl before Dzalaalim stray, unguided Mubeen open, clear, menifest Indeed Allah has done a great favour upon the believers that He raised a messenger amongst themselves who recites upon them His verses and purifies them and teaches them The Book and the wisdom else they had been openly misguided before this. 4/3/165. Awa lam-ma asaabatkum museebatun qad asabtum mithleiha qultum anna haza, qul huwa min indi anfusikum, innallaha ala kulli shein qadeer. Awalamma when Asaabatkum encounters you Museebatun misfortune Mithleiha similar Qultum you said Anfusikum thyselves And when encounters you any misfortune whereas similar misfortunes you had encountered before you sais how come this? Tell this is because of your own- selves Indeed Allah is all capable. 4/3/166. Wa ma asaabakum yaumal taqal jamaani fa bi-iznil-lahi wa liyaalamal momineen. Asaabakum sufered Yauma The day Taqal combat Jam-aani two groups Izn permission Yaalama know Momineen belivers And that what you had suffered on the day of combat between the two groups that was from the permission of Allah so that the believers should know. 4/3/167. Wa liyaalamal-lazeena naafaqoo wa qeela lahum ta-aalau qaatiloo fee sabeelil-lahi awidfaoo, qaaloo lau naalamo qitaalal lattabaanakum, hum lil kufri yaumaizin aqrabo min-hum lileeman yaqoo- loona biaf-waahi-him ma leisa fee quloobi-him, wal-laho aalamo bima yaktumoon.

Yaalama know Naafaqoo hippocrites Ta-aalau come Qaatiloo fight Sabeel cause, path Awidfaoo defend Lau if Naalamo we knew Qitaalan war Lat-tabaana-kum surely we had followed you Yaumaizin that day Aqrab nearer Afwaahihim mouth, tongue Leisa hide, conceal And that those people who are hippocrites and it was told to them come and fight in the cause of Allah or defend, They said if we knew if it was a war surely we had followed you, that day they were nearer to the disfaith than the faith they were telling that from their tongues which was not there in their hearts and Allah knew what they were hiding. 4/3/168. Al-lazeena qaaloo li-ikhwaanihim wa qa-adoo lau ataaoona ma qutiloo, qul fadraoo un anfu- si-kumul-mauta in kuntum saadiqeen. Ii-ikhwaanihim to their brethren Qa-adoo stayed athome sitting Ata-oona obeyed Qutiloo killed Fadraoo save yourself Saadiqeen true Those people who said to their brethren and remained sitting if you had obeyed us you were not slain, Tell, then save thyself from the death if you are truthful. 4/3/169. Wa laa tahsaban-nal-lazeena qutiloo fee sabelil-lahi amwaata, bal ahyaaun inda Rabbihim yurzaqoon. Tahsabanna assume, guess Qutiloo slain Amwaata dead Ahyaahum they are alive Yurzaqoon they get sustenance And donot assume those people who are slain in the cause of Allah dead Nay they are alive and they get their share of sustenance.

4/3/170. Fariheena bima aatahumul-laho min fadzli -hee, wa yastabshiroona bil-lazeena lam yalhaqoo bihim min khalfihim allaa khaufun aleihim wa laa hum yahzanoon. Fariheen Happy Yastabshiroona convey the good news Yalhaqoo to meet Khalfihim behind them Yahzanoon grieved They are happy with what Allah has given them through His grace and they are conveying the good news to them who have not yet been with them anleft behind that there is no fear for them nor are they to be grieved. 4/3/171. Yastabshiroona bineimatim-minal-lahi wa fadzliunw-wa annal-laha laa yudzeeo ajral momi- neen. Yastabshiroona They are given good news Neimat bounties Fadzl favours Yudzeeo waste Ajr reward They are given the good news of the bounties from Allah and His graces and indeed Allah does not waste the rewards of the believers. 4/3/172. Al-lazee-nastajaaboo lil-lahi war-rasooli mim baadi ma asaabahumul qarh, lil-lazeena ahsa- noo minhum wat-taqau ajrun azeem. Nastajaaboo respone to us Asaabahum injured Qarho injuries, wounds Ahsanoo righteous, did well Taqau God fearing Those who responded to call of Allah and His messenger after they had received wounds to those who of the righteous amongst them and fear Allah them are the great rewards. 4/3/173. Al-lazeena qaala lahumun-naso innan-nasa qad jamaoo lakum fakhshauhum fazaadahum eemaa -nauw-wa qaaloo hasbunAllaho wa neimal wakeel. Jamaoo gathered Fakhshauhum So fear them

Fazaadahum Thus increased their faith Hasbun Allah suffices us Allah Neima the best Wakeel protector Those people who said to the people indeed people have gathered for you so you must fear them That increased their faith (in Allah) for further and said suffices us Allah for us the best of the protectors. 4/3/174. Fan-qalaboo bineimatim-minal-lahi wa fadzlil lam yamsas-hum sooauw wat-tabaoo ridzwaa -nal-lahi, wal-laho zoofadzlin Azeem. Qalaboo returned Neimat reward, favour, graces Fadzl graces Lam not Yamsashum touched them Soo bad, hurt, torment etc. Tabaoo followed, obeyed Ridzwaan pleasure Zoofadzl full of graces Azeem big, great, migthty Thus they returned with Allah’s reward and His grace No injuries had touched them and they obeyed for Allah’s pleasure. And Allah is mighty and full of graces. 4/3/175. Innama zaalikumush-sheitano yukhawwifo auliyaa-ahoo fa laa takhaafoohum wa khaafooni in kuntum momineen Innama Indeed Zaalikum This is Yukhawwif makes afraid Auliyaa-ahoo his friends Takhaafoohum Donot fear them Khaafooni fear me Indeed This is the devil who makes his friends fear so you donot fear them but fear me if you are the believer. 4/3/176. Wa laa yahzunkal-lazeena yusaarioona fil kufri innahum lan-yyadzurul-laha shei-a, Yureedul-laho al-laa yajala lahum hazzan fil aakhirati wa la- hum azaabun azeem. Yahzunka grieved Yusaarioona hasten, movements

Yadzurrul-laha harm, hurt Yureed want Yajala He will make Hazzan joy And the movements for disfaith, of those of the infidels must not make you grieved, surely they will harm Allah for nothing Allah wants to make no joy for them on the Day of Judgment and for them is great torment. 4/3/177. Innal-lazeena-shtarawul-kufraa bi-eemaan lan-yyadzurullaha sheiaa wa lahum azaabun aleem. Ishtara Traded, bargained Lan Never Yadzurro harm Sheiaa anything Aleem painful Indeed those people e who have bargained for disfaith in place of faith, will not harm Allah for anything and for them shall be painful torment. 4/3/178. Wa laa yahsabannal-lazeena kafaroo annama numlee lahum kheirul-li anfusihim, Innama numlee lahum liyazdaadoo ithmaa, wa lahum azaa- bum-muheen. Yahsabanna assume Numlee relaxation, relief, timeout Kheir better, good Anfushim for them Liyazdaadoo to increase for further Ithma evils, sins Muheen disgrace Let not assume those people who are reject faith that indeed the time out is good for them Indeed we have given them this relaxation to grow them for further in their evil deeds and for them is the torment of disgrace. 4/3/179. Ma kaanal-laho liyazaral-momineena ala ma antum aleihi hatta yameezal khabeesa mint-tayyab, wa ma kaanaal-laho liyutliakum alal-gheibi wa lakinal-laha yajtabee mir-ruslihee wa in too- minoo wa tat-taqoo falakum ajrun azeem. Yazara leave Yameeza seperate Khabeesa evil Tayyab good

Liyutliakum to inform you Gheibi unseen Yajtabee sellects Ajr reward Azeem great It is not for Allah that Allah will leave the believers on which you had been till He will not separate the eveil from the good, Neither it is for Allah that He will inform you of the unseen, but He will chooses from His messengers for it and if you believe and fear Allah then for you is a great reward. 4/3/180. Wa laa yahsabannal-lazeena yabkhaloona bima aataahumul-laho min fadzlihee wa huwa kheiral-lahum, bal huwa sharrul-lahum, sa-yutaw-waqoona ma bakhiloo bihee yaumal qiyamati, wa lil-lahi meerathus-samaawati wal-ardz, wal-laho bima taamaloona khabeer. Yahsabanna assume,guess,believe Yabkhuloona behaving miserly Aataahum given to them Fadzlihee through His grace Shar evil Sayutawwaqoona tied in to the neck Bakhiloo misered Meerath inheritance, ownership Let not those people who behave miserly is good for them which Allah has given them through His grace rather it is eveil for them, surely it will be tied round their necks, with that which they had misered with, on The Day of Judgment, and to Allah belongs every thing that in the skies and the earth and Allah knows what you do. 4/3/181. Laqad samee-Allaho qaulal-lazeena qaaloo innal-laha faqeerun wa nahno aghniyaa sanaktubo ma qaaloo wa qatlahumul ambiyaa-a bigheiri huq-qinw wa naqoolo zooqoo azaabal hareeq. Samee heared Qaul statement Faqeerun begger Nahno we Aghniyaa rich Sanaktubo surely We will write Ma what, which Qatalahum their slaying of Ambiya prophets Bigheiri huq injustly

Naqoolo We will tell Zooqoo taste Hareeq burning Indeed Allah heared the statement of those who said indeed Allah is a begger and we are rich surely We will write it down what they said and their slaying of the prophets injustly and We will tell taste the torment of burning. 4/3/182. Zaalika bima qaddamat eideekum wa annal-laha leisa bizallamil lilabeed. Zaalika This is Qaddamat sent forth Eideekum your hands Leisa not Zallamil cruel Lilabeed for His servants This is what you have sent forth by your hands and Allah is not cruel for His servants. 4/3/183. Al-lazeena qaaloo innal-laha ahida ileina al-laa nomina lirasoolin hatta yaatiyana biqurbaanin taakulohun-naar, Qul qad jaakum ruslum min qablee bilbayyanati wa bil-lazee qultum falima qataltumoo- hum in kuntum saadiqeen. Ahida promised Laa nomina not to believe Yaatiyana gives us Qurbaanin slaughter Taakukuloho eat away Naar fire Bayyanat signs Qataltumo slay Saadiqeen truthful Those people who said indeed Allah made with promise that we will not believe this prophet unless he wil give a sign of a slaughter which the fire will eat away, Tell there had come messenger before me with clear signs and with what you said so why did you slay them if you are truthful. 4/3/184. Fa in kazzabooka faqad kuzziba ruslum min qablika jaaoo bilbayyinaati waz-zubri wal kitaabil-muneer. Kazzabooka falsify you Kuzziba falsified Jaaoo came Bayyenaati clear signs

Zubr short revelations Kitaabil muneer enlightening books So if they falsify you so they had falsified the messengers before thee who came with clear menifestations, revelations and enlightening books. 4/3/185. Kullo nafsin zaaiqatul maut, wa innama tuwaffauna ujoorakum yaumal qiyaamati, wa man zuhziha ani-naari wa udkhilal jannata faqad faaz, wa mal hayaatud-duniya illa mataaulghuroor. Tuwaffauna you will be paid back Ujoorakum wages Zuhziha saved Faaz succeeded Mataa materials Ghuroor illusion Every soul has to taste the death and indeed you will be paid in full your rewards on the Day of Judgment and he who is saved from the fire and entered The Paradise Thus he succeeded and the life of the world is nothing but the materials of illusion 4/3/186. Latublawunna fee amwaalikum wa fee anfusikum wa latasmaunna minal-lazeena ootul-kitaba min qablikum wa minallazeena ashrakoo azan katheera, wa in tasbiroo wa tat-taqoo fa inna zaalika min azmil umoor. Latublawunna surely you will be put to test Amwaalikum for your wealth Anfusikum your lives La-tasmaunna surely you will hear Ootul kitaaba those who are given books Qablikum befor thee Ashrakoo infidels Azan painful, hurting words Katheera a lot Azmil umoor great courrage Surely you will be put to test for your wealth and your lives and surely you will hear from the people who are given the books from before thee and from those of the infidels a lot painful words and if observe patience and fear God Almighty, indeed this is the behavior of great courage.


4/3/187. Wa iz akhazal-laho meethaaqal-lazeena ootul kitaba latubayya nun-nahoo lin-naasi wa laa taktumoo-nahoo fa nabazooho waraa-a zuhoorihim wash-tarau bihee thamanan qaleela, fa-biasa ma yashtaroon. Akhaza took Meethaaq oath Tubayyana speak clearly Lin-nasi to the peole Laa taktumoona you will not hide Nabazooho put Waraa-a behind Zuhoori-him their backs Ashtarau buy, earning a prophet, a trade Thamanan price Qaleela meagre Biasa very bad Yashtaroon They are earning And when Allah took the oath from those of the people given The Books that you must speak it clearly to the people and you will not hode it but they put it behind their backs and earned from it meager benefit and how bad is thart profit that they have earned. 4/3/188. Laa tahsaban-nal-lazeena yafrahoona bima aatauw-wa yuhibboona anyuhmadoo bima lam yafaloo fa laa tahsabanna-hum bi-mafaazatin minal-azaabi wa lahum azaabun aleem. Tahsabanna consider Yafrahoona happy Aatau given Yuhibboona love Yuhmado o they should be praised Lam yafaloo not done Mafaazatin escaping Donot consider those people who are happy with what is given to them and they love that they should be admired even for done nothing so donot think for them any saved from the punishment and for them is painful torment. 4/3/189. Wa lil-lahi mulkus-samawaati wal-ardz, wal-laho alaa kulli shein qadeer Mulk Kingdom Samawaat skies And to Allah belongs the kingdom of the skies and the earth and Allah is capable of all things.

4/3/190. Inna fee khalqis-samawaati wal-ardzi wakh -tilaafil leili wan-nahaari la-aayaatil-liulool albaab. Khalq creation Ikhtilaaf changing Leil night Nahaar day Aayaat signs Ulool albaab people of wisdom Indeed in the creation of the skies and the earth and in the changing of the nights and the days surely are the signs for the people of wisdom. 4/3/191. Al-lazeena yazkuroonaal-laha qiyaamaunw wa qaoodan wa ala junoobihim wa yatafak-karoona fee khalqis-samawaati walardzi, Rabbana ma kha- laqta haaza baatilan subhaanaka wa qina azaaban-naar. Yazkuroona remember Qiyaaman standing Qaoodan sitting Junoobihim lying down Yatafakkaroona studying Baatilan in vain Subhaanaka Independent Thou art Qina save us Those people who remember Allah standing and sitting and while lying down and studying the creation of the skies and the earth, calling O our Lor Thou have not created all this in vain, Independent Thou art so save us from the the torment of the fire 4/3/192. Rabbana innaka man tudkhilan-naara faqad akhzeitahoo, wa ma liz-zaalimeena min ansaar. Tudkhila You made him enter Akhzitaho he is disgraced Zaalimeena wrong doers Ansaar helpers O our Lord he whom you got him enter the hell fire he is disgraced and there is no helper for the wrong doers. 4/3/193. Rabbana innana sameina munaadiyan yu- naadi lileeman an-aaminoo bi-Rabbikum fa-aa- manna Rabbana faghfir-lana zunoobana wa kaffir anna sayyiaatina wa tawaffana maa-al abraar.

Innana indeed Sameina we heared Munaadian caller Yunaadi calls Eeman faith, belief Aaminoo balieve Rabbikum Thy Lord Faghfir so forgive Zunoobana our wrong deeds Kaffir do away Sayyeaatina our wrong deeds Tawaffana make us to die Abraar righteous people O our Lord indeed we heared the caller calling us for belief (, that believe in Thy Lord so we believed, O our Lord forgive us for our wrong deeds and wash away from us our sins and cause us to die amongs the righteous folk. 4/3/194. Rabbana aatina ma wa-at-tana ala Ruslika wa laa tukhzina yaumal qiyaamati innaka laa tukh- liful meeaad. Aatina give Wat-tana promised Tukhzina disgrace us Tukhliful go against Meeaad promise O our Lord give us what you have promised to your Messenger and donot put us to disgrace on the Day of judgment Indeed you donot go against your promise. 4/3/195. Fastajaba lahum Rabbohum annee laa udzeeo amala aamilim minkum min zakarin au untha ba-adzo-kum mim ba-adzin fal-lazeena haaja- roo wa ukhrijoo min diyaarihim wa oozoo fee sab- eelee wa qaataloo wa qutiloo la-ukaffiranna unhum sayyeaatihim wa la-udkhilanna-hum jannatin tajree min tahtihal anhaaro thawaaban min indil-lahi, wal-laho indahoo husnas-thawaab. Fastajaba Thus answered Laa udzeeo I will not discount Amala deeds Aamilin righteousness Zakarin male Untha female Badzokum you are Mimbaadzin for each other

Haajaroo migrated Ukhrijoo turned out Diyaarihim their houses Oozoo suffered Sabeelee my cause Qaatiloo faught Qutiloo killed La-ukafiranna Surely I will do away Sayyiaatihim their sins Ud-khilannahum I will make them enter Jannatin Paradise Tajree flowing Tahtiha underneath Anhaar rivers Thwaaban rewards Thus replied their Lord, Indeed I am not going to discount the rewards of those working in righteous- ness from men or women you are for one another so those people who migrated and were thrown out from their houses and had suffered in my cause and they faught and were killed surely I will wash away from them their sins and surely I will make them enter in The Paradise, underneath of which are flow- ing rivers this is the reward from Allah and with Allah are the best of rewards. 4/3/196. Laa yaghur-rannaka taqallubal-lazeena kafaroo fil-bilaad. Laa yaghurranaka It must not cheat you Taqulluba the movements Bilaad towns It must not deceive you the movements of those of infidels in the town 4/3/197. Mataaun qaleel thumma mawaa-hum jahan -nama, wa biasal mihaad. Mataaun provision for sustenance Qaleel little Mawaa abode Biasa very bad Mihaad a lap, a bed, a resting place This is little of their sustenance then their abode is the hell fire and it is a very bad a resting place.


4/3/198. Laakin-al-lazeenat-taqau Rabbahum lahum jannatin tajree min tahtihal anhaaro khaalideena fee- ha nuzlam min indil-lahi, wa ma indal-lahi kheirun lil abraar. Laakin but Taqau fear Nuzlam feast Abraar righteous people But those people who fear their Lord,for them are Gardens of eden (Paradise) underneath are flowing the rivers where in they will live for ever it a feast from Allah and what is with Allah is better for the righteous people. 4/3/199. Wa inna min ahlilkitaabi laman yumino bil-lahi wa ma unzila ileikum wa ma unzila ileihim khaashieena lil-lahi laa yashtaroona biaayaatil-lahi thamanan qaleela,ulaaika lahum ajrohum inda Rabbi -him, innal-laha sareeul hisaab. Ahlil kitaab people of the dcripture Laman surely who Yumino believe Unzila revealed, sent down Khaashieena fearing Laa yashtaroona Do not sell Ajrohum their reward Saree quick And indeed from the people of the scripture surely who will believe in Allah and on that which is revealed unto you and what was revealed upon them fearing Allah, and they donot sell out my verses for a meagre ptice these are of those for them is their reward with their Lord indeed Allah is very quick to aqccount. 4/3/200. Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo-sbiroo wa saabiroo wa raabitoo wat-taqul-laha la-allakum tuflihoon . Isbiroo keep patience Raabitooexcel in patience Tulihoon succeed O people who believe keep your patience and excel in your patience and remain steadfsast and fear Allah so that you be successful Part 4 Surah Nisa No. 4 Bismillahir-Rahmaanir- Raheem 4/4/01. Yaa ayyohan-nasut-taqoo Rabba-kum-ul-lazee khalaqakum min nafsinw-wahidatinw-wa khalaqa minha zaujaha wa bath-tha

(Bassa) min- huma rijaalan katheeran wa nisaa-an wat-taqul-lahallazee tasa-aloona bihee wal-arhaam Innal-laha kaana aleikum raqeeba. Nafsin soul Wahidatin single Zaujaha his wife Bath-tha (Bassa) raised Minhuma from the two Rijaalan men Katheeran (th=s) countless Nisaa-a women Tasaa-aloona question, ask for, seek help Arhaam mercy, relationships Raqeeba close watcher O people fear your Lord who has created you from one soul and created from him his spouse and scattered from the two men and women countless and fear Allah in whose name you seek help from one another and your relationships Indeed Allah is a close watcher upon you. 4/4/02. Wa aatul yataama amwaalahum wa laa tatabaddalul khabeetha bit-tayyab wa laa taakuloo amwaalahum ila amwaalikum innahoo kaana hoo- ban kabeera. Aatu give away Yataama orphans Amwaalahum their sustenace Tatabaddalul change Khabeetha bad Bit-tayyab good Taakulo eat away Hooban crime Kabeera big And give away the orphans (the share of) their sustenance and donot change the good from the bad and donot eat away their share if sustenance mixing with yours Indeed it is a big crime. 4/4/03. Wa in-khiftum an-laa tuqsitoo filyatama fankihoo ma taaba lakum minan-nisaai mathna wa thulatha wa rubaa-a fa in-khiftum anlaa taadiloo fa-wahidatan au ma malakat aimaanokum, zaalika adna al-laa taooloo. Khiftum fear Yataama orphans

Fankihoo marry Taaba like Mathna two Thalatha three Rubaa-a four Taadiloo you do justice Fa-waahidatan so just one Ma-malakat in your possesion Aimaanokum right hand Adna little, least Taooloo you be unjust And if you fear that you can not maintain justice in the matter of orphans so you marry the women of your choice two, three and four so if you fear, you can do justice between them then better is one or those who are in the possession of your right hand (slave girls) this is for the least that you donot be unjust. 4/4/04. Wa aatun-nisaa-a sadoqaati-hinna nihlatan, fa-in tibna lakum an-sheim-minho nafsan fa-kuloo- ho haneeam maree-a Aatoo give Nisaa-a women Sadoqaatihinna their charity sums Nihlatan happily Tibna leave it Shein anything of it Nafsan self Kuloo eat Haneeam happily and maree-a fearlessly And give the women their charity sum happily so if they forgive it then you eat it happily. 4/4//05. Wa laa tootoo sufahaa-a amwaalakumul-laatee jaalal-aho lakum qiyaamaunw warzuqoohum feeha waksoohum wa qooloo lahum qaulam maa- roofa. Tootoo give Sufhaa-a insane, innocents Al-laatee which Qiyaamaun made you stand Warzuqoohum feed them Waksoohum dress them Maaroofa decent

And donot give the insane from your wealth for whom Allah has made you stand for feeding them from it and dress them up and speak to them decent. 4/4/9. Wal yakhshal-lazeena lau tarakoo min khalfi -him dzurriyatan dziafan khafoo aleihim fal-yattaq- ul-laha walyaqooloo qaulan sadeeda. Yakhsha fear Tarakoo leave Khalfihim behind them Durriyatan children Dziafan weak Khafoo fear Falyattaqoo so they should fear Yaqooloo talk Sadeeda just And those who fear if they leave behind them their weaker children they fear about them so they should fear Allah and they should talk of justice. 4/4/10. Innal lazeena yaakuloona amwaalal yatama zulman innama yaakuloona fee butoonihim naara, wa sayaslauna saeera. Yakuloona eat away Amwaala fortune Yatama orphans Zulman injustly Butoonihim in their stomachs Naara fire Sayaslauna surely they will be sent to Saeera hell Indeed those people who eat away the fortune of the orphans injustly they eat in their stmach the fire and surely they will be sent to the hell fire. 4/4/11. Yooseekumul-laho fee aulaadikum lizzakari mithli hazzil unthieni fa-in kunna nisaa-an fauqa athnateini fa-lahunna thulathaa ma taraka fa-in kaanat waahidatan falaha nisf, wa li-abwaihi likulli waahidim-minhumas-suduso mimma taraka in kaana lahoo waladun fa-in lam yakul-lahoo waladun wa warithohoo abwaaho fa-li-ummihee thulutho fa- in kaana lahoo ikhwatun fa liummihee suduso mim baadi waseeyatin yoosee biha au dein, aabaaookum au

abnaaookum laa tadroona ayyohum aqrabo la- kum naf-aa, faredzatam minal-lah, innal-laha kaana Aleeman Hakeema. Yoosekum It is instructed to you Aulaadikum for your children Zakar males Hazzi share Unsieini two women Nisaa-an women Athnateini two Thulasaa-a two third Taraka inheritance, left over Waahidatan one Nisfo one half Abveihi parents Wahidim each of them Sudus one sixth Warisahoo inherit Abwaaho father Thuluth one third Ikhwatun brother Yoosee to make the will Waseetan will Dein debts Tadroona you know Aqrabo nearer Nafan benefit Fareedzatam obligation, orinance Instructs you Allah in the matters (of inheritance)of your children for the males is the double of the share for females if there have been women more than two so for them two third of the imheritance and if there is only one female so for her is one half and for the parents to each one of them is one sixth of what is left after paying off the dues and the will (if any) if there is a son for him, and if there is no son for him and the parents are to inherit so for the mother is one third and if there is a brother for him then for the mother is one sixth after the payments for the will and the dues, Your parents or your sons you donot know who is nearer to you in benefit, obligation from Allah, Indeed Allah is all knowing and wise. 4/4/12. Wa lakum nisfo ma taraka azwaajokum in lam yakullahunna waladun fa-in kaana lahunna waladun fa-lakumur-rub-o

mimma tarakna mim baadi waseeyatin yooseena biha au dein, wa lahunna rub-o mimma taraktum inlam yakul-lakum waladun, wa la-hunna thumuno mimma taraktum mim-baadi ma toosoona biha au dein. Wa in-kana rajuluny-yooraso kalalatan aw imraatunw wa lahoo akhun au ukhtun fa likulli waahidim minhumas-suduso fa in kaanoo akthara min zaalika fahum shurakaaoo fis-thuluthi mimbaadi waseeyatiny yoosa biha au dein gheira mudzaarin waseeyatam minal lahi, wal-laho Aleemun Haleem Nisf half Rubo one fourth Thumun one eighth Taraktum which you left Toosoona you made the will Akthara more than Mudzaarin grudge or a prejudice Waseeatan ordinance And for you is the half of what is left by your wives if there is no son for them and if there had been a son to them then for you is one fourth from what they leave after the payments for any will the dues .And for them (your wives) is one fourth if you do not have a son and if you have a son then for them is one eighth after the payments for the will if any and the debts. And if there is a man or woman childless (Kalala) and he has a brother or a sister then for each of them is one sixth and if they are more than these then they are sharing from one third and to each of them is one third, after the will and payments of the dues without a grudge these are the instructions from Allah and Allah is all knowing and off bearing. 4/4/13. Tilka hudoodul-lahi, wa man-yyuti-il-laha wa rasoolahoo yudkhilho jannatin tajree min thati- hal anhaaro khaalideena feeha , wa zaalikal fauzul azeem. Tilka This Hudood limitation Yootee obey Yudkhil enter Fauz success Azeem great These are the ;imitations from Allah and he who will obey Allah and His Messenger He will be admitted to the Paradise underneath are flowing the rivers where in they will live for everand this is the great success.

4/4/14. Wa man-yyaasil-laha wa Rasoolahoo wa yata-adda hudoodahoo yudkhilho naaran khaalidan feeha, wa lahoo azaabummuheen. Yaasil laha Disobey Yatadda trannsgress Hudoodoho His imposed limitations Yudkhilho he will be made to enter Naaran fire Muheen disgraceful And he who will disobey Allah and His Messenger and transgress His limitations shall be made to enter the fire where in he will live for ever and for him is the torment disgraceful. 4/4/15. Wal-latee yaateenal faahishata minan-nisaai-kum fastashhidoo alei-hinna arbaatam min-kum fa-in shahidoo fa amsikoohunna filbuyooti hatta yata waffa-hunnal mauto au yajalal-laho lahunna sabeela Faahishta infida,ity, sexual misconduct Nisaaikum your women Fastash-hidoo so if they will witness Aleihinna upon them Arbaa four Shahidoo witness Amsikoo-hinna put them in arrest Buyoot houses Hatta till Yatawaffa die Mauto the death Yajal makes Sabeela the way And the woman who does adultery (sexual evils) from amongst your women then four of you shall witness against her so if they witness then catch her and put her in the house arrest till she dies there or Allah will find them a way out. 4/4/16. Wal-lazaani yaatiyaaniha minkum fa-aazoo -huma fa in taaba wa aslaha fa aaridzoo un-huma innal-laha kaana TawwabarRaheema. Wal-lazani those two Yaatiyaaniha who commit it Fa-aazoohuma so you hurt them Taabaa repent Aslaha mend, repair, correct

Aardzoo spare them Tawwabar Forgiving Raheema Merciful And of the two of you who commit it so you punish them both and if they repent and correct themselves then you leave them indeed Allah is pardoning kind 4/4/17. Innamat-taubato alal-laahi lil-lazeena yaa- malus-soo-a bijahaalatin thumma yatooboona min qareebin fa ulaaika yatoobullaho aleihim wa kaa- nal-laho Aleeman Hakeema. Taubato repentation Yaamulus-soo-a does the wrong Jahaalatin in ignorance Qareebin quickly Indeed the repentation is upon Allah for the one who does the act in ignorance then hurriedly goes to repent so these are those people whom Allah will forgive and Allah is all knowing and wise. 4/4/ 18. Wa leisatit-taubato lil-lazeena yaamaloonas -sayyi-aati hatta iza hadzara ahda-humul-mauto qala innee tubto al-aana wa laa-llazeena yamootoona wa hum kuffarun ulaaika aatadna lahum azaaban aleema Leisa Not Tauba repentation Sayyiaatin sin Hadzara reaches Ahdahum anyone of them Tubto I repented Al-aana now Yamootoona They die Kuffarun disbeliever And the repentation is not for those who do wrong till the death reaches to anyone of them then they indeed I do repent now, neither is the repentation is for them who die disbelieving, these are those for whom We have prepared a painful torment. 4/4/19. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa yahillo lakum untarithunnisaa-a karha. wa laa ta-adzuloo- hunna litazhaboo bibadzi ma aateitumoo-hunna illa unyaateena bi-faahishatim-mubayyanatin wa aashi- roo-hunna bimaaroofi fa-in karehtumoohunna fa-asa untakrahoo sheiaunw wa yajalal-laho feehee kheiran katheera. Yahillo lawful

Tarithu inherit Nithaa-a women Karha by force Taadziloohunna that you use force Tazhaboo you take away Bibaadz some Aateitumoohunna which you had given them Faahishatin indecency, immoral act Mubayyanatin clear, open Aashiroohunna live with them Karehtumoohunna dislike Fa-asaa possibly Yajala makes, placed Kheiran good Katheera a lot O people who believe It is not lawful for you that you will inherit anything forcibly for your wives nor should you them waiting by force that you take away from them (any part of the dowary) that you have given them except they are found guilty of open immoral act and live with them decently, Likely that you dislike a thingt and Allah has put for you, there in a lot good. 4/4/20.Wa in aradtumus-tibdaala zaujin makana zaujinw wa aateitum ihdahunna qintaaran fa laa taakhuzoo minho sheiaa, ataakhuzanahoo buhtaa- nauw wa ithman mubeena. Aradtum intended Istabdala change Zaujin wife Aateitum gave Ihdahuma anyone of them Qintaran a lots of money Taakhuzoo take it Shei-aa anything Ataakhuzoona will you take it Buhtaanaun blame Mubeena menifest And if you have intended to change a wife from another and you have given any one of them a lots of money so you donot take back from her anything would you takeit back by throwing upon her blames of manifest sins.


4/4/21. Wa kaifa taakhuzoonahoo wa qad afdza baadzokum ila baadzinw wa akhazna minkum meethaqan ghaleeza Kaifa How Taakhuzoonahoo you will take it Afdza shared the joy Meethaqan oath Ghaleeza firm And how can you take it back when you have shared the joy with each other and We have taken from you a firm oath. Section14 4/4/22 Wa laa tankihoo ma nakaha abaaokum minan-nisaai illa ma qad salaf, innahoo kana faahi- shataunw wa maqta, wa saa-a sabeela. Tankihoo marry Abaaokum your father Qad salaf which is done Faahishatan immoral, indecent Maqta dirty, very bad Saa-a very bad Sabeela way, a tradition And donot marry a woman who your father has married except what was done was done, indeed it is the most indecent and evil tradition. 4/4/23. Hurrimat aleikum ummahaatokum wa banaatokum, wa akhwaatokum wa ummahaato-kum wa khaalatokum wa banaatul akhi wa banaatul ukhti wa ummohaatokumul-laatee ardzaanakum wa akhw -aatokum minar-radzaa-ati wa ummohaato nisaai-kum wa rabaaibokumul-laate fee hujoorikum min nisaai-kumul-laatee dakhaltum bihinna fa in lam takoonoo dakhaltum bihinna fa laa junaha aleikum wa halaailo abnaai-kumul-lazeena min aslaabikum wa in tajmaoo beinal ukhteini illa ma qad salaf, innal-laha kaana Ghafoorar Raheema. Hurrimat Prohibitted Aleikum upon you Ummahatokum your mothers Banaatokum your daughters Akhwaatokum your sisters Ummatokum aunties from paternal side Khaalaatokum aunties from maternall side Akhi brother

Ukhti sister Ardzaanakum whom had you breast fed Ridzaa-a shared the breast Nisaaikum your wives Rabaaibokum whom you have brought up Hujoorikum in your lap Dakhaltum had sexual intercourse Halaailo wives Aslaabikum from your sead Tajmaoo join Ukhtieini two sisters Qad salaf what is done was done Prohibitted upon you your mothers ,your daughters, your sisters, and your aunties (father’s sister and mother’s sister) daughters of the brother and the daughters of the mothers and the mothers who have breast fed you and the the sisters from the mother whom you had shared the breast with and the mother of your wives and the daughters from your wives (from another father) with whom you have had the sexual intercourse who have been braught up under your care and if you have had no sexual intercourse then there is no harm upon you and the wives of your sons who are born from you and that you join two real sisters together except what was done was done. Indeed Allah is oft pardoning and Kind. Part No 5 (wal-mohsinaat) sura Nisa cont. No. 4 5/4/24. Wal mohsanaato minan-nisaa-i illa ma malakat aimaanokum kitaabal-lahi aleikum wa uhilla lakum ma waraa-a zaalikum untabtaghoo biamwaali- kum mohsineena gheira musaafiheena fa-mastamtaa-tum bihee minhunna fa-aatoohunna ujoorahunna fareedza, wa laa junaaha aleikum fee maa taraadzaitum bihee mim-baadil fareedza Innal-laha kaana Aleeman Hakeema. Mohsinaat wedded women Malakat possesion Aimaanokum your right hand Kitaab Allah Allah’s ordinance Uhill permissible Waraa-a besides Tabtaghoo you look for, you search for Mohsineena married Musaafiheena unlawful sex Fa-mastamtaatum so when you have had your share

Fa-aatoohunna so you gave them Ujoorahunna their dowary (Ajr mehr) Fareedza obligation Junaha Harm Taradzaitum you agree And (prohibited) the wedded women, except those in the possession of your right hand, It is an ordinanace from Allah upon you and besides these, rest are permissible for you (for mariage sake) that you will look for marriage with your wealth not for unlawful sex, when you have had your share of sex with them then pay their dowary as an obligation and there is no harm if you use from it with mutual cocent after having served this obligation indeed Allah is all Knowing and Wise. 5/4/25. Wa mal-lam yastatee minkum taulan unyankihal mohsinaatil momi- naati, fa mimma malakat aimaanokum mim fatiyaatikumul mominaati wal-laho aalamo bi-eemano-kum baadzo-kum mim-baadz fankihoo hunna bi-izni ehlihinna wa aatoohunna ujoorahunna bilmaaroofi mohsinaatin ghrira musaafihaatin wa laa muttakhizaati akhdan fa izaa uhsinna fa-in aateina bifaahishatin fa aleihinna nisf ma alal mohsinaatin minal azaab, zaalika liman khashial anata minkum, wa un-tasbiroo kheirullakum wal-laho Ghafoorur Raheem. Yastatee doesnot Taulan capability Yankiha marry Mohsinaat family lady Mominaat believers Malakat possesion Aimaanokum your faith Fatiyaatikum slave girls Fankihoo marry Izn permision Ehlihinna family people, gaurdians Aatoo give Ujoor dowary Bilmaroof happily Gheira not Musaafihaatin free sex Muttakhizaati sex Akhzaan secret Uhsinna married

Aateina give Faahishatin immoral act Aleihinna upon them Azaab punisment Khashia fear Anata immorility Tasbiroo patience Kheir good And one who doesnot have the capability of marrying a free family ladyfrom the believers, should marry from the one in the possession of his right hand from your slave girls among the believers and Allah knows the status of your faith you are for each other so you marry them with the permission of their families (gaurdians) and give them their dowary happily after marrying them not for free sex with them neither you make any hidden sex affairs and when you have had married them and you find them involved in any immoral act their punishment is half of those of the free family women this Is for those of you who fear for any immorality and if you observe resilience is better for you And Allah is oft forgiving and merciful. 5/4/26 Yureedul-laho liyubayyana lakum wa yahdiyakum sunanullazeena min qablikum wa yatoobo aleikum wal-laho Aleemun Hakeem. Yureed wants Liyubayyana lakum to manifest you Yahdiyakum guide you Sunanun traditions Minqablikum before you Yatoobo forgive Allah wants to show you clearly and guide you (and save you) from the ways of the people before you and forgive you Indeed Allah is oft-forgiving and Kind 5/4/27. Wal-laho yureedo un-yyatooba aleikum wa yureedullazeena yattibioo- nash-shahwaati untameeloo meilan azeema. Yattabioona follow, obey Shahwaat desires Tameeloo climb up Meilan heights Azeema great

And Allah wants to forgive you and those people who obey their desires want that they will be made to climb up the heights higher and higher.. 5/4/28. Yureedul-laho un-yukhafifa unkum wa khuliqal insaano Dzaeefa. Yukhafifa reduce, minimze Khuliqa created Dzaeefa weak Allah wants to lighten the things for you and He created the human weak. 5/4/29. Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa taakuloo amwaalakum beinakum bilbaatili illa untakoona tijaaratan untaraadzim minkum wa laa taqtuloo anfusakum innal-laha kaana bikum Raheema. Taakuloo eat away Amwaalokum fortune, property, riches Beinakum between you Bilbaatil injustly Takoonoo be Tijaaratan trade, buisyness Taraadzim agreement, understanding Taqtuloo kill Anfusakum yourself O people who believe, Donot eat away the fortune between you injustly except if it is a trade understanding between you and donot kill yourself Inded Allah is very Kind with you. 5/4/30. Wa manyafal zaalika udwaanananw wa zulman fasaufa nusleehee naara wa kaana zaalika alal-lahi yaseera. Manyafal who does this Udwaanauw enemity Zulman sinfully Fasaufa so for sure Nusleehee We will drive him to Naara The fire Yaseera easy And he who does this enviously and sinfully so for sure we will drive him to The Fire


5/4/31. In-tajtaniboo kabaaira ma tanhauna unho nukaffir unkum sayyiaatikum wa nudkhilkum mudkhalan kareema. Tajtaniboo avoid Kabaaira bigger sins Tanhauna you are prohibitted Nukaffir We will do away Sayyeaatikum your sins Nudkhilkum We will make you enter Mudkhalan enterance kareena great comfort If you will save your self from bigger sins those which have bee prohibited to you We will do away your sins (smaller sins which happen carelessly) and We will make them enter the enterance of great comforts. 5/4/32. Wa laa tatamannau ma fadzalal-laho baadzokum ala baadz,lir-rijaali naseebum mimmak-tasaboo wa lin-nisaai naseebum-minnak-tasabna,was-alul-laha min fadzlihee, Innal-laha kaana bikulli shaeein Aleema. Tatamannau you wish Fadzala blessed Baadzokum baadza to each other Rijaal men Naseebum share Kasaba earned Fadzlihee His bounties And donot wish for something that Allah has blessed for one another For men they have their share of what they have earned and for the women they have their share of their earnings and ask Allah for his bounties Indeed Allah has the knowledge of all things. 5/4/33. Wa likullin ja-alna mawaalia mimma tarakal waalidaaniwal-aqraboon, wal-lazeena aqdat aimaanokum faaatoohum naseebahum, innal-laha kaana bikulli shaeein shaheeda. Kulli every one Ja-alna We made Mawaalia gaurdians, inheriters Taraka left behind Walidaan parents Aqraboon relatives Aqdat Had a word

Aimaanokum promise, an oath Aatoohum gave Naseebahum share Shaheeda witness For everyone We made inheriters for which was left by their parents and the relatives and those who have a word of promise amongst you should get their share Indeed Allah is the winess for all things. 5/4/34. Ar-rijaalo qawwamoona alan-nisaai bima fadzalal-laho baadzahum ala baadzinw wa bima anfaqoo min amwaalihim, fassaalihaato qaanitaa- tun, haafizaatul lilgheibi bima hafizal-laho wal-latee takhaafoona nushoozahunna faizoohunna wahjuroo -hunna fil madzaaji-ee wadzruboohunna fa-in atanakum fa laa tabghoo aleihinna sabeela, Innal-laha kaana aleean kabeera. Rijaal Men Qawwamoon person in command Nisaa women Fadzalal-laho Allah bestowed the quality Baadzahum ala baadz one upon the other Anfaqoo spend Amwaalihim from their wealth Saalihato righteous Qaanitatun obedients Hafizaatun guard husband’s interests Lilgheibi in his absence Hafizal-laho which Allah protects Wal-latee And those women Takhaafoona you fear them Nushoozahunna misbehaviors, arrogance Fa-izoohunna so talk to them Wahjuroohunna stay away from them Madzaajei-ee from the bed Wadzruboohunna beat them Ataanakum if they obey you Laa tabghoo Do not look for Alaihinna upon them Sabeela a reason to ill treat Aleean Highest Kabeera Big Men are in command upon the women for those qualities Allah has bestowed one over the other and for the expenses the he makes for

his family from his wealth so the righteous women, the obedient women, and the protectors in his absence which Allah protects and from those women whom you fear their mal attitude (arrogance) so you speak to them to behave and (if they don’t listen) then stay away from them from their bed and still they donot mend up then beat them and if they obey you then there is no way for you to ill treat them Indeed Allah is at Highest and Big. 5/4/35. Wa in-khiftum shiqaaqa beini-hima fab-athoo hakaman min ehlihee wa hakamam min ehliha, inyureedaa islahan yuwaffiqillaho beina-huma, Innal-laha kaana Aleeman khabeera. Khiftum you fear Shiqaqa seperation Beinihima between them Fabathoo call up Hakamam elders who can make a decision Ehlahee his family Yureeda want Islahan mending their affairs Yuwaffiq favour And if you fear a separation between themthen call the elders of his family and the elders from her family if they intend to mend Allah will favour between them Indeed Allah is All knowing and aware. 5/4/36. Wa aabudul-laha wa laa tushrikoo bihee sheiaunw wa bilwaalideini ehsaanaunw wa bizil- qurbaa wal-yataama wal masaakeeni wa jaari-zil- qurbaa wa jaari bil-junbi wa ibnis-sabeeli, wa ma malakat eimaano-kum.Innal-laha laa yuhibbo man kaana mukhtaalan fakhoora. Aabudoo worship Tushrik associate, to make parallel Sheiaa thing Waalidein parents Zilqurba relatives Qurba near Yataama orphans Masaakeen poors Jaar zilqurba near relatives Jaar bil jumb neibourer Ibnis-sabeel travellers Malakat possesion Eimaanokum in your right hand

Laa- yuhibbo doesnot love Mukhtaalan arrogant Fakhoora proud And worship Allah and donot associate with any thing and with your parents deal with kindness and with your nearest and the orphans and the poors, and near relatives and your neibours,and the travellers, and those who are in the possession of your right hand Indeed Allah doesnot love him who had been proud and arrogant. 5/4/37. Al-lazeena yabkhaloona wa yaamuroonan-nasa bil bukhli wa yaktumoona ma aatahumul-laho min fadzlihee, wa aatdna lil kaafireena azaabam-muheena. Yabkhaloon behave miserly Yaamuroona command for miserness Yaktumoona they hide Aatahum gave them Fadzlihee through His grace Aatadna We prepared Muheena disgraceful Those people who are miser and command the people for misernessand they hide what Allah has given them through His grace and We prepared for rejct faith the punishment of disgrace. 5/4/38. Wal-lazeena yunfiqoona amwaalahum riyaa-an-nasi wa laa yuoominoona bil-lahi wa laa bil yomil-aakhiri, wa man-yakunushsheitaano lahoo qareenan, fa saa-a qareena. Yunfiqoona Spend Ritaa-an-nasi for showoff to the people Yakun be Qareena neibour And those people who spend their money for show- off the people and neither they believe in Allah nor The Last Day and for whom, satan being in his nei- bour and how bad is this neibour. 5/4/39. Wa maaza aleihim lau aamanoo bil-lahi wal yomil aakhiri wa anfaqoo mim-ma razaqahumul-laho, wa kaanal-laho bihim Aleema. Maaza what Aleihim to them Anfaqoo spend Mimma of which Rizq sustenance

Bihim about them And what was to them if they had believed in Allah and The Ladt Day and had spent from Allah gave them their sustenance and Allah knows about them 5/4/40. Innal-laha laa yazlimo mithqala zarratin wa in-tako hasanatany-yudzaaifha wa yootee mil-ladun -ho ajran azeema. Yazlim wrong, cruel treatment Mithqaal like, of the size Zarratin a particle In-tako if it being Hasanatun some good, virtues Yudzaaifoha He increases it Mil-ladunho from Him Ajr reward Azeem great Indeed Allah doesnot do wrong not the size of a particle and if it is some good, increases it further and gives from Him a great reward. 5/4/41. Fa-keifa izaa jiana min kulli ummatim bi- shaheediunw wa jiana bika ala haaulaai shaheeda. Keifa How Jiana We will bring Kulli all Ummatin nation Shaheed witness Bika to you Haaulaai upon those (nations) So how it will be when We will gather all nations with their witnesses and shall bring thee the witness upon those (nations). 5/4/42. Yaumaizin yawaddul-lazeena kafaroo wa asa wur-Rasoola lau tusawwee bihimul-ardzo, Wa laa yaktumoonal-laha hadeetha. Yaumaizin That Day Yawaddu would desire Asa disobeyed Lau if Tusawwee be leveled up Ardz the earth Yaktumoona hide Hadeetha any thing

On that Day they those rejected the faith and dis- obeyed the Messengers would want if they will be leveled under the earth and they cannot hide from Allah anything. 5/4/43. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa taqrabus-salaata wa antum sukaara hatta taalamoo ma taqoo- loona wa laa junuban illa aabiree sabeelin hatta tagh –tasilu wa in-kuntum mardza au ala safarin au jaa-a ahdum-minkun minalghaaiti au laamastumun-nisaa falam tajidoo maa-an fa tayam-mamoo saeedan tayyaban famsahoo bi-wujoohi-kum wa eidee-kum, innal-laha kaana Afoowan Ghafoora. Taqraboo to get near Salata prayers Sukara intoxicated Hatta till Taalamoo you know Taqooloon you say Junuban state of uncleanliness after sex or ejaculation Aabiree crossing over Sabeel a path Taghtasiloo you take bath Maradza sick Safarin journey Ahd anyone Ghaaiti from toiletting Laamastum having sex with wife Lam not Tajidoo available Maa-an the water Tayammamoo make tayammum Saeedan earth, soil Tayyaban clean (and dry) Famsahoo so you touch (Masah+to touch) Wujoohikum your face Eideekum hands Afoowan forgiving Ghafoora pardonning O people who believe Donot get nearer to the prayer and you are intoxicated till you donot know what you speak and neither if you are unclean after the sex (even the ejaculation without sex is same as) Till you wash ( take the bath) except you are travelling, and if

you are sick or on a journey or you have come after the toiletting or had sex with your woman and you donot get water (and the time of the prayer is reached) then you make tayammum (in place of bathing or oblution) with a clean and dry soil and touch your face and your hands (Tayamm- um is not the substitute of washing and oblution but it is the purity of the soul that Allah wants cleanlyness that oblution is must if water is available and doesnot cause of any trauma) Indeed Allah is oft forgiving and Merciful. 5/4/44.Alam tara ilal-lazeena ootoo naseebam minal kitaabi yashtaroona ad-dzalaalata wa yureedoona un tadzillus-sabeel Alam tara Did not you see Ootoo given Naseebam share Yashtaroona purchase Dzalalata stray, pathlessness Yureedoona want Tadzilus you too loose your path , get stray Sabeel path Did not you see towards those people who had received a part of a book and have purchased the no guidance and they want you too be strayed from the path 5/4/45. wal-laho aalamo bi-aadaai-kum wa kafa bil-lahi waleeyaunw wa kafa bil-lahi naseera. Aadaaikum your enemies Kafa enough Waleeyam friend Naseera help and Allah knows your enemies and Allah is enough your friend and is enough for you for help. . 5/4/46. Minal-lazeena haadoo yuharrifoonal kalima um-mawaadzie-hee wa yaqooloona sameina wa aseina wasma gheira musmaiynw-wa raaina la-yyam bi-alsinati-him wa ta-aanan fiddeen, wa lau annahum qaaloo sameina wa ataana wa-sma wanzurna, la-kaana kheiral-lahum wa aq- wama wa laakil-laana humullaho bikufrihim fa laa yumin- oona illa qaleela. Haadoo Jews Yuharrifoona change Kalima word

Mawaadziehee meaning Yaqooloona they say Sameina we heard Aseina we disobeyed Wasma and heard Gheira oher than, not Musmain heard Raaina our shephered Raa-ana we saw Layyam twisting Alsinatihim their tongues Ta-aanan taunting Fid-deen in the religion Ataana we obeyed Wasma and heard Wanzurna and we saw Aqwamo strong, better Laanahum cursed them Qaleela few From those people who are Jews they change the word from its actual meanings and they say we heard and dis-obeyed and they hear what is not heard (by others) and raaina (means our shepherd in place of raa-ana that means we saw) this was by way of twisting their tongues to make tauntings in the religion, and if they had said, we heard and obeyed and we saw was surely better for them and strong but Allah has cursed them due to their disbelief so they will not believe except a few. 5/4/47.Ya ayyohal-lazeena ootul kitaaba aaminoo bima nazzalna musaddiqal-lima maakum min qabli an natmisa wujoohan fa naraddooha ala adbaariha au nalanahum, la-anna ashaabas-thabti wa kaana amrul-lahi mafoola. Nazzalna sent down, inspired, revealed Musaddiq testify Natmisa disfigure Wujoohokum your faces Naraddoha turn to Adbaariha its back Nalanahum cursed Ashaab people Thabt Saturday Pl. check 1/2/65 Amr command

Mafoola done, fulfilled, happened, etc. O people whom are given the book believe in what We have sent down which is testifying what is with you before that We disfigure your faces and turn it to the oppsite side or curse you same as We had cursed the people of Saturday and It happened what Allah commanded. 5/4/48. Innal-laha laa yaghfiro anyushraka bihee wa yaghfiro ma doona zaalika liman-yashaao wa man yushrik bil-lahi fa qad iftara ithman azeema. Yaghfiro forgive Yushrik Shirk= Association with God Yu=he Bihee with him Doon besides, other than Yashaao He will Ifatra invented Ithaman sin Azeema big Indeed Allah will not forgive the one who associated with him and will forgive anyone besides this who He will, and who will associate with him other gods thus he has invented a great sin. 5/4/49. Alam tara ilal-lazeena yuzakkoona anfusahum bal-illaho yuzakkee man-yyashaao wa laa yuzlamoona fateela. Yuzakkoona Purify themselves Yuzlamoona hey will be treated injustly Fateela not the least Did not you see them, who purify themselves, No Allah purifies whom He will and they won’t be treated injustly, not the least. 5/4/50. Unzur kaifa yaftaroona alal-lahil kaziba wa kafa bihee ithman mubeena. Unzur see Yaftaroona they invent Kaziba lie Mubeena clear See how they invent against Allah the great lie and this enough a clear sin with Him. 5/4/51. Alam tara ilal-lazeena ootoo naseebam minal kitaabi yoominoona bij-jibti wat-taghoot wa yaqooloona lil-lazeena kafaroo haaulaai ihda minal-lazeena aamanoo sabeela.

Ootoo given Naseebam share Jibt magic Taghhot the devil Haaulaai these Ihda more guided Sabeela the path Did not you see towards them who were given a share of the Divine Book they believe the magic and the Satan then tell for them who are the disbelievers, more guided of the right path than those of the believers. 5/4/52. Ulaaikal-lazeena laanahumul-laho, wa man-yalanil –laho fa lan tajida lahoo naseera. Laa-ana cursed Yalan He curses Tajida find Naseera a help These are those people whom Allah has cursed and whom Allah will curse would not find for them a help 5/4/53. Am lahum naseebum minal mulki fa-izan laa yoo- toonannaasa naqeera. Am lahum If for them Naseebum any share Mulk Kingdom Fa-izan if atall was like this Laa yootoona would not give Naqeera a tille (equal to a dust particle) If there had been any share for them in the kingdom (of heaven) they would not give anyone a tittle. 5/4/54. Am yahsudoonan-naasa ala ma aataahumul-laho min fadzlihee, fa qad aateina aala Ibraaheemal kitaaba wal hikmata wa aateinahum mulkan azeema. Yahsudoona envy Aataa gave Fadzlihee His favours Qad past Aala Progeny, following races Hikmata wisdom Mulk kingdoms Kabeer huge, wast, big

Do they envy for what Allah has given them from His favours so We have gave the progeny of Abraham The Book, The wisdom and We gave them the great kingdoms. 5/4/55. Fa minhum man aamana bihee wa minhum man sadda unho wa kafa bijahannama saeera. Sadda resisted, stopped Saeera resting place, a prison So amongst them were those who believed Him and were some amongst those who resisted from Him and for such The Hell fire is enough a prison. 5/4/56. Innal-lazeena kafaroo bi aayaatina saufa nus -leehim naara, kullama nudzijat juloodohum baddalna- hum juloodan gheiraha liyazooqul-azaba, Innal-laha kaana Azeezan Hakeema. Aayaatina Our verses Saufa for sure Nusleehee fetch them Nudzija burnt Juloodohum their skin Baddalna We will change Gheraha with another Zooqoo taste Azeezan Greatest Hakeema Wise Indeed those people who rejected our verses surely We will fetch them to the fire whenever their skin shall be burnt We will change for them with another skin to taste the torment Indeed Allah is Greatest and Wise. 5/4/57. Wal-lazeena aamanoo wa amilus-saalihati sa-nud- khilohum Jannatin tajree min tahtihal anhaaro khaalideena feeha abadaa, lahum feeha azwaajum mutah-haratun wa nudkhilo-hum zillan zaleela. Saalihaat righteous Nudkhilhum We will make them enter Jannatin Gardens of the Pradise Tajree flowing Tahatiha under neath Anhaar the rivers Khaalideena they will live for ever Feeha in it

Abada for eternity Azwaajun spouses Mutahharatun clean and pure, chaste Zillan shades Zaleela dense And those people who believed and did the righteous dee- ds for sure We will make them enter The Paradise under neeth ure flowing the rivers where in they will live for ever and ever and for them there shall be chaste spouses and We will enter rhem in the dense shady places. 5/4/58. Innal-laha yaamurokum un-tuaddul amaanata ila ehliha wa iza hakamtum beinan naasi un tahkumoo bil adl innal-laha ni-imma yaizokum bihee, innal-laha kaana Sameeam Baseera. Yaamurokum Tuaddoo return Amaanat the entrusted goods Ehliha To its owners Hakamtum Decide Beinan-naas between the people Tahkumoo you decide Bil-adl with full justice Ni-imma best Yaizokum instructs Bihee with it Indeed Allah instructs you that you must return the entrust -ed goods to its owners and if you are deciding a matter between two people do it with full justice Indeed Allah gives you the best advise with this Indeed Allah is Hearin and all Seeing. 5/4/59. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo ateeul-laha wa ateeur-rasoola wa ulil amri minkum fa-in tanazaatum fee shein fa ruddooho ilallahi war-rasooli in kuntum toomi- noona bil-lahi wal yomil aakhiri, zaalika kheiraunw-wa ahsano taaweela. Atee obey Ulil amr officer incharge, person in command Tanazaatum differ Fee shein in any matters Ruddooho return it to Toominoona you believe Yomil aakhiri the last Day Kheiraunw Good

Ahsano nicer, best Taaweela results O people who believe Obey Allah and His messenger and the person in command so if you differ in any matters then turn you towards Allah and His messenger if you are the believer in Allah and The Last Day This is good for you and carry the best results. 5/4/60. Alam tara ilal-lazeena yazumoona annahum aama- noo bima unzila ileika wa ma unzila min qablika yuree- doona unyatahaakamoo ilat-taghooti wa qad umiroo un-yakfuroo bihee, wa yureedush-sheitaano unyudzilla-hum dzalaalam baeeda. Alam din’t Tara you see Yazumoona claim Unzila revealed, sent down, inspired Qablika before thee Yureedoona they want Yatahaakamoo you decide the matters Ilat-taaghoot satan’s ways Umiroo it was decreed, commanded Yakfuroo for them to deny him Yudzillahum stray them Dzalaalam pathlessness Baeeda far away Didn’t you see towards those people who claim that indeed they believe upon what is revealed towards thee and what was revealed before thee they want that you decide the matters according to the satan’s ways and where as it has been commanded to they are to reject him and the satan wants to take them stray far far away stray. 5/4/61 Wa iza qeela lahum ta-alau ila ma anzal-lalaho wa ilarrasooli ra-aital munafiqeena yasuddona unka sudooda. Ta-alau come Ra-aita you saw Munafiqeena hippocrites Yasundoona stopping, preventing Unka from thee Sudoona escaping And if it is told to them to come to what Allah has revea- led and towards the messenger you will see the hippocrites escape from and stay away.

5//4/62. Fa kaifa iza asaabathum museebatum bima qad- damat aideehim thumma jaaooka yahlifoona bil-lahi in aradna illa ehsaanauw wa taufeeqa. Kaifa How Asaabathum encounters them Museebatun misfortune, trouble Qaddamat sent forth Jaaooka they come to you Yohlifoona swearing Ehsaanaunw good Taufeeqa intended favourabl So, how it would be when they encounter some trouble for what they have sent forth with their hands then they come to you swearing in the name of Allah we had intended for some good and favourable 5/4/63. Ulaaikal-lazeena yaalamul-laho ma fee quloobihim faaaridz un-hum wa waaiz-hum wa qul la-hum fee anfusi-him qaulam baleegha. Yaalamul-laho Allah has known Quloobihim in their statements Fa-aaridz keep off Unhum from them Waaizhum advise them Anfusihim to them Qaulam a talk Baleegha heart touching These are those people Allah has known of them what is there in their hearts so you keep reserved of them and advise them and give them a talk heart touching of their benefit. 5/4/64. Wa ma arsalna mir-rasoolin illa liyutaa-a bi-iznil-lahi, wa lau annahum iz zalamoo anfusahum jaa-ooka fastagh- furul-laha wastaghfara lahumur-rasoolo lawajadul-laha Tawwabar Raheema. Arsalna We sent Liyutaa-a to be obeyed Bi-iznil-lahi with Allah’s permission Lau if Annahum indeed they Iz zalamoo happened to do wrong Anfusahum for their souls Fastaghfurul-laha cry for Allah’s forgiveness

Wastaghfara and seeks forgiveness Lawajadul-lah surely he will find Allah Tawwabar forgiving Raheema merciful And We sent the messengers except that they should be obeyed with Allah’s will. And if they have done some wrong for theirselves they come to you and seek Allah’s forgiveness and the messenger seeks forgivness for them then you will surely find Allag oft forgiving and Merciful. 5/4/65. Fa laa wa Rabbika laa yoominoona hatta yuhakki -mooka fee ma shajara beinahum thumma laa yajidoo fee anfusi-him harajam-mimma qadaita wa yusal-limoo taslee- ma Falaa So No Wa Rabbika And by your lord Yuhakkimooka they make you your judge Shajara develope, grow Yajidoo find Harajan complaint Mimma from it Qadaita you Yusallimoo submit Tasleema wholly, So no! by your Lord that they will not be the believers until they make you judge for their disputes grown between them and they don’t find any grudge for what you have decreed and they submit to you sincerily and stay steadfast 5/4/66. Wa lau anna katabna aleihim aniqtuloo anfusakum awikhrujoo min diyaarikum ma faalooho illa qaleelum minhum wa lau annahum fa-aloo ma yooazoona bihee la kaana kheiral lahum wa ashadda tathbeeta. Aniqtiloo slay Anfusakum your self Awikhrujoo or get out Diyaarikum your houses Ma not Faalooho done it Qaleelam few Ma what Yooazoona they are instructed Lakaana was surely

Kheir better Ashadda strong, severe Tasbeeta strengnthening And if We had written upon them to slay themselves or get out of your houses they would have not done except a few of them and if they had done what was ordained upon them was better for them and strengthening. 5/4/67. Wa izal la aateinahum mil-ladunna ajran azeema. Izal surely Aateinahum we had given them Ajran reward Mil-ladunna from our side Azeema great And for sure We would have given them a great reward from our side. 5/4/68. Wa la hadeinahum siraatam-mustaqeema. La for sure Hadeinaahum we will guide them Siraatam path Mustaqeema straight And for sure We will guide them to the straight path. 5/4/69. Wa man yuti-il-laha war-rasoola fa ulaaika maa-al-lazeena an-am-al-laho aleihim minan-nabee-eena wa sidd- eeqeena washshuhdaai was-saaliheena wa hasuna ulaaika rafeeqa. Uti-il-laha obeys Allah An-anmAllaho rewards Allah Siddeqeena testifiers Shuhdaa-a martyres, witnesse Saliheena righteous people Hasuna beautiful Rafeeqa company And who obeys Allah and His messenger Thus they are amongst those people whom Allah has rewarded from the Prophets, and the testifiers, and the martyrs and the righteous people and how beautiful is this company. 5/4/70. Zaalika fadzlo minal lahi wa kafa bil-lahi aleema. Zaalka This Fadzl favour

Aleema All knowing This is the great fvour from Allah and Allah is all knowing 5/4/71. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo khuzoo hizrakum fanfiroo thubaatin awinfuroo Jameean. Khuzoo take Hizrakum defence equipments Fanfuroo so get out Thubaatin in small groups Awinfuroo or getout Jameean all together O people who believe take your defense equipments and get out in small groups or get out all together. 5/4/72.Wa inna minkum lamal-la-yubatti-anna j fa in asaa- bat-kum museebatun qaala qad anam Allaho alayya iz lam akum-maahum shaheeda. La-yubattianna stay behind Asaabatkum encounters Museebatun misfortune Anam rewarded, favoured Alayya upon me Akum I was Shaheeda witnessee And for sure amongst you are those who delay behind 9to be with the rest of the defenders) so if any misfortune befalls upon you then they will say Allah has done a great fvour to me that I was not with them the witnessee. 5/4/73. Wa la-in assabakum fadzlum-minal-lahi layaqoo- lamma ka-al-lam takum beinakum wa beinahoo mawadda- tuyn-yaalayitanee kunto maa-ahum fa afooza fauzan azeema. Fadzlum favours Lam takum was not Mawadda love ties Yaa laytanee to my dismay, alas, to my misfortune Kunto I had been Fa-afooza that I too had earned Fauzan acjievement Azeema great And if it encounters them the fortune for sure they will say wasn’t there been a love tie between them and him then he would say alas

it has been my bad luck I hadnot been with them that I would have been a great gainer too. 5/4/74. Falyuqaatil fee sabeelil-lahi-lazeena yasharoonal hayaatadduniya bil-aakhirati, t wa man-yuqaatil fee sabee -lil-lahi fa-yuqtal au yaghlib fa-saufa nooteehee ajran azeema. Falyqaatil Thus he fights Yashroona traded Hayaatad-duniya the life of the world Bil aakhirati for the hereafter Fayuqtal so if he is slain Yaghlib stands triumphant Fasaufa for sure Nooteehee We will give Ajr reward So fighters in the path of Allah are those who have traded their worldly life for their here after , and he who fights in the path of Allah is then slain or is triumphant for sure We will give him great reward. 5/4/75 Wa ma lakum laa tuqaatiloona fee sabeelil-lahi wal mustadzafeena minar-rijaali wan-nisaai wal wildaani al-lazeena yaqooloona Rabbana akhrijna min haazihil qariya- tiz-zaalimi ahloha j waj-al lana mil-ladunka waleeyaunw j wajal lana milladunka naseera. Mustadzafeena weaker sects Rijaal men Nisaai women Wildaan children Akhrijna get us out Qariya town-ship Zaalimee ungodly, cruel, evil, wrong doers Ahloha its residents Waj-al and make Ladunka from thy end Walee-yan a friend Naseera a helper And what is to you that you will not fight in the path of Allah and those of the weaker sects amongst men and women and children those who say O our Lord get us out from this township whose residents are ungodly and appoint from thee a friend and appoint from thee a help.

5/4/76 Al-lazeena aamanoo yuqatiloona fee sabeelil-lahi j wallazeena kafaroo yuqaatiloona fee sabeelit-taghooti fa qaatiloo auliyaa-ash-shaitaani j inna kaidash-shaitaani kaana dzaeefa. Taaghoot devil Auliyaa-a friends Kaida palnnings Dzaeefa weak Those people who believe fight in the path of Allah and those people who disbelieved fight for the cause of the devil so fight the friends of the devil indeed the plans of the devil are weak. 5/4/77. Alam tara ilal-lazeena qeela lahum kuffoo aidiya- kum wa aqeemus-salaata wa aatuz-zakaata falamma kutiba aleihimul qitaalo izaa fareequm minhum yakhshaunan-naasa kakhashiyatillahi au ashadda khashiyatan wa qaaloo Rabbana lima katabta aleinal qitaala lau laa akh-khartana ila ajalin qareeb, qul mataaudduniya qaleelun wal-aakhi- rato khairul limant-taqaa.wa laa tuzlamoona fateela. Kuffoo Hold Aideeyakum your hands Aqeema establish Salaata namaz, prayer Aatu give Zakaata charities Qitaal war Fareeqam group of people Yakhshuana fear Naas people Kakhashiya like the fear Ashadda svere Akhartana delayed for us Ajalin time Qareeb near Mataa sustenance, enjoyments, Qaleel little Aakhirata hereafter Kheira better Liman who Ittaqa fearful

Did not you see towards those people it was told to them to hold your hands and establish prayers and pay the charities when it was written upon them the war then a group of people of them begane to fear the people same as they should fear Allah even yet more fearful said O our Lord why you wrote upon us the war why not delayed it till the near future tell the enjoyments of the world are little and the hereafter is better for him who fear and you will not be wronged the least. 5/4/78. Eina ma takoonoo yudrik-kumul mauto wa lau kuntum fee buroojim-mushayyadatin, wa in tusibhum hasanatun yaqooloona haazihee min indil-lahi wa in tusib- hum sayyiatunny yaqooloo haazihee min indika, qul kullum-min indil-lahi fa maali haaulaail qaumi laa yaka- doona yafqahoona hadeetha. Eina where Takoonoo you be Yudrik findout Maut death Buroojin fort Mushayyadatin fortified, well protected Tusibhum encounters them Hasanatun luck, fortune Sayyiatun evil, bad luck, misfortune Maali what happened Haaulai this Yafqahoona understand Hadeetha a discourse, Where ever you will be the death will find you even if you are in a fort fortified and if they encounter good they say this is from Allah and if they encounter misfortune they say this is from you tell every thing is from Allah so what happened to this nation they donot want to understand it. 5/4/79. Ma asaabaka min hasanatin fa minal-lahi wa ma asaabaka min sayyiatin fa min nafsika, wa arsalnaaka lin-nasi rasoola, fa kafa bil-lahi shaheeda. Asabaka encounters Hasanatin fortune Sayyiatin misfortune Nafsika your self Arsalnaka sent you Shaheeda witness

What good you encounter is from Allah and what you encounter from the misfortunes is from thou ownselves and We sent you a messenger for the people and Allah is enough a witness. 5/4/80. Man-yyuti-ir-rasoola faqad ataa-al-laha wa man tawalla fa ma arsalnaka aleihim hafeeza. Yuti obeys Ataa obeyed Hafeeza protector, gaurdian Who obeys the messenger so he obeyed Allah and who turned away so We have not sent you a guardian upon them. 5/4/81. Wa yaqooloona taa-atun fa iza barazoo min indika bayyata taaifatum minhum gheiral-lazee taqool, wal-laho yaktubo ma yubayyitoon fa aaridz unhum wa tawakkal alal -lahi wa kafa billahi wakeela. Taa-atun obedient, Barazoo get away Min indika from thee Bayyata gossip, talk Taaifatun group of people Yaktub write Yubayyitoon they talk Aaridz turn away, Tawakkal trust Wakeela protector And they say we obey so if they get away from you then a group of them begin to talk other than you spoke and Allah is writing what they are talking so you turn away from them and Allah is enough a protector. 5/4/82. Afalaa yata-dab-baroonal Quraana, wa lau kaana min indi gheiral-lahi la-wajadoo fee-hikhtalaafan katheera. Yatadabbaroona mind with care Lawajadoo surely they would find Ikhtilaaf differences, contradictions Katheera numerous Do they not look with care The Quraan and if it had been from other than Allah surely there would have been in it contradictions numerous.


5/4/83. Wa iza jaa-ahum amrum-minal amni awil khaufi azaaoo bihee t wa lau raddooho ilar-rasooli wa ila ulilamri min-hum laalimahul-lazeena yastambitoonahoo minhum t wa lau laa fadzlullahi aleikum wa rahmatohoo lat-tabaatu -mush-shaitaana illa qaleela. Jaa-ahum comes to them Amr a news Amn peace Khauf fear Azaaoo spread up Raddooho turn to Ulil amri person in command La-alimuhu so that he would know Yastambitoonahoo he will investigate Lat-tabaatum surely you would have followed And if it comes to them any information from peace or fear they spread it and if they had turned with it to The messenger or the commander in charge amongst them surely should have come in the knowledge of the people among them who could investigate about it, and had there not been Allah’s grace and His favours surely you would have obeyed the satan except a few. 5/4/84. Fa qaatil fee sabeelil-lahi j Laa tukallafo illa nafsa -ka wa harridzil momineena j asal-laho unyakuffa baasal-lazeena kafaroo t wal-laho ashaddo baasan wa ashaddo tankeela. Tukallaf tasked, responsible Harridz encourrage Yukaffa hold Baas strength Ashadd very severe Tankeela planning Thus fight in the path of Allah You are not responsible except for yourself and encourage the believers hopefully Allah shall hold the strength of those who disbelieved and Allah is very powerful and very severe in punishments. 5/4/85. Man-yyashfa shafaa-atan hasanatanyi yakul-lahoo naseebum-minha j wa many-yashfa shafaa-atan sayyiata- nyiyakul-lahoo kiflum-minha t wa kaanal-laho ala kulli sheimmuqeeta. Yashfa intercedes Shafatan intercession, recommendation

Hasanatan for good Naseeb share Sayyi-atan evil, ill Kiflum share, responsibility Muqeeta controller He who intercedes for good there is a share for him thereof And who intercedes for evil shall receive the share from it and Allah is encompassing all things. 5/4/86. Wa iza huyyeetum bitahhayyatin fa hayyoo biah -sana minha au ruddoha t innal-laha kaana ala kulli shei-in haseeba. Hayyitum your are greeted Tahayyitan greetings Hayyoo greet Ahsan better Ruddooha return Haseeba reckoner, And if if someone greets you a greeting you return with the greeting better than what you received or atleast return the greeting atpar. Indeed Allah is accounting for all things 5/4/87. Allaho laa ilaha illa huwa t la-yajma-annakum ila yaumil qiyaamati laa reiba feehee wa man asdaqo minal-lahi hadeetha. Ilaha Lord La-yajma-anna surely He will gather Reiba doubt Asdaqo truer Hadeetha talk, discourse Allah there is no Lord bedide Him surely He will gather you all on the Day of Judgment there is no doubt in it and who could be more truthful than Allah in his discourse. 5/4/88. Fa ma lakum fil-munaafiqeena fiateini wal-laho arkasahum bima kasaboo t atureedoona untahdoo man adz -al-lal-laho t wa manyyudzlilil-laho fa lan tajida lahoo sabeela. Munafiqeen hippocrites Fiateini two groups Arkasahum turn them away Kasaboo earned Atureedoona do you want Tahtadoo to guide Adzal-al-laho strayed

Yudzlil stray Tajida you will find Sabeela a path So what to you in the matter of the two groups of the hippocrites and Allah got them turn-away for the reasons of what they have earned, Do you want to guide wham Allah has strayed and whom Allah will make him stray you will not findfor him apath. 5/4/89. Waddoo lau takfuroona kama kafaroo fa takoona sawaa-an fa laa tattakhizoo minhum auliyaa-a hatta yuhaa- jiroo fee sabeelillahi t fa in tawallau fa khuzoohum waq- tuloohum hytho wajadtumoohum s wa laa tattakhizoo min - hum waleeyaun-wa laa naseera. Waddoo (They) want Takfuroon you too disbelieve Sawaa-an same, similar Tattahakhizoo you take Auliyaa-a friends Yuhaajiroo migrate Sabeel path Tawallau turn away Fakhuzoohum catch them Waqtuloohum and slay them Hytho where ever Wajad-tumoohum you find them Waleeyaunw friends Naseera help They want you to disbelieve same as they have disbelieved that you too become the same so donot take them friends till they donot get out in the path of Allah so if they turn away then you catch them and slay them where ever you find them and donot take from them friends nor for help. 5/4/90. Illal-lazeena yasiloona ila qaumim beinakum wa beinahum meethaaqun au jaaookum hasirat sudooro-hum un-yuqaatilookum au yuqaatiloo qaumahum t wa lau shaa-al-laho la-sallatahum aleikum fa-la-qaatilookum j fa-in –aatazalookum fa lam yuqaatilookum wa alqau ileikumus- salama l fa ma jaal-lal-laho lakum aleihim sabeela. Illa except Yasiloona they reach Qaumin nation

Meethaq pact, treaty, a binding Jaa-akum came to you, comes to you Sudoorohum in their chests Yuqaatilookum they fight Qaumahum their nation La-sallatahum surely were made to set upon you La-qaatilookum surely would have fought with you Aatazalookum withdraw from you Lam not Alqau put forth Salama peace Jaala made Sabeela path, way Except for those people who join a nation with whom there is a pact with you they came with a desire in their chests not to fight you nor their nation and if Allah had so willed had set them over your heads and they must fight you so if they withdraw from fighting you and put before you the peace treaty then Allah has not left for you a reason to find a way against them. 5/4/91. Satajidoona aakhiroona yureedoona un-yaamanoo -kum wa yaamanoo qaumahum t kullama ruddoo ilal-fitnati urkisoo feeha j fa-in lam yaatazilookum wa yulqoo ileiku- mus-salama wa yukaffoo eidiyahum fa khuzoo hum waqtu -loohum hytho thaqaftimoohum t wa ulaikum ja-alna la- kum aleihim sultanammubeena. Satajidoona surely you will find Aakhiroona some others Yureedoona desiring Yaamunookum you be in peace Kullama whenever Ruddoo comes to Fitna mischief, a trouble Urkisoo return Yaatazilookum they donot withdraw Yulqoo put forth Salama peace Yukaffoo hold Eideeyahum their hands Fakhuzoohum catch them Waqtuloohum and slay them Hytho where ever

Thaqiftumoohum find them Sultaanam witness Mubeena open, clear Surely you would find some other desiring for you be in peace and their nation too be in peace but when ever a trouble arises they turn back (mischievously) so if they donot withdraw from you and put forth the peace treaty and hold their hands then catch them and slay them where ever you find them and so these are the people against whom We have a clear sanction against them. 5/4/92. Wa ma kaana limominin un-yaqtula mominan illa khata-an j wa man qatala mominan khat-an fa tahreero raqbatim mominatiunw wa diyatum musallamatun ila ehli -hee illa unyassaddaqoo t fa-in kaana min qaumin aduw- wil-lakum wa huwa mominun fatahreero raqbatin momi- natin t wa in kaana min qaumin beinakum wa beinahum meethaaqun fa-deeyatum musallamatun ila ehlihee wa tah- reero raqbatin mominatin j fa man lam yajid fasayaamo shahreini mutatabieena z taubatam minal-laah t wa kaanal-laho aleeman hakeema. Kaana was Momin believer Yaqtula slays, kills Khat-an by mistake Tahreero free Raqba slave Diyatun compensation Musallamatun in full Ehlihee to his family Yas-saddaqoo forgive Adoowa enemy Meethaq a tie Yajid finds Siyaam fasts Shehreini two months Mutataabieena continuous with out a break Taubatan seeking the pardon And it is not for a believer that he will kill a beliver except by mistake and so who ever killed a believer by mistake shall free a slave among blievers and he will pay the compensation of the blood in full to his family people except if they forgive and if he was from the people among your enemies and he was a believer thus for him a believ -ing slave is to be freed and if he was from

the people with whom you had ties then you will pay the compensation to his family in full and free a believeing slave and he who does not have this he will fast for two months continuously this is how you seek pardon from Allah and Allah is all knowing and Wise. 5/4/93.Wa manyyaqtul mominan mutaammidan fa jazaa- ooho jahannamo khaalidan feeha wa ghadibal-laho aleihi wa la-anaho wa a-adda lahoo azaaban azeema. Man who Taqtul you kill Mutaamidan knowingly Jazaaooho his punishment Jahannam hell fire Khaalidan eternal dwelling Ghdzab anger La-aanaho cursed a-adda prepared azaaban torment aleema painful And he who kills a believer intentionally so his punishment is the hell fire wherein he will live for ever and Allah’s anger upon him and His curse and a huge torment is made ready for him. 5/4/94.Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo izaa dzarabtum fee sabeelillahi fa tabayyanoo wa laa taqooloo liman alqaa ileikumus-salaama lasta mominan j tabtaghoona ardzal hayaatad-duniya z fa indal-lahi maghaanimo katheeratun t kazaalika kuntum min qablo sa mannallaho aleikum fa tabayyanoo t innal-laha bima taamaloona khabeera. Dzarabtum go out Tabayyanoo find out Taqooloo you tell Liman who Alqaa put forth As-salama surrender Lasta you are not Mominan believer Tabtaghoo you look for Ardza benefit Hayaat life O people who believe if get out on earth in the cause of Allah and must investigate and donot tell for him who surrenders before you,

that your not a believer you are looking for the gains of the life of the world and with Allah there are abundant bounties like that you had been before (Islam) Thus Allah has done a great favour to you so you must investigate and indeed Allah knows what you do. 5/4/95. Laa yastawil qaaidoona minal momineena gheiro ulidzdzarari wal mujaahidoona fee sabeelil-lahi biamwaa- li-him wa anfusi-him t fadza-dzalal-lahul mujaahideena bi- amwaali-him wa anfusi-him alal qaaideena darajatan t wa kullan waadal-laho husna t wa fadz-dzal-lahul mujaahidee- -na alal qaaideena ajran azeema. Yastawil equal Qaaidoona sitting Ulil dzarar with excuse Mujaahidoona strivers, fighters Sabeel path, sake Amwaal wealth Anfusihim lives Fadzal-dzalal-laho Allah favoured Alal above Darajaat ranks Kullun all Waada promise Husna good Ajran azeema huge reward Those of the believers who stay sitting except for an excuse are not equal of those who are fighting in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives, Allah has favoured the strivers in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives over those of the sitting in ranks and for each Allah has promised good and Allah has favoured the strivers in His cause with richly returns. 5/4/96. Darajaatim-minho wa maghfirataunw-wa rahma t wa kaanal-laho Ghafoorar-Raheema. Darajaat ranka Maghfira forgiveness Rahma mercy There are ranks from Him and forgiveness and grace and Allah is most pardoning and Kind 5/4/97. Innal-lazeena tawaffahumul malaaikato zaalimee anfusihim qaaloo feema kuntum t qaaloo kunna mustadz- afeena

fil-ardzi t qaaloo alam takun ardzul-lahi waasiatan fa tuhaajiroo feeha t fa ulaaika mawahum jahannam(o) t wa saa-at maseera. Tawaffathum cause to die, take away the soul Malaika angels Zaalimee wrong deeds Anfusihim for them selves Feema in it Kuntum you ahd been Kunna we were Mustadzafeena weaker Waasiatun larger enough Tuhaajiroo so that you could migrate Mawahum place of stay, abode Saa-at very bad Maseera place Indeed those people whom the angels cause him to die who have wronged for themselves (they will ask) where had you been (They will reply) we had been weaker in the land said, wasnn’t Allah’s land was not larger enough so that you could migrate in it and these are those people whose abode is hell fire and it is a very bad place. 5/4/98. Illal mudtadz-afeena minar-rijaali wan-nisaai wal-wildaani laa yastateeoona heelataunw wa laa yastateeoona sabeela. Yastateeoona capability Heelataun means Sabeela the route, the way, path etc. Except the weaker sections among men and women and the children who neither have the means and capabilities nor do they know of the way. 5/4/99. Fa ulaaika asal-laho any-yafuwa unhum t wa kaa- nal-laho afoowan ghafoora. Asa likely, possibily Yafuwa give up, forgive Afoowan Forgiving Ghafoora Pardoning These are those people hopefully that He will forgive them and Allah is so forgiving and pardoning. 5/4/100. Wa man uhaajir fee sabeelil-lahi yajid filardzi muraaghman katheeraunw wasaa-a(tan) t wa man-yyakh- ruj mimbeitihee muhaajiran ilal-lahi wa rasoolihee thum- ma yudrikhul

mauto fa qad waqa-aa ajrohoo alal-lahi t wa kaanal-laho Ghafoorar-Raheema. Yajid finds Muraaghiman migrating Katheeratn lots of Wasa-aa space Yakhruj gets out Beitihee his house Muhaajiran migrating Thumma then Yadrikoho finds him Mauto death Waqa-aa got due, got reserved Ajrohoo his reward And he who migrates in the cause of Allah will find on earth abundant fortune and space and he who gets out from his house migrating in the cause of Allah and towards His messenger then reaches to him his death so his rewards got reserved with Allah and Allah being oft forgiving and Kind. 5/4/101. Wa izaa dzarabtum fil ardzi fa leisa aleikum juna- hun un taqsuroo minas-salaati (s/q) in khiftum un-yyaftina- kumul-lazeena kafaroo t innal kaafireena kaanoo lakum Aduwwam-mubeena. Dzarabtum get out (for a combat) Junahan no harm done Taqsuroo cut short Salaata prayers Khiftum fear Yuftinakum they put you in trouble Adoo nenemy And if you get out on earth (for a combat) there is no harm upon you if you cut short your paryers if you fear from those of the disbelievers may put you in troble indeed the disbelievers are the clear ene- mies to you.. 5/4/102. Wa izaa kunta feehim fa aqamta lahumus-salaata faltaqum taaifatum minhum maa-aka wal yaakhuzoo asliha -tahum fa iza sajadoo fal yakoonoo waraa-ikum s wal taati taaifatun ukhra lam yusalloo fal yusalloo maa-aka wal yaakhuzoo hizrahum wa aslihatahum j waddal-lazeena kafaroo lau taghfuloona un aslihatikum wa amta-atikum fa yameeloona aleikum mailataunw waahidatan t wa laa juna- ha aleikum in kaana bikum zama-im266

mim-matarin au kuntum maradza un tadza-oo aslihatakum wa khuzoo hizra -kum t innal-laha a-adda lil kaafireena azaaban muheena. Kunta you were Aqamta you will stand Taqum you stand Taaifatum group Maa-aka with you Yaakhuzoo take, pickup Aslihatahum arms Sajadoo prostrated Yakoonoo be, Waraaikum behind you Taati replace Ukhra the other Lam yusalloo who has not yet prayed Hizrahum their thing belongingss Wadda want Taghfuloona forget Amtaatikum belongings Yameeloona attack Meilatan strong attack Wahida one Junaha no harm done Zamaim hurt Matarin matarin Tadza-oo drop down And if you were present among them and stood for performing the prayers for them so they will stand a group of (half) them for the prayer and the rest will pick up the arms and when they have performed the prostration will get behind of you and those who have not made the prayer will replace them and will make their prayer with you and (the group that has finished their prayer) shall pickup the arms and their belonging, Those who reject faith want if you forgetof your arms and belongings and leave unprotected) shall make a sudden and full fledged attack upon you, And there is no harm done for one who is troubled with rain or is sick may drop down his arms and pick up his things indeed Allah has prepared for the disbelievers a torment disgraceful. 5/4/103.Fa izaa qadzaitumus-salaata fazkurul-laha qiyaa- maunwwa quoodaunw-wa ala junoobikum j fa izaa at- maanantum fa

aqeemus-salaata j innas-salaata kaanat alal momineena kitaabammauqoota. Qadzitumu offered Slaata prayer Fazkuroo remember Qiyaamam standing Quoodan sitting Junoobikum sides, while lying down Atmamtum reace to state of peace Kitaabam prescribed Mauqoota in its due timings Thus if you offered your prayers so you remember Allah standing and sitting and while lying down so if you reach the place of peace then establish your (regular) prayers indeed the prayer has been prescribed in its due timmings. 5/4/104. Wa laa tahinoo fibtighaail qaumi t in takoonoo taalamoona fa innahum yaalamoona kama taalamoona j wa tarjoona minal-lahi ma laa yarjoon t wa kaanal-laho Aleeman Hakeema Tahinoo weaken Ibtighaai desires Takoonoo you were Taalamoona hurt Yaalamoon they are also hurt Tarjoona you hope Laa yarjoon they donot hope Aleeman knowing Hakeema Wise And donot get weaken for the desires of your people if you have suffered injuries so they too have sutained hurts same you haveand what you expect from Allah where as they do not hope soand Allah is All Knowing and Wise. 5/4/105. Inna anzalna ileikal kitaaba bil huqqi li-tahkuma beinannaasi bima araakal-laho t wa laa takul-lil khaai- neena khaseema. Tahkuma judge Khaineena dishonestly Khaseema quarrelers Indeed We sent down towards thee The Book in truth that you judge between the people through which Allah’s has shown you and be one of the dishonest quarrelers people.

5/4/106. Was-taghfiril-laha t innal-laha kaana Ghafoorar- Raheema Istaghfur seek Allah’s pardon And seek forgiveness from Allah indeed Allah is oft forgiving kind 5/4/107. Wa laa tujaadil unil-lazeena yakhtanoona anfusa- hum t innal-laha laa yuhibbo man kaana khawanan atheema Tujaadil argue, stand in support Yakhtanoona wrong doers Khwwanan dishonest And donot stand supporting those who are the wrong doers for themselves indeed Allah does not love him who is dis-honest quarrelsome. 5/4/108. Yastakhfoona minan-naasi wa laa yastakhfoona minal-lahi wa huwa maahum iz yubayyitoona ma laa yardza minal qauli t wa kaanal-laho bima yaamaloona muheeta. Yastakhfoona they hide Yubayyitoona they were talking in the night (Bayatan = night) Laa yardza they donot agree for Muheeta surrounding They hide from the people and they cannot hide from Allah and He is with them when they were talking secretly in the night that which they donot agree from the discussions and Allah is surrounding them for the deeds they do. 5/4/109. Haa anttum haaulaai jaadaltum fil hayaatud-dunia fa man-yyujaadilul-laha unhum yaumal qiyaamati am-man -yyakoono aleihim wakeela. Haaulaai these people Hayaat life Yakoonoo shall be Wakeela protector O ya, you can argue for them in the life of the world so who will be there to argue with Allah on the Day of Judg- ment who will the protector upon them 5/4/110. Wa man-yyamal soo-an au yazlim anfusahoo thu- mma yastaghfiril-laha yajidil-laha ghafoorar-Raheema. Soo-an sinned Yazlim wronged Thumma then

Yastaghfir seeks pardon Yajid he will find And he who had sinned or has done wrong then he seeks pardon shall find Allah oft forgiving and Merciful 5/4/111. Wa man-yyaksib ithman fa innama yaksibohoo ala nafsihee t wa kaanal-laho Aleeman Hakeema. Yaksib earns Ithman sins Yaksibohoo earns it Nafsihee himself And who will earn sins so indeed he earns it for himself and Allah is All knowing and Wise. 5/4/112. Wa man-yyaksib khatee-atan au ithman thumma yarmi bihee baree-an faqadihtamala bohtaanaunw-wa ithmam-mubeena. Khateeatan wrong deed, Yarmi throws away Bareean to get himself free from the blame Ehtamala taken over upon himself Bohtaan blame And he who earns a wrong deed or a sin then he throws the blame upon some one else to get himself freed from the blame Thus he has taken upon himself the load of a huge crime and a manifest sin. 5/4/113. Wa lau laa fadzlul-lahi aleika wa rahmatohoo laha -ammat taaifatum minhum unyadzullooka t wa maa yadzi- lloona illa anfusahum wa ma yadzuroonaka min shei-in t wa anzal-laho aleikal kitaaba wal hikmata wa allamaka ma lam takun taalam t wa kaana fadzlul-lahi aleika azeema. Fadzl favour Lahammat had tried upon Taaifatum group Yadzulloka stray Yadzurroonaka harm you Allamaka taught you Taalam you knew And it was not there the favour of Allah with you a group of the people surely had strayed you and they donot stray but for themselves and they will harm you nothing and sent down upon thee the book and wisdom and taught you which you did not know and it was a great favour from Allah upon thee.

5/4/114. Laa kheira fee katheerim-min najwahum illa man amara bisadaqatin au maaroofin au islaahim beinan-naasi t wa man-yyafal zaalka-btighaa-a mardzaatil-lahi fa saufa nooteehee ajran azeema. Laa kheira No good Katheerim most of the Najwahum secret conversation Sadaqatin charities Maaroofin virtues Islaahim correction or discipline Yafal he will do Ibtighaa-a desiring Mardzaatillahi pleasure of Allah Fa-saufa for sure Nooteehee We will give him Ajran azeema great reward There is no good in most of their secret conversations except one who commands for charities or for good deeds or establishing discipline amongst the people and he who does this to earn Allah’s pleasure so for sure We will give him great reward. 5/4/115. Wa man-yyushaaqiqir-rasoola mim baadi ma taba -yyana lahumul-huda wa yattabi gheiras-sabeelil mominee -na nuwallihee ma tawalla wa nuslihee jahannam t wa saa-at maseera. Yushaaqiq opposes Tabayyana revealed Huda the guidance Yattabi he follows Gheira other than Sabeel the path Nuwallihim We give him in the protection Ma tawalla whom he likes to be with Nuslihee We will fetch him Jahannama hell fire Saa-at very bad Maseera a place And he who opposes the messenger after the guidance has been revealed to him and they follow the paths of the non believers we give in the protection whom he likes to be with and We will fetch him to the hell fire and it is a very bad place.


5/4/116.Innal-laha laa yaghfiro unyushraka bihee wa yagh-firo ma doona zaalika limayyashaa-o t wa manyyushrik bil -lahi fa qad dzalla dzalaalam baeeda. Laa yaghfiro Doesnot pardon Yushraka who associates divinities Yaghfiro He will forgive Doona besides Zaalika this Limanyyashaao whom He will Manyyushrik who will associate with Allah divinities Dzalla lost stray Dzalaalam stray Baeeda far away Indeed Allah will not pardon him who associates partners with him (an adulterer) and will forgive anyone nesides this whom He will and he who associates divinities with Allah has gone far away stray. 5/4/117. In yyad-oona min doonihee illa inaatha j wa in- yyadoona illa sheitaanam mareeda. Yad-oona call for Doonihee besides Him Inaatha the women Mareeda out cast They call for besides Him, but the women and they call but for the stan out cast. 5/4/118. Laanatul-lah m wa qaala la-attakhizanna min ibaa -dika naseebam mafroodza. Laanatul-lah Allah’s curse Lat-takhizanna surely I will take away Ibaadika from Thy servants Naseebam share Mafroodza fixed Allah cursed him, and (he) said (The satan) surely I will take away from Thy servants a share fixed. 5/4/119. Wa la-udzillannahum wa la-umanniyannahum wa laaamurannahum fa la-ubattikunna azaanal anaami wa aamurannahum fa la-yughayyi-runna khalaqal-lah t wa manyyattakhizish-sheitana waleeyam-min doonil-lahi fa- qad khasira khusranam mubeena. Udzillannahum stray them, lead them stray

Umanniyannahum I will trap them in false hopes and desires Aamurannahum I will command them Ubattikunna they will tear Azaan ears An-aami cattles Yattakhiz takes Waleeyam friend Khasira lost Khusran loss And surely I will stray them and surely I will trap them in false hopes and desires and surely I will command them thus they will tear off the ears of the cattles and I will co- mmand them so for sure they will change the creation of Allah and he who will take the satan his friend besides Allah so for sure he will suffer a loss manifest. 5/4/120. Yaidohum wa yumanneehim t wa ma yaido- humushsheitaano illa ghuroora. Yaidohum promises them Yumanneehim he traps them in vain desires Yaidohum he promises them Ghuroora an illusion He makes with the promises and gives them hopes and the promise of the satan to them is but an illusion. 5/4/121. Ulaaika maawahum jahannamo z wa laa yaji- doona unha maheesa. Ulaaika these are those Maawaahum their abode Jahannam hell fire Yajidoona they will find Maheesa an escape These are those whose abode is the hell fire and they will not find an escape from it. 5/4/122. Wal-lazeena aamanoo wa amilus-saalihaati sa-nudkhilohum jannatin tajree min tahtihal anhaaro khaali- deena feeha abada t waadal-lahi huqqa t wa man asdaqo minal-lahi qeela. Sanudkhilhum surely We will make him enter Jannatin Paradise, The gardens Tajree flowing Tahat under meath Anhaar rivers

Khaalideena staying, living in Abada for ever Waada promise Asdaq truer Qeela word, statement And those who believed and did the righteous deeds surely We will make them enter the Paradise under neath are flowing the rivers where in they will live for ever True is Allah’s promise and who could be truer in his words than Allah. 5/4/123. Leisa biamaaniyyikum wa laa amaaniyyi ahlil kitaabi t man-yyamal sooan-yyujza bihee l wa laa yajid lahoo min doonillahi waleeyaoon wa laa naseera. Amaaniyi vain desires Yaamal does Soo-an wrong Yujza rewarded Yajid find Waleeyan friend Min doon brsides Naseera help Neither it is for your vain desires or the vain desires of the people of the book, he who does wrong shall be rewarded accordingly and he will not find for him a friend or a help besides Allah. 5/4/124. Wa man-yyamal minas-saalihaati min zakarin au untha wa huwa mominun fa-ulaaika yadkhuloonal jannata wa laa yuzlamoona naqeera. Saalihat righteous Zakarin males Untha women Mominan believer Ulaaika these are those Yadkhiloona they shall be entered Yuzlamoona they will not be wronged Naqeera not the least And who does righteous from men or women and is from the believers so these are those We will make them enter The Paradise and not the least of the injustice shall be done. 5/4/125. Wa man ahsano deenam mimman aslama wajha-hoo lillahi wa huwa mohsinunw wat-taba-a millata Ibraaheema haneefa t wat-takhazal-laho Ibraaheema khaleela.

Ahsan better Deenam path Mimman than him Aslama surrendered, submitted Wajhahoo his face, himself Lil-lah for Allah Mohsinun righteous Taba follow, obey Millata tradition Haneefa straight Takhaza took Khaleela friend And who could be better in his religion thatn the one who submitted himself befor Allah and he is righteous too and follows the traditions of (Prohp.) Abraheem which was straight and Allah had taken him as His friend. 5/4/126. Wa lil-lahi ma fis-samaawaati wa ma fil-ardzi wa kaanallaho bikulli shein muheeta. Samawaat skies Ardz earth Muheeta surrounding occupying from all around And to Allah belongs what exists between the skies and the earth and Allah is surrounding each and every thing. 5/4/127. Wa yastaftoonaka fin-nisaai t quli-laho yufteekum feehinna (la) wa ma yutla aleikum fil-kitaabi fil-yataman-nisaai allatee laa tootoonahunna ma kutiba lahunna wa targhaboona untankihoohun- na wal mustadzafeena minal wildaani (la) wa un taqoomoo lil-yataama bil-qist t wa ma tafaloo min kheirin fa innallaha kaana bihee aleema. Yastaftoonaka they ask you for your instructions Nisaai women Yufteekum instructs you Feehinna in their matter Yutla recited Yataaman-nissai orphan girls Al-latee which Laa-tootoonahunna you do not give them Targhaboona which you desire Tankihoohunna you marry them Mustadzafeena weaker



And they ask you for the instructions regarding women Tell Allah instructs you regarding them and what is recited to you from the book for the orphan women whom you donot give which is written for them and you want to marry with them and the weaker section from the children and that you stand in the matter of the orphans with justice and what ever good you will do Thus indeed Allah will know it. 5/4/128. Wa in imraatun khaafat mim baaliha nushoozan au eiraadzan fa laa junaha aleihima un-yusliha beinahum sulha t wassulho kheir t wa uhdziratil anfus-shuhha wa in tohsinoo wa tattaqoo fa innal-laha bima taamaloona khabeera. Imratun a woman Khaafat fears Baaliha husband Nushooziha ill behaviors Eiraadzan separation Laa junaha no harm done Yusliha reconciliation Uhdziratil occupied Anfus a soul Shuhha greed, miserness Tohsinoo do good Tattaqoo avoid evils Khabeer knows And if a woman fears her husband’s ill behavior or a separation then there is no harm if reconciliation is done between them and reconciliation is always good and a soul is always occupied by the greed and if you do good and observe piety so Allah knows what you do. 5/4/129. Wa lan tastaeeoo un taadiloo beinan-nisaai wa lau harastum fa laa tameeloo kullal meili fa tazarooha kal muallaqati t wa in tuslihoo wa tattaqoo fa innal-laha kaana ghafoorar Raheema. Lan Absolutely not Tastaeeoo cannot Taadiloo do the justice Beina between Lau harastum even if you wish to do so Tameeloo bend

Kullal meili totally Tazarooha leave Muallaqati hanging Tuslihoo mending Tattaqoo fear And you can not do the justice between the women even if you want to do so so donot bend down towards one totally and leave the other one hanging and if you mend your attitude and fear (Allah) so Allah is oft forgiving and merciful. 5/4/130. Wa in-yyatafarraqa yughnil-laho kullam min sa-atihee t wa kaanal-laho Waasian-Hakeema. Yatafarraqa seperated Yughni enrich them Kullam each of them Sa-atihee capacity Waasian wast Hakeema Wise And if they are separated Allah will make them Inde -pendent of each other with His bounties and Allah is bountiful and Wise. 5/4/131, Wa lil-lahi ma fis-samawaati wa ma fil ardzi t wa laqad wassainal-lazeena ootulkitaaba min qablikum wa iyyakum anittaqul-laha t wa in takfuroo fa inna lil-lahi ma fis-samawaati wa ma filardzi t wa kaanal-laho Ghaneean Hameeda. Wassaina We instructed Ootoo given Kitaaba the scriptures, the Books Qablikum before thee Iyyakum you too Ittaqil-laha fewar Allah Takfuroo deny, reject Ghaneean needless Hameeda praise worthy And everything that exhists between the skies and the earth belongs to Allah and We had instructed those who were given the scriptures before you and for you too that fear Allah and if you deny then indeed every thing that exhists in between skies and the earth belongs to Allah and Allah is needless and praise worthy. 5/4132.Wa lil-lahi ma fis-samawaati wa ma fil-ardzi wa kafa billahi Wakeela

Kafa enough Wakeela the protector And that exists in between the skies and earth belongs to Allah and Allah is enough the protector. 5/4/133. In-yyashaa-a yuzhibkum ayyohan-naso wa yaati biaakhireena t wa kaanal-laho ala zaalika Qadeera. In-yyasha if He will so Yuzhibkum remove you Ayyohan-nas O people Yaati bring Biaakhireena another Zaalika this Qadeera capable If He will so may remove you O people and bring another in your place and Allah is capable for this. 5/4/134. Man kaana yureedo thawaabad-duniya fa-indal-lahi thawaabad-duniya wal-aakhirati t wa kaanal-laho Sameeam Baseera. Yureedo wants Thwaab benefits, fortune, rewards Aakhirat world after Sameeam All Hearing Baseera All seeing Who wants the fortune of the life of the world Thus with Allah is the bounties of the world and after and Allah all Hearing and Seeing. 5/4/135. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo koonoo qawwaameena bilqisti shuhdaa-a lil-lahi wa lau ala anfusikum awil waalideini wal aqrabeena j inyakun ghaneean au faqeeran fal-laho aula bihima fa laa tattabioo-ul hawaa untaadiloo j wa in talwoo au tauridzoo fa innal-laha kaana bima taamaloona kha- beera. Koonoo be Qawwameena standing firmly Bilquist in justice Lau kana if it were Anfusikum your self Waalideini your father Aqrabeena near relatives Inyakun he may be

Ghaneean rich Faqeeran poor Aula protector Bihima of them Tattabioo follow Hawwa-ohum their desires Talwoo judge Tauridzoo turn away Taamaloona you do Khabeera all Knowing O people who believe stand firmly in justice a witness for Allah even if it is against your self or father and your near relatives he may be rich or poor so Allah is their protector so donot obey the desires that you donot do the justice so if you accept or turn away so indeed Allah is aware what you do. 5/4/136. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamamanoo aaminoo bil-lahi wa rasoolihee wal kitaabil-lazee nazzala ala rasoolihee wal kitaabillazee anzala min qablo t wa man-yyakfur bil-lahi wa malaaikatihee wa kutubi-hee wa ruslihee wal yaumil aakhiri faqad dzalla dzalaalam baeeda. Aaminoo Believe Rasoolihee Messemger Al-lazee which Unzila sent down Qabl before Man-yakfur who rejects Malaaika angels Yaumil aakhir The Day of Judgment Faqad Fa= Thus Qad=past tense Dzalla stray (verb) Dzalaalam stray (noun) Baeeda far away O people who believe believe in Allah and His messenger and The Book sent down upon His messenger and The Books sent down before and he who denies Allah and His angels and His Books and His messengers and The Day of Judgment so he has gone stray far far away. 5/4/137. Innal-lazeena aamanoo thumma kafaroo thumma aamanoo thummaz-daadoo kufral lam yakunil-laho liyaghfira lahum wa laa li-yahdiyahum sabeela.

Thumma then Azdaadoo increased further Lam never and ever Yakun ne Yaghfira forgive Lahum for them Yahdiyahum guide Sabeela path Indeed those who believed then disbelieved then believed again then they increased in their disbelief never Allah will ever forgive them nor shall He guide them on to the path. 5/4/138. Bash-shril munaafiqeena bianna lahum azaaban aleema. Bash-shir convey the glad tiding Munaafiqeena hippocrites Azaabun torment Aleem painful Give the glad tidings to the hippcrites that for them is a painful torment 5/4/139. Al-lazeena yattakhizoonal kaafireena auli- yaa-a min doonil momineena t ayabtaghoona inda -humul izzata fa innalizzata lil-lahi jameea. Yattakhizoona take Auliyaa-a their friends Min doon besides Ayabtaghoona Do they want Izzata respects Jameea all, total Those who take the disbelievers their friends besides the believers, Do they want to earn respects from them Thus aindeed all the respects belong to Allah. 5/4/140. Wa qad nazzala aleikum fil-kitaabi un izaa sameitum aayatil-lahi yukfaro biha wa yastahza-o biha fa laa taq-udoo maaahum hatta yakhoodzoo fee hadeethin gheirihee innakum izammithlohum t innal-laha jaamiul-munaafiqeena wal kaafireena fee jahnnama jamee-a. Nazzala sent down Samaitum recite Yastahzio biha make joke of it Taq-udoo You sit

Hatta till Yakhoodzoo take or change Hadeethin topic Gherihee another Innakum indeed you Izan if Mithlohum alike, one of them Jaamiul assembling Jameea all together And revealed unto you in the Book that if you recite Allah’s verses then they reject to believe and make jokes of it so Donot sit with them till they donot change the topic and if you continue to be with them you are alike them indeed Allah will assemble the hippocrites and the disbelievers in the hell fire together. 5/4/141. Al-lazeena yatrabbasoona bikum j fa in kaana lakum fathum minal-lahi qaaloo alam nakum maakum wa in kaana lilkaafireena naseebun qaloo alam nastahviz aleikum wa namnakum minal momi- neen t fal-laho yahkumo beinakum yaumal qiyaamati wa lanyyajalal-laho lil-kaafireena alal momi- neena sabeela. Yatrabbasoona waiting Bikum with you Fathun victory Qaaloo said Alam interrogative Nakum were we not? Maa-akum with you Naseebum share (of victory) Nastahviz protected Namnaakum prevented, saved Yahkumo decide Yaj-al He made Sabeela a way to, an access upon Those who who wait for you so if there has been a victory for you from Allah then they will tell were we not with you and if it had bee a share of victory for the disbelievers the would tell them Did not we protected you and saved you from the believers So Allah will decide between them on the Day of Judgment and never Allah has made no way for the disbelievers upon the believers.


Section 21 5/4/142. Innal munaafiqeena yukhaadioonal-laha wa huwa khaadiohum j wa iza qaamoo ilas-salati qaa- moo kusaala yuraaoonan-nasa wa laa yazkuroonal-laha illa qaleela. Munafiqeena hippocrites Yukhaadioona cheat, deceive Qaamoo stand Salaat prayer Kusaala lazily Yuraoona showing Nasa the people Yazkuroona remembering Qaleela afew Indeed the hippocrites want to cheat Allah but they get cheated for themselvesand if they stand for the prayer stand lazily just to show the people and not remembering Allah except afew. 5/4/143. Muzabzabeena beina zaalika laa ila haaulai wa laa ila haaulai t wa man-yyudzlil-laho fa lan taji- da lahoo sabeela. Muzabzabeena confused Beina in between Zaalika this haaulaai this, that Yudzlil rejected for guidance Tajida you will find Confused between the two neither on this side nor on to the other sideand who Allah has rejected for guidance you willl not find for him a path. 5/4/144. Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa tattakhi- zul kaafireena auliyaa-a min doonil momineena t a-tureedoona un tajaloo lil-lahi aleikum sultanam mubeena. Tattakhizoo take, Auliyaa-a friends Min doon besides Tajaloo you will make Mubeena clear O people who believe donot take the infidels your friends besides the believers Do you want to leave a clear reason with Allah against you.

5/4/145. Innal munaafiqeena fid-darkil asfali min- an-naar j fa-lan tajida lahum naseera. Darkil Pit Asfali lower most Naar the fire Naseera any help Indeed the hippocrites are in the lower most depths of the fire and you will not find for them any help. 5/4/146. Illal-lazeena taboo wa aslahoo wa aatasi- moo bil-lahi wa akhlasoo deenahum lil-lahi fa ulaai ka maa-al momineena t wa saufa yootil-lahul momi- neena ajran azeema. Taboo regretted and saught pardon Aslahoo mended Aatasimoo hold firmly Akhlasoo purify Saufa for sure Yootee He will give Ajran reward Except those who regretted and sought forgiveness mended their behaviors and purified their religion for Allah so these are with the believers and for sure Allah will give the believers ajran azeema 5/4/147. Ma yafalul-laho bi-azaabi-kum in-shakar- tum wa aamantum t wa kaanal-laho shaakiran aleema. Yafal cause to Bi-azaabin with the punishment Shakartum return thanks Aamantum believed Shakiran ever appreciating Aleema All knowing Allah is not going to punish you if you are thankful to Him and believe and Allah is ever appreciating and All Knowing. 5/4/148. Laa yuhibbul-laho jahra bis-sooim-minal qauli illa man zulima t wa kaanal-laho sameean aleema. Yuhibb loves, approves Jahra loudly Sooin bad Qaul a talk Sameean All Hearing

Allah does not approve the utterance of harsh words except for him who was wronged and Allah has been AllHearing and All Knowing. 5/4/149. In tubdoo kheiran au tukhfooho au taafoo un sooin fa inallaha kaana afoowan qadeera. Tubdoo show Tukhfoo hide Taafoo forgive Afoowan Forgiver Qadeera appreciating If you show a good deed or hide it or forgive an evil Foe indeed Allah is ever forgiving and appreciating. 5/4/150. Innal-lazeena yakfuroona bil-lahi wa rusli- hee wa yureedoona anyufarriqoo beinal-lahi wa rus -lihee wa yaqooloona nomino bibaadziuw-wa nak-furo bibaadz wa yureedoona unyyattakhizoo beina zaalika sabeela. Yakfuroona deny, disbelieve, reject Yureedoona they want Anyyufarriqoo divide, Beina in between Yaqooloona they say Nomino we believe Bibaadz some Nakfuro we disbelieve Yattakhaizoo they take Sabeela path Indeed those who disbelieve Allah and His mess- enger and they want divide between Allah and His messenger and they say we believe some and reject some and they want to take a path between the two. 5/4/151. Ulaaika humul-kaafiroona haqqa j wa aatadna lilkaafireena azaabam-muheena. Haqqa in fact, in truth Aatadna We have prepared Muheena of disgrace These are of those who are the disbelievers in truth and We have prepared for the disbelieveers the tor -ments of disgrace.


5/4/152. Wal-lazeena aamano bil-lahi wa ruslihee wa lam yufarriqoo beina ahdim-minhum ulaaika saufa yooteehim ujoorahum t wa kaanal-laho Ghafoorar Raheema. Ahdim anuone Minhum of them Saufa for sure Yooteehim they will be given Ujoorahum their rewards And thosepeople who believed Allah and His messenger and donot divide between anyone of them these are those who for sure will give their rewards and Allah being oft forgiving and Merciful 5/4/153. Yas-aloka ahlul-kitaabi untunazzila aleihim kitaabam minas-samaai fa qad sa-aloo Moosa akbar min zaalika fa qaaloo arinal-laha jahratan fa akhazat -humus-saaiqato bizulmihim j summat-takhazul-ijla mim-baadi ma jaa-athumul bayinaato fa afauna un zaalika j wa aateina Moosa sultaanam-mubeena. Yas-aloka they ask you Tunazzila get for them sent down Samaai sky Saloo asked Moosa Moses Akbar bigger Arina show us Jahratan infront Akhazat took Saaiqato scream, loud sound Bizulmihim for their sins Ijla calf Jaa-athum came to them Bayyinaato clear signs Afauna forgave Sultaanam evidence Mubeena clear The people of the scripture ask you to get a book being brought down for them from the sky so they had asked earlier from Moosa yet bigger things than this so they said show us Allah in front so a scream had caught them up for their sin then they took the calf for god after having received the clear signs so We forgave them for this and gave Moosa clear signs.


5/4/154. Wa rafaana fauqahumut-Toora bi-meethaa- qihim wa qulna lahum udkhulul baaba sujjadaunw wa qulana lahum laa taadoo fis-Sabti wa akhazna minhum meethaaqan ghaleeza. Rafana raised Fauqahum upon them Toor Mount Toor (related for revelations to Moosa Meethaaqahum oath, covenant Udkhul enter Baaba door Sujjadaun prodtrating Taadoo transgress Sabti Saturday Akhazna We took Ghaleeza firm And We raised Mountain Toor above them ( above their heads) for the covenant with them and We said to them enter the door prostrating and We said to them donot transgress Saturday and We had taken from them a firm coath. 5/4/155. Fa bima naqdzi-him meethaaqa-hum wa kufri-him bi aayaatil-lahi wa qatlihimul-ambiyaa-a bigheiri huqqiunw-wa qaulihim quloobona ghulf t bal taba-al-laho aleiha bikufri-him fa laa yuminoona illa qaleela. Naqdzihim breaking Kufr rejection Ambiyaa-a prophets Bigheiri without Huq a reason, unjustly Quloobona our hearts Ghulf enclosed Tabaa sealed Qaleela a few So for breaking their covenant and rejecting Allah’s verses and slaying the prophets for no justice and their telling our hearts are enclosed No Allah has sealed their hearts for their rejection so they will not believe except for a few. 5/4/156. Wa bikufrihim wa qaulihim ala Mariyama buhtaanan azeema. Buhtaanan a blame Ghaleeza ugliest

Maryam virgin Merry And for their disbelief and for their speak of an ugliest blame upon Mariyam. 5/4/157. Wa qaulihim inna qatalnal Maseeha Eisa-bna Mariyama rasoolul-laahi j wa ma qatalooho wa ma salabooho wa laakin shubbiha lahum t wa innal-lazeenakh-talafoo feehee lafee shakkimminho t ma lahum bihee min ilmin illat-tibaa-az-zanni j wa ma qatalooho yaqeena. Qatalna we killed Eisa Jesus Abna the son Rasoolul-lahi Allah’s mesenger Salbooho crucified Lakin but Shubbiha doubtful Allazeena those Akhtalafoo differ Feehee in it Lafee surely they are Shakkim doubt Tibaazfollow Zanna guess work And their telling indeed we killed Eisa son of Mariyam the messenger of Allah and neither they slay him nor they crucified him but We made jt chaos for them and those people who differ in this matter are surely in doubt about him they donot have any knowledge about it except their guess work and for sure they didnot kill him. 5/4/158. Bar-rafahul-laho ileihee t wa kaanal-laho azeezan Hakeema. Bal Nay Rafa raised Ileihee towards Him Azeezan Greatest Hakeema Wise Nay Allah raised him tords Him (in his flash and bones) and Allah is Greatest and Wise 5/4/159. Wa im-min ahlil kitaabi illa la-yuminan-na bihee qabla mautihee j wa yaumal-qiyaamati ya- koono aleihim shaheeda.

La-yuminunna Qabla Mautihee Li-yakoonoo Aleihim Shaheeda

surely will believe before his death to be upon them a witness

And none from the people of the scripture but comes to believe before his death and on the Day of Judgment he (Jesus pbuh) shall be a witness against them. 5/4/160. Fa bizulmin minal-lazeena Haadoo harram -na aleihim tayyabaatin uhillat lahum wa bi-saddi- him unsabeelil-lahi katheera. Bi-zulmihim for their wrong deeds Haadoo Jews (yahoodee) Harramna We made it prohibitted Aleihim upon them Uhillat lawful Saddihim their preventing Sabeelil-lahi Allah’s path Katheera lots of, plenty, numerous And for their wrong deeds by those of the Jews We prohibited upon them the good things which were lawful for them (earlier) and their preventing of lots of people from the path of Allah 5/4/161. Wa akhzihumur-riba wa qad nuhoo unho wa aklihim amwaalan-naasi bil-baatil t wa aatadna lil-kaafireena minhum azaaban aleema. Akhzihim their taking of Riba usery Nuhoo prohibitted Aklihim their eating of Amwaal wealth Aatadna prepared Minhum of them And their taking of the usery and which was already prohibited to them and eating of the wealth of the people cheatingly and we prepared for the disbelievers of them painful torments. 5/4/162. Laakinir-raasikhoona fil-ilmi minhum wal-mominoona yoominoona bima unzila ileika wa ma unzila min qablika wal288

muqeemeenas-salaata wal- mootoonaz-zakaata wal-mominoona bil-lahi wal- yomil aakhiri t ulaaika sanooteehim ajran azeema. Laakin but Raasikhoona knowlegible Muqeemeena establishers Salaata prayers Mootoona giver Sanooteehim surely We will give But those of the knowlegible people among them and the believers believe that is revealed unto thee and that which was revealed before thee and those who establish prayers and the give the (compulsory) charities and the believers in Allah and the Day of Judgment these are of those for sure We will give them the great rewards. 5/4/163. Inna auheina ileika kama auheina ila Noo- hiuw-wannabee-yeena mimbaadihee j wa auheina ila Ibraaheema wa Ismaaeela wa Ishaaqa wa Yaqoo- ba wal-asbaati wa Eisaa wa Ayyooba wa yoonusa wa Haaroona wa Suleimana j wa aateina Daaooda Zaboora Auheina We revealed Kama like Nooh Noha pbuh Ibraaheema Abrahaam pbuh Ismeela Samuel pbuh Ishaaqa Isac pbuh Yaqooba Jacob pbuh Asbaati progeny Eisa Jesu pbuh Ayyooba Job pbuh Yoonus Jonah pbuh Haaroona Haron pbuh Suleimana Solomon pbuh Aateina gave Daaooda David pbuh Zuboor psalms (scripture) Indeed We revealed towards thee (O Mohammad saw) like We had revealed towards Nooh and the prophets after him and We revealed towards Ibra- heem and Ismaeel and Ishaaqa and Yaqoobq and his peogeny and Eisa and Ayyooba and yunus and Haaroon and sulemana and We gave Daood Zaboor.

5/4/164. Wa ruslan qad qasasnahum aileika min qablo wa ruslam lam naqsushum aleika t wa kallam-al-laho Moosa takleema. . Ruslan The messengers Qasasnahum narrated their stories Lam naqsus did not narrate Kallama talked Takleema a direct talk And the messengers we narrated to thee and some We did not nrrrte upon thee and Allah talked to Moosa directly. 5/4/165. Ruslam mubash-shreena wa munzareena li-al-laa yakoona lin-nasi alal-lahi hujja m baadar-rusli wa kaanal-laho Azeezan Hakeema. Ruslam messengers Mubash-shreena glad tiders Munzareena warning Laa yakoona there should not be Hujja a reason to arhue The messengers with glad tidings and warnings so that the people should not have a reason for Allah to argue after the messengers and Allah was greatest and Wise. 5/4/166. Laakinal-laho yash-hado bima anzala ileika anzalaho biilmihee j wal-malaaikato yash-hadoon t wa kafa bil-lahi shaheeda. Laakin but Yash-had witnesses Anzala sentdown Ilmihee His knowledge Malaaika angels Kafa enough But Allah witnesses that what is sent down upon thee Allah has revealed from His knowledge and the angels witness and Allah is enough the witness. 5/4/167Innal-lazeena kafaroo wa saddoo unsabeelil-lahi qad dzalloo dzalaalam baeeda. Saddoo stop, prevent Sabeel path Dzalloo staryed Dzalaalam stray Baeeda far far away

Inthose who disbelieved and prevent from Allah’s path they have strayed far far away stray. 5/4/168. Innal-lazeena kafaroo wa zalamoo lam yakunil-laho liyaghfira lahum wa laa liyahdiyaahum tareeqa. Zalamoo did wrong Yaghfira forgive Yahdiyahum guide them Tareeqa the path Indeed those who disbelieved and did wrong never it is for Allah that He will forgive them and surely He will guide them of the path ever. 5/4/169. Illa tareeqa jahannama khaalideena feeha abada t wa kaana ala zaalika yaseera. Jahannama hell fire Khaalideen eternal, life for ever Abada ever and ever Kaana is, was Yaseera easy Except the path of the hell fire where in they will live for ever and ever and this is easy.. 5/4/170. Ya ayyohan-naso qad jaa-akumur-rasoolo bil-huqqi mirRabbikum fa aaminoo kheiral-lakum t wa in takfuroo fa inna lillahi ma fis-samaawaati wal ardzi t wa kanal-laho Aleeman Hakeema. Jaa-akum has come to you Huqqi truth Kheir good O people a messenger has come to you from Thy Lord with the truth so believe in him it is better for you anf if you disbelieve then every thing that exists in between the skies and earth belongs to Him and Allah is all konowing and Wise. 5/4/171. Ya ahlal kitaabi laa taghloo fee deenikum wa laa taqooloo alal-lahi illal-huqq t innama maseeh Eisa-bno Mariyama rasoolullahi wa kalimatohoo j alqaaha ila Mariyama wa roohum minho z fa aaminoo bil-lahi wa ruslihee wa laa taqooloo thalaatha t intahoo kheiral-lakum t innamal-laho ilaahun waahid t subhaanahoo unyyakoona lahoo walad m lahoo ma fis-samaawaati wa ma fil-ardzi t wa kafa bil-lahi wakeela.

Ahlal kitaab people of the scriptures Taghloo exaggerate Deen religion Taqooloo you say Maseeh Christ Eisa Jesus Mariyama Merry Kalima Word Alqaha delivered upon Rooh Sprit Thalatha there (Trinity) Intahoo stop it, desist Kheiral lakum good for you Subhaanahoo Pure, needless Yakoona it be Walad son Kafa enough Wakeela protector O people of the scriptures donot exaggerate in your religion and donot speak regarding Allah except the truth indeed Christ Eisa son of Mariyam is Allah’s messenger and a Word from Him which was delivered upon Mariyama and Sprit from Him so believe in Allah and His messenger and donot say three (Trinity) stop it it is good for you Indeed Allah is one God He is Pure (Independent of all needs) that He should have a son to Him belongs every thing that exists in the skies and the earth and Allah is enough to protect these. 5/4/172. Lan-yyastankifal maseeho unyyakoona abdal-lil-lahi wa lal malaaikato almuqarraboon t wa man-yyastankif un ibaadatihee wa yastakbir fa sayahshirohum ileihee jameea. Yastankif ashamed Maseeh Christ Abd servant Malaika angels Muqarraboon nearest Ibaadatihee His service, His worship Yastakbir He is proud Sayahshirohum sa=for sure, assemble them Jameea all together Never was Maseeh ashamed of him being a servant of Allah neither are the angels nearest and he who is ashmed of being in

service of Him and is proud for sure they will be brought together before Him. 5/4/173. Fa ammal-lazeena aamanoo wa amilus-saalihaatifa yawaffeehim ujoorahum wa yazeedo- hum min fadzlihee j wa ammal-lazeenas-tankafoo was-takbaroo fa yuaz-zibohum azaaban aleema l wa laa yajidoona lahum min doonil-lahi waleeyaun wa laa naseera. Yuwaffeeehim paid off in full Ujoorahum their rewards Yazeedohum increased for them for further Minfadzlihee through His grace Yuazzibohum He will punish them Yajidoona they willfind Min doonihee besides Him Waleean a friend Naseera a help Thus those who believed and did the righteous deeds they will be paid their rewards in full and will increase for them for further through His grace and those who are ashamed and are proud so He will punish them the painful punishment they will not find any friend or a help besides Him. 5/4/174. Ya ayyohan-naso qad jaa-akum burhaanum mir-Rabbikum wa anzalna ileikum nooram mubeena Burhaanun clear evidence Noor light, enlightment Mubeen clear O people a clear evidence has come to you from Thy Lord and We sent down towards you The clear lightt. 5/4/175. Fa ammal-lazeena aamanoo bil-lahi wa aatasamoo bihee fasa-yudkhilohum fee rahmatim-minho wa fadzliunw wa yahdeehim ileihee siraatam mustaqeema. Aatasamoo hold firm Yudkhilhum He will make them to enter Rahmatihee His kindness Fadzlihee His favors Yahdeehim He will guide them Siraat path Mustaqeem straight

So those who believed and held the rope of Allah firmly so for sure they will be entered in His kind- ness and favours and He will guide them to the straight path. 5/4/176. Yastaftoonaka t qul-lil-laho yufteekum fee kalaalati t inimroun halaka leisa lahoo waladuun wa lahoo ukhtun fa laha nisfo ma taraka j wa huwa yari -thoha in-lam yakul-laha walad t fa inkaanat-athna- teini fa lahuma thuluthaani mimma tarak t wa in kaanoo ikhwatan rijaalaunw-wa nisaa-an fa lizakari mithlo hazzilunthi-yeini t yubayyinul-laho lakum un-tadziloo t wal-laho bikulli shein Aleem. Yastaftoonaka They ask you for the verdict Yufteekum He gives you the verdict Kalala who has no gaurdian, no parents or children Imra-un a man, a body Leisa not Walad son Ukhtun sister Nisf half Tarak left Yarithoha he will inherit from her Athnateini two Thlathaani two third Ikhwatan brothers Rijalan men Nisaa-an women Zakar males Mithla like Hazzil at par, equal to Unthieini two women Yubayyin clearly explains Tadzilloo you stray Bikulli each and every They enquire of the verdict tell Allah gives you the verdict in the matter of kalaala, if a man died he had no son and he had a sister so for her is half from what he left and he (related to the lady) will inherit from her if she has no son so if there were two (sisters) they will inherit two third (from him) from what was left behind and if there were brothers male and females so for the males is the double of the female Allah clearly explains you that you do not stray and Allah knows every thing.

Part6 (Laa Yuhibul-lah)

Surah Almaaida Sections 16 verses 120


Bismillahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful 6/5/1. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo aufoo biluqood t uhillat lakum baheematul an-aami illa ma yutla aleikum gheira muhillees-seidi wa antum hurum t innal-laha yahkumo ma yureed. Aufoo fulfill Uqood contracts Uhillat permissibble Baheema games and grazing animal Anaam thecattles Utla told Muhullee permission Seidi hunting Hurum clad with Ehram (Unsewen cloth that is worn during huj ,umra pilgrimage) Yahkumo commands Yureed wants, will O people who believe fulfill the contracts allowed to you are the grazing animals and the cattles except of those stated and the

hunting is prohibited when you are clad with ahram (for huj and umra) Indeed Allah commands what He will. 6/5/2. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa tuhilloo sha-aairal-lahi wa laa-shahral haraama wa laa-l-hadya wa laa-l-qalaaida wa laa aammeenal-beital-haraama yabtaghoona fadzlam mir-Rabbihim wa ridzwaana t wa izaa halaltum fas-taado t wa laa yajrimannakum shanaano qaumin un saddookum unil masjidil har- ami untaatadoo m wa taawanoo alal-birri wat-taqwa s wa laa taawanoo alal ismi wal udwaan s wattaqul-laha t innal-laha shadeedul iqaab. Tahilloo disgrace Sha-aair sanctities Shahar month Haram holy Hadya animals for sacrifice Qalaaida animals strepped for sacrifice Aameena sheltering in Beita Haram the holy shrine (Kaabatal musharrafa) Yabtaghoona Fadzl Ridzwana Halaltum looking for favors pleasure completed the pilgrimage and putoff Ehraam Fastaado so you can hunt Yajrimannakum criminal attirude Shanaan enimity Qaumin the people, the nation Saddookum stopped you Taatadoo you transgress, exceed the limits Taawanoo cooperate Birri the righteousness Taqwa fear of God Ismi evils Udwaan transgression Shadeed very severe Iqaab punishments O people who believe, do not disgrace Allah’s sacr- ed places neither the sacred months nor the animals for sacrifice, neither those of the animals strapped for sacrifice nor of those people who are staying in the Allah’s sacred mosque seeking for Allah’s favor and when you have put off your Ehram you can do the hunting, nor should it take you to revenge the enmity of the people who had

stopped you from the Holy Mosque that you may exceed the limits and cooperate for the decencies and the righteousness and do not take part in the evil deeds and the trans- gression and fear Allah indeed Allah is very severe in punishments. 6/5/3. Hurrimat aleikumul-maitato wad-damo wa lahmal-khinzeer wa ma uhilla ligheiril-lahi bihee wal munkhaniqato wal mauqoozato wal mutarad-diyato wan-nateehato wa ma akalas-sabo illa ma zakkeitum wa ma zubiha alan-nusubi wa un tastaq- simoo bil azlaam t zaalikum fisq t al-yauma yaisal-lazeena kafaroo min deenikum fa laa takhshauhum wakhshauni t alyauma akmalto lakum deenokum wa atmamto aleikum neimatee wa radzeito lakumul-islama deena t fa manidzturra fee makhmasatin gheira mutajaanifin li-ism l fa-innal-laha ghafoorur-Raheem. Hurrimat Maita Dam Laham Khinzeer Uhilla Gheiril-lahi Munkhaniqato Mauqoozato Mutaraddiyato Nateehato Akala Sab-o Zakkeitum Zubiha Nusubi Tastaqsimoo Azlaam Fisq Yaisa Takhshauhum Akhshaunee Akmalto Atmamto Neimatee Radzeito prohibitted dead blood meet swine sacrificed for other than Allah smothered,chockedfor breathing fall from a height hit by a blunt trauma stabbed by the horns of another animal eaten wolf or a like animal purified it by reading the name of Allah sacrifice idols try for luck opening cards or errows unclean hopless you fear them fear me perfected fulfilled my favours agreed

Manidzturra helplessness Makhmasatin out of hunger Mutajaanifin intended Ism sin, Prohibitted arnattehatoe to you the dead, and the blood and the flash of the swine and that which is slaughtered for other than Allah and the one killed by smoother- ing or the one died of a blunt trauma or the one died of falling from a height or the one died from the stabs of horns of another animal or eaten by a wolf (and the like) except of those which you have puri- fied them) (by reading the name of Allah The Almighty the slaughtering way) neither of those which are sacrificed for idols or that which you win by way of trying the luck, These are unclean, Today all those who are disbelievers got disappointed from your religion, Today I have perfected for you your religion and fulfilled upon you my favours 6/5/4. Yasaloonaka maaza uhilla lahum t qul uhilla lakumuttayyabaato wa ma allamtum minal-jawaa- rihi mukallibeena tuallimoona-hunna mimma alla- -ma-kumul-laho z fa kuloo mimma amsakna alei- kum waz-kurus-mal-lahi aleihee s wat-taqul-laha t innal-laha sareeul hisaab. Yas-aloonaka they ask you Maaza what Uhilla allowed Tayyabaat clean and pure Allamtum you taught Jawaarihi hunting Mukallibeena dogs Tuallimoona you have taught Hunna them (female gender) Allamakum taught you Amsakna catch for yout Wazkur remember, read Ism name They ask you what is allowed for them, tell allowed for you are all good things and that what you get from your hunting dogs which you have trained them from the knowledge that Allah has given you so you from what they have caught for you and recite the name of Allah upon it and fear Allah indeed Allah is quick in reckoning. 6/5/5. Alyauma uhilla lakumut-tayyabaat t wa ta-aamul-lazeena ootul kitaaba hillul-lakum s wa ta-aamokum hillul-lahum z wal

mohsinaato minal mo- minaati wal mohsinaato minal-lazeena ootul-kitaba min qabli-kum izaa aateitumoo-hunna ujoora-hunna mohsineena gheira musafiheena wa laa muttakhizee akhzaan t wa man-yyakfur bil eemaani faqad habita amalohoo wa huwa filaakhirati minal khaasireen. Ta-aam food Ootul kitaaba who are given the book Hillul allowed Mohsinaat family women Mominat amongst the belivers Aateitumoo give Ujoora dues, security money, (mehr) Mohsineena having married them Musafiheena illicit relationship Muttakhizee keeping Akhzaan by force, unlawful holding Yakfur disbelieve, reject, deny Habita cancelled, loose Amalohoo his deeds Akhirati on the Day of judgment Khaasireen loosers To day are allowed for you all neat and good things and the food of those who are given the book is allowed for you and your food is allowed to them and the family women from the believers and the family women from those who are given the book from before thee if you have given the rightful dues having married her not making it illicit or holding her by force and he who willreject the faith thus all his deeds are wasted and on the day of judgment he will of the loosers. 6/5/6. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo izaa qumtum ilas-salaati faghsiloo wujooha-kum wa eideeyakum ilal maraafiqi wamsahoo biruoosikum wa arjulakum ilal kaabeini t wa inkuntum junuban fa tahirroo t wa inkuntum maradza au ala safarin au jaa-a ahadumminkum minal ghaaiti au laamas-tumun-nisaa-a fa lam tajidoo maa-an fa tayam-mamoo saeedan tayyi -ban famsahoo biwujoohikum wa eidee-kum minho t ma yureedul-laho liyaj-ala aleikum min harajinw- walaakin liyutahhirakum wa liyutim ma neimatahoo aleikum la-allakum tashkuroon. Qumtum you move Salaati prayer (namaz) Faghsiloo then wash Wujoohakum your faces

Eideeyakum your hands Marafiqi elbow Wamsahoo touch Ruoosakum your heads Arjulakum your feet Kaabeini two ankles Junuban unclean after ejaculation Tahirroo you get clean Mardza sick Safarin travelling Ghaaiti toilettingyou move Laamastum sexual contact Nisaai women Lam tajidoo donot find Maa-an water Fa-tayammamoo so you make tayammum Saeedan clay Tayyiban clean Yureed want Yajala He makes Harajan difficult Yutahhirrakum He wants to make you Yutimma fulfill Aleikum upon you Neimatahoo His bounties La-allakum so that you Tashkuroon you be thankful O people who believe if you move for the prayers then wash your faces and your hands upto the elbo- ws and move your hands over the heads and wash your feet upto the ankles and If you are in state of uncleanliness (sex or ejaculation) then get clean and if you are sick and or in a journey or comes any-one of you after toileting or after having been in sexual contact with women and you donot find the water then make tayammum with the clean soil and rub the your hands over the face and the hands itself with it Allah doesnot want for you the difficulties but wants to purify you and fulfill His bounties upon you so that you be thankful. 6/5/7. Waz-kuroo neimata-lahi aleikum wa meethaa -qahul-lazee ma-athaaqa-kum bihee l iz qultum sameinaa wa ataa-ana z wattaqul-laha t innal-laha aleemum bizaatis-sudoor. Wazkuroo and remember

Neima favours, bounties Meethaaq oath Ma athaaqakum which you oathed Bihee with Him Iz qultum when you said Samaina we heard Ataana we obeyed Wat-taqoo and fear Aleem knows Bizaat inside Sudoor the chests And remember Allah’s favours upon you and the oath which you oathed with Him when you said we heared and we obeyed and fear Allah indeed Allah knows all concealed inside your chests. 6/5/8. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo koonoo qaww- -aameena lillahi shuhdaa-a bilquisti z wa laa yajri- mannakum shanaano qaumin ala illa ta-adiloo t eidi- loo huwa aqrabo lit-taqwa z wattaqul-laha t innal-laha khabeerum bima taamaloon. Koonoo be Qawwameena stand up in obedience Shuhdaa-a witnessy Bilquisti in justice Yajrimannakum behave criminally Shanaano enemity Ta-adiloo you justice Eidiloo Do justice Aqrabo nearest to Taqwa righteousness Wat-taqoo and fear O people who believe stand up for Allah as witnessy of justice and the enemity with any nations must not take you beyond the limits except if such a punishment is the requirement of justice, Do the justice for it is nearest to the righteousness and fear Allah indeed Allah is aware of what you do 6/5/9. Waadal-lahul-lazeena aamanoo wa amilus-saalihaati l lahum maghfiratunw wa ajrun azeem. Waada Promise Amilus-saalihaat righteous deeds Maghfiratun forgiveness Ajr reward

Azeem great Allah’s promise to those who believed and did the righteous deeds for them is forgiveness and great reward. 6/5/10. Wal-lazeena kafaroo wa kazzaboo bi-aayaa -tina ulaaika ashaabul jaheem. Kafaroo disbelieved Kazzaboo rejected Ayaatina verses, signs Ulaaika these are of those Ashaab the people Jaheem the hell and those who disbelieved and rejected our verses /signs these are of those of the people of the hell. 6/5/11.Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanu-zkuroo neimat- al-lahi aleikum iz hamma qaumun un-yabsutoo ilei- kum eidiyahum fa kaffa eidiyahum unkum j wat-taq -ul-laha t wa alal-lahi fal-yatawak-kalil moinoon. Uzkuroo remember Neima bounties Hamma attempted, tried Qaumun nations Yabsutoo stretch Eideeyahum their hands Wat-taqo and fear Yatawakkal they trust Momnoon the believers O people who belive remember Allah’s bounties upon you when the nations attempted to stretch their hands towards you so He stped their hands and fear Allah and upon Allah trust the believers. 6/5/12.Wa laqad akhazal-laho meethaaqa banee Isra -eela j wa baathna minhumuthna ashra naqeeba t wa qaalal-laho innee maaakum t la-in aqamtumus-salaata wa aateitumuz-zakaata wa aamantum bi-rus- lee wa azzartumooho wa aqradztumul-laha qaradzan hasanal-la-ukaffiranna un-kum sayyi-aatikum wa laudkhilannakum jannatin tajree min tahtihal anhaaro j fa man kafara baada zaalika minkum fa qad dzalla sawaa-as-sabeel. Akhaza took Meethaaqa covenant, oath Ba-athna We raised Huthnata ashra tweleve

Naqeeba heads, learders Ma-aakuma with you people In aqamtum if you established Salaata the parayer Aateitumoo gave Zakaata charities Aamantum believed Ruslee my messenger Azzartumooho helped him Aqradzul-laha debted to Allah Qaradzan hasana the best debt La-ukaffiranna for sure I will do away Sayyiaatikum your sins Udkhilannakum I will make you enter Jannatin the Paradise Tajree flowing Tahtiha underneath Anhaar rivers Man who Kafara rejected, disbelieved Baada after Zaalika this, that Dzalla strayed Sawaa-as-sabeel straight path, right path And indeed Allah took the covenant from the child- ren of Israeel and raised amongst them twelve heads and said indeed I am with you if you established prayers and gave the charities and believed in my messenger and helped him and gave Allah the best debt(charities) for sure I will do away your sins and I will make you enter the paradise underneath are flowing the rivers and he who of you will disbelieve after this, has thus gone stray far and far away from the right path. 6/5/13. Fa bima naqdzihim meethaaqahum la-anna- hum wa ja-alna quloobohum qaasiyatan j yuharrifoo -nal kalima um-mawaadziehee l wa nasoo haz-zam mimma zukkiroo bihee j wa laa tazaalo tattalio ala khaa-inatim-min-hum illa qaleelam-minhum fa-aafo unhum wasfah t innal-laha yuhibbul mohsineen. Bima for that Naqdzihim their breaking of Meethaaqahum their oaths La-annahum were cursed

Ja-alna We made Quloobohum their hearts Qaasiyatun stiff, hardened Yuharrifoona they were changing Kalmia the word Mawaadziehee from its actual meanings Nasoo forgot Hazzam a larger chunk Zukkiiroo they were educated, taught Tattalio you are informed Khaainatim their cheating, Qaleelam few Fa-aafoo forgive Wasfah and forget So for breaking of their oaths they were cursed and their hearts were stiffened they used to change a word from its actual meanings and they forgot most of it which they were taught so you are informed of their cheatings except few of them so forgive them and overlook them indeed Allah loves those of righteous people. 6/5/14, Wa minal-lazeena qaaloo inna Nasara akhaz na meethaaqahum fa nasoo hazzam mimma zukki- roo bihee s fa aghreina beina-humul adaawata wal baghdzaa-a ila yaumul qiyaamati t wa saufa yunab- bio-humul-laho bima kaanoo yasnaoon. Nasara Nasarites, Christians Aghreina We had sowed Adaawata enemity Bughz hatred Yunabbiohum We will tell them Yasnaoon invent And from those who said indeed we are nassarites (Christians) We took from them their oath so they forgot a larger portion of it which was taught to them so We had put enemity and hatred between them till the Day of Judgment and for sure Allah will inform them what they used to invent. 6/5/15. Ya ahlal kitaabi qad jaa-akum rasoolona yu- bay-yino lakum katheeram mimma kuntum tukhfoo- -na minal kitaabi wa yaafoo un katheer t qad jaa-a kum minal-lahi nooraunw-wa kitaabum-mubeen. Ahlal kitaab People of the book Yubayyan expose

Katheer a lot Tukhfoona you hide Yaafoo overlook Noor light, enlightment Mubeen clear O people of the book our messenger has come to you to expose much of it you hide and much of it he over looks The light and clear Book has come to you from Allah. 6/5/16. Yahdee bihil-laho manit-tabaa-a ridzwaana- hoo subulassalami wa yukhrijohum minaz-zulomat ilan-noori bi-iznihee wa yahdeehim ila siraatim-mus -taqeem. Yahdee guides Tabaa-a desires, Ridzwaanahoo His pleasure Subulas-salaam The path of peace Yukhrijohum brings them out Zulomaat the darkness Noor light Bi-iznihee with His permission Yahdeehim It guides him Siraat the path Mustaqeem straight Allah guides with it who desires His pleasure the path of peace, takes him out from the darkness towards to light with His permission and guides him towards the straight path. 6/5/17. Laqad kafaral-lazeena qaaloo innal-laha hu- w-al Maseehubno Mariyama t qul fa many-yamliko minal-lahi sheian in arada uny-yuhlikal Maseehabna Mariyama wa ummahoo wa man fil-ardzi jameea t wa lil-lahi mulkus-samaawaati wal-ardzi wa ma beinahuma t yakhluqo ma yashaa-o t wal-laho ala kulli shei-in qadeer. Yamliko holds the power Arada intends Yuhlika kills, cause to die Ummohoo his mother Filardz on earth Jameea altogether Mulk kingdom Samawaati skies Beinahuma among them Yakhluqo creates

Ma yashaa-o how He will Qadeer capable Indeed he has disbelieved who said indeed Allah is Christ son of Mariyam tell who owns any rights from Allah if Allah intends to cause death to Maseeh son of Mariyam and his mother and all those who are present on earth altogether and for Allah belongs the kingdom of the skies and the earthand what ever is in between the two creates how He will He is all capable. 6/518 Wa qaalatil yahoodo wan-nasaara nahno abnaaul-lahi wa ahibbaaooho t qul falima yuazzibo- kum bizunoobikum t bal antum bashrum mim-man khalaqa t yaghfiro lima-yyashaao wa yuazzibo man-yyashaao t wa lil-lahi mulkus-samawaati wal ardzi wa ma beinahuma z wa ileihil maser. Abnaaooho His sons Ahibbaaooho His beloveds Yuazzibokum He punishes you Bizunoobikum for your sins Basharum human Khalaqa created Yaghfiro forgives Liman whom Yashaao He will Yuazzibo He punishes Mulk kingdom Samawaati skies Beinahuma in between them And said the Jews and the Christians we are the sons of Allah and His beloved Tell why then are you punished for your sins No but you are of human who are created He forgives whom He will and puni -shes whom He will and the kingdom of the skies and the earth and that in between belongs to Allah and towards Him is the journey. 6/5/19. Ya ahlal kitaabi qad jaa-akum rasoolona yub -ayyano lakum ala fataratim minar rusli un taqooloo ma jaa-ana mimbasheeriw- wa laa nazeerin z fa qad jaa-akum basheeranw-wa nazeer t wal-laho ala kulli shein qadeer. Yubayyano lakum explains to you clearly Fataratim after a pause Taqooloo that you tell Ma jaa-ana not came to us

Basheerin glad tider Nazeerin warner Kulli shein every thing Qadeer capable O people of the book our messenger has come to you after a pause from the messengers so that you must not tell no glad tider or a warner came to us so the glad tider and the warner has come to you and Allah is all capable. 6/5/20. Wa iz qaala Moosa li qaumihee ya qaumi-zkuroo neimatallahi aleikum iz jaala feekum ambiyaa-a wa jaalakum mulookaw-wa aataakum-ma lam yooti ahdam minal aalameen. Uzkuroo remember Neimatal-lahi Allah’s bounties Jaala made Feekum among you Ambiyaa-a Prophets Mulooka kingdoms Aataakum gave you Ma lam which was not Yooti given Ahdam anyone Aalameen in the worlds And said Moosa to his nation O my people remem -ber Allah’s favors upon you when made among you the prophets and made for you kingdoms and that was given to you which was not given to anyone in the worlds. 6/5/21 Ya qaumid-khulul ardzal-muqaddasatal-latee katabal-laho lakum wa laa tartaddoo ala adbaari-kum fa-tan-qaliboo khasireen, Udkhuloo enter Muqaddasa holy Kataba written, prescribed Tartadoo turn away Adbaarikum at your back Fatanqaiboo so you will return Khaasireen loosers O my nation enter the holy land which Allah has prescribed for you and donot turn at your back elase you will return loosers. 6/5/22 Qaaloo ya Moosa inna feeha qauman jabba- reen wa inna lan nadkhuloha hatta yakhrujoo minha j fa inna daakhiloon. Jabbareen very strong

Lan never Nadkhulooha we will enter it Hatta till Yakhrujoo they are taken out Minha from it Daakhiloon we will enter Said O Moosa indeed in it are the pevery strong and we will never enter in it until they are not taken out from it only then we will enter. 6/5/23 Qaala rajulaani minal–lazeena yakhafoona anamal-laho aleihimad-khuloo aleihimul baaba j fa iza dakhal-tumooho fa innakum ghaaliboon j wa alal-lahi fatawakkaloo in kuntum momineen. Rajulaani two men Yakhaafoona from fearing folk Anama bestwed grace Udkhuloo enter Baab the door Fatawakkaloo so you trust Said two men from those who were fearing Allah had bestowed His grace upon them, enter the door when you will enter it so for sure you will be the winners and in Allah you trust if you are the believers. 6/5/24 Qaaloo ya Moosa inna lan nadkhulooha Aba -dam-ma daamoo feeha fazhab anta wa Rabboka fa qaatila inna hahuna qaaidoon. Abadam never and ever Ma daamoo until Fazhab so go Qaatila fight Hahuna here Qaaidoon sitting Said O Moosa indeed we will never ever enter in it till they are in it so go you and your Lord and fight indeed we are sitting here. 6/5/25 Qaala Rabbi innee laa amliko illa nafsee wa akhee fafrruq beinana wa beinal qaumal faasiqeen. Laa amliko I donot have a control Nafsee my self Akhee my brother Fafruq so seperate

Beinana between us Faasiqeen evil doing Said O my Lord I donot have any control beside me and my brother so separate us and the wrongdoing people. 6/5/26 Qaala fa innaha muhrramatun aleihim arba- eena sanatan j yateehoona filardzi t fa laa tasa alal qaumil faasiqeen. Muharramatun prohibitted Aleihim upon them Arbaeena forty Sanatan years Yateehoona romming around lost Tasa grief Said, thus indeed they are prohibited for forty years on earth romming around lost so no sorry for the evil people. 6/5/27 watlo aleihim naba-abna Aadama bil-huqq m iz qarraba qurbaanan fa tuqabbila min ahdihima wa lam yataqabbal minal aakhari t qaala la-aqtulannaka t qaala innama yataqabbalul-laho minal muttaqeen. Watlo and recite Naba-a the news, story Abna sons Aadama Adam Bilhuq with truth Qarraba brought near Qurbaanan slaughter Tuqabbila accepted Ahdihima from one of them Lam not Yutaqabbal accepted Aakhari from the other La-aqtulannaka for sure I will kill you Innama indeed Muttaqeen righteous (God fearing) people And recite upon them the sory of the sons of Adam with truth when they brought near the slaughter so it was accepted from one of them and was not accepted from the other, said indeed I will kill you said indeed Allah accepts from those of the righteous people. 6/5/28 La-in bastta ilayya yadaka litaqtulanee ma ana bibaasitin yadayya ileika li-aqtulaka j innee akhaful-laha Rabbal aalameen.

If you stretched your hands towards me to kill me I am not to stretch my hands towards you to kill you indeed Ifear Allah The Lord of the worlds. 6/5/29 Innee ureedo un taboo-a bi-ithmee wa ithmi- ka fatakoona min ashaabin-naar j wa zaalika jazaa- uz-zaalimeen. Indeed I intend that you carry the load of my sins and those of yours and be of those of the people of fire that is the reward of the wrong doers. 6/5/30 Fataw-wa-at lahoo nafsahoo qatala akheehee fa qatalahoo fa asbaha minal khaasireen. So led him his soul to kill his brother so he killed him and became of the loosers. 6/5/31 Fa ba-athal-laho ghurabany-yab-hatho fil-ardzi li-yuriyahoo keifa yuwaaree sau-ata akheehee t qaala ya veilataa aajazto un akoona mithla haazal ghuraabi fa uwaariya sau-ata akhee j fa asbaha minan-naadimeen. Thus sent Allah a crow scrathing the earth to show him how he will hide the body of his brother said woe to me I had not been like this crow so he hid the body of his brother and he regretted, 6/5/32 Min ajli zaalika j katabna ala banee Israaeela annahoo man qatala nafsam bigheiri nafsin au fasaa- din fil-ardzi fa-ka-annama qatalan-naasa jameea t wa man ahyaaha fa-ka-annama ahyaa-annaasa jamee-a wa laqad jaa-at-hum ruslona bil-bayyinaati z thumma inna katheeram minhum baada zaalika fil-ardzi lamusrifoon. From this time we wrote upon the children of Israeel indeed he who killed any body without a reason or for causing a mischief on earth as if he has killed all the humanity and one who saved a life as if he has saved the lives of all the people (on earth) and indeed came to them our messengers with the clear signs then indeed a large number of the people there -after were of those of the transgressors.

6/5/33 Innama jazaaul-lazeena yuhaariboonal-laha wa rasoolahoo wa yasauna fil-ardzi fasaada un-yyuqataloo au yusallaboo au tuqatta-a eideehim wa arjulohum min khilaafin au yunfau minal ardzi t zaalika lahum khizeeun fid-duniya wa lahum fil aakhirati azaabun azeem. Innama Indeed Jazaaul rewaed Yuhaariboon waging war Yasauna make their efforts Fasadan disturbance Yuqaataloo they kill Yusallaboo cruicify Yaqta-oo they cut Eidiyahum their hands Arjulahum their feet Khilaaf opposite directions Yunfa-oo send to exile Khizeeun disgrace Aakhirati here after Indeed the the reward of those people who are waging war with Allah and His messenger and spread on earth the disturbance they kill or cruicify the people or cut their hands and feet from oppsite directions or throw the people from their land in to exile for this there shall be for them the disgrace in the life of the world and a severe punishment in the here after 6/5/34. Illal-lazeena taboo min qabli un taqdiroo aleihim j fa aalamoo annal-laha Ghafoorur-Raheem. Taboo repented Qabli before Taqdiroo being over powered Aalamoo must know except of those who repented before you had over-powered them so you should know indeed Allah is most forgiving and merciful. 6/5/35. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanut-taqul-laha wab -taghoo ileihil waseelata wa jaahidoo fee sabeelil- lahee la-allakum tuflihoon. Ittaqoo fear Wabtaghoo search for Ileihil towards Him Waseelata means Sabeel path

Tuflhoon sucessful O people who believe fear Allah and look for the ways towards Him and fight in the cause of Allah so that you be successful. 6/5/36. Innal-lazeena kafaroo lau anna lahum ma fil-ardzi jameeauw-wa mithlahoo liyaftadoo bihee min azaabi yaumil qiyaamati ma tuqabbila minhum wa lahum azaabun aleem. Kafaroo rejected faith, disbelieved Lahum for them Jamee-a all together Mithlahoo like that Liyaftadau to give it as ransom Azaabi punishment Ma tuqabbila will not be accepted Azaabun aleem painful torment Indeed those who disbelieve if for them is all that is on earth and more like the same and pay it as ransom for his rescue from punishment on the Day of Judgment will not be accepted from him and for them is a painful torment. 6/5/37. Yureedoona un-yyakhrujoo minan-naari wa ma hum bikhaarijeena minha z wa lahum azaabum-muqeem . Yureedoona they would want Yakhrujoo get out Khaarijeena getting out Muqeem persisting They would want to get out from the fire and they will not be able to get out from it and for them shall be the punishment persisting. 6/4/38 Was-saariqo was-saariqato faq-taoo eideeya- hum jazaa-am bima kasaba nakaalam minal-lahi t wal-laho Azeezun Hakeem. Saariqo theif Saariqato theifess Faqtaoo so cut Eideeyahum their hands Jazaa-am reward Kasaba earning Nakaalam punishment And the theif and the theifess so cut their hands this is the reward of what they earned and the punish- ment from Allah and Allah is greatest and wise.

6/5/39 Fa man taaba mim-baada zulmihee wa aslaha fa innal-laha yatoobo aleihi t innal-laha Ghafoorur Raheem Taaba repented Zulmihee wrong deed, sin Aslaha mended Yatoobo forgives So him who repented after the evil deed and mended so Allah will forgive him indeed Allah is most forgiving and kind 6/5/40 Alam taalam annal-laha lahoo mulkus-sama- waati walardzi t yu-azzibo man-yyashaa-o wa yagh -firo liman-yyasha t wallaho ala kulli shein qadeer. Alam Do not Taalam you know Mulk kingdom Samawaat skies Yuazzibo He punishes Man-yyashaao whom He will Yaghfir He forgives Do you not know indeed to Allah belongs the kingdom of the skies and earth punishes whom He will and forgives whom He will and Allah iall capable. 6/5/41 Ya ayyohar-rasoolo laa yahzunkal-lazeena yusaarioona filkufri minal-lazeena qaaloo aamanna bi-afwaahi-him wa lam toomin quloobohum wa minal-lazeena haadoo j sammaaoona lil kizbi samm -aaoona li-qaumin aakhareen lam yaatooka t yuharri -foonal kalima mim baadi mawaadzi-e-hee j yaqoo -loona in-ooteetum haaza fa khuzooho fa in lam too- tauho fahzaroo t wa manyyuridal-laho fitnataho fa lan tamlika lahoo minal-lahi shei-an t ulaaik-al-la- zeena lam yuridil-laho un-yyutahhira quloobahum t lahum fid-duniya khizeeun wa lahum fil-aakhirati azaabun azeem. Yahzunka grieved Yusaariona running here and there Afwaahihim their mouths Quloobohum hearts Lam toomin donot believe Haadoo Jews Sammaaoona listeners Kizb for lies Qaumin people

Aakkhareen another Lam yaatooka who have not come to you yet Yuharrifoona change Kalmia a word Mawaadzi-e-hee from its meanings Yaqooloona they say Ooteetum you are given Haaza this Khuzooho take it Lam totauho not given Fahzaroo so turn away Yurid He wants Fitnataho testing him Lan not Tamlika you own Lahoo for him Shei-an a thing Yutahhira clean, purify Khizeeun disgrace Aakhirati here after Azeem great O The messenger the movements of the disbelievers running here and there for rejecting the faith must not make you grieved those who say we believed by their mouths but they donot believe from their hearts and from those who are Jews the listeners of the lies they listen for the other people who have not yet come to you, they change a word from its place and meanings they say if you are given this take it and if you are not given leave it and whom Allah has intended for test you have no powers for him from Allah, these are those people whom Allah has not wanted to purify their hearts for them there is disgrace in the world and a bigger punishment on the Day of Judgment. 6/5/42 Sammaa-oona lil-kizbi akkaaloona lis-suhti t fa injaaooka fahkum beinahum au aaridz unhum j wa in tauridz unhum fa lan yadzurrooka shei-a t wa in hakamta fah-kum beinahum bil-qisti t innal-laha yuhibbul muqsiteen. Akkaloona eating, eaters Suhti prohibitted Jaaooka comes to you Fahkum so you judge Aaridz keep away

Yadzurrooka harm you Hakamta judge Bilqisti with justice Yuhibb loves Muqsiteen those of honest people Listeners of the lies eaters of the prohibited so if they come to you so you judge between them or keep away from them and if you keep away they are not going to harm you for anything and if you hudge so you judge between them with justice indeed Allah loves those of honest people. 6/5/43 Wa keifa yu-hakkimoo-naka wa indahumut-Tauraato feeha hukmul-lahi thumma yata-wallauna mim-baadi zaalika t wa ma ulaaika bil-momineen. Keifa How, why Yuhakkimooka make you their Judge Indahum with them Feeha it Hukmul-lahi Allah’s judgment Thumma then Yatawallauna they turn away Mim-baadi after Zaalik this Ulaaika those are Momineen the believers And why should they come to you for seeking jusgment when they have Tauraat in it there is Allah’s decrees then they turn away after this and they are not of the believers 6/5/44 Inna anzal-nat-Tauraata feeha hudaunw-wa noor j yahkumoo biha an-nabeeyoona wal ahbaaro bimas-tohfizoo min kitaabil-lahi wa kaanoo aleihi shuhdaa-a j fa laa takhsha wun-nasa wakh-shauni wa laa tashtaroo bi aayaatee thamanan qaleela t wa man lam yahkum bima anzalal-laho fa ulaaika humul kaafiroon. Yuhakkimoo judge Ahbaaro learned Bima from what Istahfizoo was saved Shuhdaa-a witness Takhsha you fear Tashtaroo sell out Thamanan price

Qaleela little Yahkum judge Anzala sent down ulaaika those Indeed We sent downTauraat in it there is guidance and the enlightment, used to judge with it were the prophets and the learned people, which was retained from Allah’s book and they are the witnesses of it so you must not fear the people but fear me and do not sell out my verses (signs) for a meager price and he who doesnot judge with what Allah has revealed thus those are of the disbelievers. 6/5/45 Wa katabna aleihim bi-annan nafasa bin-nafsi wal eina bileini wal anfa bil-anfi waluzna bil-uzni was-sinna bis-sinni wal jurooha qisaas t fa man tasaddaqa bihee fa-huwa kaffaratul-lahoo t fa man lam yahkum bima anzalal-laho fa ulaaika humuzzaalimoon. Katabna We wrote Biannana that Nafsa a life, soul, person, Eina eye Uzn ear Anf nose Sinn tooth Jurooh wounds, injuries Qisaas compensation Tasaddaqa show generosity Kaffara atonement Yahkum judges Zaalimoon the wrong doers, sinners And We wrote from that day that for a soul for a soul, eye for the eye, and nose for the nose and for an ear for the ear and tooth for tooth an for all injuries there is a compensation and one who shows generosity so it is his repentation for him thus one who doesnot judge from what Allah has sent down sthey are of those who are the wrong doers. 6/5/46 Wa qaffaina ala aathaarihim bi-Eisabni Mariyama musaddiqal-lima beina yadeihee minat-Tauraat s wa aateinahulInjeela feehee hudauw-wa noor wa musaddiqal-lima beina yadeihee minat-Tauraatwa hudauw-wa moizatal lil mut-taqeen. Qaffaina sent followin

Aathaarihim on their foot steps Musaddiqa testifying Beina between Yadeihi his hands Aateinaaho gave him Injeel gospel Hudaun guidance Moiza admonition And we sent on their foot steps Eisa (Jesus) son of Mariyama testifying that before him from Torah and We gave him Injeel in it there is guidance and light which testifies that before it from Torah guidance and admonitions for the God fearing people. 6/5/47 Wal-yahkum ahlul injeeli bima anzalal-laho feehee t wa man lam yahkum bima anzalal-laho fa ulaaika humul faasiqoon. Yahkum judge, decide Ahlul injeel the people of injeel Faasiqoon evil people And the people of Injeel judge (decide the matters) from what Allah has sent down in it and one who doesnot judge from what Allah has sent down those are the evil doers. 6/5/48 Wa anzalna ileikal kitaaba bilhuqqi musaddi- qal-lima beina yadeihi minal kitaabi wa muheminan aleihi fah-kum beinahum bima anzalal-laho wa laa tattabi ahwaa-ahum thumma jaa-aka minal huqqi t li-kullin ja-alna minkum shir-atan wal minhaaja t wa lau shaa-al-laho la-ja-aalakum ummatan waahida- tauw wa laakin liyublo-wakum fee ma aataakum fastabiqul kheiraat t ilal-lahi marjiokum jamee-an fa yunabbio-kum bima kuntum feehee takhtalfoon. Muheminan gaurd Fahkum judge Tattabi obey Ahwaa-ahum their desires Jaa-aka came to you Shir-atan law Minhaaja a path La-ja-alakum for sure We had made you Ummatan nation Waahidatan one Layublowakum to test you Aataakum gave you

Fastabiqu run, go ahead the rest Kheiraat good deeds Marjiokum return Jameeokum all together Yunabbiokum you will be told Takhtalifoon differed And is sent down towards you the book with truth which is testifying those of the books before it and is a guard over them so judge between them from what Allah has sent down and donot obey their desires then comes to you the truth, For each of you we made the law and the path and if Allah had desired so had made you all one nation but to test you from what is given to you so rush for the good deeds, Towards Allah you all are to return then He will tell ( judge) you in all those matters where you had differed. 6/5/49 Wa anihkum beinahum bima anzalal-laho wa laa tattabi ahwaa-ahum wahzar-hum un-yyaftinooka um-baadzi ma anzalallaho ileika t fa-in tawallau fa aalam annama yureedul-laho unyuseebahum bibaa- dzi zunoobihim t wa inna katheeram-minannaasi la-faasiqoon. Anihkum Judge Wahzarhum be careful of them Yaftinooka put you in trouble Baadz some Tawallau turn away Aalam know Annama that Yureed want Unyuseebakum to put in you I difficulties Zunoobihim of your sins Katheeram many Lafasiqoon sinners And judge between them with what Allah has sent down and donot follow their desires and beware that they may put you in any trouble regarding some that Allah has sent down upon you so if they turn away so you must know that indeed Allah wants to punish them for some of their sins and indeed a large number of people are for sure are the evil doers. 6/5/50 A-fah-kum-al-jaahiliyati yabghoon t wa man ahsano minallahi hukmal li-qaumayee yooqinoon. Afahkum Is the judgment

Jaahiliya of ignorance Yabghoon they want Ahsano better Hukma judgment Yooqinoon believe So, Do they prefer the judgments of ignorance? and who is better in judgment than Allah for the nations who are sure in their beliefs. 6/5/51 Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa tattakhizul Yahooda wanNasaara auliyaa-a m baadzahum auli- yaa-a baadz t wa manyyatawalla-hum minkum fa innahoo minhum t innal-laha laa yahdil qaumaz-zaalimeen. Ya ayyoha O people Allazee those who Aamanoo believe Tattakhizoo take Yahood jews Nasaara Christians Auliyaa-a friends Baadzahum each other Yatawallahum make them their friends Zaalimeen wrong doing people O people who believe, Donot take the Jews and The Christians your friends, they are the friends to each other and he who will make them his friend, indeed he is from them, certainly Allah doesnot guide the wrong doing people. 6/5/52 Fataral-lazeena fee quloobihim maradzun yusaarioona feehim yaqooloona nakhsha un tusee -bana daairah t fa-asa-Allaho un yaatiya bilfathi au amrim min indihee fa yusbihoo ala ma asarroo fee anfusihim naadimeen. Fatara so you will see Maradzun the sickness Yusaarioona running and there Yaqooloona they say Nakhsha we fear Tuseebona you may cause us Daairah major troubles Fa-asa so possibly Yaatiya He gives Fat-h victory Amrim decision

Indihee from Him Yusbihoo they will find themselves Asarroo hide Anfusihim in their hearts Naadimeen regret So you will see those in whose hearts is the sickness running here and there among them then they say that we fear that you may not put in some major trouble, So quite likely that Allah will favour you the victory or a decision from Him and they will come ashamed and regretting for what they were hiding in their hearts 6/5/53 Wa yaqoolul-lazeena aamanoo a-haau-laail-lazeena aqsamoo bil-lahi jahda eimaanihim innahum la-maa-akum habitat aamaalohum fas-bahoo khaasi- reen. Yaqool They say Ahaaulaai Are these those ? Aqsamoo swear Jahda deeper and deeper Eimaanihim their oaths La-maa-akum For sure we are with you Habitat lost Aamolohum their deeds Fasbahoo they find Khaasireen loosers And they will say the believers, Are these of those swearing deeper and deeper that indeed for sure we are with you their deeds will be lost so they will find themselves among the loosers, 6/5/54 yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo man-yyartadda minkum un deenihee fa saufa yaatiyal-laho bi-qauma-yyihibbohum wa yuhibboonahoo azil-latin alal momineena a-izzatin alal kaafireen z yujaahi- doona fee sabeelillahi wa laa yakhaafoona lau mata laaimin t zaalika fadzlul-lahi yooteehee man-yya- shaao t wal-laho Waasiun Aleem. Yartadda reverts Yaatia fetches, brings him Yuhibbon they love Azil-latin lowly Aizzatin respectful Yujaahidoona they fight Sabeel in the path Yakhaafoona they fear

Lau mat if taunted Laaimin those who taunt Waasiun wastly O people who believe who ever of you will revert from his religion for sure Allah will fetch him to them whom he loves and they love him they are disrespectful among the believers and respected among the disbelievers, (The believers) fight in the cause of Allah and they donot fear of the taunts who taunt this is Allah’s grace gives whom He will and Allah is wastly knowlegible. 6/5/55 Innama waleeokumul-laho wa rasoolohoo wal-lazeena aamanoo al-lazeena yuqeemoonas-salaata wa yootoonaz-zakaata wa hum raakioon. Waleeokum your protector Yuqeemoona establish Salaata prayer Yootoona they give Zakaata the charities Raakioon they bow Indeed your protector is Allah and His messenger and those who believe are those who eastablish prayers and give the charities and they are bowing (in prayers). 6/5/56 wa man-yyata-wal-lal-laha wa rasoolahoo wal-lazeena aamanoo fa inna hizbal-lahi humul ghaaliboon Yatawalla who makes his friend, protector Hizb The group Ghaaliboon The winners So who makes Allah and His messenger his friend and protector and those of the belivers, Indeed the group of Allah is going to be successful. 6/5/57 Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa tattakhizul-lazeenattakazoo deenakum huzwauw-wa laibam-minal-lazeena ootul kitaaba min qablikum wal ku- ffara auliyaa-a j wattaqul-laha inkuntum momineen Tattakhizoo Donot make Huzwa jokes Laiba sports, fun Ootoo given Qablikum before thee Kuffar reject faith

Auliyaa-a your friends O people who believe, Donot take them your friends those who make jokes and fun of your religion from amongst those who are given the scripture before thee and those of the reject faith, and fear Allah if you are the believers. 6/5/58 Wa iza naadeitum ilas-salaatit-takhazooha huzwau-wa laiba t zaalika bi-anna-hum qaumun laa yaaqiloon. Naadeitum you call Salaat The prayer Zaalika This is Qaumun a nation, the people Laa yaaqiloon unwise And when you call for the prayers they cut jokes and make sports of it this is for that indeed they are the people unwise. 6/5/59 Qul ya ahlal-kitaabi hal tanqimoona minna illa un-aamanna bil-lahi wa ma unzila ileina wa ma unzila min qablo wa anna aktharakum faasiqoon. Hal interrogation, Doyou ? Tanqimoona revenge Minna from us Unzila sent down Qablo before, earlier Aktharakum most of you Faasiqoon evil doers O the people of the scripture, Do you want to revenge on us only for, that we believed Allah and that whis is sent down on us and that what which was sent down before and that most of you are the evil doers. 6/5/60 Qul hal unabbio-kum bi-sharrim min zaalika mathoobatan indal-lahi t man laanatul-laho wa ghadziba aleihi wa ja-ala minhumul qiradata wal khanaazeera wa abdat-taghoot t ulaaika sharrum makaanauw wa adzalo un sawaa-is-sabeel. Unabbio I will tell Sharrim worse Mathoobatam punishment Laanaa out casted Ghadziba anger Qirdata monkeys Khanazeer swines Abd worshipper, the servant

Taghoot the satan Makaanauw place abode Adzallo lost, stray Sawaa-a straight, right Sabeel path Tell, should I warn you of a thing still worse than this for a punishment,This is,whom Allah out casted and bestowed His anger upon them and made of them monkeys and the pigs and the worshippers of the satan these are of those in their worst of abode and more stray from the right path. 6/5/61 Wa iza jaaookum qaaloo aamanna wa qad dakhaloo bil kufri wa hum qad kharajoo bihee t wal-laho aalamo bima kaanoo yaktumoon. Jaaookum came to you Qaaloo said Aamanna we believed Qad were Dakhaloo entered Kharajoo got out Aalamo knows Yaktumoon they hide And when they come to you, tell we believe and when they entered were in the state of rejection and when they got out were with it (the disbelief) and Allah knows what they were hiding. 6/5/62 Wa tara katheeram minhum yusaarioona fil ithmi wal udwaani wa aklihimus-suhta t labi-asa ma kaanoo yaamaloon. Tara you will see Katheeram most of them Yusaarioona running here and there Ithmi evil sake Udwaan transgression Akl eatin of Suhta prohibitted Labiasa how bad Yamaloon they do And you will see most of them running here and there for evil’s sake and transgression and eating of prohibited, how bad is that what they do.


6/5/63 Lau laa yanha hum-ur-rabbani-yoona wal ahbaaro un qaulihimul ithma wa aklihimus-suhta t labi-asa ma kaanoo yasnaoon. Yanha prevent, prohibit, stop Rabbaniyoona saintly people Ahbaar learned people Ithma sinful Yasnaoon they create Why not stop them those of the saintly people and the learned ones to those who talk evil and their eating of the prohibited, how bad is that what they create. 6/5/64 Wa qaalatil yahoodo yadul-lahi maghloola t ghullat eideehim wa luinoo bima qaaloo bal yadaa- ho mabsootataani yunfiqo keifa yashaao t wa la-yazeedanna katheeram-minhum ma unzila ileika mir-Rabbika tughiyaanauw-wa kufraa t wa alqaina beinahumul adaawata wal baghdzaa-a ila yaumil qiyaamati t kullama auqadoo naaran lilharbi atfahal-laho wa yas-ona filardzi fasada t wal-laho laa yuhib -bul mufsideen. Qaalat said Yahood Jews Yad hand Maghloola tied Ghullat tied Eideehim their hands Luinoo cursed Mabsootataani well off, full and free Yunfiqo spends Keifa as Yazeedanna they do not increase Tughyaanan arrogance Alqaina we put Beinahum between them Adaawata enmity Baghdzaa-a hatred Yomil qiyama The day of Judgment Kullama when ever Auqadoo lit Naaran the fire Harb the war At-fao-ha extinguish lit off Yas-ona run here and there Ardzi the earth


Fasaadan for creating mischief, disturbance, a civil war Yuhibb loves Mufsideen mischief creators And said the Jews the hands of Allah are tied, tied are their hands and cursed for what they said Nay His hands are wide open dpends how He will and they will go most of them farther in disbelieve and arrogance and We had put the enimity and hatred between them till the Day of Judgment when ever they litted the fire of the war Allah extinguished it and they make their efforts for creating mischief on earth and Allah doenot love mischief creators. 6/5/65 Wa lau anna ahlal-kitaabi aamanoo wat-taqau la-kaffarna un-humus-sayyi-aati-him wa la-adkhalnahum jannatin-naeem. Taqau Feared La-kaffarna for sure We will do away Sayyi-aatihim their sins La-adkhalnaahum for sure We will make them enter And if the people of the book had believed and had feared for sure We had removed from them their sins and had made them to enter the paradise full of bounties. 6/5/66 Wa lau annahum aqaamut-Tauraata wal Injeela wa ma unzila ileihim mir-Rabbihim la-akaloo min fauqihim wa min tahti arjulihim t min- hum ummatum muqtasidatun t wa katheerum minhum saa-a ma yaamaloon. Aqaamu establish La-akaloo for sure they would get the sustenance Fauqihim above themestablish Fauqihim above them Fauqihim above them Tahti below Arjulihim their feet Ummatun nation Muqtasidatun average, between good and bad Katheerum most of them Saa-a very bad Yaamaloon they do And if they had established Taurat and Ineel and that which was sent down upon them from their Lord for sure they would receive their sustenance from above their heads and from below their feet

among them are people just and among them there are many people how worse they do. 6/5/67 Ya ayyohar-Rasoolo balligh ma unzila ileika mir-Rabbika t wa il-lum taf-al fa ma ballaghta risaa -latahoo t wal-laho yaasimoka minan-naasi t innal-laha laa yahdil qaumal kaafireen Lam not Balligh convey the message Tafal you do Risaalatahoo His messages Yasimoka He will save you Yahdee guides O the messenger convey what is being sent down upon thee from thy Lord and if you donot do this you have not conveyed His message and Allahy will protect you from the people indeed Allah doesnot guide the disbelieving folk. not 6/5/68 Qul yaa ahlal-kitaabi lastum alaa shein hatta tuqeemutTauraata wal Injeela wa ma unzila ilei- kum mir-Raabikum t wa layazeedanna katheeram-minhum ma unzila ileika mir-Rabbika tughiyaana- uw-wa kufra j fa laa t-aasa alal qaumil kaafireen. Lastum you are nrver Tuqeemoo you establish Tauraata the book revealed Proph Mosses pbuh Injeel the realed to Jesus son of Mariyam pbuh Yazeedanna they will not increase Katheeram most of them Minhum of them Tughiyaanan arrogance T-aasaa sorry O people of the book you are not observing any thing if you do not establish the book and Injeel and that which is sent down upon you from your Lord and most of them will not increase but in arrogance and disbelief against what is sent down upon you you do not be sorry for the disbelieving folk. 6/5/69 Innal-lazeena aamanoo wal-lazeena haadoo was-saabioona wan-Nasaaara man aamana bil-lahi wal yaumil aakhiri wa amila saalihan fa laa khaufun aleihim wa laa hum yahzanoon. Saabioona a nation named sabaa Nasaara (Nassarites) Christians Aamana believed

Yaumil aakhiri Day of Judgment Amila Did Saalihan righteous Khaufun fear Yahzanoon they be grieved Indeed those who believed and the Jews and saabi- oon, and the Nassarites (Christians )who believed in Allah and the Day of judgment and did the righteous deeds they have nothing to fear nor are they to be grieved. 6/5/70 Laqad akhazna meethaaqa banee Israaeela wa arsalna ileihim rusulan t kullama jaa-ahum rasoo -lum bima laa tahwaa anfusohum fareeqan kazzaboo wa fareeqan yaqtuloon. Laqad indeed Akhazna We took Meetaaqa The covenant, oath Arsalna We sent Ruslan the messengers Kullam whenever Jaa-ahum came to them Laa tahwa did not like Anfusohum Theirselves Fareeqan Kazzaboo Yaqtuloon they killed Indeed We took the covenant from the children of Israeel and sent towards them the messengers which they did not like so some of them they belied and some slaid. 6/5/71 Wa hasiboo un-laa takoona fitnatun fa amoo wa sammoo thumma tabal-laho aleihim thumma amoo wa sammoo katheeram minhum t wal-laho baseerum bima yamaloon. Hasiboo thought Fitnatun persecuted Amoo blinded Sammoo remained deaf And they had thought that they will not be reprimanded so they blinded and were not hearing then Allah forgave them then again they blinded and still many of them had remained blind and were not hearing and Allah knew what they were doing. 6/5/72. Laqad kafaral-lazeena qaaloo innal-laha hu- wal Maseehubnul Maryama t wa qaalal Maseeho Ya banee Israaeela aabudal327

laha Rabbee wa Rabba- kum t Innahoo man-yyushrik bil-lahi faqad haramal- laho aleihil jannata wa ma waahun-naar t wa ma llizzaalimeena min ansaar. Kafara disbakieved Aabudoo worship Yushrik ssociate Harrama prohibited Janna The Paradise, gardenof aden Waa abode, a place to rest Naar The fire Ansaar helper Indeed they disbelieved who said indeed Allah He is Maseeh son of Mariyam qand said Maseeh (Christ) O children of Israeel (Jacob) worship Allah my Lord and your Lord indeed who associated with Allah, His partners Thus Allah has prohibitted The paradise for him and his abode is hell fire and there is no help for the wrong doers. 6/5/73 Laqad kafaral-lazeena qaaloo innal-laha thaalitho thalaatah m wa ma min ilahin illa ilaahun waahid t wa il-lam yantahoo amma yaqooloona la-yamas-sannal-lazeena kafaroo minhum azaabun aleem . Thaalitho The third Thalatha of the three In-lam if not Yantahoo they donot stop Yaqooloona they say La-yamassanna for sure will touch them Indeed they disbelieved who said indeed Allah is a third of the three (Trinity) and there is no God except one God and if they donot stop from what they say for sure will catch of them who say this, a painful chestisement 6/5/74 Afa laa yatooboona ilal-lahi wa yastagh-firoo nahoo t wallaho ghafoorur-Raheem. Afala will they not Will they not repent Allah and seek His forgiveness and Allah is oft pardoning kind. 6/5/75 Mal Maseehubno Maryama illa Rasool j qad khalat min qablihir-Rusul t wa ummohoo siddeeqa t kaana yaakulaanit-ta-aam

t Unzur kaifa nuba-yyino lahumul aayaati thumman-zur anna yoofakoon. Khalat passed away Ummohoo his mother Siddeeqa a saintly woman Yaakulaani they used to eat Ta-aam the food Maseeh Eisaa son of Mriyam was not but a messen -ger same as many other messengers passed before him and his mother was a saintly woman they ate food see how do we explain them my verses and see again how they stray away’ 6/5/76 Qul a-taabudoona min-doonil-lahi ma laa yamliko lakum dzarrauw-wa laa nafaa t wal-laho huwas-samee-ul Aleem. Ataabudoona will you worship Mindoon besides, other than Yamliko own Dzarraunw harm Nafaa profit, benefit Tell will you worship besides Allah which does not harm nor could benify you and Allah He is all hearing and all knowing 6/5/77 Qul ya ahlal kitaabi laa taghloo fee deeni- kum gheiral huqqi wa laa tat-tabioo ahwaa-a qaumin qad dzalloo min qablo wa adzalloo katheerauw wa dzalloo un sawaais-sabeel. Taghloo exaggerate Deenikum your religion Gheiral huqqi unduely, unjustified Tat-tabioo you obey Ahwaa-a desires Dzalloo strayed Katheer huge, a large number Sawaa-a right Sabeel path Tell O people of the book donot exaggerate in your religion not justified and donot obey the desires of the people who are already lost pathand they made a large number of people sytay and theu are lost from the straight path.


6/5/78 Loinal-lazeena kafaroo mim baneeisraeela ala lisaani Daaooda wa Eisabni Maryama t zaalika bima asau wa kaanoo yatadoon. Loina cursed Lisaan tongue Asau disobeyed Yatadoon exceed the mamnlimits The people from the children of Israeel who dis- believed were cursed by the tongue of Daaood and Eisa son of Maryam (Jesus son of Maryam) this was for they disobeyed and transgressed. 6/5/79 Kaanoo laa yatna-hauna anil munkarin faa- looho t labiasa ma kaanoo yaf-aloon. Laa yathauna donot prohibit Munkari evils, bad Faalooho they did Labiasa how bad Yafaloon they used to do They were not prohibiting for the evils they were doing how bad was that they were doing. 6/5/80 Tara katheeram minhum yata-wallaunal- lazeena kafaroo t labiasa ma qaddamat lahum anfusahum un sakhital-laho aleihim wa fil azaabi hum khaalidoon. Tara you will see Yatawallauna they make friends Qaddamat presented, sent forth Sakhita made angree Khaalidoon live for ever You will see many of them making friends those who disbelieved, how bad was this they sent forth for themselves that they made Allah angry upon them and in the chastisement they will live for ever. 6/5/81 Wa lau kaanoo yoominoona bil-lahi wan-nabeeyi wa ma unzila ileihi mat-takhazoohum auliyaa-a wa laakinna katheeramminhum faasiqoon Kaanoo they were Unzila sent down Mat-takhazoohum they had not taken them Auliyaa-a their friends Katheeram a large number of them

Faasiqoon evil dooers And if they had believed in Allah and the Prophets and that which was sent down towards them they had not taken them (disbelievers) their friends but most of them evil dooers.. 6/5/82 La-tajidanna ashaddan-nasi adaawatal-lil-lazeena aamanul yahooda wal-lazeena ashrakoo j wa la-tajidanna aqrabahum mawaddatal lil-lazeena aamanoo al-lazeena qaaloo inna Nasaara t zaalika bi-anna minhum qisseeseena wa ruhbaanauw wa annahum laa yastakbiroon. Fa-asaaba-hum so was fated to them La-tajidanna For sure you will find Jannati the gardens of paradise Tajri flowing Tahteha underneath Anhaar the rivers Ashadda very severe Naasi people Adaawata enemity Ashrakoo who associated divinities with Allah Aqraba nearest Muwaddatan love Nasaara Christians Qisseeseena the learned people Ruhbaan saints Yastakbiroon pround For sure you will find very severe in enemity with the believers from those people from Jews and those of the idolators and you will find nearest in love for the believers are those who call for themselves indeed we are the Nassarites, this is for among them are the learned and the saintly people and indeed they are not proud. Part No 7 C hapter Almaaida contd. 05

7/5/83 Izaa samioo ma unzila ilar Rasooli tara aayoo -nohum tafeedzo minal dam-i mimma arafoo minal huqqi j yaqooloona Rabbana aamanna faktubna maa-ash-shaahideen. Samioo heared Aayoonohum their eyees Tafeedzo over flow

Dam-I with tears Arafoo they knew Faktubna so write for us Maa-a with Shaahideen witnesses When they hear what is sent down upon the messen- ger you will see their eyes full of tears from that what they learn from the truth they say O our Lord we believed so write us down among the witnesee. 7/5/84. Wa ma lana laa nomino bil-lahi wa ma jaa-ana minal huqqi wa natmao anyud-khilna Rabbona maa-al qaumis-saaliheen. Nomino we believe Jaa-ana came to us Natmao we are hopeful Yud-khilna He will make us enter Qaum people, nation Saaliheen righteous And what is to us that we will not believe in Allah and that which has come to us from the truth and we are hopeful that our Lord will include us with the righteous people. 7/5/85. Fa-asaabahul-laho bima qaaloo jannatin tajree min tahtihal anh Khaalideena live for ever Jazaau reward mohsineen virtuous peole So Allah rewarded them for what they said with the garden of Edens underneath are flowing the rivers where in they will live for ever and this is the reward of the virtuous people. 7/5/86. Wal-lazeena kafaroo wa kazzaboo bi ayaa- tina ulaaika ashaabul jaheem. Kafaroo rejected Kazzaboo belied Aayaatina our verses Ulaaika these are of those Ashaab the peopled Jaheem the fire And those who disbelieved and lied for our verses these are the people of the hell fire.

7/5/87. Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa tuharrimoo tayyabaati ma ahallal-laho lakum wa laa taatadoo t innal-laha laa yuhibbul motadeen. Tuharrimoo Donot you prohibit Tayyibaati the clean things Ahallal-laho which Allah has allowed Taatadoo transgress Laa-yuhibb does not love Motadeen transgressors O people who believe ,Donot prohibit the good that Allah has allowed for you and donot transgress indeed Allah does not love the transgressors. 7/5/88. Wa kuloo mimma razqakumul-laho halaalan tayyaban s wat-taqul-lahal-lazee antum bihee mo- minoon. Kuloo eat Razaqakum the food which is given to you Halaalan permissible Tayyaban good Taqu fear Mominoon you believe And eat from that the sustenance Allah has given you from the good and permissible and fear Allah who you believe. 7/5/89. Laa yuaakhizokumul-laho bil-laghvi fee eimaanikum wa laakin yuaakhizokum bima aqad-tumul eimaana j fa kaffaratohoo itaamo ashrati masaakeena min ausati ma tutimoona ahleekum au kiswatohum au tahreero raqbatin t fa man lam yajid fisyaamo thalaa-thati ayyam t zaalika kaffarato eimaanikum izaa halaftum t wahfazoo eimaani-kum t kazaalika yubayynul-laho lakum ayaatihee la-allakum tashkuroon. Laa yaakhizokum Does not catches you Laghvi careless Eimaanikum oaths Aqadtumo but which you made firm Kaffarato compensation Ita-aamo feed Ashrata ten Masakeen poors Ausati average Tutimoona which you feed Ahleekum your family members

Kiswatohum or clothe them Tahreero free Raqbatin a slave Lam yajid if not available Siyaamo fast Thalaathati three Ayyam days Halaftum sweared Ahfazoo safe gaurd Kazaalika thus Yubayyano clearly explains Aayaatihee His verses La-allakum so that Tashkuroon be thankful Allh will not catch for your unintentional oath but will cath you for that which you sweared by your heartso its compensation is that you feed ten poor people with a food of average quality that which you feed your family or clothe them or free a slave and the one who does not have it then he must fast for three days this is the compensation of your oaths that you did by your heart and protect your oaths thus Allah explains for you His verses sothat you be thankful. 7/5/90 Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo innamal khamro wal mysiro wal ansaabo walazlaamo rijzum min amalish-sheitaani fajtanibooho la-allakum tuflihoon. Khamro wine etc, Mysiro gambling Ansaabo temples Azlaamo trying for luck (satta) Rijzum dirty, unclean Amal act Sheitaan devil Faj-tanibooho so give it up Tuflihoon so that you prosper O people who believe indeed wine and the gambling idol places trying for luck with arrows are dirty handy work of satan so save yourselves so that you be prosper. 7/5/91 Innama yureedush-sheitaano un yooqia bei- na-kum-uladaawata wal baghdzaa-a fil-khamri wal-meisari wa yasuddakum un zikril-lahi wa unis-salati j fa hal antum muntahoon.

Yureedo wants Yooqia sow, grow, develope Adaawata enemity Baghdzaa-a hatred Yasuddakum to stop you Zikr rememberance Salaati prayers Muntahoon stop, stay away The satan wants to put between you the enemity and the hatred through intoxication and the gambling and stop you from Allah’s rememberance and from the prayers so would you stop?. 7/5/92 Wa ateeul-laha wa ateeur-rasoola wahzaroo j fa-in-tawallaitum fa aalamoo annama ala rasoolina albalaaghul mubeen. Ateeoo obey Wahzaroo and fear Tawallaitum you turn away Balaagh to speak, convey the message Mubeen clearly And obey Allah and obey the messenger and fear and if you turned away then you must know indeen upon our messenger is to convey the clear message. 7/5/93. Leisa alal-lazeena aamanoo wa amilus-saalihaati junaahun feema taimoo izaa mat-taqau wa aamanoo wa amilus-saalihaati thummat-taqau wa aamanoo thummat-taqau wa ahsanoo t wal-laho yuhibbul mohsineen. Leisa No, not Junaahun harm done Taimoo ate Izaa if Mat-taqau saught piety, cared for piety Ahsanoo did good, virtue Yuhibb loves Mohsinee righteous, virtuous people No harm done upon the believers and who did the righteous deeds for what they ate if they observe piety and believed and did the the righteous deeds they observed piety and believed then they adhered to piety and were virtuous and Allah loves those of the virtuous people. 7/5/94 Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo la-yablo-wanna -kumul-laho bishei-im minas-seidi tanaalohoo eidee –kum wa rimahokum li335

yaalamal-laho man-yyakhaa -fohoo bil-gheibi j fa man-aitada baada zaalika fa lahoo azaabun aleem. La-yabnuwanna-kum for sure He will test you Bisheim for things Seidi hunting Tanaalohoo you can reach it Eideekum your hands Rimahokum your daggers Yaalam He will know Yakhaafohoo he will fear Bilgheibi in unseen Man-aitada who transgressed O people who believe for sure Allah will test you for the things like hunting to which your hands and the daggers could reach for Allah to know who fears Him in unseen so who transgressed after this so for him is painful torment. 7/5/95 Ya ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa taqtulus-seida wa antum hurum t wa man qatalahoo minkum muta-aammidan fa jazaaummithlo ma qatala min an-nami yahkumo bihee zawaa adlim minkum hadi- yam baalighal kaabati au kaffaaratun ta-aamo masakeena au adlo zaalika siyaamal la-yazooqa wabaala amrihee t afallaho amma salafa t wa man aada fa yantaqimul-laho minho t wallaho azeezun zunti- qaam. Taqtuloo kill, hunt Hurum clad in ehram uniform of huj and umra Muta-aammidan intentionally Jazaaum punishment Mithlo same like what killed Nami grazing wild animals Yahkumo decided by Zawa Adlim a just person Hadiyam slaughter Baalighatam reaching Kaffaratun compensation Ata-aamo feeding Masakeena poors Adlo zaalika equal to it Siyaam fasts La-yazooqa for sure to taste Wabala ill reward Amrihee of his deed

Afal-laho Allah forgave Salafa that is already done Aada habit Yantaqimul-laho Allah will take the revange Azeezun mighty Zuntiqaam in taking the revange O people who believe do not kill your hunts when you are clad in Ehram (The unsewen dress of two plane sheets or towels compulsory for male pilgrims of Huj) and he of you who killed it of you intentinally so his punishment is like the same that is killed from the games which ill be decided by the just men of you an offering brought to kaba or a compensation by feeding the poors or compensated by fastngs to taste the evil of his deed Allah forgave what they had already done and who is habitual so Allah will reveange him and Allais severe in taking the revenge.. 7/5/96 uhilla lakum seidal bahri wa ta-aamohoo mataa-al-lakum wa lisayyaarati j wa hurrima alei- kum seidal barri ma dumtum hurum(an) t wat-taqul-lahal-lazee ileihee tuhsharoon. Uhilla permissible Bahri see Ta-aamohoo eating it Mataa-a sustenance Lisayyarati for your caravan Hurrima prohibitted Barri land Ma dumtum till Taqu fear Tuhsharoon to assemble Allowed for you the hunting of the sea and its eating it is your sustenance and for your caravan and prohibited upon you the hunting of the land till you are clad in Ehram and fear Allah to whom you are to gather. 7/5/98 Ei-lamoo annal-laha shadeedul iqaabi wa annal-laha ghafoorur Raheem. Ei-lamoo must you know Shadeed severe Iqaab punishment Must you know indeed Allah is svere in punishment and indeed He is forgiving and merciful

7/5/99 Ma alar-rassoli illal balaagh t wal-laho yaalamo ma tubdoona wa ma taktumoon. Balaagh speak, convey the message Yaalamo He knows Tubdoona show Taktumoon hide It is not for the messenger except to convey the message and Allah knows what you show and what you hide. 7/5/100 Qul laa yastawee alkhabeeso wat-tayyabo wa lau aajabaka katheeratul khabeesi j fat-taqul-laha yaa ulil-albaab la-allakum tuflihoon. Yastawee Equal Khabees evil Tayyib good Aajabaka astonishes you Katharato multitude Fat-taqul-lah so fear Allah Ulool albaab the people of wisdom La-allakum so that you Tuflihoon you be successful Tell evil and good are not equal even if astonishes you the multitude of the evil so fear Allah, O the people of wisdom so that you be successful. 7/5//101 Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo laa tas-aloo un ashiyaa-a in tubda lakum tasoo-kum j wa in tas-aloo unha heena yunazzalul quraano tubdalakum t afal-laho unha t wal-laho ghafoorun Haleem. Tas-aloo You ask Ashiyaa-a things Tubda exposed Tasookum hurt you, put you in trouble Heena at the time when Tunazzalul revealed Afa forgave O people who believe , Donot ask for things if these are exposed to you you will be in trouble and if you will ask regarding these at the time, when Quran is being revealed these will be exposed to you, Allah has forgiven you for this and Allah is forgiving and merciful. 7/5/102 Qad sa-ala qaumun min qablikum thumma asbahoo biha kaafireen.

Sa-ala asked Asbahoo turned Kaafireen disbelievers The nations before thee had asked for (such things)then they turned disbelievers. 7/5/103 Ma jaalal-laho mim-baheeratinw wa laa saaibatinw wa laa waseelatinw wa laa Haamiw-wa laakinal-lazeena kafaroo yaftaroona alal-lahil kaziba t wa aktharo-hum laa yaaqiloon. Ma not Jaa-ala made Baheera Animal with slitted ears left for false gods Saaina Male cow left for false gods not made Animal with slitted ears left for false gods Male cow left for false god Waseela She camel breeds for two she camels after one, another left for false gods Haam Male camel who had fathered ten camels, left for false gods, (Pagans traditions before Islam. Yaftaroona invent Kaziba lie Akthar-hum most of them Laa yaaqiloon have no wisdom Allah did not make neither Baheera, nor saaiba and neither waseela nor the Haam but those who disbelieved invent lies against Allah and most of them have no wisdom. 7/5/104 Wa izaa qeela lahum taulau ila ma anzalal-laho wa ilarrasooli qaaloo hasbona ma wajadna aleihi abaa-ana t awa-lau abaauhum laa yaalamoona sheiunw wa laa yahtadoon. Ta-aalau come Hasbona sufficient Wajadna we found Aabaa-ana our fathers, fore fathers Yaalamoona They know Sheiun a thing Yahtadoon guided And if they are saked to come towards that is revealed from Allah towards His messenger, said It is suficient for us that we found

from our fathers even if their fathers did not know nothing and nor were they guided. 7/5/105 Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo aleikum anfusakum laa yadzurrokum man dzalla izah-tadei- tum t ilal-lahi marjiokum jamee-an fa yunabbiokum bima kuntum taamaloon. Anfusokum your own lives Yadzurrokum harm you Dzalla strayed Izah-tadei-tum if you are guided Marjiokum you are to return Jameean all together Yunabbiokum He will let you know Taamaloon you used to do O people who believe you are responsible for your selves they can not harm you who are stray if you are guided towards Allah you are all to return then He will let you know what you used to do. 7/5/106 Yaa ayyohal-lazeena aamanoo shahaadato beinikum izaa hadzara ahda-kumul mauto heenal wasee-yati-thnaani zawaa adlim minkum au akha- raani min gheirikum in antum dzarabtum fil ardzi fa asaabatkumul museebatul mauti t tahbisoo- na-huma mim baadis-salaati fa yuqsimaani bil-lahi inir-tab-tum laa nashtaree bihee thamananauw wa lau kaana zaa qurbaa wa laa naktush shahaadatal-lahi inna izal laminal aathimeen. Shahaada witness Beinakum between you Hadzara comes Ahdakum anyone of you Maut the death Heena at the time Waseeatiyati the will Athnaani two Zawaa adlim just people Aakharaani another two Gheirikum other than you Dzarabtum gone out Ardzi on earth, in the land Asaabatkum reaches to you Mussebat misfortune Tahbissoona stop them, detain them Baadis-salaati after the prayer

Yuqsimaan they will swear Bil-lahi by Allah Inirtab-tum if you are in doubt Nashtari we earn Thamanauw any benefit, profit Zaa qurba near relatives Naktush we hide Izal if (we) do so Aathimeen (we) are the sinners O people who believe stand for the witnesses bet- ween you if reaches the death to anyone of you at the time of the will there should come two of you from the just people or others than you if you are gone out in the land and you encounter the ill fate of the death, hold them up the two after the prayers so if you doubt them they will swear by Allah that we donot make any profit even if they are near relatives nor we hide any part of the witness of Allah if we do so indeed we are surely of the sinners. 7/5/107 fa in uthira ala anna-humas-tahaqqa ithman fa aakharaani yaqoomaani maqaamahuma minal lazeenas-tahaqqa aleihimul auliyaani fa yuqsimaani bil-lahi la-shahadatuna ahaqqo min shahadati-hima wa maa aatadeina inna izal-la minaz-zaalimeen. Uthira comes to be known Istahaqqa deserved Ithman the sin Aakharaani another two Yaqoomani stand Auliyaani responsible, protectors Yuqsimaani they will swear Shahadatuna our witness Ahaqqo truer Aatadeina we do not transgress So if it comes to be known that they indeed sinned then other two of the responsible men will stand in their place from those who are from the benifying end and swear by Allah, for sure our witness is more truer than their witness and we donot transgress and if do so we are indeed of the wrong doers. 7/5/108 Zaalika adna unyaatoo bish-shahaadati ala wajhiha au yakhaafoo un turadda eimaanum baada eimaanihim t wat-taqullaha wasmaoo t wal-laho laa yahdil qaumaal faasiqeen. Adna least

Unyaatoo they give Ala wajhiha at its face, right there Yakhaafoo they fear Turadda tuen away, change Eimaanam their oath Wasmaoo and listen Faasiqeen evil The least that the witnesses be given right at its face or you fear that they will change from their previous oath and fear Allah and listen and Allah doesnot guide the evil people. 7/5/109 Yauma yajmaul-lahur-rusla fa yaqoolo maza ujibtum t qaaloo laa ilma lana t innaka anta allamul ghuyoob. Yajmau assamble Maza what Ujibtum astonishes you Ilm knowledge Allaam all knowing Ghuyoob unseen The day when Allah will call all the messenger to assamble then it will be asked what makes you surprise said we have no knowledge indeed you are the knower of the unseen, 7/5/110 Iz qaalal-laho yaa Eisa-bna Mriyama-zkur neimatee aleika wa ala waalidatik m iz ayyadtuka bi-Roohil qudus tukallimunnaasa fil mahdi wa kahla j wa iz allamtokal kitaaba wal hikmata wat-Tauraata wail Injeel j wa iz takhluqa minat-teeni kahee-atitteiri bi-iznee j fa tanfukho feeha fa takoono teiran bi-iznee wa tubriyul akmaha wal abrasa bi-iznee j wa iz tukhrijul mauta biiznee j wa iz kafafto banee Israaeela unka iz ji-ata-hum bil bayyanaati fa qaalal-lazeena kafaroo minhum in haaza illa sehrummubeen. Uzkur remind to memory, remember Neimatee my favours Walidatik your mother Ayyadtoka helped you Roohil qudus angel Gabreil Tukallim you talked Naasa the people Mahdi infancy, mother’s lap Kahla adulthood Allamtoka taught to you

Hikmata wisdom Tauraat The book revealed to Mosses Injeel The book revealed to Eisa Takhluqa you made Teen clay Kaheeati the shape Teiri a bird Bi-iznee with my permission Tanfukho you would blow Takoono be Teiran fly Tubrio release Akmaha born blind Abrasa laper Tukhrijo you removed Mauta dead Kafafto ceased, stopped, prevented Bani Israeel children of Israeel (Jews) Unka from thee Jiyatohum you came to them Bayyinaat clear signs Sihrum magic Mubeen clear When Allah said, O Eisa son of Mary remember my bounties upon you and your mother when I helped you with the holy spirit you were talking to the people in infancy and the adulthood and taught you the book and the wisdom and Taurat and Injeel and when you would make from mud a body of a bird with my permission and would blow in to it so it will fly with my permission and you would remove the one born blimd from his blindness and heal a laper with my permission and you would make a dead alive with my permission and I stopped Banee Israeel from you when you came to them with the clear signs, Thus said those of the disbelievers among them it is nothing but clear magic. 7/5/111. Wa iz auheito ilal hawaarieena un aaminoo bee wa biRasoolee j qaaloo aamanna wash-had bi-an-nanaa Muslimoon. Auheito I inspired Hawaari-eena The Nasarites Aaminoo Believe Bee with me Muslimoon those who submit

And I inspired Hawaariyoon, Believe me and my messenger said we believed, and we witness that indeed we are of those submitted. 7/5/112. Iz qaalal Hawaariyoona Ya Eisabna Mari- yama hal yastateeo rabboka un-yyunazzila aleina maaidatam minas-samaai t qaalat-taqul-laha in kun- tum moineen. Hal ? (interrogation) Yastateeo can, capable Un-yyunazzila that He will send down Maaidatan food serve Taqoo fear Mominee n the believers When said Hawaariyoon O Eisa son of Mary Can your Lord send upon us food fom the sky said fear Allah if you are the believers. 7/5/113 Qaaloo nureedo un naakula minha wa tat- mainna quloobonaun wa naalama un qad sadaqtana wa nakoona aleiha minash-shaahideen. Nureedo we want Naakula we will eat Tatmainna to satisfy Naalama we to know Sadaqtana you said to us was true Nakoona we be Shaahideen the witness Said, we want to eat from it and satisfy our hearts and we will know that you had spoken to us was true and that we will become the witness upon this 7/5/114 Qaala Eisabno Maryama Allahumma Rabbana anzil aleina maaidam minas samaai takoo- no lana eidal liawwalina wa aakhirina wa aayatam-minka j warzuqna wa anta kheirur raaziqeen. Anzil send down Takoono that it be Lana for us Eid a matter of joy Awwalina earlier people Aakhirina to come forth Aayaa a sign Minka from you Warzuqna and feed us Kheir the best Raziqeen who feed

Said Eisa son of Maryam (Mary) O Allah our Lord, send down upon us the food serve from the sky that it will become a joy for our earlier and those to come forth and a sign from thee and feed us that you are the best who feed. 7/5/115 Qaalal-laho innee munazziloha aleikum famanyyakfur baado minkum fa innee u-azzibohoo azaabal-laa uazzibohoo ahadam minal aalameen. Munazziloha I will send it down Aleikum upon you Man who Yakfur disbelieve Baado after that Minkum of you Uazzibohoo I will punish him Azaab the punishment Ahadan anyone Aalameen worlds Said Allah indeed I will send it down upon you so he who of you will disbelieve after this Thus I will punish him with the punishment that I had never punished such, anyone in the worlds. 7/5/116 Wa iz qaalal-laho Ya Eisabna Maryama a-anta qulta linnaasit-takhizoonee wa ummee ilaaheini min doonil-lahi t qaala subhaanaka ma yakoono lee un aqoola ma leisa lee bihuqqin t in kunto qultohoo fa qad alimtahoo t taalamo ma fee nafsee wa laa aalamo ma fee nafsika t innaka anta allamul ghuyoob. A-anta Did you Qulta you said Naas the people Ittakhizoonee take mee Ummee my mother Ilaaheini two gods Min doon beside Subhaanak independent is you, Yakoono it be Huq the right Aqoola I would say Leisa not Lee for me Qultohoo If I had said it Alimtahoo You had known it

Taalamo you know Nafsee in my heart Aalamo I know Allam The knower Ghuyoob of unseen And said Allah O Elsa son of Maryam, Did you say to the people “take me and my mother the two gods beside Allah”, said independant is Thee it was not for me to say that which I have no rights if I had said so, you had known it You know what is in my heart and I donot know what is in yours, indeed you are the knower of the unseen. 7/5/117 Ma qulto lahum illa ma amartanee bihee ani-budul-laaha Rabbee wa Rabbakum j wa kunto aleihim shaheedam ma dumto feehim j falamma tawaffeitanee kunta antar-raqeeba aleihim t wa anta ala kulli shein shaheed. Amartanee you had commanded me Aabudoo worship Rabb-ee Lord-my (my Lord) Rubba-kum Lord-your (your Lord) Kunto I was Shaheedan a witness Ma dumto until Feehim among them Tawaffeitanee caused me to die (Pro. Eisa was lifted in his flesh and bones in life Alquran ch. Nisa. 7 4/157) Kunta you were Anta you Raqeeba a gaurd I had not said to them except what you had comma-nded me that worship Allah my Lord and your Lord and I was a witness upon them till I was with them so when you took me up you were the guard upon them and you are seeing all things. 7/5/118 In tuazzib-hum fa innahum ibaadoka j fa in taghfir lahum fa innaka antal Azeezul Hakeem Tuazzib you punish Ibaadoka your servants

If you punish them they are your servants and if you forgive them indeed you are the greatest and wise. 7/5/119 Qaalal-laho haaza yaumo yanfao as-saadi- qeena sidqohum t lahum jannatun tajree min tahtihal anhaaro khaalideena feeha abada t radzee Allaho unhum wa radzoo unho t zaalikal fauzul azeem. Yaumo the day Yanfao benify Saadiqeena the truthful Sidqahum their truyhfulness Jannatun the gardens Tajree flowing Tahti underneeth Anhaar the rivers Khaalideena living for ever Abada ever Radzee pleased Radzoo pleased too Fauz success Said Allah this day will benefy those of the true people for their truthfulness for them are the Para- dise flowing underneath the rivers where in they will live for ever Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him and this is the greatest success. 7/5/120 Lil-lahi mulkus-samawaati wal ardzi wa ma fee hinna t wa huwa ala kulli shein qadeer. Mulk kingdom Samwaat skies To Allah belongs the kingdom of the skies and the earth and that which exists between them and He is capable of all things.

Para 7

Sura Al-anaaam Bismillah Rahmaanir Raheem



7/6/01 Alhamdo lil-lahil-lazee khalaqas-samawaati wal-ardza wa jaalaz-zulomaati wan-noor t thummal-lazeena kafaroo birabbihim yaadiloon Zulomaat dsrkness Yasdiloon associate partners All the praises be to Allah the creator of the skies and the earth and made the darkness and the light then those who disbelieved associate (others) with their Lord. 7/6/02 Huwal-lazee khalaqa-kum min teenin thum- ma qadza ajalaa t ajalum musamman indahoo thu- mma antum tamtaroon. Teen soil Qadza decided, determined Ajalaa the time Musamma fixed Tamturoon You doubtdoubt He is who created you from the soil then fixed their time a time fixed with Him not to be altered then you doubt. 7/6/03 Wa huwal-laho fis-samawwati wa fil-ardz t yaalamo sirrakum wa jahrakum wa yaalamo ma taksiboon. Sirrakum your secrets Jaharakum spoken loud, openly heard Taksiboon you earn And He is Allah in the skies and in the earth knows your secrets and your apperants and He knows what you earn. 7/6/04 Wa ma taateehim min aayatim min aayaati Rabbi-him illa kaanoo unha moridzeen. Tateehim given them Aayat signs Rabbihim their Lord Moridzeen turn away And which evere of the signs from the signs of their Lord is given to them but they turn away from them. 7/6/05 Faqad kazzaboo bil huqqi lamma jaa-ahum t fasaufa yaateehim ambaaoo ma kaanoo bihee yas- tahzioon Kazzaboo belie disbelieved Fasaufa so for sure Yaateehim they will be given

Ambaaoo the news Yastahzioon they used to make joke So they denied the truth when it came to them so for sure the humour they used to make shall be brought to them they used to make. 7/6/06 Alam yarau kam ahlakna min qablihim min qarnim makanna-hum fil ardzi ma lam numakkil-lahum wa arsalnassamaa-a aleihim midraaran s wa ja-alnaal anhaara tajree min tahtihim fa ahlaknahum bizunoobihim wa anshaana mim baadihim qarnan aakhareen. Alam not Yarau they see Kam how many Ahlakna we destryed Qablihim before them Qarnin nations Makannahum we gave them abode Numakkil-lahum space that We had given to them Arsalna We sent Midraran the rain Anhaara the rivers Tajree flowing Ahlaknahum we destroyed Bizunoobihim for their sins Anshana settled, raised Qarnan settlements Aakhireen those to come afterwards Do they not see how many of the nations we have destroyed we had given them the settlement on earth we had not given to none before them 7/6/07 Wa lau nazzalna aleika kitaaban fee qirtaasin fa-lamasooho bi aydeehim la-qaalal-lazeena kafaroo in haaza illa sehrum mubeen. Qirtaasin papper Fa-lamasooha so they will touch it Aydeehim their hands And if we had sent down upon you The Book on papper Thus they had felt it with their hands for sure those who disbelieved have said it is nothing but the clear magic.

7/6/08 Wa qaaloo lau laa unzila aleihi malak t wa lau anzalna malakal laqudziyal amro thumma laa yunzaroon Laqudzia For sure the judgement was over Yunzaroon theyare given time out And said, why not comes down the angel upon him and if We had sent down the angel for sure the matter was decided then they were not given any time out. 7/6/09 Wa lau ja-alnaaho malakal la-ja-alnaaho rajulaaunw wa lalbasnaa aleihim ma yalbisoon. Ja-aalnaho We made him Malak angel Rajulan man (male) Lalbasna We had wrapped him Yalbisoon they wear And if We had made him an angel for sure We had made him a man and We had for sure wrapped him up what they wear. 7/6/10 Wa laqadis-tohziya biruslim min qablika fa haaqa bil-lazeena sakhiroo minhum ma kaanoo bihee yastahzioon Laqad indeed Istohzia mocking Sakhiroo mocked Yastahzioon they were mocking And indeed the messengers before thee too were mocked and deserved those among them who had mocked for their mocking. 7/6/11 Qul seeroo filardzi thummanzuroo keifa kaana aaqibatul mukazzibeen Seeroo Rome arround Unzuroo see Aaqiba ultimate end Mukazzibeen rejectionists, Tell go around the earth and see what was the fate of those who had belied. 7/6/12 Qul limam ma fis-samawaati wal ardzi qul lil-laah t kataba ala nafsihee rahma t la-yajma-annakum ila yaumal qiyaamati laa reiba feehee t al-lazeena khasiroo anfusahum fa-hum laa yuminoon Liman for whom Kataba wrote Nafsihee His-self

Rahma Mercy Layajmannakum for sure He will assemble all of you Laa reiba there is no doubt Khasiroo lost Laa yuminoon do not believe Tell to whom it belongs what exists in the skies and the earth, Tell to Allah, He had written upon his-self the Mercy for sure He will assemble you on the Day of Judgment no doubt there in, They suffered a loss to themselves who had disbelieved. 7/6/13 Wa lahoo ma sakana fil-leili wan-nahaar t wa huwas sameeul aleem. Sakana stayed Leil night Nahaar Day And to Him belongs all that stays in the night and in the day and he is all heaing and all knowing. 7/6/14 Qul agheiral-lahi attakhizo waleee-an faatiris-samawaati wal-ardzi wa huwa yut-imo wa laa yut-am t qul innee umirto un akoona awwala man aslama wa laa takoo-nanna minal mushrikeen Gheir other than Attakhizo I will take Walee protector Faatir creator Yutimo feeds Laa yut-am doesnot eat Umirto I am commanded Akoona I be Aslama surrender Takoona you be Tell will you take other than Allah your protector? Who is the creator of the skies and the earth, who feeds you and doesnot need be fed, Tell indeed I am commanded to be the first to submit and you donot become of the idolators. 7/6/15 Qul innee akhaafo in asaito Rabbee azaaba yaumin azeem. Akhaafo I fear Asaito I disobeyed Tell indeed I fear the punishment of the great Day if I disobeyed my Lord.

7/6/16. Man-yyusraf unho yaumaizin faqad rahimahoo t wa zaalikal fauzul mubeen. Yusraf saved Yaumaizin that day Rahimaho He is merceid Fauz success Mubeen clear, evident Who is saved on that Day Thus Allah has merceid upon him and this is the clear success. 7/6/17. Wa in-yyamsaskal-laho bidzurrin fa laa kaashifa lahoo illa huwa t wa in-yyamsaska bikhei-rin fa huwa ala kulli shein qadeer. Yamsaskal catches Bidzurrin harm, Kaashifa freed Bikheirin good And if Allah catches you in harm so there is none to get you released from Him except Him and if He holds you for good Thus Allah is all capable. 7/6/18. Wa huwa qaahiro fauqa ibaadihee t wa huwa Hakeemul Khabeer Qaahiro all powerful Fauqa above Ibaadihee His servants Hakeem Wise Khabeer all knowing And He is all powerful over His servants and He is wise and all knowing. 7/6/19. Qul ayyo shei-in akbaro shahaadatan qulil-lah (qaf) shaheedum beinee wa beina-kum (qaf) wa oohia ilayya haazal quraano li-unzirakum bihee wa mam balagha t a-innakum la-tashhadoona anna ma-al-laahi aali-hatan ukhraa t qul laa ash-hado j qul innama ilaahauw-waahidauw-wa innanee bareeum mimma tushrikoon. Shahaadatan witness Shaheedum witnesse Oohia inspired, revealed Ilayya towards me Balagha conveyed, read out

Aaliha gods Ukhra other Bareeum off responsibility Tushrikoon your idolation, you associate Tell which of the things is greater as witness, Tell Allah is the witness between me and you and this Quran is revealed upon me that I should warn you with it and to whom it is conveyed, will you then for sure witness that there are gods besides Allah, Tell I will not witness, tell indeed there is only one God and indeed I am off responsibility from what you associate. 7/6/20. Al-lazeena aateina-humul kitaaba yaarifoona–hoo kama yaarifoona abnaa-ahum m al-lazeena khasiroo anfusahum fahum laa yuminoon. Aateina We gave Kitaba The Book Yaarifoonahoo They know it Abnaa-ahum their sons Khasiroo suffered loss, cause harm Those who are given the book they know Him as they know their sons Those who cause a harm upon tmeselves, will not believe. 7/6/21. Wa man azlamo mim-manif-tara alal-lahi kaziban au kazzaba bi-aayaatihee t innahoo laa yuflihuz-zaalimoon. Azlamo more wicked Man-iftara who invent Kaziba a lie Yufleh succeed Zaalimeen wrong doers And who is more a bigger sinner than one who denied Allah and belied His signs indeed He is not going to give any favours to these wrong doers.. 7/6/22. Wa yauma nahshuro-hum jamee-an thumma naqoolo lillazeena ashrakoo eina shurkaa-ookumul-lazeena kuntum tazumoon Nahshurohum We will assemble them Jamee-an all together Naqoolo We will ask Ashrakoo those who associated gods Eina where Taz-umoon you were proud of

And the day when We will assemble them altogether then We will tell them who had addociated (the divinities) where are your associates upon whom you were so proud. 7/6/23 Thumma lam takun fitnatohum illa un qaaloo wal-lahi Rabbina ma kunna mushrikeen. Lam takun not remain Fitna mischief Wal-lahi By God Ma kunna No/not we were idolators Then there would remain no miscjiefs from them except they will say By Allah O our Lord we were not the idolaters. 7/6/24. Unzur keifa kazaboo ala anfusihim wa dzalla unhum ma kaanoo yaftaroon. Unzur see Keifa how Dzalla lost Unhum from them Yaftaroon they had invented See who do they lie upon themselves and all that they used to invent shall be lost. 7/6/25 wa minhum man-yyastamio ileika j wa ja-alna ala quloobihim akinnatan un-yyafqahooho wa fee azaanihim waqra t wa inyyarau kulla aayatil-laa yoominoo biha t hatta izaa jaaooka yujaadiloonaka yaqoolul-lazeena kafaroo in haaza illa asaateerul awwaleen. Yastamio Listen Jaa-alna We made Akinnatan distraction Yafqahooho that they could understand Azaanihim their ears Waqra obstruction Yarau they see Aayya signs Jaaooka they cone to you Yujadiloonaka they argue with you Asaateer stories Awwaleen earlier people And among them who listen from you and We have made in their heart a distraction that they donot understand and in their ears there

is hardness for hearing and if they see all the signs they will not believe in it until they come to you to argue and those who disbeleive will tell, these are nothing but the tales of the earlier people. 7/6/26 Wa hum yanhauna unho wa yan-auna unho j wa inyyuhlikoona illa anfusohum wa ma yash-uroon. Yanhauna prevent Yanauna stop themselves Yuhlikoona killing, destroying, harm Yashuroon they donot know And they prevent from it and stop themselves from it and they harm but for themselves and they donot understand this 7/6/27 Wa lau tara iz wuqifoo alan-nari fa-qaaloo yaaleitana nuraddo wa laa nukazziba biaayaati Rabbina wa nakoona minal momineen. Tara they will see Wuqifoo standing Alan-naar over the fire Yaa-leitana for our dismay Nuraddo may we be returned Nukazziba we belie Nakoona we will be Momineen believers “And if they will see (themselves) standing over the fire thus they will say to our dismay may we be returned and we will not belie the signs of our Lord and we will be of the believers.” 7/6/28 Bal bada lahum ma kaanoo yukhfoona min qabl t wa lau ruddoo laaadoo lima nuhoo unho wa innahum la-kaaziboon. Bada exposed Yukhfoona thye used to hide Ruddoo returned La-aadoo they will repeat Nuhoo prohibited La-kaaziboon for sure they are the liers “No it has been exposed what they used to hide before this and if they are returned they will be back to their previous practices for which they are prohibited and indeed they are the liers.


7/6/29 Wa qaaloo in hiya illa hayaatunad-duniya wa maa nahno bimab-ootheen Hayaatuna our lives Mab-otheen raised again “And said it is not but the life for us in this world and we will not be raised again 7/6/30 Wa lau tara iz wuqifoo ala Rabbihim t Qaala aleisa haaza bil-huqq t qaaloo bala wa Rabbina t qaala fa-zooqul azaaba bima kuntum takfuroob. Aleisa Is it not Bala for-sure Wa-Rabbina By iur Lord Zooqoo taste And if they will see standing before their Lord and it will be said, Is it not true they will say by our Lord, (Thus it will be told) So then taste the punishment for that you were disbelieving.” 7/6/31 Qad khasiral-lazeena kazzaboo bi-liqaa-illahi t hatta izaa jaa-at-humus-saa-ato baghtatan qaaloo yaa hasratana ma farratna feeha wa hum yahmiloona auzaarahum ala zuhoorihim t ala saa-a ma yaziroon. Khasira sustaine loss Liqa meeting Saa-a bad Baghtatan all of a sudden Hasratna to our dismay Farratna what folly we did Yahmiloona carrying Auzaarahum their loads Zuhoorihim on their backs Ala beware Saa-a how bad Yaziroon they are carrying Those who denied the meeting with Allah sustained the great losses until they meet the hour suddenly, To our dismay for the folly we did and they will be carrying their loads on their backs, beware of the terrible loads that they will be carrying. 7/6/32 Wa mal-hayaatud-duniya illa laibauwn wa lahv t wa ladaarul-aakhirato kheirul-lil-lazeena yat–taqoona t afa laa taaqiloon. Laiba sport

Lahv fun Daar home Aakhirati eternity Yattaqoona God fearing, righteous Taqiloon you understand And the life of the world is nothing but sport and fun and the ultimate house of the eternity is better for those who are righteous, Don’t you understand. 7/6/33 Qad naalamo innahoo la-yahzunkal-lazee yaqooloona fa innahum laa yukazziboo-nakaa wa laakin-naz- zaalimeena biaayaatil-lahi yajhadoon. La-yahzunka for sure they are causing you to grief Yukazziboonaka those who belie you Zaalimeena these evil doors Yajhadoon dispute We have known for sure they cause you grief they donot belie you but those wrong doers are disputing against Allah’s verses. 7/6/34. Wa laqad kuzzibat ruslum-min qablika fa-sabaroo ala ma kuzziboo wa oozoo hatta aatahum nasrona j wa laa mubaddila likalimaatil-lahi t wa laqad jaa-aka min nabail-mursaleen. Kuzzibat belied Ruslum messengers Qablika before thee Fa sabaroo Thus they maintained their patience Oozoo tortured Nasrona our help Mubaddila change Kalimaatil-lahi Allah’s words Naba news, stories, informations Mursaleen messengers And for sure the messengers were belied before thee so they maintained the patience for the rejection and the grief until our help reached them and Allah’s words donot change and indeed the knowledge regarding the earlier messengers has come to you (O Mohammad SAAW). 7/6/35 Wa in kaana kabura aleika i-raadzohum fa-inista-taa-ata un tab-tagee-a nafaqan fil-ardzi au sullaman fis-samaa-i fa-taatiyahum bi-aayatin t wa lau shaa-al-laho la-jamaa-hum alal huda fa laa takoona-nna minal jaahileen.

Kabura big I-raadzohum objection Fa-inistataa-ata so if you can Tabtaghee makeit Nafqam a hole Sullaman stairs Fa-taatiyahum thus bring for them Aayatin a sign (in terms of a miracle) Jamaahum gathered them Ttakoonanna you don’t be Jaahileen of ignorants If their objection is a big matter for you then if you can make a hole in the earth or stairs to the sky thus bring for them a sign and if Allah had willed so for sure he had gathered them all on the guidance so donnot become like of ignorants. 7/6/36 Innama yastajeebul-lazeena yasmaoon t wa mauta yabatho--humul-laho thumma ileihi yurjaoon. Yastajeeb respone,answer Yasmaoon they listen Mauta Dead Yab-atho-hum He will raise them (from the dead) Yurjaoon they will return Indeed only those answer who hear and to the dead Allah will raise them and they will return to Him. 7/6/37 Wa qaaloo lau laa nuzzila aleihi aayatum mir-Rabbihi t qul innal-laha qaadirun ala an-yyuna-zzila aayatauw wa laakin aktharohum laa yaalamoon. Nuzzila comes down Aayatun a sign ( miracle) Qaadirun capable And said why not comes down upon him a sign from His Lord Tell indeed Allah is capable of sending down the sign but most of them donot know. 7/6/38 Wa ma min daabbatin fil ardzi wa laa taairiy-yateero bijanaahihee illa umamun amthaalokum t ma farratna fil kitaabi min shei-in thumma ila Rabbi-him yuhsharoon. Daabbatin an insect Taairun a bird Yateero flies

Janaahihee its wings Umamun creatures Amthaalokum examples like of you Ma farratna We did not spare Yohsharoon they shall be gathered And there is not an insect on earth nor a bird in the sky that flies on its wings are the kinds of your like we have not spared any thing from our records in the book then towards their Lord they shall be gathered. 7/6/39 Wal-lazeena kazzaboo bi-aayaatina summuw wa bukmun fiz-zulmaat t man-yashaa-il-laho yudz-lilho t wa manyyaj-alahoo ala siraatim mustaqeem. Summauw deaf Bukmun dumb Yudzlilho He will let him go stray Yajalahoo He will put him on And those who belied our signs they are deaf dumb and and in the darkness whom Allah will, shall let him go stray and will put him on a straight path whom He will. 7/6/40 Qul araa-i-takum in aataakum azaabul-lahi au aatatkumussaa-ato agheiral-lahi tadoona j in kun-tum saadiqeen. Araitakum Did you see Aatakum given to you Aatatkumus-saa-ato reaches to you the ultimate hour of the doom Gheir Allahh other than Allah Tadoona you will call Tell did you see if you are given Allah’s punishment or reaches to you the ultimate doom would you call other than Allah if you are truthful. 7/6/41 Bal iyyaho tad-oona fa-yakshifo ma tad-oona ilehi in-shaa-a wa tansauna ma tushrikoon. Iyyaho Him only Fa-yakshifo So He will save you In-shaa-a if He will Tansauna you will forget Tushrikoon you were associating.


Nay you will call Him alone Thus He will save you from that you were calling for if He will and you will forget which you were associating (with Him.) 7/6/42 Wa laqad arsalna ila umamin min qablika fa akhaznahum bil baasaa-i wa dzarraa-i la-alla-hum yata-dzarra-oon. Arsalna We sent Umaamin nations Fa akhaznahum We tested them Baasaai hardships Dzarraai prosperity Yatadzarraoon they will beg And indeed We sent towards the nations before thee and We tested them in pain and prosperity so that they will beg. 7/6/43 Fa lau laa iz jaa-ahum baasona tadzarraoo wa laakin qasat quloobo-hum wa zayyana lahumush-shaitaano ma kaanoo yaamaloon. Fa lau laa so why not Jaa-ahum comes to them Baasona our torment Tadzarraoo they cry and beg Qasat stiffened, hardened Quloobohum their hearts Zayyana decorated So why not they beg if comes upon them our punishment but their hearts are stiffened as the satan has decorated their deeds they used to do. 7/6/44 Fa lamma nasoo ma zukkiroo bihee fatahna aleihim abwaaba kulli shein t hatta iza farihoo bima ootoo akhaznahum baghtatan fa iza-hum mublisoon. Fa-lamma when Nasoo forgot Zukkiroo admonished, taught Fatahna We opened Abwaaba doors Farihoo happier life Ootoo given Akhaznahum We caught them Baghtatan all of a sudden Mublisoon got hopeless

So when they forgot what they were taught with We had opened upon them the doors of all things until they were lost in those bounties We caught them all of a sudden and they were lying all lost hopes. 7/6/45 Fa qutia daabirul qaumi allazeena zalamoo t walhamdo lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Qutia cut down Dabirul roots So the roots of the wrong doing nation were cut down and all the praises are for the Lord of the worlds. 7/6/46 Qul araeitum in akhazal-laho sama-akum wa absaarakum wa khatama ala quloobikum man ilahun gheirul-lahi yaateekum behi t unzur keifa nusarriful aayaati thumma hum yasdifoon. Areitum Did you see Sama-akum your hearing Absaarokum your vision Khatama sealed Quloobikum your hearts Yaateekum can give you Nusarriful We explain Aayaati our signs Yasdifoon deviate Tell did you see if Allah snatches your hearing and your vision and seal your hearts who is the Lord other than Allah who can give you these see how we explain our signs and see how they are deviating 7/6/47 Qul ara-itakum in aataakum azaabul-lahi baghtatan au jahratan hal yuhlako illal qaumaz-zaalimoon. Aataakum you are given Baghtatan all of a sudden Jahratan openly Yuhlako perish Tell did you see if you are given Allah.’s punishment suddenly or openly are there who are going to perish are but the wromg doing people. 7/6/48. Wa ma nursilul mursaleena illa mubash-shireena wa munzireena j faman aamana wa aslaha fa-laa khaufun aleihim wa laa hum yahzanoon. Nursil We send

Mursaleen messengers Aslaha mended, corrected himself Yahzanoon to be grived And We do not send the messengers but for conveying the good news (of Paradise) and the warners (of the punishment in the hell) so one who believed and mended his ways for him there is no fear nor shall he be grieved. 7/6/49. Wal-lazeena kazzaboo bi-aayaatina yamasso-humul azaabo bima kaanoo yafsoqoon. Kazzaboo belied Yamasso catch them Yafsuqoon evil deeds And those who belied our verses catches them the punishment for their wrong deeds. 7/6/50. Qul laa aqoolo lakum indee khazaainul-lahi wa laa aalamul gheiba wa laa aqoolo lakum innee malakun j in attabio illa ma yooha ilayya t qul hal yastawee aama wal baseer t afala tatafakkaroon. Aqoolo I say Khazaain treasures Malak angel Attabio I obey Yooha inspired, revealed Ilayya towards me Yastawee equal Aama blind Baseer well seeing Afala do you not Tatafakkaroon mind, think over Tell I donot say to you I posses Allah’s treasure nor do I say I know the unseen and neither I tell you I am the angel I obey what is revealed to meTell one who is blind and one who can see are equal donot you mind it. 7/6/51. Wa anzir bihil-lazeena yukhaafoona uny-yuhsharoo ila Rabbihim leisa lahum min doonihee waleeunw-wa laa shafeeul-laallahum yattaqoon. Anzir Warn Unyyuhsharoo that they will be assembled Walee friend, protector Shafee intercessor

La-allahum so that they Yattaqoon fear, observe righteousness And warn with it those who fear the assembly before their Lord that there is none for them beside Allah neither a friend nor an inter –cessor so that they will fear. 7/6/52. Wa laa tatrudil-lazeena yad-oona Rabbahum bil-ghadaawati wal ashi-yye yureedoona wajhaho t ma aleika min hisaabihim min shei-in wa ma min hisaabika aleihim min shei-in fa-tatrudahum fatakoona minaz–zaalimeen. Tatrud turn away Yad-oona they call Ghadaawati day Ashi-yye night Yureedoona they want Wajhaho His pleasure And donot turn them away those who call their Lord in the morning and in the night seeking His pleasure you are not responsible for their accounts for anything nor are they responsible for your accounts 7/6/53. Wa kazaalika fatanna baadzahum bi-baadzin li-yaqooloo ahaaulaai mannal-laho aleihim mim beinina t aleisal-laho bi-aalama bish-shaakireen. Kazzalika Thus Fatanna tested Baadzahum bibaadzin them one another Ahaaulaai Are these the one Manna favoured Beinina amongst us Aleisa Is not Shaakireen who thank, who are grateful Thus Allah tested them one another to let them say, Are these of those whom Allah has favoured among us Isn’t it Allah knows who thank. 7/6/54. Wa iza jaa-akal-lazeena yoominoona bi-aayaatina fa-qul salaamun aleikum kataba Rabbokum ala nafsihee rahma annaho man amila minkum soo-an bi-jahalatin thumma taba mim-baadihee wa aslaha fa-innahoo Ghafoorur-Raheem. Jaa-aka come to you Nafishee His self

Rahma mercy Soo-an sin Jahalatin ignorance Thumma then, there after Taba repented Aslah mended Ghafoor forgiving Raheem merciful If cometo you of those who believed our verses, wish them with Salaamo aleikum (Peace be with you) Your Lord has written upon His self mercy that who ever happen to commit wrong (a sin) out of his ignorance then soon he repents and mends his behavior Thus indeed He is oft forgiving and merciful 7/6/55. Wa kazaalika nufas-silul aayaati wa li-tas-tabeena sabeelul mujrimeen. Nufassil We elaborate Li-tastabeena to make it clear Sabeel path Mujrimeen wrong doers And thus we elaborate our verses to make it clear to you the path of the wrong doers. 7/6/56. Qul innee nuheeto un-aabudal-lazeena tad-oona min doonil-lahi t qul laa attabio ahwaa-akum qad dzalalto izaunw-wa ma ana minal mohtadeen. Nuheeto prohibitted Aabuda that I worship Tadoona you call Min doon other than Attabio I obey Ahwaakum your desires Qad dzalalto I got strayed Izaunw (Izan) if I did so Mohtadeen guided Tell indeed I am prohibited to worship those whom you call other than Allah Tell I will not obey your desires I got strayed if I did so and I will not remain of the guided people. 7/6/57.Qul innee ala bayyanatim mir-Rabbee wa kazzabtum bihee t ma indee ma tas-taajiloona bihee t inil hukmo illa lil-lah t yaqussul huqqa wa huwa kheirul faasileen. Bayyanatin clear evedence

Kazzabtum you belied Ma indee not with me Tastaajiloon you are hurrying it up Yaqussul states Faasileen Judge to decide Telll indeed I am on clear evidences from my Lord and you belied these, The commands is but with Allah He states the truth and He is the best Judge to decide. 7/6/58. Qul lau anna indee ma tastaajiloona bihee laqudziyal amro beinee wa beinakum t wal-laho aalamo biz-zaalimeen. Lau If Laqudziya for sure it was done Amro the matter Beinee between me Beinajum between you Tell if (the right) was with me the matter for which you are hurrying would have already been decided between me and you and Allah knows the evil doers. 7/6/59. Wa indahoo mafaatihul-gheibi laa yaalamoha illa huwa t wa yaalamo ma fil-barri wal-bahri t wa ma tasqut minw-warqatin illa yaalamoha wa laa habbatin fee zulmaatil ardzi wa laa ratabinwwa laa yaabisin illa fee kitaabim-mubeen. Mafateeh keys Gheibi unseen Yaalamho knows it Barr land Bahr sea Tasqut breaks out, drops Warqa leaf Habbatin seed Zulomatin darkness Ratabin fresh moist Yaabis dry Mubeen clear, evident And He posseses The keys of the unseen no one knows but Him and He knows what is in the oceans and in the lands and that a leaf that falls fron the tree but He knows it and the seed in the darkness of the earth neither the moist and fresh nor dry but it is written in the clear book.

7/6/60. Wa Huwal-lazee yatawaffakum bil-leili wa yaalamo ma jarahtum bin-nahaari thumma yab-athokum feehee li-yuqdza ajalum-musamma j thumma ileihi marjiokum thumma yunabbiokum bima kuntum taamaloon. Yatawaffakum He makes you die Bil-leil in the night Jarahtum you did Nahar the day Thumma then, there after Yab-athokum raises you Liyaqdza to make you die Ajal time Musamma fixed Marjiolum you are to return Yunabbiokum He will tell you Taamaloon you were doing And He is the one who takes away your souls in the night and He knows what you did during the day the He raises you up again to complete the term fixed then you are return to Him then He will tell you what you did (in your life) 7/6/61 Wa Huwa qaahiro Fauqa ibaadihee wa yursilo aleikum hafzatan t hatta iza jaa-a ahda-kumul mauto tawaffatho ruslona wa hum laa yufarritoon. Qaahiro over all controller Fauqa over Ibaadihee His servants Yursilo He will send Hafzatan Protectors (Protecting angels) Tawaffatho make him die Ruslona our messenger (The angels of death) Yufarritoon no weakness in the duty (donot fail in the duty And He is in full control over His servants and He sends upon His protectors until comes to anyone his time of death make him die our messengers ( angels) and they do not fail in their duty. 7/6/62. Thumma ruddoo ilal-lahi maula-humul Huqqi t ala lahul hukmo wa Huwa asra-ul-haasibeem. Ruddoo returned Hukmo Command Asra very quick

Haasibeen recknor Then they will be returned to Allah their true protector beware the commands are from Him and He is the quickest of the recknors. 7/6/63. Qul man-yyunajjeekum min zulmaatil barri wal bahri tadoo -nahoo tadzarru-anw wa khufiyah j la-in anjaana min haazihee lana -koonanna minash-shaakireen. Yunajjeekum saves you Tadoonahoo you call Him Tadzarruaunw beggingly Khufiah quietly, secretly Tell who saves you from the darkness of the of the land and the sea you call Him beggingly and quietly if you have saved us from this we shall become of the gtatefuls. 7/6/64 Qulil-laho yunajjeekum minha wa min kulli karbin thumma antum tushrikoon. Karbin painful situations Tell Allah will save you from this and painful situations then you still associate gods. 7/6/65 Qul Huwa qadiro ala uny-yab-asa aleikum azaban min fauqi-kum au min tahati arjulikum au yalbisakum sheeya-anw wa yuzee-qa baadzakum baa-asa baadzin t unzur keifa nusarriful aayaati la-allahum yafqahoon. Qadiro capabile Uny-yab-asa raised,send Tahati below Arjulikum your feet Yalbisakum engae Sheeyaan shee-a-an Yuzeeqa taste Baadzakum baadzin each other, one another Baasa strength Nusarrif We serve Yafqahoon They understand Tell He is capable of sending torment upon you from your above and from underneath of your feet or impose upon you the people taste from each other’s strengths in war see how we elaborate our signs.


7/6/66 Wa kazzaba behi qaumoka wa huwal haqqo t Qul lasto aleikum biwakeel. Kazzaba belied Qaumoka your people, nation Huqqo true Lasto I was not Biwakeel protector And belied it your people and it was true tell I am not the protector upon you. 7/6/67 Likulli naba-in musta-qar-raunw wa saufa taalamoon. Naba-in information Mustaqar a time fixed Saufa for sure Taalamoon you will kmow For every information there is a time so for sure you will know 7/6/68 Wa iza ra-aital-lazeena yakhoodzoona fee aayaatina faaaridz unhum hatta yakhoodzoo fee hadeethin gheirihee wa imma yunsiyannaka alsheitaano fala taq-ud baadaz-zikra maa-al qaumazzaalimeen. Ra-ita you see Yakhodzoona talk irrelevent Aaridz turn away Unhum from them Hadeethin a talk Yunsiyannaka make you forget Taqud you sit Zikra remember Qaumaz-zaalimeen wrong doing people. And if you see those who talk irrelevant for our verses so turn away from them until they talk on other subject and if the satan makes you forget so donot sit with those wrong doing people after you have remembered.. 7/6/69 Wa ma alal-lazeena yattaqoona min hisaabihim min sheiinw wa laakin zikra la-allahum yattaqoon. Yattaqoona God fearing ( righteous) Hisaabihim their accounts Zikra reminder La-allahum so that they


And those people who are God fearing are not responsible for any thing for their accounts but it is a reminder for them so that they may become God fearing (and righjteous.) 7/6/70 Wa zaril-lazeenat-takhazoo deenahum laibauw wa lahwauw wa gharrat-humul hayaatud-duniya wa zakkir bihee un tubsala nafsun bima kasabat leisa lahum min doonil-lahi waleeun wa laa shafee wa in taadil kulla adlil-laa yookhaz minha t ulaaikal-lazeena ubsiloo bima kasaboo j lahum shraabum min hameemin wa azaabun aleem bima kanoo yakfuroon. Zar leave Laiban sport Lahwan humar Gharrat forgetfulness Hayaat life Zakkir remind, admonish Tubsala caught Kasabat earned Mindoon beside, other than Waleeun a protector Shafee intercessor Taadil compensate, to pay as ransom Adlin all and every thing to escape the punish-ment) Laa yookhaz it won’t be accepted Ubsiloo caught Kasaboo earning Shraabun drinking Hameemin the boiling water Yakfuroon they disbelieve And leave those people who take their religion for jokes and sports and the life of the world has put them in the forgetfulness and remind them with it before they are caught to their ruin for their earning there is none for them beside Allah a protector and the intercessor and even if they like to pay every thing as for rensom it will not be taken, these are those people who are caught for their earnings for them is the boiling water to drink and paiful chestisement for their disbelief. 7/6/71 Qul anad-oo min doonil-lahi ma laa yanfao-na wa laa yadzurrona wa nuraddo alaa aaqaabina baada iz hadaanal-laho kallaz-istah-wat-hush-shiyaa-teeno fil ardzi hyraana s lahoo as-haa369

bun-yyad-oo-nahoo ilal huda aatina t Qul inna hudal-lahi huwal huda t wa umirna linuslima lirabbil aalameen. Anad-o Shall I call? Yanfaona He will profit us Yadzarrona harm us Nuraddo we return Aqaabina to our back Hadaanal-laho Allah has guided us Istahwatho befooled him Hyraana bewildered Aatina give us Umirna we are ordered Nuslima we surrender to Tell shall I call beside Allah who neither profit us nor harm and we return to iur backs even after Allah has gujded us like the one who is befooled by satans and left him on earth bewildering aimless for him are his friends calling for guidance,Tell indeed the guidance from Allah is the guidance and we are commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds. 7/6/72 Wa un aqeemus-salaata wat-taqooho t wa huwal-lazee ileihi tuhsharoon. Aqeem to establish Salaat prayer for muslims (namaz) Wa and Attaqooho fear Him Ileihi towards Him Tuhsharoon you are to assemble And to establish the prayers and fear Him and He is the One towards Whom you are to assemble. 7/6/73Wa huwal-lazee khalaqas-samawaati walardza bil huqqi t wa yauma yaqoolo kun fayakoon t qaulohul huqqo t wa lahul mulko yauma yunfakho fis-soor t aalimul gheibi wash-shahaadati t wa huwal hakeemul khabeer. Khalaqa created Samawaat skies Ardz earth Bihuqq in truth Yauma the day Yaqoolo He said Kun Be Fayakoon so it was

Qaul The word Mulk kingdom Yunfaqo blown Soor trumpet Aalimo knower Gheib unseen Shahaadah seen Hakeem Wise Khabeer All knwing And He is the one who created the skies and the earth in truth and the day He said Be so it was His Word is true and for Him belongs the kingdom and the when the trumpet of doom shall be blown He is the knower of the unseen and of the seen and He is Wise and all knowing. 7/6/74 Wa iz qaala Ibraaheemo li-abeehee Aazara atat-takhizo asnaaman aalihatan j innee araaka wa qaumaka fee dzalaalim mubeen. Atat-takhizo Do I take Asnaaman the idols Aalihatan gods Araaka I see you Qaumoka your people And when said Ibraheem to his father Aazram, Do I take the idols as gods indeed I see you and your people in clear stray ( Path less) . 7/6/75 Wa kazaalika nuri-a Ibraaheema malakootas-samawaati wal-ardzi wa liyakoona minal moqineen. Kazaalika Thus Nuri-a We showed Malakoota kingdom Samawaati skies Ardz earth Liyakoona that he be Moqinineen of the believers And thus We showed Ibraheem the kingdom of the skies and the earth so that he becomes of the believers. 7/6/76 Falamma janna aleihil-leilo ra-aa kaukaban j qaala haaza rabbee j falamma afala qaala laa uhibbul aafileen. Falamma when Janna took over

Ra-aa saw Kaukaban star Afala set Laa not Uhibbul I love Aafileen those who set 7/6/77 Falamma ra-aa-al qamara baazighan qaala haaza rabbee j falamma afala qaala la-in lam yahdinee Rabbee la-akoonanna minal qaumidz-dzaaleen. Qamara the moon Baazighan growing La in lam if not Yahdinee He will guide La-akoonanna for sure I will be Qaumidz-dzaaleen people lost path 7/6/78 Falamma ra-aa-ash-shamsa baazighatan qaala haaza Rabbee haaza akbar falamma aflat qaala yaa qaumi innee bareeun mimma tushrikoon Shamsa the sun Akbar big Bareeun free of responsibility Mimma of which Tushrikoon you associate When he saw the sun rising in splendour said this is my lord this is big when it also got set said O my people I am off responsibility of those you association (with God Almighty) you do. 7/6/79 Innee wajjahto wajiha lil-lazzee fataras-samaawaati walardza haneefaunw wa ma ana minal mushrikeen. Wajjahto directed Wajiha my face Lil-lazee for the one Fatara created Samawaat skies Haneefaun straight Ma not Mushrikeen of the idolators Indeed I directed my face towards the one who created the skies and the earth straight and I am not of the idolators. 7/6/80 Wa haajjaho qaumoho t qaala atuhaajjoonee fil-laahi wa qad hadaanee t wa laa akhaafo ma tushrikoona bihee illa unyashaa-a

Rabbee sheiya t wa si-a Rabbee kullaa shei-in ilma t afala tatazakkaroon. Haajjaho disputed him Qaumoho his people Atuhaajjoonee do you dispute me Fil-laahi regarding Allah Qad hadaanee He guided me Laa akhaafo I donot fear Tushrikoona whom you associate Illa except Unyyshaa-a if He will intend so Rabbee my Lord Sheiya anything Sia spread over Kullaa all Shei-in things Ilma in knowledge Afalaa do you not Tazakkaroon take the admonition And disputed with him his people said do you dispute to me regarding Allah and when He has guided me and I am not afraid of those whom you associate with Him except if my Lord will intend any thing and my Lord is covering all things in His knowledge donot you take the lesson 7/6/81 Wa keifa akhaafo ma ashraktum wa laa takhaafoona annakum ashraktum bil-laahi ma lam yunazzil aleikum sultana t faayy--ul fareeqeini ahaqqo bil amni j in-kuntum taalamoon. Keifa How Akhaafo I will fear Ashraktum you associate Laa takhaafoona you donot fear Annakum indeed you Ma lam which not Yunazzil sent down Sultana witness Faayyul so which Fareeqeini of the two groups Ahaqqo rightful, deserving Bilamni for the peace Taalamoon you know

And how I will fear them whom you associate when you donot fear while you are associating with Allah when He has not sent down upon you any witnesses so which of the two groups are deserving of the peace if you know it. 7/6/82 Al-lazeena aamanoo wa lam yalbisoo eemaana-hum bizulmin ulaaika lahum-ul amno wa hum mohtadoon


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